Aquascape Master-Class

The First International Aquascape Master Class "Learning to Create" During Zoosphere exhibition in St.Petersburg. November 2010

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The First International Aquascape Master Class "Learning to Create" During Zoosphere exhibition in St.Petersburg. November 2010

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musicalmarion - 8 years ago
"Masterclass" = look at some tanks, then work out how to set it up for yourself.
phosphate - 9 years ago
you need to get a life that isnt going around insulting people this guys cam is awesome compared to mine
bergi85 - 9 years ago
A UV sterilizer is a good way to keep crystal clear water. Also good filtration and water changes.
Caleb Poulson
Caleb Poulson - 9 years ago
How do you keep your tank water from fogging up? PLEASE RESPOND!! Thank you =)
jumboclubwhitesandwich - 9 years ago
yeah. they need the carbon. you can make a diy c02 system using bread yeast and a few bottles and some tubing. but id only use that if youre on a budget.
Zoltan0625 - 9 years ago
co2 system needed for planted aquariums ALWAYS
SaviourSole - 9 years ago
Fantastic tank.
RobSkeezy - 9 years ago
That one girl seemed a bit clueless. Either that or inconsiderate. Photographer, " Yep, I'm not filming her. Just pointing my camera at tanks for fun! Somebody please, please come walk in front or stick your camera in the shot a few times in different places." Could she be doing it on purpose? Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnn! lol
popolynn2 - 9 years ago
wow, it's fun, 'till you need to clean it...

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steve p
steve p - 9 years ago
can someone just setup a tank for me like this in my house please
Alicia Reed
Alicia Reed - 9 years ago
@Soldatul13 Look up Enya, which is the artist. Her music is all beautiful like this. I love Caribbean Blue, which is another one of her songs--I actually played that one during my wedding... Only Time is also beautiful; it was played a lot at September 2011 events. Boadicea is another interesting one--there are no words, only humming, but it's very emotionally charged and powerful. The first one played here was "Amarantine" and the second was "A Moment Lost." Enjoy!
Richard B
Richard B - 9 years ago
love the song :P
Luuqee Newblet
Luuqee Newblet - 9 years ago
strobing fish? what fish are they
Harry Druid
Harry Druid - 9 years ago
@mosiong Sure showed him! who are you batman! trying to save the world from bad cameras?
G Katz
G Katz - 9 years ago
@mosiong well then get him a new one or stop complaining.
Juan Chong
Juan Chong - 10 years ago
Thanksk for share what is new in the hobby great video
scarhbar23 - 10 years ago
@Soldatul13 Amarantine
Kong Lo
Kong Lo - 10 years ago
for a second I thought the fish were strobing.
cristian dumitru
cristian dumitru - 10 years ago
heelo, nice vid, I want to know what are the names of the songs that are in this video:)>thank you

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