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Stretch Super Buzz Surfboard Review from REAL

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× Trip from REAL covers Stretch and Nathan Fletcher's newest creation: The Super Buzz. Not a grovel stick and not a hybrid, the Super Buzz will leave you smiling after surfing possibly the shortest board in your quiver. For more information and to buy online check out REAL Watersports:


AquaCraft GP-1 Ultra Hydroplane RC Boat Review

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× The AquaCraft GP-1 Ultra Hydroplane boat was easy to setup plus fast and fun on the water. Candy and I really enjoyed making this review and hope you enjoy it as well. The GP-1 can be purchased online through the Tower Hobbies website at these links below. The RXR version: The RTR...


Hookah Diving Girl Sexy

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× Just made a short video on how to properly install the gopro surfboard mount. Thanks for watching please like the video it helps out a lot and i would very much appreciate it. For more videos subscribe here:


39 Winterize Your Boat Tips, How to Build a...

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× http://www.TheBoaters.TV Episode 39 First up - Winterizing Your Boat: Five Basic Tips from BoatU.S. (The Boat Owners Association of the United States) These tips come from the article, "Putting It Away - Winterizing Steps You Need to Take," from BoatU.S.'s Trailering Magazine. Read the full article here:
× Didn't find much on YouTube for this modem, so I decided to do a short review and somewhat unboxing of this wireless modem.


etrailer | Yakima SUP Tailgate Pad Review

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× Click for more info and reviews of this Yakima Watersport Carriers: Check out some similar Watersport Carriers options: Don’t forget to subscribe!...


How To Anchor A Bay Boat (Top Anchoring...

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× When you’re dropping down the anchor, a lot can go wrong… Your hand or leg could get stuck in the rope and you could get pulled overboard… You could drop the anchor on your deck and be in for an expensive repair job… You could not tie the anchor on your boat correctly and lose your anchor… And those are just a few of the things that...


Nixon Housing Watch Review at

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× Details at: The Housing watch by Nixon features a custom digital display with pre-programmed tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020. The case is made of stainless steal with a hardened mineral crystal...


Nixon Outsider Watch Review at

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× Details at: The Outsider watch features custom digital movement with a digital compass. It has dual time, alarm, light, and countdown timer functions in addition to a stainless steel bezel. The custom...


Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

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× Welcome aboard MV Freedom, our 2004 Nordhavn 43 trawler, hull #3! We are proud owners of a spacious, comfortable and sea-worthy vessel and are excited to bring you inside to see the salon, galley, pilot house, state rooms, heads and of course, the ENGINE room fit for a king. If you have any questions or want to see more in a future video, drop a...


Lost Rad Ripper Surfboard Review

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× Ian reviews the Lost Rad Ripper surfboard: The Lost Rad Ripper surfboard is fresh from the Mayhem "Post Modern Retro" collection and is one of the most inclusive shortboards from the Lost factory in 2019. Matt's starting point was the Retro Ripper which he tweaked and tuned for smaller...


FireWire Wingnut Noserider surfboard review

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× FireWire Wingnut Noserider surfboard review
× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! Full...


Getting Into RC Boating Cheap and Fast w/ FT007...

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× You can get this great little boat here for about $50- Want to get into rc boats, get a boat for a youngster or be able to crash your boats in a game of chicken well...... This boat can...


RIVA 90 ARGO - Exclusive Yacht Review and...

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× Exclusive full tour and review of the new amazing Argo 90, a yacht built by iconic Italian shipyard Riva Yachts. Location: Cannes, France By Maurizio Bulleri Prova completa e tour del nuovo Riva 90 Argo, del celebre cantiere Riva. Location: Cannes, Francia Di Maurizio Bulleri The Boat Show


6 Boating Tips To Use Every Trip

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× Here we discuss 6 very important tips you should use every time you take your boat out. I hope everyone finds these useful and if you have any additional ones let me know in the comments.
× Throughout the year I test a lot of products and some of these products become a Favorite of mine. The products in this review are special or unique and they should be on every surfer’s radar. Surf n Show appreciates your support when you purchase products that we review directly from our Affiliate Partners. Where to Buy: The Surf Station 1....


Wavestorm 8 foot Surfboard Review From Costco

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× Wavestorm 8 foot Surfboard Review From Costco


Lost "Rad Ripper" Surfboard Review by Noel...

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× Where to Buy: The Surf Station: Jack’s Surfboards: Surf Ontario: (Canada Only)...
× Welcome to part 1 of The ULTIMATE Cruising Guide where we share all our tips and tricks which we learnt while cruising the Caribbean. In this Video we share a comparison of anchoring vs staying in marinas and tips on food provisioning. This is a series in which we hope to provide a valuable overview of the challenges and logistics of cruising...


Sailing across the English Channel

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× We spend the summer sailing around the English channel, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands as a shake down cruise to prepare Fair Isle for long term cruising. Living aboard a sailboat long term is very different from weekend sailing so we are dealing with all the changes we need to make for a voyaging sailboat. We will be adding lots of tips on...


Living aboard the Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 |...

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× We spend 24 hours on board the Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 to see if it's the best one yet. Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 yacht tour at the Cannes Boat Show: Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 24 hour test: Filmed by Richard Langdon:...


Flipsies Doll Dollhouse & Ocean Cruiser Boat...

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× Subscribe here: For more cartoons and kids shows see our awesome playlists below: Ruby Roo: Ruby Roo Magic Wheel:...


[ITA] JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 349 - Review - The...

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× The Boat Show ti porta a bordo delle più belle barche del mondo, dai gommoni ai superyacht, sia a vela che a motore. Saliamo a bordo delle più importanti novità e le proviamo per voi. Velocità massima, consumo di carburante, abitabilità, dettagli tecnici, ma anche consigli per scegliere la barca dei vostri sogni. Iscriviti al nostro canale per...


Boat Rockerz 255 Review - Mi Neckband / Realme...

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× #boat #boatrockerz #boatrockerz255 Enter the Realme X2 Pro Giveaway - Today we take a look at the Boat Rockerz 255 bluetooth neckband headset and compare it with a few other bluetooth earphones that are in the same price range. Buy a Bluetooth Headset: Boat Rockerz 255 Realme Buds...
× Website: Twitter: Facebook:


Chilli Black Vulture Surfboard Review

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× Ian reviews the Black Vulture Surfboard: So why do we like it? Simple it's a good paddler, catches average waves without you having to absolutely exhaust yourself paddling, and once up and riding its fast and pretty stable, but when you put your foot down it responds. It has a fuller...


Rolling Review

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× In a restless search for new opportunities and new ways of living, the mystery and promise of distant horizons always have called men forward. ~ They call themselves the Rollers. Follow a band of surfers as they convert a historic house in Western Europe into a creative factory and travel the globe in search of waves. This is their Rolling Review....


Surfboards: Can A Thruster Devotee Learn To...

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× In this Joyride, Stab's resident board tester, Michael Ciaramella, examines the JS Black Baron—a twin-fin designed for explosive, modern surfing, like that of Ryan Callinan at two-foot Keramas. Could our tester be wooed by the twin's fast, loose nature, or will he remain fixed in his thruster roots? Find out above, then read our complete review on...


Highlights! Weather Routing and Immigration...

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× Welcome to part 1 of The ULTIMATE Cruising Guide where we share all our tips and tricks which we learnt while cruising the Caribbean. In this Video we share a cruising summary of the Caribbean, plus tips on immigration and weather routing. This is a series in which we hope to provide a valuable overview of the challenges and logistics of cruising...


35 Mega Yacht Spotting, PWC Tips (and...

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× http://www.TheBoaters.TV Episode 35: Mega Yacht Spotting, PWC Tips (and Bloopers), The Amphibious Quadski First up: - a website designed for mega yacht enthusiasts to share information, photos, and current location details of the world's 2,000 largest yachts. is a non-for-profit site created and run...


etrailer | Thule SUP Shuttle Stand Up...

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× Click for more info and reviews of this Thule Watersport Carriers: Check out some similar Watersport Carriers options: Don’t forget to subscribe!...


Intermarine 66 - Boat Review

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× A Intermarine apresentou pela primeira vez ao público o novo modelo de 66 pés com soluções vistas apenas em barcos de maior porte. Com quatro cabines e uma ampla praça de popa, conheça o lançamento do estaleiro paulistano. BOAT SHOPPING - O MELHOR CONTEÚDO NÁUTICO:


Lego city coast guard patrol boat + tower 7739

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× This is another Oceanic review of the LEGO city coast guard patrol boat and tower set NO.7739. Rating:10/10 price:£48.95 Visit my channel for more videos.



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× Full Review of the Axopar 2 Anti-Roll Gyro System, mounted on board motor boat Axopar 28. Location: Cannes, France By Maurizio Bulleri Prova del sistema giroscopico di eliminazione rollio Seakeeper 2, montato sull'Axopar 28. Location: Cannes, Francia Di Maurizio Bulleri The Boat Show


1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat...

6,402 likes 55,285 views 3 weeks ago

× Over 1 year ago we dropped propane and went fully electric with an induction stove and electric oven, all powered by Lithium batteries. In this video we do a 1 year review of how it's worked aboard Delos and answer these questions: How is the induction stove and electric oven working out for us? Can we exceed the capacity of the batteries and...


Monitor Windvane Self Steering Tips & Settings

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× In this a MUST WATCH video for EVERYONE considering or using a windvane. I show you by example the awesome result of using the MONITOR windvane to sail singlehandedly in the open ocean. We're sailing under 30 knots of breeze, and choppy seas--I've dialed Solstice into a powerful and open groove. I explain how to engage the windvane to achieve optimum...
× Download your 160 Steps & Tips to Becoming a Bluewater Cruiser here: Watch this, How To Become A Bluewater Cruiser Video, to get an idea as to the various steps involved with going from being a landlubber to a sailing cruiser. Discover what you need to know about bluewater boating, in...

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