Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE Written by City News Service - A 10 foot long great white shark, hooked by a fisherman and fighting for its life, took a bite on a distance swimmer in the waters off the Manhattan Beach Pier today. The shark -- estimated by county lifeguards to be 10 feet long -- bit the 40-year-old man in his upper right torso and then spat him out, said County Fire Inspector Rick Flores. The swimmer had stable life signs and moderate injuries, and was bleeding but conscious and talking to paramedics as he was loaded into an ambulance among weekend beachgoers on The Strand just south of the pier. A popular stretch of beach one mile north and south of the pier was closed to swimming, as a county helicopter ordered people out of the 69-degree water on a holiday weekend. It was reopened shortly after 3 p.m. About 20 minutes after the bite, the Manhattan Beach police Department brought in the sheriff's Aero Bureau for help in locating the shark, said Sgt. Morrie Zager of the sheriff's Aero Bureau. A chopper crew located the great white about 200 yards north of the Manhattan Pier, Zager said. Deputies directed a lifeguard boat and a Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol boat to the shark, Zager said. ``A paddle boarder was directed away from the shark by the boat crews,'' the sheriff's sergeant said. ``After approximately 30 minutes, the boats were able to coax the shark out deeper water and away from the pier.'' Officials got first word at 9:33 a.m. from 1011 The Strand, a dispatcher said. That address is about two blocks south of the Manhattan Beach pier. A police lieutenant with the Manhattan Beach Police Department said officers were dispatched to the scene at 9:29 a.m. on a report of ``an ocean rescue, male in the water'' call to assist with crowd control. A photographer posted photos of a swimmer being loaded into an ambulance following the incident. The beach was reopened around 2 p.m. after the shark was seen swimming west.

Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE sentiment_very_dissatisfied 2677

Shark videos 7 years ago 2,180,388 views Written by City News Service - A 10 foot long great white shark, hooked by a fisherman and fighting for its life, took a bite on a distance swimmer in the waters off the Manhattan Beach Pier today. The shark -- estimated by county lifeguards to be 10 feet long -- bit the 40-year-old man in his upper right torso and then spat him out, said County Fire Inspector Rick Flores. The swimmer had stable life signs and moderate injuries, and was bleeding but conscious and talking to paramedics as he was loaded into an ambulance among weekend beachgoers on The Strand just south of the pier. A popular stretch of beach one mile north and south of the pier was closed to swimming, as a county helicopter ordered people out of the 69-degree water on a holiday weekend. It was reopened shortly after 3 p.m. About 20 minutes after the bite, the Manhattan Beach police Department brought in the sheriff's Aero Bureau for help in locating the shark, said Sgt. Morrie Zager of the sheriff's Aero Bureau. A chopper crew located the great white about 200 yards north of the Manhattan Pier, Zager said. Deputies directed a lifeguard boat and a Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol boat to the shark, Zager said. ``A paddle boarder was directed away from the shark by the boat crews,'' the sheriff's sergeant said. ``After approximately 30 minutes, the boats were able to coax the shark out deeper water and away from the pier.'' Officials got first word at 9:33 a.m. from 1011 The Strand, a dispatcher said. That address is about two blocks south of the Manhattan Beach pier. A police lieutenant with the Manhattan Beach Police Department said officers were dispatched to the scene at 9:29 a.m. on a report of ``an ocean rescue, male in the water'' call to assist with crowd control. A photographer posted photos of a swimmer being loaded into an ambulance following the incident. The beach was reopened around 2 p.m. after the shark was seen swimming west.

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for Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

Alexandre Reber
Alexandre Reber - 3 years ago
Stupid americans!!
Gcool243 - 3 years ago
These people on the oeir should be fucking executed
Skylar Stone
Skylar Stone - 3 years ago
What a bunch of apathetic losers... That's a human being in the water and these retards are laughing... They walk among us folks...
Powder Hungry
Powder Hungry - 3 years ago
sharks don't bite people... this is fake FAKEEEEEE!!!! >:P
Rene Vasquez
Rene Vasquez - 3 years ago
American Exceptionalism at it's best.... What a God Damn shame for this country......
Joe Ruger
Joe Ruger - 3 years ago
Moron with a camera
little fox person
little fox person - 3 years ago
And that’s funny how?
Cruz Ruiz
Cruz Ruiz - 3 years ago
Thank god I'm moving out of California who the fuck thinks this is even funny to laugh at another human being in harms way and getting killed, their mothers should had swallowed them or they should had been flushed down the drain.... What a waste of air.
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez - 3 years ago
Are you seriously laughing???? Fuck off!

10. comment for Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

AA S - 3 years ago
These idiots on the pier. Karma will be a bitch when you need help and people just sit and laugh at your asses
James Davis
James Davis - 3 years ago
Well . . . one thing is for certain . . . these laughing BOZOS aren't surfers! What fricken assholes!
Glenda Roberts
Glenda Roberts - 3 years ago
I can guarantee everyone of them laughing would have been crying like little babies and treading water. Guarantee!
holly love
holly love - 3 years ago
These humans are morons ~ shame on you~ disgusting
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown - 3 years ago
What asses! Paybacks are Hell, yours will come one day
Temai Sa
Temai Sa - 3 years ago
We wanna see a shark lets go swimming in the ocean yay.
Jonas Reno
Jonas Reno - 3 years ago
not good people if they see something bad happening and laugh... bad people bad...
Donny The MUTT Sponchelloo
Donny The MUTT Sponchelloo - 3 years ago
i hope the people laughing in this video die a slow painful death in a house fire
Trudy Greer
Trudy Greer - 3 years ago
Bunch of Jackasses!
Edward Sandberg
Edward Sandberg - 3 years ago
why are these stupid yanks laughing .... more funny if they where attacked

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KimJong Un
KimJong Un - 3 years ago
I see a lawsuit coming!!!
nunya - 3 years ago
I wasn't laughing. Now, with that said. If these were illegal aliens trying to sneak in, I'd be laughing my ass off and giving them directions, right back to the shark(s).
Juke - 3 years ago
These people laughing is why I don’t trust human beings.
boston brown
boston brown - 3 years ago
only thing missing is a tmz logo.....   rip humanity
Nick Rolando
Nick Rolando - 3 years ago
That's fucked up don t help just laugh is this really cool there laughing holy shit what a waste of life these people have
Annette Melnychuk
Annette Melnychuk - 3 years ago
What did these people find so funny?
gunslingr45 - 3 years ago
Not sure what they were laughing about, you couldn't see shit from that crappy phone.
u666sa - 3 years ago
Why so many dislikes? I don't get it.
sdnative - 4 years ago
So these clowns on the pier go from laughing and joking about a shark jumping on someone to acting serious? Wow, real morality award winners.
alice quirarte
alice quirarte - 4 years ago
Wow and I used to love loudlabs ... after watching shot in the dark I got to really see how much of an asshole the main one is ..

30. comment for Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

Keith - 4 years ago
These people who were laughing will stand before Jesus Christ on Judgment day and be accountable to every word and action before God tosses him into hell for eternity.
Matt 12:36
"But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken."

Jesus is Rapturing his people off of this earth very soon before the Tribulation of disasters hits the world soon. Read your NIV Bible, repent of sins and help others daily to get into the soon Rapture!
Chris Wright
Chris Wright - 4 years ago

Fred Jones
Fred Jones - 4 years ago
I'm glad these guys think that's funny. I would have thrown there fucktard asses off the pier to see if kept laughing after that. Maybe they will get ass raped by thunder dick in hell
Ruthlessx xPosse
Ruthlessx xPosse - 4 years ago
White people like these dumb fucks should get locked up for laughing and doing stupid shit like this! Almost taking someone's life away from a shark a attack and there talking shit and laughing at the same time! Whoever those pricks were one day karma will get back at you guys real hard!
DELTA-SKY LIGHT - 4 years ago
White Americans no doubt the single most cruelest ignorant human beings on planet earth. Only white people could laugh. Nasty Race the world over.
Rachel Hagemann
Rachel Hagemann - 4 years ago
the fisherman that cout the shark is my dad im Stephanie hagemann
m marco c
m marco c - 4 years ago
What there is then there to laughter
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith - 4 years ago
So what happened to the horrible fisherman and his friends? Did they get fined and the jail time they deserved?
JASON HEARD - 4 years ago
Fuck these motherf..kers I hope there ass gets eat alive i would f..king laugh so hard. They are lower than whale shit. Tell them to go blow there brains out..
David Arredondo
David Arredondo - 4 years ago
You could've at least help the guy that was bit instead of watching him scream in pain
Impervious Mindset
Impervious Mindset - 4 years ago
actually big props to the gentleman that posted this video. All of you that's butt hurt about this man telling the truth need to calm down. You play with wild animals, then there is a probability that you will get severely injured or even worse death. I laugh all day at everyone that get attacked
colleen barnard
colleen barnard - 4 years ago
Chad Smith
Chad Smith - 4 years ago
Stupid idiots laughing at those swimmers should trade places with them pos people.
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose - 5 years ago
This was an accident, he had no control over the shark and he did not mean to hook it in the first place, maybe people should go research about pier fishing before they try and tell us whats wrong and right
LELAND LEE - 5 years ago
it already spit the first guy out believe me it ain't trying to get caught they are a lot smarter and clever than humans give them credit for...still i'am sure a scary ass experience nontheless
dfunkt - 5 years ago
fucking scumbags recorded talking here! fuck them.
Anton Camilleri
Anton Camilleri - 5 years ago
why the fuck are they laughing
Chris F
Chris F - 5 years ago
These people on the pier are unbelievable... I fish on the pacific beach pier every day and if i hooked anything big enough even related to a shark you cut the fucking line and alert the surfers and swimmers by telling the lifeguard u don't laugh when open ocean swimmers start yelling bloody Mary! Very sad the lack of care for other people these folks have.
woodie wood
woodie wood - 5 years ago
I can't see anything
shlomie vyner
shlomie vyner - 5 years ago
I am fucking disgusted by those people how can u laugh at people in danger they're prey in tthe water and you couldn't even shout 'shark' until someone gets but and yet u still laugh normally I wouldn't say this but I wish the worst on you I really do

50. comment for Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

Stonemperor - 5 years ago
cut the line next time dumbass
CloudBoy 25
CloudBoy 25 - 5 years ago
they sound stupid asf bt if it was there grama they wpuld been shitting brakes &
Takeoffloc Loc
Takeoffloc Loc - 5 years ago
Ahhh you gotta love white ppl
Claudi Ward
Claudi Ward - 5 years ago
So not funny!
The Memer
The Memer - 5 years ago
what the fuck is wrong with you? laughing and making fun of them. go fuck yourselves
Logica et ratio
Logica et ratio - 4 years ago
+Daniel Rose Your argument on how they were justified in just watching when someone was literally calling out for help is completely trash. No matter how experienced you are in fishing, you don't just sit back and watch someone CLEARLY calling out for help and comment that "they're just shitting their pants." Also, it's good that the Internet allows everyone a right to speak since even if people like you can say something this horrendous, the "weak" can still say something back.
The Memer
The Memer - 5 years ago
+Daniel Rose I don't have time to read your speech. Two words. Fuck off
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose - 5 years ago
James Huntsberry it is a sport and a hobby, the laughing was because they did not think the white would bite the swimmers, there was people from this group that went and got lifeguards and the emergency response team, they are fishing for a type of shark called a thresher which is very good eating. These great whites will bite out line everyone and a while and there is nothing we can do, i have hooked into 9 this year and so have alot of other people. This guy was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is why I hate the internet it gives power to the weak and those that dont deserve it. If you want to talk about something you dont know you should maybe research it alittle bit and find out some actual facts about it. This is one of around 350 great whites hooked on a California pier in the last three years they dont harm you unless you get close and irritate them.
thatbrabgirl - 5 years ago
uhm why were they laughing ? i dont think it was funny.
Vanion Beard
Vanion Beard - 5 years ago
LELAND LEE - 5 years ago
i think your right cause i thought the same until i realized they didn't know shark was involved
Vanion Beard
Vanion Beard - 5 years ago
xekuta747 he says"it jumped right on top on him". common sense"
xekuta747 - 5 years ago
Maybe they did not know what happened. Like you do not know that sharks usually do not attack humans. Just in some few few few cases.
dargay - 5 years ago
the people speaking in the video are jerks
timetravler ontime
timetravler ontime - 5 years ago
Emily F
Emily F - 5 years ago
I am using voice text, hence the first sentence having the grammar completely spelled out.
Emily F
Emily F - 5 years ago
, oh what Heroes exclamation points the one thing you forgot was to edit out you laughing at the other swimmer getting attacked by the shark that you had on your line! I hope that y'all don't sleep at night including that ridiculous woman. I really really really hope that y'all have been identified because you need to go to jail being that that is battery with a deadly weapon, which was the great white shark on your line that you found so funny. What is wrong with you people? You make me sick.
Austin Poel
Austin Poel - 5 years ago
what a bunch of assholes!!
Natty Kai
Natty Kai - 5 years ago
Five hundred 20s
Five hundred 20s - 5 years ago
Only in America ...someone films you get beat to death shot stabbed or attacked by a wild animal and do nothing but film the tragic moment for views and shares on youtube... not one person mentioned to notify lifeguards or something to be helpful its crazy how you can just watch someone be attacked by a shark and laugh
xekuta747 - 5 years ago
Though I would prefer to help, it seems more worthy for me to make such a document. This way People can study the behaviour of sharks, to avoid similar accidents in the future. Watch Star Trek, when Spock first dies to save the lives of many, and then many risk their lives to bring back Spock. Philosophy.
Mountain Man Fishing
Mountain Man Fishing - 5 years ago
+Glock 19 you just proved my point lmao
Five hundred 20s
Five hundred 20s - 5 years ago
+Mountain Man Fishing shut the fuck up faggot mountain man my ass ....on youtube and shit lol I thought you where in the mountains fishing? Not on youtube
Mountain Man Fishing
Mountain Man Fishing - 5 years ago
You're retarded.
Corporation - 5 years ago
+ScoutMaddox G ""Each country has it's own dumbasses."""

true but that is not how it works for some here i guess.

americans like to insult/talk crap about other country's (like they always do) but when someone talks about america they are a idiot.


idiots are those who blame others but can't take the criticism.

anyway no offense btw. just saying.
Five hundred 20s
Five hundred 20s - 5 years ago
+ScoutMaddox G it is an America thing idiot I don't live in other countries how the fuck can I speak on another country I never been too lol wtf I thing your the dumb ass American getting angry and shit lmao
ScoutMaddox G
ScoutMaddox G - 5 years ago
You are an idiot if you think it's an American thing. Each country has it's own dumbasses.
Corporation - 5 years ago
better watch out for these butthurt peeps here. ;-)

americans are real bad in taking criticism.
they only can bitch about others.

that is why they are the "number 1"
Five hundred 20s
Five hundred 20s - 5 years ago
+Deborah Porter Deborah you still want my fat mexican cock in your mouth?
Deborah Porter
Deborah Porter - 5 years ago
but still what? moron
Five hundred 20s
Five hundred 20s - 5 years ago
+MC Bowl yeah not only... but still
MC Bowl
MC Bowl - 5 years ago
It's not only America
sureshot556 - 5 years ago
All these people upset at the fisherman. "Cut the line". Why, so the shark can just swim freely and attack freely. The fisherman were laughing but got serious once they knew someone got hurt. Plus, how could they warn the swimmers anyway. Yelling and screaming wouldn't work. They were too far out. Freak accident. Nobody is to blame here. Typical weak ass Californians blaming other people all the time.
Obama Bin Laden
Obama Bin Laden - 5 years ago
What they did was illegal, and they directly influenced that shark to bite the swimmer. This attack would not have happened if they cut the line when they found out they were legally obligated to.
Sandro Diaz
Sandro Diaz - 5 years ago
wutediting - 5 years ago
For all of you pussies who say this isn't funny, it is a little...if you don't want to get bit don't swim 300ft out in shark infested waters jackass..
Chad Ponder
Chad Ponder - 5 years ago
Waters weren't infested. The man hooked the shark, was being stupid and didn't cut the line, the shark was angry and it caused it to attacked anything it touched. And it isn't funny because they start. Laughing when a 10ft great white shark jumps on top of an innocent swimmer. He was being a douche putting other people's life's in danger. Go ahead. Say I'm young and stupid. So what I'm 14. I've grown up in the waters of Florida that are, as you would say, "infested" with bull sharks, blacktips, and the occasional great white. What I'm trying to get at is that this isn't something to laugh at. Your comment you've made is like an ant in the middle of thousands of people. Hope I've made myself clear ;)
K M - 5 years ago
I agree with Rebellious-fae, it makes me angry that the woman laughed and the men kept making a joke of it all. They will get theirs.............
Rebellious-fae - 5 years ago
To the assholes filming: you're all massive cunts and should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. Do the world a favor and throw your insensitive sarcastic asses off a pier with cinder blocks tied to your ankles
Karen Smith
Karen Smith - 5 years ago
why are these people laughing???
Francis White
Francis White - 5 years ago
+George Q New Yorkers? are you an idiot? They're a bunch of stupid azz vatos from SoCal. Manhattan Beach is in California.

All these fools shouldve been arrested and made to pay this guys medical bills. Effing morons.
George Q
George Q - 5 years ago
New Yorkers
Doug Noble
Doug Noble - 5 years ago
theese fisherman needs arested
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose - 5 years ago
Doug Noble maybe you should learn how to spell before you try and talk about something you dont know about... Smh the internet gives power to the weak and stupid
xekuta747 - 5 years ago
??? It is illegal to have specific animals on the line? How can you Chose?
Emily F
Emily F - 5 years ago
I agree... Battery using a deadly weapon... They knew they had that shark on the line which also is illegal. I dearly hope that these men and that woman are identified so they suffer at the least Court of public opinion.
Kate - 5 years ago
I feel so bad for some reason. I think the people who were laughing should be in the water instead of the innocent, helpless people
colonel radec
colonel radec - 5 years ago
these people are fuckin retarded o.o

like have ever seen a shitty scary movie that has a bunch of cliche stupid teenagers.. like so dumb they wreck the immersion.. cause you cant possibly believe theres people that stupid.. these people have proven me wrong o.O
iamtingley - 5 years ago
Really LoudLabs? Really? This is horrible.
Gabby Molica
Gabby Molica - 5 years ago
I bet they wouldn't be fucking laughing if they were in the water. Those ignorant people I swear. Push them into the water and see what happens
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson - 5 years ago
how was that funny?!?!
MICHAEL - 5 years ago
Why where you guys laughing wtf
Anglovox - 5 years ago
The ocean is a food chain/ecosystem....not a wading pool. One MUST assume some risk when one enters into it.
Blaise Gauba
Blaise Gauba - 5 years ago
I wonder why a shark attacking swimmers is funny? People are strange. I've scuba dived in the water with some large sharks both here in California as well as in Thailand...and it's scary. I had a Leopard Shark (which are not at all common off the coast of California) swim circles around me right off of Palos Verdes Penninsula . That was way back in the mid-1980's. That shark was (in my eyes) HUGE! And it just kept circling me. I was so scared. I slowly treaded water towards the rocky shoreline while I kept both eyes on the shark, eventually, it swam away into the kelp beds. I didn't do any diving after that on days when the water visibility was silty and low as it was on that particular day. I purposefully dove with Nurse Sharks in Thailand back in 1993. We were diving about thirty miles off the southern coast of of Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea. We dove at a shoal called Shark Shoal (at least, that's what the locals called the spot). There were literally dozens and dozens of Nurse Sharks. It was crazy!
Metrotrainproductions 257
Metrotrainproductions 257 - 5 years ago
What is that
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon - 5 years ago
ignorant trash!
P Fletch
P Fletch - 5 years ago
Stupid spoiled little affluent pricks. Likely cowards when it comes down to it.
Larry R Wendell Jr
Larry R Wendell Jr - 5 years ago
Nasty business swimming in the Pacific Ocean anymore. Back when I lived in Santa Monica Beach area, we did not have much accouters with sharks. Interesting video LL News!
Hayd - 6 years ago
are you fucking kidding me??
Friskola - 6 years ago
Why the fuck would people laugh about getting attacked by a shark?
Mallard Duck
Mallard Duck - 6 years ago
Is this shark attack real or fake?
OrionsFaith - 6 years ago
"o shit he got bit" stop laughing "well that's not good" WTF did you think was happening?!?! #idiots....
Rowdy  Arellano
Rowdy Arellano - 6 years ago
lmao i was locked up with the fishermen lol
starfox402 - 6 years ago
+Rowdy Arellano ohyeah that guy is a loser drug addict with rotting teeth and his wife cheats on him all the time
Lori Ilene
Lori Ilene - 6 years ago
Why would you laugh at somebody being attacked by a shark? What is wrong with you guys!!!
All Girly
All Girly - 6 years ago
well my dad came face to face with a great white shark at rio for his holidays while me and my mom and sisters and brothers stayed home but i didnt fully understand it then i was only 3 there is proof because he has a photo of the giant shark it nearly got my dads best friend his best friend was there too and they are still best friends.. the come to my house and every thing But it bit the boat and my dads friend jumed into the water witch was a stupid idea And nearly got bitten IT WAS BIG AS HELL!
Nora Lopez
Nora Lopez - 6 years ago
It's messed up how the laughed even though someone got bit
Tricky Nicky
Tricky Nicky - 6 years ago
Why are people fishing for sharks,especially Great Whites? Fucking leave them alone.
Tricky Nicky
Tricky Nicky - 6 years ago
The total and utter SCUM who were laughing deserve to have serious karma. I hope that they get attacked by a shark (preferably both legs bitten off).
starfox402 - 6 years ago
+Tricky Nicky that guy is a drug addict,and his wife cheats on him all the time they are total losers i hate these people
nomad 163
nomad 163 - 6 years ago
How is this funny
KeepOn Gaming
KeepOn Gaming - 6 years ago
how can someone that is close to loosing a life be funny!!!! feed them to the sharks and see how funny that is!!!!
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
if you dont wont to be attacked by a shark then GET OUT OF THE WATER! DONT SWIM IN IT! gosh.... PIERS AND WHARFS ARE MEANT FOR FISHING, NOT SWIMMING. Every one stop hating on these people, ya they laughed, but really, who swims next to a pier were they catch great whites?
starfox402 - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling ur a fucking jackass
Pixie Denehy
Pixie Denehy - 6 years ago
thats messed up to just laugh while somebody is being attacked by a shark.
Milagros Mogro
Milagros Mogro - 6 years ago
omg? how stupid and ignorant come mierdas. they dont know any better, that sucks i know how scary that is? my sister and i were swiming in 3 feet of water here in miami. littler that we know there was a shark right bihing us omg it was the most scary day of our life? and this assholes laughing jesus crist????????. shame on them. idiots.
Starr Guerrero
Starr Guerrero - 6 years ago
So you just sit there and keep filming
iamsupercaonapdakpfk - 6 years ago
His name is Jason Hagemann. Lives in Lawndale, CA.
Here is his Facebook page.

The line he used was specifically designed to fish big-game. 
Weeks leading up to this, from a now-deleted Facebook post, the perpetrator himself said he would be fishing for the sole intention of luring great whites. This wasn't sardine bait or anything, but fish guts designed to lure a shark to a beach with people swimming meters away.from it.

He has lied to the media, tried covering this up as a "tragic accident," and has shown he is a danger to the public. Right after this incident, he ran to the police at the beachfront to report what happened, most likely lying to their faces as well and trying to cover him and his dumb friends' asses.

Scroll down his Facebook page and you will see immature comment after immature comment, himself joking about the encounter and the incident. He makes fun of a man who was hurt solely because of his own actions.

If Steven Robles was harmed more seriously, or even killed that day this happened, this would be homicide in the first degree. 

Let him know what you think.
iamsupercaonapdakpfk - 6 years ago
It implies malicious intent from the beginning.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+iamsupercaonapdakpfk What does "The line he used was specifically designed to fish big-game" have to do with anything?
Wilter Ovago
Wilter Ovago - 6 years ago
I want to kill all the fishermen at Manhattan beach.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+Wilter Ovago What is wrong with you, do you thing ever single fisherman had something to do with this?

100. comment for Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

sulaiman alarifi
sulaiman alarifi - 6 years ago
I really hope on the people on the pier get bit by a shark one day then I wanna hear him laughing
Adam Turner
Adam Turner - 6 years ago
I hope these people get fined or arrested, they fished for sharks brought the shark in the area. Should be charged with attempted murder. Then laughed while people swam for their lives. ISIS would be proud of these jerks for attempting to kill Americans.
Ryan Coats
Ryan Coats - 6 years ago
Michael Van Buren
Michael Van Buren - 6 years ago
These people should be in jail
Tim Squires Ostra Fine Foods
Tim Squires Ostra Fine Foods - 6 years ago
Absolute dickheads
April Blanton
April Blanton - 6 years ago
They really stood there and laughed while someone was being attacked? That's just horrible! I would have sued those assholes!
Jadi - 6 years ago
These people could have warned the swimmers and prevented the attack and all they did was sit there laughing. They were excited when the shark got close to them like it was some form of entertainment. Disgusting people.
Mosactus - 6 years ago
That fisherman should go to jail for not cutting the line the moment he knew he had a shark. His stupid reckless behavior got that guy bit. At least deserves thousands in fines.
oneal walker
oneal walker - 6 years ago
This just shows how heartless people is in this world you see someone getting attacked by a shark and yall start to laugh and make fun that shit aint no joke even if he didnt get bitten that shit aint no joke lets see if that shit happens to anyone of yall if that shit is funny. Yall sound like the type of people that would sacrifice someone to save yourself even when you could both be saved shame on yall.
Ricardo Da Cruz
Ricardo Da Cruz - 6 years ago
I don't normally comment on videos, but these people laughing are absolute scum. I sincerely hope there is a special place in hell reserved for these Neanderthals.
6BL00D9RAV3N6 - 6 years ago
Delete this horrible vid
• Arman •
• Arman • - 6 years ago
Im gonna laugh at these guy that laughing in their funeral 3===D

Wkjendidkdjekd suk ma dik
starfox402 - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling he knew what was gona happening he told me,these people are drug addicts and losers
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+• Arman • they stopped laughing once they realized it was serious
MorFIEND Beatz
MorFIEND Beatz - 6 years ago
Big enough to eat your leg! Lmao
jetroar17 - 6 years ago
Disgusting people. They deserve each other..
Zach Cline
Zach Cline - 6 years ago
What is wrong with people? Yeah somebody getting attacked by a great white right in front of you is pretty damn funny. They quit laughing when somebody got bit though
pappysprite - 6 years ago
Wow, I do have to say it is really sick how people would laugh about something like this. I mean really demented.
Miles Greenwood
Miles Greenwood - 6 years ago
Oh my fucking god I wish wish wish those people laughing were in that water instead. Disgusting. Watching someone brutally attacked in water by a great white shark and deliberately laughing at them. That's fucked up
Brittany Weeks
Brittany Weeks - 6 years ago
These guys are fucking morons.
Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard - 6 years ago
Fucking retards
Kelly Ortega
Kelly Ortega - 6 years ago
Adam Carrillo
Adam Carrillo - 6 years ago
I Would Push them in the Water and Start Laughing Then Say Shark Coming you fuckin Idiots I Bet they wouldnt laugh at that or Maybe they would
NINERS 4LIFE - 6 years ago
Wtf these people are laughing and shit kind of shit is that that's fucked up
SIR TEZ - 6 years ago
So they laughing at this dude?? smh
Tiana Mclain
Tiana Mclain - 6 years ago
contestor7 - 6 years ago
I'm with everyone else.Those people  on the pier with the laughing and stupid comments should be ashamed of themselves.
buminbeer2 - 6 years ago
The idiots should be sued for medical bills. They knew what they had and played the fish into the swimmers instead of cutting the line. I hate them all for what they did. They should have been charged with something, whatever law would apply.
Beaurayne Phillips
Beaurayne Phillips - 6 years ago
Why were they fishing for sharks? Also, great whites are an endangered species and it's illegal to fish for them. And why is it so funny to cause panic amongst people about a life threatening situation? These assholes traumatised not only the people but the shark as well. You useless pieces of shit.
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
lol well that explains why.. It's illegal to kill them here. Though they are not as endangered as say siberian tigers. 
Beaurayne Phillips
Beaurayne Phillips - 6 years ago
+themadrapper101 I see. Interesting. I live in South Africa and here Great Whites are a protected species - conservation status is vulnerable.
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
As far as reports on the East Coast... There's been more great white shark spottings than ever. In New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Conneticut... Great Whites were always more known to be in the Pacific specifically California. Great Whites aren't so hard to find anymore on the East Coast. 
Beaurayne Phillips
Beaurayne Phillips - 6 years ago
+themadrapper101 Where did you read that? World Wildlife Foundation and National Geographic seems to say otherwise...

"Great white sharks are decreasing in numbers and are rare due to years of being hunted by man for fins and teeth, and often as a trophy for sport fishing." - World Wildlife Foundation

"However, scientists agree that their number are decreasing precipitously due to overfishing and accidental catching in gill nets, among other factors, and they are listed as an endangered species." - National Geographic
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
+Beaurayne Phillips Great Whites have been making a come back.. They havent been endangered species since like the 90's. early 2000's.
Maarrrion - 6 years ago
I hope these people get sued. Shame on them.
flashy5150 - 6 years ago
Great White Sharks don't "bite" people -- they "eat" people.
DeckedOut CardMagic
DeckedOut CardMagic - 6 years ago
Karma's a bitch, and these sick freaks deserve whatever comes to them
DeckedOut CardMagic
DeckedOut CardMagic - 6 years ago
These people are sick in the head. Shame on you
Charlie Wilkinson
Charlie Wilkinson - 6 years ago
Wait, let me get this straight... That poor guy screaming for his life as he gets attacked by a shark... And they laugh?.... What the fuck is funny about a poor guy getting mauled by a shark! They should of chucked these people into the water and see if they keep on laughing!
agente180 - 6 years ago
swimming and fishermen fishing for sharks doesn't mix
Scrobbles - 6 years ago
How are they laughing?! I hope all of these people burn in a fire and I'll be standing there laughing.
METTRIIK - 6 years ago
haha that was pretty funny
Lucas McConnell
Lucas McConnell - 6 years ago
What a bunch of fucking assholes!! Get a life!
ever - 6 years ago
I wanna see them ppl laughing in the water
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 6 years ago
Typo I mean nemo
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 6 years ago
Lol I like when the man said "keep swimming keep swimming" like finding memo
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 6 years ago
Wow they just watched and talk about it and laugh and for a while now they warn
Truthtold - 6 years ago
the fishermen are psychopaths
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
Absolutely repulsive. I can understand it being funny when you scare someone as part of a prank or something in your garage, but you're laughing at people who's lives are in genuine jeopardy and it's YOUR FAULT they are in danger to begin with. Yeah, let's all stand around like a bunch of douchebags and laugh at people who are truly and rightfully in fear for their lives.

I mean, don't you laugh when you point a loaded gun at someone's head and they start crying because they think they are about to die? Yeah... real ****in' hysterical...

These pier pricks should be thrown into the water with a hooked shark that is freaking out and then have a bunch of people laughing at them.
P Fletch
P Fletch - 5 years ago
+OckhamAsylum right on.....they didnt give a shit, none of them...
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling He only cut the line after he'd screwed the pooch. Like a kid who knows they're about to get in trouble with their parents. Also, the "big one" usually only comes after you've gotten the proper permits and are legally able to catch it.

You've been wrong at every turn here, and are only throwing out phrases like "you can not learn a single thing" because you've been backed up into a corner. You haven't provided one decent argument here and have gone off more conjecture than I have.

But hey, you know when you've been beat. I respect that about you. (Not really, though).
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum It appears that you are a fisherman. all fisherman want to catch the "big one". And this guy did just that. He didn't know the shark attacked the guy, but when he did he cut the line. there is nothing else to it. So just stop fighting with me. And this is how I am going to leave the conversation. you can not learn a single thing. Your brain is to small and is overloaded with false information. good bye.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum name one example of me being proven wrong. Oh an assumption, if you knew anything about fishing in southern California, they probably used a whole mackerel, one of the sharks main food. I can tell they didn't use a 10lb. bait because of the small rod and reel. They would unable to cast it at all. Is there any official report of using "gigantic hooks" and "10lb. baits"? You just need to shut your mouth. But I have to say something like, "stop typing" because you would say a smart alic response like, "My mouth is shut, but I can still type."
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling You keep trying to imply I'm ignorant despite being proven wrong... how many times now? I've lost count.

10b bait is an assumption made because you require a gigantic hook (and again, powerful line) to hook a fish like that. Probably an exaggeration, but one that doesn't invalidate anything I've said at all. Because the fact that they hooked it and held onto it means that they were going for something massive.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum So where did you find out he had a "10lb. bait" out. Did he leave the shark on the line, was he fighting it for hours. If you know anything about fishing, you don't just reel in a 10ft fish in a minute.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Thought you said I was a troll, know you are too?
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling It's all logic. You don't just happen to catch a great white any other way. It's difficult, very difficult, not just something that is done by accident. "Whoops, looks like I caught myself a great white on the line I rigged for trout! Silly me!"

Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Ok, ok you got me there. I was reading your other comments, and you said they left the shark on the line for hours. You also said you knew lots about fishing, are you saying to they fought it for hours or they just left it on there for hours, also, where did you see they were using a 10 lb. slab of fish? Because I highly doubt that.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
I said I wanted to stop arguing, but crapping on you in not arguing, now is it? That's called "trolling".
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Thought you said you wanted to stop arguing? Guess you what to keep going.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling You mean stop curb-stomping your crap arguments? Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Ya it is, you should stop.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling I'd love to keep arguing this, but it's getting pretty tiring.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling Read this,
It says the people didn't know that the shark was going to bite, but when it did they told them to get out of the water.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling They couldnt have possibly reeled it in fast enough, to get it in. In the video it appears they are clearly out gunned. That reel is way to small for a shark over 6ft. Were did you hear he was using a 10lb. bait?
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Thank you for agreeing with me on something. Leaving the shark out there? What are you talking about?
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling Those people were plenty far out from the pier, they shouldn't have had to worry. Plus, even if they were too close, these fishers should have warned them or reeled the thing in instead of leaving it out there. And the fact that these guys were trying to catch any kind of shark off the pier is kind of dumb, regardless of which species is illegal. But no, you need a specific line for great whites, what with them being the largest, so they were definitely going for those.

This shark would never have come close to those swimmers if these idiots were not torturing the shark by leaving it hooked out there instead of getting it over with. You're right, It is the shark's home, and morons invading it illegally and panicking it makes it defend its home, follow?
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum There are TONS of other fish that would have taken a 10 lb. slab of fish for ex. Makos, Theshers, and Blue Sharks. And Piers are maid for fishing and boat activities, not swimming. Iv'e heard of fishing piers, but not SWIMMING piers. Do you think the guys knew it was a GW when he hook it? If he did know he should have cut the line, that would be a good reason to press charges, GW's are illegal to knowingly hook and land. Plus you can't control what the fish are going to do. It's the sharks home not ours.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling That's exactly what it means. And they knew what they had on the line and just sat there and laughed about it. Everything about this suggests they knew what they were do-- are you a troll? I hope you're a troll. I really want you to be a troll. I can't handle the grand levels of disappointment in humanity I would have if you turned out to legitimately be this short-bus worthy.
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum Still dosnt mean that the were trying to catch a GW
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Off The Hook Angling They laughed even harder when they figured out the guy was bitten. They stopped laughing as hard when the thought that they actually might be in trouble occurred.

And again, you have to be set up to keep a great white on the line. You don't go fishing for freakin' sunfish or flounders off the pier and just happen to land a great white.

You'd be surprised at the chances of catching a great white when you've got a 10-pound slab of fish on your 100-pound test line (which, again, is a requirement for massive sharks like great whites... not something you just happen to be using off the pier on a random Saturday afternoon...).
Off The Hook Angling
Off The Hook Angling - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum They probably were not trying to catch a great white have you ever seen a someone go out on a pier and purposely try to catch a great white? What are the chances of catching a GW? The people cant control if the GW attacks someone. And dude they stopped laughing once they realized it was serious.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Randy Barber
I know nothing about fishing? Here's something to think about, how many different kinds of bait will a great white go for? They certainly won't go for any worms or jigs. And how does a great white get hooked on a line that is meant for something else? What, do you think they were trying to catch marlin or some other deep sea fish from the pier and just happened to catch and hold onto a 900+ pound shark?

Also, they clearly knew that it was a shark. They said this in the video. They were laughing and snickering as someone was approaching it because they knew that it was going to terrify them. You know, because it's a shark.

But no, disregard all of this evidence and just continue to say that I should stick to the city life like I totally haven't spent the last 18 years of my life hunting and fishing.

Why is that even an insult, anyway? "Yeah, you city boy!" Couldn't that just as easily mean I have more money than you to live in a city with or are otherwise in some kind of white collar work that pays super well? I never got that, but whatever.
Randy Barber
Randy Barber - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum to my understanding... you can't control what you hook... and try reeling in a 10 foot great white. Even on proper equipment that is not something that happens in 30 minutes. Stay to your city life bud, cause you clearly know nothing about fishing
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+Randy Barber Duh fishing is legal. But to my understanding, hooking a white like that is not. But even if it was, they left it there for like an hour, hooked and trapped in the water, instead of reeling it in. And these swimmers weren't even close to the pier. They were way far out, these dicks just had the shark hooked way out there and left it.

Also, the chances of getting attacked by a shark are about as high as getting struck by lightning or having a vending machine fall on you. So these idiots basically artificially increased those odds exponentially by hooking the animal and leaving it in a state of distress without giving any sort of warning to passing swimmers. If it's people's jobs to swim away from the pier, then it's the fishermen's jobs to give them a heads up or at least get it over with when they've got several hundred pounds of panicked teeth on the line.
Randy Barber
Randy Barber - 6 years ago
+OckhamAsylum lmao... fishing is legal. It is the swimmers and surfers jobs to stay away from the pier. Outside of that, anytime you get in the ocean, you are putting yourself in jeopardy.
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+alex l Nobody is saying that shark's don't attack people. At all. But if you take a look at the number of recorded attacks, it's actually stunningly low, especially compared to other activities or occurrences.

People "regurgitate" those statistics because they're accurate. When you look at the odds, then the likelihood of a shark bothering those swimmers without those pier guys baiting and hooking one and pulling it right towards them is astonishingly small. Believe it or not, not all sharks are born man-eaters. Crazy, huh?

Why are you trying to defend the guys who sadistically laughed at people in danger that was brought on by illegal actions?
The Lost and Forgotten
The Lost and Forgotten - 6 years ago
+alex l Excuse me? Equivalent of the guy who tried to live with grizzlies? Are you high? No, this is the equivalent of someone walking in the woods doing nothing wrong and suddenly getting attacked by a bear that some drunk prick wounded without killing and sent into a frenzy.

You're saying it's not the fault of the douchebags on the pier who hooked a shark, left it trapped there for about half an hour, didn't cut it loose when they saw swimmers coming, and laughed when someone started screaming because their life was in danger due to the illegally hooked shark?

I've got some news for you. You're more likely to be crushed to death by a vending machine or struck by lighting than you are to be attacked by a shark. If this was just a couple of swimmers who had attracted the attention of a shark, then it's a stroke of bad luck. But this shark is only here biting that swimmer because these idiots were doing something wrong and laughing about it.
Kameron Hughes
Kameron Hughes - 6 years ago
Who laughs at that shit what if u were in that situation u would be the one that shits your pants
Skate Values
Skate Values - 6 years ago
mrhamtyler1 - 6 years ago
You fucks laughed???? FUCK YOU PRICKS!!!!! I hope you guys are next.
Roy Mckenzie
Roy Mckenzie - 6 years ago
,,,The shark fisherman should be arrested ,,,
tisoy909 - 6 years ago
This is what happens when you surround yourself with ignorant people. You end up fishing on a pier, with your shear ignorance broadcasted.
Teejie Wilks
Teejie Wilks - 6 years ago
i dont understand whats even happening in that video? i cant see anything can anyone explain cause i don't even know where i was supposed to be looking? and why the hell where they laughing geez what pricks 
amoreno1655 - 6 years ago
I'll punch a shark in the face
Jacqueline Jeffery
Jacqueline Jeffery - 6 years ago
This is so discussing one of the people on the peire said he ( a swimmer) landed right on him and he's screaming the people knew that there was a shark on the line! laughing at the suffering and screaming, pain and fear. And around the end they said there's sharks and he's big enough to eat you,but it sounded like he didn't care .demeaning, as if it's entertainment. It makes me sick to see how much the world has changed and how people only concern is themselves. The people who were laughing deserved to be in the water. I truly hope that the survivors and the loved ones sued these things with no compassion and that the video was seen by a court
Dave Wave
Dave Wave - 6 years ago
Whenever someone drops a fishing line in the water within say 1,000 feet of ocean users they are endangering the lives of the people in the water - very uncool. When you chum the waters and this results in someone getting severely injured yet show no remorse than  you are a dangerous sociopath.  When you hook an apex predator and torture it for 40 minutes than laugh at the carnage this causes the swimmer you are beyond sociopath - try pure evil.  Karma will get you for this.  Apex predators keep the oceans healthy - without them the marine Eco system dies
Wes Robinson
Wes Robinson - 6 years ago
L.A= Land of Asses.
youngfishingboy3333 - 6 years ago
mybluebelly - 6 years ago
What are the odds? I mean you go in the water and the sharks are already in the water..
I HATE ANDY SCHROCK - 6 years ago
u lafd u jrk
Miguel Ortega
Miguel Ortega - 6 years ago
Pinche pendejos I'd like to see their stupid asses in the water
HarKer 77
HarKer 77 - 6 years ago
& those pieces of shit think it's funny? Oxygen thieves.
Gody P
Gody P - 6 years ago
How can anybody laugh at a time like that, that's disturbing
bradjay2 - 6 years ago
lukehendri - 6 years ago
1: People get beaten by shark, yes fairly enough coz you are a meat in its territory (what was you thinking).
2: people accidently fishing the shark..pretty logic if unintentionally.
3: laughing others in urgently need..yes surely you are uncaring retard..
4:people on the boat should ve approaching swimmers by boat n help them up at the same time possibly call emergency lifeguard/ambulance instead of shouting or laugh.
thunderboy1k - 6 years ago
They might have been mean but it's still not nice to laugh
RoboTekno - 6 years ago
As long as they're legally allowed to fish on the pier, I believe the fishermen have a right to fish there just as much as swimmers and surfers have a right to be there, but (I'm unclear if they knew) if the fishermen knew they had a large shark on the line and there were a bunch of swimmers caught in the middle, I'd cut the line and/or yell "SHARK" and "Get to the beech!" If the Shark was on the line and the swimmers were swimming away from the pier, I'd keep the Shark on the line until they all got safely to shore.

Was the swimmer caught in the line of was the swimmer bitten as the shark was struggling with the hook in its mouth? I'm also guessing the other swimmers all had no idea the shark was on the end of a fishing line. If they knew, they could have swam in the direction away from the pier; that way the shark would find it difficult to pursue them since it would be pulled in the opposite direction. 

In the end, swimmers take a risk when entering waters known to have large sharks passing through. Whether the shark was on the hook or not, there was a shark hunting in the area. And a pier not only has fishermen, but also other prey animals that live by and under the pier. If a shark was in the area, it was only a matter of time before it checked out the waters around the pier, regardless of whether there was a fisherman their or not.

My final thought is, was the person on the paddle board trying to save anyone? I can't tell. I sure hope he was. Also I agree with some of the comments that some of the people on the pier are assholes for laughing when they can clearly see people swimming for their lives >:( Very sad really.
Brian Cosgrove
Brian Cosgrove - 6 years ago
Video cameras have dehumanized humans we now watch people die and just think o more views.
StimpoTube - 6 years ago
These guys are total JACKASSES!!!!!!
antsaw187 - 6 years ago
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
I remember the guy who got bit was being interviewed later and he wasn't happy that the guy fishing kept the shark on the line knowing that there were swimmers near it and that he should've cut the line.  The guy fishing actually felt bad about it later but also said that he thought it was better for the fish to keep it on the line and get it closer before releasing it, ensuring it's survival.  So it's a tough call as far as judging the decision making process but one thing is for sure, the laughing and taking it lightly about the shark being around the swimmers was just appalling.  I can't figure that out because if that was me, I would've been quite concerned about the safety of the swimmers knowing I had a caught shark on my rod and it was near them, not laughing about it.  That's some messed up behavior?!
james bower
james bower - 6 years ago
Absolutely appalling behavior by these low grade idiots fishing. On the other hand, humans swimming in deep water have no natural defense and are subject to the whims of apex predators. Every now and again these type of swimmers get mauled horribly by a bull or white pointer.
Gunthernorman - 6 years ago
Absolutely classic American - lets film anything, don't care about anyone and the pathetic laughs as a person is getting attacked by a Shark speaks volumes to the people of that country. Yes - you can cry they are only a minority but there is a dark reality in that 3 minutes on that pier. Now - tell me what percentage of the country live under the poverty line & then say god bless america. Sad clip, sad race.
Dennis Sanford
Dennis Sanford - 6 years ago
Having that Great white on the line actually probably saved someones life. The thing was trying to get away and not looking for prey. Its mind was occupide. That guy got bit by his hand getting caught on the line and slide into its mouth. The shark pribably paniced. It sucks that the guy got bit. But someone could have died not being for the guy having it on the line.. As for the guys laughing, I didnt see anything funny about it. But some people got different humor, they didnt know that guy was gonna get bit.... but IT REALLY IS GOOD THE GUY HAD IT ON THE HOOK.
Wes Robinson
Wes Robinson - 6 years ago
When these sick bastards get attacked, I'm going to laugh like they did. Assholes
Den Yuan
Den Yuan - 6 years ago
Where is the shark? I can't see it! I only hear the man screaming. And why must they laugh? It's not funny!
Wango Bango
Wango Bango - 6 years ago
The fat mean white people who were laughing on the pier were republicans. I wouldn't doubt that "loud" can be sued by the victim or the victim's family.
Marina Garza
Marina Garza - 6 years ago
I believe there are ordinances/laws about hooking a great white and they are supposed to let them go.. So my guess is that these really stupid fishermen will probably face charges or get sued by their victim.. I'm sure there are a few good lawyers out there that will take the case!
Euro Tuned
Euro Tuned - 6 years ago
"How big is it?"...."Enough to bite your fu**ing leg off"!
Jon P
Jon P - 6 years ago
Think its time the Hunger Games happened and these people will be the first to play. Thinking maybe a giant fish bowl in with a shark??
newport682 - 6 years ago
Total white trash fisherman! They use the slang word retarded. Then they laugh as a great white attacks someone. Go back to pfuglerville!
Anna Walseth
Anna Walseth - 6 years ago
Jesus Christ i don't know what this world has come too why the fuck are they stood laughing ugh...
Jonah Freeman
Jonah Freeman - 6 years ago
Why do they think its so funny?
Jordy Shore
Jordy Shore - 7 years ago
Fucking faggots thought it was funny!
Positive Change Of Chivalry
Positive Change Of Chivalry - 7 years ago
I still go swimming in the ocean; just because I do doesn't mean I'm not scared.
Milan K
Milan K - 7 years ago
How could you laugh you fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rinka Hayami
Rinka Hayami - 7 years ago
i feel sorry for those ppl
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer - 7 years ago
You laugh then post it where the whole world can see. Wow. Shows what a bad person you are.
greatwhiteprivilege - 7 years ago
wow the guys who took this video are fucking twats
angie aviles
angie aviles - 7 years ago
How could u post this and laugh about it
Tanya Hoffman
Tanya Hoffman - 7 years ago
That's funny they think you were joking lol
andrew frawley
andrew frawley - 7 years ago
man this guys need to get their asses kicked.
Freeway Godzilla
Freeway Godzilla - 7 years ago
People laughing like this shows lack of humanity and were our country is at. No one cares about each other anymore
Shawntele Martinez
Shawntele Martinez - 7 years ago
I'm just actually surprised that they were laughing at all. I mean its not like there was a man with a fake shark dorsal swimming around. ?...
Alex Cloyd
Alex Cloyd - 7 years ago
Why ate they laughing
Cade Marszalek
Cade Marszalek - 7 years ago
You are an ass hole to laugh at some one like that dude what the f**k is up with u
Cade Marszalek
Cade Marszalek - 7 years ago
Dude wtf that's not funny
Jeena Shirkey
Jeena Shirkey - 7 years ago
Somebody fucking save him. I'm terrified of sharks and the ocean yet I would still try to save him. You motherfuckers who cackle like a retarded damn hyenas. I wanna throw you in shark infested waters and sees who's laughing then. Goddamn insensitive motherfuckers. Go to hell.
The Guy
The Guy - 7 years ago
Wow all the people laughing and have a good time about this need to be thrown over board in the middle of the ocean.
gareth242000 - 7 years ago
some serious losers laughing even when the man is screaming?? Maybe try and help next time?
jimipurple123 - 7 years ago
Alexander Cascio
Alexander Cascio - 7 years ago
Those fishermen should burn in hell. Laughing at someone when they are being bitten by a fucking great white shark? People like that should be executed , because they are a danger to society as a whole.
Josiah - 7 years ago
Why are u laughing
immaparannah - 7 years ago
Everyone is saying shit about them laughing blah blah. They were laughing BEFORE they realized he had gotten bit. They were laughing because they thought he was just seriously freaking out that such a creature was near him. So, no they're not "horrible" people. Once they realized he was actually injured they stopped. Watch it again and pay attention and shut the hell up.
Kay Bizzy
Kay Bizzy - 7 years ago
These kids are fucking idiots. And should possibly be charged. Especially the one holding the rod while a swimming race or something was going on. They make us good fishermen look bad.
TheHupe - 7 years ago
How can you stand and laught :( I get why you're recording but laughing at a huge great white shark on top of a human? Thats just not very kind.
Stephen. H Holden
Stephen. H Holden - 7 years ago
Most crazy and stupid thing ive ever witnessed. Come on people get a grip
Stephen. H Holden
Stephen. H Holden - 7 years ago
Most crazy and stupid thing ive ever witnessed. Come on people get a grip
skipstah70 - 7 years ago
Fawwwwwwwk... My absosolute worst nightmare. lol
Stoned Gamer J
Stoned Gamer J - 7 years ago
It's a shame that lack of compassion for your fellow man isn't a crime, these heartless clowns should be hanged. I only hope the state of CA has a field day locking them up, or at the very least sue the entire group into the stone age so hard that they are forced to live in their parents basement eating nothing but stale peanut butter for the rest of their heartless lives.

If i knew them personally, i'd beat all of them (including the women laughing) into a bloody pulp incapable of processing a thought for the rest of their lives
RadagastertheBrown - 7 years ago
Disgusting human beings. 
Leemadigan - 7 years ago
What a bunch of pricks
Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield - 7 years ago
So, where was the attack, in beginning of clip?
Cory Batterson
Cory Batterson - 7 years ago
the people recording this need to be slapped
jim Johnson
jim Johnson - 7 years ago
Wow I would be freaking out if I thought a person was about to be devoured by a shark! I blame the tv for people like this.
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler - 7 years ago
were these drunken idiots prosecuted for this?
Saint Hoax
Saint Hoax - 7 years ago
Why are you laughing that isn't funny
Carol Benson
Carol Benson - 7 years ago
Senseless and horrid people. How dare you laugh at a human life being put into jeapordy by you. It is extremely sad to see how lifeless and purely evil the world is becoming due to people like you all. Not to mention antagonizing these sharks is highly illegal.
thericos - 7 years ago
Must of been a small ass white shark..I fish all the time..sometimes for shark and the rod and reel combo would not be up for the job..maybe for a black tip shark or another shark in that size range but not a white
Noah Young
Noah Young - 7 years ago
These ppl r fucked up in da head if they r laughin there asses off when multiple r getting attacked by a shark
THEO NEMESIS - 7 years ago
What  the  f@#%^*ck are these  idiots  laughing  about?! Is  the  sight  of  an  innocent  swimmer  been  attacked   by  these  beasts, a  laughing  matter?! I  would  really  love  to  see  if  they  would  like  us  to  do  the  same  with  them, when  they'll  be  in  the  shark's  jaws! Bunch  of  F@#%^*edck up  losers!  
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall - 7 years ago
Why is it funny to watch someone get bit? What if that was you and someone else was was fishing?
Some Idiot Kid On The Internet
Some Idiot Kid On The Internet - 7 years ago
I am not going to lie that was HILARIOUS XD
F Sulka
F Sulka - 7 years ago
Are they seriously laughing and bragging about having this attack recorded while it is happening?  Wow.  That lack of compassion is disturbing.
Macallan Laver
Macallan Laver - 7 years ago
these fucking pricks were laughing.... 
Heopful - 7 years ago
You cunts are fucking foul
Despond - 7 years ago
No offense to the swimmers, and I am sure they accept the risk but swimming that far out you're just begging to eventually run into some bad luck.
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott - 7 years ago
These guys are real jerks there laughing at the dieing people. How Rude!!
R Ski
R Ski - 7 years ago
Last I looked, the ocean is HUGE so those that opt to swim near a pier where others go to fish, are simply idiots.
Wally Greer
Wally Greer - 7 years ago
Fucking NY jabronies: These idiots clearly don't know anything about fishing...
kostis koffas
kostis koffas - 7 years ago
cause i dont  speak english well can anyone explain to me what it happens?a sharks attacks and the man with the video laughs!!??is it common in california to see a shark when u swim an mooreover be attacked?cause in greece and there are no sharks at all
John Beamson
John Beamson - 7 years ago
you fucking evil cunts,
crom - 7 years ago
How stupid ! Is like running in Africa where lions live, or in a river with crocs, he deserve it! Big time and shark gots it's meal
That Guy
That Guy - 7 years ago
you people fishing in this vid are insensitive, demented, jerks. how dare y'all laugh at someone being hurt.
reptalk101 - 7 years ago
how big is it? enough to bite your leg, keep swimming! lmfao
Lupe Gomez
Lupe Gomez - 7 years ago
Dudes u are just standing there
Jes Bres
Jes Bres - 7 years ago
stupid vid - stupid comments
Elijah Heal
Elijah Heal - 7 years ago
The people in this video, the ones laughing away while a fellow human being is attacked by a great white shark, you are an example of why we need de-population schemes set in place. The fact you are still alive and allowed to breed only infuriates me even more. If i placed you into the ocean next to a great white shark, and it attacked you, i
Think your laughter would be one of hysterical insanity as fear took hold of you and you realised how helpless you truly are as you are eaten ali
ve, chunk by chunk.
Pulse The Gamer
Pulse The Gamer - 7 years ago
Raaaaaahhh why are you laughing you you retarted jerk I want to call you so many things right now!!! You have no heart you have no Sole you have no life.

Sry people I just get mad at these kinds of things
dabid Santiago
dabid Santiago - 7 years ago
Dumb assholes laughing
hinowisaybye - 7 years ago
Continue watching all of the video, they didn't know he had gotten bit. They thought he just got spooked by the shark. So they weren't laughing at his pain. And I'm sure they started filming as soon as they realized the shark was there. Even when they realize that the shark is getting close to some swimmers near them they start shouting shark and telling them to get out of the water. Maybe they shouldn't have laughed, but when was the last time you paused before deciding to laugh. Seriously, fucking sensationalists. 
Alejandro Jacobo
Alejandro Jacobo - 7 years ago
Let me get this straight. They hook a shark, and while watching it head towards a group of people, the fisherman decide to not take extreme controlled of the animal or signal them to swim away. I'm a fisherman and know if you become to aggressive while fighting a fish you can break or lose the fish. But when the shark starts jumping and thrashing on them they do t do anything g except laugh. They could follow the shark with the boat to reel it in or fight it. They're disgusting.
Joshd34 - 7 years ago
Dumb fucks
OGLynxster - 7 years ago
Stupid Americans
Corey Jackson
Corey Jackson - 7 years ago
Bunch of fucking pussies!!!!
Corey Jackson
Corey Jackson - 7 years ago
I hope all people laughing in this video burn in hell!! Fucking pieces of shit!!!!!
L - 7 years ago
if i ever find out who those people are i am tieing them up and putting a pirahna on their dicks.
Jose Loco
Jose Loco - 7 years ago
The people shooting the video are absolute douchbags.
U sick fucks laughing at the old man taking his last breath
Sydney O'Bier
Sydney O'Bier - 7 years ago
Totally love the dicks behind the camera laughing and cussing and just not giving a crap that someone just got attacked by a great white.
Floyd Wilcox
Floyd Wilcox - 7 years ago
That's why I don't get in the water. I have too much respect for nature.
Elise Sorenson
Elise Sorenson - 7 years ago
It's so annoying how they were laughing...
Israel Suastegui
Israel Suastegui - 7 years ago
That's mean the we're lagging at that man
Colby The King
Colby The King - 7 years ago
you fucking laugh at that
ronscott7 - 7 years ago
The fisherman's name is Jason Haggeman and he is part of a radical homosexual gang. He was angry that the swimmer didn't give into his advances.
Luis A
Luis A - 7 years ago
What a bunch of sick freaks, watching as they suffer..
Roronoa D Vegeta
Roronoa D Vegeta - 7 years ago
Wow these fisherman are scum bags.
Rob - 7 years ago
How big is it?? Really?
Alfred Vega
Alfred Vega - 7 years ago
That's so fucking funny you dumb shit the guy's getting bitten by a fucking shark , would love to see you in his position see how you like that
V K D C - 7 years ago
Laughing while someone is possibly dying is mental and sick !
Are these fishermen arrested ???
Ajaxs - 7 years ago
The moment someone say there's a shark in the water is the day I learn to run on water
Barry Maynard
Barry Maynard - 7 years ago
 These people were actually laughing about this?
GrisMV Mv
GrisMV Mv - 7 years ago
Dude like thats not funny you could get attacked
GrisMV Mv
GrisMV Mv - 7 years ago
Hey I was at that beach omg
Laurel Nemeczky
Laurel Nemeczky - 7 years ago
these people are sickos laughing while someone is being attacked by a shark
Steve Sprite
Steve Sprite - 7 years ago
This area by Redondo and Hermosa piers are known to have several sharks living in it. They are sighted on a daily basis. NO ONE has been bit in a while because of the mutual respect between the sharks and the people who enter the water. As humans, we disrespected the sharks on that day and unfortunately, one of us randomly paid that price. Even more unfortunate that it wasn't the fisherman who paid the debt... A lesson to all, the cause and effect of our actions affect everyone around us.
MegaNowaydude - 7 years ago
Finally! News from where I live!
Bruce Hicks
Bruce Hicks - 7 years ago
Fishing piers have a lot of bait/blood/scent  in the water...of coarse you get sharks...
these guys should have cut the they got a pissed of shark on the line(btw the rod did look too small but could  have had 50#braided line and a good drag) ..and laughed
when swimmers got close..Dicks.!!!!..correction..most americans  are cool...these aren't Americans...they're" New Yorkers"...big diff....we don't like em
CassieKR - 7 years ago
Good ol' American douches... One fishing near people who does that?? Two laughing when that guys screaming in pain, thinking it's nothing and three being a**holes to the other swimmers... Faith in America=GONE
Jim Bob
Jim Bob - 7 years ago
What a dumb bunch of fucks.
ethanrockgod - 7 years ago
Thats fucked up why would you laugh you sir need your brain fixed
Roy Critchfield
Roy Critchfield - 7 years ago
get out of the water he says they are like in the middle of the fucking ocean dumbass do want them to fucking teleport onto the beach.  that pisses me off
aattitude - 7 years ago
+KevinProNOW how about use the 40 minutes they had the big ass shark on their line to notify the authorities instead of laughing like idiots.
KevinProNOW - 7 years ago
@ Roy

 do want them to fucking teleport onto the beach. What?

It means start swimming to shore. Man your stupid.
kaitlyn whealy
kaitlyn whealy - 7 years ago
His point was to get their asses out of the water as fast as they could because a shark was about to eat them for lunch. There wasn't much else he could have done except tell them to get out of the water. Lifeguards do the exact same thing, they say something along the lines of "EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WATER THERE'S A GOD DAMN SHARK ABOUT TO EAT ALL Y'ALL AND YOUR MOMMAS" just in a nicer way.
Jared Fentress
Jared Fentress - 7 years ago
You guys are a bunch of pricks. Too bad no one was there to throw you fags in the water
just a nerd
just a nerd - 7 years ago
sypher484 - 7 years ago
Yeah its real funny getting bit by great white bc of douche bag fisherman. Pathetic
MNTRYJOSEPH - 7 years ago
To the ones in the video that were fishing on the pier...every single one of you are complete idiots. What assholes, a person is bit by a shark...and you laugh and make bad jokes! You are all pathetic excuses of human beings! 
ghostdog2041 - 7 years ago
I couldn't tell what was going on.
Skar Cipher
Skar Cipher - 7 years ago
I thought this was fake because they were laughing.
Simon Matthews
Simon Matthews - 7 years ago
American cunts laughing about someone getting attacked by a shark
chdpondr gaming
chdpondr gaming - 7 years ago
Ur supposed to cut the line if u have got something that big on the line and why the crud would they laugh. Omg. So cruel
01mattk - 7 years ago
This is actually real guys it was on the news. The actual shark that this guy hooked bit a guy that accidentally swim into it no joke it was on the news
Bluegrass Strings
Bluegrass Strings - 7 years ago
Rainey Lee
Rainey Lee - 7 years ago
Laughing wow! No no that's not funny AT ALL!
Diana Mayancela
Diana Mayancela - 7 years ago
Why the fuck are you laughing like its so immature.
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez - 7 years ago
Why would you ask how big a damn shark is just swim the hell out of the water tf !
Ben Arthur
Ben Arthur - 7 years ago
Sure, for some reasons in all of California's progressive thinking.... Fishing for sharks around swimmers is legal. However... Why is it legal to pull it to the swimmers, cut the line, film and laugh at what you've done and not get in any trouble. Isn't there some type of "piece of shit person" law?  
Deformed Spuds
Deformed Spuds - 7 years ago
I Just hope the sharks ok :(
Hayden Corlette
Hayden Corlette - 7 years ago
Why are they laughing
luvbuggy gladden
luvbuggy gladden - 7 years ago
is some one being attacked?? and if so y the fuck are they jokeing about it
Melanie Cordero
Melanie Cordero - 7 years ago
How cruel...knowing theres a freaking shark in the water they have no thought in helping the swimers....they stood there and laughed as if it was funny...on the other hand if it were all of them out there in the water they would crap there pants....hopefully the poor person who got attacked would sew the fisher men...americans these days :\...smh
dannybck4gud1 - 7 years ago
First Banned that area so noo idiots either go fishing or no swimming'!? Stupids knowing if pplz throwing bait ofc something going to happned most likely to the Swimmers. Idiots .
dannybck4gud1 - 7 years ago
Wow these guys are idiots . 'Its Right here' Dude sounded annoying af. An the pplz laughn?
Kozmo617 - 7 years ago
Wow. Fucked up guys. Way to laugh.
beze1 - 7 years ago
monsters. Hope next time its their SON swimming there. 
GhostbustersRulez - 7 years ago
Just because it bit somebody does not mean it's instantly a Great White, in fact if it's ten feet long and biting people, probably a Bull Shark, although it is possible it was a juvenile Great White I think it's more possible it was a bull
jake debish
jake debish - 7 years ago
Why the fuck would that lady ask how big the shark is .... Who gives a fuck!!!
Tara Kenneally
Tara Kenneally - 7 years ago
To me they look like dolphins because so we might not if or not
StayClem - 7 years ago
Are you kidding me? When someone says "SWIM THERE IS A SHARK'' your first response is "HOW BIG IS IT'' just swim you stupid.
Ashley Clements
Ashley Clements - 7 years ago
Who would laugh at a time like this! Those poor people. The fisher people were very pushy. Like what do u think they could go any faster? They're swimming for their lives. :(
Maddie Awesome
Maddie Awesome - 7 years ago
Why would they laugh at that man there the ones being retarded. They laughed why he was screaming saying oh he didn't get but he probably just shit his pants
Chris G
Chris G - 7 years ago
"Nah he didn't get bit...I don't see any blood" You're about 300 yards away from the incident, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some blood and you couldn't see it. And why would you laugh when a shark jumps on top of a swimmer and then a bunch of people in the water start calling for help? 
jwathas - 7 years ago
Are these dumb ass idiots seriously laughing at someone getting attacked by a shark???  Really???
sadeisawstruck - 7 years ago
These people are sick little fucks who deserve to be the ones in the water. How dare they laugh at the fact that a guy was being chased by a shark. What has this cruel world come too. Even if they didn't know he was getting bit, maybe put the fucking camera down & go get some help instead of laughing. Stupid little shits. 
Illuminatus - 7 years ago
I would kill these guys who are recording this, get out there and help or stop laughing !
Courtney Butterworth
Courtney Butterworth - 7 years ago
Imagine if it was u getting attacked and everyone laughed at you and nobody helped you and you was in agony what would you think
Courtney Butterworth
Courtney Butterworth - 7 years ago
Everyone flag as inn appropriate why would you laugh at that kind of thing idiots
Marlon Schluga
Marlon Schluga - 7 years ago
tigrada americana no pier
HorsePower6969 - 7 years ago
I would of been walking on water sweet jesus
Alejandro Delapaz
Alejandro Delapaz - 7 years ago
Those people laughing are douchbags
Nick Noga
Nick Noga - 7 years ago
all fun and games til someone gets hurt...
Tomthephotographercom Tom Donnelly
Tomthephotographercom Tom Donnelly - 7 years ago
Steve should have a TALK with these idiots on LAND !
Mel Thurmond
Mel Thurmond - 7 years ago
What a tragedy. The shark was clearly in distress after struggling on the line for so long. Sharks aren't interested in humans - they don't even like the taste.
Kill_ ZONE347
Kill_ ZONE347 - 7 years ago
Why the fuck would you laugh at someone getting attacked by a shark?!?! What happens if it could be them one day? I'll just laugh at them.
Dirty Rotten Imbecile
Dirty Rotten Imbecile - 7 years ago
They thought the guy was freaking out because they thought he just noticed the shark.
Twilakam - 7 years ago
because they're fucking monsters!
scobie - 7 years ago
Fucking dicks.
Eric Chiu
Eric Chiu - 7 years ago
1. In Manhattan beach when I was fishing on June 28, I seen like 5 sharks and people continue to swim and finally there will be less people and more Fisher. There's some good sting rays in the water(highest caught was about 3 feet wide) And good fishes.
Emma Klenke
Emma Klenke - 7 years ago
is it me or are these people just rude
Omar S
Omar S - 7 years ago
Another representation of how fucked americans are
Phil Perry
Phil Perry - 7 years ago
They clearly don't laugh about the attack you stupid idiots.
Carolin Yoo
Carolin Yoo - 7 years ago
Lol I was there
Laura - 7 years ago
I can't see the shark attack at all. At what time does it happen??
Ekhart Troll
Ekhart Troll - 7 years ago
this is not classified as a un-provoked shark attack would be on other list called provoked , it happens alot when fisherman bring sharks on boats etc,, the shark wasn't acting on its own accord it was captured on a line so responsibility goes to the captors, i.e fisherman to give warning to swimmers that get near etc.. all the media has failed to take the two minutes needed to determine this , instead they are beating the fear drum... its like blaming  a crime on a black guy before you got the facts that the dude was white and he stole his own money and blamed it on a black, bad analogy but you get the picture!
Julian V
Julian V - 7 years ago
fucking selfish, catching sharks and shit, gtfo dont care about anyone elses safety but their own, i hope those fucking fishermen learn their lesson
SafeguardKilly - 7 years ago
The worst part in all of this is the media propaganda trying to sensationalize all this and imply sharks are these ultra dangerous things you should fear. The reality is these idiots caused the attack and less than 10 people die per year from shark attacks. Compare that to the 75-100 million sharks killed per year by people, most of which is done for shark fin soup.

Yep, wild animals sure are the dangerous ones here.
Mr. Helmet
Mr. Helmet - 7 years ago
Amatuers... Yankee Douchebag Dandy, that's really funny. Their ignorant brains can't process the idea of common sense and courtesy for others... now someone may have died.
D SP - 7 years ago
I was present at the Manhattan Beach council meeting last night regarding public safety and great white sharks. Steve Robles was also there to give his account of the terrifying incident. Although he seemed pretty banged up still, he gave us some insight and perspective to consider. It appeared the council have intent on moving forward with a criminal investigation into the fisherman's actions. 

Afterwards I attended the presentation given by California State Long Beach Professor Dr. Chris  Lowe. His focus was on factors contributing to the rise of great whites off Los Angeles County beaches. Although citing warmer waters, exploding seal populations and better near shore fish management, Professor Lowe could not definitively say the exact cause of great whites off southern California.

Ultimately the bottom line is: don't fish for great whites or any other shark off public piers. It screams stupidity and is completely un-American.

Fish for a mackerel, corbina or halibut instead when visiting Manhattan Beach pier.
Rene' Williams
Rene' Williams - 7 years ago
These guys are fuckin idiots! Why would you laugh as someone is being attacked!? Assholes! 
Chris Duffy
Chris Duffy - 7 years ago
Lets just home Karma is a bitch.
Mister Sarajevo
Mister Sarajevo - 7 years ago
Fucking cackling retards.
Todd Bjurstrom
Todd Bjurstrom - 7 years ago
I hope you go to prison.
Jennifer Noelani
Jennifer Noelani - 7 years ago
Hope they BAN it completely!!! Get a boat and fish. People pay a lot of money to live in manhattan beach and fishing that close to where people swim and surf is not safe. Watch originally was only banned for a week now until September. The community has a lot of away there. You'd expect the same after when you spend millions of dollars on your house!
Garrett Staack
Garrett Staack - 7 years ago
Their idiots for swimming up to a thrashing shark in the fiest place piers are made for fishing
Killa Silverback Gorilla
Killa Silverback Gorilla - 7 years ago
Shouldn't they be imprisoned for use of a negligent use of a deadly weapon....sort of like, Pitbull owners? They had the shark hooked, which means that it was under their control and admonition.
tubesrule123 - 7 years ago
Hope these guys get prosecuted AFTER they get their asses KICKED royally.  How fucked up is this?  They KNEW they had a FUCKING GREAT WHITE on the hook and they're dragging it onto swimmers? What, they only yell AFTER they realize Robles got bit?  What if it was a kid out there?  Seriously, I hope the locals beat the  piss out of these bastards.  I'll join in, and then throw them over the pier - let's see who shits their pants then.  So disgusted by this!
ldbrehm - 7 years ago
I love how some people take EVERY opportunity to bash Americans.  I'm an American and I'm disgusted by the asshole fishermen.  People are responsible for their own actions and an entire country shouldn't be held responsible.  There are assholes in every country!
Nylex - 7 years ago
why does this video have so many dislikes? its not as if its a misleading title or anything... it is what it says it is.... just because its a bad thing that happened in the video doesnt mean it should have many dislikes....
bottle2lip - 7 years ago
filmed with a pocket calculator
Spike Black
Spike Black - 7 years ago
shit i was just there for vacation in la scary 
Sabrina Pettit
Sabrina Pettit - 7 years ago
How is that funny?!?! That is horrible....I swear people have no feelings anymore these days.
Jose Ochoa
Jose Ochoa - 7 years ago
I could not agree more with El Oso Guapo and Tara St. Wood & Jon Morgan Parker.  There is nothing funny about this shark attack to be laughing about.
Lori Smith
Lori Smith - 7 years ago
Hey WTF you asses were laughing at him?????!!!! This is sick. This is being irresponsible! Whether you know this or not; we are all responsible for our actions and how they impact people around us. Damn!  How could you people be so callous?????
Todd Gregg
Todd Gregg - 7 years ago
If these are the guys that filmed this video. Fuck u guys, laughing the whole time. I hope u feel good about about being the scum of the beach. U know u had a shark and to keep pulling if toward swimmers. I hope u get cancer of the ass and u die a slow death. FUCK YOU!!! U make the beach unsafe for everyone!!!!! If I haven't made it clear, fuck off and die!!!
Johnny Massacre
Johnny Massacre - 7 years ago
Hey guys, you're in the way of our shark you assholes get out of the water. WTF.
Caio Caos
Caio Caos - 7 years ago
Look, he is getting eaten alive, haahaha, so funny (America).
DJMlodoz - 7 years ago
You guys are ass holes
Grace Woolley
Grace Woolley - 7 years ago
The fishers should go to jail for chumming and not cutting the line when the realized that the shark was on the line. They ALL (the fishers) are just really stupid or they are drunk. In the video it seems like both.
Michelle Mobley
Michelle Mobley - 7 years ago
The bottom-feeders are on the pier...and they have video cell phones.
David Meyer
David Meyer - 7 years ago
This guy laughing there idiots.
The Haunted Farm
The Haunted Farm - 7 years ago
I knew going in that the comments on this video were going to be fucking stupid.
Leah Jones
Leah Jones - 7 years ago
why the hell are they laughing!!! people could have died!!! why the fuck are the chumming near a public beach! What assholes
Diego DG
Diego DG - 7 years ago
Stop fish! Stop shark attac
NaVaNzO - 7 years ago
wtf these idiots are laughing and someone is about to die ???
fucking ignorants
ElliotRathmell - 7 years ago
What cunts
SNOBFACEKILLA - 7 years ago
yoo..these dude filming are some coldhearted dude out in the water could be someone's really sicken me sometimes
encycl07pedia - 7 years ago
If it were illegal to laugh at pain and suffering we'd all be in jail. This is horrible but you can notice the humor almost totally stops once they realize he got bit. One last poop joke and that's it. I don't know why they were laughing. Maybe they thought the fish on the line couldn't bite people while hooked.

Luckily the swimmer is okay.
Zeoz - 7 years ago
These guys are just beyond stupidity they claim that those MCdonals kill your brain now it is a fact.
Madeleine Darby
Madeleine Darby - 7 years ago
I'm so disgusted how they just sit there and laugh. Like it's some kind of show.
Madeleine Darby
Madeleine Darby - 7 years ago
Are they seriously laughing?
Carmen M.
Carmen M. - 7 years ago
Now why the fuck is this funny, bunch of assholes.
6Lilies6Phillies - 7 years ago
Only white trash goes fishing off SoCal piers!! Esp for sharks. Piece of shit inland motherfuckers!!
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 7 years ago
It's no secret that many great white shark sightings have occurred in Manhattan Beach, in the past few years. Check out YouTube. Who goes on a group swim, with so many sharks around? 
Kaitlyn Funk
Kaitlyn Funk - 7 years ago
1:43 a man in the back clearly states I hope he gets bit under his breath
Alek Cervantes
Alek Cervantes - 7 years ago
Why the fuck are they laughing?!
Cami Self
Cami Self - 7 years ago
They should be sued. For illegal fishing and for just being dicks. That was so messed up... these guys are complete idiots.
TheBruinnation - 7 years ago
I hope someone I'd's these assholes that were fishing and recorded this, They need to get their asses beat!!
Bobby Position
Bobby Position - 7 years ago
The pier crew are typical brain dead Cali-morons.  They are truly idiots.
Kari Hutchense
Kari Hutchense - 7 years ago
Can someone please remove these cretins from the gene pool?
Kari Hutchense
Kari Hutchense - 7 years ago
ALL of the sub-human slime who are heard laughing on this video are disgusting pigs. Dirty rotten MOFOs!!!  May they each suffer a worse fate than the victim of the shark bite.  Buncha stinky jerks!!!  Identify and publicly shame and humiliate them.  I would say they ought to be fired from their jobs, too, but from the level of stupidity displayed, they are likely unemployed.  Go smoke another doobie, you tools!  I want to punch them all in the crotch.  Yes, even the stupid girls. Idiots.
Andrew Nesbitt
Andrew Nesbitt - 7 years ago
I sincerely hope the fuckers who caused this and are laughing about it this burn in hell.
Matthew Enriquez
Matthew Enriquez - 7 years ago
I fish with these guys all the time and no we dont chum the water first of all we use live bait.. The shark was already near the beach on its own and when catching a shark its difficult to tell what it is by the time he found out it was a shark it was aggrevated and way to close to the swimmers to just cut the line... Also the fisherman went down to the sand where the guy was to check up on him so no they are not assholes
Sky Tobler
Sky Tobler - 7 years ago
The truth is that shark could of killed the guy with its eyes closed but it didn't sharks don't hunt humans it was obviously provoked in some way or mistakened the swimmers for seals I've been surfing for a while and yes I've thought of sharks but it's a 1 in a million chance of being attacked by these animals and these people and guy was at the wrong place at the wrong time and yes I do think these guys are ass holes for laughing and acting like its a joke yes they can't do anything to help the situation but they ain't doing anything better by laughing to
Gotthatgoin4me - 7 years ago
Where the locals at? If this shit happened in Hawaii there'd be serious consequences. Local ism works.
DjDialogic - 7 years ago
This guy is a straight up idiot for keeping a great white on hook in an area he knew had swimmers. 
marlalo21 - 7 years ago
Why are you dumb asses laughing u ignorant fucks!!
mpg869 - 7 years ago
Those people are straight up assholes. Karma is gonna get their ass for that.
Quagmire - 7 years ago
thats scary shit right there, I hope the new Mortal Kombat features a shark fatality though, that would be fucking awesome.
jamjar57 - 7 years ago
I hope the victim makes a full recovery!!

Wishing the worst on the people responsible won't change what happened, stop looking for likes with your agro comments everybody.
imnotdavid - 7 years ago
stupid drunk "bros"
Simon Villela
Simon Villela - 7 years ago
dumb people get too close to FISHING PIERS... YES THAT IS RIGHT ...FISHING PIERS.  one time I almost decapitated someone riding a jet ski too close to the pier ( I was using spider wire and a black tip took almost 300 yards of line ) 
rifster1 - 7 years ago
Wtf u stupid retart why else would he be screaming
David W
David W - 7 years ago
Filthy scumbags!  It's not funny.  It's not a joke to bring dangerous animals into close proximity with unsuspecting people.  It's even less funny when fucktarded behavior like this leads to a person getting hurt.  These dumbfucks should have warned swimmers that they had a shark on the line nearby immediately.  The notion that this type of sadistic behavior is exclusive to Americans or that this behavior is representative of Americans is almost as fucktarded as the people in this video.
Clayton Saint Cyr
Clayton Saint Cyr - 7 years ago
They probably laughed while the shark struggled to free itself, then they laughed when the 50-year-old man struggled to free  himself as well. I ask you, who are the real animals here?
KesTalks - 7 years ago
Why the hell are you laughing?
Wireless Free Zone
Wireless Free Zone - 7 years ago
This looks FAKE.  It is posted as an "Entertainment" story.  Loud Labs is known to fake news stories.
Wireless Free Zone
Wireless Free Zone - 7 years ago
This guy looks just like the guy in Vimeo dot com slash 79308975
Harry Wild
Harry Wild - 7 years ago
Why the fuck are you laughing you disguisting people
Sean Kearns
Sean Kearns - 7 years ago
"Oh He got bit lol" no shit you degenerate retard.
Incredibleidiots - 7 years ago
These Morons are just typical. Idiots that somehow get hold of a fishing rod and think nothing of others, not to mention the animals. I'll bet, had they landed the shark, they probably would have tortured it too... This has got to stop and I hope they are prosecuted. It would be great if the guy bitten, finds them and punches them all right in the nose. Fucking Idiots...
fingers123cut - 7 years ago
To John who said Americans are so vile! Really lasted I chkd we don't cut peoples heads off on camera. Go fuq yourself bitch!
moe dog
moe dog - 7 years ago
wow shame shame, thanks for making not only men but humans look heartless
Collwyn Thomas - Palmer
Collwyn Thomas - Palmer - 7 years ago
Still more likely to get bitten by luis suarez
MrDank42010 - 7 years ago
People with the camera are complete asshole morons.
Adam - 7 years ago
Fucking idiots on that boat.
Nick Vaan
Nick Vaan - 7 years ago
wow who are these assholes laughing?
Filbert Street
Filbert Street - 7 years ago
throw the cunts in.

student dick heads.
Brenden - 7 years ago
I'm not sure how much more misinformed you could be, but... they were chumming for shark, which is illegal in the bay, they hooked a Great White, which is a protected species, and instead of cutting the line immediately, they antagonized it (read tortured for fun) for over half an hour. Had they NOT done that, the shark more than likely would have never entered the noisy, full of activity bay. The fact that it didn't actually kill Mr. Robles shows that it was panicked and just wanted the hook out of its mouth and to get the hell out of there. 
aattitude - 7 years ago
+Twilakam hundreds of people do open water swimming every day in beaches around the world. They would never blame a shark for an attack. This however, is a man who knowingly held a large shark on his line and didnt tell anyone around him to contact the lifeguards, who would then contact the coast guard to immediately close the beach and evacuate the swimmers. 40 minutes was more than enough time to do this. But no they decide to laugh at a human potentially losing his life doing a perfectly harmless recreational activity.
Twilakam - 7 years ago
Everyone involved needs to be punished.  Who laughs when a large, deadly animal (that you're torturing) pops up near uninformed swimmers.   And who swims on a public beach? Apparently a lot of freeswimmers swim at this location..
Randy Miller
Randy Miller - 7 years ago
+Isolde Erin according to people around them they were chumming and it is illegal to catch and or knowingly hook a great white shark in Cali or any other beach or waters of the U.S.
Matthew Enriquez
Matthew Enriquez - 7 years ago
They didnt chum the water they used live bait.. Which is legal..
Colin Roche
Colin Roche - 7 years ago
I hope these sacks of shit are charged with attempted murder. 
TriKyTriXx - 7 years ago
Nothing funny about a shark scaring a swimmer.
Olton Hall
Olton Hall - 7 years ago
They threw chum into the water and were TRYING TO hook this shark.  The dude that got bit should SUE THE PANTS OFF OF THESE DUDES.  If not for the Personal injuries and traumatization but for defaming him by filming the WHOLE INCIDENT AND NOT HELPING INSTEAD OF LAUGHING AT HIM.
Robtron3030 - 7 years ago
the fisherman who illegally hooked the great white should be accountable in some way
Simon A
Simon A - 7 years ago
Drugs are bad!  Don't do drugs, kids, or you'll end up sounding like the guys in this video
joe blow
joe blow - 7 years ago
Hard to watch these asshole's laughing at this,  someone was almost killed.  I hope the fisherman gets fined for not releasing immediately and sued for causing this guy's injuries
the2fer - 7 years ago
Shoot that piece of shot Manolo!
Alvin J Hunt
Alvin J Hunt - 7 years ago
The Human race sickens me to the core.
Crass Envy
Crass Envy - 7 years ago
these folks probably also drive large trucks and troll people with exhaust smoke.
Neil Dinsmore
Neil Dinsmore - 7 years ago
Fucking these laughing idiots, I hope they get hit by a bus and then attacked by a land shark.
thomas tirrell
thomas tirrell - 7 years ago
they should take these cunt fisherman out and throw them to the sharks. fucking douche bags
terrabun - 7 years ago
Hope the scum on the pier are going to pay the swimmer's medical expenses. 
Madeline Lore
Madeline Lore - 7 years ago
Fuck these fisherman.
moist_nana - 7 years ago
Typical yanks, braindead as f***, wouldn't it be common sense as soon as you saw a fin, start warning everybody, but no it doesn't regester in there heads, fin near humans.. in the ocean.. when they bite someone it registers :S I don't think fishing near public beaches should be illegal, or long distance swimming, but when you get a bunch of dumb-arses and put them in the same spot something bads always bound to happen. Poor swimmer, the fishermen should've been reporting manta rays or dolphins any hunch there might've been a shark in the area, f*** JAWS taught me fins are usualy a bad sign, only a yank could be so ignorant
Mike Dillinger
Mike Dillinger - 7 years ago
This was not an accident.  The fisherman and his pals are intentionally trying to maneuver the hooked shark directly in line with the swimmers.  Doubt it? 0:40.  His pal tells him three times to get the shark to the surface of the water so that the swimmers will run into it.  Obviously they were working on doing just that and succeeded, that's why they are so ecstatic when the swimmers actually run into the shark 0:55.  There is criminal liability here and absolutely grounds for a lawsuit.  Why do you think the rest of the video is missing?  Completely incriminating.  Listen to their tones change to guilt and disbelief at 1:30.  Just hoping and praying that their actions didn't actually lead to a possible fatal shark attack.  Listen to them claw in desperation at empty disbelief "Nobody got bit." "He's just shitting his pants." "I don't even see any blood." "He's just scared because he doesn't know where the shark is." etc.  All of this follows the classic psychology of negligent pranking gone awry as the perpetrators realize they're in deep shit.  Notice how they now try to protect the swimmers they once were trying to scare with their hooked 7 foot shark once the shark turns toward those swimmers and another possible attack 2:10.  This devolves into insulting language and vague directions as some continue to say that they still don't see any blood.  An accident?  No fucking chance.
Chaz - 7 years ago
How can you laugh at this? Oh,wait,they're americans.
KawaiiBunnBunn - 7 years ago
WTF! You guys shouldn't be laughing, what if it was all of you who got attacked? Hmmm? You guys are punks, shouldn't be laughing at a man who got bitten, everyone who cares about the man, DISLIKE THIS VIDEO! I AM BECUZ I CARE FOR THE MAN.
originalmrgrta - 7 years ago
Whether or not they knew a man got bit by the shark isn't the point. The fact that they were laughing about an angry shark being amongst clueless swimmers is horrible! Classless. It's too close for comfort having a shark so close to shore. This is real life and lives were at stake. It's no laughing matter no matter how you try and twist this
Jeremy Dille
Jeremy Dille - 7 years ago
The people in this video laughing and making jokes should be shot on site. Wish I could have the privilege of doing it myself. Cowards. So scared. Can't even fathom what they should say or do. No room on the planet for these idiots. 
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - 7 years ago
She said "how big is it?" His reply is priceless "enough to eat your fucking leg"
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson - 7 years ago
Am I the only one that is absolutely furious by these assholes ignorance, and hoping karma takes its toll hard?
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson - 7 years ago
Why the hell are these assholes laughing?! I hope to God this happens to them and nobody tries to help, instead just laughs it off and says "Oh don't worry I got it on tape." 
Gus Songg
Gus Songg - 7 years ago
Sorry fishermen you got a bad rap and for good reason, you litter, you leave fish guts everywhere, tangled fishing lines, not your problem. Oh no you hooked a Pelican, just cut the line and say you did not know what kind of animal that is, super simple, stay ignorant!
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins - 7 years ago
the fisherman is Jason Hagemann from Lawndale, CA. He is on Facebook. 
Gus Songg
Gus Songg - 7 years ago
Actually there is a law on this matter.
Attention Anglers: Additional Protection for White Sharks
White sharks received additional protection beginning March 1, 2013, the date it became a candidate species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA).
In February 2013, the California Fish and Game Commission determined that listing white shark as threatened or endangered may be warranted and designated the species as a candidate pursuant to CESA. As a candidate species, white sharks are entitled to the full legal protection afforded to a listed species.
CESA prohibits the take of listed or candidate species, even if that take is incidental to otherwise lawful activity, unless authorized by permit. As defined in state law, “take” means “hunt, pursue, catch, capture, or kill or attempt to hunt, pursue, catch, capture, or kill.” Anyone who takes a white shark without a permit may be cited for violations of CESA and subject to criminal prosecution.
For more information please visit
Lexi Falls
Lexi Falls - 7 years ago
thats what I say every time I see some racist person comments
Lynda Karr-Mitsakos
Lynda Karr-Mitsakos - 7 years ago
Pier is closed to fishing for two months. Here's the guy, lying through his teeth (to use an expression).
aziz kaffa
aziz kaffa - 7 years ago
"None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."
prophet muhammad
ScienceFiction97 - 7 years ago
They had that shark on their line for almost an hour, the swimmers blindly swam right in front of it, right next to it and the thrashing shark accidentally bit him. You don't go near a shark that is thrashing around trying to get off a line. They have swimming witnesses, Lifeguard witness, and the fishermen as a witness. And beaches warn you that that far out in the beach could house wild sea creatures such as sharks and rays. And if you see someone screaming near an animal, you hope for the best, not the worst, so it was normal to think he just shit himself from seeing it, then got serious when the saw he was bit and had concern for him.
aattitude - 7 years ago
+Luna Eclipse do you swim? Your visibility is greatly minimized, and you're just listening to your breathing, your normal splashing sounds and that of your companions, and the choppy water around you. Clearly nobody swims toward a thrashing shark.
aattitude - 7 years ago
+Luna Eclipse no, the swimmer is innocent. The fisher and his buddies are criminals.
chdpondr gaming
chdpondr gaming - 7 years ago
On abc they interviewed the guy. He said he was swimming and he didn't see it till the last second. The shark was mad cuz it had just been hooked for 40 min and it made a sharp left turn and bit the guys hip and spat him back out
ScienceFiction97 - 7 years ago
Can't we agree they all, fishers and swimmer, where complete fucking idiots?
sir miss-a-lot
sir miss-a-lot - 7 years ago
+longjourneys no the swimmer is an idiot, who swims near a fishing pier? Dolphins and sharks are known for stealing your fish once it's hooked. Oh I guess it's the fisherman's fault too if a shark comes and steals there catch too? Moral of the story don't swim near fishing piers.
Frightened Panda
Frightened Panda - 7 years ago
+Luna Eclipse Thank  you for not trying to argue with someone who can only see one side of a story. Just thought I'd say this :P
ScienceFiction97 - 7 years ago
XD I guess.
ScienceFiction97 - 7 years ago
+Steven Soliman
I'm not defending them, I'm showing that the gy was a dumbass for going near a huge fucking shark splashing around on the surface of the water for an hour, and the people on the pier where stupid, but they didn't know he got bit until he was being brought to the shore.
Steven Soliman
Steven Soliman - 7 years ago
The point is they should have had a shark on the line for an hour. That in and of itself is illegal, and they should have cut the line right away. More importantly, as the swimmers (who are swimming and cannot hear or see the splashing in front of them) got near the shark, the people on the pier just laughed about how it was "right on top of him." What about that is okay? What exactly are you defending here?
Brenty R
Brenty R - 7 years ago
these guys are amongst the biggest douchebags on the planet
The Professor
The Professor - 7 years ago
Fucking ass holes laughing at someone getting attacked by a shark. Stupid motherfuckers!!!
Cris Smith
Cris Smith - 7 years ago
one word ... americans  -_-
Courtney Perkins
Courtney Perkins - 7 years ago
i cant see shit on this video all i can make out is screams
Fadethetrade1 - 7 years ago
Jason Hagemann from Lawndale, CA is the asshole fisherman.  Jason Hagemann.  Can find him on Facebook.  Jason Hagemann.  Jason Hagemann. Jason Hagemann. Jason Hagemann.
King - 7 years ago
these guys should be put in gaol.
Sneaky sloth
Sneaky sloth - 7 years ago
I live in hermosa beach the city right next to manhattan. Catching great white sharks are illegal and throwing out fish guts (chumming) is illegal. They threw out fish guts to attract the shark and also had a hook about 9 inches long. Little sharks in the are not a danger to people unless agitated. Their prey is mostly sting rays. This swimmer was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The fishermen were trying to catch a shark. Think about it, if the shark was on the line for 40 minutes a normal line wouldn't be able to withstand a 7ft great white for that long
sammie is trash
sammie is trash - 7 years ago
Why 278 likes? You idiots that liked this, your hearts are stone cold. Yes lots of offense.
Ke Ne
Ke Ne - 7 years ago
Why are they laughing at this?
Scott deBeaubien
Scott deBeaubien - 7 years ago
May I suggest, or, can I ask that folks read my blog piece to find out the facts of what actually happened? I was there, swimming with Steve when he was ATTACKED. Granted, it was a provoked attack. I spent the day in the hospital afterwards with him, watched the ER docs sew him up. This was an ugly, ugly thing that happened. The only thing we know for sure is that it was definitely NOT Steve's fault - nor the fault of anyone in the water!

At the same time, I realize that most of the fishermen down on the pier are not at fault here. But the Manhattan Beach Police Dept. interviewed this guy and let him go and publicly announced "He wasn't doing anything illegal." That's 100% BALONEY SAUCE! You read my posting, watch the video and satisfy yourself they were out to catch a SHARK! The dratted thing was out to sea before it breached right behind me (at about the 30s mark and again at the 54s mark), they had the opportunity then to cut the line, as they had to have known after that long that it was a shark, and EVERYONE knew by that point that there were Great White Sharks in the area, and that this was almost certainly one of those. They should have cut the line right then and there before the thing ran right through the line of swimmers.

I'm not stupid, I don't claim the swimmers have "Exclusive" domain out there or anything like that, but perhaps we should think about curtailing the fishing from the Manhattan and Hermosa Beach Piers during the summer, during daylight when there are swimmers in the water.

Also, we would appreciate anyone's help who may have been eyewitnesses on the pier, and can help in the investigation. Call the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and please make a report on whether these guys were chumming, or whether there was any chumming last week on the pier (doesn't need to be the same day) and whether these guys knew they had a shark on their line.

Thank you.
Alma - 7 years ago
Thos was a unforunate freak accident. There is no way to know what ki nd of shark its is until it surfaces and even at the surface just a few yards a avid fisherman would have troble identifying the species even though they were laughing they surley didn't know what king of shark it was. No law against that it must be proven that they were fishing specificaly for whites. PEACE!
blackzero23 - 7 years ago
I hope all those people in the video that laughed get cancer
Justin Dehaven
Justin Dehaven - 7 years ago
these kooks will get there's one way or another 
Wendy Kestler
Wendy Kestler - 7 years ago
This is some of the most f'ed shit I have ever seen. We should all be ashamed for these people being called human beings because they are monsters. I hope you f'ers read this and know you guys are the lowest form of humans and live all your days without a moment of peace.
beechew - 7 years ago
What horrible people. 
Jason h
Jason h - 7 years ago
fuckin idiots. its illegal to pull those things out of the water. just getting it close like that on one of the busiest days of the year is beyond stupid
Heather Collins
Heather Collins - 7 years ago
The fisherman was irresponsible fighting with a juvenile great white for 30-40 minutes on the 4th of July weekend when the beaches and ocean are packed with people. He should have cut the line right away (GW's are endangered and it's illegal to catch them) the fisherman should be charged with crimes and sued.
Jenee Amador
Jenee Amador - 7 years ago
Shame on these guys, they had no thought for anyone else, purely reckless, I hope they cop a beating, flippin punks.
AceNinja2112 - 7 years ago
Americans???? These are mexicans, they don't give a crap about human life......look what a miserable cesspool their own country is....They are callous about other people's lives....
Daniel Stokes
Daniel Stokes - 7 years ago
you don't even know what race these people are so you cant just assume there Mexicans. 
Trea Smith
Trea Smith - 7 years ago
Sophia Marie
Sophia Marie - 7 years ago
They wouldn't be laughing if they got attacked , smh what a shame .
basslvck(aka)MATT - 7 years ago
RED Shnipeh
RED Shnipeh - 7 years ago
Guys, this IS NOT the real audio. The actual audio has people on the pier screaming at the swimmers. I know because this story was aired at a news station with the real footage that had been aired at many other stations before.
Nick Peronace Dressage
Nick Peronace Dressage - 7 years ago
People in California sure are assholes. Even the girl swimming sounds like a complete snob.
Lynn C.
Lynn C. - 7 years ago
Probably drunk jerks!!!  Who laughs at that?  Too bad they weren't in the water!!!
Tomthephotographercom Tom Donnelly
Tomthephotographercom Tom Donnelly - 7 years ago
There was a big controversy about 30 years ago on Manhattan Beach Pier. Mostly Asian and Latino fishermen were CHUMMING the water with bloody fish parts while (Us) Young surfers from Manhattan were surfing below. They were attracting Great Whites.
Andy Palacios
Andy Palacios - 7 years ago
Not sure if it was these fisherman, but they were using chum to fish. Chum, if you're not familiar with it is, a blood bath of dismembered fish used specifically for fishing shark. Many news outlets failed to mention this. I am a local to the area and my source comes from a local newspaper.
Simon Daley
Simon Daley - 7 years ago
laughing when the guy gets attacked? how fucking disconnected from reality are these retards! 
Joel Brady
Joel Brady - 7 years ago
These guys suck at life. 
MrAmbalampz - 7 years ago
Fuck the cameraman and his stupid fucking friends. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?
Celia Mayo
Celia Mayo - 7 years ago
Assholes wtf is wrong with these people.. if they saw someone get bit why the fuck don't they just call for help instead of just laughing their ass out.. be human won't you help someone in need don't just stare at their misery. What if that was you I would of pushed you guys in there just to see how you liked not being helped and still laugh at your ass being bitten by a shark...
Healthy MBS
Healthy MBS - 7 years ago
Seriously? It's lol funny that an angry shark is all over a group of swimmers? No concern for another human beings safety? I can't wish emotional pain upon these heartless sociopaths, because by definition a sociopath doesn't have a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience so they don't posses the capacity to feel it.  I hope they trip over a rock and break their ankle.
Nicky PrinceOfPop
Nicky PrinceOfPop - 7 years ago
i feel sick and very disgust ... it makes me physically-ill their typing and talking and laughing... i wish there is/ will-be a law to-criminalize : not-informing the authority in : a crises or an emergency situation that happens to any-human been or even a living creatures and a legal-public-record punishment for being a participate of worse-ing and part from the case of that emergency or  that alarm to an own gain or personal pleasure/ entertainment... ARE YOU WITH ME? PLEASE THEN ASK FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.

cornspace - 7 years ago
I'm sure the lot of em get charged...and hopefully shot to death ... and that's being light on the sentence!!! I hope they get the same treatment, as their punishment.... tons of hope...Rip poor dude swimming!!!
Scott Cook
Scott Cook - 7 years ago
Fucking ass holes if that were them they would not be laughing. Sick fucks
Steve Stojak
Steve Stojak - 7 years ago
The guys who shot this and were talking are Fu@#ing trailer trash ghetto!!!!!! Hey you dumb fu#$ if you think its that funny I would be more than happy to fly to LA and feed your sorry asses to a bigger Great White and we can all sit and laugh as it tears you apart!!!!! Douche Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Chambers
Scott Chambers - 7 years ago
I can't believe these fisherman were laughing while Steve was being attacked by a shark! Why didn't they cut the line when they knew they caught a great white?
Kiela - 7 years ago
Idiots shooting the video. Smh  they're getting attacked by a shark and they're laughing. 
Shayne Keator
Shayne Keator - 7 years ago
edoyle7 - 7 years ago
Those boaters dirtbags, cut your line and save the swimmers. Way too much laughing, charge them.
Drew W
Drew W - 7 years ago
Humanity at its' finest.
masterK A
masterK A - 7 years ago
Why were they laughing? WTF ? ARE U KIDDING ME??!!
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson - 7 years ago
Sure seems like this was done on purpose....
Michael Macosa
Michael Macosa - 7 years ago
Real funny A_Holes. White trash!
Clay Busch
Clay Busch - 7 years ago
who are these guys laughing? 
LisaLandscape - 7 years ago
For all of you who are generalizing about 'Americans', just wait until the story is complete.  WE will not stand for this kind of behavior.  The difference between the USA and other countries is OUR OPINION MATTERS!!!   Jason Hegemann will be charged.  What he did is illegal.  What his companions did is unforgivable.
Teddy Raoul
Teddy Raoul - 7 years ago
Who are those human trash?  
Kyle Landon
Kyle Landon - 7 years ago
These guys fishing are sick!! These type of people should be in a mental hospital!!
Comicbookstoreguy177 - 7 years ago
Hope you had a good laugh douchebags. 
Anciano Deacon
Anciano Deacon - 7 years ago
It gets even better. I just read this article,

And apparently the fish was still on the line when it bit the swimmer. This means the swimmer swam directly into an obviously violent fight. The swimmer is 100% at fault for getting bit. You have to be foolish to swim into a fish thrashing in the water. 

No fisherman cuts his line until he is SURE of what is on the other end. It is highly likely it was not close enough to determine what kind of shark he had on the line. Since it is legal to keep other species of shark, it is smart to wait until you know for sure you have to release it before you do. 

If you don't want to get bit by a shark then stay out of their pen.

This is an edit I am adding.................Now that I've had time to think about it, I would have been laughing too. If I had a shark on the line and an idiot swam directly into the shark I was fighting, I would have been laughing out of disbelief. "Is he really doing this? LOL I can't believe he is. Now he got bit," no more laughing. 

I see no fault on the part of the fisherman. 
Anciano Deacon
Anciano Deacon - 7 years ago
+dchris32  I fish over 1,000 hours a year every year and I am smart enough not to swim in the ocean, especially in places of known shark sightings. Heck you might as well go to safari in Africa and get out of the vehicle to run with the lions. Of course no one would ever do that for they KNOW if they did then they would be lunch. So why do people think they can get away with swimming with sharks? You'll never convince me the guy swimming was anything less than 100% responsible for getting bit. Stay out of the shark's territory and you won't get bit, case closed. Again, I refer you to the videos of shark attacks to the right of this message board. None of them required a fisherman, all required someone in the shark's territory. 
dchris32 - 7 years ago
I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, but have you ever been fishing? I've been fishing through my exp. the fish can fight back and still swim in different directions. Especially if it's a powerful shark...I read the link and it did say he swam into the pathway but who would do that if they saw it? Not tryna start anything just saying I don't think it was 100% his fault
Anciano Deacon
Anciano Deacon - 7 years ago
It appears the man on the surfboard was responsible for leading the group. He should have led them around the obvious, very large, fish fight. And they should no better to be near the fishing pier anyway. It's rude and inconsiderate of them to expect the fishermen to pull in so that they can swim by. Swim the other way.

 So, you're suggesting releasing a shark  into a large group of swimmers. Nice to play armchair quarterback but letting the shark go would not have been the right thing to do. The swimmers should give a 500 yard berth to the pier. The fisherman did what came natural under the circumstances, he tried to pull the fish away from the swimmers. That's why he's laughing because he cannot believe someone would actually swim into something so obvious. 

The man swam into the line which means he tugged on it so the shark saw him as the one pulling on the line. That's why the bite was so mild. The shark just wanted to be let go. NOTE TO EVERYONE HERE; DO NOT SWIM NEAR A FISHING PIER. EVER! That's what cause the whole problem in the first place. Don't swim near the pier and we've no story to read. 
SpyDrWorks - 7 years ago
They should have cut the line the moment they saw swimmers nearing their catch. They may or may not have known it was a great white, but they did know it was a shark and that shark was in distress.  The swimmers cannot see the line.  The guy swam into the line, not the shark. 
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 7 years ago
The fisherman and his crew need to get thrown in jail. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to fish for Great White Sharks in California like it is in Australia and South Africa.
dincaboutit - 7 years ago
Jason Hagemann is the fisherman who is responsible for this... He needs to be held accountable. 100%!!!
Anciano Deacon
Anciano Deacon - 7 years ago
Let me start by saying I don't like the laughter, I find it highly sophomoric and disgusting at the least. However, what kind of person swims within 100 yards of a fishing pier then tries to blame the fisherman who was fishing from the fishing pier? No one can tell, unless they've interviewed the shark, if that shark would have bitten the man without being hooked. You cannot lay blame on the fisherman who was yelling for the swimmers to get out of the water. And who also quit laughing as soon as he realized what occurred. 

500 years ago people were smart enough to stay out of the ocean. Modern humans, not so smart anymore. Every year people get bit by great whites off the coast of California and still people demand to swim with them. If you swim with sharks long enough, you will get bit. 

Look to the right of this page and see all the examples of shark attacks that happened without the aid of a fisherman. The fisherman did not put the man in the water, the man decided on his own to get in the water. 
Sharks eat flesh so any person who is made of flesh is dinner to a shark. If you get bit while swimming in the shark's territory then it is your own fault. Be smart, pay attention to your surroundings. If you see someone fishing in shark infested waters then sharks will be present. There is a reason people use shark cages when swimming around great whites. Here's a hint; it's because great white sharks are known to be aggressive towards humans. DUH!   Or maybe you'd like to separate a momma grizzly from her cub then blame a bear hunter for your death. 

 I watched the Fox news interview with the swimmer who got bit. He was able to push the fish away just by pressing on his nose. If the shark had not been worn out from his fight with the fisherman, he might not have been pushed off so easy. 

As I said at the beginning, I don't agree with the way the fisherman handled it but the guy who decided to swim in known shark waters bears the most guilt. Don't blame the fisherman for the swimmer's stupidity. 
Chebba1993 - 7 years ago
OUCH! Swimming 75 yards offshore is trolling for sharks.
We will see what comes out of this if the fisherman did have the shark hooked when it bit the swimmer - enter Johnny Cochran and the Californian Lawyers.
njkkfish - 7 years ago
They knew it was a shark attacking a person yet they laughed anyway. They should be sent to jail unfit for human society.
Jason Kirkland
Jason Kirkland - 7 years ago
Clearly the people filming and laughing are the dung of our society. Who gets their laughs by waiting and watching as another is bitten by a shark. 
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson - 7 years ago
The guys shooting the video initially had no idea a person had been attacked; listen to the tone of their voices as they become aware. Regarding the shark being hooked by these guys, I frankly find it very difficult to believe. The, what appears to be Penn reel, in the video is far too light to give a fight to a 7 - 10 foot Great White, it would spool them immediately. In addition, that spool would only hold about 240 yards of 15 pound test. That reel still has plenty line on the spool, which would indicate they are not hooked up to ANY fish or shark 200+ yards away, as appears to be the distance in the video.  Nothing in the video leads one to believe these guys are hooked up to a fish the size f this Great White. A Great White Juvenile will put up a fairly good fight, and these guys would be a little more excited than they appear to be here. 

I could be wrong, but with the evidence in this video, these guys are getting accused of acting in a way that simply wasn't the case.  I urge you to take a look at the equipment in this guy's hands and educate yourselves on what a 7 - 10 foot Great White would do if hooked up by this equipment.  Having lost a very dear friend to a Great White, I am very sensitive to the issue. I have also surfed for 40 years, and have caught plenty BIG Fish. I never kill sharks, as I only kill what I would eat - You eat Shark, Shark eat You!  It just appears to me that too many people here are assuming conclusions that simply don't appear possible with the evidence at hand.

I heard the victim being interviewed. He never said ANYTHING about a hook in the Shark's mouth as he was pushing on it's nose, trying to pry it's mouth open.  I believe the comment, "A 10 foot long great white shark, hooked by a fisherman and fighting for its life, took a bite on a distance swimmer in the waters off the Manhattan Beach Pier today..." is a case of Journalistic sensationalism.

I would like to believe what appears to be an innocent day of fishing on the pier, turned into capturing a Shark attack on video. Nothing I have seen contradicts this.
glenn sarconi
glenn sarconi - 7 years ago
maybe we should go to the hood and drag a rabid dog next to these fools film it and laugh white sharks are there every year and everyone knows not to catch them..these guys are dumber than a box of rocks..if you feel the need to tell them in person they are on pier fishing all the time ..looks like manhattan pier needs some minute men and boarder patrol sweeps..
Prescott Bush
Prescott Bush - 7 years ago
1st of all sharks cant see for shit their like infants  they feel with there teeth couple that with being hungry.  I surf and never is it out of  my mind before during and after a surf , i am entering a food chain  where i'm no longer at the top but the bottom and from what I've learned is that we humans don"t really taste all that good to them. That is probably why the dumb ass swimming in close to open, fished out, waters. survived for as long as he did, as for the dopers on the pier what should they have done, called Obama to put ISIS on it, dude should be thankful he's ALIVE, and if he died at least he was some prehistoric species's dinner a noble way to go He knew what he was getting into before he bought he's ticket i say bon apitite better him than me
Joe Snyder
Joe Snyder - 7 years ago
And if this man had died because of their stupidity? What then? Every single person watching as they know a shark is in direct line for these people should be charged with negligence for human life. This is disgusting and I hope they are ashamed of themselves. 
VillagePatrick - 7 years ago
How the hell is this funny? It takes a really dumb person to not only laugh at this, but also upload it to YouTube. 
jeff bossin
jeff bossin - 7 years ago
ScootieXP - 7 years ago
How can anyone laugh at such a disaster? That man could have died?! Stupid people!
The Fantastic Faces
The Fantastic Faces - 7 years ago
Madam Alatiel
Madam Alatiel - 7 years ago
siriously...only americans could laugh at such thing... i now get why evryone says ''stupid americans'' 
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols - 7 years ago
These are not guy or Men just some punk little kids being jerks that they were taught .I wish they could chage places for 1 min. and hear there laughter turn into crys for help 
Дмитрий Чекин
Дмитрий Чекин - 7 years ago
Why are they laughing?
What's so funny?
They are laughing like hyenas...
Prescott Bush
Prescott Bush - 7 years ago
laughing at someone screaming from being bit by a shark?  only in AMERICA, and specifically CALIFORNIA, the land of fruits and nuts.
MrHeems - 7 years ago
Given that they had the shark on the line for so long and clearly had no thought for the wellbeing of the public. I hope the victim sues the fishermen.
Scott Dore
Scott Dore - 3 years ago
None at all
Brian Libby
Brian Libby - 7 years ago
+Shrimper Bud While it may not be illegal, what the fisherman did by hooking the shark (if they didn't realize it), is not the point. Its also a question of malum prohibitum vs malum in se in regards to warning the swimmers. I'm just not sure they did enough, and from an emotional stand point, the sound of laughter for those moments, especially while the victim is clearly struggling, can be infuriating. 
Johnny Massacre
Johnny Massacre - 7 years ago
+ejlarson249 Bro … they were all cheering and laughing when the shark surfaced right in front of them are you mad!?
ejlarson249 - 7 years ago
 Yup. HANG HIM for trying to pull the shark away from the swimmers. I'm done with this discussion. There is no winning.
Stegmutt - 7 years ago
+ejlarson249 From CA's dept of fish and wildlife: "White sharks are indeed illegal to take and have been protected in all California waters since January 1, 1994. Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Fish and Game Code Section 28.06 on page 25 of the California Sportfishing Regulations booklet clearly states that white sharks many not be taken under a sport fishing license. Commercial fishing operations may not target white sharks, either."
ejlarson249 - 7 years ago
+El Oso Guapo
 Please educate me on the laws he broke.
Comicbookstoreguy177 - 7 years ago
The fish and game warden, the locals, and I'm sure most of all a lawyer will be bending that fisherman over and giving it to him good and hard for the rest of his natural life. 
Larry Henderson
Larry Henderson - 7 years ago
Those ignorant SOB’s who are laughing on the pier need to be arrested for endangering the public. 
Watching terrified swimmers trying to swim away from a shark that can swim at 35-miles per hours is not funny.
sorry people... but you go into the water, you take a risk... there is 100s of miles of swimming water in California. BUT NO!!! lets go swimming where there's bait floating in the water.... ill tell you this, I fish off the ventura pier and even though I warn swimmers of the great white sharks we have hooked AND RECORDED on my youtube channel they still ignore the warning... if I see a white shark attacking a swimmer i'm not going to waist my time using my smart phone to call 911... nope.... im going to record everything that happens when you ignore the warning!!!!!
BrandonMichaelMusic - 7 years ago
hahahahaha////// VERY FUNNY….. omg. lets laugh at the shark around the swimmers. no empathy? these guys talking in the video displaying pure stupidity…. merica
Molly Murphy
Molly Murphy - 7 years ago
Wow. This is just dispicable. Everyone involved in this group should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The stupidity of their actions is just so sad on top of being dumb enough to post it on the internet. They sound intoxicated or high based on their stupid laughter and slowness of their reaction time. It's sad how incredibly ignorant some people can be. They clearly live no where near the ocean and have no respect for the ocean and its species. I'm just so appalled. I wonder how long before this idiots do the right thing and issue a public apology to the injured man and those of us that do live near the ocean and abide by the law.
Ghetto Lisa
Ghetto Lisa - 7 years ago
Wow what a shame to laugh at someone whose getting attack by the fierce underwater predator!
InsaneCR0W - 6 years ago
It should be you getting torn from limb to limb out there. Just saying.
ses aajs
ses aajs - 7 years ago
When will white folks learn to not play with their life.
Candi Reign
Candi Reign - 7 years ago
"He didn't get bit, he just shit his pants" lmfao!!!!!!
La Serpenta Canta
La Serpenta Canta - 7 years ago
What kind of psychopaths can laugh at a man being attacked by a shark?
j360/6x7 - 7 years ago
If anyone knows anybody up on that pier, posting their name, phone number, and/or address would be much appreciated.... we'll see who's laughing when an angry mob gathers around their house...
Lynda Karr-Mitsakos
Lynda Karr-Mitsakos - 7 years ago
I seriously want them prosecuted!
Jay Suschrist
Jay Suschrist - 7 years ago
Wow. I cannot believe that people would film and laugh at people while shark(s) are coming after them. These people are mentally unstable. When did this kind of thing become funny? Disgusting. 
SubZero1703 - 7 years ago
Shark spat out the american , said it tasted like ash .....
CityWatch2 - 7 years ago
F** clowns... So typical for Americans. Morons.
Alex Ford
Alex Ford - 7 years ago
People who filmed this deserve to fucking die. The dude laughing sounds inbred.
Incertus Veritas
Incertus Veritas - 7 years ago
These fucking pricks laughing their asses off at this??? Are they sick? What the fuck is wrong with them? Then we wonder why the world is the way it is... 
Sorry motherfuckers, would they laugh if they had their mothers being attacked by a shark?
Donny Stanley
Donny Stanley - 7 years ago
violence breeds violence

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