Just Aquascaping - Iwagumi

Just aquascaping - Iwagumi - watch in HD! more information visit: http://www.just-aquascaping.de/

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Just aquascaping - Iwagumi - watch in HD! more information visit: http://www.just-aquascaping.de/

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Simon Soong
Simon Soong - 4 years ago
Can somone please tell me what rock is he using?
Paks Kyo
Paks Kyo - 7 years ago
i wonder what kind of hair grass is that
Rorro Trejo
Rorro Trejo - 4 years ago
eleocharis acicularis mini
spambryan17 - 7 years ago
seems like dwarf hair grass
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 7 years ago
Question... Can you tell me what kind of rocks/stones that don't raise the PH?
Or inert? It doesn't have to be expensive Iwagumi type or ADU Aquascape type but
just every day stones I can find or buy myself for my 55 Gallong Diy tank... 

Ikhsans Ir
Ikhsans Ir - 7 years ago
WeiXuan - 8 years ago
japanese hair grass
TheImmovableMovers - 8 years ago
Woah, what kind of rock is that? Gorgeous!
Rorro Trejo
Rorro Trejo - 4 years ago
TheImmovableMovers it looks like a Seyru stone
yaricksgym - 8 years ago
or maybe eleocharis belem
yaricksgym - 8 years ago
looks like it might be eleocharis sp.
Pratap Bp
Pratap Bp - 8 years ago
Have a look at my scape guys..style is same i.e Iwagumi..Search for Midori heion in you tube

10. comment for Just Aquascaping - Iwagumi

thechristopheroh - 8 years ago
whats the name of the song?
Timothy Ricketts
Timothy Ricketts - 8 years ago
What's the grassy looking plant called?
Caleb Poulson
Caleb Poulson - 8 years ago
Professionals usually use ADA Amazonia
May Snarlfang
May Snarlfang - 8 years ago
I can see them eating small plants, yes, but goldfish don't eat ALL plants. I have a banana plant in one of my tanks, and java fern in the other and they don't touch those :)
May Snarlfang
May Snarlfang - 8 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing it is possible in other types of aquascape that don't involve many small carpeting plants.. there are lots of plants that goldfish won't snack on. :)
Nick Rauseo
Nick Rauseo - 8 years ago
What type of plant did you use? Dwarf Hairgrass?
Anura Dias
Anura Dias - 8 years ago
Song title?
Shukar Parkin
Shukar Parkin - 8 years ago
track as well please someone tell me ...so amazing
Etmanning - 8 years ago
@Raspb3rryRaindr0ps goldfish are coldwater fish and there are very few coldwater foreground plants if any. Iwugami is basically a tank that has large powerful rocks with a foreground of small plants. Even if you did find a coldwater foreground plant the goldfish would probably eat it. So in conclusion no, you cannot easily have an iwugami setup with goldfish, but I guess that it's possible.
May Snarlfang
May Snarlfang - 8 years ago
Is it possible to do Iwagumi aquascaping in a Goldfish aquarium? Or is it limited to tropical fish?
Rorro Trejo
Rorro Trejo - 4 years ago
May Snarlfang it's hard to have a golden fish on Iwagumi tank...it's no recommended. Better tetras fish

20. comment for Just Aquascaping - Iwagumi

qalashnikovs - 8 years ago
Hola! I have a 5 ft tank about 450 liters. What would be your advise for a filter that will works great for Aquascaping? Thinking of getting an external canister but not sure what would be the ideal capacity for this type of venture. Thanks!
mansengkwan - 8 years ago
nice rock.... remind me of lion king...
ihrdlick - 8 years ago
Songy23 - 8 years ago
Hi, name of the track please? thanks!
84Infinity - 8 years ago
Is that sierya stone, if not what kind is it?
JustAquascaping - 8 years ago
Hey there, I use different soils. They all have their positive and negative aspects!
TelepathicT - 8 years ago
what do you recommend for substrate?
khunanun3 - 8 years ago
Wow Stone
Aquatasy - 9 years ago
I agree with Daveguitarfish. The texture on those rocks is very eye-catching. A truly beautiful Iwagumi scape!
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping - 9 years ago
Awesome, just stunning. Loving the texture of those rocks! and Great balance of the rocks too!

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