Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

Your ultimate eye candies. Indulge yourself in an epic journey of stunningly beautiful aquariums, planted tanks, underwater gardens/forests/landscapes, or what they called, aquascapes. Images sourced from ADA IAPLC 2001-2009 and AGA aquascaping contest 2000-2009. All images shown are copyright their respective holders. Music = Angels Tending by Asha (from youtube AudioSwap)

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Your ultimate eye candies. Indulge yourself in an epic journey of stunningly beautiful aquariums, planted tanks, underwater gardens/forests/landscapes, or what they called, aquascapes. Images sourced from ADA IAPLC 2001-2009 and AGA aquascaping contest 2000-2009. All images shown are copyright their respective holders. Music = Angels Tending by Asha (from youtube AudioSwap)

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Dedy Irawan
Dedy Irawan - 5 years ago
Very nice..!!!
emiel cooreman
emiel cooreman - 5 years ago
I dont wanne be negativen, but for this you need knowledge and skill... AND the more money you throw against your aquarium, the more beautiful it will be :p
Владимир пушкин
Владимир пушкин - 5 years ago
So...if a fish dies how are u gonna know where the hell it is in all those plants?
Brandie Renshaw
Brandie Renshaw - 5 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous both video and music. Thank you
Bear happs
Bear happs - 5 years ago
I also have an aqua channel
Владимир пушкин
Владимир пушкин - 5 years ago
How the fuck do they clean these aquariums?
irism - 5 years ago
How to be fish?
Creative Tube
Creative Tube - 5 years ago
wow awesome .... can i use garden plants in aquarium ?
Shane Ruyani
Shane Ruyani - 5 years ago
Very beautiful.

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Kimsotus Orelius
Kimsotus Orelius - 5 years ago
Great sequence of beautiful aquascapes.
Sebastien Boulanger
Sebastien Boulanger - 5 years ago
Question de néophyte:
Débutant en aquariophilie c'est époustouflant !
Dans le lot, y a forcement du Photoshop ?
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam - 5 years ago
wow what a beautyfull scapes
Christian Payne
Christian Payne - 6 years ago
Notice how understocked they were....
ICBBZZ - 6 years ago
Better than going to an Art Gallery, and very nice relaxing music :-)
Of course, this IS art, and very inspirational too...
Hard to believe that 173 people with no souls felt the need to thumbs down though… still, this is the internet...
true American
true American - 6 years ago
wow so beautiful
eamg77 - 6 years ago
Calla Burnett
Calla Burnett - 6 years ago
are these self sustainable?
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
of course not
Gerhard Wiechmann
Gerhard Wiechmann - 6 years ago
hammer becken
Julius Julius
Julius Julius - 6 years ago

20. comment for Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

logan speechless
logan speechless - 6 years ago
you cant top 3:50 omg
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - 6 years ago
This is wonderful and amazing...... i really like designing aquariums...... i do have a lots of aquarium in my house, each aquarium contain different themes and fishes........
marvin david obregon sanchez
marvin david obregon sanchez - 6 years ago
Tedy Silegar
Tedy Silegar - 6 years ago
Anthony Jaimes
Anthony Jaimes - 6 years ago
Beautiful. It's amazing how god can create such beautiful things such as this in nature!
Kat Brennan
Kat Brennan - 6 years ago
+Anthony Jaimes Thanks good luck to you too! And anytime.
Anthony Jaimes
Anthony Jaimes - 6 years ago
+Kat Brennan Good luck in you're tank! And thanks for the advice
Kat Brennan
Kat Brennan - 6 years ago
+Anthony Jaimes I'm getting a new tank in September (I made a deal with my parents... I keep my room spotless for 3 months straight, I get fish). I've been doing research and I find that Amazon Swords, Java Moss, Dwarf Baby Tears, Java Fern, and Anubias Nana are really popular.
Anthony Jaimes
Anthony Jaimes - 6 years ago
+Anthony Jaimes I am currently aquascaping my tank. I just need to buy the plants. what type of easy to take care of plants would you recommend
Anthony Jaimes
Anthony Jaimes - 6 years ago
+Kat Brennan It's cool
Kat Brennan
Kat Brennan - 6 years ago
+Anthony Jaimes Oh my bad, sorry! :)
Anthony Jaimes
Anthony Jaimes - 6 years ago
+Kat Brennan sorry for the confusion, what i meant to say is in nature
Kat Brennan
Kat Brennan - 6 years ago
These are all in a tank; manmade.
Margarete Gea Lopes
Margarete Gea Lopes - 6 years ago
Uau !
Herbert Müller
Herbert Müller - 6 years ago
Margarete Gea Lopes
Shadow Back
Shadow Back - 6 years ago
4:22 panorama fish tank
Shadow Back
Shadow Back - 6 years ago
3:56 floating island
daniel overwater
daniel overwater - 6 years ago
Magic is in every moment of life; you just need to realize the Truth of Life to see it.
This is how you know when you know the truth. If you see the magic, you know it. If you do not see the magic in every moment, you do not know it yet. There are no miracles. It is all a miracle. Learn how life works, learn the big picture. Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains for the 1st time in history the nature of everything, if you know how life works, you will know it all. Learning the Truth is the key to true fulfillment.
thinkforyourself - 6 years ago
I don't get it :/
Ansaar Annu
Ansaar Annu - 7 years ago
my plants are diying plzzzzz help me
Jesse Betsill
Jesse Betsill - 6 years ago
+yaseen ansaar What direction are your windows facing? They cannot get too much hot sun nor can they get not enough light. Since we're not in your house or apartment, only you can answer this question.

30. comment for Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

Dustin Tacohands
Dustin Tacohands - 7 years ago
Fish fish is 2x as good.
elvisaquarium - 7 years ago
Wow!!! Some amazing aquariums!!!
Alen AxP
Alen AxP - 7 years ago
I want to make a house of aquariums !
Pritish Nandy
Pritish Nandy - 7 years ago
avoid keeping near window and sunlight.....algaes will rapidly multiply
Alen AxP
Alen AxP - 7 years ago
+Zeeadster TV Luckely I have 3 aquariums and thank God it is without algae with minimal maintenance. I love photography too, now I just love videography more :)
Zeeadster TV
Zeeadster TV - 7 years ago
+Alen AxP you can make it. it is fun and a lot of cration, until you have to clean them, and you can't or you don't have time... and when Algees starts to dominate... or your electricity Bill comes :) i started with a smaller set, than a second one, than a 3rd as a ball aquarium for a gold fish. than i removed them all and i made a Huge one, my dream was to make a 2 meters high Aquarium in a corner with many Plants on the sides... than at once i got a Job where i had no time to take care of my private life and Motorcycles ''Garage'' cameras and Aquariums... so i had times where i didn't clean the tank for ofer 6 weeks... and the Algees cames like crazy, you can't clean it anymore, it looked sad and dirty all the time... now i have one Nano Aquarium and i take care of it every 2 days because it looses too much water every day...
same as with cameras. photography was always my hobby. when i bought my first DSLR i started buyng Lenses and accessories... untill i ended with an extream heavy Bag that i just can't take with me ... so i lost interrest to photography... now i have sold everything and i bought for that money one pro camera and 2 Lenses. to keep the fun.
Лариса Биркина
Лариса Биркина - 7 years ago
настоящие шедевры!
xavi er
xavi er - 7 years ago
How is the mini lake done at 1:45?
Miguel Rocha
Miguel Rocha - 6 years ago
+xavi er Not sure, but I think it's a reflection
Mendy Werner
Mendy Werner - 7 years ago
It's just sand
zen - 7 years ago
omg, my eyes are so fat after watching this video :D
Bella and Bettas
Bella and Bettas - 7 years ago
fish heaven
Milford Roderick Stock
Milford Roderick Stock - 7 years ago
I didn't check the YouTube to see a bunch of pictures.
João de Barro
João de Barro - 7 years ago
Cheia tomui veldagraa dosto.
Elena Ionescu
Elena Ionescu - 7 years ago
Images from heaven.
goldenretriever 878
goldenretriever 878 - 7 years ago
bill allen
bill allen - 7 years ago
hate slide-shows.
always have.
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 7 years ago
amazing tanks
Wac Akhtar
Wac Akhtar - 7 years ago
If you want to do landscaping get a house with a garden. Cant even see any fish in the damn aquarium. Its a fish tank for fish with lots of grass balls thrown in. Get a grip people. The fish shouldnt be in their to start with so if you want them to be in a beautiful environment just leave them in their original environment to start with!!!
Wac Akhtar
Wac Akhtar - 7 years ago
Ha Ha ok good point. To be honest most of the aquariums were probably awesome in the real and created with pure skill and talent. My comment was just me being an idiot. I suppose its a hobby n talent so fair play. Now back to my hard work just so I can pay this damn house off!!
TheCyanidePie - 7 years ago

There are fish in most of the scapes. It's more cost effective to make a garden this way because you don't have to buy a house.
Jacob Nunn
Jacob Nunn - 7 years ago
zzztubazzz - 7 years ago
i thinks this is stupid
TexasEdd - 7 years ago
One word: WOW!
You can tell the time, dedication AND love, all of the scenes took.
Beyond amazing. . .
bravolondon - 7 years ago
lucky fish.
H I G H E R W ØR L D S PR OD C TI ON - 7 years ago
i would love one of these, any of them
A Solo
A Solo - 7 years ago
Absolutely Beautiful... 'Enchanting'

50. comment for Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

jake mcqueen
jake mcqueen - 7 years ago
How do you clean this stuff though??
Jacob Usagi
Jacob Usagi - 7 years ago
Most people have a variety of Aquatic animals in them. Ones that feed on algae and clean it, and ones that eat and live in the moss. Remember, these are like little habitats and need balance. They aren't supposed to look crystal clear and fake. They look clean but also natural.
Roxy Morgan
Roxy Morgan - 7 years ago
They are so beautiful..
aquatic Vida
aquatic Vida - 7 years ago
Looking good ! im trying to have the same !
CEFishEssentials - 7 years ago
Lovely aquascapes! Anna :-)
Blah Blue
Blah Blue - 7 years ago
judy hobday
judy hobday - 7 years ago
I had a lovely piece of wood that was sold in the fish store I buy from and soaked it in clean water for a couple months. However when I put it in the 36 gallon aquarium the water turned brownish from the tannin. I took it out and put it in clean water again. How long will it take to get the tannins out so it won't brown the water?
Wetkeazle - 7 years ago
I'm usually not fond of slide-shows on a video channel, but this upload got me glued to the monitor until the end. A series of masterpieces; Bonsai in an aquarium. Thank you!
Wetkeazle - 7 years ago
Did I mention, the soundtrack is spot on, too?
Gregg Ashton
Gregg Ashton - 8 years ago
1:20 is amazing, id love a tank like that!
Chris Boyer
Chris Boyer - 8 years ago
im at a loss for words
Ben Strandberg
Ben Strandberg - 8 years ago
At around 3:55 there is a floating island that blows my mind. Don't even understand how that is possible.
Kevin Strife
Kevin Strife - 7 years ago
+Mansa Musa well its not on the water surface so i wouldnt say its a cork bark...
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 7 years ago
Either cork bark or something else held with fishing line.
glennorky fish channel
glennorky fish channel - 8 years ago
i putu Budi
i putu Budi - 8 years ago
so nice
Hons Maik
Hons Maik - 8 years ago
Maravillosos, un trabajo magnifico
Chrisbro Aquarianis
Chrisbro Aquarianis - 8 years ago
Die jenigen die Daumen runter geben sind Neidisch!
Titia Dijkstra
Titia Dijkstra - 8 years ago
I feel very sleepy by hearing the music :P
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison - 8 years ago
Does anyone know how to get the flowing water effect seen at 1:35? Is that just light colored sand and some water-worn rocks?
outel - 8 years ago
it's a sand waterfall you can search in youtube for it or just search for aquascape waterfall
Sharon Evans
Sharon Evans - 8 years ago
These aquascapes are incredible. Some are simply beautiful, others are purely magical, all are awe-inspiring. Would love to be a fish living in any of these tanks. Wish I had some of the talent showcased here!
Paweł Włodarczyk
Paweł Włodarczyk - 8 years ago
piękne  po prostu piękne 
noel5223 - 8 years ago
I like the tank at 5:48
Liv Fors
Liv Fors - 8 years ago
2.15 The hobbit hole :)
Samuel Evans
Samuel Evans - 8 years ago
My tank is better than all of them ;) joke
DanceLvr2013 - 8 years ago
Wow. I've never seen anything like this before, so I wasn't even aware this was possible. I'm awestruck by these artists' ability to create such mystical and beautiful water-scapes. They're hypnotic, really. Thanks for compiling these photos and show-casing their work. I believe you've turned me on to a new obsession. Thanks (I think). ;)
A Solo
A Solo - 7 years ago
+DanceLvr2013 INDEED!!!
Dan JW
Dan JW - 8 years ago
how did they get the island to float?
Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

i dont see how it being held up or if its floating how does it stay in place?
EnVision - 8 years ago
the only freshwater tanks i enjoy looking at are the well aquascaped ones. these are amazing. i would convert to freshwater if i had the creativity that these guys do
Jerry Velasco
Jerry Velasco - 8 years ago
Tell me why i want to live in an aquarium.
Imersion100 - 5 years ago
Because there is no evil and pain.
Meandonlyme Andher
Meandonlyme Andher - 7 years ago
+Jerry Velasco cuz there is no people :)
Si Dj
Si Dj - 8 years ago
I was wondering the same thing!!! if only I had gills!!
abhyuday soni
abhyuday soni - 8 years ago
im looking for answers too brother 
AJAQUASMART - 8 years ago
Great Video
phillyhippie - 8 years ago
The first and last were my favs the last one reminds me of DBZ lol?
phillyhippie - 8 years ago
With aquascapes do you have to change the water and have a filter and all that?
phillyhippie - 8 years ago
KodRaiN - 8 years ago
Yeah.  It's just a well-arranged and groomed aquarium.  Actually, having all the plants keeps the algae down because the plants consume all the nutrients, and it reduces the amount of times you have to change your water because the plants consume the waste products the fish create.  
Rachel James
Rachel James - 8 years ago
3:51 how on earth do you do that? Amazing
Jay michelle
Jay michelle - 8 years ago
aye_påpi. - 8 years ago
how do they get shrubs underwater?
using tubes
using tubes - 8 years ago
they are not actual bonsai shrubs or trees but made to look that way with driftwood, stones, and underwater plants (usually some type of moss like christmas moss, flame moss, mini pellia, etc).
aye_påpi. - 8 years ago
how is there a video on how to do it(with real bonsai shrubs)?
aye_påpi. - 8 years ago
António Margalho
António Margalho - 8 years ago
CO2 !
dale9931 - 8 years ago
my favorite is the first one, love how the light shines down the middle,but all of them are epic.
disposablefreedom - 8 years ago
I'm obsessed with these types of tanks..
YM Pretty
YM Pretty - 8 years ago
the Beach Aquascape type is my dream tank, wanna know how its done!
Stoptheabuse now
Stoptheabuse now - 5 years ago
YM Pretty Likewise
T-Zay - 8 years ago
I honestly found this moving.  This is an art form in itself.
Vladimir Djordjevic
Vladimir Djordjevic - 8 years ago
whats that grass its epic???
Noo Noo
Noo Noo - 8 years ago
Reingard Stössl
Reingard Stössl - 8 years ago
great aquascapes
Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning
Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning - 8 years ago
terry willett
terry willett - 8 years ago
2.22 jesus thats amazing, how do they get the waterfall effect?
SPAEROE - 8 years ago
 it's a printed image pasted on the back of the aquarium xD
terry willett
terry willett - 8 years ago
yea or a sand waterfall, i did some googling :)
Brad Murchison
Brad Murchison - 8 years ago
Maybe a small airstone?
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 8 years ago
these are so nice 
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 8 years ago
Kalokaghatia Antony
Kalokaghatia Antony - 8 years ago
Please watch my channel and tell me what you think of my aquariums. Thank you!
yuk747 - 8 years ago
You really can't compare either one as good to best they are all incomparably the best :>)
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans - 8 years ago
they look awsome but how do you go cleaning with fish in there
Keith Kerns
Keith Kerns - 8 years ago
with the proper bottom feeders you can almost never clean the bottom. Also keep in mind poop is a fertilizer.
Me Keely
Me Keely - 8 years ago
tuberta haliandra
tuberta haliandra - 8 years ago
Elizabeth Madrid
Elizabeth Madrid - 8 years ago
H. M 2nnj

Stfu Fag
Stfu Fag - 8 years ago
Thanks. This video make me sleep at night
Azhari Subroto
Azhari Subroto - 8 years ago
Those fishes looks like they're think "we're live in heaven"
Aquascaping&Racing - 8 years ago
very nice video 1:44 thats awesome!
BaTuoc Duong
BaTuoc Duong - 8 years ago
Amazing ! (y)

100. comment for Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)

ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 8 years ago
Mannnn you killed it!! 2:15 thats awesome!
Johanna Zevenbergen
Johanna Zevenbergen - 8 years ago
I would gladly drown in one of these just for the experience.
Bert Heilbach
Bert Heilbach - 8 years ago
Are these ones Salt- or Sweetwater Aquascapes? 
John.T.Q. - 8 years ago
almost all aquascapes are fresh
Aquarium Fanatic
Aquarium Fanatic - 8 years ago
turely amazing
Alexander Menes
Alexander Menes - 9 years ago
Wow I want to live there hahaha
DANU RUSTAMAJI - 9 years ago
semut tok
Conny Kristensen
Conny Kristensen - 9 years ago
YATES - 9 years ago
I love these type of videos, very inspiring when it comes to aquascaping. Minus the horrible soundtrack of course.
MirorBeeGaming - 9 years ago
On day I wish to make a mangrove tank setup like those and fill it with stingray!
Akvarie Planten
Akvarie Planten - 9 years ago
Nice tank please check out my planted tank to :)
Adam Snedden
Adam Snedden - 9 years ago
Amazing and so relaxing to watch, Enjoyed it thankyou.
AQUAPROS - 9 years ago
Aquarium art at it's finest! 
Tereza Rašovská
Tereza Rašovská - 9 years ago
I watched this three times today :D Looks like in fairytale
Templeton Yang
Templeton Yang - 9 years ago
HOLY BALLS!!!! half of the time i though it was actually some landscape from northern Europe! LoL that's some Lord of The Rings level landscaping probably even onto the next level!
muhammad ijlal
muhammad ijlal - 9 years ago
Any low budget inspiration? Lol
Anis Ghazalli
Anis Ghazalli - 9 years ago
the fishes must be very, very happy
lief1konijntje - 9 years ago
Beautiful !!!
Maria Isabel Sanchez Ramirez
Maria Isabel Sanchez Ramirez - 9 years ago
Ryan's Tanks
Ryan's Tanks - 9 years ago
WOW! Amazing tanks. This video inspires me, Thank you!
Toine Brouwer
Toine Brouwer - 9 years ago
Ik zie dat ik een reactie kreeg van een kenner. Ben zeer vereerd. :-) Je maakt zelf erg mooie aquascapes. Ik kan hier uren naar kijken.
André Müller
André Müller - 9 years ago
Wunderschöne Aquarien (dutch style)
Gabor P
Gabor P - 9 years ago
R U Kidding ..... do more and more ..... keep it coming it's so beautiful... WOW This is also art .... only don't last like body painting or gardening you know .... this is living art but hey keep doing it ... thanks a lot
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 9 years ago
Most of these aquascapes are insanely maintained to be in show condition, however alot of them can be maintained for years and years without such stringent maintenance. 
Rohini Kumari
Rohini Kumari - 9 years ago
philip bultereys
philip bultereys - 9 years ago
Nice aquascapes in this video
Mine you can see below
Aquascaping valley Part 6
WonderWorkStudios - 9 years ago
check out my 10 gallon tank inside a 120 gallon tank w/ 3d custom foam rock work 

search     "Amazing 3D Aquarium Background Aquascape Freshwater Tank inside Tank Custom Rock"
Drunkard - 9 years ago
i wish we have this kind of Group/Company doing an 'Aquascapes' here in Manila.... :)))
hamneggwich - 9 years ago
And that's without pressurised CO2 for the plants, which can cost a looot to set up. I just use DIY CO2 using sugar/yeast/water in a 2l bottle on my higher light tank as it''s small enough to work well. There are a bunch of ways to make a pretty tank on a budget, especially going for the lower light, low tech setup. Check out some planted tank forums if you're interested :D
hamneggwich - 9 years ago
Well you can probably get a small tank really cheap on a site like craigslist or gumtree, I've seen bargain huge tanks before too, some with equipment. I set up a decent 24"x12"x12" tank with stand from new for under £250, including equipment and decor, and for another 18"x15"x12" tank it was under £100 for equipment and decor as the tank was given to me and used cheap, easy plants like moss/anubias. A much larger tank would cost a considerable amount more to filter/heat, light and decorate.
aquariumaddict - 9 years ago
Alex Ayala
Alex Ayala - 9 years ago
lucky fish
PojQaib - 9 years ago
hundreds are just for the the tank, thousands are just set up. what really is impressive are the detail and the patience to make and get it ready.
PojQaib - 9 years ago
b-e-a-u-ti-full.... simply beautiful.... truly a master piece each and every single one of them
eince morales
eince morales - 9 years ago
that is so awesome!!!
Vitalstatistix Stats
Vitalstatistix Stats - 9 years ago
Do you get these ready made or you need to wait for the plants to grow?
Timothy Lalmalsawma
Timothy Lalmalsawma - 9 years ago
impressive...someday ill hav 1 of those...i wonder how much stress% they eill take from us....stunning!!!!
Kate Leghorn
Kate Leghorn - 9 years ago
1:45 does anyone know what they might have used for the water?
Mike Keenan
Mike Keenan - 9 years ago
Migrating upward Seeking the sun's warm embrace On a cedar stem
ShinyGoldBacon - 9 years ago
2:15 That hobbit hole tank is awesome! I have to set up a tank like that someday.
Júlia Ágoston
Júlia Ágoston - 9 years ago
very nice ...:)
Larry Seus
Larry Seus - 9 years ago
Tolis Frentz
Tolis Frentz - 9 years ago
Great vid, a note of dimensions would be nice
Guy Pendleton
Guy Pendleton - 9 years ago
Absolutely wonderful!
Junglecp - 9 years ago
Does anyone now if that at 00:42 is really that white (the sand) or is it just the lightning
hananata1 - 9 years ago
Nice ;))
Uscenes relaxing videos
Uscenes relaxing videos - 9 years ago
Very inspiring
lizb - 9 years ago
That would be one happy betta!
lizb - 9 years ago
In aquascaping competitions you can actually lose marks for putting in big, brightly-coloured fish that distract from the appearance of the aquascape! The background is supposed to be the focus, not the fish. Also, lots of big fish uproot or nibble plants and such, or root around in the sand, so they can't be kept in impeccably-manicured aquaria.
fostachild1717 - 9 years ago
I see alot of photoshop
morgan franks
morgan franks - 9 years ago
I wish they would put cooler fish in there something other than tetras
Joris van der Kamp
Joris van der Kamp - 9 years ago
verry nice tanks!
Voldeben - 9 years ago
wanna see this aquascapes alive ?? have a look on this channel
Barry Mckokner
Barry Mckokner - 9 years ago
These aquascapes are the perfect amount of beautiful. Not too beautiful, bust just right. Nice job.
Lemon bey
Lemon bey - 9 years ago
I need a huge rimless aquarium and money's not a problem
danny thor
danny thor - 9 years ago
Joe Tagnipes
Joe Tagnipes - 9 years ago
lostdollbaby - 9 years ago
Plan to pain a mural of aquascape at 1:42
CarbonRegulator - 9 years ago
I am very impressed....beautiful.
William K
William K - 9 years ago
Yeah, the hobbit hole was cool. The one with the floating island should have been last.
Joseph Fought
Joseph Fought - 9 years ago
this is so beautiful, i wish i could have one like these now, i will one day though!
Wojtek18091980 - 9 years ago
very very very beautiful
Denise Washington Blomberg
Denise Washington Blomberg - 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure I saw Frodo's Hobbit Hole. Absolutely beautiful. I miss my aquarium. I believe there is one in my future. The landscape/seascape artists are amazing. Labors of love, all of them. It's so great to see these wonderful homes for the fish.
AJweathersby - 9 years ago
i would get one of those tanks just to put one small betta fish in it
AJweathersby - 9 years ago
makes me soooooooooooo relaxed
AJweathersby - 9 years ago
soooooooooooooo peacefull.
MaPee1982 - 9 years ago
* YAWN * The video made me pretty sleepy. Amazing, Magical, Mystical, Peaceful. Like CryptKeeper54 said, VERY hard to tell which was "good" and which was outstanding because they were all outstanding to me.
HamidahIshak - 9 years ago
SALAAM Brothers and sisters,Its serene and beautiful.thanks for taking good care of creations of ALLAH GOD.hamdhqadrAMAN.
CryptKeeper54 - 9 years ago
Great video. Difficult to really separate the good from outstanding. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you really want to try your hand at creating a beautiful planted tank, check out my Aquarium Guide vid which will direct you to a free eBook.
KuffarLimeLeaf Bacon
KuffarLimeLeaf Bacon - 9 years ago
alientaco99 - 9 years ago
Lomu10dh - 9 years ago
thnx to the people making these aquaria!!! They inspire young aquarian like me! Awesome
Colm Henry
Colm Henry - 9 years ago
dfzurichch - 9 years ago
Zen...... And it is all under water peaceful...let my mind be engulf...
teresa edith
teresa edith - 9 years ago
wonderful place
Squire Nova
Squire Nova - 9 years ago
Nice tanks every1 check out my channel for tips and tricks on how to maintain these tanks as well as other cool stuff such as product reviews and Species care!
Jimmy Gomez
Jimmy Gomez - 9 years ago
My next project is to do the same like this gorgeous fish tank ;))
ScreamingForClemency - 9 years ago
0:23 looks like a comb-over
Sepehr Eftekhari
Sepehr Eftekhari - 9 years ago
tibgirlpalsang - 9 years ago
I wonder how hard it is to clean these systems?
Warwick - 9 years ago
visit my page, have a link of game very fun
ki li
ki li - 9 years ago
omg my swimming pool much more prettier than any of those tanks especially when am inside the water :)
chris napp
chris napp - 9 years ago
1:45 I'm very curios on how that is done
Michael Mack
Michael Mack - 9 years ago
this just made me hate my tank! at least my fish would eat all those
nik1959jr - 9 years ago
that was just spectacular
axel Eternalskater
axel Eternalskater - 9 years ago
1:46 very interesting
scarhbar23 - 9 years ago
Am I the only one that is surprised that 0:55 is in this video? It just looks messy and it looks like it needs time to grow in, but I could be very wrong.
XxLkira55xX - 9 years ago
its like an underwater heaven for fish :')
pjvenner - 9 years ago
Beautiful slideshow! Can anybody hazard a guess as to how the waterfall effect at 1:33 was created?
Endezeichen Grimm
Endezeichen Grimm - 9 years ago
I could google pictures if I wanted to see pictures. If it's on youtube they should make a fuckin video
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 9 years ago
Look at the tanks and enjoy them, or GTFO.
Endezeichen Grimm
Endezeichen Grimm - 9 years ago
These are just pictures.... make a fuckin video!
Rock Heiland
Rock Heiland - 9 years ago
Guess the plants are tied around something that doesnt sink and the resulting "ball" is tied to something heavy that's burried in the soil.
Vince Russell
Vince Russell - 9 years ago
I have no idea where to get plants.
racket mails
racket mails - 9 years ago
im so really amaze this manmade aquaspace.. i really do appreciate how do this things inside tank.. nice ..and plants grow like on top ..
AghashQ - 9 years ago
A pure, pristine, crystal-clear fairy-tale world. Incredibly inspiring and calming.
MrJose198 - 9 years ago
Wow what a great job
Eddiethedrummer - 9 years ago
How are the floating islands/clouds created?
Phantomic - 9 years ago
they are little ecosystems with every fish doing a job. for example, when the fish are fed and little pieces of food fall to the ground little cleaning crews like shrimp and cory cats eat up anything that falls to the ground so water stays clear and free of toxins like ammonia. the plants will take care of the rest by using ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite for food and nutrition.
Broooop - 9 years ago
It feels good to read comments such as those on the internet sometimes !! not very common, sadly..peace to everyone :)
Broooop - 9 years ago
Im just utterly, utterly amazed at just how gorgeous all of this was.. it's just oozing with life and beauty, just looking at them instantly moves you somewhere else. wow wow wow..
Hadie Islam
Hadie Islam - 9 years ago
you generally dont have to, the plants take care of all the problems! including algae
Slavic Affairs
Slavic Affairs - 9 years ago
andy325is - 9 years ago
Socken Barrett
Socken Barrett - 9 years ago
how do you eaven clean those tanks?
David PhoTWENTY - 9 years ago
Hope Cliver
Hope Cliver - 9 years ago
Impressive! They are mini worlds unto themselves. Some look other worldly.
TheAllHammer - 10 years ago
A mix of new age & some Jan Hammer in there..I think I just drifted off into space & was seeing other underwatery worlds..Sniff such sado music ..Lovely Epic Perfect Wonderful Well Done amazing Terrific Superb ..
TheAllHammer - 10 years ago
The next black Friday sale had better be at the fish store!
cros99 - 10 years ago
I trust you will make it to heaven. Peace my friend, from the United States...
muhammad ikhwan
muhammad ikhwan - 10 years ago
i always wonder how heaven will looks like. but i only know that heaven is a place for a good people. Lets become good as those fishes.... :) peace from Malaysia...
mikey havenside
mikey havenside - 10 years ago
You gotta have friggin' skills to do that. Would like to hire someone to landscape my tank. I have fake plants and fake mangrove roots - it looks good, but those tanks are a whole new ballgame.
KillerKikyo5 - 10 years ago
Wish i could pay someone to do this to my aquarium:( my only decorations are java moss, java fern, and driftwood lol
josh skow
josh skow - 10 years ago
omg! its atlantis!
Nancy Reiss
Nancy Reiss - 10 years ago
6:00 has my vote for best. But then, I'm partial to Angelfish.
NightBot - 10 years ago
those are better than my tank's behind background- i would take a picture & put it behind lol
Villi Vild
Villi Vild - 10 years ago
Fantastické - nádhera !!!
roadkillchristmas21 - 10 years ago
beautiful doesn't even begin to cover it. :)
roadkillchristmas21 - 10 years ago
You are the shit. So shut up you imbecile moronic fuck.
Homur Seempsone
Homur Seempsone - 10 years ago
Is that a question?!
Nick Birro
Nick Birro - 10 years ago
Uhhh yes
jeremy stroede
jeremy stroede - 10 years ago
something wrong with you?
JW lya
JW lya - 10 years ago
thiss shit is gross :S
LostMemoir - 10 years ago
2:18 has answered all of my questions involving bamboo shrimp and Aquascapes. Ah the power of coincidence. Beautiful video by the way, thank you for uploading it!
No Trust
No Trust - 10 years ago
It is incredibly beautiful!
Hirofumi - 10 years ago
Selim akkuş
Selim akkuş - 10 years ago
kazuaki akiya
kazuaki akiya - 10 years ago
nitchanon intachai
nitchanon intachai - 10 years ago
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee - 10 years ago
wawwwww.... seru banget ... pengen deh
Theresia Swiebel
Theresia Swiebel - 10 years ago
Very beautiful!
TheStevan12 - 10 years ago
Fantastic video! Love it... :)
Dan Warman
Dan Warman - 10 years ago
Great video!
Humberto Hepp
Humberto Hepp - 10 years ago
thanks for sharing and taking the time to do it! They must really calm down any place wherer they are put...
Bourgeois Tramp
Bourgeois Tramp - 10 years ago
As beautiful and amazing as these are, they must be such a bitch to clean! Lol
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - 10 years ago
The most beautiful!!!!! <3!
Warsito Hartanto
Warsito Hartanto - 10 years ago
elph77 - 10 years ago
They're all so stunning.
jacojan daman
jacojan daman - 10 years ago
i like it
V'Veldess Ingram II
V'Veldess Ingram II - 10 years ago
Am I the only one who want to put a jack dempsey in one of these ._.
nUedle - 10 years ago
Amazing! This is Pandora for these fish.
Diego Carvalho
Diego Carvalho - 10 years ago
Luna Monster
Luna Monster - 10 years ago
these are really big tanks, not home size aquariums...... still nice :)
harrisonaard1 - 10 years ago
stampscapes - 10 years ago
Amazing where aquarium design has evolved to at the highest level. Pure art.
ThothMer - 10 years ago
Ed Delateur is correct-fish are not the focus of aquascaping. Self maintaining natural ecosystem aquarium systems, requiring no maintenance schedule, will be exactly like this. A moderate amount of small adult sized fish, best if they are species that are employed in keeping the plants algae free & ones that feed on detritus. More fish = water quality issues which compromise the ecosystem. But like yourself, I would have more fish. There are many species that will compliment your neon school.
ThothMer - 10 years ago
It is possible that you may have to sit for a bit to see some of the other fish when they make their appearance as they go about finding their food. But the neons need to be fed. Adding food increases nutrients. It's really a matter of having enough plants to accommodate the fish population's waste production. Lose that fine balance and your tank winds up looking like crap. But finding the balance of something to watch inside something beautiful to look at is certainly possible and rewarding.
ThothMer - 10 years ago
Stunning! Thanks for putting time into making this. A great collection!
kleine zicke
kleine zicke - 10 years ago
einfach nur geil <3
GIOVANNI ROSAS - 10 years ago
Simonas Baleisis
Simonas Baleisis - 10 years ago
VOV ... my aquarium looks far away from this aquas
Dezmar Perez
Dezmar Perez - 10 years ago
Fake lol
fi5ht4nk - 10 years ago
chrissel7 - 10 years ago
in den po beissen
Theresa - 10 years ago
will ich auch haben!!!
Cesar Serra
Cesar Serra - 10 years ago
spomonie - 10 years ago
If this video doesn't relax you, then I don't know what will.
nokia6630videos - 10 years ago
Fucking EPIC
joe garcia
joe garcia - 10 years ago
that is freaking AWESOME!! gotta have talent for this kinda art.
Friezky Ikhsan
Friezky Ikhsan - 10 years ago
Just pic,
OlderNoWiser - 10 years ago
If I was going to be a fish in an aquarium . . .please let it be one of those.
Морока Нет
Морока Нет - 10 years ago
I ` d say professional)
EQUANT - 10 years ago
That's beautiful, but keeping such aquariums with just a few neons defies the purpose, i believe.
Blue Sky Photography
Blue Sky Photography - 10 years ago
Thats amazing! very inspiring:)
ppg2snowboard - 10 years ago
just amazing nice video
Wisam Akily
Wisam Akily - 10 years ago
this is wonderful! I didn't see something so beautiful so relaxing like your video since ages
Bogdan Z
Bogdan Z - 10 years ago
EPICNESS! Thanks for sharing!
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 10 years ago
The only thing about these tanks is I woul;d want my tank just filled with small communal fish varieties not limited to one species. Unfortunately these tanks are done to serious accuracy and guidelines. I like to bring in the biodiversity and intensive action. To tell you the truth my approach can work but with exquisite vegetation one has to really be careful.
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 10 years ago
Oh well just passed up a trip to see the Amazon. I built one of my own. BEWARE YOU CAN GET STUCK TO A CHAIR-
DenniS TurB
DenniS TurB - 10 years ago
this is so Relaxing and Beautiful! ~xD!
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith - 10 years ago
5:35 is my favourite aquascape!
313Renee - 10 years ago
So beautiful...
MrBuHuskyBlue - 10 years ago
blackjet21 - 10 years ago
after reading your comment, i wish i was a fisherman
PetrKyd - 10 years ago
thewordsopinion - 10 years ago
haha, I said that out loud then looked down and saw your comment.
blackjet21 - 10 years ago
im gonna cry
Paulo Kyo Hyun
Paulo Kyo Hyun - 10 years ago
I like the Simplicity the Decorations and The Diversity Specially their Creativity.. And For those Fish its certainly one of the luckies to have that kind of Habitat. Its such a Pleasing Look specially if your just Staring them Its like your in some Magical Place and Keeps Your Relax and ALL.
napster1294 - 10 years ago
After watching this i was i wash a fish and lived in one of these...
Evil Sean
Evil Sean - 10 years ago
isnt that a backlit bubble curtain ? ...or perhaps witchcraft ...gather the torches and chant up
Evil Sean
Evil Sean - 10 years ago
28 ppl `accidentally` broke their goldfish bowls so far
bi_yorumda_benden - 10 years ago
can someone make a playlist about how can we setup green aquariums larger than 1ooo lt, i watch some but they are nearly same in looklike so my mind can not think large. and if knows about how can i buy items like roots,mineral balance rocks, etc. it will be great. sorry about language :) but i think u undrstand me
Valter Gilenardi
Valter Gilenardi - 10 years ago
Super natural tank
Macie Jay
Macie Jay - 10 years ago
I gave up on planted tanks, could never find the balance between light co2 and nutrients. So jealous of these awesome tanks.
Hargak - 10 years ago
4:32 what kind of moss is growing on the driftwood?
Lucifer -
Lucifer - - 10 years ago
Maybe in a ocean, or stream, or river...
jasonskr1 - 10 years ago
Living art! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing
gerardo mendoza
gerardo mendoza - 10 years ago
I feel jealous.... They're all majestic.
Alexis Underwood
Alexis Underwood - 10 years ago
I am not much in to gardening....BUT I love fish tanks. THIS is the coolest video. Very inspiring. I hope to be able to do this some day!
Luke Hadley
Luke Hadley - 10 years ago
i HAVE TO do something like this for my fish, if it makes THEM makes ME happy ='D
wes4569 - 10 years ago
Very easy to do in a smaller tank, however your possibilities are limited. I have had a lot of success with aqua-scapes in my ten gallon tanks. Good luck!
Erick Francisco Reynaga Solis
Erick Francisco Reynaga Solis - 10 years ago
Jezus Imaboss
Jezus Imaboss - 10 years ago
@ 3:53, how?
ducktube111 - 10 years ago
this is fish heaven <3
ducktube111 - 10 years ago
i'm going to do the one at 1:45 for my 2 orandas!!
Phil H
Phil H - 10 years ago
I had no idea that tanks like this were possible. Words are inadequate to describe my sense of awe at the beauty I'm seeing here. Full respect to the creators of these aquascapes, they truly are inspirational. I will have to look into aquascaping in more detail, I would love to have something like this in my home one day.
ducktube111 - 10 years ago
how do they get all those plants and grasses?? my tank is shit compared to these! i need to make my 35 gallon into something like this!!!. love it!!!
JaQ Ein Legend
JaQ Ein Legend - 10 years ago
I only have a ten gallon maybe 15 gallon tank. but im gonna do something amazing with it like this.
Bud Lofskie
Bud Lofskie - 10 years ago
no words can describe what im feeling right now.
kitty32000 - 10 years ago
those fish who live in those tanks are lucky,these are beautiful <3
Konohagakure - 10 years ago
Can any kind souls tell me where exactly can i get a tree like this at 1:17 or something similar to it?? Any online websites or shops? Most of the aquariums shops i went to don't have such nice decorations
westernrider99 - 10 years ago
Where's the Love button ... <3
Nozalls - 10 years ago
@4:17 OMG!
Roberto32884 - 10 years ago
TheFiretruck41 - 10 years ago
I need to get more plants for my tank now
gix101 - 10 years ago
It's a dream! It's so hard for me take care of my aquarium....
Taylor Rogers
Taylor Rogers - 10 years ago
I'm jelly T.T
Arnold L
Arnold L - 10 years ago
J05H-8 - 10 years ago
I want to be a cherry shrimp and graze through this tanks ^=^
Skye Stockwell
Skye Stockwell - 10 years ago
4:18 whoahly shit super freakin cool
bdarnell1966 - 10 years ago
Wow the pond beind the retaining wall,,,,,,,thats crazy!
Jessie meadows
Jessie meadows - 10 years ago
Anyone else notice the waterfall under water?
ChessPieceKnight - 10 years ago
If it were a rainbow gravel walmart tank kit with plastic plants, yes. Aquariums with live plants like this stay clean because they're mimics of natural environments, which are essentially self-cleaning. You may have to trim plants, but siphoning out gravel? Nope!
ShaelinLeah !
ShaelinLeah ! - 10 years ago
no, this is where spirits of me go:]
ShaelinLeah !
ShaelinLeah ! - 10 years ago
was that *
ShaelinLeah !
ShaelinLeah ! - 10 years ago
what that a waterfall inside water? :|
CallMeBread - 10 years ago
if you take proper care of your plants they can stay looking nice for years and because of the amount of plants in the aquarium and the bacteria in the fertilizer as well as the substrate make cleaning the tank relatively easy.
Ei Jing Tan
Ei Jing Tan - 10 years ago
Wow thanks for telling me that, had no idea !
longtail4711 - 10 years ago
In a well-balanced, heavily planted tank, you really don't need to do much of anything. It's a fully functioning ecosystem. You just do an equipment check, wipe down the glass, feed the plants some fertilizer, and maybe trim them a little. At most you do a small water change weekly. Otherwise, the plants take care of the fish poop and provide natural filtration and oxygen to the water, and a "cleaning crew" of scavengers like shrimp will take care of any leftover fish food and algae.
MsPixelatedPaint - 10 years ago
OMG at 2:15, Tinker Bell's house? def a fairy's pad.
longtail4711 - 10 years ago
Ahh, I see what you mean. Yeah, goldfish are massively destructive. They love to shred apart and move things around in a tank, so they are lousy for aquascaped tanks. This is why you see most aquascaped tanks with teeny little shoaling fish.
Frederico Campbell
Frederico Campbell - 10 years ago
I suggest using Echoes, from Pink Floyd, as a background music. Cheers.
longtail4711 - 10 years ago
What I wouldn't give to be one of these little tetras, swimming with my family in one of these stunning underwater fantasy worlds...
longtail4711 - 10 years ago
What have you got? Goldfish?
Keenanville09 - 10 years ago
lol, i was just saying. in all seriousness tho, its a common misconception that heavily planted tanks, particularily large ones require lots of cleaning.
Keenanville09 - 10 years ago
1) tanks that are as heavily planted as the above ones virtually never get amonia/nitrite spikes. the plants literally work as a natural filtration agent and lots of benificial bacteria tends to build up in the substrate. 2) these tanks look farely established so the biological culture in them is likely very suitable for plant/fish life. 3) lighting and filtration systems have DRASTICALLY improved since u were a kid. 4) algae can be dealt with farely simply using a magnetic scrapper.
Keenanville09 - 10 years ago
why would u assume that? its not like ppl are going in and out of there catching fish. i would presume that they all have really good lighting and plant substrait so the plants likely arent dying off. as far as cleaning the tanks, the plants themselves will go a long way towards this end, not to mention the filteration system and the fact that these look like well established tanks.the only real hassles would be cleaning the algae (that can be done via a magnetic scrapper) and water changes.
TropicalKIng1990 - 10 years ago
Realy nice :) :)
jewpowers - 10 years ago
No dude theyre real, pictures were taken at a contest. Im sure some of those pond looking things and stuff are mirrors or whatever to make it look like a pond, but the plants and aquascapes and fish are real.
Ei Jing Tan
Ei Jing Tan - 10 years ago
How are you suppose to clean that?
bob349 - 10 years ago
its fake not real bro
bob349 - 10 years ago
Its all fake you dumbasses
mack0666 - 10 years ago
This vid makes me depressed cuz I can't do anything close to all of those
matthieu richard
matthieu richard - 10 years ago
heaven is what you make of it, so make it beautiful
Turok Himmelfleisch
Turok Himmelfleisch - 10 years ago
3:52 wtf???
Haz Wan
Haz Wan - 10 years ago
can i know the plan with the yellow and red at @1.04
ZenXXII - 10 years ago
that's part of the hobby bro. it's supposed to help you relax but to some people with no patience it only frustrates them.
Elaine Kimbrough
Elaine Kimbrough - 10 years ago
This is just a sampling of what lies ahead. Let us live right and we will experience the beauty of God's love in the heavens together.
Bhavesh Doda
Bhavesh Doda - 10 years ago
youtube is for videos !!!!!
tu nguyen
tu nguyen - 10 years ago
if they knew how to make those beautiful tanks, of course they knew how to keep it clean as most as possible
JB3 - 10 years ago
Don't feel too bad, this is aquascaping at a very professional level. Setups like this make even the most impressive amateur tanks look bad. Set up your tank how you like, don't need to please anybody else :)
bdarnell1966 - 10 years ago
Not true, the plants act as a filter. Done properly they do not even need a filter.
truecrime playlists
truecrime playlists - 10 years ago
No it is not.
Geizon Andrade
Geizon Andrade - 10 years ago
Como se diz aqui na minha Terra, Altamente Rede Globo.. Muito bonito.
Chance Byrd
Chance Byrd - 10 years ago
1:35 Water underwater!? HOLY SHIT! nice usage of sand:)
Phil C
Phil C - 10 years ago
I liked this video and i am jealous i cant do anything this beautiful.
Maskttas73 - 10 years ago
These fish must think they are in the paradise.
Andy Yang
Andy Yang - 10 years ago
The people who dislike this video are the people who are jealous that they can't do anything this beautiful.
charlieag1126 - 10 years ago
lots of this is photosoped.
charlieag1126 - 10 years ago
1:33 is that a waterfall in the water?! -_-
CryptKeeper54 - 10 years ago
Mad props to the people who build and maintain these tanks. Does anyone have any links to videos or writeups to how these images were captured? The whole process of background lighting, equipment setup, etc. I'm sure these were taken by professional photographers but it would be nice if amateurs could post pics of their own tanks that look this good. I have a hard time finding info related specifically to photography of planted tanks.
BEsTeSTerderBesTeN - 10 years ago
3:50 castle in the sky!?
Rubenvdpol - 10 years ago
Dont get dirty with good filtration and fish poop is good for the tank. tanks dont get dirty if u just change the watter enough.
Rubenvdpol - 10 years ago
not true
Kristine Mangan
Kristine Mangan - 10 years ago
wow and i thought my tiki and live plant with nice blue gravel looked good now i feel like an idiot and someone with no aquascape talent... i'm ashamed of myself and jealous now... BUT I LOVE MY FISHIES MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD:D))))
walker425 - 10 years ago
sure wish this was available as a screen saver, stunning pictures!!!
Olive aka Olivia the lupus girl!
Olive aka Olivia the lupus girl! - 10 years ago
I hate my tank now after watching this. I do love my fishys though..
Bea Abella
Bea Abella - 10 years ago
uhm its a mixture of clay and riversand
james nobbs
james nobbs - 10 years ago
These are amazing I hope on day my tanks will look as good as these .What an art!!
rHiaNNon210 - 10 years ago
simpsonlordguy - 10 years ago
good one.
Budokai 100mph
Budokai 100mph - 10 years ago
These are beyond exquisite. I knew tanks could be planted but not like this. These are so beautiful they are moving to the point of almost tears. I have to make one. Im gonna start very soon, I must have one in my home.
nguyên bình nguyễn
nguyên bình nguyễn - 10 years ago
rất ấn tượng
simpsonlordguy - 10 years ago
TheHypercasual - 10 years ago
"While the floating island is not easy present in this layout, I did use a visual illusion to mount a grid on the back glass so as the plant grows out, the whole grid is masked by the plant. It is like the castle is masked by the tree in the movie." w-w-w(dot)aquascapingworld(dot)com/threads/aquascape-of-the-month-august-2010-beyond-the-nature.3305/
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith - 10 years ago
I hope heaven is this beautiful!
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith - 10 years ago
Hahahaha! I know right! Me too!
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith - 10 years ago
3:55 blew my mind. I would love to know how the floating island was achieved.
Mr G
Mr G - 10 years ago
tori wilson
tori wilson - 10 years ago
does anyone know where i can get a cheap 50 gallon or more aquarium. do not say craigslist
Sander Gejl Boesen
Sander Gejl Boesen - 10 years ago
Okay. This just ruins ALL the good things about my aquarium. Mine is NOTHING against this homoshit
DreamWarrior - 10 years ago
this makes me think of heaven
kompakt34 - 10 years ago
Congratulation to all fishkeepers ! Wonderful tank ! Hope to have one beautiful tank soon like that ! Thanks a lot for the amount of idea i'll can find in this video !
ricmondragon - 10 years ago
In a word..... Exquisite!
arow40 - 10 years ago
OMG!!! watching this makes me so relaxed for some reason i cant explain....
npa50051 - 10 years ago
these are so awesome... cant wait to build one
Withdray - 10 years ago
3:54 omg how this is done??? oO
mba2ceo - 10 years ago
0:43 1:18 my favorites.
Cindy Brandt
Cindy Brandt - 10 years ago
Now I want to make one of the shire..
redbballstyle - 10 years ago
247 reminds me of Lion King. A fish paradise.
sdfasjf - 10 years ago
WOW.....just..... WOW
ooDirtyMickoo - 10 years ago
those were the shittiest ones lol
Bruno Aquino
Bruno Aquino - 10 years ago
Is 2:17 a hobbit's house?
Wolf Schaf
Wolf Schaf - 10 years ago
This year appears "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". You can see a preview at 2:17. ^^
Ovi Wan Kenobi
Ovi Wan Kenobi - 10 years ago
A shoal? They would fight like crazy ALL the time. And hurt each other when they start making bubble nests. Mine gave me lots of headaches.
Ovi Wan Kenobi
Ovi Wan Kenobi - 10 years ago
You don't if it's planted. The plants live off of it instead.
Ovi Wan Kenobi
Ovi Wan Kenobi - 10 years ago
No clue. I've been trying to figure that one out. It looks like the floating island has rocks in it, so it's not just floating moss. It also wouldn't make sense that it has an air bladder or something in the middle of it because of mass diffusion. Air would eventually escape. If I figure it out I'll post back.
MrNCCountryBoy - 10 years ago
5:49 was the hottest.. The pic that was chosen for the vid
Tristan Morton
Tristan Morton - 10 years ago
those are true zen gardens, i felt iner peace when seeing those aquariums. fish are true masters of peace
Tatiana Rozenberg
Tatiana Rozenberg - 10 years ago
thank you very much !!! I NEVER SEEN BEFORE -- IIS SO BEAUTIFUL ! ! !
Alu Barrios
Alu Barrios - 10 years ago
Mother of tanks!!!
Raj - 10 years ago
Bernie Gregorio
Bernie Gregorio - 10 years ago
damn, how do you clean something like that?
aleko11 - 10 years ago
ultimate eye candy ... very much
Rick Arrisola
Rick Arrisola - 10 years ago
tanksl ook like paradise
GloriaVanderpump - 10 years ago
great imagination to make landscapes like that in a tank!
TurtlesDominate - 10 years ago
totally castle in the sky !!!!
TurtlesDominate - 10 years ago
i have recently been worried about the same thing..... what if we are we reborn as a betta in a cup?
68Catweazle - 10 years ago
was der Mensch doch shönes schaffen kann wenn er will ;-)
Epic - 10 years ago
Paolo Dellafiori
Paolo Dellafiori - 10 years ago
3:56 Avatar? XD
Medias - 10 years ago
2:04 ,1:25, 4:26, 5;37 4:56 = mortal kombat:)) AWESOME, I HAVE NO MORE COMMENTS, IM SHOCKED!!!
Khaled Itani
Khaled Itani - 10 years ago
0:53 Was a personal favorite, though if it was my tank I would have kept a shoal of Blue Gourami with just 1 gold Gourami :)
absintheminded - 10 years ago
Imagine how much time and effort people have put into these. Simply stunning.
Deborah Willey
Deborah Willey - 10 years ago
awesome! makes me want to redo my tanks...
Joseph Moua
Joseph Moua - 10 years ago
I just hope a kid doesn't buy you. LOL! kidding..
Joseph Moua
Joseph Moua - 10 years ago
The decorations of the tanks are cool and very impressive. And if it weren't for the music, I wouldn't even be pressing play over and over again. <3 :)
Jah. Carlos
Jah. Carlos - 10 years ago
all of those tanks made me wanna give up aquascaping as my hobbie. :(
victor ramirez
victor ramirez - 10 years ago
Because there are people who like real acuariums ecosystem.these are pretty acuariums,but not real simulation of nature.
cesar ruivo
cesar ruivo - 11 years ago
Eu sou aquariofilista a 15 anos e vou comprar um aquario maior cerca de 300x60x60 mm e tou muito deziludido com o YOUTUBE pois os videos nao tão a garregar como deve de ser e não consigo fazer nada para melhorar a qualidade da velocidade do video......deziluzão...
Brett Paster
Brett Paster - 11 years ago
OK who doesn't want to drop a big red devil in each of those and just tear them up
Brett Paster
Brett Paster - 11 years ago
Those are tanks, everyone of them, are simply amazing.........
Mr.Blue - 11 years ago
@pfeil312 styrofoam? and string? no clue...
1234567890nam - 11 years ago
i really wanna hear the reason why 14 people disliked it :/
tucci06 - 11 years ago
It's almost a shame the fish are shitting all over it.
marcelo carballo
marcelo carballo - 11 years ago
espectacular para disfrutar!
FreeJump3r - 11 years ago
i touch my d1ck *.*
Jay Photweny
Jay Photweny - 11 years ago
I so want to take a shit in all of those tanks, just saying.
pookiepookie - 11 years ago
i really wish i was a millionaire right now...just to build all of these
EN Reefs
EN Reefs - 11 years ago
:45 is amazing!!!
bourbonfan1 - 11 years ago
@Koulisman92 I agree, I have done salt and reef for years. Now, I am into this with petrified wood. Starting to come along, and looks great without skimmers and salt. I will post video, when I get as good as these guys. That means never:(
swaggamcdagga1 - 11 years ago
i thought i had a good tank but then this made me think
Getsu - 11 years ago
better than reef tanks by far i think...
blakdust3 - 11 years ago
@Coltsfan few thousand the tricky part is having the skill an time
Coltsfan - 11 years ago
what is the price range on setups like these?
michał - 11 years ago
Ja też chce mieć takie akwarium
JessieDNikkie - 11 years ago
i know what im doing in my basement now for my huge aquarium
SUPERSS90 - 11 years ago
AWESOME JUST AWESOME.. Is this hard to do?
gdog48001 - 11 years ago
I like all the ones with the little "streams/waterfalls" in them, and all the fish are just flying around hahahahah X)
alex golovin
alex golovin - 11 years ago
what are the plants that are forming a ball at 2:42
Ashab Alamgir
Ashab Alamgir - 11 years ago
@slitzkrieg HEaven is infinetly times greater...
MrBigbrainer - 11 years ago
1:01 amazing simply amazing
supersynchronicity1 - 11 years ago
holy shit why doesnt every tank look like this. i suspect there was heaps of editing done to these pics.
MrBrucibaby - 11 years ago
Jamie Burns
Jamie Burns - 11 years ago
They look high maintenance. Are they exhibits i.e. put together for a photograph or are they actually low maintenance/ long term planted/ living aquariums?
J0hnDeere8345R - 11 years ago
wunderschön ;)
Joseph Boyd
Joseph Boyd - 11 years ago
This was the best 6:48 spent of my life. Ever!
Oliv Shark
Oliv Shark - 11 years ago
@MiNDx1er don't be scared and use photoshop like most of these tanks.
Agatha Sissons
Agatha Sissons - 11 years ago
This is simply breathtaking! The music is great too!
Mark Trumble
Mark Trumble - 11 years ago
thank you very much
Mark Trumble
Mark Trumble - 11 years ago
YourPilon - 11 years ago
0:41 has the best idea, imo. I love all the forestscapes and what not but barely anyone tries for the 'snowyscape'. So props to 0:41 *-* I want to make my tank a snowscape
Data - 11 years ago
Crazy Asians.
Jobis210 - 11 years ago
@pfeil312 maybe they stuck something to the back of the tank and put rocks and moss on it.
szwejo1 - 11 years ago
Piękne....i drogie.
BestComment1992 - 11 years ago
@MiNDx1er Baby steps you will get there just practise and learn
Caleb the Magnificent
Caleb the Magnificent - 11 years ago
4:46 hacks?!?!?!
tcktckboom - 11 years ago
I vow never to use another fake plant again.
timmy drew
timmy drew - 11 years ago
some really nice setups there
Stein Enclosures
Stein Enclosures - 11 years ago
outstanding!! I must try this
Primeiro Último
Primeiro Último - 11 years ago
after watching this I realised that .... my tank could be used as a toilet....
Nathan Casey
Nathan Casey - 11 years ago
the people who own these tanks must have O.C.D
Han Hua
Han Hua - 11 years ago
The first one was my favourite actually!
Han Hua
Han Hua - 11 years ago
How do you do that? I would like to learn how!
scarhbar23 - 11 years ago
@pfeil312 they probably siliconed a rock or piece of wood to the back of the tank. not sure, but its possible
I wish I could create one of that . Well done . I don't wanna say a word but I must . Great job .
Killa Ecker
Killa Ecker - 11 years ago
we dont give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Ignacio Martinez
Ignacio Martinez - 11 years ago
4:56 .... MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
Ignacio Martinez
Ignacio Martinez - 11 years ago
There's a waterfall inside the acuarium at 1:37... This is magic!
jewpowers - 11 years ago
I wish I could give my fish a home as great as one of these. And the music reminds me of my cat that died a few months ago, its sad but calming.
TheBugman98 - 11 years ago
OMG, it brought me to tears. It is so beautiful. Thank you.
Ralph Pfeil
Ralph Pfeil - 11 years ago
How is that "island" floating like a scene from "Avatar"?
cichlid62 - 11 years ago
This is some dedication for your ass, these are freakin awesome pics, they need to turn them into backgrounds, it'll be way better then the crap they sell now as backgrounds.
heavenlyblessings100 - 11 years ago
Thanks for sharing!!! A glimpse at beauty and art!!! A portal into another realm. Graceful, natural, scenic, relaxing......indeed candy to the eyes!!!!! Kathy
adairsr53 - 11 years ago
Dat'z what am talkin' bout Willis,fantastic
Numey Berry
Numey Berry - 11 years ago
@fayaan46vampire hi fayaan the great vampire kingg.
lilricho24 - 11 years ago
One of the greatest 7mins of my life. Thankyou! Nowwwwww. How to make mine like theirs. I may have to take out a loan lol
lilricho24 - 11 years ago
That one with the waterfall made our of sand is AMAZING! This makes me happy yet sad when i look at my tank now :(
Allowitfam - 11 years ago
@99EbonyRose Thanks for your reply, i'll take it into account^ ^
99EbonyRose - 11 years ago
@DrDuckyy the plants depend on what fish/critters u intend to keep in there - they may eat ur plants. Also, u have to take into account the plants lighting and nutrient needs. Its not as easy as simply putting a bunch of plants into a tank & letting them grow. U have to work out ur design/look, then work out the creatures and plants that will fit into that set up. Some plants need more light, some less, some need hard water, some need soft, some need more nutrients, some less.
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah - 11 years ago
This is actually disturbing in a pleasure sort of way!
matthieu richard
matthieu richard - 11 years ago
do you use artificial plants as well or is this all natural??
Marko Plahuta
Marko Plahuta - 11 years ago
fazard khan
fazard khan - 11 years ago
if only there was a love button :)
SonnyChenova - 11 years ago
wow! this video makes me want to have my own aquarium! :D
Ming64 - 11 years ago
Wonderful living works of art.
bleucrayonz - 11 years ago
@5:15 is sick!!!! Like a dinosaur landscape!
bleucrayonz - 11 years ago
beautiful landscapes... cleaning must be a buzzkill.....
ScarletLetter86 - 11 years ago
@nimilhoss Omg your right it kinda does. lolz.
Shane Downes
Shane Downes - 11 years ago
@billysponge1 They are show tanks, they remove all the stuff they normally have in them when they take pics, check out any of the aquascaping contests
Dennis Nakashima
Dennis Nakashima - 11 years ago
WOW! There's a pet shop here in Hawaii, that has that type of aquascape on display.
Úr Eszti
Úr Eszti - 11 years ago
is that a house from the lord of the rings at 2:16 ??
laya vun
laya vun - 11 years ago
i want to be a fish too ,calm .
ScarletLetter86 - 11 years ago
at 3:51, how did they get the floating island to...float?
Mastermachine100 - 11 years ago
@AFlyingBeagle127 lol, diddo. After watching this video I found the need to press the thumbs up button on everything with one :D I then became a planted tank enthusiest and now have an absolute goal for my 75gal tank. I loved all these tanks equally, and I want them all in my tank room :D :D :D
911kratos - 11 years ago
@MiNDx1er mine too :(
MiNDx1er - 11 years ago
Now my tank looks really boring now :/
SuperBUDDHA76 - 11 years ago
how do you take care of the algae on the glass and some on the plants?
Bazanteria - 11 years ago
good that my fish don't see this !
Allowitfam - 11 years ago
Can someone tell me how long it would take to set up a aqualand tank, what is needed and if I could put cherry shrimp in there, thanks:)
deicos1 - 11 years ago
Que acuarios tan espectaculares, están preciosos que paisajes tan relajantes y de ensueño.
InTheirImage7 - 11 years ago
oh my god! So beautiful! such artistry! Whatr kind of filters are being used?
Lawson Lindsey Fishing
Lawson Lindsey Fishing - 11 years ago
This is so beautiful and unreal. i wish my tanks were this wonderful
skycub99 - 11 years ago
who knew fish could get spoiled like this. Is it weird to be jealous of a fish???
hardcoreheigan - 11 years ago
1:19 is that an underwater bonsai tree? O.o wonderfull all of them!
ussardor - 11 years ago
Thank you for the video. I enjoyed it )
Dak Leonardo
Dak Leonardo - 11 years ago
I have to say that is the best kind of art I've ever seen! I would hate to clean those aquariums!! If only fake decorations could look that nice.
Numey Berry
Numey Berry - 11 years ago
simply amazing
Frankie Kuna
Frankie Kuna - 11 years ago
3:52 how is that floating?
moorishidol85 - 11 years ago
@capsaicinrain it's a platform attached to the back of the tank with suction cups
G Rebell
G Rebell - 11 years ago
Wundervoll,mein Herz geht auf.Das ist Aquaristik pur.Da haben Menschen einmal genau der Natur abgeschaut.Vielen Dank für diesen einmaligen Augenblick.
Blocky CupCube
Blocky CupCube - 11 years ago
OMG this is so cool!!
Susho Baral
Susho Baral - 11 years ago
please suscribe to him

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