Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done something like this for 8 years!! Let me know what you think! → CLICK SHOW MORE ← SHOCKING UPDATE: HERE IS THE UPDATE!! Get the ultimate DIY book ► Facebook ► Instagram ► HOW TO add sand to an aquarium ► Stocking my 370 gallon with fancy goldfish ► How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 281

Aquascaping 7 years ago 763,548 views

How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done something like this for 8 years!! Let me know what you think! → CLICK SHOW MORE ← SHOCKING UPDATE: HERE IS THE UPDATE!! Get the ultimate DIY book ► Facebook ► Instagram ► HOW TO add sand to an aquarium ► Stocking my 370 gallon with fancy goldfish ► How to build aquariums: How to build aquarium filters: How to build aquarium stands: How to build aquarium equipment: How to build aquarium lighting: How to build aquarium decorations: Varius aquarium tutorials: ALL Thursday videos: ALL Sunday videos:

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Most popular comments
for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
zioro1235 - 6 years ago
The king of DIY I am going to be breeding discus and cichlids soon let me know if you are interested
Lakshmi Prabha
Lakshmi Prabha - 6 years ago
The king of DIY uui
Kale Gorskey
Kale Gorskey - 6 years ago
REST IN TINY PIECES!!! Golf fish are vegetarian the will eat the plants
REST IN TINY PIECES!!! - 6 years ago
The king of DIY,I my self do my own work from ground up,I build,carve,and build electronics or take pieces and make somethin outta nada,bro ur tank looks great,if it was me I would have went with real plants and left them get a good hold inbetween and on tha rocks.
TysonTheTurtle - 7 years ago
The king of DIY You should get a turtle and make a turtle tank
Zach Attack
Zach Attack - 7 years ago
The king of DIY you are the best I got today a fish tank it so cool
Kcatniss 123
Kcatniss 123 - 7 years ago
have you tried vinegar instead of bleach
My Fishy Fish
My Fishy Fish - 7 years ago
And diy
My Fishy Fish
My Fishy Fish - 7 years ago
The king of Pie
Bobby White
Bobby White - 7 years ago
+XxScArEcRoWxX1 There are standards for temperature.
XxScArEcRoWxX1 - 7 years ago
Bobby White Turtles a really versatile to temperature and only require heat in winter
Fenu S
Fenu S - 7 years ago
You inspired me "the younger generation of fish keeping"
Bobby White
Bobby White - 7 years ago
I'm making a turtle pond, indoors. Along with pool filtration sand as the substrate, what do you recommend for lighting and maintaining water temperature?
Billy Kelly
Billy Kelly - 6 years ago
I keep cichlids but I'm going to build a big goldfish tank in my shed. Cheers bro gives the wife something to moan about lol
V&V Creations
V&V Creations - 6 years ago
awesome i love it
jessica sahlfeld
jessica sahlfeld - 6 years ago
You made me get some goldfish and a Betts I love watching your videos thank you so much
Neha Praveen
Neha Praveen - 6 years ago
I have been obsessed with fish for as long as I can remember. I got my fish tank when I was 3 and we kept a fish tank till I was 7 or 8 yrs old. But then my mom couldn't take time of her schedule to clean the tank and to keep our trophy fishes in shape. so the hobby was dropped and for my 13th birthday (12 days ago) my mom got me a 10 gallon aquarium and she told if I manage to keep the fish and the tank in good shape she'll get me a bigger aquarium and more fishes. Hopefully I can do that!!
ItzJoseph - 6 years ago
Neha Praveen yeah great man just make sure to do ur weekly maintenance
Aqua King
Aqua King - 6 years ago
Can you put anything in an aquarium if you wash it properly
Savage Catz
Savage Catz - 6 years ago
Who else just liked to watch the goldfish when he sped it up
Rose Robert
Rose Robert - 6 years ago
I'm so jealous because my tank is uglier than yours.. By the way, Nice tank tho!!
Lethabo Semetsi
Lethabo Semetsi - 6 years ago
Really beautiful tank. Job well done.

10. comment for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

Lakshmi Prabha
Lakshmi Prabha - 6 years ago
Adam Onis
Adam Onis - 6 years ago
Brandon Dimmer
Brandon Dimmer - 6 years ago
feeling inspired thanks
Luckyplate Goodies Channel
Luckyplate Goodies Channel - 6 years ago
you know that is kind of ugly decorations. i am sure your fish hates it and it is blocking their path
nicole taylor
nicole taylor - 6 years ago
i have no idea why i keep watching your fish videos
Nahid Ahmed
Nahid Ahmed - 6 years ago
Where is the filtration system here? It looks so beautiful. I'm an amateur ... I can't figure out how you keep these so clean and no wires or pipes to camouflage...
I love planted aquariums but also love the minimalist look. That where I get in deceive.. plants are good for fish and water I thought... but then that's a different look or what ? And is is better to keep fish at home like the stores? With minimum in the tanks?
Thank you in advance for your response , if there is going to be any.
Either way.. I like your passion .. it makes me smile.
Thank you.
ania frania
ania frania - 6 years ago
How much $ do you spend on the fish? 1 red cap oranda is between 6.99 - 13.99 bucks
gloopy Loopin
gloopy Loopin - 6 years ago
Reyven Tibayan
Reyven Tibayan - 6 years ago
Actually my cousing have goldfishes and my mother saw it and she likes it so she planned to buy me and my brother Goldfishes
Reyven Tibayan
Reyven Tibayan - 6 years ago
Because she said We should plan first so i watch every goldfish tips videos.....i already have 2 whenni was 12 and now im thirteen and i cant forget how i make aquarium on those two :)
Reyven Tibayan
Reyven Tibayan - 6 years ago
And we are planning for the aquarium earlier....we will buy 3 days from now
BELLA.5 - 6 years ago

20. comment for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

UNDAMGEDFEVERO h20 laugher - 6 years ago
What type of gold fish are they
Blix Wolf
Blix Wolf - 6 years ago
This made me excited
A. K.
A. K. - 6 years ago
I want a tank like this..
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia - 6 years ago
Acuarios simples
Tropical Reef Pet Videos
Tropical Reef Pet Videos - 6 years ago
Who else really misses the arowana
Griffin Wentz
Griffin Wentz - 6 years ago
I'm not really into goldfish but this is cool
Manish Zanpure
Manish Zanpure - 6 years ago
What type of fish are the Black ones? also Goldfish family?
Bebop_86 - 6 years ago
My new favorite channel on YT!
David Magana
David Magana - 6 years ago
hey joey i cant stop watching this video do you think i can have one of your goldfish once you get them back im just a huge fan sorry didnt put this on the most recent vid you have
Wezilla - 6 years ago
I can watch goldfish all day. I love them

30. comment for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

Just Let Me Claire-ify
Just Let Me Claire-ify - 6 years ago
Looking at my dinky little 5 gallon fish tank right now
Orion Lance
Orion Lance - 6 years ago
How much where the fish
Joann Paengrord
Joann Paengrord - 6 years ago
That looks amazing!
TheOverkillWill - 6 years ago
i don't believe this was almost a year ago... jesus...
aja jordan
aja jordan - 6 years ago
I love it!!!!!
Matthew Muehleck
Matthew Muehleck - 6 years ago
Why not remove goldfish before you started, then reintroduce them?
yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh - 6 years ago
ur aquarium is the best dude
JessieDickson Dank
JessieDickson Dank - 6 years ago
I'm super sad you used plastic plants man... you could have found some sick plants in that river.
Gentle Guitar
Gentle Guitar - 6 years ago
Hello King of DIY, nicely done! Your goldfish really look cute. I also have them... but you CAN give them living plants ;-) And they will survive it! :-) My goldfish aren't eating the plants at all, and it will look even more great when you'll see them growing. My goldfish are sleeping under the bigger plants and hiding if they need some time for themselves, exhausted from all the swimming and eating plants :-) just kidding ;-) Give them living plants! It will be okay!!
Ad g
Ad g - 6 years ago
flips fordays
flips fordays - 6 years ago
If I were you I would put some Dr if wood in the corner. I dont know that much about tanks but I think that would be cool
Daniel Ribeiro
Daniel Ribeiro - 6 years ago
Guest Lover
Guest Lover - 6 years ago
oh ma god so much
Letsheia hanson
Letsheia hanson - 6 years ago
Omg I love your fish. I can't wait to have a lot. have you lost any of them? how often do you feed them?
bobdapig - 6 years ago
3:52 i thought the net was a fish
Tanner Willis
Tanner Willis - 6 years ago
I love black mores, my favorite
chadorable - 6 years ago
beautiful ~
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae - 6 years ago
Goldfish are so precious. I love them, they have so much more personality than people think. So cute
D Leal
D Leal - 6 years ago
do plants grow in pool filter sand?
What kind of fish is that

50. comment for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

ZaneTheTuber - 6 years ago
Shana Batt
Shana Batt - 6 years ago
WrestlingMadBoi 1 no he didn't...
Mary Kinnear
Mary Kinnear - 6 years ago
I was surprised you did this with the fish in it
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson - 6 years ago
This is awesome!!!
PRASAD Immidisetti
PRASAD Immidisetti - 6 years ago
which filter you used.
Fishyfly Away
Fishyfly Away - 6 years ago
I love fish !!
Rachel Lawson
Rachel Lawson - 6 years ago
Don't bare bottom tanks stress fish out? I don't know for sure, I'm not a professional but that's what I heard
Caroline Salpeck
Caroline Salpeck - 6 years ago
Rachel Lawson not really, esp not for goldfish. I would say bare bottom is fine as long as you still have some plants and aquascape. But most goldfish breeders go bare with tanks since goldfish are so filthy
Shana Batt
Shana Batt - 6 years ago
Rachel Lawson I heard that too
Praveen501 - 6 years ago
I don't know why..but I really hate goldfish..
Shana Batt
Shana Batt - 6 years ago
Praveen501 NOOOOO
Regular Old Plumbus
Regular Old Plumbus - 6 years ago
Praveen501 same
Nina Hiru
Nina Hiru - 6 years ago
Wow. I love this :)
Brooke Jenkins
Brooke Jenkins - 6 years ago
I'm so doing one of these one day
damit elephant
damit elephant - 6 years ago
I hope you have a pond DIY ready because those goldfishes are going to outgrow that tank pretty soon
That Animal Jammer
That Animal Jammer - 7 years ago
Hi. I have recently started the fish hobby and have been doing it for a decent amount of time. Ever since I started the fish hobby I started to look at your videos. And now I've been watching your videos 24/7. This video has inspired me to get goldfish. I love how they have the huge eyes. When I reach 100 Subscribers on my other YouTube channel I will get a goldfish tank! Thanks so much!
Topdog 1
Topdog 1 - 7 years ago
Can I please have a goldfish
shirley williams
shirley williams - 7 years ago
If a person wants to keep a common goldfish in an aquarium long term? I have at least 20 including a sarasa. I'm thinking of getting stock tanks. I know Home depot got a 35 gal. I already know their kind needs a pond but I can't afford a pond and there are wild animals. I'm serious about the stock tanks. But can someone tell me something I can do? I've seen videos of DIY indoor ponds and stock tanks and liners. But if I want to keep them in an aquarium what is the lowest size long term wise if dividing them up by 2 or 4 to a tank? I don't mind upgrading. I just need to before next week so I can buy the right things and tank(s). If anyone know a video that might be helpful please add. I'm watching this channel on filtration and canisters.
king jebril
king jebril - 7 years ago
these gold fish arent even $1 USD in indonesia lol
Christian Cheng
Christian Cheng - 7 years ago
Where do you get your fishes?
Master Gamer
Master Gamer - 7 years ago
i have got 2 goldfish in a small tank there so cool and you have the best fish in the world
Strange Person! xP
Strange Person! xP - 7 years ago
The golds look good against the black, the moors look good against the sand, both look good against the stone! GREAT WORK! =D
Lexithecandycat Tv123
Lexithecandycat Tv123 - 7 years ago
I think its great
Mauricio Marioni
Mauricio Marioni - 7 years ago
Sooooooo beautiful
bear Medicinewalker
bear Medicinewalker - 7 years ago
love the tank... but gotta ask is sand good for the Goldfish, my concerns are the sand getting into the digestive tracks of the fish. Goldfish are famous "Eat Everything and Anything Fish" as I am getting ready to set up a new 65 Column tank with Oranda's I was looking for options, and I must say your tank is amazing.... but whenever I have had goldfish before I never used sand... so interested in how these are fairing... Thanks Joey! ~ bear
Victoria Fonov
Victoria Fonov - 6 years ago
bear Medicinewalker sand is usually the only substrate recommended (besides bare) because they pick it up and spit it out mimicking what carps do in the wild. the sand will be able to pass through its gravel you should worry about :) hope that helps
Aslyn Clark
Aslyn Clark - 7 years ago
So pretty
synne eriksen østerås
synne eriksen østerås - 7 years ago
wow i want goldfish now!
BogeyJR - 7 years ago
It's sad that you removed these.
Jayden Dry
Jayden Dry - 7 years ago
This is so satisfying!
Amy Dason
Amy Dason - 7 years ago
Wow Beautiful Tank! Lovely fish,I love fish!Pretty cool TANK!Yes pretty Amazing ... U.S.A
Bam_Bam Zuma
Bam_Bam Zuma - 7 years ago
What is the fish on the side when your kids were reacting
chaitanya rajesh
chaitanya rajesh - 7 years ago
I love your tank! Can I know which light you use? It looks awesome!! With your black background, the light is perfect!! Plz reply asap! I have a tank lying around and I want to make it something like yours!
Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands
Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands - 7 years ago
Grayson Harvey
Grayson Harvey - 7 years ago
You should keep some of the black moors in the tank those are my favorite gold fish in the word
Camp - 7 years ago
Katrina Hayes
Katrina Hayes - 7 years ago
What kind of air stones are those?
chunkymancan12 - 7 years ago
Hey J, you have DEFINITELY inspired me to look at fancy goldfish differently... Just yesterday, I was wondering why anyone would want a fancy goldfish especially because it's such a poop machine, but now I definitely see their beauty!!
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen - 7 years ago
awesome tank!
Gabensy - 7 years ago
barney stinson
barney stinson - 7 years ago
u spell the word out as "oat"
PullipKisses - 7 years ago
awwwww your kids are so sweet
Connor Zerka
Connor Zerka - 7 years ago
I fucked up when I started my aquarium. First, I didn't cycle the tank, or condition the water when I got it. I didn't acclimate the fish when I got him, and I didn't have any filter for the first 5 months of me getting the fish. I have a filter now, and my fish is fine. I've had him for 8 months, but I've never conditioned the water ever and he's fine. I will start doing this. The only reason I didn't is because I didn't know you had to.
Shana Batt
Shana Batt - 6 years ago
Connor Zerka I've kept fish for over 5 years and never used water conditioner and my fish are fine and I have a 4 year old fish
SneakyTree - 6 years ago
Connor Zerka Good luck with it! Black Moor are adorable!
Gem23 - 7 years ago
Connor Zerka wow
Connor Zerka
Connor Zerka - 7 years ago
A black moor.
Gem23 - 7 years ago
Connor Zerka what type of fish was it?
L.A.in22Dayz - 7 years ago
TC Films
TC Films - 7 years ago
its gorgeous!! I need that in my 7 gallon. I am inspired lol hahaha
lisa stovall
lisa stovall - 7 years ago
absolutely beautiful! !! fish
charles torcatos
charles torcatos - 7 years ago
dammit... i want to get back in the hobby so badly now.. i miss keeping fish!!!
Mohammed M.
Mohammed M. - 7 years ago
Mohammed M.
Mohammed M. - 7 years ago
you have inspired me to make a larger tank. Except my wife won't let me.
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 7 years ago
Where did you get those fish share the website please.
Zoo Pet Shop
Zoo Pet Shop - 7 years ago
What a wonderfull Fish tank! Absolutelly beautifull! Congratulations for the vídeo
Abdullah Ashraf
Abdullah Ashraf - 7 years ago
this sooo goodaa!
Cindy Sanchez
Cindy Sanchez - 7 years ago
Just gorgeous, want to do this too some day
Heather Davies
Heather Davies - 7 years ago
stella's cool styles and pets 2005
stella's cool styles and pets 2005 - 7 years ago
so small and empty
gadget smart
gadget smart - 7 years ago

100. comment for Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

Christopher E. Pineda
Christopher E. Pineda - 7 years ago
My kind of "design on a dime."
Silver Buhrts
Silver Buhrts - 7 years ago
Where did you buy your fish?
Aliyah Smith
Aliyah Smith - 7 years ago
I does look amazing
Bella Molyneux
Bella Molyneux - 7 years ago
Can you please do a tour on all of your tanks

Ps, big fan!!!
lia loves animals
lia loves animals - 7 years ago
you have made a really good video I really appreciate it and its pretty detailed too which i love
Bobby Rivera
Bobby Rivera - 7 years ago
Jr's Reptiles
Jr's Reptiles - 7 years ago
Sidaarth Ramabhotla
Sidaarth Ramabhotla - 7 years ago
I know that I am late but get sinking pallets instead of floating ones.....I heard that they are better for goldfish
Jammy Dodger_GD
Jammy Dodger_GD - 7 years ago
that looks really cool
brent245 - 7 years ago
what brand plants are those?
ghen mendz
ghen mendz - 7 years ago
a guy who loves fish.
Jenna Randolph
Jenna Randolph - 7 years ago
I would love a tank that big but I have a fear of it crashing through the floor
Shiezie Zhike
Shiezie Zhike - 7 years ago
Wow I didn't now that there is a white gold fish
Chaotic Coconuts
Chaotic Coconuts - 7 years ago
at first I thought it was a horrible idea but I'm shocked to have loved the finished product! excellent job! hope I can own something like this someday :)
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams - 7 years ago
It's beautiful.
Sourav Juyal
Sourav Juyal - 7 years ago
Nice video
MaxiBH - 7 years ago
God this tank is huge
pickachu penguin
pickachu penguin - 7 years ago
trust me when I get older I'm going to breed goldfish
yahyamoro - 7 years ago
Nice ! The rocks make a wonderful backdrop
Cahyyam Bergkotte
Cahyyam Bergkotte - 7 years ago
When you filled the water back up, did you use new 'fresh' water or already used water?
megan m
megan m - 7 years ago
I wonder how long it took to cycle this
Victoria Fonov
Victoria Fonov - 6 years ago
megan tbh he has a lot of aquariums and had a filter system that has a lot a filter media so it was probably not very long
Julia - 7 years ago
Goldfish make me so happy, this video really made my day<3 Also, that tank is really awesome and stylish, I want one myself!
Maddie B
Maddie B - 7 years ago
woww that tank is BIG..not like my 5 gallon
Jae Watkins
Jae Watkins - 7 years ago
how big is that tank
thomas the_dank_engine
thomas the_dank_engine - 7 years ago
are you in oregon?
Cole Scotney
Cole Scotney - 7 years ago
get a eel vary a so cool
shailendra soni
shailendra soni - 7 years ago
i use hikari sinking goldfish food if i use aqua quartz sand to my tank it is safe to fish ???
samuel bjarking
samuel bjarking - 7 years ago
Inspired. Youre a great youtuber. Keep working!
RivieraR - 7 years ago
Using bleach on anything for my fish terrifies me.
I am Moth
I am Moth - 7 years ago
The flow is awfully high for gold fish
Styx - 7 years ago
what's the ratio for goldfish to gallons of water
Van Vu
Van Vu - 7 years ago
Luv this set up, I will make a small version of this. Tks
Drakken - 7 years ago
You should had made like a little home with rocks for the goldfish to hide in :P
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy - 7 years ago
Already have a goldfish/koi tank, this was amazing though. Your videos have really inspired me to do things a bit different! Thank you! You given me and my husband some great ideas!
DittoCake - 7 years ago
I use to own a fish tank. And this video made me have one again.
BrickHead Reptiles
BrickHead Reptiles - 7 years ago
Awesome video bro
Lionel Meeh
Lionel Meeh - 7 years ago
his fish is cool his rocks is cool his plants in cool his aquarium is cool his setup is cool his water is pure
Noah Bretches
Noah Bretches - 7 years ago
This is GREAT! I want to re-scape my tank after seeing this!
Ameya Joshi
Ameya Joshi - 7 years ago
It was awesome video ...! You got one more subscriber for your channel ...!I watched other couple of videos created by you ... and I must say I liked them all ...! Great job !
THE KING OF FISH - 7 years ago
Hi King of DIY and I have really big goldfish tank with two fancy goldfish and 18 comets
kexinhu bike
kexinhu bike - 7 years ago
muito legal parabéns
Robert Ng
Robert Ng - 7 years ago
very awesome to see you passion and expertise in this. thank you for sharing
Jackson Erway
Jackson Erway - 7 years ago
Hey I need some help ordering acrylic on acrylite could you help me out.
Katy Sanders
Katy Sanders - 7 years ago
I love it great job :)
Barbara Vivas
Barbara Vivas - 7 years ago
It looks great! the only "bad" thing is thet goldfish shouldnt eat flotating pellets.
Jimmy Atkins
Jimmy Atkins - 7 years ago
will you breed the goldfish
JTS21 •Jeff•
JTS21 •Jeff• - 7 years ago
Goldfish craze...
Abigail I
Abigail I - 7 years ago
You should really be feeding them sinking pellets. If you don't it could lead to slim bladder disease
Jasper Toet
Jasper Toet - 7 years ago
Hi, love the video!
I am eleven and have been looking at your videos a lot. You have inspired me to save up for a tropical fish tank for my room and I have one question, what are some nice fish I could include and what is an affordable size for a tank?
Gratings out The Netherlands!!!
Dennis Cudal
Dennis Cudal - 7 years ago
nice gold arrowana
paras honda
paras honda - 7 years ago
Mike 777
Mike 777 - 7 years ago
looks great
xSean145 - 7 years ago
Always wanted a Goldfish tank but its probably gonna be many years before i do one. Very good inspiration. I like the simplicity of it.
Dicephalous 90
Dicephalous 90 - 7 years ago
make aquascape platform for goldfish is difficult, the minimalist way is the only way, where u got that plastic plant ?
Brenda Morris
Brenda Morris - 7 years ago
Look great. What size tank do you have and what kind of support do you have for the tank and the rocks?
Super Life
Super Life - 7 years ago
how long the aquarium
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey - 7 years ago
you have done an awesome job mate total wicked
Alex Mehralian
Alex Mehralian - 7 years ago
Dude I saw a spider run by your foot when you started cleaning the sand!!!! Or it might've been an ant
Robin - 7 years ago
"Aqua scaping"
Eyner Mejia
Eyner Mejia - 7 years ago
I liked the video and I also like your s gold fish
Katelyn Mustafi
Katelyn Mustafi - 7 years ago
nooo! dont put the big stones in aquarium my fish is get stuck in stone and she died
mufalme - 7 years ago
your a good dad!
Alexandria Ingram
Alexandria Ingram - 7 years ago
How did YouTube know I had a goldfish aquarium!?
Pineapple Kyle
Pineapple Kyle - 7 years ago
Yas like everyone needs a stone exactly from the river and sand from the beach, no one want's that stupid land rocks and sand people these days
Natliyah Nation
Natliyah Nation - 7 years ago
Do you breed your Goldfish???
Bee Artistic
Bee Artistic - 7 years ago
Can this sand be used in salt water tanks as well?
Vicky Flores
Vicky Flores - 7 years ago
Isabelle River wood just need a few live rocks to make it turn into live sand over time. Amount of rocks depends on the size of the tank, and make sure you spread them out.
꺽지브리더 - 7 years ago
your arowana watched gold fish
arowana: gold fish is look like tasty
Isabella Kuenning
Isabella Kuenning - 7 years ago
I have a fancy fish to and it died
Isabella Kuenning
Isabella Kuenning - 7 years ago
I have a fancy fish too and it died
Isabella Kuenning
Isabella Kuenning - 7 years ago
I had a fancy fish it died it
ArtStudio Vanja
ArtStudio Vanja - 7 years ago
i have more fish than you xD
Mercedes CR
Mercedes CR - 7 years ago
That river
أحمد العراقي
أحمد العراقي - 7 years ago
OMG its amazing
Jan Carlo Torres
Jan Carlo Torres - 7 years ago
+The king of DIY can I use white sand instead of that filtration sand? I cant find that here in my place . Thanks
Jamal Walker
Jamal Walker - 7 years ago
王嘉歡 - 7 years ago
Plastic plants?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
Yes. Remember in the video where i said i didnt want the goldfish to eat them or the aquascape to change over time or to have to worry about lighting? So I went with plastic. I didn't say you have to like them or use them.... just why i did.
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee - 7 years ago
Awesome! I loved it!
nidhin chandran2121
nidhin chandran2121 - 7 years ago
very soothing to eyes and mind...
if i owned such an aquarium,i might spent hours n front of it enjoying its beauty..asian arowana looks great..wat do u feed them?
Mink 415
Mink 415 - 7 years ago
Why do gold fish make me so happy????
Eliseo Yanga
Eliseo Yanga - 7 years ago
Thanks for this! It was simple yet elegant!
Sleepy Dumpling
Sleepy Dumpling - 7 years ago
Let me guess, you're Canadian?
Jacob Christian
Jacob Christian - 7 years ago
That arowana looked hungry
sidharth v
sidharth v - 7 years ago
does the gold fish has a good life spawn??
Sanuda Samarajeewa
Sanuda Samarajeewa - 7 years ago
can I put live plant in the goldfish aquarium
Nicole Brigston
Nicole Brigston - 7 years ago
Im in love
Creatus Lupus
Creatus Lupus - 7 years ago
I wish I could have that many goldfishes... sadly mine is only like 18 galloons, so.... yeah
John alvin Aranjuez
John alvin Aranjuez - 7 years ago
i picked up a 5 kilos of sand at the beach.. do i need to boil it w/ hot water ??
Matt Norris
Matt Norris - 7 years ago
and as they grew how did that many fair..??? not well ibet show me the new vid of the fish big
Insomniac Raccoon
Insomniac Raccoon - 7 years ago
This was only posted two months ago... they wouldn't have grown that much in that short of a time frame. Also, this tank is 300+ gallons... I'm sure the goldfish are living it up.
ThatCartoonist - 7 years ago
Oh man i just cringe every time because along time ago I was going to a feild trip at my school and then when we went to a pet store i saw goldfish for 3$! but my teacher said the fish will die when we go back home and i didn't have fish stuff i was sad :(
sten beetlex
sten beetlex - 7 years ago
where is the suction tube of the filter ?.... i can see water being pushed into from top left side... where hace you given the suction tube end... pls help
sten beetlex
sten beetlex - 7 years ago
where is the suction tube of the filter
emilia fransisca
emilia fransisca - 7 years ago
I like
sundheep9 - 7 years ago
amazing , inspiring as always.
Manish Thorat
Manish Thorat - 7 years ago
great job...
Adam A
Adam A - 7 years ago
Awesome job man,what sort of filtration are you running on it?
Tira Titz
Tira Titz - 7 years ago
Wow, that looks amazing! So simple and stunning. :)
Phat Phan
Phat Phan - 7 years ago
yea you've inspired me to do a goldfish tank .... lol remodeling the living room so i think i want to build a goldfish coffee table :)
Battle Tendency
Battle Tendency - 7 years ago
Hi! I have a plan to make an aquarium for some fish from a small stream near my house and I was thinking of going as natural as possible both for budget reasons and to give the fish as much of a natural environment as possible. I was thinking of getting rocks and sand from that stream and putting a layer of mud under the sand and rocks both so that small crustaceans, snails and worms can live there to possibly supply some extra snacks and as substrate for growing plants, but I fear that despite the fish will be wild-caught and pretty resistant to anything (I've kept those fish in the past even if for a limited time and adapted really well to captive life, accepting all kind of food etc.) the mud might carry some patogens and end up being harmful. Should I take the risk?
David Perrin
David Perrin - 7 years ago
Chinese high fin fish look good
Shashank Bhagwat
Shashank Bhagwat - 7 years ago
Do we need to clean the rocks while performing a water change after we put them in the aquarium ??
Shashank Bhagwat
Shashank Bhagwat - 7 years ago
+Jordan Hansen hehe :p
Jordan Hansen
Jordan Hansen - 7 years ago
No prob, I wish I had this short list ten years ago! A lot of personal trial and error :P
Shashank Bhagwat
Shashank Bhagwat - 7 years ago
+Jordan Hansen​ thanks a lot :)
Jordan Hansen
Jordan Hansen - 7 years ago
Not if you have the right water settings etc. A basic walkthrough is feed the fish every other, or every three days, make sure to buy some bottom feeders and sucker fish, maybe even some snails, make sure the light isn't on too often, be sure to use your chemicals, and don't place it where direct sunlight can hit it.
Karrdeh - 7 years ago
I absolutely love goldfish and would love to get another tank like this. I used to have quite a few aquariums with beautiful fancies. But every single time I had a new aquarium in no time I would have white worms in my aquarium. They were always on the glass, and when they really multiplied they would be in the water as well. Does anyone have ANY idea how to NOT get white worms in the aquarium? Even cleaning with vinegar and bleach didn't help, they always came back. Because this keeps me from trying another fancy goldfish setup, which I really feel like i am missing out on .-.
Jordan Ryan
Jordan Ryan - 7 years ago
Gorgeous tank and gorgeous fish :) I used the same sand for my tank. It's great.
Darryl Wolfe
Darryl Wolfe - 7 years ago
Whats the best type of filter?
B.J.O Productions #gaming channel
B.J.O Productions #gaming channel - 7 years ago
Why are they not exploring around the rocks?
Jason Stroman
Jason Stroman - 7 years ago
"But we'll cover that in a future video..." Lol. Joe's favorite quote.
Petronella - 7 years ago
Won't the goldfish accidentaly swallow the sand if it's too small grained? :o
MyLifeInABottle - 7 years ago
I don't believe so I have a simple 20 gallon that I have used sand in multiple years. And yes gold fish fo shift the sand or basically after ypu fees them they go back get a mouth fill of sand and then kinda "clean" the sand and then they spit it back out. There are multiple ankles for this habit of goldfish. But it in no way harms them. Also if they do mange to swallow some sand it will pass easily.
Wolf - 7 years ago
Like the idea of your scape. I would add in some smaller versions of the plants in the rocks as well to give your tank some more depth. Lol love the goldfish swimming against the current though they look like their trying to be salmon or something, BTW anyone notice the arowana wanting attention in the end clip. LOL love the character of your fish
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller - 7 years ago
I started with goldfish when I was a kid. I've recently nicknamed that 10 gallon tank from 30 years ago "Auschwitz". A lot of fish went in, none came out. I have one display tank now, a 75 gallon, filled with as many live plants and tropical fish as my experience level can handle, but I have a longing to do a goldfish tank again someday. I'm really partial to the Black Moore's. My wife and I will be buying a home soon, hopefully one with a special place just for my addiction. You're videos are great. I've been working on a dual pvc overflow and sump project. It's awesome! Tank on!
zaczoid - 7 years ago
Should have placed a mirror or some sort in front of the glass panel that would reflect the tank so you could see as you went
butts - 7 years ago
oh cool i didnt realize you switched to goldies! love goldies :) you might want to soak the pellets before you give them to them so they all sink to the bottom, the amount of swim bladder i've had to deal with in fancies is unreal..
Aqua Fun
Aqua Fun - 7 years ago
I love it!!
Cherie Speese
Cherie Speese - 7 years ago
I have been watching u forever and fancy goldfish are my fave! They are super interactive and cute to! Beautiful aqua scape and tank as a whole!
Catriona Halliday
Catriona Halliday - 7 years ago
ohh wow you did amazing job!!! I used to have a 60 galon freshwater tank with pink barbs and fancy and little neon guppies with two underwater mini frogs I loved everything about my tank but it was very hard for me to keep the watter pH proper and it was my first tank after two years I had to moove to be closer to my mother and I left the tank with the apartment
Fjoyce 97
Fjoyce 97 - 7 years ago
You should set up a live stream of one of your aquariums!
Mals Aquaholics
Mals Aquaholics - 7 years ago
Is there a video on your filtration for a tank like this ?
Paz Mendez
Paz Mendez - 7 years ago
awesome! Beautiful.
MadisonMakesFilms - 7 years ago
Where did you order your goldfish from? I'm in Canada and I can't find anywhere online to order fancy goldfish from that will ship!
iFROST7 - 7 years ago
Is it safe to clean rocks with bleach because u might poison your aquarium
Misty Lau
Misty Lau - 7 years ago
Where did you purchase the pool sand from? I'd really like to use it for my future ten gallon freshwater aquascaped, but I don't know where to get it.
You Tube
You Tube - 7 years ago
how many L this aquarium
LifeWithBettas - 7 years ago
love this aquascape!!!
Waatzy Barriball
Waatzy Barriball - 7 years ago
Wouldn't disenfectant kill ur fish?
Ditto Used Transform on Magikarp
Ditto Used Transform on Magikarp - 7 years ago
thanks for inspiring me to do my own aquascaping
jaimin kansara
jaimin kansara - 7 years ago
great work man!

i want to know that how to clean fish's poop that is mixed with sand.
Harulee - 7 years ago
I already have a goldfish tank. He started as a feeder fish that refused to be eaten so I put him in my 55 gallon tank and now he is about 9 inches long and 2,1/2 wide.
Martell C
Martell C - 7 years ago
this is awesome!!!!
Snapyoass 82
Snapyoass 82 - 7 years ago
a built-in the wall turtle tank this size is what i want
Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan - 7 years ago
i would really like to know about filtration system.
As everybody knows goldfish eat like a pigs and shits a lot. It would be great trouble if that gets mixed with the substrate or get accumulate in between those rocks. It can also make the rock slimy.
Alec K
Alec K - 7 years ago
But where did you get the fish?
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker - 7 years ago
I love it! Thumbs up!
xbox36oplayer - 7 years ago
wow amazing! i love gold fish tanks good job
Pennie Wyatt
Pennie Wyatt - 7 years ago
It feels like the goldfish are struggling with the turbidity in this tank, enough to stress them, or perhaps it was just while you were clearing up the water?
Arthorn Kittinukul
Arthorn Kittinukul - 7 years ago
how do you cleaning penny Fisher??
Amy Cummings
Amy Cummings - 7 years ago
looks amazing
Dark Beauty
Dark Beauty - 7 years ago
Did the fish nip your hands while you were doing this? Whenever I put my hands in the fish tank to fix something these two gigantic parrot fish start nipping my hands
Petsotics For All Your Pets' Needs
Petsotics For All Your Pets' Needs - 7 years ago
For someone who hasn't aquascaped an aquarium in a while.....that turned out great. You got the decor and the right amount of fish. You didn't over or under do it. It's just right for anyone to say, "WOW!!!" Everything fell into place perfectly. And I am definitely more inspired. Thanks.
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S - 7 years ago
WOW!! i love goldfish especially the black moors, such a beautiful tank your so lucky i couldn't afford anything like that :-)
julie neyt
julie neyt - 7 years ago
You could always use glass paperweights I use them in my Fishtank
Justinbryll Barit
Justinbryll Barit - 7 years ago
That's a lot of goldfish one fancy goldfish needs 20gal of water all by itself and you got 40 of them.
Orlos The Druid
Orlos The Druid - 7 years ago
Hey, how do you deal with the incredible amount of moisture as a result of the moving water?

I was at one time a World Champion in my class of fish showing, and had nearly 100 tanks in a single bedroom in my house supporting my fish. The result was thousands of dollars of damage to the sheetrock. I had to completely redo the entire room, walls, floor, ceiling. It was a mess. I moved everything outside, used a 220v fan to move air through the garage, that took care of the moisture for me.
Terrisa M
Terrisa M - 7 years ago
Kyle Maners
Kyle Maners - 7 years ago
You should add some loaches (golden dojo loaches)
res0408 - 7 years ago
The size of your tank seems much larger than 57 x 12 x 18.
res0408 - 7 years ago
how often do you clean trapped debris between the rocks?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+res0408 I was referring to the size of the aquascape. How much space it takes up. The tank is 78x38x29
D. S.
D. S. - 7 years ago
Kids reaction can never lie :)
Sansidar Uploads
Sansidar Uploads - 7 years ago
Will goldfish like this who lives in a tank get children or?
Sara-Louise Mckenna
Sara-Louise Mckenna - 7 years ago
it good
cybastu - 7 years ago
I'm not a goldfish fan but man after looking at this video I want a tank like this awesome work
TT Smasher
TT Smasher - 7 years ago
I love the rock, and sand. I don't really like the plants.
aboud almasri
aboud almasri - 7 years ago
Poor black Moore, you can't even see them at night haha. Just kidding black Moore are my favorite cold water fish in general
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh - 7 years ago
what the glass mm size?
steven buczkowski
steven buczkowski - 7 years ago
Great, simplistic design! This is my 1st vid I watched of yours, and I'm hooked? You do a great job of explaining everything and I like how u show ppl that you don't always need to buy things, nature is such a better option. Can't wait to watch some more of your vids!
steven buczkowski
steven buczkowski - 7 years ago
Eduardo Zambrano
Eduardo Zambrano - 7 years ago
That´s really great! but I think it´s overstock... However, let me tell congratulations! I want an aquarium like yours!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
Im only keeping 20-25 in this 440 gallon system. I mentioned this before. :)
Kristen SMNC
Kristen SMNC - 7 years ago
Hey, great video, however I have a question. Are all of those fishes goldfish?
Rich Renwick
Rich Renwick - 7 years ago
can comets live with sand? or will they try and eat it
Aqua Line
Aqua Line - 7 years ago
It does not matter if you get goldfish bc they are like carp
Kito Korinzu
Kito Korinzu - 7 years ago
Woah I love the all pearl-white fantail with a glowing like orange tail, looks so awesome, mine are all orange, but one has a white tail
Lee WeiHong
Lee WeiHong - 7 years ago
Thumbs up
Jaime Oliveira
Jaime Oliveira - 7 years ago
Very nice !!!
Mako X
Mako X - 7 years ago
Always thought goldfish to be lazy and fat ass.
Surprisingly they are much fit and active,
and happier while they are in the current.
Snek Nek
Snek Nek - 7 years ago
Being that you were not even looking while placing the rocks, it looks amazing!
Aleyandra Fuhrman
Aleyandra Fuhrman - 7 years ago
Personally wouldn't have so many fancies in one tank that size; but I love the tank set up and everything you do :)

I just had to look up goldfish vids as I just lost my breeding Oranda, he was about 12-13" with massive fins. Miss my baby...
Aleyandra Fuhrman
Aleyandra Fuhrman - 7 years ago
Eeep, I keep watching it over haha, I love their fins :) You picked some really amazing long finned ryukins and orandas.
hunter martin
hunter martin - 7 years ago
how much does it cost to make a tank that big
hunter martin
hunter martin - 7 years ago
+The king of DIY ok thanks cause I have a smallmouth bass I dinosaur bichir getting a northern and walleye
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
no clue what it will cost you. call around. I bought a second hand tank for $100 and took it apart.
hunter martin
hunter martin - 7 years ago
+The king of DIY for the glass
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
This tank? Maybe $500-600
MrBubbles Petchicken
MrBubbles Petchicken - 7 years ago
you did an amazing job bro I'd love to meet and talk to you in person
Wolfcchi - 7 years ago
You should add an automatic feeder to it! Then you don't need to watch it constantly.
Rawdiana - 7 years ago
what do you do when the fish becomes large?
Roland Yock Kim
Roland Yock Kim - 7 years ago
Glad you finally decorated an aquarium. You are very good at aquascaping, keep decorating.
Asher Flynn
Asher Flynn - 7 years ago
thank you for this i am defenetly doing a goldfish tank now
Mervyn Ng
Mervyn Ng - 7 years ago
Great work !!!
Aidan Rose
Aidan Rose - 7 years ago
What did you do to get away with so many fish in there? And nice tank!
Aidan Rose
Aidan Rose - 7 years ago
+The king of DIY ah ok that's makes sense.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+Aidan Rose well, in the first video and second video in this tank I mentioned I would only be keeping 20-25. It is a 370 gallon tank with 70 gallon sump.
BanamA - 7 years ago
I love the aquascape, its very harmonious and visually pleasing to the eye!
ClockworkCrow - 7 years ago
woooow :000 it turned out really well!! and i really love the black telescope goldfish ~
Jane Diamondnose
Jane Diamondnose - 7 years ago
That tank is beautiful and big! May i ask how much dit it cost? ( i'm interested to buying a similar size in the future ) I understand if you don't want to answer this question.
Jane Diamondnose
Jane Diamondnose - 7 years ago
Yeah true I didn't think about that ;)
Josh Potatoe
Josh Potatoe - 7 years ago
hes a diy guy ofc he will tell ya the honest costs
Jane Diamondnose
Jane Diamondnose - 7 years ago
Okay thnx!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+Jane Diamondnose I was quoting in CAD. So about 690 euros.
Jane Diamondnose
Jane Diamondnose - 7 years ago
That's less then i expected! For just an aquarium ( 30 gallon ) without filtration and plumbing, and without stand, i paid 200 euro's ( around 220$ ) Belgium is really expensive.
Thanks to answer so quickly!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+Jane Diamondnose the tank alone? Less than $500. With stand, plumbing and filtration.. Just under $1,000. I don't mind sharing costs. I did a full series in this build.
MrOkami - 7 years ago
Love it man! Especially your kids reaction to it. I attempted the black tank setup (black background over black gravel) on a betta tank with a dark blue betta over the weekend. Sadly I've only got some incandescent grow bulbs over him so he just blends in and you only really see him when he's silhouetted against the plants/decorations. I'm going to put a proper LED light over him come payday and see if that helps him pop off the background. If not, I'll go grab another bag of sand and see how he looks over that.
Chong Li Herng
Chong Li Herng - 7 years ago
gold fish poop A LOT.... how you clean up the mess everytime you change the water without messing up the sand?
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
I have not had to touch it at all. Just water changes. With proper circulation, I rarely have to do anything to my tanks.
mrsdbzfanforever - 7 years ago
This made me so happy :) To see so many goldfish who were PROPERLY taken care of and who were put into such a beautiful home was very touching. I love how your kids appreciate the beauty of aquariums and how you are teaching them how to maintain them!
marizen2 - 7 years ago
Love how the black colored goldfish were interested in what you were doing! They seem to approve. ;)
Dieter Viljoen
Dieter Viljoen - 7 years ago
you are really such and inspiration to me in regards to the aquarist hobby. I fell in love with the hobby very much the same way as you did by making an impulse buy when I walked past a pet store with my girlfriend. This video gave me such a new perspective in regards to goldfish tanks. Thanks for all your effort in making these videos. I really hope to extend my hobby to your scale when I grow up
The Cichlid Shack
The Cichlid Shack - 7 years ago
Very, Very cool.... Can't agree more about inspiring our next generation.... Tank looks fantastic...
ScreamingForClemency - 7 years ago
meanwhile the arowana looks on.....plotting... picking his moment.
Jean Rosa
Jean Rosa - 7 years ago
this is so amazing on so many levels. Thank u and congrats.
MrSnuggleMuffins The Teddy Bear
MrSnuggleMuffins The Teddy Bear - 7 years ago
When your daughter walked to the goldfish tank, the arowana saw the goldfish getting all the attention.... poor arowana.... #ICriEverytim
usama mahmood
usama mahmood - 7 years ago
db - 7 years ago
wow. I was that guy looking down on goldfish but now I see their potential. great vid.
Hunter Unlimited
Hunter Unlimited - 7 years ago
You should get oranda goldfish
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde - 7 years ago
now I want a goldfish tank lol.
IT'S JaydenVLOGS DuH - 7 years ago
my fish died
Jazmine ThePuppy
Jazmine ThePuppy - 7 years ago
Joey, I've had a goldfish obsession for many years. They're my favorite fish. Thanks to you, I finally got the courage to get a 75 gallon tank and stock it with just fancy goldfish! It's not quite finished yet, I still need to paint the back and do a little more aquascaping. I'd love to send you a video but I'm not sure how.
deangelocustomrings - 7 years ago
Michael Mathis, Jr.
Michael Mathis, Jr. - 7 years ago
Really like the way you got the children to help pick the rocks. Looks great
Julie A
Julie A - 7 years ago
I like that the black goldfish stand out more against the white sand so they can be enjoyed as well
Aqua Fancy
Aqua Fancy - 7 years ago
the pet store told me I couldn't have sand with these fish. what did they tell you
amber DISASTER CHILDS - 7 years ago
Looks beautiful man
amber DISASTER CHILDS - 7 years ago
Didn't putting the sand an your hands in with the fish kinda like scare them just a general question pets at home told me to remove my fish before I put sand in etc I was like surely moving them would stress them more I dunno
Creative Pet Keeping
Creative Pet Keeping - 7 years ago
Ive always wanted a large goldfish tank as well. I'm waiting until I move for that to happen.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
See this tank in underwater 360!!
ZAP TRAP - 6 years ago
The king of DIY ii
SneakyTree - 6 years ago
The king of DIY Looks Awesome! Sorry to bother, but I have a hexogonal tank for my betta, I think its about 2.5 gallons. But the thing is, it isnt very wide. Its about a foot tall and 6in wide. Would this be suitable since they enjoy exploring and looking at their surroundings? Please awnser! Youre the best! ❤
Tito Cordero
Tito Cordero - 7 years ago
it,s so cool
2muchzen - 7 years ago
Nice. I miss my fancy goldfish tank. Changed it to a tropical community tank. Wanna get another tank and do a fancy goldfish tank, misses won't let me.
Chris Edgar
Chris Edgar - 7 years ago
after seeing your goldfish when you first put them in I thought to myself, my kids would love that. I recently had a tank crash and have cleaned and recycled the tank. The first fish in was one fancy goldfish followed by some ruby nose tetras abs two more fancy goldfish. my oldest immediately named the first fish squirby lol. thank you for the inspiration and your tank looks great.
Mohammed S
Mohammed S - 7 years ago
Awesome Aquascape! Looks very elegant.
Sabrina Van
Sabrina Van - 7 years ago
How much r the fish
Sabrina Van
Sabrina Van - 7 years ago
U inspired me
silvana koo
silvana koo - 7 years ago
That's amazing I just tried to have gold fish similar like yours ? but would you give me the link where I can but the aqua sand
symbolicsin - 7 years ago
Fantastic video and Tank !
Somerandombritisgirl 9
Somerandombritisgirl 9 - 7 years ago
Awesome scape! One problem, when you fed the fish I noticed that some of the food was floating. Fancy goldfish are a lot more prone swimbladder problems than regular goldfish(this is from experience) so the best food is any old sinking food. You don't have to do this, if you keep them on the food that they're on its OK, I just wanted to let you know. The tank looks great and I can't wait to see more!
Shaun's Fish Tanks
Shaun's Fish Tanks - 7 years ago
You have taken the boringness out of goldfish and shown us how wonderful a goldfish tank can really be. Well done Joey!!
Zaky Sam
Zaky Sam - 7 years ago
I got bored of my goldfish years ago so got a marine tank (which is going successfully btw) but now I miss them!
Robby Ella
Robby Ella - 7 years ago
This tank is gorgeous. Its my favorite youve done so far... So inspiring!
#Stephen Tube
#Stephen Tube - 7 years ago
Im thinking àbout a goldfish tank.....
Michelle Soon
Michelle Soon - 7 years ago
Just wondering: Would it be better for the fish if we Aquascape before introducing them to the new tank? Or is letting them get used to the tank first better?
Panhan17 - 7 years ago
I love using natural rocks in tanks. I live in Michigan and go to lakes a lot. The two tanks I have both have rocks from Lake Michigan and love the look. Your tank is beautiful! Awesome job
George Mitchell
George Mitchell - 7 years ago
9:00 Arowana: love me pls
patrick couch
patrick couch - 7 years ago
Sorry I misspelled fish it accidentally put face in there we're not changing it I'm sure you know what I mean
patrick couch
patrick couch - 7 years ago
Mr. DIY King I'm not worried about anything you do with fish because you like your face like pets I've been watching you for a long time you care about your pets and you do a good job taking care of them and you also don't act like you're the smartest person in the world that's what I like about you you helped out a lot of people and besides I think your kids keep you in line I've also made one of your float switches and it works very good I had a float switch but I didn't put relays on them and they blew out all the time so you also taught me something and I thank you you and your family are great and I'll watch you all the time to learn thank you very much your friend Patrick couch
Romeo Mario
Romeo Mario - 7 years ago
its beautifull !! love it !! can you show me the water filtrations that you use for that gold fish tank ?
Katie Glass
Katie Glass - 7 years ago
Awesome scaping!!
Aidan Langford
Aidan Langford - 7 years ago
Erin Alexander
Erin Alexander - 7 years ago
Hey, I really enjoy your videos. The fact that you are all about being inclusive to everyone that wants to enioy this hobby means a lot. This tank is great
Leticia Guido
Leticia Guido - 7 years ago
amazing job! love it
patratelpatratel - 7 years ago
Wow that looks great!!! White sand with a black background = beatiful!!!
Justin Blanton
Justin Blanton - 7 years ago
I definitely view goldfish differently. I like this scape a lot!
RetroGal - 7 years ago
Your children are lucky to have you for a father.
InViKTus - 7 years ago
goldfish are the best and the cutest
Just another Goldfish
Just another Goldfish - 6 years ago
InViKTus I know right
Love Hiphop
Love Hiphop - 7 years ago
I have kept fancy goldfish for about 4yrs now using several different options for substrate and decor, bare bottom is simply the best option, over time you will get a nasty waste build up between those rocks that you cant clean out with out moving them around, with given how many and heavy they are will be a pain in the....
sankey deodhar
sankey deodhar - 7 years ago
please make a video on Arowana care
Utubeanimalguy - 7 years ago
That looks great. Simple and natural. Really nice.
MrFsb72 - 7 years ago
Hi mate, how about putting your air stone in one of the cracks in your rock Scape? paint you airline Black and Presto looks great and does the same job as it did but better looking for the tank! oh! you can have that little Tip!
karl higgins
karl higgins - 7 years ago
thats a pretty cool set up :) ive been watching your channel for months now way before i even had my own tank XD around november time i finaly decided to get myself a tank im now planning on getting a new tank it costs a bomb so i am blaming you for making me want my own tanks XD XD
Daelan's Awesome Adventures! :D
Daelan's Awesome Adventures! :D - 7 years ago
Looks Great!
Bossatmakeup Maria
Bossatmakeup Maria - 7 years ago
Now I wanna get a goldfish but I know it's not that easy so I won't get any until I'm ready for responsibilities like
This . Well done . I love the tank decorations
Ulises Ibarra
Ulises Ibarra - 7 years ago
the small ones
Ulises Ibarra
Ulises Ibarra - 7 years ago
u should get crabs?
Yukki Katsuki
Yukki Katsuki - 7 years ago
I came up with a way to do my next tank thanks for the inspiration I'm going to go minimalistic as well and hide mist of the non natural components.
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming - 7 years ago
thats awesome!
Matt Whitmire
Matt Whitmire - 7 years ago
PLEASE tell us how you are going to keep that sand clean!
patrick couch
patrick couch - 7 years ago
tank is beautiful nice job the Aquascape don't take away from the fish they're both beautiful together and your kids love it that's all that matters
Chelsea M.
Chelsea M. - 7 years ago
You finally caved! This is awesome. And once you have your permanent 20 or so, you really will start to see their growth and bulk develop. I can hardly wait to see them outgrow their rocks.
MrJdub1210 - 7 years ago
nice work my friend. turned out exactly how I love goldfish tanks. smooth rock look great with goldfish. mine is very similar
Sarkazmo Loafy
Sarkazmo Loafy - 7 years ago
I named one of the fish in the last Goldfish video. His name is Mr. Bigglesworth. I see you're taking good care of him, Joey.
Donald Byrd
Donald Byrd - 7 years ago
Nice and clean setup. The fancy tail goldfish wouldn't be my 1st choice, but to each his own. I have got to say you pulled it off as if you aquascaped every tank you've set up. Good luck and try to KEEP this setup for a while.
Lana 86
Lana 86 - 7 years ago
Looks nice can I use for my aquarium stones from the beach? How to clean them ?
Daniel Gamboa
Daniel Gamboa - 7 years ago
Looks awesome! I love the simple scape of big rocks, I've also been visioning a scape with just rocks and possibly plants, in case I get tired of substrate
Shaun Yeyoda Sivadas
Shaun Yeyoda Sivadas - 7 years ago
The goldfish are adorable! Is it true that goldfish create a lot of waste?
Agri - 7 years ago
Really very nice tank.
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda - 7 years ago
where did you buy your gold fish ??
Stephanie Foster
Stephanie Foster - 7 years ago
Really love this.
Ann J
Ann J - 7 years ago
What a fantastic tank!!!
Brandywine6969 - 7 years ago
I am glad you aquascaped this aquarium. I can see the black ones better. I love those. This way, the black background areas can highlight the gold colored fish while the rocks give you a chance to get to see the black ones better and it looks great.

I have always loved the black goldfish with the bubble eyes. Are they all called Black Moors or just certain species of fish? The ones I used to have were sold specifically as Black Moors. I loved them. They are smart and super sociable with people.
Emmanuel Tadena
Emmanuel Tadena - 7 years ago
holycow that arowana is huge! and that goldfish tank looks really nice :) Goodjob sir!
guppy chivilcoy
guppy chivilcoy - 7 years ago
mvecellio1 - 7 years ago
I just set up a 75 gal fancy goldfish tank myself about 3 weeks ago.  I found your video today and it looks amazing.  Thanks for posting.
ph4s3sh1ft - 7 years ago
Kittywolf13 - 7 years ago
that looks so awesome!! and love how the little black moore kept coming over to check you out as you were placing the rocks in. and your Arrowana might be a little jealous! LOL
Dumb Dead1
Dumb Dead1 - 7 years ago
It would look badass with african cichlids.
Maryanne Matthews
Maryanne Matthews - 7 years ago
Best goldfish aquarium I've ever seen!
Louie LA
Louie LA - 7 years ago
Can you do a decorate aquarium for gold fish small
Top Dog
Top Dog - 7 years ago
That is stunning
Angel Carreño
Angel Carreño - 7 years ago
Arowana at 9:00 : those fishes look delicious (starts drooling).
asanesse1 - 7 years ago
Could the tank carry that much wheight of the rocks? you could add some Ranchu goldfish just a suggestion :D
Salamander Fangskin
Salamander Fangskin - 7 years ago
Do you thing those plants are going to make it with that light?
Salamander Fangskin
Salamander Fangskin - 7 years ago
Right, sorry I missed that part.
WaffOW - 7 years ago
It's fake plant I think
Devin Delaughter
Devin Delaughter - 7 years ago
do you have a video on how you built this aquarium want to start building I especially like the 3 walls and the glass front having a built in look want to learn on that
Ockis27 - 7 years ago
Amazing work Joey!
MoneyMarcMes - 7 years ago
That looks very attractive.
Ink Doggo
Ink Doggo - 7 years ago
hey. I am actually looking at this hobby but I only want 1 fish and not a big tank. I would like to aquascape it but a lot of plants are big and the wood and stone. I don't know. I don't have much space in my apartment so I really don't know. a 99c store have some fish and a little tanks and I don't know what fish they are and how many gallons or gallon it can hold. the tank is small and I had I turtle in the same type of tank. my parent might let me keep a tank that small. the fish the store sells they look about 1 1/2 inches. one of the plastic plants are to big for that tank. there are little pebbles........well I really don't know what they are. I have seen a video for beginner fish. I don't the fish to reproduce. male would do the job. a fish that doesn't need a lot of space would be amazi. if anyone had tips on this I would really appreciate it - 7 years ago
Are you ever going to do a saltwater?
Isotanium - 7 years ago
You need to do the saltwater reef dropoff tank next!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago I already have twice. Perhaps in the near future again.
Ravi Peter
Ravi Peter - 7 years ago
Isn't it better to have sand below the stones to distribute the pressure points cause by the rocks and avoid cracking the bottom?
Ravi Peter
Ravi Peter - 7 years ago
Ok . I am used to glass bottoms here in India, Thnaks!
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+Ravi Peter it's a plywood tank. No worry at all about that.
Erica Renee
Erica Renee - 7 years ago
i love how the arowana is part of the family moment too lol
Erica Renee
Erica Renee - 7 years ago
holy schnikes, UJ! you are a quite the hardscaper! SUPERB explanation and such a beautiful finished product!!
Anonymous Silver Stacker
Anonymous Silver Stacker - 7 years ago
I like this better than the bare tank. The black goldfish are now more visible. I look those than the ordinary orange goldfish.
Tudo e mais alguma coisa
Tudo e mais alguma coisa - 7 years ago
Very beautiful. Congrats!
Lelani Dixon
Lelani Dixon - 7 years ago
Really a simple, beautiful 'scape and such a natural background for some beautiful fish. Love it!
Neill Jansen van Vuuren
Neill Jansen van Vuuren - 7 years ago
Awesome vid, Tank look amazing!!
Ricky H
Ricky H - 7 years ago
Joey! love your videos, I've been a long time fan! Once I buy my first house I plan to make a plywood bottom aquarium, and the only reason I have the design is because of your guidance so thanks so much! One thing I've noticed lately is the video volume has gotten progressively quieter, requiring me to turn up the volume on my computer, but then if a commercial comes on, it blasts my speakers. If you end up seeing this can you please double check the volume that would be totally awesome! Thanks again for all your hard work I hope to be watching your videos for years to come!
Calebs Aquarium
Calebs Aquarium - 7 years ago
Joey, Do you use Seachem Safe (powdered Prime) since you have such large aquariums? Thoughts on it?
Anthony Piti
Anthony Piti - 7 years ago
As a first and last attempt while upside down and backwards the aquascape came out absolutely amazing. It gave me some ideas for my own tank!
Steven Biard
Steven Biard - 7 years ago
Great stuff...
not sure if it would help, but you mentioned how difficult it is to scape with only the one viewing panel. Since you already have the camera set up to view the front, you may be able to hook up a monitor so you can see what is being filmed, thus allowing you to make adjustments during the process? not sure if it would be feasible, but worth a thought
theblackestsheep - 7 years ago
Could also live stream it, and watch it on a phone at the same time. Then we can all enjoy watching him scape it!
Steven Biard
Steven Biard - 7 years ago
Now I just got to the end, and heard you say you're never doing that again... haha.
shahbaaz mohammed
shahbaaz mohammed - 7 years ago
of course it inspired me
Carlene Pool
Carlene Pool - 7 years ago
very nice tank 'thanks for your channel I love it :-)
EarthSerenity - 7 years ago
Looks amazing!
beto cerv
beto cerv - 7 years ago
Looks amazing
Cosmic Ehrhart
Cosmic Ehrhart - 7 years ago
because of a gliotch where youtube doesnt show the video and just plays the audio i just watched like 1 minute with a black screen.

... i refreshed the video twice so i thought it was just some weird editing...
Madan Madan
Madan Madan - 7 years ago
Don Salmon
Don Salmon - 7 years ago
I've always been a Goldfish fan Joey. Since my favourite "Big B" died 5 years ago I took up labyrinth fish, which I have been enjoying. But now you have made me jealous. I want to get back into keeping these awesome fish again! THANK YOU!!
XProz - 7 years ago
You actually inspires me 10 Months ago!
Felix Hibi
Felix Hibi - 7 years ago
I wish I have time to do all these. I love this video and no words can describe it. The satisfaction after decorating it
t sykes
t sykes - 7 years ago
Damn this looks awsome, I was thinking about building a tank but now I'm certain I will be after seeing it with the sand rocks. Beautiful work
Auzzie - 7 years ago
You waited 10'years to get a goldfish aquarium -_-
Salman Mazhar
Salman Mazhar - 7 years ago
awesome joey.... great job!
Serartic K
Serartic K - 7 years ago
i love your message and how much care you put into all your tanks. Subscribed!
mitian - 7 years ago
What a beauty- this shows is not the expensive fish is the art of building it and designing it... Great Video- I will save this video as one of my favorites, and Yes I will love to build something like this...
Sellout Gamer
Sellout Gamer - 7 years ago
anyone know a way i can make small figures aquarium safe?, i was thinking a coat of epoxy resin, but i have no experience with the stuff
Dan Maddox
Dan Maddox - 7 years ago
Here's some inspiration feedback for you. My 6 year old son and I have been watching a lot of your videos over the past couple of months and tomorrow we are starting our first father/son project, a plywood aquarium for his room based on your videos. It's also going to be a goldfish tank. Huge thanks for all your great videos!
kvsingh - 7 years ago
i hope it goes successful man
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
Awesome! Make sure he gets a lot of hands on action in there. See how he feels with that sense of accomplishment! Let me know how it goes.
Michael Eugenio
Michael Eugenio - 7 years ago
The tank looks great !
starwolf - 7 years ago
looks very good. But his video did make me miss my old freshwater planted tank.
michael a
michael a - 7 years ago
been watching your videos over the last few months....i'm always impressed with your knowledge and skill. keep it up.
Brendan Mathers
Brendan Mathers - 7 years ago
Any concern over the rocks absorbing the bleach and then the bleach leaching out into the tank? Or would the dilution be so large that it's not a concern? Also, what about under-gravel type filters? Had one years ago and it just seemed to concentrate the fish waste under the gravel and not remove it? Any thoughts? Thanks for the videos ; look forward to them every week.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
+Brendan Mathers bleach will mostly evaporate once dried. However, rinsing them again gets rid of anything left behind. I like to smell them to be sure. Any small trace amount are harmless. Nothing to worry about. As for under gravel filters, they are simply dated. Much more efficient means of filtration these days.
CloudeeDragon - 7 years ago
Thank you so much! I'll definitely do this to my goldfish tank someday!
Uncle NichtBob
Uncle NichtBob - 7 years ago
Hey Boy add an albino sterlet and a normal sterlet, that would look awesome!
Kazz - 7 years ago
Joey omg, you have one gold fish that really stands out to me and I think it looks absolutely beautiful...
6:23 the last one on the right, it's so beautiful, and his fins look damaged (not saying they are) giving him a "Ghostly" look which really stands out to me and looks absolutely amazing. If I could find a single gold fish like that, omg... I'd have to set up a whole new aquarium just for him (I only have tropical)
Kazz - 7 years ago
and omg, I just set up a new tank yesterday and did a style similar to this. There's two large rocks in the middle (learning against each other, one is in more in the front and the other is in the back) on a hill of sand, with 2 small green plants like you have, but smaller, and the main rock is on top of a piece of driftwood that reaches out from under the rock to the half way point of the tank. I have more drift wood around, making it looks like roots to a tree and broken pieces sticking out of the sand. I was originally going to do an Iwagumi aquascape but instead did this, and I absolutely love it! My main tank just has a bunch of live and plastic plants all around, some of which reach to the surface to give it a nice deep look, as well as a large hollow tree-root looking cave (with tons of crazy cool shapes) that my fish like to chill in, and an air stone behind it which keeps it really nice looking.
Emely van Galen
Emely van Galen - 7 years ago
next tank idea is a snake head and bass .carl uk.
Burger Craft
Burger Craft - 7 years ago
8:58 Arowana- Are you hear to see me?! (Swims Over)
Daughter- doesn't pay any attention to arowana
Arowana- Swims away sadly
Antony Marshall
Antony Marshall - 7 years ago
that tank probably gives your kids more enjoyment than the most expensive or rare fish you have ever owned , maybe you to !.:)
Zachary Hanson
Zachary Hanson - 7 years ago
What food do you use?
Syria Sharia
Syria Sharia - 7 years ago
I love this...looks amazing
dawn m lamb # DML Studio
dawn m lamb # DML Studio - 7 years ago
dawn m lamb # DML Studio
dawn m lamb # DML Studio - 7 years ago
sand and goldfish?
Kavish Lochun
Kavish Lochun - 7 years ago
Very great and simple ideas ,so creative, you are n artist dude. keep it up>>>>>>>>>
Anita Lee-Yu
Anita Lee-Yu - 7 years ago
so pretty..glad u got the secret camera up to catch the kids excitement. .job well done !! ;-)!
isa donna
isa donna - 7 years ago
wow i love it
Christopher Wheatley
Christopher Wheatley - 7 years ago
did u test the rock before you put them in
Marsel Vitti
Marsel Vitti - 7 years ago
Can you make a video on driftwood
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 7 years ago
of course. I have a video on how to do that as well.
Angela and Ronnie Gray
Angela and Ronnie Gray - 7 years ago
hey I've been watching your vids for awhile now and I have a question maybe 2. what would you recommend for a 55 gallon tank?? a handbuilt stand or a store bought?? if a handbuilt one what materials would you recommend for the structure of it so it won't fall and I'm out a 55 gallon and also 30 bucks worth of fish (mostly angelfish and guaramis). please reply back soon thank you
Northern Iggy
Northern Iggy - 7 years ago
Now we can see the Black Moors!
Nathan Fielure
Nathan Fielure - 7 years ago
I think it's possible to connect your phone camera to your laptop via wifi, so you can see what it looks like in front.
Avnish Yadav
Avnish Yadav - 7 years ago
man you inspired me for diy aquarium led lights
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez - 7 years ago
hey bro what size are the uniseal on the diy 5 gallon bucket canister filter?
Samuel S A Walker
Samuel S A Walker - 7 years ago
I love how from around 4:52 that little black fish keeps coming up to see what your doing, just next to your right hand.
Infinitz Resources
Infinitz Resources - 7 years ago
seems like the gold fishes grew quite abit since u got it... nice
yocampout - 7 years ago
that looks great. I keep my goldies in a bare bottom tank to keep things cleaner but your scape really makes your dark fish really pop.
SmokeThatSkinWagon - 7 years ago
That arowana is gigantic! Or is that just the camera perspective.
Erica Renee
Erica Renee - 7 years ago
nope hes huge!
Karan Poudel
Karan Poudel - 7 years ago
looking awesome☺
Alento Spikener Jr
Alento Spikener Jr - 7 years ago
Bro, this tank is awesome! It already looked amazing all "murdered" (blacked) out with the goldfish looking like they were floating. Their colors are so vibrant and the tank really enhanced them. But NOW, with the rocks, sand and plants, the tank looks like the perfect natural habitat! It's so clean and natural looking and the fish look really HAPPY. I rave about it and I can't wait to show this to all of my friends. You have def inspired me to make my next tank like this!
AccountTake3 - 7 years ago
Good to see that some people actually take good care of their goldfish, in stead of shoving them in a tiny fishbowl
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado - 7 years ago
Most gorgeous tank ever created! simple but gorgeous... As always great job pal! my daughter wants me to set up one like this in her room now. lol.
Jamie McClennen
Jamie McClennen - 7 years ago
That looks awesome. I have pretty much the same vision in my head
EXOTIC BUTTERS - 7 years ago
good tank, makes me want a goldfish tank instead of a predator tank
Gareth Van Heerden
Gareth Van Heerden - 7 years ago
Just started up an Gold fish tank as well thanks to you r video and I love them great fish and my son enjoys them as well
thanks for all the videos.
Inappropriate Reefer
Inappropriate Reefer - 7 years ago
Looks great!
Tyrone Wong
Tyrone Wong - 7 years ago
Damn this tank is beautiful.. Like it's so minimalistic but really beautiful
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 7 years ago
te amo
Crystal Stewart
Crystal Stewart - 7 years ago
Beautiful set up. This is something that I would love to have one day. Unfortunately I can not have fancy gold fish, yet. But once I the timing is right, I will look back to this video for inspiration. It's a magnificent site to see. The rocks and sand give it that peaceful natural look without taking the beauty away from the fancy goldfish. Great job.
Gokul Naidu
Gokul Naidu - 7 years ago
awesome I have 2 or orandas and 2. black moors
Rahne Aeon
Rahne Aeon - 7 years ago
Your friend in the other tank is a bit jealous of the aqua scape and maybe hungry for the gold fish - Inspired, yes. Please - general public - do not release goldfish in Rivers ( natural environments) they grow massive and destroy the ecosystem.
shane silverio
shane silverio - 7 years ago
Your Tank Looks Amazing
mandar kadam
mandar kadam - 7 years ago
Sir..your videos are awesome...also the thing you said at last "its about inspiring others..." its great !!!
Valdir Junior
Valdir Junior - 7 years ago
D+ muito lindo
Rush Stroup
Rush Stroup - 7 years ago
Looks amazing man!!! As always thanks for the video!!!
leeluu mxo
leeluu mxo - 7 years ago
Looks amazing.....great work
The Truth
The Truth - 7 years ago
Hey! What's the power of your pumps attached to your airstones!?
Killalot - 7 years ago
Thank you for all your ideas. Arent there any risk for dangerous metalls in the stones?
Kind regards from Sweden
yes this inspired me to build the goldfish pond i was envisioning! thanks joey!
emazingjodaan - 7 years ago
I like your taste with this tank. simple yet pure
레이첼 - 7 years ago
I'm 12 and I have 3 tanks in my room. I do all the cleaning and feeding. I love fish...
zioro1235 - 6 years ago
레이첼 what kind of fish do you have? Because I Breed fish
J Cole
J Cole - 6 years ago
I have a 100 gallon fish tank with 2 albino tiger barbs,2 tiger barbs,2 green tiger barbs,male dwarf gourami, female dwarf gourami,male albino bristlenose pleco, female bristlenose pleco and a rainbow shark.
_LigitViperYo_ - 6 years ago
namjoon and yuta are mine I have 1 bearded dragon 1 Mississippi map turtle 1 veiled chameleon 1 pacman frog and 3 betta fish
Depresticles - 6 years ago
I have 2 tanks. One has 3 bettas with walls that divide them and the other one is just the tank of an Oscar
Hamish - 7 years ago
I'm 3 and i have 24 tanks in my room
Eric Duong
Eric Duong - 7 years ago
eggrollsoup - 7 years ago
Listening to all these people with pets
-taestykookies - 7 years ago
Namjoon is mine Damn i hope i had one like yours
THAT RAMDOM COW - 7 years ago
Rachel Norman / レイチェル・ノーマン I'm 12 I'm getting a horn shark soon I already have 17 fish and I am thinking of getting a gaboon viper
Eric Duong
Eric Duong - 7 years ago
14 here and i have a 25 gallon stocked with a pair of pearl gouramis, neon tetras, zebra danios, otocinclus catfishes, kuhli loaches and a dwarf puffer fish (not nippy at all). Its also heavily planted.
레이첼 - 7 years ago
lol now i have 5
long slong
long slong - 7 years ago
im 13 and i have 4 dogs 1 cat 4 fish and 4 birds
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+buddhas know best thank you!
buddhas know best
buddhas know best - 7 years ago
Great work, buddy. Wish I got into the hobby earlier in my life.
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Allison Nguyen I get most thing second hand for cheep. :) plus i breed fish to get money for my mum and dad
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Catriona Halliday thx :3
Catriona Halliday
Catriona Halliday - 7 years ago
wow good for you that's rilly awsome
5 The Sheep
5 The Sheep - 7 years ago
+Erica GamePlay 
Jesus Christ, do you own a zoo?
Erica GamePlay
Erica GamePlay - 7 years ago
I am 12 and I have 7 tanks 6 guinea pigs 2 birds 6 snake 7 monkey 5 Cats
Allison Nguyen
Allison Nguyen - 7 years ago
+Trash Bin The key is being able to pay for all the fish stuff, (it can get expensive!) and being responsible enough to keep up with feeding and cleaning. My parents were always okay with me having fish, because my dad doesn't like other animals (dogs, cats, etc.) Good luck though!
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Cousinn's Variety Channel awesome
5 The Sheep
5 The Sheep - 7 years ago
I'm 11, and I have 5 tanks in my room. It's quite the hassle, but it's worth it.
TheAMFBowler - 7 years ago
I'm 12 and I have a 20 liter (6 gallon) tank.
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Meowydoo The meow Aww, I love reptiles <3
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Trash Bin I work for the money... they are small, one is 40 gallons, the other two are 10 gallons. :)
Trash Bin
Trash Bin - 7 years ago
Haha how did you convince your parents on 3 tanks? I'm 14 and just started getting into the hobby
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Dwain Kitchel thanks for the support and the tip :) thank you, i normally get bullied for stuff like this, well when i talk about it.
Puff The Beardie
Puff The Beardie - 7 years ago
I'm 12 and I have 2 reptiles and a bird, I take care of all of them
Dwain Kitchel
Dwain Kitchel - 7 years ago
a long time ago it was believed that axolotls would metamorphasise to its adult stage in the presence of iodine...not sure as they say hormones now. i have kept a few of them they are a lots of water changes
레이첼 - 7 years ago
+Dwain Kitchel Thanks :) At the moment I've baby axolotls I'll hope they live!
Dwain Kitchel
Dwain Kitchel - 7 years ago
u are the future of the hobby, hang in there and get better at fish keeping :)
David Perrin
David Perrin - 7 years ago
Looks fish look good,.try like white cloud.
LinardBraslin - 7 years ago
I loved that you used natural rocks, the scenery looks really natural. You've definitely inspired me. I like that the black goldfish stand out much more now.
gursimran sethi
gursimran sethi - 7 years ago
I want to show you my setup and i have have questions regarding their diet where can i contact you personally (fb) ?
Aysir Jasem
Aysir Jasem - 7 years ago
Love it ,, and hi form iraq
Daniel Chiang
Daniel Chiang - 7 years ago
Looking good!
Seecko D
Seecko D - 7 years ago
Nyz Aquascape brother... :)
Lynx Joker
Lynx Joker - 7 years ago
Of all them goldies will admit the Moors are the best. I keep many golds myself.
Awesome Aquarium
Awesome Aquarium - 7 years ago
Wow this aquascape is vey simple ,but very very nice .Good job on the aquascape
Ishan Ghosh
Ishan Ghosh - 7 years ago
Add more plants
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez - 7 years ago
Love the tank!
Mireya M.
Mireya M. - 7 years ago
I love it!
NW Marine62
NW Marine62 - 7 years ago
Good job. for not aquascaping a tank for several years it turned out nice. all about the creativity.
Tanked With Aussie
Tanked With Aussie - 7 years ago
I love how now the darker coloured goldfish pop, while the lighter ones pop in the dark blackground... Like some ying/yang thing, feng shui is strong IMO!
Debbie Arthur
Debbie Arthur - 7 years ago
Really nice! I love how you scaped your tank. It would have been fine bare but looks so much better how you have it, I think most of the time people put in to much and it looks like a planted aquarium instead of a fish aquarium. Anyway good luck with your fish, bye.
Caleb Mathre
Caleb Mathre - 7 years ago
That arowana is an attrition hog. He saw an opportunity to be in a shot and took it.
ron foreman
ron foreman - 7 years ago
Joey. I have a filtration idea I came up with if u see this I wanna run it by you and see what you think
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 7 years ago
turned out great! really diggin the depth of this tank... if you ever got tired of the goldfish some mbuna Cichlids would look great in there too... nice vid!
Okkie Jansen van Vuuren
Okkie Jansen van Vuuren - 7 years ago
Now tell me how to teach my goldfish not to gobble up real plants. Have an aversion to the plastic stuff as they tend to cut the fish when they grow older. I am serious about getting the planted look

Scrubbed my stones down with Hydrogen Peroxide and left them under the liquid for 10 hours to make sure I soaked & scrubbed them with tap water and lastly with distilled water to get rid of chemicals
Huy Nguyen Ho
Huy Nguyen Ho - 7 years ago
Where you got the filter sand?
LordPine - 7 years ago
Its your scape and im no one to tell you what to do, but cmon mate.. plastic plants? there are lots of real plants that would stay around that size and not be eaten by well fed goldfish.
HybridHerps - 7 years ago
Mannnnnn, I want to do something like this scape wise with goldfish. Ugh, Joey, making me need more tanks lmao
Thomas Ho
Thomas Ho - 7 years ago
I'd like to see your future African Cichlid show tank :P
P.s: nice goldies tank tho <3
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds - 7 years ago
Sharon Silver
Sharon Silver - 7 years ago
What light fixture do you use ?
1makosyo1 - 7 years ago
got to say, the tank looks amazing! looks awesome!! update more! makes me want to raise goldfishes again :,)
Logan Mielnik
Logan Mielnik - 7 years ago
How would you go about cleaning that? would you need to take the rocks out all the time to really scrub them down?
Samantha Flor
Samantha Flor - 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful !
Love seeing the whole process of your projects and the beautiful end results... The kids reaction is priceless!!

Watching your videos inspires me to take my hobby to the next level! Thanks for creating an awesome channel!
Laura Wrenn
Laura Wrenn - 7 years ago
Love the video and especially loved the kids reactions.
Beautiful tank, thank you for sharing it with us!!
Jerrie Abdon
Jerrie Abdon - 7 years ago
Absolutely love this tank and scape. I'll be doing something similar when I finish my basement remodel. Love your channel.
Royal Crab
Royal Crab - 7 years ago
Okay, honestly I was one of those "goldfish are the worst" due to many people keeping them incorrectly and having a strong bias against them. However, after seeing this tank and how excited and engaged your kids are concerning it, it's changed my mind (or at least removed the bias I had against them). That really is all this hobby is about - getting and keeping the next generation engaged, and if it takes one of the more common fish to do so, I'd say let them have some! Ofc, it'd fall on us to help them take proper care of it, especially if it's your children you're getting them for :-)

By the way, great tank!
Royal Crab
Royal Crab - 7 years ago
+Jordan Hansen Well, goldfish bowls aren't as common nowadays, but they're still there. I do agree that we need to base our opinions on ourselves and our experiences, not those around us or those who effectively abuse them. Thanks for your input and insight :)
Jordan Hansen
Jordan Hansen - 7 years ago
Why would anyone have a problem with goldfish? They're hardy, gorgeous, and easy to take care of. Don't let anybody ever sway how you should feel :)
Maarten Dooms
Maarten Dooms - 7 years ago
Quinn Perret
Quinn Perret - 7 years ago
If you do ever need to aquascape in a situation like that again, you could use a large mirror to see what was going on. aside from that, great video!
Sam Reese
Sam Reese - 7 years ago
PS your TANK is AWSOME...   I ll probably black mine out too. as I have nothing on the sides or back
Sam Reese
Sam Reese - 7 years ago
WOW just saw your gold fish TANK..  I did a 45 gallon about 6 months or so ago. I have a ? if you don't mind.  HOW THE HELL DO YOU KEEP DOWN the freakin  algae?  As I have fancies and some Sarrasas, and one blue oranda. But I am having FITS with freakin  algae.  I have tried everything, including adding some outdoor pond algae control. NOTHING seems to. work any advice?
Seb o
Seb o - 7 years ago
Light is a major factor for algae, water changes also help. Look into the photoperiod of your plants and cut down on lightning. 4 to 6 hours could be enough in most cases.
Kingkevin69 - 7 years ago
Feed less, keep direct sunlight off the tank, keep the hood light off if you're not home or not awake.
Tin Goose
Tin Goose - 7 years ago
I love the reaction from the kids! Nice job!
TenBitTech - 7 years ago
I really love that tank beautiful job.
Fish Lover 931
Fish Lover 931 - 7 years ago
very nice
m nieves
m nieves - 7 years ago
Halley Rai
Halley Rai - 7 years ago
thtas arow that next to it looks soo cool
Chad Stambaugh
Chad Stambaugh - 7 years ago
That tank is still the perfect candidate for a reef, but I do like how it's turned out.
seandelevan - 7 years ago might laugh at me...but this is probably my favorite tank of yours by far. I want one!
zioro1235 - 6 years ago
seandelevan if you need fancy gold fish I am selling some soon because i am starting to breed fish starting Friday
aja jordan
aja jordan - 6 years ago
seandelevan me too
Luis Felipe Fort
Luis Felipe Fort - 7 years ago
Great job mate! usually I like a bigger and more complex decoration with life plants but for this particular case the minimalistic touch is simply brilliant. Cheers!
Puneeth Ravi
Puneeth Ravi - 7 years ago
another great job joey
Jaden Narain
Jaden Narain - 7 years ago
Make a turtle tank, with a red eared slider turtle
WakeupGrandOwl - 7 years ago
That's really pretty, also it's really cute how excited your daughter was about it!
Christina Starink
Christina Starink - 7 years ago
Looks wonderful!
iTech - 7 years ago
The arowana swam over when ur daughter walked up lol
iTech - 7 years ago
He was jealous that he was not getting all the attention
oakland002 - 7 years ago
I like it ..perfect
All Things Guy
All Things Guy - 7 years ago
really beautiful tank and really cool that your kids enjoy it as well i have a 7 month old son that loves looking at all of my tanks and can only hope that he one day will want tanks of his own that i can help him with
Bilal el hlimi
Bilal el hlimi - 7 years ago
what kind of accent is this ?
Chloe Xxxx
Chloe Xxxx - 7 years ago
Youtube accent......LOL speaks slow and precise to encourage easy watching and interest in the vids. All psychology, logo, speach, topics bla bla check out early vids and up to date improvements of delivery. Much improvement.
Lynx Joker
Lynx Joker - 7 years ago
You're welcome
Bilal el hlimi
Bilal el hlimi - 7 years ago
+Lynx Joker ok cool ,thank you!!!
Lynx Joker
Lynx Joker - 7 years ago
Oneil's Reef
Oneil's Reef - 7 years ago
Sweet tank, really nice GOldfish tank. I always wanted one
Jose Lamar
Jose Lamar - 7 years ago
100% better and the fish look happier
James Miller
James Miller - 7 years ago
That is a very simple ya elegant scape. Looks amazing Joey....kinda makes me want ditch my cichlids tank and go with gold fish lol
aa aa
aa aa - 7 years ago
i think the next tank build should be an in wall tank for your daughter haha.
BayouGoldfish - 7 years ago
WOW! It looks very serene! Very nicely done. Who needs the gym? Just lift some stones :D
Martin Welters
Martin Welters - 7 years ago
Nice one Joey. Although I'm not a fan of plastic plant, I can see why you use them with goldfish.
david alejandro mora
david alejandro mora - 7 years ago
love your tank
edwin Terror
edwin Terror - 7 years ago
The tank looks amazing good job
Janier Javier
Janier Javier - 7 years ago
Hey whats up Joey. I enjoy watching your videos and am in the process of building my own acrylic aquarium. 30x30x48. I just had a quick question. How do i determine the thickness of the acrylic? I've gone to a few sites with calculators and i keep getting different thickness. so I'm kinda of at a lost. I was going to go with glass but the guy a knew for glass is trying to charge me an arm and a leg for the glass.. And I'm the one building the aquarium. I found a place in New Jersey that sells Acrylic sheets for a fair price 1/2'' 48by96 is going for 313$ if i buy 2 or more and I plan on buying two sheets.
Janier Javier
Janier Javier - 7 years ago
think i found my answer looks like 3/4" it is
MrCokeman01 - 7 years ago
where did you get the gold fish from?

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