Aquascape Waterfall

Aquascape by usman mahesa talas 2 pondok cabe 081213757516 Aqua 60x30 : Baby Tears (micranthemum umbrosum), Hydrocotyle Tripartite, Pelia Mini Timika, Moss Chrismas, Mini Java Fern, Windelov, Hygrophila Balsamica, Camboba, Ludwigia SP Rubin, Tiger Lotus Merah. terima kasih youtube

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Aquascape by usman mahesa talas 2 pondok cabe 081213757516 Aqua 60x30 : Baby Tears (micranthemum umbrosum), Hydrocotyle Tripartite, Pelia Mini Timika, Moss Chrismas, Mini Java Fern, Windelov, Hygrophila Balsamica, Camboba, Ludwigia SP Rubin, Tiger Lotus Merah. terima kasih youtube

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for Aquascape Waterfall

chanxy khamsavang
chanxy khamsavang - 4 years ago
wow i want a tank like this in my home
Nyonx Cobain
Nyonx Cobain - 4 years ago
Jj Muñoz Muñoz
Jj Muñoz Muñoz - 4 years ago
A Coy and ciclids whit guppies and tetras not is good combination.
Sugono Mas
Sugono Mas - 4 years ago
aquarium keren ada air terjunnya.gokil
Sivaraman S
Sivaraman S - 4 years ago
how you have done this please tell the secret
Tatoo Taborda Barona
Tatoo Taborda Barona - 4 years ago
Hola una pregunta ¿como haces para tener el agua cristalina?
BallXD GT - 4 years ago
Is this an Aquascape? Aquascape shouldn't have a fish. I don't know if We can add a fish. But, I always saw People selling Aquascape that is no fish in there. But, You should step backwards, so you can let us see the full entire of the aquascape. But, How could you have waterfall in underwater?? That's weird. and Is that a water or it's just a piece of foam? That white thingy.
Ivan Wang
Ivan Wang - 4 years ago
Can you tell me what type of sand you are using for sandal. what brand? what size? thank you
rama krishna naveen
rama krishna naveen - 4 years ago
very nice

10. comment for Aquascape Waterfall

gaurav chauhan
gaurav chauhan - 4 years ago
Ok so that waterfall is actually sand or small crystals that freefall and reversed so they look like waterfall.
Jay-R Herrero
Jay-R Herrero - 4 years ago
wow! how is this possible? walk through pls........
Ramya Ranjan Sethy
Ramya Ranjan Sethy - 4 years ago
its so pretty
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - 4 years ago
Love your guppies
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - 4 years ago
That looks amazing
Abbygail - 4 years ago
Ok this may be a dumb question, but I have gravel on the bottom not sand. can I just put sand in the area the pvc pipe would stand?
Syed Majid Ahmed
Syed Majid Ahmed - 4 years ago
Do you mean in the empty area.? Then yes...but it should match the habitat of the fishes and also keep that in mind you cannot put more sand if you are installing more machines
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam - 4 years ago
Beautiful. I love this great tank.
MzA Creator IND
MzA Creator IND - 4 years ago
ikan guppy hatga nya berapa tuh gan
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
saya mah nggak jualan, beli aja di toko ikan mas
MzA Creator IND
MzA Creator IND - 4 years ago
Usman Berkah lokasi di mna mas
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
iya boss di toko ikan 2000/ekor
MzA Creator IND
MzA Creator IND - 4 years ago
Usman Berkah 1ekor 2000perak mas
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
guppy/neon cardinal merah 2000 perak
k fo
k fo - 4 years ago
Why do you have electric rams with tropicals, with goldfish.. Completely distracted from the sandfall
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
kalau lagi dikasih makan, semua jenis ikan tidak bisa diam lari mondar-mandir
Joe T
Joe T - 4 years ago
Very nice!

20. comment for Aquascape Waterfall

School Developers
School Developers - 4 years ago
LOVE IT! BEAUTIFULLY DONE! The plantscaping is beautiful - who is your supplier?
Dindin Suhikmat
Dindin Suhikmat - 4 years ago
ini brpaa total biaya pembuatannya gan ? trus tanamannya lgsg jd apa nunggu sndiri
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
datang aja ke pasar parung /pasar ikan, semua tanaman dan ikan komplit, murah...murah meriah datang aja sabtu/jum'at pagi-pagi
Dindin Suhikmat
Dindin Suhikmat - 4 years ago
gope tuh total smuanya apa belum smua ? oh iyaa klo misalkan mau ke toko ikan bilangnya gimana yah. aquascape concept aja gtu ?
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
awal penanaman tanaman setengah darat udah jadi tinggal nanam doang, +/- rp gope
Jurgen Meiling
Jurgen Meiling - 4 years ago
gave bak alleen me vrouw houd niet zo van planten maar van mijn opzicht TOPPIE
prince bhoir
prince bhoir - 4 years ago
how do you make that
Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel - 4 years ago
Never Ever Seen Like This Type Of "FISH AQUARIUM"
周宏波 - 4 years ago
Chewligan - 4 years ago
Fuck me are you frying bacon ???
my roomTM
my roomTM - 4 years ago
itu biji plastik kah bro yg air terjun nya
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
pasir putih yang kasar no2, pakai pasir apa aja juga bisa
dreammagicarts - 4 years ago
post a video how to make this :)
Sans Yo
Sans Yo - 4 years ago
the fish seem stressed out.

30. comment for Aquascape Waterfall

marolove cean
marolove cean - 4 years ago
rinaldo stacanelli
rinaldo stacanelli - 4 years ago
filmagem uma bosta
Little Fish
Little Fish - 4 years ago
Beppe Brambilla
Beppe Brambilla - 4 years ago
ashokan vr
ashokan vr - 4 years ago
which is the motor to use rply soon
dengeros ride
dengeros ride - 4 years ago
hii bro I m get your water fall please get me link I m bay it
Vlad The Inhaler
Vlad The Inhaler - 4 years ago
MrMisterMan b karfil, he iz dengeros
MrMisterMan - 4 years ago
r u shrr u wun bai dat fall bro u kant evun spel it rite
kushal kumar
kushal kumar - 4 years ago
wow your carp is not eating your guppies
Gita Sayang
Gita Sayang - 4 years ago
bro, bikin seperti itu butuh biaya berapa ya, terus bahan2nya di dapetin dari mana? infonya dong bro
Cynthia Dwi Jayanti
Cynthia Dwi Jayanti - 4 years ago
Bikin nya gimana
kbgibson - 4 years ago
do u have a video of u making the background to cover up the pipe work for the waterfall?
Fatih Gurtekin
Fatih Gurtekin - 4 years ago
mal kamerayı düzgün kullan
rizal crew
rizal crew - 4 years ago
habis dana berapa om
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca - 4 years ago
El Efecto es Bonito.
Pero eso sin Duda ESTRESA a los PECES...:(
raja - 4 years ago
fantastic creativity..but how its done
Thu Nghiem
Thu Nghiem - 4 years ago
I hope this abuse stop already! I am a hobbyist myself and i found tranquility is the main reason aquaria are so attractive. How can you find pleasure by watching suffering?!
Thu Nghiem
Thu Nghiem - 4 years ago
don't want to be a fish in this tank! they seem to be very nervous to me. water is a denser medium than air it is probably worse than noise to us. so sorry for them!
Nick LaPlante
Nick LaPlante - 4 years ago
How large is the tank?
aquarium & fish FAN
aquarium & fish FAN - 4 years ago
InViKTus - 4 years ago
r.i.p headphones users
abid ali
abid ali - 4 years ago
front plant name please
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
baby tear (micranthemum umborsum)

50. comment for Aquascape Waterfall

Matthew Wojcinski
Matthew Wojcinski - 4 years ago
my mind has been fucked
mr rambo
mr rambo - 4 years ago
Matthew Wojcinski we cool
Matthew Wojcinski
Matthew Wojcinski - 4 years ago
mr rambo That's quite the prediction.
mr rambo
mr rambo - 4 years ago
Matthew Wojcinski keep watching next week your ass will get fucked
Nerd Herd
Nerd Herd - 4 years ago
To COOL and it's one of a kind!!!!!
lisa aji
lisa aji - 4 years ago
Juanita Ivey Wright
Juanita Ivey Wright - 4 years ago
love it
lancer D
lancer D - 4 years ago
This gave me an idea. You could have an aquarium and terrarium side by side, water is pumped from the aquarium into the top of a waterfall in the terrarium before being returned. This way the terrarium is humidified and the aquarium is oxygenated without the need for air stones and/or bubble walls.
Bessen Kuruvilla Philip
Bessen Kuruvilla Philip - 4 years ago
pavithra thiyagarajan
pavithra thiyagarajan - 4 years ago
Hi can u pls tell me where did you buy this whole aquarium set from? Do you get it as one complete set? Thanks!! :)
Wousley - 4 years ago
pavithra thiyagarajan I think its just his imagination converted into a real design. very creative. you should try to make it yourself. It is very satisfying and calming
Gabensy - 4 years ago
Well done
guess - 4 years ago
bagus sih,cuma sayang,air terjun di aquascape biasanya bikin ikan-ikan stress.....itu sebabnya takashi amano di dalam karya-karyanya tidak pernah memasukan unsur air terjun, sebabnya selain mengurangi kadar Co2, suaranya bising dan ikan-ikan biasanya pada stress
guess - 4 years ago
iya benar itu bro.....lama-lama kalo lu biarin bisa gila lho bro....
Aprie TK
Aprie TK - 4 years ago
guess pantesan gw stress... dalem kamar ada aquarium #ngakak
Geezuhs R
Geezuhs R - 4 years ago
what kind of sand do you use for the waterfall?
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
the type of sand used to waterfalls and white sand 2 rough numbers do not smooth
agustin dominguez
agustin dominguez - 4 years ago
joder es un acuario precioso me ha encantado y la cascada es una pasada
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
Thank you for everything
Wil Garvia
Wil Garvia - 4 years ago
insane man
Nishan Rana
Nishan Rana - 4 years ago
How can you even spread the co2 without blowing the sand away from the sandfall
Ibrahim T
Ibrahim T - 4 years ago
wtf the shubukin gold fish ????
*Mrs. Voldemort*
*Mrs. Voldemort* - 4 years ago
Cantiknya wow...tapi kok bising, ya?
I imagine beautiful silence accompanied this, but that noise was disturbing...
Other than that, it's amazing...
*Mrs. Voldemort*
*Mrs. Voldemort* - 4 years ago
Oooh, siiip...berarti keindahan ini udah bisa dinikmati mata dan telinga...good job, Bro!
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
waktu ngambil videonya pas lagi hujan gede jadi kedengarannya berisik, itu suara air hujan di luar rumah
Marcin Wróblewski
Marcin Wróblewski - 4 years ago
szacun za wodospad jest super. ale to nagranie odtwarzane gdzieś z głośnika, postarał byś się trochę lepiej. Operator kamery też do zwolnienia.
Tarek Anem
Tarek Anem - 5 years ago
over load fish
Cergey Masta
Cergey Masta - 5 years ago
1000 like :)
faiz ahmad
faiz ahmad - 5 years ago
pelia sama crismestnya joss
kazem aljanaby
kazem aljanaby - 5 years ago
oh my god
Kusnandar Pratama
Kusnandar Pratama - 5 years ago
itu ukuran berapa ke berapa ya?
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
30 x 60 cm,
Ismael Duran
Ismael Duran - 5 years ago
Ismael Duran
Ismael Duran - 5 years ago
como verga se hace lo de la cascada
Sanjay Dabhale
Sanjay Dabhale - 5 years ago
good concept but -- water cannot roll down as a water fall in a aquarium . its something fine powder falling / may be white sand .
Dedi Rosandi
Dedi Rosandi - 5 years ago
salut buat pecinta aquascape..!!!
Iwan Setiawan
Iwan Setiawan - 5 years ago
saya kepingin bikin beli pohon pkhon airnya di mana yah
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
tanaman aquascape yang murah dan bagus di Pasar Ikan di Parung atau di Jl. Sumenep, menteng Jakarte
Kelvynn Lee
Kelvynn Lee - 5 years ago
One of the best looking ones I've seen. Was there two waterfall or just one? Is the one on the left inside the tank?
Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle - 5 years ago
It would be nice to know how they make the waterfall look like it inside the tank!!!
Backhand Things
Backhand Things - 5 years ago
+Bobby Baldeagle it's very easy to do.
Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle - 5 years ago
the air-stone works like a vacuum... so I've been told... I can't wait until I get my hands on another tank so that I can try it out :)
sean - 5 years ago
how do they get the sand to recycle up again?
Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle - 5 years ago
ok thank you
Box-Boy-Music - 5 years ago
it is inside the tank but instead of water its sand that flows down the waterfall
nguyen thuan
nguyen thuan - 5 years ago
cobydrei - 5 years ago
how much the cost of this build?
Brazuka - Leo
Brazuka - Leo - 5 years ago
oh its like sand on the waterfall, nice one
manju br
manju br - 5 years ago
kang bejo
kang bejo - 5 years ago
bang itu mesinya pke yg brp L ya, kok punyaku kluar psirnya g bsa bnyak kyak gitu, trs untk pasirnya pke pasir ap..?
creativity think
creativity think - 5 years ago
what kind of sand use ?
Irving Nolasco
Irving Nolasco - 5 years ago
How did you do that ?? Please let me know I'm getting an aquarium for my sing and I love your set up thanks
Irving Nolasco
Irving Nolasco - 5 years ago
Backhand Things
Backhand Things - 5 years ago
the sand gets sucked up by air. if you search for "how to underwater waterfall" you will find many instructions how to do it. the KING OF DIY explains it the best.
Luke 666
Luke 666 - 5 years ago
Kevlar wow you're so cool.
Boots Boots
Boots Boots - 5 years ago
+Kevlar uncouth.
Kevlar - 5 years ago
+Kalpesh Patel No fucking duhh...did you reply just so you can feel special?
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel - 5 years ago
Its sand that's dropping instead of water.
Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva
Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva - 5 years ago
ke plantas tienes porfa gracias
Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva
Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva - 5 years ago
genial pero como mantienes el agua limpia y ke tipo d filtra
E- Mail
E- Mail - 5 years ago
so fucking beautifull
sak saksasi
sak saksasi - 5 years ago
Teach me what I do
will smith
will smith - 5 years ago
why all guppies are male?
Clément Mahé
Clément Mahé - 4 years ago
Because with only males they can't breed like crazy fucked up the tank.
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
Youjung Lee
Youjung Lee - 4 years ago
will smith Because the guppies would breed if there were female guppies. Also male guppies look better.
Rifu Sanders
Rifu Sanders - 5 years ago
Bagus banget om.. tutor bikin air terjunnya om.. mksh
Cri Maron
Cri Maron - 5 years ago
It is really fun to watch. Exactly is an art. I had let me see what is good.
Kyleen Drake
Kyleen Drake - 5 years ago
Is the tank realy that loud?
Bayu Winanto
Bayu Winanto - 4 years ago
tankinya ukuran brapa
david w
david w - 4 years ago
Kyleen Drake Usman said when he took this video there are heavy rain with some thunder outside the house.
I think he added some artificial waterfall​ sounds he took from some park and to the video, not real heavy rain sounds.
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
waktu mengambil video dalam keadaan hujan besar, sehingga suara hujan dan petir terdengar
Adhi AWE
Adhi AWE - 4 years ago
maksudnye die, apa seberisik itu suaranya gan?
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 4 years ago
5 cm thick glass aquarium
Justin Williamson
Justin Williamson - 5 years ago
A nice concept, I see the fish as birds 'flying' amongst the vegetation around the waterfall.
Damn Yourugly
Damn Yourugly - 5 years ago
I love the tank, the waterfall flows so well.. I can just imagine the hours of love that went into this. :)

Thank you :)

Can I ask some questions?
Teten. Designproduce
Teten. Designproduce - 5 years ago
Edge Of Gaming
Edge Of Gaming - 5 years ago
are those real plants?
Patrick Sarmiento
Patrick Sarmiento - 5 years ago
senna murthy
senna murthy - 5 years ago
please tell me how the sand waterfall made please...its wonderful....
creeper tn
creeper tn - 5 years ago
quantos litros tem esse aquario
but2star - 5 years ago
That is no waterfall, that is a 'sand' fall inside an aquarium. : )
Jackson Magriplis
Jackson Magriplis - 4 years ago
No shit Sherlock you prawn
FUNNY SH#T - 4 years ago
but2star no shit
Bubble Buddy
Bubble Buddy - 4 years ago
but2star well fuck.. it fooled me
H2OBombe - 4 years ago
You don't say?

100. comment for Aquascape Waterfall

Eddy Volture
Eddy Volture - 5 years ago
Tray Bowie
Tray Bowie - 5 years ago
Very nice setup! How did you pull the waterfall off?
Fro Xic
Fro Xic - 5 years ago
is this tropical or freshwater/cold water?
NL DJ Mix - 5 years ago
Es lo mas bonito que vi Felicidades me encanto.
MXV - 5 years ago
Awsome setup. Love the waterfall
Sonny Ting
Sonny Ting - 5 years ago
It's the most beautiful tank I ever seen can you show me how to set up
Teneshia Gillard
Teneshia Gillard - 5 years ago
sometimes I wish I was a fish and have all the freedom forever and ever and ever and be beautiful
Strange Person! xP
Strange Person! xP - 5 years ago
+Teneshia Gillard Until the girl with the bracers from the Finding Nemo movie gets you. Hahaaha :3
Teneshia Gillard
Teneshia Gillard - 5 years ago
I wish I could live in your fucking tanks for ever they are so heavenly
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez - 5 years ago
How do u do that waterfall?
rinto batubara
rinto batubara - 5 years ago
boleh main ke markasnya bang?
Ali Sikoembang
Ali Sikoembang - 5 years ago
sukiez boy jangan pakai aerator mas. pakai water pump aja
sukiez boy
sukiez boy - 5 years ago
+Usman Berkah mas bikinya gmna saya bikin pake aerator kok yg keluar pasirnya cuma sedikit. dan lama2 malah paralonya mampet pasir gak keluar
Usman Berkah
Usman Berkah - 5 years ago
maaf saya bikin aquascape ini ide sendiri di rumah, jadi saya tidak punya toko aquascape, buatlah aquascape ide sendiri maka hasilnya akan puas, tapi menurutku aquascape yang saya buat kurang bagus
bo2web as
bo2web as - 5 years ago
should be noisy for fishes ?
mike goss
mike goss - 5 years ago
any way to get rid of the noise?
Spencer Wilton
Spencer Wilton - 5 years ago
mute button.
gnovincejr2 - 5 years ago
Anyone see the face in that red plant? Whoa...freaky! Lol Can see good around 3:38
Naomi Muller
Naomi Muller - 4 years ago
NOOBERFIVEGT ew fuck off you people are more annoying than flying fucking cockroaches, jesus christ
Pixelz - 4 years ago
NOOBERFIVEGT lol how bout we censor everyone cunt face! That seems nice... put everyone who disagrees with u in a bubble so u can be happy in your safe space...
LRanee - 4 years ago
NOOBERFIVEGT - 4 years ago
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 4 years ago
It looks like the mars face
but2star - 4 years ago
Some kind of freak from " Lord of the Ring ".
George S
George S - 5 years ago
It's Sub-Yoda dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PhoenixAsh - 5 years ago
I see it! It's Jesus and his asshole! Holy mother of Christ!
Simon Frithjof Schierbeck
Simon Frithjof Schierbeck - 5 years ago
Hahaha - indeed CREEPY!
Ruben van der Zee
Ruben van der Zee - 5 years ago
+GurkenPenis o keeps starring the zombie head
SynOx - 5 years ago
+gnovincejr2 yeah its really creepy
Crystal Buckley
Crystal Buckley - 5 years ago
So i love this first of all it is so calming but do you have to change water ?
jen bl
jen bl - 5 years ago
now for the tutorial! I love it
Marius Nickel
Marius Nickel - 5 years ago
worlds besteht Aquarium i've der seen
MTB Arie
MTB Arie - 5 years ago
how did you do thae waterfall???
Erwin Anthony R.
Erwin Anthony R. - 5 years ago
@Martin M using quartz sand. the sand is like as inside the sand watch.
mef1975 - 5 years ago
Wow, I wonder what size tubing and pump I would need for one that is 2' tall?
Mr M
Mr M - 5 years ago
Hi can you please tell me where to buy the sand?thank you and have a bless day
Andreas Knutsen
Andreas Knutsen - 5 years ago
so nice!
Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
Nguyễn Thanh Tùng - 5 years ago
What is the sandfall use? Air pump or waterpump?
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen - 6 years ago
Cece C
Cece C - 6 years ago
The goldfish w/the tropical fish left me scratching my head, but with the sandfall itself and the aquascaping, you did an amazing job!!! My question is, how do you get such lush plant growth when the airstone mechanism from the sandfall dissipates CO2? Do you have a CO2 injector in this system?
sentorio wilson
sentorio wilson - 4 years ago
mr rambo wtf did she say foy you to go off on her bro
mr rambo
mr rambo - 4 years ago
Cece C shut the fuck up turtle face
King Uno
King Uno - 6 years ago
if people pay more attention on making thing like this than building war machine, what kind of world we living at that time...
Ryan McD
Ryan McD - 6 years ago
Do the shrimp get pulled into the sand fall?
Marcus Weesner
Marcus Weesner - 6 years ago
A+ Great job!!!
laroza gant
laroza gant - 6 years ago
Mikayla Law
Mikayla Law - 6 years ago
It's actually a sandfall. They aren't really readily sold often, so you would have to make one.
Jv N
Jv N - 6 years ago
What kind of sands did you used... thanks.
Abraham Leabres
Abraham Leabres - 6 years ago
Very nice! What is that fish with blue color?
Azym Ahmad
Azym Ahmad - 5 years ago
neon tetra
Abraham Leabres
Abraham Leabres - 6 years ago
+Sander Gejl Boesen Thanks for the info!
Sander Gejl Boesen
Sander Gejl Boesen - 6 years ago
+Abraham Leabres Hi :) That should be a Mikrogeophagus ramirezi "Electric Blue", if i remember correctly :)
Abraham Leabres
Abraham Leabres - 6 years ago
+Melanie Kos Thanks for replying. But there's another fish with blue color, at 0:58, it might be a cichlid...
Jelco C
Jelco C - 6 years ago
+Abraham Leabres The blue with red fish are called neon tetra's. In case you're still wondering ;)

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