A series of short documentary films featuring the creation of giant Nature Aquarium layouts by Takashi Amano, exhibited inside Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town, is now broadcasted at ADA View. (4 Episodes) The episode 3 features making of 4m tank layout!

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A series of short documentary films featuring the creation of giant Nature Aquarium layouts by Takashi Amano, exhibited inside Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town, is now broadcasted at ADA View. (4 Episodes) The episode 3 features making of 4m tank layout!

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san tiago
san tiago - 5 years ago
Toma no cu desses japonês do caralho
nasirul jundi
nasirul jundi - 5 years ago
Aquarium segedhe kost gw ini anjir (fcuk this aqurium biger then my room
Lucca Lourencini
Lucca Lourencini - 5 years ago
Im just wondering... Is It even legal to harvest wood from the amazonian forest? I dont think It is...
Ján Švasta
Ján Švasta - 5 years ago
Aquarium-nature 1:1
Dorian Faure
Dorian Faure - 5 years ago
Bouge un peu ton gros cul espèce d'enculé t'es la ici la fait ci fait ca mais t'es sérieux en plus c'est moche parce que c'est pas toi qui la fait gros pd
Manu Naik
Manu Naik - 5 years ago
Size of the aquarium?
Superb, I also have a dream of owning a giant aquarium :)
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping - 5 years ago
I can't believe how much hate there is in this comment section. It is no wonder that the talented and honest get ridiculed by ridiculous degenerates. Anyone hating on Amano or aquascaping is one ignorant fool.
bharath cm
bharath cm - 5 years ago
TOOOO small
.m. - 5 years ago
How hard is it to just move things yourself?! For heavy lifting get some help but if you're experimenting with the layout, just do it yourself


Aqua Arts
Aqua Arts - 5 years ago
hey, can anybody pls tell me what kind of microsorum they use there? what is the exact name of it?:)
草・飛行タイプなんですわぁ。。。 - 5 years ago
Keelan Franzen
Keelan Franzen - 5 years ago
That guy is a dick
Roberto Mendoza
Roberto Mendoza - 5 years ago
He's an asshole.
raul melendi
raul melendi - 5 years ago
mr amano is the coolest guy ever
wilson gautama
wilson gautama - 5 years ago
U can swim there
Kyle Gardner
Kyle Gardner - 5 years ago
Seems like a bit of a douche
Raup Wiradhika
Raup Wiradhika - 5 years ago
Damn, amazing!!
TheBobby416 - 5 years ago
That is a really nice tank.
Thank you for your time.
Vlog HD
Vlog HD - 5 years ago


William - 5 years ago
top 10 betta tanks
Eric William
Eric William - 5 years ago
sorry not too good...why always making forest in water?it should be real under water view...not always green plant...boring..you hear me?boring
dunnobutwayne - 5 years ago
why not use transparent pipes in the background isntead of black ones?
Jill Graham
Jill Graham - 5 years ago
what a dick! must he be so agressive? im gonna say probably. Japan may be the type of place where Alphas try ti ascend quickly if given the social opp. worse than America even.
間瀬昴紀 - 5 years ago

HellaCrayyVlogs - 5 years ago
damn, that's pretty nice
twinturbogetz - 5 years ago
Nicolas Coorens
Nicolas Coorens - 5 years ago
il est temps de sortir de chez vous et d'observer la nature là où elle se trouve! c'est quoi cette volonté de possession?
Happy fishguy
Happy fishguy - 5 years ago
Wow i wish my angelfish breeding tank was this awesome . i still got 400 angelfish fry . i love breedi9ng angelfish
Trump Donald
Trump Donald - 5 years ago
what a professional


Ephemeral Eternity
Ephemeral Eternity - 5 years ago
how its water is changed??
Channidae - 5 years ago
Would have looked sick with giant altums
Cris Battler
Cris Battler - 5 years ago
someday when i grow up i will work hard to earn lots of moneys and make myself one
Pathum wijesiri
Pathum wijesiri - 5 years ago
wow amazing.
i want join with your team and spend my life.
佐藤敏也 - 5 years ago
Killer Shark
Killer Shark - 5 years ago
those fish must be very happy
Anand Kshirsagar
Anand Kshirsagar - 5 years ago
simply Que
simply Que - 5 years ago
Ra'uf Azman
Ra'uf Azman - 5 years ago
this tank is too small for my betta
Valentino A
Valentino A - 5 years ago
Those little commercials make me cringe.
mohamed rihan
mohamed rihan - 5 years ago
CR28 Yolo Ban.
CR28 Yolo Ban. - 5 years ago
Chinos :v
Blanca Ambrosio
Blanca Ambrosio - 5 years ago
Like si lo viste y hablas otro idioma pero aún así te gustó
Karina Lopez sebastian
Karina Lopez sebastian - 5 years ago
cuando veo estos videos me preguntó... cómo madres limpian estás preciosuras
David Chan
David Chan - 5 years ago
does it function as a above ground swimming pool also? JK. It looks amazing. one day, one day...
냥파스 - 5 years ago
여과기가 궁금하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Nicholas Bennett
Nicholas Bennett - 5 years ago
That old guy is way too bossy
Daniel Galun
Daniel Galun - 5 years ago
How big before you might as well just learn to dive?
juan esmit
juan esmit - 5 years ago
This is dedication, they are like us but are really dedicated and disciplined. Anyone can reach this levels of mastery on anything, with dedication and discipline.
Great work thou, best wishes.
a09as - 6 years ago
I would just put my large snake in there.


B Jones
B Jones - 6 years ago
that big ass tank and little ass fish....
Haris Wandy
Haris Wandy - 6 years ago
amano ) i want that little further,and down, and we dont need them
staff ) why you not put you fat ass down here
Sencer Kaya
Sencer Kaya - 6 years ago
fucking japans
Charlie Bourgeois
Charlie Bourgeois - 6 years ago
If that were me I'd put a single Betta in there. ONE.
GENERAL INFO - 6 years ago
Carlitos Rodriguez
Carlitos Rodriguez - 6 years ago
Que mucho hablaaaaa el chinooo
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams - 6 years ago
Carlitos Rodriguez eh no estan hablando en japonés.
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams - 6 years ago
Carlitos Rodriguez eh no estan hablando en japonés.
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez - 6 years ago
gay fish
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams - 6 years ago
I love his work,, but i can't help but think he is a whiner. for example ; the styrofoam doesn't work right, if only i had more time then it would be better, . it seems like he doesn't own anything and just go with the flow... finger pointer,,, thats not usual to Japanese. What do I know? this is the first time Im seeing this stuff. I was on YT looking up terrariums in light bulbs. Life is good!
Angga Ramadhan
Angga Ramadhan - 6 years ago
itu kaca berapa cm ya
James - 6 years ago
bruh just put a billion shrimps in it
s0mdum9uy - 6 years ago
the music is so peaceful
Manav - 6 years ago
mathala mithi muthu chaka pukku kungi.. wtf are they talkin about?
Ricardo Xok Pacheco
Ricardo Xok Pacheco - 6 years ago
Joshua Schaeffer
Joshua Schaeffer - 6 years ago
very nice
E Wright
E Wright - 6 years ago
plant design is great but fish.. not so much.
Andrea Cattaneo
Andrea Cattaneo - 6 years ago
wow that's wonderful
Alejandro Alarcón
Alejandro Alarcón - 6 years ago
Poor fishes!
Kyaw Thu
Kyaw Thu - 6 years ago
that's y I like Japanese
Malawi Günlüğü
Malawi Günlüğü - 6 years ago
Avsfreak24 - 6 years ago
3000 gallons? That's my dream tank right there, except I'd have some big ass Cichlids or Gar or Dinosaur Bichirs or just a shit ton of schooling fish. Imagine, like, 1000 Neon Tetras just swimming around the tank
Avsfreak24 - 6 years ago
Cat K That's heaven
Cat K
Cat K - 6 years ago
DR1FT K1NG 1,000 neons ❤ some gouramis and some eels and some killis.
greekgodlamb - 6 years ago
3:52 that low-rise
Rahul Shinagare
Rahul Shinagare - 6 years ago
awesome sub me I will sub u back
Josh Potatoe
Josh Potatoe - 6 years ago
aw cmon put nicer fish in that...
kkkallavere - 6 years ago
Раз за разом, уже на протяжении почти 5-ти лет, просматриваю это видео и каждый раз открываю для себя что-то новое. Спасибо г-н Амано.
Bettiana Sitompul
Bettiana Sitompul - 6 years ago
Bobby - 6 years ago
The Japanese are always such masters of their crafts. Very nice work and attention to detail.
3drhodes - 5 years ago
Bobby yes the way they shave the hairs on their vagina is amazing.
Cardea - 5 years ago
Kristopher Prevo He said, "The Japanese are always such masters of their crafts." Not, "Only the Japanese are masters of crafts." Maybe you should take a class on understanding. The English language.
D3moknight - 5 years ago
Rollo Larson I never said Japanese was a race.
Rollo Larson
Rollo Larson - 5 years ago
Japanese isn't a race. Do you also accuse those who say "murica" of being racist, or even defend Americans?
D3moknight - 6 years ago
I think he got a little defensive because you sounded like a proper racist cunt. Who says Japs?
Kristopher Prevo
Kristopher Prevo - 6 years ago
I am relaxed so chill
peter yeung
peter yeung - 6 years ago
Kristopher Prevo
Relax, if you study Japanese culture, they do take their craft very seriously. Not that anyone else can't do it. The Japanese are just that much more passionate about what they want to master. May I suggest you go study other culture before you start bitching.
Kristopher Prevo
Kristopher Prevo - 6 years ago
Ok then why couldn't he say everyone does a good job at work lol
Fern Fern
Fern Fern - 6 years ago
Kristopher Prevo he never said it was just Japanese though?
Kristopher Prevo
Kristopher Prevo - 6 years ago
tf not just Japanese all races who take time and care i know some SHIT japs suck at lmfao
Greg XD
Greg XD - 6 years ago
I was expecting ATLEAST an Ariwana or something to be put in the tank
Tomplin Claymore
Tomplin Claymore - 6 years ago
Dragonite EX
its a Chinese Fish they need different stuff so basically theyre picky ag
no name
no name - 6 years ago
Deftones my tank I put a big-ass reticulated python in it
no name
no name - 6 years ago
if that was my tank I would put a big ass reticulated python in it
Morgan Burt
Morgan Burt - 6 years ago
I love japan their always so extra. When they do something they go all out. Great society.
Stussy o:
Stussy o: - 6 years ago
if that guy is such an expert on stone placing why doesn't he just do it
Max L
Max L - 6 years ago
Put a large mouth bass up in there
Jukka Jamukka
Jukka Jamukka - 6 years ago
RIP Sensei
Hannah Renee
Hannah Renee - 6 years ago
Must be fun to clean
Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle - 6 years ago
I'd do so much more with this tank.... more plants, more wood, decaying leaves, moss, surface plants to block some light, more fish like Angels, Discus, Serverum, Silver Dollar, Rams etc, a few more hiding places.... I'd go full on natural Amazon tributary
Gamebreaker08 - 6 years ago
The old guy is the true definition of a straw boss.
abdul alawie
abdul alawie - 6 years ago
L vjbzwtzl
L is m
Moose Knuckle
Moose Knuckle - 6 years ago
Stunning workmanship!!
Joel Weidenfeld
Joel Weidenfeld - 6 years ago
uh, dude, there are not aquariums, they are planetariums for plants which have submurgable habits and water plants.
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
Sorry. I just dont get why people pop such a boner for this guy.
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
MARU,A good point I hadn't considered.
MARU Ponci
MARU Ponci - 6 years ago
Eddie Buggz thats how most Japaneses bosses act. Nothing personal for them. i worked in Japan for a bit and i will lie if I say it was easy. they demand perfection from everyone but they do mean good to their staff.
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
I am sure he wasn't a bad person. Didn't seem to be. We all have our flaws.
Mohammed Bilaluddin
Mohammed Bilaluddin - 6 years ago
Eddie Buggz no I get you, sorry I didn't watch the video when I made the comment. amano had always been known for being an asshole to the people who work under him. that simple characteristics makes it hard for me to like him either, his work maybe good but his character is horrible in the professional world.
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
Furthermore,if he was chastising folks he hired himself. He had no one to blame but himself. Were these people hired by someone else,it is their fault for the incompetence. Nevertheless,bad form on cam.
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
And that is terrible. However,just because a person is dead does not mean they are immune to scrutiny. When the camera is on you,don't act like a dick to your staff. Are you attempting to make me feel bad for criticizing someone who was clearly arrogant? I am sorry. I just don't have much respect for people like this.
Mohammed Bilaluddin
Mohammed Bilaluddin - 6 years ago
Eddie Buggz well not anymore I guess since you know, he passed away last year
Skippers Menagerie
Skippers Menagerie - 6 years ago
You betcha'.
Yourtube - 6 years ago
Eddie Buggz we'll tell you after you bend over!
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia - 6 years ago
put a shark in a tank
ML- Aquaristik
ML- Aquaristik - 6 years ago
Beautiful aquascaping.
mr Junior
mr Junior - 6 years ago
I will add mantis shrimp, stargazer, stonefish and a lot of that puny fish and crab
We bear bears bear brothers
We bear bears bear brothers - 6 years ago
어항 넓어서 좋겠다
seraphxl18 - 6 years ago
taskete kurasai onii-chan!
Letnom Valie
Letnom Valie - 6 years ago
task abstract lift cousin conviction seventh departure statement.
Rey Gevin Delli
Rey Gevin Delli - 6 years ago
need some angry management.
Josh Bonty
Josh Bonty - 6 years ago
Rey Gevin Delli no he's just making sure they understand how he wants it so the team can learn from it. He just being honest
Tristan Alova
Tristan Alova - 6 years ago
If that was my tank im putting 50 red belly piranhas
Tyler powell
Tyler powell - 6 years ago
these aquariums are absolutely stunning and very inspiring to do somthing similar Im very jealous lol
Tyler powell
Tyler powell - 6 years ago
and do feel that it needs a equally as stunning background.. and fish correct to the Amazon.
Dena West
Dena West - 6 years ago
Amazing and beautifully done. I am truly amazed. I wish I could design something on such a grand scale.
Miles Adventures
Miles Adventures - 6 years ago
What if this guy really just wants an aquarium with some pet humans to see how well he could control them preforming tedious tasks....
MaxamillionGrey - 5 years ago
Humans swimming around like shrimp grazing on algae and biofilm
Jill Graham
Jill Graham - 5 years ago
Miles Adventures well maybe they need a firm leader to believe they have purpose. these things run deeper than 'he's mean' Im sure he is very well versed in social engineering.
Rollo Larson
Rollo Larson - 5 years ago
Miles Adventures
They're not humans, they're sea monkeys.
joshua liang
joshua liang - 6 years ago
oh great he died

100. comment for TAKASHI AMANO × SUMIDA AQUARIUM Vol.3

Márcio Costa
Márcio Costa - 6 years ago
Didn't like the background...
lsedanolg - 6 years ago
Moaven X
Moaven X - 6 years ago
fish have wasted grace of tank.
Brian J
Brian J - 6 years ago
My pythons would love this
ThyBallisticLui 57
ThyBallisticLui 57 - 6 years ago
That guy seems like a huge jerk lol I'd drown him in the tank.
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 6 years ago
ThyBallisticLui 57 he died last year
george skater
george skater - 6 years ago
11000liters for 40 small 5 cm fishes
Shey's Betta
Shey's Betta - 6 years ago
more like 300 xD
Jared August
Jared August - 6 years ago
y not a reef tank
Jared August
Jared August - 6 years ago
Well duh
TheTerminator1919 - 6 years ago
Jared August Because those plants will not grow in saltwater
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf - 6 years ago
What a waste of a huge aquarium. Big ass aquarium just for some tiny tetra looking fish.
kimuseni - 6 years ago
The Deamon
The Deamon - 6 years ago
how did they shrink those guys to fit in an aquarium!?!!?
MPOEROT - 6 years ago
Enceladus TheMistGiant no theyre hobbits. they even fit on mini tanks
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter - 6 years ago
how thick is this acrylic
charana K.C
charana K.C - 6 years ago
It is awesome
charana K.C
charana K.C - 6 years ago
Cat K scuba gear!
charana K.C
charana K.C - 6 years ago
Cat K hmm. magents yep thy r good
Cat K
Cat K - 6 years ago
charana K.C get your scuba gear!

Probably magnets.
DaniEu - 6 years ago
<---- check out!
LJS - 6 years ago
some big cichlids if that was my tank
Johnny B
Johnny B - 6 years ago
Amano i want to work for you aha love the imagination you have! its mind blowimg!!!
Josh Boucher
Josh Boucher - 6 years ago
mattystewart8 No joke, just orders and little reason other than an attitude of "I'm the fucking Sensei" just how he rubbed off on me. Probably a better guy when just talking about nature and fish.
mattystewart8 - 6 years ago
Johnny B seems like he was a bit of a cunt to be fair lol
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics - 6 years ago
He died in 2015, :(
Carmen_Von_Dulce - 6 years ago
Sheesh!! YES SIR!! Lol
Amy Cummings
Amy Cummings - 6 years ago
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 6 years ago
The severe lack of sense of scale is disturbing.
MPOEROT - 6 years ago
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 6 years ago
+Dr. Death Holy shit, work on your grammar.
Dr. Death
Dr. Death - 6 years ago
+Sally Vee Holy shit again, you still are a fag
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 6 years ago
+Dr. Death Holy shit, you really didn't get the reference did you? Since I have to explain, I will. The old British guy who was inspired by Takashi Amano who makes videos selling his products is always talking about the sense of scale. To the point to where it sounds like a catchphrase and not actual advice.
Dr. Death
Dr. Death - 6 years ago
+Sally Vee Its always fags like you criticizing other people, lets see some vids of your aquascapes
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 6 years ago
+Dr. Death No, but you seem to be triggered that I realized the lacking of the sense of scale. Here is your safe space
Dr. Death
Dr. Death - 6 years ago
+Sally Vee Mad because you are retarded? Ok
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 6 years ago
+Dr. Death Go suck a dick bitch.
Dr. Death
Dr. Death - 6 years ago
shut the fuck up
Saddendude - 6 years ago
Excuse me sir, can i see your confined space permit ;)
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - 6 years ago
no words
Fernanda Arief Pradipta
Fernanda Arief Pradipta - 6 years ago
OMG. Amazing !
P J - 6 years ago
~11000 liters...damn, what a dream too have :D
chabka34 - 6 years ago
ok ok you win go trim your underwatterplants
MPOEROT - 6 years ago
rather have one for myself to swim
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
Sure buddy, no maintenance at all :)
I work maintaining aquariums, the largest 4000 litre, and if you want to keep it at museum standard, even with mostly slow growing easy plants such as java fern and crypts, it's going to be quiet a bit of work.
The faster growing the plants, the more work you have to put in.
chabka34 - 6 years ago
ManicMindTrick I don't think a planted tank of this size with that amount of fish wold have any matanice
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
...and a nightmare to maintain :D
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel - 6 years ago
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
FM 21
FM 21 - 6 years ago
michael ousborne
michael ousborne - 6 years ago
herna miharja fuck indon
Thopan Darmawan
Thopan Darmawan - 6 years ago
Titas Halder
Titas Halder - 6 years ago
They didn't change the location of the flow pile as instructed
andrew moon
andrew moon - 6 years ago
they added one at the front and changed the direction of the one at the back.
kuwaro aiori
kuwaro aiori - 6 years ago
Jamie James
Jamie James - 6 years ago
placing large stones on the drift wood does not look natural
Jamie James
Jamie James - 6 years ago
placing large stones on the drift wood does not look natural
おこそわいお - 6 years ago
Brianne Lombardi
Brianne Lombardi - 6 years ago
Animalia - 6 years ago
they make a big ass tank, and put small ass fish
Animalia - 6 years ago
+Yourtube Lol, you tried.
Yourtube - 6 years ago
reptilaxotics yes, to match your small ass dick, bitch!
John Ramirez
John Ramirez - 6 years ago
does he do these tanks for rich people or are they all his and we're cause I've seen a couple of different tanks
speedofacentipede - 6 years ago
I can't even balance my ph right
Cat K
Cat K - 6 years ago
Also, changing the water too much leaves too much room for fluctuations which will kill your fish.
MPOEROT - 6 years ago
speedofacentipede fish are designed to live in a range of ph. btw do you drink alkalized water?
Adoinc - 6 years ago
true fuck "balancing" ph. Just leave it the way it is, the way it comes from your tap. It might lower a bit due to dissolved organics in the aquarium but it'll be close to your tap. no fancy ph changing chemicals, just let it be. hell, even discus have been known to breed in 7.8+ ph's.
Karim Swift
Karim Swift - 6 years ago
lol you shouldn't really worry about ph...
Juanki M
Juanki M - 6 years ago
Que pasada,yo quiero uno de esooooss!!!!
ふらぼんいそ - 6 years ago
康健 - 6 years ago
Comment0815 - 6 years ago
In some way I love it. But in another way I really hate that the water is much too clear and the whole layout is much too bright. That's not a situation you'll find in natural rain forests, I bet.
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
Amano didn't do biotope aquariums but created his own nature inspired style.
Joseph Yearwood
Joseph Yearwood - 6 years ago
+Comment0815 Sweet.....I'm gonna try my hand at this art now that I've watched it.
Comment0815 - 6 years ago
+Joseph Yearwood Totally. I think I know every single of their videos.
Joseph Yearwood
Joseph Yearwood - 6 years ago
Have you checked out The Green Machine? Type in Aquascape and check it out.
Erica Young
Erica Young - 7 years ago
True I guess
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions - 7 years ago
where am i
Erica Young
Erica Young - 7 years ago
If he had the vision why did he just not do it all himself instead of yelling at his workers over every lil rock
Eli Bishop
Eli Bishop - 6 years ago
+Erica Young Don't be daft, that's like asking why an architect didn't build the building himself. Also, he has to see it from a distance, so he has to be outside the tank. "Yelling" is a stretch, the guy barely raised his voice, and explained things multiple times because they had already installed the pipes incorrectly, so obviously they needed someone to be firm with what needed to be done, so they could tell the rest of the staff.
Tyler -
Tyler - - 7 years ago
what a grump lol
kb441ate - 5 years ago
Well... basically it means nothing else than the design and layout both haven`t been prepared for workers before they start. that`s it. And "you should understand what I`m telling about"-talk is cheap.
visualkeirockstar - 6 years ago
how would you feel if you're paying someone thats not doing what you want them to do
Titas Halder
Titas Halder - 6 years ago
guys stop, he died last year
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker - 6 years ago
He's not being grumpy. He's being clear about what he wants and he's teaching his guy's at the same time. He didn't raise his voice or anything.
OriginalMindTrick - 6 years ago
A bit of a Steve Jobs character I bet if you know what I'm saying.
Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall - 6 years ago
Just a master who knows his stuff. The plant layout goes that way; move, step away, shift and repeat. But setting up the water system is a science and he has good reasons to me upset. He asked for specific things and they weren't done. There is also a cultural dimension to his attitude.
jonstfrancis - 6 years ago
+Mote of Dust He's an artist with human paintbrushes.
Eli Bishop
Eli Bishop - 6 years ago
+Mote of Dust He's being firm about what he wants, because from the sound of it, the three guys below him and then the rest of the staff didn't install things correctly as far as the water output, so that means they most likely need to be hand held through the other instructions as well.
I - 7 years ago
+Mote of Dust He is the master, they have to learn from him ;)
Mic Micson
Mic Micson - 7 years ago
23:13...I think she looks beautiful with her straight teeth and smile.
SHINOBU BANDO - 7 years ago
座ってるだけの支持 アクアも偉くなったもんだ!!
Лариса Биркина
Лариса Биркина - 7 years ago
как же они залезли в аквариум? а вылезать?
Michel Carrasquel
Michel Carrasquel - 7 years ago
sant kumar
sant kumar - 7 years ago
Takashi amano planet aquarium it's amazing
Maran Atha
Maran Atha - 7 years ago
haa8 num
Gerardo Gutierrez
Gerardo Gutierrez - 7 years ago
P** chinos
DMAN D - 7 years ago
Rest in peace you beatuful soul
nach sol
nach sol - 7 years ago
RIP Mr Amano. Descanse en paz
Geovanni Herrera
Geovanni Herrera - 7 years ago
Rest in peace LEGEND takashi amano
Fernando Velasco
Fernando Velasco - 7 years ago
This tank would look much better with high grade discus fish.
Arjun Pun
Arjun Pun - 5 years ago
Thaleya1 discus will eat those tiny fish when the light goes off.
Thaleya1 - 5 years ago
He put way to many fish in it, for my opinion. Some schools of tiny fishes and one discus fish school would have looked amazing. or ust alot less small fish, and less different species.

But hey it's not my tank, wish it were though.
Eli Bishop
Eli Bishop - 6 years ago
+Fernando Velasco Not really. Those would distract from the aquascape and tank layout. The point is for the smaller fish in larger schools to give a sense of scale to the tank. Larger colored fish would be a distraction, and make the focus the fish, and not the aquascape. What you are describing is essentially putting a clown nose on the Mona Lisa.
Kevin Pereira
Kevin Pereira - 7 years ago
+Fernando Velasco They would look good in the one with driftwood, not the one with stones.
Alex Gammon
Alex Gammon - 8 years ago
I get the feeling that if you do not pull your weight when around Mr. Amano, sepiku could be an expected practice.
mark beep
mark beep - 8 years ago
I think a dark background would bring out the color of the fish better, anyways,, as always beautiful aquarium.
中家了 - 8 years ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the background music?
J. Herrera
J. Herrera - 7 years ago
+中家了 I am also having a hard time looking for the name of the Music in 21:51.
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 8 years ago
What are the plants that are tied to the drift wood?
Jay Mustin
Jay Mustin - 8 years ago
For a tank that big... I would have a totally different selection of fish.
OnlineBackupServices - 8 years ago
there's no point building a tank this big, you can achieve the same thing with a 4 foot tank.
 If I was a multi millionaire I'd rather have 6 interesting 4 foot tanks with different themes than one ginormous tank like that. It's pointless.
TienDung Dang
TienDung Dang - 8 years ago
You dont!
erik morton
erik morton - 8 years ago
taka ure tirame unos consejos ure sos un maestro culiao te adoro
TheAquaman1979 - 8 years ago
I wonder how much the power bill is!
John Atkinson
John Atkinson - 8 years ago
this man is probably filthy rich lol
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 8 years ago
It's my goal to one day own a tank I have to climb out of. 
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 5 years ago
maybe a mermaid
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 5 years ago
Tetra's and altum angels definately.
humping humper
humping humper - 5 years ago
TheH3dgie what r u going to put in it?
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
Cool. Looking forward seeing your tank
RoadKillFrog - 6 years ago
+ManicMindTrick it was just a intex pool (indoor pond), i now also have a glass tank on order, will have a vid on it soon
ManicMindTrick - 6 years ago
1,700 gallons OMG. Insanely large.
RoadKillFrog - 6 years ago
+Maxwell Power oh yeah it was...sold off the pool/tank, now I've got a 720 gallon fiberglass tank on order, going to make a project vid on it on my channel
Maxwell Power
Maxwell Power - 6 years ago
brother.. trust me its annoying as fuck to do water changes n clean sand. 8x3x3 and still a bitch to get in and out
RoadKillFrog - 7 years ago
+TheH3dgie here in canada the salt costs a lot..im trying to find a person who sells packages of salt in bulk
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 7 years ago
1700 gallons is going to cost a lot to maintain even with goldfish. Be thankful you don't live to Australia (I think). We have the highest energy costs in world. It's ridiculous. 
RoadKillFrog - 7 years ago
+TheH3dgie got is pretty cheap...problem with saltwater is it costs so much to maintain such a big tank
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 7 years ago
Jealous of the size
RoadKillFrog - 7 years ago
+TheH3dgie I'm making it saltwater..gonna take me a week or two to set it up
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 7 years ago
Tell me you have awesome fish in it?
RoadKillFrog - 7 years ago
Ahaha same...ATM I got a 1,700 gallons, but I don't have to climb out of it
Creador Nursery 3d Rhymes
Creador Nursery 3d Rhymes - 8 years ago
Excellent Aquarium
ScreamingForClemency - 8 years ago
the tank looks huge, but bear in mind the guys standing in it are asian.
ScreamingForClemency - 5 years ago
"joking around " doesn't make racism ok."

ehhh....sometimes it does.
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams
BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams - 6 years ago
"joking around " doesn't make racism ok.
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 7 years ago
+ScreamingForClemency lol its cool just some banter
ScreamingForClemency - 7 years ago
+Ironiic zero
yeah, but I'm just joking around really. i know the difference between "ft" and "feet".
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 7 years ago
+Kong Tai Tsui is strong with this one.
Kong Tai Tsui
Kong Tai Tsui - 8 years ago
Smell of racist.
ScreamingForClemency - 8 years ago
yeah but 6 asian feet right?

their feet are smaller.
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 8 years ago
It's still a huge tank. It's almost 6ft deep. 
wong kelvin
wong kelvin - 8 years ago
emadonn ema
emadonn ema - 8 years ago
my favourite brand for aquariums !!!
SnotRockets55 - 8 years ago
Amano has a very, very good eye for where things should go.
brians aquariums
brians aquariums - 8 years ago
what all plants did you use
Maxim Adams
Maxim Adams - 8 years ago
Amano is undoubtedly a great aquascaper, but it feels like all of his designs are pretty much the same… sticks surrounded by rocks, with sand in front. It would be nice to see a completely radical style!
Piterszczyk - 8 years ago
+Dan Chpman
Maybe, but as far as I see he gave them instructions for the pipe arrangement and sizes and they messed it up. I wouldn't be happy as well. It's like you plan your house, put an effort into it, hire a contractor, and then you find out that he did the things his way cause he decided that it's going to be better. If you were just an ordinary house owner with no knowledge about construction- well, you could probably rely on someones knowledge and experience. But if you were an architect yourself you would be pissed off.
Chapalap - 8 years ago
He is also a typical deuchebag, You can do something one way with the knowledge and understanding of how things work but from all his videos what iv seen is that hes a the typical "my way is better" type of deuche.. even if something looks great and the staff asks, does that look good, he will say no then tell them to move it the tiniest bit in the slightest way which has no effect on how it looks then he says noo thats good, you see what i did there, You must understand so you can tell blah blah. Typical control freak 
SnotRockets55 - 8 years ago
Perfection doesn't need improvement or change.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker - 8 years ago
Very nice.  Amano and staff are such an inspiration for planted tanks.  I actually finished an Amano style tank about two months ago and as for the gentleman below talking about exotics, I agree.  I have nothing but exotic and beautiful Killifish in this one.  I have another one that is also a combination of Killifish and Discus.

Every time I watch an Amano video, I get a new idea I want to try.  Keep the videos coming in.
Katherine Tejada
Katherine Tejada - 7 years ago

Katherine Tejada
Katherine Tejada - 7 years ago

ggdelgado - 8 years ago
Please, Post a video to see it! Planted aquariums are beautiful.
leejinwen - 8 years ago
anyone know the piano song at the 22 min mark?
twas brillig
twas brillig - 8 years ago
Since there was already a previous design, why not have planned the water flow position correctly from the get go?
masenz - 8 years ago
Amano seems like such an arrogant douche. He probably know alot about this but still.
Akio Asoo
Akio Asoo - 9 years ago
Vish sou o unico brasileiro
ジムリーダーエニタイム高円寺店 - 9 years ago
njw1383 - 9 years ago
Great video. Keep em coming
Fothermucker Groenewald
Fothermucker Groenewald - 9 years ago
what a boss
Devon C
Devon C - 9 years ago
A 2,900 gallon tank. wow!
T1gron1us - 9 years ago
Мастер Амано не перестает удивлять
Elliot Groetsch
Elliot Groetsch - 9 years ago
how many gallons is this tank?
TheCrankinguru - 9 years ago
Asian fish together with south american? What the fuck?!
Angela Finnerty
Angela Finnerty - 9 years ago
wow that is so beautiful, elegant and I want to watch for hours. Thank you
Dkzdrood - 9 years ago
I'd have some exotic fish in there... not those tiny petty fish
Tuffenough4u - 9 years ago
Most exotic fish are destructive by nature and would destroy a sensitive aquascape, eating and picking at the plants. Plus large fish sort of distract from the point and hover around losing life effect the smaller schooling fish tend to give it.
Hung La
Hung La - 9 years ago
what is the last song???...beautifull view and pretty song
Fraser Drewett
Fraser Drewett - 9 years ago
very bossy
shadowflare99 - 9 years ago
Wow no algeea
Cod Kue
Cod Kue - 9 years ago
no excess nutrients and many many plants = no algae
Walmir jose da siveira alves
Walmir jose da siveira alves - 9 years ago
meu procimo aquario
Neosin1 - 9 years ago
the ada lights would cost 10k themselves lol!
Arek Woj
Arek Woj - 9 years ago
typowy prywaciarz ..siedzi nic nie robi pier.. głupoty a ludzie zapier... za niego
Doron Amedey
Doron Amedey - 9 years ago
Raul bn
Raul bn - 9 years ago
que passsada de aquario!!!!!!
Miles Lofgren
Miles Lofgren - 9 years ago
You all know you'd get on ur knees for this is your house!!
Zenic Straebel
Zenic Straebel - 9 years ago
i recognise all the music from roosterteeth
MARCO CRISTALDI - 9 years ago
ty eres
ty eres - 9 years ago
The hardscape is amazing, the plant selection resembles ALL BUT an Amazonian environment, but still kick-ass! But the fish...gee....shoul've gone with discus or altum angels and a big school of tetras
Eric Nintze Jr
Eric Nintze Jr - 9 years ago
everything perfect except the selection of fish...
대찬인생 - 9 years ago
여기 사는 고기들은 행복하겠네 . . .
faustomasic - 9 years ago
Makes my fluval spec look a bit crap now! Fuck it, i'm gonna ask the wife if we can get a 4m tank in the front room....!
fish aqua
fish aqua - 9 years ago
wow~!!!! so good!!!!
Saif Ur Rahman
Saif Ur Rahman - 9 years ago
You're right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. Listen to this do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. have a look here bit.ly/145BTmE?=ocqqb
TheMasterMief - 9 years ago
Antonius vd Klis
Antonius vd Klis - 9 years ago
To many and to different. You are rigth
nononomome - 9 years ago
yea something isnt right about the fish. so many of them, too many different species
Martin Seeger
Martin Seeger - 9 years ago
This is sooo beautyful.... a fan
ZinoO ThaCrow
ZinoO ThaCrow - 9 years ago
respect à Mrs Amano, mais tous se travail pour voir un aquarium d'un tel volume !!!!faut arrêter, avec toute un staff et jouer la précision dans l'harmonie du décor, le respect des proportion (bibi et baba) et voir à la fin une soupe de poisson....le boss de l'aquascaping il y a 10ans wi wi mais en se qu'il est du biotope spécifique à désirer.... Biznesssss
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 9 years ago
i bet those fish breed like crazy in that tank
WJ Cooke
WJ Cooke - 9 years ago
So much fail. Sit down smart ass
Vincent Martin
Vincent Martin - 9 years ago
i feel like im watching an illegal japanese movie
jrob9inson - 9 years ago
I need some java fern from these guys. It was like a patch of sod. Nice!
jrob9inson - 9 years ago
The driftwood looks fantastic.
loperano jaen
loperano jaen - 9 years ago
impresionante!!! buen trabajo
denismalys66 - 9 years ago
Nice Job!
TMarcusify - 9 years ago
Wow, takashi amano stands there LIKEABOSS.
Darren Arnett
Darren Arnett - 9 years ago
Best tank I've seen in a long time. great job
HigherPlanes - 9 years ago
I think the thickness of the acrylic is bigger than my fish tank lol
1989SPT - 9 years ago
DisFunkShonCity - 9 years ago
Can you imagine if an ALGAE boom happened in the tank.... ha goodluckkk.
J N - 9 years ago
the fruits of labor
dvprk - 9 years ago
what is ending song?
patomato p
patomato p - 9 years ago
spongebob squarepants is the biologic filter of this aquarium.....ahahah :)
Esraa Alim
Esraa Alim - 9 years ago
u're right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. Listen to this I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now : bit.ly/10iCijp?=osasb
pikefisher1000 - 9 years ago
very nice good job :)
Indossc7 - 9 years ago
Now that is a fucking fish tank damn
Theresa - 9 years ago
11542 L O_O
Lenin Perez
Lenin Perez - 9 years ago
guuua sencillamente sorprendente magnifico
andres galvis
andres galvis - 9 years ago
Nicole schuhmacher
Nicole schuhmacher - 9 years ago
Tima - 9 years ago
People don't understand, japanese culture. He's not being an asshole, he's doing his job by sharing his years of experience with his apprentice. In Japan apprenticeship is like college, you perfect your craft in the job you want to do, this takes longer than college. To become a full fledge master (shokunin) it take 10 to 15 years. Now you tell me if he's an asshole, he's a master, teaching his students.
MrKzug - 9 years ago
I think I saw a fish drive a Ferrari
Vv hese
Vv hese - 9 years ago
awesome work..very professional..
oğuzhan metin
oğuzhan metin - 9 years ago
helal leeen.
Aidenlover1030 - 9 years ago
I guess you dont understand how hard it is to do this right.
Angel Castaneda
Angel Castaneda - 9 years ago
aren't those lights over 1K each? there's like 14...
ruvan coetzee
ruvan coetzee - 9 years ago
Ill love a tank like that wow dream job to wow one day wen a have lots of monny
KING - 9 years ago
Why so small
SabrinasTVTube - 9 years ago
Wow he knows what he's talking about...flow looks good when installing the driftwood...life size aquarium!! Who wouldn't want this in there house?!
ashy waters
ashy waters - 9 years ago
awesosme vid and my dream job
Dariusz Latocha
Dariusz Latocha - 9 years ago
Takashi weź się do roboty a nie tylko rozkazujesz :)
Jay M
Jay M - 9 years ago
Well he's probably got a lot of money involved in this. I would be too!
alan spurlock
alan spurlock - 9 years ago
ok, i get it. i'll move the pipe already.
The Gun Guys
The Gun Guys - 9 years ago
RicksReefs - 10 years ago
He is also the worlds greatest assassin.
johnny_blz - 10 years ago
it looks like a pain in the ass to work for this guy...you can tell by the look on their faces...
alexVeniegas808 - 10 years ago
yeah it does.. he's a fucking boss!!!! you have a 5 gallon your mom gave you.
AllAlaskan907 - 10 years ago
That still doesnt give some one the right to be an asshole.
alexVeniegas808 - 10 years ago
let me know when you are the best in the world at something... see what your attitude is like
Lumisatmi - 10 years ago
Microsorum, Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Bolbitis... How exactly is any of it Amazonian? :D
あざいながまさ - 10 years ago
TheJeding - 10 years ago
The fish must be blessed to get such an aquarium.
Mihai Ursescu
Mihai Ursescu - 10 years ago
its acrylic...but in my opinion a bad selection of fish...
Daniel Suski
Daniel Suski - 10 years ago
vmaxpdg - 10 years ago
OOW. A very nice layout. But, put in the aquarium barbus and melanotaenias? This has nothing to do with an Amazonian layout.
Güven Soylu
Güven Soylu - 10 years ago
the water is not too turbid
borhanus - 10 years ago
i would rather keep a indoor swimming pool
MidnightMarrow - 10 years ago
I didn't think so he is just micromanaging his crew.
WING - 10 years ago
with a tank that big and not a variety of SA Cichlids?? WTF
Leif Churchill
Leif Churchill - 10 years ago
Dear Santa.........
cALiP12INC394 - 10 years ago
im going to get one as well when i win the lotto lol
Leif Churchill
Leif Churchill - 10 years ago
I. WANT. ONE. !!!!!!!!!!!
visualkeirockstar - 10 years ago
i was hoping to see some big fish in there
Gavin Griffiths
Gavin Griffiths - 10 years ago
Beautiful end result
Fulan Perez
Fulan Perez - 10 years ago
being a perfectionist can definitely be achieved without being an asshole to your employees :) anyway, great tank ...an art indeed it is
R Dog
R Dog - 10 years ago
That guy is a true leader who knows what he wants... Not, he really is a dick who has to much loot to swing around .. I have met many guy's like him.. thats what being rich feels like lol just my 2 cents
BezwaldoLFC - 10 years ago
In England, people who set up and strive to have great aquariums are considered as geeks! In Japan it is considered an art! The better the aquarium, the greater you are to other people...
Arne Ambrosius
Arne Ambrosius - 10 years ago
I like the setup, but i think there are to many different fishes, i would have taken only one ore two species...
Дима Лазарев
Дима Лазарев - 10 years ago
henki tan
henki tan - 10 years ago
Drakocerberus Äther
Drakocerberus Äther - 10 years ago
los peces deberían ser de especies mas grandes,se hubiera visto mas impresionante, pero es un gran trabajo
Mr.Bond. - 10 years ago
Well, look at the result 22:51
niezjawa84 - 10 years ago
Lee Tube
Lee Tube - 10 years ago
Good to be the boss. Sit and tell people what to do.
thatmichael100 - 10 years ago
Allllllllll that work and it looks like shit
Agung Rani
Agung Rani - 10 years ago
I think he fish is too much
Mikaël Yang
Mikaël Yang - 10 years ago
Does anyone know the song at the end (21:50) ?
Karl Joshua Hutagaol
Karl Joshua Hutagaol - 10 years ago
kaya amat ni orang wkwk
Alex Shneer
Alex Shneer - 10 years ago
i wonder how u trim the plants in there... going in scuba diving?
flightoftheunknown - 10 years ago
When I win the powerball lottery I'm gonna give this guy a call about my aquarium needs.
Chris Farem
Chris Farem - 10 years ago
so rich
William Henzler
William Henzler - 10 years ago
So beautiful. :'D
Jeff G
Jeff G - 10 years ago
I never said I was hardcore. You are the one acting like tough shit saying you would shoot me with a gun that you probably dont even have. Please get a life faggot.
SCASM101 - 10 years ago
yes of course sir, clearly that is what i am. go shoot people with plastic bbs and feel hardcore
Jeff G
Jeff G - 10 years ago
you are so sad.. You follow my comments to other videos to insult me with only "fag.." Clearly you are a sorry ass pussy that has no respect nor intelligence. Please do us all a favor and lock yourself in a cellar that cant be opened. You have no use in society...Troll harder bf3 fag
SCASM101 - 10 years ago
lol fag
Jeff G
Jeff G - 10 years ago
it looks nice but i feel like the center is a bit too open. May its just me
1234567890nam - 10 years ago
Aqua scraping is an art. And one day I would master it
MrJimaz - 10 years ago
That tank is so cool.
Ochibason - 10 years ago
sogun888 - 10 years ago
for greenlook after seting mix with wasabi...hahaha
bumbasticco - 10 years ago
Name of the plants after wabikusa... crypt balansae? then pontederifolia?
TheTrystar - 10 years ago
Im a big fan of master TAKASHI AMANO!
TheTrystar - 10 years ago
This is awsome, ty for uploading
JamesBond Angel
JamesBond Angel - 10 years ago
sepertinya gua harus nyemplung ke aquarium sambil guling2 dan bilang : Woooowwww...!!!
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 10 years ago
Oh well just lost interest in Scuba Diving -
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 10 years ago
Oh well- half the zoos around the world are gonna be scrambling for survival and a niche market share.
khaled perfectoo
khaled perfectoo - 10 years ago
it needs bigger fish
Pure4Kicks - 10 years ago
Luckiest fish in the world.
Pure4Kicks - 10 years ago
Can you guys just hire me and fly me and my family out ;)
Pure4Kicks - 10 years ago
I want to visit this place I know there is some other epic tanks in the same building. O please fish gods make it able for me to go to this epic place.
ceecrb1 - 10 years ago
He may be great at what he does.. by my god he seems like hes hard to work with.. Ok you've seen a problem, told them to fix it.. move on.. dont keep going on and on about it just making them feel small!
FareezLovesMe - 10 years ago
I think because for Takashi Amano, bigger fish will distract the attention away from the overall aesthetics of the layout. But I do agree with you, several large fish would have been beautiful as well.
Kong Lee
Kong Lee - 10 years ago
....the only disappointment to me was the small fish choice. I would have put in some Flagtail Prochilodus. My opinion only. Tank is amazingly big and Beautiful!
MrMATAMOSKAS - 10 years ago
Japan is different
lee adams
lee adams - 10 years ago
this is sick dude
tommy v
tommy v - 10 years ago
WOW !! talk about fish paradise !!!
Don Korlione
Don Korlione - 10 years ago
needed some bigger fish
Davi Fernandes
Davi Fernandes - 10 years ago
Não quero morrer, sem antes conhecer essas lindas obras de arte
PaleoClipper - 10 years ago
Making a 75gal version of this for my Oscar and catfish!
paulo roberto Gomes
paulo roberto Gomes - 10 years ago
lindo , parabens!!!!
bdarnell1966 - 10 years ago
He is the king of the planted tank.
Filo011 - 10 years ago
yah my catfish in my other tank don't dig up much but louchs go crazy and dig up everything, i want some to eat my snail population
dragonrage122 - 10 years ago
smaller plants yes, but even my six inch catfish can't dig up the root systems of anubias.
nawaaz nosimohamed
nawaaz nosimohamed - 10 years ago
good job....
Filo011 - 10 years ago
i though louchs dig up plants, i can see more then a few louchs swimming around :D
Filo011 - 10 years ago
if only i could get wabikusa like that!! man scaping would be alot better :D
skutman1 - 10 years ago
Coś pięknego gratulacje,chętnie by sie na zywo to zobaczyło na pewno wygląda to przepięknie:)
s.tath - 10 years ago
very beautiful,i just love ur work sir.
SwhompMonsta - 10 years ago
amano kind oooooooof an asshole lol but dam can he turn a large empty glass tank into a work of art.
crankyboiy - 10 years ago
that guy is serious. sucks to be the staffs
jamie brazier
jamie brazier - 10 years ago
thats a big fucking tank it belongs in my living room
neo neo
neo neo - 10 years ago
Probably she is having a flu or cough, and doesn't want to spread to the rest. It is very common in Japan and Taiwan. civic- mindedness
Tigeragion - 10 years ago
Imagine how long it would take if you doing this alone!
mystic432101 - 10 years ago
This is not his personal aquarium. They are tanks designed by him at the Sumida Aquarium.
MrHurpadur - 10 years ago
Super AIDS.
dennis gross
dennis gross - 10 years ago
probably all that pollution in Asia...
BlackMetalHeart85 - 10 years ago
??? WTF??? This tank were set up with an huge driftwood and Altum Scalare!!! Why another setup?
Deborah Armstrong
Deborah Armstrong - 10 years ago
Amano-san, that piece of driftwood looked just like a diving shark! Perhaps that was what bothered you?
Milyarda Shadaika
Milyarda Shadaika - 10 years ago
brewek.....sue tenan
Lisa Foster
Lisa Foster - 10 years ago
Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
Lisa Foster
Lisa Foster - 10 years ago
Artistically, Amano's a lot like me XD Can't say i have the technical knowledge, but imbalance drives me nuts.
sharkl11 - 10 years ago
They gotta make a Documentary on this guy and the hobby.
russell lane
russell lane - 10 years ago
stunningly beautiful. The man is a genius.
Harry Druid
Harry Druid - 10 years ago
Ignacio Nacho
Ignacio Nacho - 6 years ago
kknn.km..iknn.k.k.mjlhkn.oknjnnnkjnnknjj.n.onnk.knmn. .o.nknnkn. m.o.o.n.kvkiijnnn.kkbkk.nn. kn.. knjnkvjkkkkknknknlkinl..mhnknjnknjkn.
njw1383 - 10 years ago
The size of that tank!! It's massive. Wish I had room for something that size that would be awesome! I've subbed to your channel. Hope you can sub me back
TheRossiboy - 10 years ago
It's great to see Takashi and the team at work, there is a lot of attention to detail!
Altered States
Altered States - 10 years ago
That geisha is cute, where can i buy one from?
scotty kei
scotty kei - 5 years ago
Some of viewers who have poor mind are very jealous to Japanese skills,then I know they poverty disable to create any things. Me from Japan.
陈凌 - 5 years ago
陈凌 - 5 years ago

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Decorating my goldfish aquarium - GOLDFISH...

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How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! Aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done...


The "TAKASHI AMANO × SUMIDA AQUARIUM Vol.3" video is part of the freshwater, aquascaping category, which contains similar videos like this one.

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