Kayak Fishing Fail

We badly timed our launch and 3 out of 4 of us went for a swim

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We badly timed our launch and 3 out of 4 of us went for a swim

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Gypsy Paz
Gypsy Paz - 4 years ago
Lol, your buddy gets wiped out and you just leave him and keep going to get wiped out yourself way out past the possibly of help if you need it.
SAVAGE308SNIPER - 4 years ago
Hahahhahah and damn I'm scared
Doug Mac
Doug Mac - 4 years ago
You need a Hobie outback for this. And you have to hit those waves head on or you'll never make it out.
Paul Rees
Paul Rees - 4 years ago
Not dam thing is tied down number #1 mistake .
Paul Rees
Paul Rees - 4 years ago
Crappy kayak stay on the lake
Godzilla Kayak Fishing Australia
Godzilla Kayak Fishing Australia - 4 years ago
Thats a bummer mate, try leashing everything down that way you shouldn't lose too much, momentum forward is your friend always keep enough so you can punch through that white water, thanks for sharing and hope you have better luck next time!
Nick Hammer
Nick Hammer - 4 years ago
Nothing tethered!!! Retard
TheDarios1988 - 4 years ago
Where was this?
Nomad - 4 years ago
Are you sure you didn't mean to go surfing ! : ) I would have more worried by the trip back ,now that would have been hell !

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OVER WHELMING - 4 years ago
3:26 fishing rod sticking out of water holy shit i cant stop laughing
Hugo Campos
Hugo Campos - 4 years ago
lo único que tenia atado al kayak era el remo ! no se te perdieron los huevos por que los tenias apretados lo demás estaba suelto !!! ja ja ja ja ja
amaro oliveira
amaro oliveira - 4 years ago
bando de manezinho!kkkkkkkkk
Alabama Woodsman
Alabama Woodsman - 4 years ago
OMG! That must have sucked!
Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer - 4 years ago
Where abouts in taranaki is this. Pretty grunty surf lol how did u get on coming back in
ReliCANT - 4 years ago
What type of kayak is it
attiume yami
attiume yami - 4 years ago
ok big offshore kayak noob here. if your gear (reels) get splashed by sea water is it a good idea to continue the fishing trip or will the salt fuck them up quick while off shore (I have the same spin fisher reel). now lets say I capsize like u did what is the best coarse of action to avoid the death of your reel
Caesar DiFranco
Caesar DiFranco - 4 years ago
your gear has to be all secured down when going thru the surf. Also you are to paddle hard thru the surf when it comes in not let it ride you other wise for sure your going for a swim. BTW, that kayak was a kiddie kayak and I hope you were wearing your pfd. Never go out without in on an keep it on 100% of the time. Cheers
Gwyn Dixon
Gwyn Dixon - 4 years ago
Good on you for posting this online for us newbies to learn not what to do!
IllinoisFlyFishing - 4 years ago
Tom Hanks had a better first run

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Pesca com Caiaque ,Bricolagens & Aventuras
Pesca com Caiaque ,Bricolagens & Aventuras - 4 years ago
Olá! Em um momento eu pensei que você iria passar por um grande aperto para subir no caiaque. Aqui no Brasil há muitas praias com ondas como essa e eu não ouso empalar-los. Seu caiaque não está pronto para esta aventura! Amarrar todos os seus equipamentos, nunca se punha suas varas de pesca na frente de você ainda mais com o gancho. Já se perguntou se estes hookfish agarra-lo, o aperto que iria passar? Desejo-lhe sorte nos próximos pesca !!!
Get Bent Kayak Fishing
Get Bent Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
vivitar45 - 5 years ago
think it be better tie down the fishing rods to the kayak  then risk  loosing them or snapping the rod holder off lol
Ali K
Ali K - 5 years ago
Thanks for posting this vid, as it will teach so many people not to play with waves like this. the kayak is way to small for this kind of waves. Hitting waves always with paddling not stopping. Glad you guys made safe :)
ПАПА ВАДОС - 5 years ago
После таких видео роликов каяк культуру не могу продвинуть в Украине =-(
Jeff Trek
Jeff Trek - 5 years ago
Mother nature saying RESPECT my authority....lol
Andrew Lockwood
Andrew Lockwood - 5 years ago
Yeah bud, that was a bummer! I've never wiped out on entry, but got drilled a few times on exit. You definitely need to be able to paddle faster and never, never, NEVER, get in front of a loose kayak!!! That thing will take your head off!!!!
Christopher Lopez
Christopher Lopez - 5 years ago
I can hear the fear in your breathing. The ocean isn't a safe playground for us. It's a majestic beast. Learn to love and respect it. Glad you all got out okay.
MegaWatch - 5 years ago
Thank God for life vests
Wonton_skatez - 5 years ago
MegaWatch .
mauro david Vega
mauro david Vega - 5 years ago
Que salame

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yolanda hudson
yolanda hudson - 5 years ago
That look scary but exciting. Glad you and all the others were ok.
Edgunsuk - 5 years ago
ouch that,s what happens when you buy a 10 foot kayak not deigned for fishing lol i have a new one i have not tried yet wish me luck lol
David Webb
David Webb - 5 years ago
Edgunsuk So how did it go?
kong vue
kong vue - 6 years ago
michael porter
michael porter - 6 years ago
3:15 I was like "Holy Crap!"
dwight little
dwight little - 6 years ago
that looks scary man i want a kayak so bad i know what not to do thanks!
RS Marett
RS Marett - 6 years ago
Thank God you all survived. Great video on how to get killed!!
Sebastian SP
Sebastian SP - 6 years ago
Jason Valle
Jason Valle - 6 years ago
that looks like a child's kayak made for a lake. surprised you didn't get a hook to the face with your poles dangling in front of you.
benpowersification - 6 years ago
I winced when you went over then lined the kayak up sideways to the next wave, so it would be thrown nicely right at your face. Ouch. You only do that once!
Jimmy Landa
Jimmy Landa - 6 years ago
Benjamin W
Benjamin W - 4 years ago
Are Crap...
swmiu808 - 6 years ago
you need to get at least a 12ft kayak longer paddle and a seat...save your blue kayak for a small lake...doesn't look like it tours well in open water...
Eddie Saldivar
Eddie Saldivar - 6 years ago
pleade do not ever kayak/kayak fish again. for your safety.
Aaron Silva
Aaron Silva - 6 years ago
He would have made it if he went to the left of the wave.
Tyler Withers
Tyler Withers - 6 years ago
terrible kayak
Brock Hay
Brock Hay - 6 years ago
Dude first off your going soo slow I thought u would of flipped along time agoo and your hitin waves at an angle .And y would u ever do that and not bungie your poles down flat .also that is a ridiculous place for those rod holders well I guess it takes a beating to learn sometimes .full speed next time and there are techniques to stay up if a wave takes u but it shouldn't if u hall ass
Benjamin Carrancho
Benjamin Carrancho - 4 years ago
Full speed, straight and tie those poles down in your kayak. Good lesson.
SRM NZ - 6 years ago
Where abouts did yous launch? Should've powered through those waves and lean back a little and don't ever stop and make sure your kayak is direct to the wave
Rickey McCoy
Rickey McCoy - 6 years ago
Great recovery Bro. you remained calm . you did way better than most that get in that situation. and saved the bait? You're the real MVP bro
smokster0604 - 6 years ago
Saved the bait tho cool.....
Emil Utberg
Emil Utberg - 6 years ago
to even attempt that in a top sitting kayak haha...
attiume yami
attiume yami - 4 years ago
idiot sit on tops were made for that. they are basically glorified surf boards. oh and with the exception of sea kayaks sit insides suck complete ass for surf. I live in fl where the surf is not as big as in cali yet I tried my buddy who swears by sit inside kayaks and got a shit load of water in the boat while launching.
Tony S
Tony S - 6 years ago
+rotten flässkk -- Not sure why you are laughing, a sit on top kayak is ideal for ocean launches. A sit inside would get swamped with the first wave and you would be done.
kris lewis
kris lewis - 6 years ago
+rotten flässkk i have an eagle talon 12 that handles up to 4ft. rolling surf just fine as a sit on top yak. its all in technique and knowing your limits. i fish for Spanish mack just past the fishing piers nearly every week. when in season of course.
Brock Hay
Brock Hay - 6 years ago
Shows how much u know.. This guy has no clue how to yak or fish I can tell that by were his rod holders are
rockusrock - 6 years ago
U loose expensive gear?

50. comment for Kayak Fishing Fail

StreamWeaver Gal
StreamWeaver Gal - 6 years ago
Definitely power through, so you can get to the next one before it swells and crashes. Did you notice how easy it was at the top of a swell, as opposed to going through it as it crashed? Also, put a thin line on all your gear, so you don't lose anything. It's ok if it falls out of the boat, but at least you won't lose anything. Glad you made it out ok and no one was hurt. Thanks for taking the trouble to make a video!
Chan Nelson
Chan Nelson - 6 years ago
lol good fishing
ryan davey
ryan davey - 6 years ago
is that a bar?
Jan young
Jan young - 7 years ago
yeah, got to paddle hard to punch through most of time, unless there is a large breaker and you got a chance to wait till it breaks and sneak through.  This launch area is not easy either. 
One more thing the lures or hooks should be taken off the rod during launch to avoid accidental hooking into your body during  a flip.
Mohamad Taha
Mohamad Taha - 7 years ago
cheap shit kayak and that's the biggest fail ive seen so far haha
Matt Vaughan
Matt Vaughan - 7 years ago
Ya bro I've had my fair share of wipe outs but you gotta paddle way harder to get thru it better Good Luck !!
Q Switch
Q Switch - 7 years ago
Wow! Great job keeping it together despite the all the crap hitting the fan. Glad everyone was ok. Vids like this are very helpful to me since I'm new to yak fishing.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 7 years ago
wow that was epic failed. looks like you guys were just sitting there waiting for the swell to past. Granted it did look bad but you need to power through them. and never get behind a kayak when a wave is roaring in. I've seen people getting hit and suffer broken bones. hopefully all you guys were ok.
FISH4KAYAK - 7 years ago
Wow man, from Barcelona. What a sinking. Sorry but I laughted a lot haha. Here the mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDoIq7yy6ck
Gary Birtwistle
Gary Birtwistle - 7 years ago
speargun cc
speargun cc - 7 years ago
need outrigger
jayden calder
jayden calder - 7 years ago
The other guys just swam back to shore they are allgood
Ugur Usta
Ugur Usta - 7 years ago
Best wish from Germany Freiburg
Ugur Usta
Ugur Usta - 7 years ago
Crazy shit bro that's extremely fishing what's up whit the other guys good Luke for the future
Jack Kent
Jack Kent - 7 years ago
U need a better kayak
jayden calder
jayden calder - 7 years ago
Yea the kayak isnt made for the surf or for fishing really so i learnt from that haha
attiume yami
attiume yami - 4 years ago
I was gonna say its a bit small. I own a 16 footer and still get pushed around and I'm in florida where the surf is no where near as big. I cant imagin being on your kayak in surf like that
Codlipps - 7 years ago
That looked a nightmare...I know with the surf you just have to paddle full on straight through it until your clear...with my Kayak ultra 4.7 I have a rod shoot and I can keep everything tucked away nicely just incase it does turn...maybe worth looking at 1 of those kayaks...a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for.
allvinn5777 - 8 years ago
Are u ok? Time to update your kayak
Yohan Lee
Yohan Lee - 8 years ago
Are you OK?
I think need long kayak...
Yohan Lee
Yohan Lee - 8 years ago
Are you OK?
I think need long kayak...

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