Making of Nature

TankSize: 30x30x40 / 35Litre Maked this in Japan

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John Puetz
John Puetz - 5 years ago
Beautiful my friend.
Crazy Mr.
Crazy Mr. - 6 years ago
adrian chen
adrian chen - 6 years ago
i keep getting snails and limpids i dont know how to get rid of them in my tank
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場 - 6 years ago
I only know how to get rid of it with Anomalochromis thomasi
Earl Jen
Earl Jen - 6 years ago
more videos pls.
siu fu Wong
siu fu Wong - 6 years ago
Nickey - 6 years ago
What are the names of the fish in the tank?

really nice scape!!!
irawan wijaya
irawan wijaya - 6 years ago
awsome & the music
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場 - 6 years ago
Thank you fo your comment.
kiina91 - 6 years ago
Why did you take the wood out? it still look pretty good.
but: this tank is not suitable for fish as the prefer swimming from left to right and not up and down. Your fish seemed quite inaktive on the video as if they were not being able to really swim the way they would like to because your tank is more high than wide.
and why did you Center the fish in the tank next to the one from this Video at 2 minutes? ^^
Samuele Rini
Samuele Rini - 6 years ago
IMHO, too many fishes for this tank size... other than that, nice job.

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FexxaGaming - 7 years ago
Awesome tank!
FexxaGaming - 7 years ago
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場 - 7 years ago
+Aquariumgeek thank you! :)
Stefano Bonalume
Stefano Bonalume - 7 years ago
Nice! What di you used in the back? A mrror foil?
Mr.Ruffy - 7 years ago
+水槽動画工場 [AMF] Aquascape Movie Factory Have you use normal water or from a other aquarium because the fishes want to get out of the tank but nice tank!!
Stefano Bonalume
Stefano Bonalume - 7 years ago
Thank you.
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場 - 7 years ago
thanks! I use a car window film
OriginalMindTrick - 7 years ago
Not sure why you would fill the water that high when arranging the roots or planting.
king Reyes
king Reyes - 7 years ago
not the same tank =\
ねったいぎょおたく - 7 years ago
LOST paradise
LOST paradise - 6 years ago
マウス - 7 years ago
roni novrendi
roni novrendi - 7 years ago
crystal clear.. awesome :D
HAGEMARU AQUA - 7 years ago
Boško Vrbica
Boško Vrbica - 8 years ago
Keep the videos comming!
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場
アクアリウム動画 [amf] 水槽動画工場 - 7 years ago
+Boško Vrbica thank you.coming soon!

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