Kayak Fishing Milk crate DIY

kayak fishing milk crate build

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kayak fishing milk crate build

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Charlene indiana fishing & gambling
Charlene indiana fishing & gambling - 4 years ago
Great idea love it
Willie G
Willie G - 4 years ago
nice ideas here well done
ReelingWithJim - 4 years ago
good video. I subscribed. subscribe back. thanks. support us small channels.
Jimmy Celtic
Jimmy Celtic - 4 years ago
Cool video just subbed
This Guy
This Guy - 5 years ago
i steal the crates from the bums
SeeMooreVids - 5 years ago
How do you create curly weed walker cord for the rod leashes? Thanks. Great video
James Ireland
James Ireland - 4 years ago
Can wrap around a piece of wood and fill pan up with water and boil for awhile it will take the shape of the circle wood I cut the end off an old wooden broom stick
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil - 5 years ago
Search a guy named Professor Salt on here. He has a great video on how to make them. Cheap and easy.
Alan Spolar
Alan Spolar - 5 years ago
Curious to know how you connected your pcp piple rod holders to your crate? I used zip ties on mine, but a bit unstable.
James Ireland
James Ireland - 4 years ago
Can use screws bolts and couple of washers
This Guy
This Guy - 5 years ago
Alan Spolar i duct tape the wire ties to the pvc. it helps stop the slip.
Little John
Little John - 5 years ago
Looks to be a small bolt, wing nuts and bolts are your best friend in things like this.
Bass Killer 628
Bass Killer 628 - 6 years ago
Where did you get your kayak?
Roger Ford
Roger Ford - 6 years ago
Nicely done. Well thought out. Love the additions!

10. comment for Kayak Fishing Milk crate DIY

Joseph Mckeown
Joseph Mckeown - 6 years ago
cool I wish you would show us how it hooks to the kayak
gmonkman - 4 years ago
? just goes in the rear well. If you want to secure it in case of capsize, then, well, string!
zofoblues - 6 years ago
Great Vid TY for posting.
Prof Salt a yakker on youtube has a vid on making the cords from weed wacker line, check it out guys
Bullwolf1965 - 6 years ago
Looks great!
Josh M
Josh M - 6 years ago
I would like to see how your crate looks in your kayak, I have the same kayak
CtYakFishin - 6 years ago
@rizangler - Thanks, will try this
rizangler - 6 years ago
To make the weed wacker cord coil first wrap tight around a small pipe (pvc). Drill a hole to each end of the pipe to thread the weed wacker cords through so it maintains the tight loops wrapped around it. Now boil for about 5 minutes in a pot of boiling water. Then place in freezer to cool . The cords will maintain the spring like shape. Its pretty cool.
Tideman66 CW
Tideman66 CW - 6 years ago
that's right, just a twist on this ....once you take out of freezer,,,put in a drill and have someone hold the other end stretched out a bit....then reverse the coils...it will make it much tighter. ....
Gregory Northrup
Gregory Northrup - 6 years ago
How are the rod holders attached?
Dot Mario
Dot Mario - 7 years ago
great video, thank you for giving me ideas, great options and alternatives to buying a bunch of expensive stuff.
W2VQY - 7 years ago
How bright is the solar light? I would be concerned if its not too bright.
Chas Man
Chas Man - 7 years ago
I have seen many crates, and all are nice. Yours however is one of the nicest!! Thanks for some great ideas!!

20. comment for Kayak Fishing Milk crate DIY

rbacca1 - 7 years ago
Hello Christopher,  was it you who had a video explaining how to make the bungee that you are using to hold your roods.  How did you made those???
Tj's Outdoors
Tj's Outdoors - 7 years ago
How did you get the weed wacker string ro curl up like that?
Mega Mang
Mega Mang - 7 years ago
+Terry Gockley Ebay Im selling some if your interested. Or Pm me and it will be cheaper
Leland Creecy
Leland Creecy - 7 years ago
Nice crate bro, can't wait to set mine up!
Alexander Underwood
Alexander Underwood - 7 years ago
Btw anyone needing a milk crate, try your local Cracker Barrel if you have one. They have em daily and don't use em all. Doesn't hurt to ask!! 

Nice set up btw, to the poster!
Keith James Lapere
Keith James Lapere - 7 years ago
awesome video,great idea with the stern light, Don't have to remember to turn it on at dusk.
Jackson Meuter
Jackson Meuter - 7 years ago
How do you make the stretchy line
roger bressette
roger bressette - 7 years ago
Charsept - 7 years ago
That kayak look awfully familiar. Clearwater Mist 8.6?
31" wide with a 295 lbs. weight capacity. Sounds like a nice fishing platform.
CtYakFishin - 7 years ago
Great video! How did you coil weed whacker cord like that for lanyards? Been looking for ideas to make my own and this is perfect.
Chris Choncek
Chris Choncek - 7 years ago
I assume your Pvc rod holders are directly behind you while seated? If so, why do you have your crate lid opening from the other way? If the holders aren't directly behind you, isn't that awkward to get out? Nice job though.

30. comment for Kayak Fishing Milk crate DIY

Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson - 7 years ago
Great idea for the solar light.  I'm going to borrow that idea!
lancasterparanormal - 7 years ago
Awesome setup man, definitely gonna apply some of your ideas to my design. Thanks for uploading!

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