Aquascape, Inc. - Celebrating 25 Years

Aquascape, Inc. of St. Charles, IL celebrates their 25th anniversary of business in the water garden industry.

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Aquascape, Inc. of St. Charles, IL celebrates their 25th anniversary of business in the water garden industry.

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Rafany valadao Xavier
Rafany valadao Xavier - 6 years ago
l love you. Aquascape.
Zezinho Santos
Zezinho Santos - 6 years ago
lack a store in Brazil kkkkkkkk
kike8008 - 6 years ago
Great video , you guys are the best , I never miss a YouTube video of you guys , the ponds you build are always perfect and beautiful, good luck , God bless you all and continue the great job ; I hope one day me and my family can stop by at aqualand and meet you guys , it will be a pleasure.
Anita K
Anita K - 6 years ago
Congratulations! Your water features are so beautiful.
carraplaps - 6 years ago
what an inspiration this is! congratulations!
Jason Sykora
Jason Sykora - 6 years ago
How inspirational to see how one that is passionate about building water features can turn it into a business for all to be apart of. I am glad that I am also in the pond and water feature business. thanks for being a leader of excellence.
MARWAN A - 6 years ago
Hi, can you advice me. i have space in my gardin 6m* 32m. i want to make pond in this space. but i have one problem , first problem is the tempreture in my country in summer can reach between 50-55c. what is your advice , and what i need to do that.
Sinau Terus
Sinau Terus - 6 years ago
MARWAN A - 6 years ago
+AquascapePonds only two month we are facing like this temp. July and August. then start decrese. you can say we have two seson 6 month sumer and 6 month winter. in winter the temp can reach 10-15c.
MARWAN A - 6 years ago
+AquascapePonds what if i increase the depth 1.5 - 2 m.
AquascapePonds - 6 years ago
+MARWAN A I am sorry but 50c would be to warm. Our pumps would not be able to handle any water temperature over 43c. It would also be difficult to maintain. You would have to always refill the pond, and the algae growth might be great. Now if there is shade it might help a little but can not make any promises.
MARWAN A - 6 years ago
Ted Greiner
Ted Greiner - 6 years ago
TJB-INC Joined the tribe in 1995 and it changed our company for the best. Thank you and here's to another 25 years!

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