Today we scape the 2,000 gallon aquarium with wood, sand and rocks! My stingrays and arowana will love this fish tank!! SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium projects, tutorials, how to's. Join me each Thursday for an aquarium topic of the week. Sunday's we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series. How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

AQUARIUM AQUASCAPE - 2,000 GALLON FISH TANK SCAPE!! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 278

Aquascaping 4 years ago 356,603 views

Today we scape the 2,000 gallon aquarium with wood, sand and rocks! My stingrays and arowana will love this fish tank!! SUBSCRIBE ► Get the ultimate DIY book ► Facebook ► Instagram ► The king of DIY aquarium projects, tutorials, how to's. Join me each Thursday for an aquarium topic of the week. Sunday's we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series. How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

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The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
Wood, rocks and sand... the hardscape of the 2,000G aquarium!
With such big fish being added to the tank, and plants yet to be added... i think this turned out pretty good. What do you think?
Reji Magar
Reji Magar - 4 years ago
you can out a turtule
c h e r r y_p o p
c h e r r y_p o p - 4 years ago
The king of DIY when ur fishes have it better than you....
Juan Smit
Juan Smit - 4 years ago
The king of DIY what type of wood is that I have a bunch of cedar trunks and branches that have been dry for about four years and are even sun bleached. Thank you for your time
Arthur G
Arthur G - 4 years ago
Totally stoked for you man! Looks awesome!
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark - 4 years ago
Joey, this is going to turn out spectacular! Only think I could suggest to add to this, instead of adding tons more random big pieces of rock? If you really want to jazz up the interest, add petrified wood. For your "Rock".
Chris Littrell
Chris Littrell - 4 years ago
A little more sand and random rocks would be nice. But it your tank lol and it looks nice so far.
Gavin Stoodge
Gavin Stoodge - 4 years ago
It looks so great! I'm imagining it with some plants, clear water, and nice lighting and boy does that look great
Breeana Romans
Breeana Romans - 4 years ago
Needs more sand! There's bare spots left while walking through it which means the rays will move it around and leave patches empty over time. A nice thick layer would be better
KWO KGB - 4 years ago
The king of DIY for my opinion a couple more bags of sand you still need ! Amazing tank ! Cheers from Portland Oregon
Thomas O
Thomas O - 4 years ago
I am working on my first tank with live plants and Malaysian driftwood.
You're not the only one who wants to change everything around all of the time.
I keep changing my driftwood and plants around constantly!
But seriously, your rocks and driftwood look great there.
The fact that you have that natural archway for the rays to swim through was smart.
Again, I look forward to watching the progress.

P.S. I live in Tampa so......GO RAYS!
百合•希望 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Next project : Solar-Powered Aquarium (I hope). I really want to know if it's possible.
Sanuda Kumuda
Sanuda Kumuda - 4 years ago
The king of DIY
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz - 4 years ago
The king of DIY are you not worried the flower horn may pic at the other fish he may be small but his anger is massive
May Lilies
May Lilies - 4 years ago
hilmJoshyu Personally I don't think this is a good idea, it will end up looking really cluttered specially once the rays get bigger. Also the rocks could become more of a nuisance if the rays are always bumping into them when they are trying to fed and explore.
May Lilies
May Lilies - 4 years ago
I like the larger pile of rocks in the back but I think the smaller pile needs some tweaking, it looks a bit off when viewed from the side.
Louie Gregorio
Louie Gregorio - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I thought you were opposed to having substrate with ray's, due to the fact that when they shed there barbs it can be hard to remove them from the tank when it's covered with substrate?
Ryan Sandilands
Ryan Sandilands - 4 years ago
I think it looks amazing! Well done Joey. Maybe add a little more sand there looked a couple of bare patches is my only critique... Really looks beautiful. I agree aqua scaping is frustrating you always want to change and improve it... I have given up my cichlids just move everything where they like it anyway!!!
Pie-inator_5000 - 4 years ago
I'm just thinking about the fact that the smaller limb going straight up might be a problem for the arowana because I think he might accidentally scrape himself on it at some point and hurt himself, but you said that the limb would be against the cover, so I guess it doesn't matter.
Allyson Chains
Allyson Chains - 4 years ago
Looks amazing! Aquascape is killer
Narayanan Ramesh
Narayanan Ramesh - 4 years ago
i thought this was going to be bare bottom as u mentioned in one of ur vids that stingray barbs get embedded in the sand (after they shed) & could possibly hurt them.
Fenu S
Fenu S - 4 years ago
The king of DIY how much water did you use for filling the aquarium so many times or for the drift wood that was outside
Fenu S
Fenu S - 4 years ago
The king of DIY wanna go viral?"world largest female betta sorority or make betta tank"
Eden Frawley
Eden Frawley - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Can you please do an above pond diy tutorial made out of wood?
Bailey Cornelio
Bailey Cornelio - 4 years ago
The king of DIY it's perfect man I really look up to you, I'm 23 right now but just know by the time I'm 27 I will own my own house and gonna go crazy with huge tanks for my bichirs, peacock and largemouth bass, oscars, my bluegills, and 2 rhino plecos
Arjon Gopez
Arjon Gopez - 4 years ago
add corals!!!!!!
Sharon Trammell
Sharon Trammell - 4 years ago
It's awesome!
Chaz *
Chaz * - 4 years ago
The king of DIY the build looks amazing! it is soooo exciting, I can't wait to see the airiwana (not sure on spelling) gliding through his new domain.
Lame X
Lame X - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I love it
Jasmine P
Jasmine P - 4 years ago
Hello The king of DIY :) I love the scape! I have always loved the more natural looks of aquariums. Maybe try adding flatter rocks with in the open space so the rays can still possibly move above them :) #Acadian_pride
Sion Napitupulu
Sion Napitupulu - 4 years ago
+百合•希望 r u kidding? build a 2000G for empty?
百合•希望 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I like it better when the 2000gal aquarium was completely empty cuz I got so used to your other tanks where you don't put anything at all. Watching the Aranawa and sting rays enjoys the emptiness and simplicity of your fish tanks, I probably would rather leave the tank as it was - empty than add the sand and wood. YAHSHUA bless and SHALOM to you and your lovely family❣️❣️✨
xXMx_G4MINGXx - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I love the look of it it looks like a river with wood chunks, pretty natural ps I would love if you would put plants in but cleaning it would probably be a literal pain in the ass or maybe not but it looks fantastic really want the finished product of your hard work
Matarese28 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY can't wait to see the plants
eisenklad - 4 years ago
i bet he would need to make a sieve that allows him to scoop the sand and get the barbs out easily
Karl Frederick Mir Fernandez
Karl Frederick Mir Fernandez - 4 years ago
Please don't go back and change the aqua-scape, it's right on the money.

I can't wait for you to add the plants.
Colton - 4 years ago
The king of DIY You are such an inspiration to me joey! The tank looks amazing and I can't wait to see the plants and the awesome fish added! What's you're favorite live plants to use in your aquariums? I'm thinking about setting up my 36 Gallon Bow Front up to be a saltwater aquarium I'm debating whether to make it a reef tank or not but you inspired me to do something awesome with my tanks!
Ty - 4 years ago
The king of DIY this tank is going to be awesome! I would love to see the red arrowana in there when he grows up
Lourdes Ramírez
Lourdes Ramírez - 4 years ago
The king of DIY wouldt the rays barbs stab the rays in the sand
frankie Limbrick
frankie Limbrick - 4 years ago
The king of DIY looks really amazing, i love fish tanks xx
Grace - 4 years ago
The king of DIY looks awesome!!!! Some more sand tho
xenathomas - 4 years ago
its very good wow!!Good job :)
W 18
W 18 - 4 years ago
it looks great!!!!
but can you have a good view of the asian arowana sitting on your office your office chair since it usually floats around?
iamlegendary_1 - 4 years ago
hi joey just little hint for better looks you should make sure all the wood is facing the same way that way you get a better recreation of a river
kami kaze
kami kaze - 4 years ago
The king of DIY looks great, I love that wood, the fish will love it, great job.
A&IVlogs - 4 years ago
Still adding frank in there???
EnVision - 4 years ago
Game Hub cooler the arrowana personally.
Kristen Minuti
Kristen Minuti - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Wow looks good! I'm so excited for the fish because then we will have a better idea of how big the tank actually is!
Guess Who's
Guess Who's - 4 years ago
Some peacock bass in the 2000g aquarium Willy be cool
Will Godfrey
Will Godfrey - 4 years ago
The king of DIY can’t wait for it to be finished!! Looks great man!
Rouzer 17
Rouzer 17 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY d
koolaide321 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY needs more sand but looks awsome
Asnl45 - 4 years ago
Looks great, I can't wait for the plants. I feel like the smaller rock pile needs a couple more rocks. You can always add sand if you need it I'd wait until that moment.
malawilake40 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY looking good now..I like it,,real nice..
Susan Wynn
Susan Wynn - 4 years ago
The layout with the wood looks awesome! If I were you I would remove the rock pile on the right side of the tank and replace it with a few smaller stones to create depth. Place the larger stones you removed under the right side of the "bridge" like structure created by the wood for added support and to make it look like the wood is emerging from the rocks. A few more stones just right to the left rock pile would look awesome. I would also add a larger freestanding stone with some rocks around just left to the center of the tank in the middle to create a angled triangle. It would also look really cool to have that large stone covered in moss when planted. Right now your vision looks at the left side first and is drawn around to the right side but with the addition of the large stone it would be drawn from the left back, to the front middle and back to the right back. Add maybe 3-5 bags more of sand to fill in the gaps and I would be done! Overall awesome job!
Nerfing Maniac
Nerfing Maniac - 4 years ago
Stefan Lewis
Stefan Lewis - 4 years ago
The king of DIY add more SAND
Broadcast Brad TV
Broadcast Brad TV - 4 years ago
The king of DIY AWESOME!!! Can not wait to see how the rays love their new home. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Purplish Potato
Purplish Potato - 4 years ago
ReefMoore 103
ReefMoore 103 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Great job! Scape came out looking great! Can't to see how you add the plants. Seems like it will be difficult but I know you'll find a way.
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee - 4 years ago
It's awesome just leave it
It's Ethan!
It's Ethan! - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Are you going to add Pleco in there?
Fish Freak
Fish Freak - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I like the woods and their positions very much! The stones are also good, but if you want your aquascape to look natural, in my opinion the rocks and stones look a little bit unnatural. I suggest that you break down the borders of the stone piles and put some stones and small rocks to the other areas of the aquarium.
But still you did very good job with the aquasqaping and if you are satisfied with the scape, then it's propably perfect.
Divyan Chamunda
Divyan Chamunda - 4 years ago
add some large jungle vall in between the rocks and wood
Arista Red
Arista Red - 4 years ago
Baby Dumbo Octopus same
rahul bh
rahul bh - 4 years ago
True joy on Joey's face ..
Dumbo Octopus
Dumbo Octopus - 4 years ago
I just want to see the fish inside the tank, the waiting is torturing me
Kenrick Purcell
Kenrick Purcell - 4 years ago
The king of DIY I like it a lot Joey
Vsuvis - 4 years ago
I think you might need more sand, with the rays messing with it you might get some spots where the white bottom of the tank shows through
kevs' life
kevs' life - 4 years ago
The king of DIY Hi, have you reinforced the rooms floor to accommodate the weight of the tank? it must weight a few tonnes! Ive gotta say I love it.. have you decided on what types of plants you may use? I'd suggest some anubias and some specimen amazon swords.
Jeff K
Jeff K - 4 years ago
How about lighting it with solar tubes.
Sachin Dath
Sachin Dath - 4 years ago
you should definetley go ultra compact ultra bright for lights. maybe something in the kessel line maybe? unless you can diy some super powerful diodes, I don't think you'll achieve that "gallery" look
bri's art
bri's art - 4 years ago
The king of DIY can you please do swords, anubias and java fern for some of the plants they grow out really good
Captivating Dreams
Captivating Dreams - 4 years ago
The tank looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see the water clear up and see what plants you are going to put in there, I'm sure it'll look awesome! Rooting for the flower horn to do well in there :D
Johan S.
Johan S. - 4 years ago
The tank looks amazing Joey!!! maybe a couple of small rocks in the middle... and i know what you mean haha by moving the plants every single day again! when even my gf gets sick off it and has to stop me! :p
Garco Leopard
Garco Leopard - 4 years ago
The king of DIY you should upgrade your saltwater tank
Jashan Swaich
Jashan Swaich - 4 years ago
use purigen, it'll clear that up way more effectively than carbon
William Rowe
William Rowe - 4 years ago
The king of DIY it truly is a dream come true...
Fishing with Nathan
Fishing with Nathan - 4 years ago
The king of DIY this is amazing I love the placement of the drift wood
Gavin Puckett
Gavin Puckett - 4 years ago
Moontanman how would he see his rays with black sand?
M.Z. Ali
M.Z. Ali - 4 years ago
if he had black sand it would be hard to see his black rays
PixelFlames - 4 years ago
I thought you don't do substrate?
Moontanman - 4 years ago
Needs black sand dude! Great looking tank, I am green with envy!
M.Z. Ali
M.Z. Ali - 4 years ago
wow it looks amazing how cool dude, pool / fishtank
MrCeo1978buddy - 4 years ago
its crazy how you started a few years back and the progression and to think there's more to come
Eva Czarnojanczyk
Eva Czarnojanczyk - 4 years ago
The king of DIY, loved the video! Your rocks on the right don't look as natural as the ones on the left. Do you have some smaller ones to put there? Looking forward to seeing more!
Da Frontyardigans
Da Frontyardigans - 4 years ago
The king of DIY you should put a fire eel in it
YAPPY17 - 4 years ago
The king of DIY ya it looks good I'm looking forward to seeing the ray and will you do a red oscar
hahayourfunny94 - 4 years ago
I am super worried about Joey getting in there with the fish and getting stung by one of the rays! Or stepping on a shed stinger hidden in the substrate... be careful my dude!
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 4 years ago
MickMaan - 4 years ago
Would it be safe to get a big chunk of wood from the woodland and put it in a tank? I'm getting a 4ft'er and would like one massive piece of wood going right down the back, but the prices of bogwood are just ridiculous and I can only find pieces that are a few inches long, under 1ft. What types of wood are safe and how would I prepare it to make sure it's safe for the fish, assuming it's had all sorts of critters crawling all over it or even living in it. I'll be getting rid of a 3ft'er so I could submerge the wood for a while.
Harvey Lockwood
Harvey Lockwood - 4 years ago
Erica Renee
Erica Renee - 4 years ago
Please get a spotter next time! My heart can't take it!
Jared Chavez
Jared Chavez - 4 years ago
Joe Spaulding
Joe Spaulding - 4 years ago
pretty sure i im using the same gravel in my 60 gal really good gravel, my looks to be a little more on the tan side maybe just the lighting
Go Away
Go Away - 4 years ago
looks like it could use more sand. It's kind of spotty in places. Also, the bigger rock pile looks kind of, man made to me. I think that kind of randomizing the placement of small and big rocks a little better might help with that.


ralph van Noort
ralph van Noort - 4 years ago
How much does it cost to make a aquarium like this?
Hope to hear from you:)
Tyrik Carr
Tyrik Carr - 4 years ago
Need some advice on a perfect size fish tank for my to Convict cichlids
Blue Bruh
Blue Bruh - 4 years ago
I like how he says out
Luke Doyle
Luke Doyle - 4 years ago
How on gods green earth does he do a water change??
Bunny Boo
Bunny Boo - 4 years ago
Omg lol imagine putting like 2 goldfish in there! They'd get MASSIVE!!!
Antoine Verrier
Antoine Verrier - 4 years ago
Your tanks are gorgeous but I think that if you would add some ornamentations like pebbles, plants or whatever it would looks way more good and natural
TheWonderCartoonist - 4 years ago
I'm gone for two weeks with my grandparents and THIS happens? Wow. Super happy. Also my 30 gallon is covered and I mean COVERED in algae now. So now my weekend will consist of scrubbing the algae off my aquarium. Boo
custardcocktail - 4 years ago
Will the smaller arowana be going in this tank ? Is he doing ok ? Have not seen him in a while
shamanth krishnaji
shamanth krishnaji - 4 years ago
diy put silver arowana that more that 5 feet
Lexx 6318
Lexx 6318 - 4 years ago
Joey, bro the driftwood you have is freaking outrageous. Are you selling any of the unused driftwood? If not, can you let me know where you aqcuired that wood. its amazing. Please let me know.


James Wilson
James Wilson - 4 years ago
I love the size..depth...everything bud...except all white. kinda looks like a sanatarium aquirium.
Frank Starship
Frank Starship - 4 years ago
david Morrill
david Morrill - 4 years ago
In reference to redoing aquascaping-------if you let the plants grow, they will change the aquascape for you. Btw< I find the Discus showing up to front of the tank, when they have places to hide-----giving a little more piece of mid.
Gregor Greiner
Gregor Greiner - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, could you point me in the right direction to learn more about silencing aquariums? Just setup my sump and looking to quiet it more.
elijahfrix - 4 years ago
if this is in your house? did you support the floor? to keep that much water from collapsing threw the floor joists?
Uqqers - 4 years ago
Hes Canadian right?
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner - 4 years ago
Needs more sand
BrutalRiotGirl01 - 4 years ago
looking good
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez - 4 years ago
Heey Its Stephh
Heey Its Stephh - 4 years ago


Dla De Las Alas
Dla De Las Alas - 4 years ago
Does your neighbors know what’s going on inside this building?
DReis 7
DReis 7 - 4 years ago
more sand
WiSeR BK CI - 4 years ago
Man I can't wait to see it with the fish
ThisIs ReadyMade
ThisIs ReadyMade - 4 years ago
I think you need more sand in it.
matthew bowman
matthew bowman - 4 years ago
More sand
Pd Lc
Pd Lc - 4 years ago
Selling baby arowanas in pet stores should be outlawed No regular home aquariums are big enough to house something that turns into a 4 foot carnivorous monster and 99.9% of them end up dumped and dead.
Justin Lawson
Justin Lawson - 4 years ago
where can you buy Malaysian bogwood in canada?
Maddy Grabham
Maddy Grabham - 4 years ago
Can't wait for the stocking
steve foy
steve foy - 4 years ago
sorry it's just an inside pond with some acrylic panels slapped on the side
pixellover 2000
pixellover 2000 - 4 years ago
This dude is awesome he is working hard and it's showing!! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!
SmiLe Gaming
SmiLe Gaming - 4 years ago
hi mom 7:11
Soundless - 4 years ago
I like Ada they have really good substrate.
Darrell D6
Darrell D6 - 4 years ago
what happened to your goldfish tank
zalajin - 4 years ago
My opinion: 25-30% more sand.
Everything else looks awesome, sterling job!
REEFTUBE - 4 years ago
Looks great joey! Can't wait to see it with fish and plants
Jeruel Orillaza
Jeruel Orillaza - 4 years ago
its perfect!
FishLOver2131 - 4 years ago
muscles just keep getting bigger and bigger...
Neko Miku
Neko Miku - 4 years ago
wouldn't that hurt the fishes? like rip there skin?
Andrew Madden
Andrew Madden - 4 years ago
This is the first video I've ever seen on this channel but I'm excited to see plants and fish in here
matthew o'dea
matthew o'dea - 4 years ago
thatll look great once its finished and fish inwll done that's a lot a lot of wok so well done joey


Siopao Espiritu
Siopao Espiritu - 4 years ago
Put a hole in the roof
Irfancooking - 4 years ago
my stingray just died :-) </3
robert rinkenberger
robert rinkenberger - 4 years ago
well done sir!
Koll Fish
Koll Fish - 4 years ago
Joey it needs more sand.
scottishduck88 - 4 years ago
Honestly, I think plants will be more work than they are worth in this tank.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 4 years ago
please be careful with wire tighs they have oil and quimicals
Avery Melton
Avery Melton - 4 years ago
Put some plants
Dominic Donelli
Dominic Donelli - 4 years ago
When the fishes
sharon terry
sharon terry - 4 years ago
the size of that tank. omg you could have a swim in it yourself.
kristins life
kristins life - 4 years ago
looks great so far !!
Scholtz Neveling
Scholtz Neveling - 4 years ago
no rocks
Elizebeth Snow
Elizebeth Snow - 4 years ago
It's small to me for those types of fish your putting in there driftwood or not it's still small for rays
pro builder
pro builder - 4 years ago
I kind of liked the look of the dry driftwood. Not like you keep it that way though.
Nikki B.
Nikki B. - 4 years ago
Azzy TheSnazzyCat
Azzy TheSnazzyCat - 4 years ago
I so want to swim in that aquarium. It looks amazing! :)
David Prins
David Prins - 4 years ago
looking good. And yes, I too am constantly adjusting my tank's decorations. It's only a 30 but I am trying to base the aquascape on the creek behind my childhood home. Wife thinks I am OCD in trying to imitate nature.
LionKing17Simba - 4 years ago
lol when you wanna add plants are you gunna go for a swim? XD, looks great so far tho! <3
Abby c
Abby c - 4 years ago
That's the same with me too! I am never really fully satisfied when I aquascape a tank.
Haakon Bledsoe
Haakon Bledsoe - 4 years ago
don't pull a Steve Irwin
Abby c
Abby c - 4 years ago
80 pounds! That's how much I weigh!!
JAIME SAM - 4 years ago
Un poco absurdo
Yope01 - 4 years ago
Your legs look funny when in the water, fat and stubby
Hans Müller
Hans Müller - 4 years ago
Sadly, even if we can't see it yet, your water circulation is going to move the substrate away significantly. It just takes a bit of time. Maybe think of some plants near the MP-16s that help keep the substrate there? I mean, just like with sand dunes
fishlaw1 - 4 years ago
This is just AWESOME ! ! ! Thanks for sharing with us Joey, and as always. . . Happy fish keeping :-)
Carmen Lourdes Aponte
Carmen Lourdes Aponte - 4 years ago
What a Dream of all of us,to jump in completely inside our tanks
Paolo Casaclang
Paolo Casaclang - 4 years ago
If you love Joey .. we must give him a million likes once all the fish are in this monster tank. Who's with me?
Chris Holliday
Chris Holliday - 4 years ago
Looks good more substrate and Anubis on wood
janedagger - 4 years ago
SYmmetry is overrated. Assymetry is attractive. grin Very nice btw.
Ty - 4 years ago
Put a feather fin catfish in there
Kevin Fruhen
Kevin Fruhen - 4 years ago
I Think almost everyone how keeps fish and scape historischen tank hast this Problem joey .
its never good enough never its be like nature.
Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas - 4 years ago
yeah def constantly changing mine I think I have a problem . hahahah addicted with aquascaping.
Jack Rudduck
Jack Rudduck - 4 years ago
i have a cichlid tank in with white rocks, how can i clean them? i scrub and scrub and theyre still green. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
MarjA12 - 4 years ago
I think one neon tetra is enough?///WHAT DO U THINK??
Mya8D - 4 years ago
aquascaping is such a nightmare
saimy singh
saimy singh - 4 years ago
when will you put fishes :) waiting for the final lookup
The grako
The grako - 4 years ago
when this should reward yourself with cigar...
KORRUPTION - 4 years ago
is it possible to make an entire barrier reef?
jecolaco - 4 years ago
Hello joey, loved the progress of the tank....anxiously.waiting for the fish to go in....cheers!!!
SkyBaR - 4 years ago
RIP flower horn
Johnny Newport Alfaro
Johnny Newport Alfaro - 4 years ago
Is thing in his living room lmao
Exotic Animal Fanatic
Exotic Animal Fanatic - 4 years ago
the laugh he made when he slid in the tank warmed my heart and made my day better haha
Daniel Matwiejczuk
Daniel Matwiejczuk - 4 years ago
looks ace but I'd have to put more sand in to cover up the white showing through, and another small gathering of stone or wood in the opposite corner to set it off.
Blake Steele
Blake Steele - 4 years ago
more rocks! would be cool to have some closer to the front
Meu aquario
Meu aquario - 4 years ago
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark - 4 years ago
Don't forget to thank your wife Joey!
Gina Goth
Gina Goth - 4 years ago
Looks great! More sand though!
Rick Figueroa
Rick Figueroa - 4 years ago
Dude. I very much have enjoyed this tank coming together!!! I'm super exited. Can't wait to see your ariwana, rays, and your flower horn in there!!!!
james stuart
james stuart - 4 years ago
hurry up
Gabrielle P.
Gabrielle P. - 4 years ago
looks awesome!
John Hall
John Hall - 4 years ago
I understand you are not that worried about swimming with your rays at their current size .. but...maybe.... cooler heads should prevail on that? As the rays get bigger aren't you going to need to partition the rays away from where you are working anyway? Why not just figure that out now and not swim with them. You are so smart about everything. I think too smart to start doing dangerous stunts on your channel. Off camera if you get too use to doing going into the tank with them regularly couldn't you be setting yourself up for an eventual and very painful mishap? You said the top priority is the fish... please consider your own safety at least on par. Another idea would be a scaffold or just a ladder extension with ply on top across the tank and some pool tools to be able to access the center of the tank and move things around from the top.


Cheese Boy
Cheese Boy - 4 years ago
fresh water puffer fish!!!
lizzyanthus1 - 4 years ago
I'm never happy with the looks of my tanks either.  LOL.  The wood and rocks look great, and I love the view especially from your office!  I like the feel of it, from that angle I guess I mean?  IDK, guess I just like it.  :)  One step closer!!!
Dally Dznuts
Dally Dznuts - 4 years ago
I'd say you need more sand for sure
bigdreams - 4 years ago
that is going to be a sick view from your desk once the tank is fully stocked. the aquascape makes a lot of sense from that angle. great job. I think you may end up turning your desk around so you can just glance at your monster tank all day. I don't think I would get any work done with that in my office ;) awesome
Jay Nick
Jay Nick - 4 years ago
Wait, since the tank is technically complete and the arowana is going in it, Does this mean that you're bringing back the goldfish tank?!?!??
Kevin Gerald
Kevin Gerald - 4 years ago
lol def. never satisfied with my aquascape either bro!
VozzieB11 - 4 years ago
You know your tanks big when u gotta stand in it to scape it haha
PewPewQQs - 4 years ago
you need a good 2inces of sand on the bottom, rays in real life bury themselfs when stressed hunting, or whatever you can see the base of the tank. plus a deeper sub straight gives u the option to put a few live plants in the tank. which personally planted tanks are my favorite.
Carlo Weis
Carlo Weis - 4 years ago
Amazing job!
Shannon Carney
Shannon Carney - 4 years ago
looks amazing x
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith - 4 years ago
just as guilty as you are joey
Justin Thillens
Justin Thillens - 4 years ago
I have a poison dart frog paludarium with some African dwarf frogs and guppies.. Nothing too large but I rearrange it almost on a weekly basis and its pretty frustrating
seandelevan - 4 years ago
lol I don't think I ever seen you smile so much. And who can blame you!
Calum Byrne
Calum Byrne - 4 years ago
looks great can't wait to see the flowerhorn at home
Terry Ahn
Terry Ahn - 4 years ago
I think there's too much rocks concentrated in one place, doesn't look very natural. Maybe put some big rocks towards the front corners of the tank?
Vincent marceau
Vincent marceau - 4 years ago
joey have you tought about using 2 2x6 position on top of the cement tank so you could move thing/maintenance from top of it?
infamouscoma886 - 4 years ago
Almost reminds me of a bass pro shop tank nice and simple!
Nancy Ware
Nancy Ware - 4 years ago
Put Fred in first! Let him be The King of The Tank...... at least until everyone else goes in. LOL
wayne L
wayne L - 4 years ago
Looks GREAT, have been following since the start of the aquarium. WELL DONE!
Aileen Nguyen
Aileen Nguyen - 4 years ago
Wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS, I'm so happy and excited for you! Can't wait to see what comes next!
B.D.B. - 4 years ago
50% water change the water bill must be insane! lol. great looking tank.
Spice Bo1i
Spice Bo1i - 4 years ago
What about all those open spots with no sand on the bottom?
Livia Rose
Livia Rose - 4 years ago
If anybody you know wants 'pre cycled water' you would be the man to go to.
Brennen Anderson
Brennen Anderson - 4 years ago
So have you decided to add anymore fish besides the Rays and Arrawanna?
Joseph Mangiola
Joseph Mangiola - 4 years ago
Did anyone else appreciate that beautiful stereotype from Joey?
Prime Time Aquatics
Prime Time Aquatics - 4 years ago
Tank is looking good! Can't wait to see things swimming in it. : -)
Ali & arm Lopez
Ali & arm Lopez - 4 years ago
Nice like I said I can't wait to see the fish in it !!!!!!
uqktba - 4 years ago
weren't u afraid of getting stung by a old stinger and thats was why y didn't put any declaration in your old stingray aqua ?
Unixonline - 4 years ago
You shrunk at 5:20 :D
TheHerpsKeeper - 4 years ago
once you add plants I think it will be perfect
Lillian Coticchia
Lillian Coticchia - 4 years ago
His water bill must be through the roof lol
Nigel Lister
Nigel Lister - 4 years ago
Get the fish in mate looking good
Kenn Fong
Kenn Fong - 4 years ago
How many times did you fill and drain this tank? Here in California we've just ended a long drought and I always am conscious of water use. Not criticizing you, more envious of your seemingly endless supply.
GracefullAnimals - 4 years ago
wow those are gonna be some lucky fish:) but i'm sorry you can only fit 1 guppy in there!! JK
grigoris bozek
grigoris bozek - 4 years ago
nice one i like that you said that you don`t use chemicals in your water :)
my suggestion if you put few rocks or wood in opposite corner of the large driftwood is gonna look natural
Disney Disney
Disney Disney - 4 years ago
Tank is looking great but the rocks at the front of the tank just don't look right maybe they look different in person can't wait to see it planted!!
Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards - 4 years ago
nice one Joey, it's coming on really well, keep us updated, love watching your vids
nazeer rahmaty
nazeer rahmaty - 4 years ago
Don't like the rocks they r sooo cheap
brix davids
brix davids - 4 years ago
what a super build right there,congratulations and enjoy.
nr22mag1 - 4 years ago
I'm not even into fish tanks, but I can appreciate the labor put into this project. Been watching your progress for a couple weeks now, keep up the good work!!
Alec Spaude
Alec Spaude - 4 years ago
more rocks!
Stu-ool - 4 years ago
I live in Alberta. it would be great to meat you!
Kibbles N Bits
Kibbles N Bits - 4 years ago
I ALWAYS change my scape. Sometimes I fear that itll stress my fish out a lot, but they always love exploring everything after it's changed, so I think they're doing great. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
German Shepherds
German Shepherds - 4 years ago
u should get a few small turtles to put in it
coleman thomas
coleman thomas - 4 years ago
five frontosas would look nice in there.
canijustpetmycat - 4 years ago
Hey, this is sorta a weird question, but do you think it's possible to turn an above ground pool into an aquarium? Excluding the cost of it, would it be possible? If so, is there anything special you'd have to do? Other than obviously installing aquarium level filters, heaters, etc.
Vinh Tran
Vinh Tran - 4 years ago
Awesome!! Can't wait to see it finished :D
Trolliskee - 4 years ago
I can't wait to see this tank completed and stocked it is stunning, amazing job man.
Justin Harris
Justin Harris - 4 years ago
where do you get the funding, space, and time for this stuff?
NYCity Cichlids
NYCity Cichlids - 4 years ago
This is amazing Joey.
Mike Kincaid
Mike Kincaid - 4 years ago
That is just one awesome tank! Can't wait to see it stocked.
Brandon Pan
Brandon Pan - 4 years ago
Your Canadian, so your used to slipping on ice, then apologizing to the ice.
Aquatic Haus
Aquatic Haus - 4 years ago
Love the driftwood positioning Joey! How much did you spend for the driftwoods itself ?!
J_KASH_27 - 4 years ago
add more sand??.
Diane Hawkins
Diane Hawkins - 4 years ago
I have always attached freshwater driftwood with stainless steel screws. Drill holes first to prevent the wood cracking. I place the screws in inconspicuous places. The wood can be assembled outside the tank, then added in 1 piece, but can be taken apart whenever needed.
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk - 4 years ago
If you do end up rescaping it once filled, you could do it on a stream and have the camera facing through the window while you can watch the playback from a screen while you're still inside. That way you can double check how it looks from the outside too.
svrack - 4 years ago
Don;t sweat it. I have revisited the set up for my backyard turtle pond about 5 times in the last 2 weeks. Its time consuming but ultimately pretty fun! Your videos btw have been so helpful! Your awesome, keep em coming!
Tim Newton
Tim Newton - 4 years ago
Love the vids Joey. I have learned a ton and you are absolutely my favorite fish keeper on YouTube.
Mohammed Aamir
Mohammed Aamir - 4 years ago
love you sir ❤ nfrmbxbn nfrmbxbn - 4 years ago
why dont you fill in the whole indent with little pebbles
George Winter
George Winter - 4 years ago
Do you think we can get an update on your fish Joey?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+George Winter i just did last week
Tylerao Campos
Tylerao Campos - 4 years ago
How come you used a substrate when you said it was bad to have a substrate with stingrays because of the stingers
Nikhil Bodade
Nikhil Bodade - 4 years ago
joey, what about the background that you had taken selection from the subscribers? Are applying that or not?
RSB . PlayzGamez
RSB . PlayzGamez - 4 years ago
Do another vid wanna see the fish in there can't wait
Noah Fagello
Noah Fagello - 4 years ago
The white spots where the floor shows through the sand doesn't look very good
Reed Peters
Reed Peters - 4 years ago
please pull your shorts up
Andrew Baumann
Andrew Baumann - 4 years ago
4th of July > Canada Day
Thomas O
Thomas O - 4 years ago
Dude, that is awesome! That filtration setup is mind blowing.
Good luck on the progress.
Anthony Jung
Anthony Jung - 4 years ago
I like the setup so far. Iv'e come to a point in my fish keeping to believe that simple is better. Needs more sand. Your wood arrangement is spot on. I think the rocks chosen are fine but eventually that and the substrate will be the items you choose to be finicky with. It's always the small things that I mess around with often. Big changes are less frequent and usually come with a massive change and breakdown of the tank. Looks great, just more sand.
Hunter Haas
Hunter Haas - 4 years ago
Joey What Editing Software Do You Use For YouTube Videos???
Yash Chandwadkar
Yash Chandwadkar - 4 years ago
same situation here joey I change the scape every 2-3 days lol
NEVER EVER satisfied with look
Jeffrey Tellis
Jeffrey Tellis - 4 years ago
Yea Joey u are never alone... I too cannot keep my hands out of my tank
Jeffrey Tellis
Jeffrey Tellis - 4 years ago
I think the left wood piece is too much to the right ; a bit to the left and foward is better also doesn't obstruct the intakes (looks empty over there). Also the first pile of rocks is too much cramped, mind spreading it,heading towards the viewing panel .
Home Aquatics Hobby
Home Aquatics Hobby - 4 years ago
The tank is looking better and better through out each video
batsareamasing - 4 years ago
Once the plants have been established thoughts on adding small fish which can live/hide amongst them?
Jay Macq
Jay Macq - 4 years ago
Hope your fish die again soon Joey. I remember you being to upset for months to make a video about it, would be brilliant from a viewers prospective
Timothy Paskal
Timothy Paskal - 4 years ago
I like your indoor swimming pool...i mean aquarium...

also, how do you have the time for this!!!???
Rachelisaloserr - 4 years ago
Timothy Paskal he has said before he's a stay at home dad and this is his hobby
Sanuda Kumuda
Sanuda Kumuda - 4 years ago
ah good luck joy
Teedy P
Teedy P - 4 years ago
Great video
dsaasdasd asdasdasd
dsaasdasd asdasdasd - 4 years ago
cant wait for this tank good luck Joey :)
666Iri - 4 years ago
Yap... I'm always changing things in my tank too ^_^
Derek Anderson
Derek Anderson - 4 years ago
I am suprised you added sand what about there barbs.. also I would put a back grounds and ditch the peace of wood it is too big :-)
Hunter Mine
Hunter Mine - 4 years ago
You need a long brush to fill in the white spots in, and make little hills for the Rays to destroy
L Robinson
L Robinson - 4 years ago
Headin' over with my fish head pool ring to float around in it, now that it's filled!! Can't wait to see the plants added!! <3
Nguyen Ngo
Nguyen Ngo - 4 years ago
Get a red tail catfish.
em1ownerify - 4 years ago
what a random thing to put into a room
CpnStbn12 - 4 years ago
You joey'd the sh** out of that aquascape
ViolateAHS - 4 years ago
I think the rock piles need to be spread out a bit. The wood is beautiful btw. And more sand, it's going to be amazing when it's done
drewee88 - 4 years ago
Excellent! Some height in the right/top right could be good, though maybe you left it for your aros space, xxl java/anubias will add height safely, xxl plastic lily pads would look sweet too. Hygrophila angustifolia and vallisneria australis in terracotta pots with aquasoil for first annum ;)
strat1960s - 4 years ago
That 2k tank looks awesome.  Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.
no po
no po - 4 years ago
I would place some rocks spread, in my idea that is more natural
no po
no po - 4 years ago
I mean spread out
Wayne Bradford
Wayne Bradford - 4 years ago
looking good mate if i had to be make one point i didnt like it would be it needs more sand but thats just being picky and as you said you have plants to add yet but its looking good
I'm smarter than you
I'm smarter than you - 4 years ago
You need some aquashoes
Heike - 4 years ago
Cant wait to see it complete with the fish in it! :D
Akwarystyka Rodzinna
Akwarystyka Rodzinna - 4 years ago
Great natural Aquarium Aquascape. Really pretty. Regards from Poland :)
Dartist64 Rocks
Dartist64 Rocks - 4 years ago
looking great Joey. if you add a small rock within a hand's breath, anywhere from the pile on the left and a mid sized rock, just off- center, ( in the curve of the wood), it will look even more natural and the rays will still have lots of room to swim and explore. Just a thought.
Luke Hartley
Luke Hartley - 4 years ago
Need more sand but other than that looking great. Like so Joey can see
P J - 4 years ago
You are living my dream! :P haha, now...fill it with 1000 Neon tetras!
Martin Lorenzo Oconer Yuzon
Martin Lorenzo Oconer Yuzon - 4 years ago
Yasssss another step forward to finishing that AMAZING TANK!!!
Johannes Burström
Johannes Burström - 4 years ago
you should put The Rock in your aquarium
1wf - 4 years ago
Keep up the good work Joey!
I think you should add more sand and spread out the rocks.
And we need a 24/7 live stream on the 2000g!
Blue Stuff
Blue Stuff - 4 years ago
So he put the wood in before he put the sand in... well done, but before you even put that bloody sand in clean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Stuff
Blue Stuff - 4 years ago
Nvm he did it anyway I didn't watch the whole vid
Piranha Fish
Piranha Fish - 4 years ago
awesome :) maybe have the rocks slowly thinning and spreading out a bit
nishchay pallav
nishchay pallav - 4 years ago
Your wife deserves a special mention more than all of us for putting up with all this. This couldn't have been possible without her!
J.Cliff Toomey
J.Cliff Toomey - 4 years ago
Who cares if its right, so long as you love the look!
Sian Little
Sian Little - 4 years ago
OMG its looking fab!!! can't wait to see the rays in it!
Raptor 13
Raptor 13 - 4 years ago
Omg im so excited! Looking forward to the plants & fish
Zlachry - 4 years ago
This is going to be so awesome.. Great work like always..
Shelley H.
Shelley H. - 4 years ago
leetlebob - 4 years ago
More sand -_-
Mark Hope
Mark Hope - 4 years ago
real i think you should put frank in the planted tank by your desk. just think you'll have someone happy to see you at your desk! plus when you do vids from your desk we'll see him alot more plus it be more then enough room for him to grow!
Thirsty Rabbit
Thirsty Rabbit - 4 years ago
good day Joey. im so happy for you your dream is coming along and looks tight mate. im so happy Frenk is going in as well. i dont think i will sleep until i know he will be ok. but like you mate i would give it a try as well. i cant wait to see more and what eles is to come. but for this project lots of love from down under mate. keep up the great work mate
Azim Fox
Azim Fox - 4 years ago
im from malaysia
BigYoshi - 4 years ago
If you put anymore than 2 neon tetras it will be over crowded
Bare Bottom Aquariums
Bare Bottom Aquariums - 4 years ago
Mr. KingofDIY. I'm sure this comment will get lost in the tens of thousands, but I think you should do what you want. However... Ted Judy just put out a great aquascaping video and his tank looks amazing. Obviously you would have a different idea of stocking but I think it doesnt hurt to take a look. Thanks for all you do for the community. #fishfam.
Allyson Chains
Allyson Chains - 4 years ago
Looks amazing! Aquascape is killer
Donavan Schoeman
Donavan Schoeman - 4 years ago
I am exactly like you. I made a path throughmy 150l tank and the next day I changed it
Ryan montano
Ryan montano - 4 years ago
Put in peacock bass
Eazy Reefer
Eazy Reefer - 4 years ago
Looking great Joey ! I love to aquascape, mainly saltwater marine, but would love to start doing freshwater, any tips would be awesome
Tyler_ - 4 years ago
In one year:

Aquascaping the 10000 gallon
Shawn Tannehill
Shawn Tannehill - 4 years ago
Funnest part of setting up an aquarium.
Beautiful Otaku
Beautiful Otaku - 4 years ago
Yep was constantly in my 220 gal reef tank till I was happy with the scape.... same as with many of the tanks at the shop
IamVeryShadowKnighty - 4 years ago
shouldve built it all the way to the roof!!! like a whole aquarium wall!
JyB818 - 4 years ago
Looks great Joey!
TheAilaS - 4 years ago
You should add more sand. Rays love sand. My dad used to have 4 rays. And they loved sand. They like to cover their bodies with the sand.
Scott Nak
Scott Nak - 4 years ago
nice Joey! looks Awesome! has everything turned out how you initially visioned? better? worse?
Spoon - 4 years ago
Is the water going to get clearer ?
Deepa Gupta
Deepa Gupta - 4 years ago
we don't just want you to GET IN the tank, we want you to GET IN IT WEARING A MERMAID COSTUME.
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter - 4 years ago
Yep! So sick!
陳嘉星 - 4 years ago
Hello Joey,I want to ask you what kind of fish you intend to put in this giant tank?
OP KilliE
OP KilliE - 4 years ago
poo wee
ReeferGil - 4 years ago
Adrian Lara
Adrian Lara - 4 years ago
Everyone loves Joey. He was the first fish YouTube channel I saw I've seen most of his videos and I like how you just feel like his friend. watching him be happy and so exited about fish makes you happy and exited as well. Thanks Joey!
Ghetto Flies
Ghetto Flies - 4 years ago
that tank is either really tall or he's a little short
Fishlift - 4 years ago
i change it every water change
Fishlift - 4 years ago
i fell the same way aqua scaping
dnyul r
dnyul r - 4 years ago
You could probably fit a shoal of 10 neon tetras in that, not bad.
Phillip Lee
Phillip Lee - 4 years ago
how much did all that wood cost lol
Fishlift - 4 years ago
i cant wait to be able to do something like this
Red1676 - 4 years ago
should put a garden gnome in there lol
romoelgato Romo
romoelgato Romo - 4 years ago
when are the fish going in?
tên không có
tên không có - 4 years ago
có ai việt nam kg ???
SuperSlim - 4 years ago
Needs more cowbell Joey... oh and more sand!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+SuperSlim cowbell being added today.
mallo _man95
mallo _man95 - 4 years ago
did you know that you can get foam that looks like rock to cover the wave maker pumps to make it look more realistic??
Griffin Boeson
Griffin Boeson - 4 years ago
Love the aqua scape!
Mark Weatherhead
Mark Weatherhead - 4 years ago
this is fantastic I mentioned in another video of yours that I'm new to fish keeping but I agree this new tank I have I can't seem to get any aquascape the way I want to keep it. will your rays be okay gliding over the wood like that since when they are full grown they will take up 50% of the tank. I know nothing of rays but they are fantastic
MrDillon2029 - 4 years ago
I love you videos joey!
MrDillon2029 - 4 years ago
Wow your lol
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim - 4 years ago
Nice vid and u need to add more sand in the tank
Jerome Chen
Jerome Chen - 4 years ago
Nicely done man!! I would suggest to add in at least an inch of sand. Not enough for the rays to hide and might be just right for the rays to push it around. Cheers.
Off-Brand Bleach
Off-Brand Bleach - 4 years ago
Cool Pool!

Oh wait..
Dave McConnell
Dave McConnell - 4 years ago
The tank looks great. Can't wait to see the plants growing and the fish in place.
Badandy538 - 4 years ago
That driftwood takes up too much room Joey. You've said it numerous times that your fish never needed a hardscape.
Big Stank
Big Stank - 4 years ago
Need more sand
Jagajivan Preveen
Jagajivan Preveen - 4 years ago
Eeel and arowana is good I think
king0dasouf - 4 years ago
Needs more sand
Joey L
Joey L - 4 years ago
those arms tho
Em.thomo - 4 years ago
I love that the flower horn is going in here
xochristine46 - 4 years ago
you should measure the arowana before putting him in the tank. Then, measure him after a year or so to see how big his growth spirt is :)
Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer - 4 years ago
Looks great Joey! Love what you are doing, very informative and inspiring!
Jordan Weinstein
Jordan Weinstein - 4 years ago
"Comploated" it Joey!
MoneyMarcMes - 4 years ago
That would have made a great saltwater lagoon tank with some bamboo sharks!
Alaya thao
Alaya thao - 4 years ago
Damn joey have you been lifting? Your guns
APURV SHUBHAM - 4 years ago
man you are strong.
Mackenzie Soutar
Mackenzie Soutar - 4 years ago
The rays are going to kick up the sand alot
APURV SHUBHAM - 4 years ago
so what types of aquatic plants you are going put in your aquarium.
IamDèimon - 4 years ago
can't wait to see the arowana and rays in there
Rob Youl
Rob Youl - 4 years ago
Any thoughts towards some crustaceans in there to keep the substrate clean as well as eating any left over food?
Johan S.
Johan S. - 4 years ago
Dont let frank play with the duck, he would eat him alive!!! :p
K Everett
K Everett - 4 years ago
i like it!!
Carlos Amaral
Carlos Amaral - 4 years ago
I would have added a little more sand, but other than that, It looks awesome! Much better than I expected! It's going to be great coming home to such a fantastic tank! Cheers from Brazil!
Calvin Geppert
Calvin Geppert - 4 years ago
Make a small acrylic box for the top of the aquarium so you can see straight to the bottom like goggles
Mackenzie Suchanek
Mackenzie Suchanek - 4 years ago
15:18 it looks like a fish
RAW REPTILES - 4 years ago
Hey joey don't think we forgot about all of those goldfish hopefully those are one of the 125's !
maheshwar MOHAN
maheshwar MOHAN - 4 years ago
ur nice man
RETZ_GAMING 23 - 4 years ago
Nice job I love it
Sankid N
Sankid N - 4 years ago
looks great
Heartland Fishing
Heartland Fishing - 4 years ago
I bet his water bill is going to be Huge
Rich S
Rich S - 4 years ago
Doing great with this channel Joey! Keep up the great work!
Arjon Gopez
Arjon Gopez - 4 years ago
you should add corals too, so it looks much better.
Ahmed Shaikh
Ahmed Shaikh - 4 years ago
Joey why don't u induce sand waterfall in this gaint tank. It will look aweeeesommmmmeeeeee.
Skidz Keepitstreet
Skidz Keepitstreet - 4 years ago
Looks awesome!!! You still really need turtles
Colin David Runge
Colin David Runge - 4 years ago
I think the flower horn is a big mistake. It would be cool if it worked but I think it's going to interact poorly with the arrowana. Especially, since you already had an issue with the arrowana and tank mates in the past. I don't think it's worth the risk in a tank that size. Too hard to correct. And the damage it could do in a short period of time to the arrowana may be too much.
Dog Cat
Dog Cat - 4 years ago
I can see his fish is ganna be monster size and eat someone who falls down the aquarium.
Vishal Anand
Vishal Anand - 4 years ago
Arowanas and Flower horns are aggressive fishes when it comes to territory and food eating. Isn't there a risk of self-injury, if things get out of hand due to driftwood?
Leon Zhang
Leon Zhang - 4 years ago
A pacu would be cool......
Phil Morton
Phil Morton - 4 years ago
glad to see the wood go in, feel for ya, that water looked cold.
JakeAchew Here
JakeAchew Here - 4 years ago
a not i
gryphon 1986
gryphon 1986 - 4 years ago
Joey waiting ur next video to come
JakeAchew Here
JakeAchew Here - 4 years ago
get i mega big sucker fish
R Williams
R Williams - 4 years ago
Awesome job! I love the view from your office. I can't wait to see it with the plants and clear water next!
Petlover2017 123
Petlover2017 123 - 4 years ago
Hello from Arizona
Juan Santillan
Juan Santillan - 4 years ago
You should make a good sized coral viewer that way you can see the rays clearly from the top view
Winston The Gorilla2k2
Winston The Gorilla2k2 - 4 years ago
Such a good bathtub.
Blazerking 121
Blazerking 121 - 4 years ago
I think that you should put some of the rocks in close to the glass or in front of the wood.. putting the rocks more spread out. just a thought
Brendan Griffin
Brendan Griffin - 4 years ago
2 or 3 kessil a350 led lights would be sweet for this. Can't beat there ripple effect and you can dial the kelvin spectrum into what you like
2wheelsx2 - 4 years ago
You should put in some Pseudacanthicus L25 in there to breed in the rocks. Would look awesome.
Petlover2017 123
Petlover2017 123 - 4 years ago
Huge aquarium
Aneesh C R
Aneesh C R - 4 years ago
So happy for you...I can't wait to see the final stage..... I get that you don't like aquascaping very much... But try to make it look a bit more chaotic... Especially the floor is relatively flat... I would love it if you make kind of wavy appearance with your sand.... And it will be cool if you could get some really large boulders too (without killing the open space of course)... Good luck
Thomas Heath
Thomas Heath - 4 years ago
Anyone else notice the face in drift would at 6:53
Andres Pilquil
Andres Pilquil - 4 years ago
toss the FH in first!
nanda mari
nanda mari - 4 years ago
Hi. Will the arawana be in any danger with the pointy branches of wood on the left of the 'scape?
TankByte - 4 years ago
Amazing man. You can come build me one if you wanna
Fawnstorm Aj
Fawnstorm Aj - 4 years ago
That's WAY to small for a betta fish
Corey Gendron
Corey Gendron - 4 years ago
I change my aquascape once a month
J Reese
J Reese - 4 years ago
enjoying the stone as much as you did bring it out with a couple flag stones. keeps the flat surface for the rays and gives you more stone.
MrFish 666
MrFish 666 - 4 years ago
do u think you can keep two or three peacock bass or iridescent shark
ben s
ben s - 4 years ago
always awesome. hit dustin up for some bolbitus a java ferns. tridents or windelov java ferns would look sick. or anubias?
gamer SuZ
gamer SuZ - 4 years ago
Looks great!! I wanna swim with the rays!!
Juan Palacios
Juan Palacios - 4 years ago
the view from ur desk is perfect.
John Nickerson
John Nickerson - 4 years ago
absolutely amazing!!! Very excited to see how this plays out! Easy subscribe
Xero Nox
Xero Nox - 4 years ago
finally coming together, very nice joey
Michael Gimeli
Michael Gimeli - 4 years ago
He should put a large mouth bass In that tank
Angela Hale
Angela Hale - 4 years ago
I constantly rearrange my tank scape. Joey you are not alone in that. The Malaysian bog wood looks really awesome in that setup.
Kate Marsh
Kate Marsh - 4 years ago
3:24 that could have ended really badly! Be safe Joey
Franz von Köller
Franz von Köller - 4 years ago
Please Joey! Plant a waterlily on the corner between the viewing panels! It would look amazing with the pads floating on top and the stems leading up to the surface, it could make the tank look much more natural and help consuming nitrates and might even flower with the correct lightning. Plus it might give the arrowana a place to hide under the leaves if it feels the need to escape sometime O:)
Franz von Köller
Franz von Köller - 4 years ago
Just another little thing, how would plecos work with the rays? I was thinking it's one of the few things that might work with an arrowana that size. It wasn't a joke? are you sure? Maybe that little fella will do ok, I sure hope so.
Mihir Gurjar
Mihir Gurjar - 4 years ago
Please check if you add four wave makers , if that will drive aquascape wood here and there around the tank.
Johnathan Foong
Johnathan Foong - 4 years ago
i think running LED strips underneath the acrylic strip supports would look good; creating some background lighting. Place some scaping right infront would create some foreground interest.
MrDodgeBullets - 4 years ago
110 weirdows dont like this video!!!???
rashmi baral
rashmi baral - 4 years ago
can't wait for the fishes
Stacey12 Stacey
Stacey12 Stacey - 4 years ago
Would you ever do a koi pond??
SDD525 - 4 years ago
Where? It gets really cold where he lives.
iMPiNoY - 4 years ago
Discus fish in there?
James Schmautz
James Schmautz - 4 years ago
Super pumped, it's so close now to being completed
Paul G
Paul G - 4 years ago
An edited video on a Tuesday?.... I can get used to this
Paul G
Paul G - 4 years ago
Sounds good to me
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+Paul G good. I got used to 2 a week. Now testing 3 a week. How's 5 a week eventually sound?
123 JTL
123 JTL - 4 years ago
That's awesome to hear the flowerhorn being in the tank as well. He's quick as a cat, should be fine.
nuatica1345 - 4 years ago
so uh when you gonna add the single tetra also have you considered the amount of space the tetra will have? Seems a little bit to little id say a 5500 gal tank you be minimum for a neon tetra
D-Fens - 4 years ago
The 5000 inch per fish rule.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - 4 years ago
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - 4 years ago
So why is he making the video now?
SDD525 - 4 years ago
He needs his stuff to get delivered.
Floyd Morey
Floyd Morey - 4 years ago
McPuff's Laboratory
McPuff's Laboratory - 4 years ago
Looks great. I like what you did with the wood and the addition of rocks makes it even better. Also glad you've decided to add the flowerhorn. That will be cool to see. Such a cool and odd fish. I hope you will document the physical movement of the fish as many viewers are Keen to see that process.
The Taps
The Taps - 4 years ago
looks awesome! i'm just as excited to see the fishes in there especially my boy frank.
Albert Contois
Albert Contois - 4 years ago
Dose it leave enough room for the sting rays to move around
Eduardo D. 121412 Racoma
Eduardo D. 121412 Racoma - 4 years ago
Why did you scape with water
Deakin - 4 years ago
happy 4th of july
Christian Mirafuentes
Christian Mirafuentes - 4 years ago
you talk too much
SDD525 - 4 years ago
No, you do.
Sion Napitupulu
Sion Napitupulu - 4 years ago
you need light... a lot..
Logan Witte
Logan Witte - 4 years ago
Maybe for lighting, you could extend the lid ledges and put some strong LED strips underneath them.
elizabeth wren
elizabeth wren - 4 years ago
I think it will be epic once the plants in there and the fish.
EDK ReefMeister
EDK ReefMeister - 4 years ago
Looking sharp, buddy
Blessed one
Blessed one - 4 years ago
I'd love to live near you, I'd throw you you a huge party for the final!
Michael Populus
Michael Populus - 4 years ago
Matthew Dean
Matthew Dean - 4 years ago
Sat down here with a few beer(s) and enjoying man! haha Good job brother! Keep it up!!!!
Blessed one
Blessed one - 4 years ago
Joey, My spider monkey, I was on the edge of my chair the whole time, walking on ice yikes lol. Well done, looks awesome!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+Blessed one spider monkey lol... pretty accurate.
Sion Napitupulu
Sion Napitupulu - 4 years ago
who the hell disliked this? --"
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+Sion Napitupulu probably my wife
lionking 2443
lionking 2443 - 4 years ago
434k people slipping around in there
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
+lionking 2443 sounds like a good time to me.
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell - 4 years ago
Given the bacterial benefits that a substrate encourages... I'd be tempted to fill the tank to about half way to the glass.
Carter Stone
Carter Stone - 4 years ago
I think you should add a little more sand and add some rocks in the empty areas to make it a little more natural looking
Xavier smith
Xavier smith - 4 years ago
What made you decide to do sand after denouncing substrate with rays for so long?
scarred_ lotus
scarred_ lotus - 4 years ago
i kept tanks for over 15 years, aquascaping is an rt, but yes never can be satisfied. add a few more small rocks. :)
Duncan Glave
Duncan Glave - 4 years ago
i have spent 70% of my time at my tank trying to adjust the aquascape.
i feel ya joey!
Tera Kloc
Tera Kloc - 4 years ago
Great Job scaping Joey. I truly think you did a great job. I cant wait to see you add some plants and how you will put them on the wood? Im guessing. Correct me if im wrong but if you try to put them in the substrate wouldnt the rays just move them around. I think your literally counting the days with couple more adjustments and its alost ready for fish!!!
JustPets - 4 years ago
Nice, looking forward to see what fish are going into it
Tyrone Wong
Tyrone Wong - 4 years ago
aren't you afraid that your fishes might jump out?
fernando medina
fernando medina - 4 years ago
Awesome love it
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson - 4 years ago
at minute 19:20. the design looks to me like a large fish with its tail curved and fins up. anyone else?
EDGY PAPIx - 4 years ago
i would like to see in this aquarium, some random placement of small to medium stones and pebbles to give it the look a if you'd see it in nature.
Fashooga - 4 years ago
16 hours to fill! Yowzas!
Akash Singh
Akash Singh - 4 years ago
careful with the spiky wood for the fish
Char Lee
Char Lee - 4 years ago
LOVE the tank and the aquascape! I am addicted to your channel. I can't wait for each new video!
gryzor S
gryzor S - 4 years ago
looks mint glad its going well for you . fish will love it
droffilc alleba
droffilc alleba - 4 years ago
my suggestion is BIG no for flowerhorn to be put.. Flowerhorn may kill your sting ray.. Flowerhorn is territorial...
ashley - 4 years ago
iM maKing tHis foR mY bettA fiSh
Christopher Vargas
Christopher Vargas - 4 years ago
y not play sand or all propose sand
PSeV YT - 4 years ago
Will u add more sand to cover up white spots in bottom of tank?? doesn't look finished with white spots showing.
Loc Lam
Loc Lam - 4 years ago
Absolutely beautiful tank, can't wait to see the fish goes in, Tks.
Mark L
Mark L - 4 years ago
Where's the pirate ship and treasure chest????
Christina Facts
Christina Facts - 4 years ago
Maybe consider some waterproof light strips along the bottom perimeter or somewhere hidden?
jharmantas - 4 years ago
Why didn't Ecotech give you any Radion Lights?
Bella Sharard
Bella Sharard - 4 years ago
Definitely has potential. Needs much more sand - especially if you're planting plants. Also scatter a few smaller rocks around the base of the wood so it doesn't look so bare.
marco zando
marco zando - 4 years ago
When are the 120s going to arrive
Siwulam - 4 years ago
Bro that tank is so badass. 10 million people are jealous. Good job and can't wait to see the actual build
Roger Hernandez
Roger Hernandez - 4 years ago
his butt is above the water so why did he say it wasn't him farted I it was kind of obvious
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 4 years ago
Get the fish in man!!!! Looking good man! keep up the good work
boofy8bear - 4 years ago
that hapins to me allott
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison - 4 years ago
looks great a bunch of Java fern would look good on that woood
Diego Armando Riollano Plaza
Diego Armando Riollano Plaza - 4 years ago
Good luck from puerto ricoo!!
lewis ruschin
lewis ruschin - 4 years ago
It would be cool if u made a natives tank with bass and turtles in their natural environment
CMOORE AND ANIMALS - 4 years ago
why dont u have a oscar
King Pac's Gaming and Vlogs
King Pac's Gaming and Vlogs - 4 years ago
What going to happen with the 100 gallon tank
ghorab abyath
ghorab abyath - 4 years ago
can't wait to see the tank ready :)
michael jugadora
michael jugadora - 4 years ago
who the hell put a thumbs down............ grrrrrrrr
Callum Hughes
Callum Hughes - 4 years ago
Get a Leopard Pleco
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero - 4 years ago
Joey, the rock pile on the left looks too piled up. Spread it out more, so it loooks more natural. Yes, you will lose some space but it's that or having little to no rocks.
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero - 4 years ago
Maybe tiny rocks in random places... more natural
Lelani Dixon
Lelani Dixon - 4 years ago
Looks really great! I love the wood, so gorgeous. The only tweak I would make is adding a few large flat rocks in between the two rock pile anchors. You mentioned it yourself that it might need some rocks in between and I agree with that. Keeping it to flat rocks shouldn't interfere with the rays ability to swim under and around the wood.
Will Hodgson
Will Hodgson - 4 years ago
I pretty much hate both my tanks every time I try to scape them. not sure if I'll ever be able to get it where I want it lol
Dev Han
Dev Han - 4 years ago
it's just like a pond
Liam White
Liam White - 4 years ago
You need more sand
fRANK CENA - 4 years ago
Did you chop down your neighbor's tree? haha looking good man!
Sly Bowtie
Sly Bowtie - 4 years ago
Try out some kessil leds
VolleyballBuster - 4 years ago
what's the plan for aeration?
ddgandme - 4 years ago
plain wood is not a cool aquascape
Steve Campey
Steve Campey - 4 years ago
i can see you jumping in and out of that tank at least a dozen times till you are happy with it. IMO you need bigger rocks, heavy and awkward I know, but will make your timber pop.
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero
Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero - 4 years ago
You could have used a large mirror to see what you were doing.
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Anthony's Malawi Predators - 4 years ago
substrate?!?! finally.. lol
In tank watet changes? you'll be fine a little venom never killed noone.. right
Alpha smurf
Alpha smurf - 4 years ago
"this wood is so big and heavy" as his biceps are barely fitting in his shirt
Steve Campey
Steve Campey - 4 years ago
Great job, looking forward to the plants going in.
Sea Sparkle
Sea Sparkle - 4 years ago
Nice! that almost looks better than the aquariums they have at zoos and stuff.
R Bear
R Bear - 4 years ago
I love your tank, I would love to have one that big.
Stitching Jules
Stitching Jules - 4 years ago
Do you expect some cloudiness for a few weeks when the rays go into the tank and disturb the sand? I can't wait to see the fish in their new giant tank!!!!!
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto - 4 years ago
Would you design a house for me to? I'm looking for something a little more modern.
JD Aquatics
JD Aquatics - 4 years ago
Looking great Joey! !
M.havoks aquariums
M.havoks aquariums - 4 years ago
love love love it!!!
BAS Aquariums
BAS Aquariums - 4 years ago
I killed 2 fish due to stress when is was reaquascaping my tank
Eldwin Rodriguez Tejada
Eldwin Rodriguez Tejada - 4 years ago
Where the others tank at
vizell garrett
vizell garrett - 4 years ago
Yep Joey I know! I have 300G tank with 3 26 inch Bichirs Polypterus Ansorgii just a little substrate and little small rocks they do that speed swim and dash nothing can be in there way had to keep changing it around till it was the way they like it. Good Job on the Tank love it
FUNNY SH#T - 4 years ago
Looks awesome
Thomas Salter
Thomas Salter - 4 years ago
If you have to get in the tank to plant the plants don't you run the risk of getting stung by a stingray!
I am a soul
I am a soul - 4 years ago
why don't plp just push the like button it only takes a second
Kittenmage Bone
Kittenmage Bone - 4 years ago
I think you need more sand, the white patches really take away from it
Sam's Fish Tanks
Sam's Fish Tanks - 4 years ago
Looks awesome!
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 4 years ago
I think you should add a thicker layer of sand
TheTorqueMusic - 4 years ago
Please do a DIY LED planted light for this tank!!!

Maybe attached with brackets to the back wall, so it can fold up when doing maintenance etc....?
Splitter101 - 4 years ago
flowerhorn and smaller arowana temporarily in the planted?
RC West Midlands
RC West Midlands - 4 years ago
congrats dude looks awsome
Ashley S
Ashley S - 4 years ago
You should get a common pleco, so we can see how big it gets lol. you can use it to teach people how big they really are!
ĐøŘý pęt ţv
ĐøŘý pęt ţv - 4 years ago
cant wait for the last resolt
Steff D
Steff D - 4 years ago
beautiful tank only thing that bothers me a bit is the tank is so low. like it feels like a fish market tank rather that something of display. Much respect to your tank but just wanted to get my opinion across
I. RIVERA - 4 years ago
I'm the same way! I'm never satisfied and get really frustrated. I think it looks good! Maybe spread out the first pile of rocks and add more sand? Either way it's coming along nicely!! Keep it up.
ted pollock
ted pollock - 4 years ago
I don't know what the rays will do(never have taken care of them, but planing on it) but I would put some gravel on or around the rocks not much about a 5 gal bag of them if they get scattered then it looks more like a river/lake
ted pollock
ted pollock - 4 years ago
oh and a live stream of the tank on the channel at all times would be fun
Mark Kissner
Mark Kissner - 4 years ago
Looks great. Can't wait to see your fish and rays enjoying all your hard work.
madcypress L.L.
madcypress L.L. - 4 years ago
Storm Van odijk
Storm Van odijk - 4 years ago
Looks amazing Joey! Please keep us updated quick
Charlie10Tango - 4 years ago
sooo.... you aren't going with 70 sq ft of clown vomit???
HazedForDays - 4 years ago
Bad ass!!!! Can NOT Wait to see the Flowerhorn!
ttgk - 4 years ago
DIY king has some guns
XpetraXpazlX - 4 years ago
Take out the huge rocks, your rays need more room to swim around.

Those piles don't look good, you should just have some of the smaller rocks. The wood already looks good by it's self.
Dusan Dobranic
Dusan Dobranic - 4 years ago
You need half inch of water to be higher than acrilic windows.
Jiree Pugh
Jiree Pugh - 4 years ago
and river carp
Justin Hart
Justin Hart - 4 years ago
Great hardscape! can't wait to see you get the plants in.
Jiree Pugh
Jiree Pugh - 4 years ago
you should add guppies and mollies and tetras with cori catfish
Joshua John Walters
Joshua John Walters - 4 years ago
looks awsome
CREEPONATER Minecraft - 4 years ago
You never said anything about the flowerhorn
jss12 a1234
jss12 a1234 - 4 years ago
You need a little bit more sand ther is some gaps
Frosty Winter
Frosty Winter - 4 years ago
Looks good
Max Husa
Max Husa - 4 years ago
This was the highlight to my fourth of July you may not know what that is Joey but who cares
J Reid
J Reid - 4 years ago
It doesn't look all that good... the holes in the sand kinda look crappy, and the rocks don't look good right up against the wood like that... just my opinion though
Andy's Reef
Andy's Reef - 4 years ago
Quality channel, it really is!! I here what your saying regarding of the best but also one of most irritating / agitating things you can do. I've only just been really happy with my aquascape (re-scapped last week.....again) and I started it in January!!!
Marty - 4 years ago
Looks great! Petaluma Nemo
Diego Arana
Diego Arana - 4 years ago
Great almost finished
ShiningBOT - 4 years ago
You could have lost your shirt to go in. I was hoping for it
Nick - 4 years ago
I feel Joey, my friends make fun of me because I'm constantly redoing my tanks!
guacamole - 4 years ago
when you said that about the flower horn i thought it was a joke but then I thought it could be a good idea
guacamole - 4 years ago
and you should add a really big pleco I just think it'll look good but it's up to my man
Jimmy H Fishes
Jimmy H Fishes - 4 years ago
Looks Awesome Joey.... can't wait for the fishes....
TheTheladrillo23 - 4 years ago
hope you will use you water changed for something productive, maybe some hydroponics? we are talking about a lot water to waste
jt santiago
jt santiago - 4 years ago
To make it look natural you should add some scattered rocks too
Parameister Creations
Parameister Creations - 4 years ago
I've got a 5G and a 20G and if I could, they'd have a different aquascape everyday, I'm sure the fish appreciate that I don't though lol
J Reid
J Reid - 4 years ago
I know nothing about aquariums etc., but I have been watching this channel for months. What are tannins?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 4 years ago
Tannins are an organic substance leeched out of wood. Some woods leech more than others. Side effects are that it can turn the water yellow/amber in colour and has an acidic effect, lowering the PH of the water. Harmless, but for some it is not visually pleasing(although more natural looking, i don't like it... i prefer the water to be clear)
donna rigg
donna rigg - 4 years ago
wow going to be awesome. Can't wait to see fish in their new home
goseeGEO - 4 years ago
i think it needs more sand
robin Christensen
robin Christensen - 4 years ago
why do you say "and what not" so much?
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae - 4 years ago
Hey Joey this tank rocks

Jennifer Zhang
Jennifer Zhang - 4 years ago
I love how it looks like. can/t wait to see how it looks like at the end.Great job!
Edward E
Edward E - 4 years ago
Wow i love it! gives it a very nice river look for sure!! can't wait till the fish are in there :) Great job Joey!
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez - 4 years ago
SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!
luisman713 - 4 years ago
Your videos are addictive Great going with your tank!Cant wait to see future videos! :-D!
Tru Reef
Tru Reef - 4 years ago
looks awesome. doing a saltwater like this series would be so amazing
Kyle Raines
Kyle Raines - 4 years ago
Alpina YT
Alpina YT - 4 years ago
It looks great but I really think you should add a little more sand cause you can still see the ground of the tank a little bit
Kobin Harris
Kobin Harris - 4 years ago
Maybe stock some crawfish in there they will clean up the bottom of the tank and are high in protein I'm sure the rays would gorge on them
Marysol Deeley
Marysol Deeley - 4 years ago
NickskibikeFilms - 4 years ago
Joey! Great work so far. Love how it's all coming along. You should get a GoPro and make a mount for it above the tank looking down! So you could always get shots looking straight down at the tank! Anyone else agree??
Firepast Studios
Firepast Studios - 4 years ago
Joey, you promised us that you would be a mermaid, When is it gonna happen? xD Lol love your vids and hi from the land down under!
Grumpy Old Scotsman
Grumpy Old Scotsman - 4 years ago
hey love your enthusiasm, inherited a few mollies and a goldfish and now have my first 80 litre tank with guppies, tetra's shrimp, and mollies in it ... your videos help hugely and fingers crossed things seem to be going well.. been aquascaping I had never heard of until a month ago... oh dear not sure if ill be stopping at one tank now... good luck with the big tank and thanks for the videos.
oceancolours - 4 years ago
Looks good. Depends on the individual personalities of the fish but from my experience I've found generally Flowerhorns to be more aggressive than Arowanas, after all they are large cichlids and territorial (especially when they are horny). When it doesn't work out it's really painful to see an Arowana's fins torn up and/or lost scales.
Simon Modzgabrishvili
Simon Modzgabrishvili - 4 years ago
Are you only putting rays and the arawana
wereaboutsunknown - 4 years ago
Hey Joey, you should add a pile of rocks in the front corner, I think it would look pretty good; but that's just me.
austalien1 - 4 years ago
that first peace of drift wood is amazing.......the aquascapeing look fantastic. cant wait to see it planted.
Grace - 4 years ago
More sand but besides it awesome
DashiHunter - 4 years ago
Joey are you going to add bakround?´
noelfezza - 4 years ago
Looks absolutely awesome. Kind of hoped you'd have a group of dither fish in there aswell. I'm chuffed to hear franks going in there badass fish he is
Croix Kaun
Croix Kaun - 4 years ago
Can you please make more videos about discus fish
Jus a pupper
Jus a pupper - 4 years ago
Just please don't pull an Irwin on us
طالب العلم
طالب العلم - 4 years ago
wow very nice job
michji2 - 4 years ago
Please let's the fishes in this tank will be Heterandria formosa
KatrinaThomas1990 - 4 years ago
I hope he got all the silica bags out of the sand, those can be toxic if dissolved in water. would hate for anything to happen to the fish, but knowing joey hes already sorted it!
Sean Hare
Sean Hare - 4 years ago
I think you need more rock in the front right corner as if you were walking in the room. Other than that, this tank is going to be a amazing.
Tanya Foster
Tanya Foster - 4 years ago
I am absolutely in love. I am no aqua enthusiast like you, but I do appreciate aquariums and yours are especially impressive to me. Very nice!
tom4728 - 4 years ago
Needs more sand
JM_ Vlogs
JM_ Vlogs - 4 years ago
red pigeon discus would look so cool in that tank!
Razvion - 4 years ago
Would you consider adding a 3d back wall ?
MrBoss560 - 4 years ago
I can't even imagine the humidity
Vincent marceau
Vincent marceau - 4 years ago
put the damn fish!!! joking take your time. tank look great!
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 4 years ago
Man, this is the definition of a "wet" dream...

Great work!
Asapb360 Gaming
Asapb360 Gaming - 4 years ago
How much did this cost you all up? :) Interested in my own now haha
Nishi Hahn
Nishi Hahn - 4 years ago
I simply want to swim once the fish are are added
Lefman Kan
Lefman Kan - 4 years ago
So this is the very first regular Tuesday video? Awesome!
SMK what's next
SMK what's next - 4 years ago
looking good
Rosco's Reef with Scott
Rosco's Reef with Scott - 4 years ago
It is really looking awesome, won't be long now until the fish are in and it truly comes to life.
Saif khan
Saif khan - 4 years ago
Cant w8 for the FISH to GO in the TANK!!!!! :D :D
Sanjay M
Sanjay M - 4 years ago
Damn !! I would love to see a Wild Discus + Altum setup :D Either way amazing tank !! Enjoy watching your videos Joey :)
Devin Orvis
Devin Orvis - 4 years ago
looks great!! cant wait for the big guy to be in it.
Funny Fish
Funny Fish - 4 years ago
What about if the rays stab them self with the spikes sense you have substrate
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 4 years ago
(tiny schooling fishhhhhhhhh)
subscribe to games/funny
subscribe to games/funny - 4 years ago
The king of die nice video I like fish to I have better fish and there awesome
Allen Jones
Allen Jones - 4 years ago
Don't forget About Frank!!!
Briski89 xo
Briski89 xo - 4 years ago
looks good but i think it needs a bit more sand
buddiwanbr - 4 years ago
incredible tank. Great job Joey
Richard Holford
Richard Holford - 4 years ago
It probably wont be a problem now there is sand in there but wearing regular sports socks would stop your feet from sliding on the bottom. I used to have to wear them for that reason when I supported people swimming in a tiled swimming pool in my old job.
Thomasgolen Golen
Thomasgolen Golen - 4 years ago
Awesome. I thoroughly enjoy watching the progression of your tank, keep it up!!
cool dude 1234
cool dude 1234 - 4 years ago
the tank looks amazing. thinking how will u remove that stingray thing from the tank
Salemthedovah - 4 years ago
I was cringing so hard when he got into the aquarium and didn't pull up his shorts so they won't get wet LOL
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry - 4 years ago
More decorations and maybe plants
UltraJJTA Gaming
UltraJJTA Gaming - 4 years ago
I can't wait for his tank to be completed. It will look really nice.
Pedro Brandão
Pedro Brandão - 4 years ago
Definitely add more sand to it. please.

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