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Supporter - 5 years ago
That cool big guy surfing.... he need to look and not drop in..
Iosua Iosua
Iosua Iosua - 5 years ago
I wonder what the dimension's are on his board
gangsterboogie - 5 years ago
King Hippo!
Rat Furnis
Rat Furnis - 5 years ago
I don't know which pixels are him...
But I think it's most of them
JA - 5 years ago
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 6 years ago
Dosent it make it harder to surf if you are fat? Your pop up would be much slower and off balance. Once your up, I guess it would be just the same. But popping up would be the one difficulty
Generino Neto
Generino Neto - 6 years ago
dji zzah
dji zzah - 6 years ago
my weight loss secret, try keeping the fork away from your mouth
Simon Olschewski
Simon Olschewski - 6 years ago
This is everything but not beatiful

10. comment for Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

James Kolesnikovich
James Kolesnikovich - 6 years ago
If this guy can paddle into a barrel anybody can
J ROWE - 6 years ago
Most countries hire internet trolls to harass dissenters and people they want to blacklist. Sadly our country is a leader. Keep surfing and practice random acts of kindness. You inspire others.
latinfinest1 - 6 years ago
Dam that big boy got sum skills tho.. look at 1:12 to 1:16 How fast those surfers paddle out the way....( there like we ain't going to get hit by that beluga) that would be a death sentence ...LMAO
grandmas ballsack
grandmas ballsack - 6 years ago
fuck this fatty snake, i dont care if he can catch a wave id beat his face in on the beach, hes got about zero in the tank
Kahele Kok
Kahele Kok - 6 years ago
Just cuz you big no mean you drop in on guys
Chance The Rapper
Chance The Rapper - 6 years ago
I can't deny his surfing skills but I can confirm that this guy is a real piece of crap. I met him in Phuket, Thailand in 2015. I noticed this guy with one arm sitting across the outdoor bar from me. He was acting aggresive all night. The owner of the bar was a man named "Popeye" who I later heard was a big drug dealer over there and had a rep. Anyway this guy was playing the guitar with one hand (impressive) so despite the fact that he was acting rude all night, I praised him for his talent with a guitar. He then said "do you know who I am?". i was confused. "Do you know who you're talking to?" he said acting all cocky. I said no. He told me to go on youtube and search the name "Jimbo Pellegrine". So I did, and this is the video I clicked on. Then I realised it's the same guy sitting across from me. Then I realised that at some point he must have lost an arm. Now that I've looked him up online I know that he did lose his arm in an accident in 2014. Anyway, He was being disrespectful to the Thai girls at the bar all night, calling them racist words and bitches. The bar girl told him to stop and he was shouting at them telling her to f*** off and he's gonna rape her after her shift. The things coming out of his mouth were vile. Then outta nowhere he threw a glass bottle at her! The dude went crazy. She jumped across the bar to hit him back while he picked up a chair to throw at her. Meanwhile the men working at the food place next door came rushing over and beat him to pulp. I held one guy back from finishing him off with a chair because despite his behaviour I still felt bad that 5 or 6 dudes were beating up a guy with one arm who was lying on the floor with blood all over his face and no fight left in him. It all calmed down and he got on his bike and left. Meanwhile she called the owner "popeye" to tell him. He came down to the bar in 5 minutes with about 5 guys who had baseball bats. Their bar was trashed. Broken windows, glasses, chairs, ripped cloth in the snooker tables etc. They started to ask everyone which way he went then they got back in their cars and went chasing after him. I don't know what happened after that. This is a long comment but it's actually a summary of what happened that night. One of the most disgusting men I've ever met. I understand he might be depressed, angry and fustrated due to the loss of his arm, but it doesn't give him the right to treat people like that. The last I heard, he's back in prison in 2016
shepard king
shepard king - 6 years ago
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick - 6 years ago
met this guy in santa ana ramada at breakfast... ONE OF A KIND
Dreadly - 7 years ago
More mass = more speed, live big my brother!
Thomas Zajicek
Thomas Zajicek - 7 years ago
fuck all you haters this guy surfs better than all you!
Patski1000 - 6 years ago
Chubby lover
Nikolas Katanjian
Nikolas Katanjian - 6 years ago
Thomas Zajicek how would you possibly know that
79pejeperro - 6 years ago
Thomas Zajicek Not better than me
Edmundo J. Cid
Edmundo J. Cid - 7 years ago
he goes fucking mad.... BALLZ

20. comment for Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

Origami Jaspion
Origami Jaspion - 7 years ago
Paulo Cesar Daux Filho
Paulo Cesar Daux Filho - 7 years ago
Jimbo, perhaps you never read this. But if you read it some day I will be glad. I have, half of your weight, but wish I could have half of your skills in surf. Congratullations for surf as you do. Don´t change!
Neeve Mcgrath
Neeve Mcgrath - 7 years ago
Heard he passed? Anyone confirm
Katherine Harris
Katherine Harris - 7 years ago
+Neeve Mcgrath He is still dealing with all the legal fall out from the night of his accident. http://beachgrit.com/2016/04/update-jumbo-surfer-officially-insane/
VideoMeLike - 7 years ago
He drops right in the fckn spot
Cici Avrett
Cici Avrett - 8 years ago
this is absolutely amazing.
mitakskiaa p
mitakskiaa p - 8 years ago
hes not fat.. he just have a little more mass so he can roll faster
Steve - 8 years ago
What a horrible fat mess. I hear he ate one of his arms? Is this true?
DidakDelight - 8 years ago
0:40 is sooooo good and so bad at the same time.
Nikolas Katanjian
Nikolas Katanjian - 6 years ago
DidakDelight that made me fucking cringe
Recuperando Srl
Recuperando Srl - 8 years ago
ocripcurrent - 8 years ago
Nah not bad, but snaking that dude on that wave? Nah way, brah. That's grounds.
Mike Foght
Mike Foght - 5 years ago
ocripcurrent be hard to regulate him you would need three people.
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 6 years ago
ocripcurrent u never accidentally dropped in on someone? Either because u didn't see them, or you already had too much momentum into the wave.

30. comment for Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

Laetitia Nelson
Laetitia Nelson - 8 years ago
Robin Alfredsson
Robin Alfredsson - 8 years ago
hweenmask - 8 years ago
what the fuck how many liters is his shortboard? that's fucking sick
Shade Carpenter
Shade Carpenter - 8 years ago
Bad ass, good for this Big Brother living his dream..And i see some hateful comments , I think you all wish you can surf as good as this fella... Lots of RESPECT!!
Reza Homaei
Reza Homaei - 8 years ago
Hi.i am 105 kg what kind of bored is good for me .Thanks.
shane0yourgod - 6 years ago
ocredo just get yourself the biggest mal you can mate. If it's flat most of the time that's what you need. 9-10ft should be good. Make sure it's got plenty of volume and you will be surfing in no time
ocredo - 6 years ago
Me? I don't surf yet. I'm thinking of starting with a longboard and since the ocean around here is flat, I'm thinking about getting a paddle to stay longer in the ocean.

Is it ridiculous to use paddle with long?
shane0yourgod - 6 years ago
can u surf well?
ocredo - 6 years ago
Heavyweight here too, and also tall. I'm 198cm and 125kg.

Is a shortboard impossible for me?

The ocean around here are usually flat and the waves never go any higher than 2 meters. I was thinking about getting a longboard and a paddle so I can paddle when it's flat and surf when there're waves. Could you help me?
shane0yourgod - 7 years ago
Reza Homaei depends on lots of things mate
bckraut - 8 years ago
Which break is this Jimbo? You're F'n RAD!!!
John Manning
John Manning - 8 years ago
A lot of big guys say, "they can't ride short boards", only logs. This guy proves otherwise.
cliffordbrent - 8 years ago
Hoa brah, some sick barrels cuz.  Talk about packed in 'em.  Shiiiiiiit.  Much Aloha from Maui..come get you big ass shacked wit us!  Chee Hoo!!
jammybevan - 8 years ago
looks like he's having a whale of a time
Iosua Iosua
Iosua Iosua - 5 years ago
Troll beat it
hemicuda572 - 9 years ago
Does anybody what song is the one playing in the vid?????
NorthOCkook - 9 years ago
Large swells are generated when he falls off his board
Sharon Ross
Sharon Ross - 9 years ago
Wesley Neill
Wesley Neill - 9 years ago
I thought this guy was cool, til I saw how he acts in the water and on the internet. What a fat waste of space, and an a-hole to boot. Just look at his comments on his own video.
grandmas ballsack
grandmas ballsack - 6 years ago
he sucks at music too
Richard Harmon
Richard Harmon - 9 years ago
I was locked up in orange county jail wish this guy lol...
Fuck You
Fuck You - 5 years ago
what happened?
Armando Franceschini
Armando Franceschini - 9 years ago
belo exemplo
Mabel F C Guimaraes
Mabel F C Guimaraes - 9 years ago
É de admirar...
José Neto
José Neto - 9 years ago
That fat boy rocks !!!
Headbangervzla - 9 years ago
Name of the song? Please.
Ross Mateer
Ross Mateer - 5 years ago
Its "good in the head" by red devil squadron
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 9 years ago
Who ever owns this Chanel owes $$$ get a hold of me for the last time. Or we will get a hold of ypu
Hows The Puss
Hows The Puss - 5 years ago
They ever pay you big boy?
j - 6 years ago
Sorry for the extended delay. I manage fabaaoo's YouTube revenue, and am holding the Google adsense commissions that have been set aside for you. Please get in touch with me in regards to this. I need a means to transfer the funds to you.
Patski1000 - 6 years ago
Fat kooks that drop in deserve nothing but the series of coming heart attacks.
SomethingCool51 - 6 years ago
+James Pellegrine lose some weight
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano - 8 years ago
+Sir memealot piece*
Sir memealot
Sir memealot - 8 years ago
You are a disgusting peace of shit
Andy S.
Andy S. - 8 years ago
I'm sure they'll get right on that.
GodistheonlyOG - 9 years ago
For real? 

50. comment for Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

viehlee - 9 years ago
fat rocks
Alex Amico
Alex Amico - 9 years ago
just out of curiosity im looking to buy a big board and im a big guy. what board is that.
stefano11111 - 9 years ago
Its a short with a nice volume, anyway ask to your shaper, size of the board depends from your level and the quality and size of the waves that u want to surf
silverspaceflyer - 9 years ago
yeah, now just think how hard he'd rip if he were fit . . .. 
aaaaaaaaaallllgood - 9 years ago
to be fair, he's one hell of a surfer. if he was in shape, he would be literally incredible...
tibolejardinier - 9 years ago
what is this song ?
John Smith
John Smith - 10 years ago
This guy can surf really well! If he keeps this up he will be thin within a couple of years.
Paul Myers
Paul Myers - 8 years ago
Too bad the only reason they wanted any pictures of you is because people aren't used to seeing 700lb pieces of sea pork getting barreled
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 8 years ago
im not in editing class cock boy  
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 8 years ago
this guy been surfing for 40 years   won many events  and has 5 world champs on his reference list   3 cover shots  and hundreds of publications   world wide   many videos   long before this one  also was the  licensee  to  thailand and indonesia   for LOST   long before this video 
dannyjmacdowall13 - 10 years ago
Davide Ciampini
Davide Ciampini - 10 years ago
YamiHuss - 10 years ago
AWESOME!! And I was here feeling bad because I want to start surfing but was feeling bad because I'm fat... Fuck everything and give a board!! Thanks dude!
Hitting4Contracts.com - 10 years ago
AWESOME Jimbo!! You Shred!!!!
artsakakihara1 - 10 years ago
Hey jumbo I'm a bug brutha too!!! What are the dimensions on that board. And by the way you kick ass.
Lono Gonzo
Lono Gonzo - 10 years ago
This video is bad ass...fuck yeah!! We need.to
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 10 years ago
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 10 years ago
cry babby
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 10 years ago
thats mega when he was a grom that was school day im sure he will gladly show you how he has mastered the pit fade now and we all know i will .
alberto pace
alberto pace - 10 years ago
Your right Nadine! Bad attitude in the water, always droppin'in, as i personally witnessed on a session at Ulus 6 years ago
TheBeofox - 10 years ago
I think someone is angry that they can't get barreled.
Nadine Baudendistel
Nadine Baudendistel - 10 years ago
nnnnn - 10 years ago
it must help his stability in those waves
Kevin Stanley
Kevin Stanley - 10 years ago
Love it man! Fat, skinny who cares. I like anyone who goes against the grain and get covered up. Too many dudes worried about what everybody else thinks. Anyone with a problem with this isn't a punk or a purist just ignorant. Lets get back to purist surfing, God, family, good family, food & waves.
Ducati Drew
Ducati Drew - 10 years ago
Speakerofthehouse2 - 10 years ago
This message brought to you by Always - douche bags and our friends @ Ducati Drew. ;-)
Ducati Drew
Ducati Drew - 10 years ago
Brought to you by Spandex Sports Bras.
Daniel Keating
Daniel Keating - 10 years ago
I heard dolphins were the number one surfers...I guess the whale's are trying to make a comeback.
Cabinboy1989 - 10 years ago
Impressive bro! Man, wherever you are in this video we here on the Gulf Coast can only dream of surf like that. Keep Paddling!
Grant lehner
Grant lehner - 10 years ago
:40 imagine getting dropped in on by this dude.FUCK LIFE FLASHING BEFORE EYES
Ericxnegley - 10 years ago
How the fack does he stand
Air Handler
Air Handler - 10 years ago
Alvin Heraldo
Alvin Heraldo - 10 years ago
and where are your vids? lol
Alvin Heraldo
Alvin Heraldo - 10 years ago
fuck you fat shit cutting people off. go to hell
FLAWDAWADA727 - 10 years ago
Should we call your mommy so that she can give you a cup-cake to make you feel better about yourself. Mr."every 369 variation"
daniel rosina
daniel rosina - 10 years ago
nada gordo kkkkkk
guido dee
guido dee - 10 years ago
Just when you thought that there weren't not anymore individuals left in surfing.
Alexandre Pinheiro
Alexandre Pinheiro - 10 years ago
You ´re very nice surfer and man, of course
Catherine Coy
Catherine Coy - 10 years ago
Good lord, Jimbo. You surf better than you write, that's for sure. Think how much more you would enjoy surfing if you shucked about 50 pounds off your frame. Just sayin'.
Osmigo1 - 10 years ago
GREAT surfing, but please, how does this guy do his popup? I'm "big" too and this is something I struggle with.
aerlial360 - 10 years ago
This guy is a legend, pure and simple!
Kinky Skankin'
Kinky Skankin' - 10 years ago
hawasttimelikewater - 10 years ago
damn fat man can rip
Steven S V
Steven S V - 10 years ago
Bava - 11 years ago
welvison mendes
welvison mendes - 11 years ago
Baleia Juba , diseram q baleia nn si afoga e verdade kkk'
welvison mendes
welvison mendes - 11 years ago
Sou do Brazil nen gossto de surf Mais e muinto massa esse video joinha aii !
Kenneth Olaires
Kenneth Olaires - 11 years ago
what were the dimensions of his board?
bbcasting - 11 years ago
I heard this slob dropped in on the wrong guy a month ago and got GUTTED by a dude with a knife on the beach. RIP FAT SLOB.
Todd Linsley
Todd Linsley - 11 years ago
Love it!
Griffin Hall
Griffin Hall - 11 years ago
Absolutely ripping man.
kollakolla - 11 years ago
fuck yeah jimbo show em how the big boys handle the green room
Mitchell Noyes
Mitchell Noyes - 11 years ago
He's a kook droping in on that guy!
Fabio Farias
Fabio Farias - 11 years ago
Puta gordo da moléstia !!!

100. comment for Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

1976roots - 11 years ago
Uh, name of band/song ?
1976roots - 11 years ago
Yeah, love that dude! He gives a shit about your fuckin' surfer cliches and rather goes deep in Indo. Go, Jimbo!!
ickykiamoy - 11 years ago
0:42 dude: omg a f*cking whale!
wetrib - 11 years ago
This dude is rippin! Yeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Roberto Tavares
Roberto Tavares - 11 years ago
life lesson for all lazy fat guys...
Pedro Paulino
Pedro Paulino - 11 years ago
looks like Padang Padang
ThePhatWhale - 11 years ago
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - 11 years ago
0:35 put your shirt back on
FolkPunkRock AcousticRoots
FolkPunkRock AcousticRoots - 11 years ago
fucking chargin!
Nickolai borathov novikt
Nickolai borathov novikt - 11 years ago
Surfer trapped in a fat body
Chehoo1 - 11 years ago
Legend, who,where......epic.
richard head
richard head - 11 years ago
fat fuck
Dub Step
Dub Step - 11 years ago
damn they can really shred
Henry Leach
Henry Leach - 11 years ago
he makes all the fat guys look good!!!
ps2monster - 11 years ago
So he dropped in on one guy. Im sure you have dropped in on some one too..
wetrib - 11 years ago
300lbs. plus club represent!
Kai Katchadourian Drummer
Kai Katchadourian Drummer - 11 years ago
yeah Jimbo !!! FIELD OF DIAMONDS !!!!!!
kollakolla - 11 years ago
this is cool, and inspires me as a fat dude to charge harder. but this guys a fuckin kook.
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@JACKATTACKER20 word jack you da man
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@dannyire YKT you know this
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@89992 your a straight FUCKTARD
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@DROPD5150 yea randy your the boy
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@artichoke15 thats my homie he was young his name is MEGA and he is older now this was a few years ago i was one of his elders who taught him how to stuff turkeys
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@DROPD5150 word homie
James Pellegrine
James Pellegrine - 11 years ago
@TheCleezable your a fucktard
willstanbrook - 11 years ago
@89992 I sure as hell would not be getting in the way of that freight train!
NinjaArtMonster - 11 years ago
does he float or sink? i have to know
artichoke15 - 11 years ago
ok I'm new to surfing and bear with me a second - he's dropping in at 0:40 seconds right? Even I can see that's out of order
DROPD5150 - 11 years ago
1:59 is sooooo friggggin EPIC!!!
DROPD5150 - 11 years ago
@jsphattifucoff ...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....RIGHTEOUS HOMIE!!!!...This is Randy Vertrees...from Facebook!!...Chew em up Spit Em Out BRADDAH!!!!FUCK THE POSERS!!!
TheCleezable - 11 years ago
wow wonders with photoshop.... :D
Kanye South
Kanye South - 11 years ago
@DROPD5150 lol
Jack Saieg
Jack Saieg - 12 years ago
Heavy weight surf champion!!!!.... Jimbo Pellegrine
Billy Gould
Billy Gould - 12 years ago
dude where is this spot ?
beefcakeass - 12 years ago
champ , keep droppin in bro, you rock, fuck the cry babies
DROPD5150 - 12 years ago
all you pussy fucks crackin fat jokes on the net....you got internet balls huh.....your pussy ass would NEVER say that to his face....AHAHAHA....LOL!!!...YOU JUST JEALOUS OF HIS SHACK TIME IS TEN TIME YOURS.....GO LEARN HOW TO GET BARRLED......EAT SOME BEEF....GROW SOME SACK....BEFORE YOU STEP TO US BIGGER GUYS......YOU BUNCH OF IDIOT FUCKS!!
34magnitude - 12 years ago
I see he is riding a board with a flat concave im sure if he lost some weight he could ride a board with a channel.
34magnitude - 12 years ago
What a fat dumb ass doesnt he know surfers etiquette the inside surfer gets the wave to himself
Adam Carey
Adam Carey - 12 years ago
@mayfield442 why is he an idiot?
Albrecht - 12 years ago
I second the hero comment bro, stay stoked.
Albrecht - 12 years ago
Awesome surfer and who the hell is gonna talk to him about getting snaked?
Ray - 12 years ago
@laurenpocketrocket No shit? Wow...
laurenrocket - 12 years ago
This guy is my total hero!
laurenrocket - 12 years ago
@raimundough He's been surfing 35 years apparently, and he's been fat the whole time!
Mojo Peace
Mojo Peace - 12 years ago
Jimbo Pellegrine is KING
earthbound - 12 years ago
Tiago Tavares
Tiago Tavares - 12 years ago
@MrBARRELBRO Ahahaahah
Ben Lancaster
Ben Lancaster - 12 years ago
that guy's a douche
Ray - 12 years ago
Dang! i thought I was the fattest guy on a surfboard. He's good too. The way he's surfing, he won't be that fat for too long.
thegamerz4eva - 12 years ago
@madasabagofbadgers lol, being fat doesn't make your vision worse. lol
massnumbers - 12 years ago
Wonder what board he's using...Wish there were some decent waves in NC :( ..
diesel828 - 12 years ago
There's a whale near the beach! It's on...a....it's on a surfboard?!
PopMachine27 - 12 years ago
Big wave rider.
charlie possenriede
charlie possenriede - 12 years ago
people getting all mad just becuase someone "drops in on my wave" grow the fuck up. its not the only wave in the world there are thousands of waves EVERYDAY. dont bitch becuase you lost the chance at catching one of them.
isurfrosarito - 12 years ago
no fuckin way.....o.0
renato onofrietti
renato onofrietti - 12 years ago
jimbo, thats cool man, i can see you learn to surf when you was a kid,and you really surf goooood.but let me tell you bro, if you drop in my wave "just like nothing happend"i really kik you ass untill you start to cry...¡¡¡asjol.
Chris Manning
Chris Manning - 12 years ago
I think he's pushing that wave back out to sea. What a beast! Who does the music? Song name? Good stuff, fits perfectly.
Marilyn Wann
Marilyn Wann - 12 years ago
bmcc123 - 12 years ago
what size is that board? ...pressure dings
Ari A
Ari A - 12 years ago
WOW! he's really an inspiration for us!!! you ryt manlex47.. i kinda repeated what you said
Kyle Wong
Kyle Wong - 12 years ago
How thick is that board?
marlborored josecuervo
marlborored josecuervo - 13 years ago
wow your really good!..your my insperation im a fat(big) surfer too people laugh at me coz i use a short board haha they always say he cant do that the boards too small to carry his weight haha but i always prove them wrong leaving thr jaws dropped hahaha..peace!hangloose dude!
jbkimble28 - 13 years ago
what a snake!!!!!
PlanetJetProductions - 13 years ago
LOL! This is cool! Who says surfers have to be fit with tight abs, lol!
Wayne - 13 years ago
The last time this guy surfed he displaced so much water that there was a flood in New Orleans.
elcanoloco1 - 13 years ago
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 13 years ago
@madasabagofbadgers couldn't agree more
cx6av - 13 years ago
Idol !!!! Congrats from Uruguay !!!
Melchor Reyes
Melchor Reyes - 13 years ago
the dreams comes true T_T jajajaja
Magoo - 13 years ago
Gordo, mas surfa pra kralho !
Eddie Nolan
Eddie Nolan - 13 years ago
How is that possible

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