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Lost "Baby Buggy Round Tail" Surfboard Review...

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× Click to buy: SURF STATION - No obligation, but these links & ads help support the site and keeps the reviews coming! If you decide to buy somewhere else or would like to support the show, please donate at The Lost Baby Buggy is a...


Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard Review

103 likes 32,075 views 2 years ago

× Ian reviews the Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard. Born out of frustration arising from an extended period of flatness and small waves, the Puddle Fish has all the small wave catching nous of its predecessor the Puddle Jumper but with an injection of blistering speed and chuckability. Available at Boardshop:...


...Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard Review

81 likes 32,419 views 4 years ago

× Trip Forman reviews the Puddle Jumper Surfboard by shaper Matt "Mayhem" Biolos and ...Lost Surfboards. Learn more:


JS "Monsta 8" Surfboard Review by Noel Salas...

165 likes 16,715 views 6 months ago

× No obligation, but these links & ads help support the site and keeps the reviews coming! If you decide to buy somewhere else or would like to support the show, please donate at We got fun waves for this review, and the Monsta 8 performed very well. From 2-6' surf this HPSB carries good speed, and I found it to be very...


Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Review

32 likes 32,649 views 5 years ago

× Trip Forman reviews the ...Lost V3 Rocket in the REAL boardloft. With hundreds of ...Lost boards in stock and custom orders available - we've got you covered! Find out more at


Torq Mini Mal Range Surfboard Review

48 likes 17,011 views 3 years ago

× The Torq Mini Mal will suit surfers of any levels in virtually all conditions. The versatility of the Mod Fun makes them the perfect 'swiss army' surfboard, if you need one board to handle all the conditions where you live and travel. This board is ideal for the intermediate surfer looking for a well made and durable surfboard but without the large...


Firewire Helium Evo Surfboard Review

86 likes 17,515 views 1 year ago

× Ian reviews the Firewire Helium Evo Surfboard: The latest board from Tomo pushes surfboard design again. Having it under your arm puts a huge smile on your face, the anticipation of surfing it is almost too much! We had a chance to have a quick surf on a 5' 5" and although smaller than you'd...


3in1 ARRIS SURFboard SBG6700AC Review

247 likes 34,879 views 2 years ago

× For more information on this product or to purchase from amazon click here. 3X Faster than Wireless N Wi-Fi® speeds up to 1600 Mbps 802.11 AC Gigabit Wi-Fi® Wi-Fi beamforming – max coverage and performance 2.4/5.0 GHz Dual-band Concurrent 2 – Gigabit Ethernet Ports 8X Faster than DOCSIS 2.0 Download speeds up to 343...


Slater Designs "Sci-Fi" Surfboard Review by...

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× Click to buy: SURF STATION: JACK'S SURFBOARDS: No obligation, but these links & ads help support the site and keeps the reviews coming! If you decide to buy somewhere else...


Aquila 44 Power Catamaran Boat Review from...

305 likes 93,551 views 5 years ago

× Learn more about the Aquila 44 on this visual review form On the Aquila 44 you will enjoy the 360˚ view from the spacious salon and galley that features a large seating area, hidden TV stowage and plenty of storage to make a live-aboard vacation easy and pleasant. Galley features include Corian countertops, electric fridge and freezer,...


[ENG] CRANCHI ECO TRAWLER 53 - Review - The...

384 likes 94,091 views 3 years ago

× The Cranchi Eco Trawler 53 Long Distance is very succesful. In the video we'll show you some of the phases of construction and then take a tour on board to analyse the space, features and performance. Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! The Boat Show YouTube channel:...
× Is your family in the market for a new or different boat? Check out the video blog series by for more details!


HobbyKing ScottFree Race Boat Review - RC Boat...

747 likes 97,538 views 2 years ago

× The HobbyKing ScottFree Off Shore Race Boat is pretty outstanding with such a sleek look right out of the box. This RC shines though, where it belongs, right on the water! Spitting up Crazy high rooster tails and taking snap corners like a champ, you won't know what passed you 'till it's too late! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors have had their hands...
× The Crestliner VT 17 is an affordable aluminum modified-V bass boat that's loaded with features. By Charles Plueddeman. For more videos, test data, performance chart, detail review please view on


[ENG] PERSHING 62 - Yacht Review - The Boat Show

820 likes 193,684 views 5 years ago

× It's not just a luxury yacht. The Pershing 62 is the super sporty and high performance one of the series. Climb aboard with our tester Maurizio Bulleri to discover the speed and the adrenaline! Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! The Boat Show YouTube channel:...


[ENG] MAJESTY 100 - 4K Full Review - The Boat Show

810 likes 100,697 views 1 year ago

× On board Majesty 100, the new 30 meters built by Gulf Craft, one of the most important builders in the world. The exterior lines are elegant and harmonious, no extravagant form, rather a style of universal beauty. The novelty is the flying bridge transformed into a bridge to be used in every season, suitable for warm climates and the northern seas...


Kids Play with Toys RC BOAT | Unboxing &...

1,650 likes 204,170 views 5 months ago

× Hello Guys! Today I'm Unboxing & Testing High Speed Remote Control Toys RC Boat for Kids!! Hope You enjoy the video & make sure to Like, Comment, share & subscribe for more videos.. You can buy this RC Boat - FAST & EASY CONTROL , AWESOME RC BOAT FOR BEGINNER! Toyshine H102 High-Speed Remote Control Boat Ship, Rechargeable RC...


JS "Air 17X" Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep. 62

211 likes 17,929 views 10 months ago

× No obligation, but if you want to support the Site and keep the reviews coming you can donate here. In this episode I review a custom JS 5'7" Air 17X. This model is a small wave high performance board that excels in 2-6" surf. We got really fun waves in the 2-5' range and this board did NOT disappoint. The Air 17X...


Firewire Helium Dominator Surfboard Review

58 likes 18,391 views 2 years ago

× Ian reviews the Firewire Helium Dominator: The Dominator combines a full outline with a thick foil from nose to tail and a Five Fin configuration so you have both quad and thruster options available. The wide point has been moved back to reduce the nose profile, maintaining all of the speed but...


Christenson Surfboards Ocean Racer Surfboard...

101 likes 18,161 views 1 year ago

× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! New...


Firewire Helium Spitfire Surfboard Review

58 likes 18,215 views 2 years ago

× Ian reviews the Firewire Helium Spitfire Surfboard. Firewire marketing Director, Chuy Reyna, was looking for all the benefits of the Dominator but with even more performance. The SPITFIRE combines a diamond tail and STEP-DOWN tail rail, giving the SPITFIRE the tail bite of a much thinner board, without losing the Dominator's speed and flotation....


Firewire Helium Seaside Surfboard Review

161 likes 18,786 views 4 months ago

× Ian Reviews the Firewire Helium Seaside Surfboard: Rob Machado's hotly anticipated Firewire Helium Seaside has landed. Whilst absolutely loving the skatey feel of his Go Fish over the last couple of years, Rob was interested in fine-tuning the board to achieve a little more performance for more...


Fred Rubble Surfboard Review

24 likes 36,605 views 7 years ago

× Channel Islands Fred Rubble surfboard reviewed by Matt.


Channel Islands Surfboard Demo

30 likes 37,381 views 7 years ago

× Anna Santoro of Board Riders Review checks out a few of the Al Merrick Channel Island Surfboards: the Dane Reynolds' Neckbeard, the Yadin Nicol Cheese stick, and the Dagger by Taylor Knox.


Rusty Smoothie Surfboard Review

48 likes 19,076 views 3 years ago

× Trip Forman reviews the RUSTY Smoothie in the REAL Boardloft. Learn more:


Lost RV Surfboard Review

56 likes 38,056 views 5 years ago

× Trip Forman reviews the ...Lost RV in the REAL boardloft. Find out more about the ..Lost RV here: Here's how the RV compares to other boards in the domesticated series: -Couch Potato : Ultimate groveler with wide open sweet spot. Milk the smallest waves with the ability to turn hard or...


Princess 49 review | Motor Boat & Yachting

320 likes 105,411 views 2 years ago

× The Princess 49 is the first flybridge boat the Plymouth yard has made with IPS. Has the wait been worth it? Filmed by Richard Langdon: Subscribe - Follow us - Facebook - Digital editions -...


Beneteau Barracuda 9 Boat Review / Performance...

145 likes 106,548 views 6 years ago

× Looking for a boat that's under 30 feet and combines fishing with family fun?'s Lenny Rudow checked out the Beneteau Barracuda 9, which recently won Best Powerboat under 30 feet at the Newport Boat Show. As a fisherman, Lenny really appreciated the walkaround fishability, and he also liked the protection of a full-sized and well-appointed...


[ENG] SEA RAY 400 Sundancer - 4K Review - The...

548 likes 113,518 views 2 years ago

× Sea Ray 400 Sundancer, a 40 feet day cruiser with opening hard top, two cabins, two bathrooms, a cockpit with many seats, the forward sundeck and many solutions to make it more comfortable and more practical, such as submersible platform with built-in ladder, the BBQ on the aft platform and the joystick. She is the ideal boat for those who change a...


[ENG] SEA RAY L 650 FLY - Review - The Boat Show

649 likes 223,903 views 5 years ago

× Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! The Boat Show YouTube channel: The Boat Show Facebook: Subscribe now! Weekly updates! Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Subscribe to our...


Elling E6 review | Motor Boat & Yachting

437 likes 117,139 views 2 years ago

× With a transatlantic cruising range and a decent turn of speed the Elling E6 is one of the most versatile boats you can buy. Dave Marsh puts it to the test in The Netherlands. Filmed by Lester McCarthy: Subscribe - Follow us - Facebook -...


~~Review~~1997 Parker 2520 Fishing Boat For...

114 likes 117,705 views 8 years ago

× 1997 Parker 2520 Fishing Boat ~Brand New Merc 5.0 Engine Call Michael 516-729-2003


The Best Boat Cover Review Video Ever Made

408 likes 120,120 views 2 years ago

× Florida fishing girl Darcizzle shows you HOW TO put on her new boat cover and gives a quick review. Keep your boat clean, dry, and protected with these great semi-custom covers. SAVE 5% LINK here: Pakaloha bikini: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ LET’S SUPPORT EACH OTHER...


8 Things We Liked and Disliked About Fresh Off...

2,658 likes 237,684 views 4 years ago

× Support OTGW on Subbable: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe for more Off the Great Wall: Make sure to share with your friends! __ OTGW Merchandise! Facebook:...
× Click to buy: SURF STATION - No obligation, but these links & ads help support the site and keeps the reviews coming! If you decide to buy somewhere else or would like to support the show, please donate at...


Pyzel Ghost Surfboard Review

69 likes 20,335 views 1 year ago

× REAL Watersports co-founder Trip Forman reviews the Pyzel Ghost surfboard. See the full written review at:


Takayama Scorpion Surfboard Video Review

28 likes 39,757 views 8 years ago

× REAL Watersports' Trip Forman takes you through the Takayama Scorpion Surfboard Video Review
× This surfboard review is on the Lost "Driver" surfboard. The Driver was originally launched in 2010-2011 and became a favorite amongst Lost team riders and surfers around the world. The main purpose for the release of the Driver in 2017 was to give the surf community the opportunity to purchase a board off the rack in surf shops with the same glass...


Channel Islands "Ultra Joe" Surfboard Review by...

268 likes 21,054 views 1 month ago

× Click to buy: SurfStation: Jack's Surfboards: Surf Ontario (Canada Only): No obligation, but these links & ads help support the site and...


Surfboard Review with Sterling Spencer \\...

115 likes 20,996 views 1 year ago

× Buy the MOONBEAM here Watch Professional surfer Sterling Spencer ride and review Rob Machado's new model "The MoonBeam" by Firewire Surfboards Rob Machado designed this LFT shape while thinking of small, and weak waves; “The kind of waves I ride a lot...

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