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Kevin Christ
Kevin Christ - 5 years ago
How do you clean this without spreading sand everywhere and disrupting the plant bed? Can you post a video of cleaning?
scott marlowe
scott marlowe - 6 years ago
What's the guy's name and number that set this up for you? Does he have a "how to" on YouTube for this?
Dean Collins
Dean Collins - 6 years ago
Hello again please could pick a card send me a reply please would be greatful
pick a card
pick a card - 7 years ago
as most on here, will show the tank, but not explain how its constructed, either they got some 1 else to do it, or bought it like that... 1st need to do a lot of playing about. Air pump is a biggie, more power lph the better, or will not pick up with airstone, also sand, too fine will blow over tank, too heavy will not lift, all trial and error. Unfortunately wife threw the bag out I used, white silica sand. I went for the powerhead setup instead. no matter how high u want the fall, no noise from pump no bubbles, way more natural. works on a venture system. 1 1/2 " piping, with a 1000lph powerhead / pump. Get a 6" spread. Bigger the intake hole the more sand. I am currently building a 3d b`ground. Will do a video on step by step guide..
Alexander Lipkovich
Alexander Lipkovich - 8 years ago
What about using fluorescent sand and UV led illumination?
MrRookie714 - 8 years ago
I've been to a lot of places and
Have been having hard time finding 1mm sand, since a lot of places don't go by "MM"
But go by numbers.
Do u know a brand/name that
Would help me?
MrRookie714 - 8 years ago
What's the grain of the sand?
Sakthivel Ganesan
Sakthivel Ganesan - 8 years ago
They recommend about 1mm sand. I guess any finer sand will cloud up..
leann lewis
leann lewis - 8 years ago
I don't suppose you could tell us about this? Or maybe you have a 'how I did this' video to share? This is a beautiful tank.
kevin bailey
kevin bailey - 8 years ago
Beautiful tank!

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Ty Adam
Ty Adam - 8 years ago
what kind of sand did you use?
michael brorby
michael brorby - 8 years ago
is the rock made out of syrafome or is it real rock
steelerdude4444 - 9 years ago
Incredible tank, would be much appreciated to get some advice on how to get my tank looking anywhere as good as yours
Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson - 9 years ago
How do you get your tank looking so awesome? you have to do a explanation video dude, not just for the waterfall but for everything else lol. 
Evelyn Lee Barney
Evelyn Lee Barney - 9 years ago
Very pretty - so glad the maintenance is someone else's job!
Allison LiBengood
Allison LiBengood - 9 years ago
Design - 9 years ago
Definitely cool!
Justin Fuller
Justin Fuller - 9 years ago
do you have to scoop the sand out and refill it or do you have some kind of auto feeder set up
Phong Le
Phong Le - 9 years ago
it is a endless, he has suction created by a airstone that pulls the sand from the bottom and brings it to the top.
ShortShit - 9 years ago
One of my friend has the same "waterfall" and I helped put it together :)
Roman Crisologo
Roman Crisologo - 9 years ago
Yeah it's sand but you know how to that?

20. comment for under water waterfall aquascape

Roman Crisologo
Roman Crisologo - 9 years ago
Yeah it's sand but you know how to that?
xEn0pH0Be1 - 9 years ago
what a creative idea =D COOL
crazedangrybird347 - 9 years ago
Mark Easton is rubbish. Please delete him.
jjtorres25 - 9 years ago
Love the set up amazing work.f@#$ what n.e one thinks.one of my favorite planted tanks.I want to try something similar in a outdoor aquarium
Eviee Sohma
Eviee Sohma - 9 years ago
Matt Jones
Matt Jones - 9 years ago
Nice set up, people we know its sand, if you think its water fall in water your dumb, its sand so what its cool,
splashface91 - 9 years ago
can u do a video on how to make it
ShortShit - 9 years ago
Its white sand, it can fool a lot of people, look closely you can see that its just sand
Abby S.
Abby S. - 9 years ago
Mark Easton... how... how... no... why...
unknown artist
unknown artist - 9 years ago
you have a beautiful fish tank

30. comment for under water waterfall aquascape

Nabil Raziq
Nabil Raziq - 9 years ago
how can it happen n how do you do it
glstoddard88 - 9 years ago
no one has answered you yet so... usually you use an air-stone and it creates the suction to draw the sand up and then the sand is dropped down for it to draw up again. You can google underwater waterfall and find lots of examples of how people made theirs. I have heard it is stressful on the fish so take that into consideration and research it for yourself some.
Mark Easton
Mark Easton - 9 years ago
This is rubbish, please delete this video off Youtube.
Christopher S.
Christopher S. - 9 years ago
Wonderful aquascape
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell - 9 years ago
The water is sand
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell - 9 years ago
This is a tank... it's human made...
ivan drago
ivan drago - 9 years ago
god created it
Nico Hernandez
Nico Hernandez - 9 years ago
Awsome! How?
jeremy cabot
jeremy cabot - 9 years ago
How did you build the waterfall? That crazy
jeremy cabot
jeremy cabot - 9 years ago
How in yh
JumboDS64 - 9 years ago
Ooooo... pretty.
Vũ Đình Vinh
Vũ Đình Vinh - 9 years ago
Thanks :)
James Hazlewood
James Hazlewood - 9 years ago
At first glance, i thought they were Harlequin Rasbora, but then i realized they were Hengels Rasbora, the lone blue and red fish is a Cardinal Tetra, which are usually kept in schools as well. That tank is awesome
Vũ Đình Vinh
Vũ Đình Vinh - 9 years ago
What's fish name? Thanks :)
orange crushz28
orange crushz28 - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank
Jamaal Christopher
Jamaal Christopher - 9 years ago
How did you get your tank to look like that? I must know.
Fred Chompy
Fred Chompy - 10 years ago
i must know more
Speedy G4Y
Speedy G4Y - 10 years ago
that is a fantastic looking tank :)
irfan aquascape
irfan aquascape - 10 years ago
curi ilmunya ah hahahaa
Pandu Noortyas
Pandu Noortyas - 10 years ago
keren lop!!!

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