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Decided to build a new pond as the old one was small and hard to maintain. Took 4 months to complete and this is the end result, hope you like it. Hope you like the music as well ;)

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Decided to build a new pond as the old one was small and hard to maintain. Took 4 months to complete and this is the end result, hope you like it. Hope you like the music as well ;)

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MrMetalChris - 4 years ago
Great pond and nice size! Lucky fish!
LizMcNamara47 - 4 years ago
Where did you buy you bottom drain and waterfall/spillway?
James Ford
James Ford - 4 years ago
Check out this tutorial for a beautifully made raised koi pond using reclaimed Victorian bricks
jamie trudgian
jamie trudgian - 5 years ago
hi what do you have to do with plastering it and what did you use
Big BHP - 5 years ago
Is building a pond up with blocks easy enough to attempt with no experience
sharpelk - 5 years ago
yes, easy, watch lots of utube vids on making ponds. make a plan first of everything you want to add. And most important, take your time planning and building it's hard to change later!
Big BHP - 5 years ago
Awesome I'm starting to like these modern looking ponds over the natural rock ponds
K Nguyen
K Nguyen - 5 years ago
Very nice pond good job, I was just wondering is that bad to the foundation of the house since your pond is right there by the wall of your house?.thank
sharpelk - 5 years ago
Hi, and thanks.
That wall runs down the garden, not connected to house. yes, it wouldn't be good idea up against a house.
douglaslyell1 - 5 years ago
Good deep pond and family friendly !! However personally I think an underwater shelf on the back or front wall or both side walls .. would lend itself to an awesome water plant display .. just a thought !! . Imagine lotus plants growing out of this pond would truly make it pop !
a RIDESHARE gal................
a RIDESHARE gal................ - 5 years ago
I noticed you didn't use any plastic liner, what did you use to water seal the cement???
sharpelk - 5 years ago
Koi-kote Clear primer first then 2 top coats of Koi-Kote. still holding well/no leaks after 6 years.

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Dam_ 7_Niel AquaNiel
Dam_ 7_Niel AquaNiel - 5 years ago
What did you use on top of cement?
Gaz F
Gaz F - 5 years ago
hi the blocks u used are they all the same or different as u started laying flat please
sharpelk - 5 years ago
laid standing up at the bottom as the ground would support them from. once out of the ground laid flat for extra strength.
sharpelk - 5 years ago
Hi, yes, all same blocks (dense concrete). I started by standing blocks up as i knew there would be more strength once back filled behind them with earth. Once above the ground level i changed to laying them flat for more support.
HardhatRussian - 5 years ago
i'm sure you've been asked this but might i ask how much this project cost you?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 6 years ago
What kind of rock did you use?
Patrick Sarmiento
Patrick Sarmiento - 6 years ago
What paint did you use inside the pond and it last long?
sharpelk - 5 years ago
Koi-kote Clear primer first then 2 top coats of Koi-Kote. still holding well/no leaks after 6 years.
tospicy4ya - 6 years ago
I'm planning a koi pond if you can give me any advice filter etc I would like rendered one with lights in but think it might cost too much?
Lsey81 - 6 years ago
sissy murphy
sissy murphy - 7 years ago
When I built my house I put under ground water tanks that take water from the roof of the house from the gutters and downspouts .I just drop my pump down in the tanks and put miracle grow in and water .The shed and carport have rain barrels .I don't want roof grit to go in my pond and pollen during the spring .I just have filters built into my waterfalls so I never have to worry about a leak the filters are inside liners and over flow can go right back into the pond .
Zachary Hanson
Zachary Hanson - 7 years ago
How much flow do you put through that waterfall?
Vasillas Mikael
Vasillas Mikael - 7 years ago
Expert ! Cool pond ! :) well while waiting for the fish let's take a bath XD

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sissy murphy
sissy murphy - 8 years ago
You can make a koi pond any where from 3 ft to 4 ft deep. .As long as it is big enough to house koi .10 years ago my koi where 3 or 4 inch's long and now they are over 2 ft long .Love your pond but do you ever have a problem with heavy rains and gutters over flowing into the pond .My pond is around 4 thousand gallons ,2 filters and a header pond .No bottom drain and no skimmer .Bottom drain I did not feel I could do right so better safe than sorry .I just use a swimming pool net .Gotta love the chicken helpers ,you pay them in bugs
Mysterious Squirrel
Mysterious Squirrel - 7 years ago
+sissy murphy My pond is around 2000 gallons and an informal design. It takes water run off from a shed, a greenhouse and one half of my house roof. As I harvest my rainwater, there is always a ready supply for topping up when needed so have never put water from the main water supply into the pond. That way, no matter how hard or prolonged rainfall we get, the only water going into the pond is the same as is already in there. Never had to add chemicals to adjust the PH, nitrates or ammonia levels and never had to medicate the fish. I add a bit of salt twice a year and everything has been fine for 25 years now so I must be doing something right.
PintoBlades - 8 years ago
Nice job! Looks very nice.  I love watching pond builds.  One day I'll be doing one about this size. 
Denatra Lewis
Denatra Lewis - 5 years ago
Well said +Augusta Sister. Thank you for your motivation! Little by little...bit by bit... :-)
Augusta Sister
Augusta Sister - 5 years ago
samir26898 - 8 years ago
How much would you charge to build this at my house including material cost, i live in London
AquaLife Ponds
AquaLife Ponds - 8 years ago
I'm a pond builder by profession, very nice job!!
sharpelk - 8 years ago
Thanks, just planning the next - I have the bug now ;)
tospicy4ya - 8 years ago
Looks very good ill be doing something very similar .. Is the water fall the only thing that supplies oxygen ?
bobbyuk1980 - 9 years ago
Awesome build ,looks really professional
sharpelk - 9 years ago
search for stainless steel waterfall blade on Ebay - cost around £50
chris m
chris m - 9 years ago
where can i get the little metal lip where the water comes out for the waterfall?
Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beattie - 9 years ago
Awesome pond mate! I don't have a bottom drain and it's a pain to clean! But i have found a way - it's a vacuum system used for cheap instant pools. Run a pipe from a small pond pump onto the thing and it sucks up the muck lying on the bottom like a charm. The finer particles escape though...
KaoTic Virrus
KaoTic Virrus - 9 years ago
What happens if it rains do the fish die or is the rain clean water I just wanna make sure

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sharpelk - 10 years ago
Koicote seems to be holding up well - is very tricky to apply though. you gotta be quick as it goes hard extremely quickly, especially in the heat i was applying it, lol
Augusta Sister
Augusta Sister - 5 years ago
sharpelk sounds like something I may want to try on my paper mache
blaxton1946 - 10 years ago
Lovely video many thanks for this.
Stephen Warsito
Stephen Warsito - 10 years ago
how do you find the koicote? Is it still holding or any cons? Thinking of using it myself :D
savedfaves - 10 years ago
Music to shoot yourself by.
BIGBOY'S DIY - 10 years ago
hi great pond by the way what dimensions is it and how many blocks did it roughly take to build thanks
sharpelk - 10 years ago
hi, sorry just noticed i had some comments. it's a 4" bottom drain. proper vortex filter made from fibreglass. The vortex then links to a Powerbead filter then into UV. the pump was a sequence 10000S which I've now changed for a 15000S as needed more pressure to make the inlets work. yes your right the, skimmer is attached on left hand corner, it's just a pipe which feeds in from side and then goes up to water level, this links into my bottom drain. thanks for comments!
Peppy The Miniature Schnauzer
Peppy The Miniature Schnauzer - 10 years ago
Wow. Simply amazing. tempted to have a go now.
SuperMaxibaby - 10 years ago
3234585 - 10 years ago
One of the best ponds I have seen on here. You did an excellent job.
Paul Blundell
Paul Blundell - 10 years ago
Fantastic pond looks great I would not change a thing.
Jay Photweny
Jay Photweny - 10 years ago
3:49 *their
ALP'ie - 11 years ago
Very beautiful. The only thing I would have done differently is paint the pond black under the water level, I love the color you chose above water level :)
Hao Nguyen
Hao Nguyen - 11 years ago
beautiful pond and awesome build :D

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