Aquarius 5 gallon tank

Fish tank from amazo

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Fish tank from amazo

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FreshBunny - 8 years ago
+sai vipparla I am not aware of that product. But I am no longer using this tank.
sai vipparla
sai vipparla - 8 years ago
can I put a pf10 in there
FreshBunny - 10 years ago
I do but there is a little hole you could put the food in.
snoopyguy419 - 10 years ago
Do you have to open the whole lid to feed the fish?
FreshBunny - 10 years ago
@Frays. The tank is 5 gallons so about 30-40 pounds I believe
Frays Mariano
Frays Mariano - 10 years ago
which is the weight of the aquarium?
Jasmin Rivera
Jasmin Rivera - 10 years ago
I have this same tank. I ended up replacing it with a tetra whisper 2-10i because it was just better for both my betta and myself because the other was too loud and you could hear it downstairs. I love the tank and it's shape, but I'm also trying to replace the hood lights for better ones that will sustain the live plants I bought. So far I have found no luck. There are no instructions on how to even remove the current lights should they need to be replaced. :/
Michael Xu
Michael Xu - 10 years ago
TY for the heads up
Jσѕнʋα ƤσятʋɢαL
Jσѕнʋα ƤσятʋɢαL - 10 years ago
You can ensure a low flow by either getting a filter rated for a smaller tank, "baffling" a filter to restrict its rate of flow, or both.

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