Betta in Azoo aquarium

betta in azoo aquarium with filter and micro heater

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Betta 14 years ago 47,842 views

betta in azoo aquarium with filter and micro heater

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for Betta in Azoo aquarium

Peter Richards
Peter Richards - 9 years ago
why the fuck would you put hard rock shit to a video of a betta fish. n ot trying to be a hatter but seriously
Astrid Gootner
Astrid Gootner - 9 years ago
That is a cool tank
Hzk LH
Hzk LH - 9 years ago
que pez mas feo xD
I garden because I have to
I garden because I have to - 10 years ago
Where did you get the tank? I can't find it anywhere. Pls help
Manhappalachia - 10 years ago
lucky betta
guitarhamster - 11 years ago
how did you grow the plants so nicely?
james cox
james cox - 11 years ago
how can you .......MUTE
Morgan Morey
Morgan Morey - 11 years ago
Where did you get that azoo aquarium? I really like it! :)
artansaliu - 11 years ago
@genie990 i agree on the betta jumping out, but for saftey? righhhhhtttt

10. comment for Betta in Azoo aquarium

typalexandra - 11 years ago
wow, that betta should be very happy! =D
madmax92gsx - 11 years ago
thats a nice looking tank, where did you get it?
crazy Wilbur clan
crazy Wilbur clan - 11 years ago
omg i hate this song freaking emo or some shit
Tim R
Tim R - 11 years ago
Beautiful fish tank. Terrible song.
NeverCryBaby - 11 years ago
RyanRMcMahon - 11 years ago
you had to ruin this video with evinesance...
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 11 years ago
expensive tank I bet
Melody Liu
Melody Liu - 11 years ago
My sister had a betta in a quarter gallon in her room... he jumped out and landed on her bed. She didn't notice.... guess who got fishy underwear ? LOL . so i suggest you get a lid :)
ScarletLetter86 - 11 years ago
@azoo1969 Lovely set up, but i was wondering how many fish you've actually had jump? I keep hearing that bettas are jumpers but out of the twenty I've had I've never had a jumper, and i've filled their bowls and tanks to the top before, I don't anymore I leave a cm now just because I keep hearing that they can jump out, but I've never seen it.
La Mischa
La Mischa - 11 years ago

20. comment for Betta in Azoo aquarium

MegaSuperDeals123 - 11 years ago
Great tank
Ana nas
Ana nas - 11 years ago
beautiful tank
DISSENDAT - 12 years ago
The Sword can't live out of water. It will dry up (which it would have by now seeing it is 2 years old). At least other people will know.
DISSENDAT - 12 years ago
Brittany Duque
Brittany Duque - 12 years ago
how much did the tank and everything cost and where did you get it
awhatzable - 12 years ago
what do you do with all the dust that land onto the water ? lol
Huygens - 12 years ago
the plants kinda ruin the sight of the ancient ruins ornaments i think :P but thats just me love the rest of the setup
Jared Blaise Heng
Jared Blaise Heng - 12 years ago
are there any water snails in there?
Antony Paul
Antony Paul - 12 years ago
these plants somany in my house name i dn knw
james day
james day - 12 years ago
awesome tank, a true beauty. but the song is GAY.

30. comment for Betta in Azoo aquarium

Intro2Fit - 12 years ago
my bettas can jump around 3 inches.. Lol..
ThePencilShredder - 12 years ago
this is an amazing tank!!
ininin - 12 years ago
yeah that really should have a cover. betta fish are known to just, like when i was cleaning out my betta tank, the betta, Goober, jumped out of the net and i had to mannually pick him up and put him back!
pavy415 - 12 years ago
a pet store that is here sells these tanks and they are very expensive like 60 for that size
James Colligridge
James Colligridge - 12 years ago
if u still hv dat tank and that fish change it its too crammed with ornmaents and the tanks tooo small
plop pop Hugglesniff
plop pop Hugglesniff - 12 years ago
vasogoma - 12 years ago
Bettas do need a heater if you live in a place where the weather will make water go colder or hotter than 25 C, but they don't need a filter to get oxygen from water because they use an organ called labyrinth organ, which they use to get oxygen from the surface. The filter is actually used to avoid wastes to contaminate faster it's water, but if you do weekly complete water changes then there is no need for filter.
vasogoma - 12 years ago
Bettas have a special respiratory organ called labyrinth organ that allows them to breath air directly from the surface. Actually, if there is no space for a Betta to get air from the surface it will die. It's not that they get oxygen from the atmosphere, they also need to get it from the water :) That's why they don't need the water filter to re-oxygenate their water, but it helps to prevent formation of bacteria. Not a real necessity but yes something to make their life better.
Weazell - 12 years ago
@sunsetreptiles No, they get oxygen from the atmosphere, not water
daster treter
daster treter - 12 years ago
amazing tank very original and unique
Mini Matt TV
Mini Matt TV - 12 years ago
13yr I dont think so! under lab conditions so perfect water the oldest rechorded is 10 yrs old! in a home aquarium they reach between 5-7 yrs max
Hannah’s Herps
Hannah’s Herps - 12 years ago
lol the shape! 0_0
antdaweeze13 - 12 years ago
its suffering from the dirty water, but you probably ignore it cause your parents ignore you! you probably cant even afford a filter or heater and you have your betta in a cheap ass bowl!
No Longer in use
No Longer in use - 12 years ago
If the tank is too small the betta wont get execise
antdaweeze13 - 12 years ago
they do need a filter and heater you dumb bitch
Mr.SnugglyDick - 12 years ago
gah this song is so overused... makes me wanna choke the singer
Digit - 13 years ago
that tank looks like a T.V.
Jeffreyfbr88 - 13 years ago
?? Yeah and you don't need any air I suppose?
Lindsey Lane
Lindsey Lane - 13 years ago
HEY RICHARDSON!!!! dude, we had to give away Iero. so now, i just have the two fish. Im gonna put the crowntail in the 10 gallon!
Robin Marshall
Robin Marshall - 13 years ago
Nice tank, but please theres just no need for that super over played song.

50. comment for Betta in Azoo aquarium

iameura - 13 years ago
OMG! i have been looking for a good betta tank and you sir just gave me the one!
thegreatbettakeeper - 13 years ago
not bad,not bad at all
Lindsey Lane
Lindsey Lane - 13 years ago
bettas cant jump that high though. my betta just doesnt jump, haha. my betta is a good boy!
azoo1969 - 13 years ago
Your are right....Had to drop the water level after a near miss, not had a problem since leaving 2 inch's from the rim.
Ernesto Rivero
Ernesto Rivero - 13 years ago
cool i like the setup
M cameraman
M cameraman - 13 years ago
Nice set up, one of the better betta tanks i have seen.
Rik Guenther
Rik Guenther - 13 years ago
you could try to get some mesh material, kinda like what screen doors and window's have, and rigging something up to cover the tank. a problem may arise from the plant, however... idk where there's a will there's a way! but if he hasn't jumped yet then he may not be so inclined in the future... although if you put soemthing tempting outside or above the tank he may be a bit more daring. Just keep an eye on him, as i'm sure you do
azoo1969 - 13 years ago
The plants are an amazon sword and a cabomba. The sword did not do to well and died off, but the cabomba did well. The tank is 1.5 gallons with a filter but i still do large weekly water changes. The light is an Azoo Galaxy 13 watt clip on light and is really good and bright.
pinkpearl8130 - 13 years ago
Nice setup! Could you tell me the name of your plants? And also what size your tank is and how many watts your light is? The light looks small but is very bright!
azoo1969 - 14 years ago does get a little warm in there sometimes on a warm day. The heater has no thermostat so I have to monitor the temp and turn it off if it gets high. He seems happy enough and builds large bubble nests. Biggest problem is fishicide with no lid. He has NOT tried to jump yet and I hope his long tail and fins will stop him....I wouldn't trust a plakat though.
JMCraig - 14 years ago
he might be happier if you remove the heater. i kept my betta room temp (about 21-24 celcius, depending on the season). they actually don't like it much warmer than that. great tank.

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