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Which Surf Skate Is Better? SMOOTHSTAR V CARVER...

885 likes 45,104 views 4 years ago

× In this video I break down which surf skate board I prefer for on-land surf training and technique improvement. I compare the two titans in the industry; SmoothStar & Carver. The surf skates really are a fantastic idea to get repetitive on-land training for surfing. One of the biggest challenges with surfing is that, unless you’re in a wave pool,...


Virtual Regatta Inshore Top Tips & Hacks

14 likes 5,072 views 4 years ago

× Just some of my top tips and hacks that I have picked up since I started playing the game when the UK went into lockdown.
× Landslagsseglaren Jesper Stålheim ger tips på hur du kontrollerar och åtgårdar en böjd mast. Något du bör göra inför varje pass.


Intermarine 62 - Boat Review

523 likes 27,484 views 6 years ago

× Review da nova Intermarine 62 lançada no final de setembro em São Paulo !! #Barco #Nautica #lifestyle


PARDO 38 - Motor Yacht Review - The Boat Show

352 likes 28,394 views 4 years ago

× Full Review of the amazing new Pardo 38, a motor boat built by Italian builder Cantiere del Pardo. Location: Miami, FL By Maurizio Bulleri Prova del pardo 38, yacht open a motore da Pardo Yachts. Di Maurizio Bulleri Location: Miami, USA Di Maurizio Bulleri The Boat Show


Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones ? Boat Rockerz...

267 likes 29,001 views 7 years ago

× Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones ? Boat Rockerz 430 Unboxing and Review | Geeky Anuj Please Like , Comment , Share & Subscribe for more videos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Now:


Boating Tips Episode 37: Boating Basics

14 likes 3,296 views 4 years ago

× Fall is time for all things basic, like pumpkin spice and striped sweaters. Tune up on your skills and study up on these boating tips. See More Boating Tips: Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, MarineMax is the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Focused on premium...


For more boating tips visit...

14 likes 2,978 views 8 years ago

× For more boating tips visit How to prevent a man overboard situation, and what to do if it occurs.


Trolling Tips with Halco

504 likes 224,953 views 10 years ago

× Ben and Tim offer some basic trolling tips for Mackerel.


Penny Longboard V2 Review: How Does it Hold Up?

845 likes 74,499 views 7 years ago

× ALL MY GEAR : **These are affiliated Links. I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. ** MY INSTAGRAM : MY TWITTER : MUSIC: Here is the long awaited review of the...


Majestic 530 Review. We love this boat....

862 likes 40,536 views 5 years ago

× In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we continue our series where we are checking out the Catamarans at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to see what we think would suit us as a full-time live-aboard catamaran as we circumnavigate the globe. This episode we cover the Majestic 530. This boat is clearly built for the live-aboard as everything you would...
× #esailing #tips #toptips #sailfromhome #virtualregatta #virtualsailing If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍 Follow us on Insta: Join our Facebook community: Follow us on Twitter:...


Boat Anchoring Made Simple | BoatUS

548 likes 137,748 views 6 years ago

× Captain Eric Sorensen of Sorensen's Guide shows you how to drop anchor for a nice afternoon on the water in calm conditions. He explains, when anchoring, how much line to let out, how to tie off, and how to back down to set the anchor. He then shows you how to weigh anchor (or bring up the anchor) by using the engines to break it free of the bottom...


Skyline R33 GT-R, So Much More Than a Boat |...

1,904 likes 37,971 views 4 years ago

× Spec sheets and Gran Turismo may have led you to believe the R33 is the weak point in the GT-R dynasty. You're dead wrong. Here is why it is actually a way better car than you think. The owner of the car: #Skyline #GTR #R33


Zona's Quick Tip: How to Handle Your Boat in...

57 likes 12,420 views 5 years ago

× The biggest mistake people make when boating in rough water and waves is going too fast or too slow. Mark Zona of Zona's Awesome Fishing Show gives you a quick tip for boat handling if you're caught in rough water and waves: His advice is slow down, keep the motor down, get the bow up (around 10 to 17 mph), and take your time to make sure you and...


2018 Starboard Wide Point 8'10'' review /...

70 likes 17,002 views 6 years ago

× In this SUPboarder review we are surfing the new 2018 Starboard Wide Point 8'10'' in their Starlite construction. The Starboard Wide Point range consists of 5 boards all being 32'' wide. The 8'10'' is a board that is relatively short for its width, making it a fun, stable, user friendly board for beginner SUP surfers. But also an outstanding board...


Propeller Engines Experiment Kit,Yacht Boat &...

1,428 likes 35,294 views 4 years ago

× The Educational 2 in 1 Propeller Engines Game for kids with 2 different models. This fun adorable, educational and eco-friendly toy kit inspires the children and their families to learn about the new form of clean and green energy. Make 2 different models of propeller yacht & propeller racer powered by a rubber band. | Very easy to assemble....


Lost Round Nose Fish Review no.8 | Compare...

25 likes 19,840 views 10 years ago

× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! A...


Minecraft - Ships And Boats Mod Review [1.2.5]...

65 likes 42,410 views 12 years ago

× Link: No instructions and missing pieces, I give it a 5.0 so heres the Big boat or small dingy!!
× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free. Thanks for your support! Soft...
× Do you dream of having a boat? and why not, to sail around our beautiful Planet? Life is too short for dreams to stay dreams. (See below for ALL subjects covered). We got all your answers about owning a boat and traveling around the world covered! Few weeks ago, we asked on our FB page what were your questions. It could be about anything. In this...


Rusty Surfboards "The Heckler" Review by Noel...

128 likes 14,419 views 7 years ago

× This video is about "The Heckler" by Rusty surfboards. Noel found out that The Heckler was a nominee for the Sima Surfboard awards in the Alternative category for 2017. He phoned up the folks at Rusty to see if he could get one to review. They agreed to give him a demo board to review and the DIMS are 5'3" x 20.12 x 2.16 Volume 26.7. The board...


Wizard Sleeve Surfboard Review

6 likes 9,298 views 13 years ago

× The Wizard Sleeve from Channel Islands and Kelly Slater as reviewed by Matt. For more info email us


McTavish Sumo Review

11 likes 12,290 views 9 years ago

× A review of the McTavish Sumo Surfboard 7'6" by Neale Ashby


Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro Boat Review | Club...

73 likes 31,091 views 4 years ago

× For more boat reviews visit Sheree Marris is on the water testing the new Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro for Club Marine TV. This boat will suit couples buying their first boat, families who love riding biscuits or keen fishos chasing snapper and flathead. The 430 Fishabout can carry five passengers and is...


SAIL Boat Review: The ComPac CP 23 Pilothouse

88 likes 31,046 views 12 years ago

× Winner for Accommodations, SAIL Best Boats 2012


2014 Chaparral 203 Vortex Jet Boat

25 likes 34,969 views 10 years ago

× Chaparral Jet Boat


Sharp Eye Game Changer Surfboard Review

4 likes 9,185 views 12 years ago

× Surf Station's Mike P take a look at Sharp Eye's Game Changer model board. Check out the video and come on into Surf Station or visit us online at


Super Fish XL Review.mp4

12 likes 10,690 views 12 years ago

× A review of the 7S Super Fish XL an 8 foot fish surf board Tested as a 5 fin (with quad fin set up and small trailer fin) Why 5 fin? Why not! I have seen reviews as a quad and reviews as a tri fin so I present something different to think about!


Channel Islands Surfboards Peregrine Review +...

48 likes 15,558 views 8 years ago

× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! We...
× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! Oh...


Haydenshapes Cannon Single Fin Review no.85 |...

101 likes 22,167 views 9 years ago

× Shop Surfboards, Fins & Gear (keep this free resource free): AUS (Benny's Boardroom) - USA (Jack's Surfboards) - No pressure, but buying your gear through the above links helps us keep this free resource free! Thanks for your support! At...


Motorola SURFboard eXtream Modem SB6120 Review...

43 likes 39,113 views 15 years ago

× A review of the DOCSIS 3.0 compatible Motorola SURFBoard eXtream motherboaard Distributed by Tubemogul.


Tips & Tricks Hydraulic Steering- Checks and...

186 likes 93,019 views 6 years ago

× Have you ever noticed your steering to be a bit "notchy" when turning or a lack of responsiveness from the helm? This could be as simple lack of Hydraulic Fluid or it could be from a leak elsewhere in the steering system. Join Sharm as he shows you how to do it and what to check.


Block Surf Wrap Rax Deluxe Single Soft Rack...

7 likes 11,158 views 9 years ago

× Details at: The best quality soft surfboard rack on the market today. For cars with or without gutters. The single rack will carry up to three shortboards or two longboards securely. Includes carrying case...


5 MUST KNOW Boat Navigation Tips!

466 likes 9,854 views 4 years ago

× These are the 5 navigation tips that EVERY boat operartor MUST KNOW! Please Buy Your Service Parts From This Link To Amazon & Help Us Keep Bringing You Content!!!! #navigation #FloridaKeys #boating Help Us...


Takayama In The Pink Surfboard Video Review

17 likes 18,881 views 13 years ago

× REAL Watersports' Trip Forman takes you through the Takayama In The Pink Surfboard Video Review


JJF reviews the Ghost

82 likes 20,890 views 7 years ago

× Not a really a "gun", the Ghost is a high performance board that works great for all levels of surfer and could be considered a one-board quiver for any surf trip with decent to good waves on the menu. A super versatile board, it has become one of JJF's go-to's for bigger surf (Margaret RIver winner, Bells Ollie Oop) and a favorite for many surfers...


JS "forget me not" surfboard

6 likes 13,957 views 12 years ago

× Garth for Coopers at the Jetty gives us a little look at Joel Parkinson JS model called the "forget me not"


Tips for wing foiling

6 likes 2,298 views 4 years ago

× Wing foil session in Takapuna, New Zealand. A couple of pointers for catching small bumbs on the wing. Sam from NZ Foil Centre with the commentary. (Filmed before covid-19)

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