Jbl Aquascape by Vladimir Chirilov

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Jbl Aquascape by Vladimir Chirilov

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Vincent Ong
Vincent Ong - 4 years ago
Anyone know what plant are used in the carpet please
Kaese Suppe
Kaese Suppe - 4 years ago
i love that sounds. thanks for this moment
tomasz44445 - 4 years ago
What name stone?
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 4 years ago
Very zen
Elias Barazorda
Elias Barazorda - 4 years ago
What type of moss is it
Elias Barazorda
Elias Barazorda - 4 years ago
Jerry Cat thanks
Jerry Cat
Jerry Cat - 4 years ago
Elias Barazorda Christmas moss
Krakaka - 4 years ago
Stunning aquascape, very beautiful. Great job!
Alier Rivero Nuñez
Alier Rivero Nuñez - 4 years ago
hey men I would like to have an update of your aquarium. you did a magnificent job and I would love to see how it looks now and I think the rest too
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 4 years ago
Tyrone Dunigan
Tyrone Dunigan - 4 years ago
I subbed, added vid to my favorites and downloaded the album from iTunes. If I could I would visit just so I could sit in front of this tank for an hour or so. Great job and thanks

10. comment for JBL AQUASCAPING

Agge - 4 years ago
Where did you buy bonzai tree from?
Haris Kamaruzaman
Haris Kamaruzaman - 4 years ago
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams - 4 years ago
20 seconds would suffice
Krakaka - 4 years ago
Jennifer Adams. Surely not!! I could watch this for hours!
Kittie e
Kittie e - 4 years ago
this inspired me <3
Itallo Nunes
Itallo Nunes - 4 years ago
what the "name" of that fish.. sorry for the bad english.. i dont speak very well
Itallo Nunes
Itallo Nunes - 4 years ago
b & s comedy thank you!
b & s comedy
b & s comedy - 4 years ago
Itallo Nunes it is rasbora
Richie Trejo
Richie Trejo - 4 years ago
this is so relaxing.
Aquaristiktreff - 4 years ago
Wunderschönes Becken. Kompliment.
emil karlson
emil karlson - 4 years ago
this was so great dude !
oz can
oz can - 4 years ago
mtbadvance - 4 years ago

20. comment for JBL AQUASCAPING

Alex Kunze
Alex Kunze - 4 years ago
This tank needs its own channel like the fireplace channels
madhawa manukularathna
madhawa manukularathna - 4 years ago
WoW... very beautiful.... great work bud...
Natural Mystic
Natural Mystic - 4 years ago
Ash Kasto
Ash Kasto - 4 years ago
beautiful scape
xSean145 - 4 years ago
Damn nice and clean scape man. Subbed and added to favorites. Worth watching over and over.
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero - 4 years ago
Lila Moller
Lila Moller - 4 years ago
Manuel Romero je suis d'accord!
Kesorn H
Kesorn H - 4 years ago
very good
Nigel PK
Nigel PK - 4 years ago
Bota Sergiu
Bota Sergiu - 4 years ago
Buna, oare de unde pot cumpara niște pomi artificiali ca si cei din video?
Chirilov Vladimir
Chirilov Vladimir - 4 years ago
De pe net , se numesc Bonsai
oliver valdes
oliver valdes - 4 years ago
What type of lighting is on this?

30. comment for JBL AQUASCAPING

Brian Bloomfield
Brian Bloomfield - 4 years ago
Very nice tank! Also I like your style of filming paired with the music!
Amy scott
Amy scott - 4 years ago
can anyone tell me the name of the plants that look like the trees?
Kami Willis
Kami Willis - 4 years ago
Amy scott theyre prob driftwood with moss tied to them
flamepeace - 4 years ago
master piece
Erga Apriyanto
Erga Apriyanto - 4 years ago
feel peace
Wang Weiquan
Wang Weiquan - 4 years ago
Japanese Zen Garden?
Miguel Faican
Miguel Faican - 4 years ago
if you dont find peace here i dont know where, i really want one
Vladimir Stojanovic
Vladimir Stojanovic - 4 years ago
This is amazing. Great job...
SAMUEL SANJEEV - 4 years ago
this video deserves more views! first class! :)
Ho Wei Haun
Ho Wei Haun - 4 years ago
may i know what moss you use for the tree
Vladimir Stojanovic
Vladimir Stojanovic - 4 years ago
Yes,that's right! More views,more subs.
Terry Mc
Terry Mc - 4 years ago
Love this! I wish there was a 2 hour version of it. Using my tv as a monitor this is awesome in the mancave.
Dad dd
Dad dd - 4 years ago
What is the white material or film on the back side of the aquarium? Also, what is making the ripples flow at the top of the aquarium. Thank you.
Chirilov Vladimir
Chirilov Vladimir - 4 years ago
sticker transparent sandblasted and hygh lily pipe
SAMUEL SANJEEV - 4 years ago
man these are amazing fish? can someone tell me what kind of fish these are?
SAMUEL SANJEEV - 4 years ago
thanks mate they truly have that real schooling ability in a relatively small tank which is great :)
Blakes tanks
Blakes tanks - 4 years ago
Harlequin rasbora
awesome fish
juscallmej - 4 years ago
wow I love this hobby, great job man!
Do ta
Do ta - 4 years ago
nice song
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping - 4 years ago
very cool!!!!!! subbed
Lucian Iliescu
Lucian Iliescu - 4 years ago
Ne este frica sa recunoastem, acvaristica din Romania poate ridica valori!
Bravo Vladimir
lorin666 - 4 years ago
Minunat, cuvintele nu isi au rostul. Felicitari pentru munca depusa.

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