5 Things You've Heard about Betta Fish That AREN'T True

I recorded this a few days ago but finally got around to editing it! 5 common things you will hear or may have already heard about betta fish. Making a video in the future about the basics to betta fish care and how to attempt a community tank with your betta! Thank you for watching! Hopefully I'll be getting a better camera here soon.

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I recorded this a few days ago but finally got around to editing it! 5 common things you will hear or may have already heard about betta fish. Making a video in the future about the basics to betta fish care and how to attempt a community tank with your betta! Thank you for watching! Hopefully I'll be getting a better camera here soon.

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Dan Moybler
Dan Moybler - 4 years ago
love this channel
fearlesism - 4 years ago
Better fish are not good Hydroponic fish like Goldfish. I did this project at home.
Peeble Kitty
Peeble Kitty - 4 years ago
"Betta fish like dirty water"
I lost a betta fish to that...
RIP Cumulus
Mackenzie Simmons
Mackenzie Simmons - 4 years ago
I had a black gold fish that lived for 8 years his name was bug eye
Jaxson Row
Jaxson Row - 4 years ago
My betta is in a 5.6 gallon and I’ve had him for 1 year
Glitter and Galaxy
Glitter and Galaxy - 4 years ago
I know another fact I don’t know if it’s a fact everyone know but it’s that they like when you tap on their tank. Most fish HATE when you tap on their tank, especially bettas
Parker Rozek
Parker Rozek - 4 years ago
I have only heard of the 5th one
Amy K
Amy K - 4 years ago
One thing that is irritating is how people pronounce this word BETTA incorrectly. It is not bay-tah. It is BET-TA. Bay-tah is a VHS video. Bet-ta is a fish. I can not believe with all the access to pronounciation so many people pronounce it wrong still.
Chrystina Lammers
Chrystina Lammers - 4 years ago
Great info. Thanks for posting. I work at a pet store too and it just astounds me what people believe. Luckily I can refuse to sell animals including fish to people if I don't think they'll take care of them. I've had to explain all that a million times. Gold fish too. People want to put them in tiny bowls or add them to a tropical fish tank. They also think goldfish live only a year or less. Well that is correct if you keep them in a bowl they can barely turn around in and never clean it. The one thing I'd mention (although I guess this would be more for experienced owners.) Females CAN be kept in groups called sororities. They have to have the proper space and enough hides etc and not all females will get along but I have 3 girls together and they don't fight. There is one dominant one and she keeps the other two in line but there is no fighting and they will actually school. It CAN be done but shouldn't be tried if someone has little to no experience.

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Harlee Romo
Harlee Romo - 4 years ago
My betta, Lucky, lived for 6 years. I cried when he died
Harlee Romo
Harlee Romo - 4 years ago
Before anyone asks, he lived in a 2 gallon tank, fed every day, and was taken care of properly
Taylor Hutchins
Taylor Hutchins - 4 years ago
After watching this I felt so bad, I had my betta in a 1 gallon fish bowl and after watching this for the first time I got a 5 gallon tank for him and now he is more happy, thx for the tips you have helped me a lot!
Isi Browne
Isi Browne - 4 years ago
We got our last beta from a Walmart where it was swimming in a small cup with another dead beta and green water. We scooped up the beta and dumped out the water and refilled the cup and bought it. We cleaned his tank every week and he lived for three years.
Zephyr - 4 years ago
Hell get a ten gallon from wall-mart they are only 10 to 11 dollars!. Youll have to buy a filter but still.. cheap
Menac Guns
Menac Guns - 4 years ago
I got 5 male betta in on tank and 10female they doing fine now..but most of there fin snitch by other fish so I am trying to figure out which species is causing trouble
CherokeeMaiden81 - 4 years ago
Am I the only person who gets annoyed by it being pronounced bAta? It's betta (bet - uh), Like saying "better" with an accent. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/betta?s=t Click the sound button. Not trying to be mean, this is just one of those things that annoys the crap out of me.
Lolzshyanne - 4 years ago
I got my Betta is November of 2013, he lived in 3.5 gallon tank but recently I moved him to a 1.5 gallon tank cause he was having a hard time swimming to the top for air and looking for his food.
Weirdo 101
Weirdo 101 - 4 years ago
This video make me feel sad bc my beta fish was in a 10 gallon tank but one day.......my cat used her claws to take her out and the fish sides bc cookie(beta fish) died she didn’t have water
Jailee Ahlf
Jailee Ahlf - 4 years ago
Now i feel bad about my old betta he was in a vase
Sebastian Chavez
Sebastian Chavez - 4 years ago

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Hiraeth - 4 years ago
Not to mention that many of the pet stores I've been to advertise them as "live decor". Not living, breathing animals. Live decor.

It's no wonder why many people don't know/care about the quality of their lives.
Dream Dog, Bendy's girlfriend
Dream Dog, Bendy's girlfriend - 4 years ago
I've had my betta fish for 4 years it's still living today cuz I kept it inside a ginormous tank with lots of food and lots of room for it to swim around well not lots of food I mean like I feed it everyday
Sky Wolves
Sky Wolves - 4 years ago
So I was thinking about getting beta fish,
But the person who worked at my pet store said "Well- Um Beta fish can be aggressive towards each other- So i recommend you getting at least-One."
And I faced the tiny cups of water with one beta fish- And i thought. "Then why aren't they aggressive- They are so close to each other."- So I am like- "Are you sure, Like can't you try to at least put one with one-..-I really don't know what you mean?-"
And don't get me started on how Walmart treat there beta fish- They have them in very small cups- That are dirty, that have there waste, and it looks like there tails are rotting or mouths.
There was woman looking at them, and said "They all look sick, I'd rather not buy them from here if i were you-."
So we ended up not getting any.
So yeah- This all happened in like one day and i was very upset.
Kathy Koss
Kathy Koss - 4 years ago
Growing up my sister and I were allowed one beta fish each. Our parents were pretty tight money wise and we lived 3 hrs from any decent sized pet store. Due to the harsh water conditions of where I live and the fact that we had to haul drinkable water from a hours drive away, we were only allowed a gallon of water per month each for our fish. So we has these big old glass gallon flour jars with a little Baggie of rocks in the bottom. We were broke children so the only decor for our poor fish were shells or cleaned marbles. The record longest to live in that was 5 years. His name was laser. He probably lasted that long because I was a teenager then and kept up better on routine cleaning.

When I moved out and became my own adult, I saved up for this little used 3 gallon aquarium. It didn't go well due to my inexperience and some bad advice from the pet store. But my second aquarium and attempt has gone great. I did better research and selection this time.4 healthy little fish, variety of cover, and only one death in almost a year. I hope to do a big corner aquarium someday.
Lace The Fishy
Lace The Fishy - 4 years ago
Can you help me.. I love my betta lace and I don't think my mum will buy a tank, I have a bowl and I don't know what the hell to do

Edit: I do have the money for one probably but I still don't think she will.. Let me
Maddie Field
Maddie Field - 4 years ago
Well now I know why my betta fish died
Life_as_tiffany - 4 years ago
I own betta fish for a very long time and I've been able to put more then one betta in a tank and they do absolutely perfectly fine ,( boy and girl) but also it probably depends on the Betta's personally because not every fish is the same
Julia Lusky
Julia Lusky - 4 years ago
Who’s watching in 2018? (Nearly...-2017.12.3
Edward Miguel
Edward Miguel - 4 years ago
Research?? Lol you ARE my research lol
Kristen Moody
Kristen Moody - 4 years ago
I love this video! I have my Betta in a ten-gallon community tank and he LOVES swimming. He’s constantly swimming all over his tank and it makes me so sad to think of all the bettas living in tiny little cups

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Haily Cole
Haily Cole - 4 years ago
Now I totally know how my Beta died.
Zen Betta
Zen Betta - 4 years ago
Travel to Southeast Asia see if you find any creeks in the rice paddies. Still cute explanations.
Zen Betta
Zen Betta - 4 years ago
The daily Funtime dogs
The daily Funtime dogs - 4 years ago
I have three betta fishes and they live in a tiny box tank it's not that tiny it's small and 1 is 1 years old and the other one is one months and the third one is 10 months I might get a 4th beta
The daily Funtime dogs
The daily Funtime dogs - 4 years ago
Walmart put betta fishes on the Shelf and where they clean the cups so rude at Walmart and poor betas
The daily Funtime dogs
The daily Funtime dogs - 4 years ago
I have three betta fishes and they live in like little box tanks one has one years old one is 1 months and the other one is 10 months that's amazing leave a like if you have three fishes or more
axe bodyspray
axe bodyspray - 4 years ago
Is a 1.5 gallon to small please answer
Gracie Wolf
Gracie Wolf - 4 years ago
This video made me realize why my beta fish died so fast. My dad never changed the water. I was 5 so I couldn’t exactly do that.
trans teen
trans teen - 4 years ago
Betta fish don't need filters tho like you can keep them in a 5 gallon bowl just fine
Madeleine Steidler
Madeleine Steidler - 4 years ago
Are you sure they only live 2 to 4 years? I had one that was 5 when he died.
Joy Salsberry
Joy Salsberry - 4 years ago
I have a betta and I keep it in a 50 gallon tank and he is the happiest and most social fish I have ever had we got him at a pet store that I’m going to call pet shmo and the guy at the register said bettas live in muddy puddles and right away I new that fish can’t survive in a puddle so from that point forward I never trusted pet shmo again also both of my snails that I have had for a long time just died
KinGzY_nM - 4 years ago
I had 2 septet as in one died then we got a new one it was sad but the bowl you showed on the screen was the one I had
TinyShy Feather
TinyShy Feather - 4 years ago
Hey, great video. I am gonna go get a Betta fish soon and I wanna know what size of tank to get. Hearing the word in gallons is really hard.
AngelEllie 122
AngelEllie 122 - 4 years ago
What tank is that?
Oliver Kash
Oliver Kash - 4 years ago
Female beta fish love living together and even though they are aggressive doesn't mean you cant house them together...they are aggresive in different ways all but work together...even though they are aggressive its not to the point where they will kill each other...please do your reserve and try something before you make statements and post them all over youtube
Lucymineplay 101
Lucymineplay 101 - 4 years ago
"Bettas actually enjoy moving" this is why i love you Taylor.
Lucymineplay 101
Lucymineplay 101 - 4 years ago
omg you're so bootiful
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines - 4 years ago
I had a friend who kept a beta in the cup they bought it in and.......... two days later it died and it was odd because when they bring in a beta they barely feed it much so they starve and my friend didn’t feed it much and he made the container air tight so it suffocated because and I watched it died
My life with pets s
My life with pets s - 4 years ago
Omg she hit 1 million! Taylor !!!
Bert M
Bert M - 4 years ago
Great video. I don't think I could work in a pet shop. I'd refuse to sell any animal that I thought was going to have a miserable life. Simply surviving is not good enough.

50. comment for 5 Things You've Heard about Betta Fish That AREN'T True

Serenity - 4 years ago
Great video!
adventure kids
adventure kids - 4 years ago
Can you put a goldfish with a beta? My brother wants one of each for Christmas and we can’t afford to spend too much for two tanks.
EAZY - 4 years ago
my mom had a betta....jfc now i know why she died
Dawn Miskar
Dawn Miskar - 4 years ago
I love your video. Our Bettas always have at least a 5 gallon heated, filtered tank. I was just kind of bothered by the "little things like fish" comment. To the fish, they are not "little things". I own expensive Flowerhorns to rescued feeder Goldfish. I give them all the same respect and its the same respect I give my dog. Like I said, your video is a very good guide to Betts care and I believe you love fish as much as I do but certain language makes people think that fish lives don't mean as much as dogs or cats but to that fish, their lives are just as important.

In the end, your guides are great and I hope a lot of people follow your expectations for fish care.
Annalie Strong
Annalie Strong - 4 years ago
i had a beta fish that lived for 5 years and sadly died 2 weeks ago
WolfyWendigo -
WolfyWendigo - - 4 years ago
wtf i hate the lifespan myth! mine lived for 6 years!
jello shark
jello shark - 4 years ago
r.i.p mango :’(
The Shrinking Vegan
The Shrinking Vegan - 4 years ago
I used to work in a pet store that had a tropical fish section, and I would run from the other side of the store when I would hear a co-worker try to sell a beta fish and a teeny bowl... gah... my mom taught me from early on that in order for bettas to be happy, it needs at least a 10 gallon, slow current tank with a lot of hiding space... like your tank, actually.
Rina128 AJ
Rina128 AJ - 4 years ago
When I was young, I had a beta fish. It was in a good tank size, and it had a filter and a bubbler. One day, I thought it wasn't eating so I put loads of food in its tank. I didn't know what tail rot was, but it did get it. My dad tried to heal it, but it sadly passed away. Now I know what tail rot is, but I do know it is in a better place now.
imtoogayforthis - 4 years ago
When I was 4 or 5, I had a beta fish in a regular small fish bowl. Then one day, we got a goldfish at a carnival. So, we brought it home and place him in the fish bowl. The next day, we went to my grandfather's for dinner and when we came back the gold fish was on the ground and the beta fish happily swimming in circles. My poor goldfish commited suicide. So yeah, that was great.
Sarah Hadley
Sarah Hadley - 4 years ago
The fourth one is totally wrong I have one of my betas for a year
Jgezz - 4 years ago
Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith - 4 years ago
My bettas lived for a long time I can't even remember I have 3 bettas. And I have 4 goldfish in a separate tank and the bettas are all in separate tanks and my sister had one that likes to jump a lot and we have to put a lid over it with holes and she died because she couldn't breathe R.I.P Luna. We miss you please like this comment. Can I get 150 likes please. And my 2 baby bettas are in small tanks but they like it. When they get bigger we will move them into 250 gallon tank and get 3 250 gallon tank for all of them. P.S. I have a Channel called Smith family tube watch the summer drink please.
Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis - 4 years ago
Finally someone who knows what they're talking about lol
Karla Torres
Karla Torres - 4 years ago
My beta fish died because of the myth of you don't have to clean their tank cause that's what they said
Rebecca Ericson
Rebecca Ericson - 4 years ago
How can you teach people things when Fluval has a video that specifically says that YES, you CAN purchase a 1/2 gallon - 1 gallon of water.  I've been posting things on Fluval saying that it's not a good idea to do so.  I don't think they appreciate it.  Oh well, I'm sure the fish don't appreciate it either.
T1NKS R3VI3WS - 4 years ago
im new to fish. havent bought any yet. im wanting to get a betta as well as the glo fish. is it possible to have them in the same tank?
xgracefulsimmerx - 4 years ago
my beta is so funny, he watches tv hes like a dog like my guppies
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown - 4 years ago
Can I put guppies with my betta?
Wyvern Mom Cherche
Wyvern Mom Cherche - 4 years ago
I wouldn’t do it. Betta’s can confuse long guppy fins for another male betta and kill them. You could try bottom swimming fish like cory cats or fast fish with short fins like tetras. You might need a bigger tank to keep all of them though.
Delaney Talbott
Delaney Talbott - 4 years ago
I have never heard any of these but I would never believe any of these. I also had a beta fish but he had a pretty big like 5-10 gallon tank and he lived for 3 years and was very healthy and happy. Thank you so much for mentioning these myths!
Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson - 4 years ago
I️ have a male betta that I️ adopted from my friend who moved. He had the fish for 3 years and he’s almost 4 years old now and if very healthy!
sleepywhiskers - 4 years ago
Can you do a goldfish video? I won a goldfish from a carnival and kept it in 5 gallon tank with a filter and some fake plants. It has lived for 5 years now and I’m so happy.
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck - 4 years ago
I'm glad that betas live 2-4 years because mine usually live for 2 or three years.
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker - 4 years ago
Please make a reaction to Nikki getting a fish or responding to haters on the video. She drives me insane and is abusing her fish.
Juan Cervantes
Juan Cervantes - 4 years ago
Thank u
Audrey Hall
Audrey Hall - 4 years ago
I have a blue Betts and I love him and he is pretty and he is 8 month's old and I clean his tank every 2 weeks and I love him
TMT 50
TMT 50 - 4 years ago
I just got my betta today!!! But I have him in a half a gallon tank with another betta, they are separated tho!! Do you think I should get a bigger tank?
Nora The unicorn
Nora The unicorn - 4 years ago
My beta fish is over 2 years old and is living a very happy life
Nadeem Shaikh
Nadeem Shaikh - 4 years ago
she is soo beautiful
Janes Ratherson
Janes Ratherson - 4 years ago
A lot of people...
Stan Talent Stan DGNA
Stan Talent Stan DGNA - 4 years ago
Why would anyone leave a beta fish in a little cup for its entire life? :/
Veronica Greene
Veronica Greene - 4 years ago
I have a male veil tail in a 3 gallon tank. I’ve had him for about 2 months now. He has a tetra filter and I do partial water changes every week. For some reason, he’s become more lethargic and spends a lot of time laying on the bottom of the tank. He’s started developing a weird substance on him and has some tail rot. I went to the pet store which recommended bettafix, but he hasn’t gotten better. What can I do to help him? I keep seeing conflicting information. He’s been this way for about two weeks now, and is only becoming more lethargic. He has a heater and the substance doesn’t look like ick.
Natalie Alb
Natalie Alb - 4 years ago
so my i got my betta two weeks ago with swim bladder i brought it home to try to help it. iv fasted him and some things iv read to feed him to make him poop but he wont eat anything but the betta food. iv gotten him antibiotics and aquatic salt but nothing seems to work. anyone have suggestions?
Gloria Mattison
Gloria Mattison - 4 years ago
Oh my gosh, I am so relieved to know that a ten gallon tank is enough for my betta. I feel like I was holding my breath until I heard that.
Cindy Lu Roman
Cindy Lu Roman - 4 years ago
Thanks for this video, I hope it saves some betta lives.... thank you for your time..
Eric - 4 years ago
Can you have a beta fish under a black light?
Jane Doe x
Jane Doe x - 4 years ago
How do people expect someone to be told everything about a species in ten minutes? that sounds kinda stupid....
proplayergamer1 / / pro
proplayergamer1 / / pro - 4 years ago
Do you think a 2 gallon is big enough for a betta.
Dan Spoelder
Dan Spoelder - 4 years ago
You really know your stuff eh and you are so beautiful
Aimee Banovsky
Aimee Banovsky - 4 years ago
LeoBRaquagamesBOSS - 4 years ago
Wow god your aquarium, my from Brazil!!
HFL - 4 years ago
If I don't buy a filter can I do more frequent water changes instead?
HFL - 4 years ago
Also is the beta falls tank good if I do decide to go with a filter
Darius Washington
Darius Washington - 4 years ago
List starts at 1:43.
ChappyRockStick - 4 years ago
I used to have a Betta Fish when i was 4 his name was Ralphy I had him live in a fish bowl I really liked but but sadly he is dead now.
Katelin Ussery
Katelin Ussery - 4 years ago
iv seen videos about female sorority betta tanks, is that a good idea or no, some seem to work out fine
Thethechnoumbreon 007
Thethechnoumbreon 007 - 4 years ago
I gave my beta fish a 20 gallon tank. But he just says at the top and hides in his plant is that normal?? Im worried about him, his name is luna. He is dark blue with light blue on the end of his fins and some red splocts. I love him lots, pelase i need some advice
Bambi_Love041 - 4 years ago
I had 2 male betas they were so done with each other they didn't Evan fight but my research said their Chinese fighting fish and I love that I could put them in the same tank without fights
Ps they died last year
Ruthless Potato Chips
Ruthless Potato Chips - 4 years ago
My betta dish lives in a small decent bowl, but still not that big, but it doesn't really move around ALOT, it still moves but not as much as it use to. Is it old age(I've had her for six months) or is it because of the small bowl? I'm pretty young so I don't have a lot of money and I don't know what to do.
Âyøū Æ
Âyøū Æ - 4 years ago
I have 2 bettas and they r almost 5 years i always check on them if they r still alive
Latias9 - 4 years ago
The kind of people that just buy ANY pet on a whim and don't do detailed research on that animal make me so sad...

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Yusif Cz
Yusif Cz - 4 years ago
You have very shit aquarium. Where is plants ? Where is gravel and other ?
Zoe Gooferret
Zoe Gooferret - 4 years ago
rebecca - 4 years ago
My beta fish story:
So in 5th grade, my science teacher had many fishes and snails. to describe the teacher in little words, she looked like she lived in school and was very cranky and rude. she had at least 5 50 gallon tanks, and some fishbowls. Weirdly the snails were in the tanks and the fish, which were mostly beta fish, were in fish bowls. At the beginning of the year, she had 6 beta fish and at the end of the year, she had 0. One of the fish was not fed and ate 2 fish. And the rest of the fish died because she never cleaned or fed them. I wrote her a letter saying that the fish shouldn't be treated like that and that they deserve a proper home, she literally gave him to me the next day. My betta fish was beautiful and I named him Muvi. He died 1 year and a half later. I tried to care for him and I fed him his favorite meals, cleaned his tank every 2 weeks. I would buy plants for him, but because he was so mistreated before, he died.
RIP Muvi <3
Hello Hannah
Hello Hannah - 4 years ago
I really want to know what lip stick that is, great video. I wish the pet store had this video playing on a loop in front of the fish
Super Misty
Super Misty - 4 years ago
Mine lived for 6 years actually in a 10 gallon tank her name was Dory lol
Gavin - 4 years ago
I was under the impression that betas only needed very small tanks as a kid, and I had a 2 gallon aquarium starter tank. my mom would get me a beta fish claiming it was the perfect size. the longest one lived was 6 months, and the average was 2 months.
I thought it was the water but even after monitoring carefully for changes in quality and hardness my favorite one still died after only half a year.
I'm glad that I know better now but it makes me sad that I never had a chance to give them a good long life.
Arlene Arzate
Arlene Arzate - 4 years ago
hold up I'm reading all types of shit, how many times a day do I feed my betta fish? Also I have a 50 gallon tank and my Betts is the only one that lives in it, can I get more bettas?
Rumer Priestly
Rumer Priestly - 4 years ago
Betta. Bet-ta. Not bay-ta.
nonexistentsky - 4 years ago
Ahh my betta fished lived for 3 years ❤️ I believe I did a good job, I was the only one who ever actually fed him...and cleaned his tank...
Sandip Mazumdar
Sandip Mazumdar - 4 years ago
Can I put my betta fish with my gold fish in 20 gallon tank??
Sandip Mazumdar
Sandip Mazumdar - 4 years ago
You are sooooooo sexy and nice looking as my betta
MidnightWolf 001
MidnightWolf 001 - 4 years ago
Everything you said here is completely true. I recently informed my older brother of these misconceptions after he bought a betta for his son and stuck it in a fish bowl. I'm glad he took my advice since I've kept a lot of betta in my life. I sold him an older 3 gallon tank of mine that I wasn't using, and suggested he get a filter and air bubblier. He thankfully got everything he needed for him and now his betta is really happy.

I once bought the biggest plaket/king that i could find at Petco and took him home. After putting him in the 2.5 as a temporary holding/quarantine tank, he spent his first few minutes swimming in circles. It was sad to see him so confused once he realized he was out of the cup and actually had to bump his nose against each tank side to figure out how big it was. Thankfully, after he got used to that, I set up my empty 10 gallon for him. He was so scared of the huge space at first and hid in the corner, refusing to go through the filters bubbles the next day or so. But, after he got over that with a bit of coaxing of food to travel around the tank, he eventually loved it. His favorite thing to do after that, aside from exploring, was to play in the filter current.

Note: Not all bettas can take the filter current and it does have to be adjusted to their level of swimming to not overpower them. I've had to do that with Vieltails, HMs, and crown-tails, ect. But this guy was the size of a small goldfish, 2 1/2 inches long, and had short fins. So, he was a bit better swimmer then the longer-finned betta. xD
Jessica Gislason
Jessica Gislason - 4 years ago
Btw oddest thing ive ever seen, when i lived in seattle down by golden gardens idk if someone was being a dick or just realized that the tiny fish they bought were gonna get huge cause someone released comet goldfish into a creek / pond along a bike trail....I wasnt sure how to feel about how well those fish did(they did very well!) Either way...Dont release any sort of captive bred animal into the wild fools! Eventually the wildlife control came and removed them but it was interesting watching them grow!
AnniDav LOVE
AnniDav LOVE - 4 years ago
Betta fish fight allot
gutarherostudio - 4 years ago
I’ve got my Betta in my 55 gallon community tank
Quee A
Quee A - 4 years ago
I have the same colored beta fish as you
Bronwynn Frankland
Bronwynn Frankland - 4 years ago
i have a divider in my tank- which is not too small, but not that big- his name is Layzer- he is a half moon- so i can have two in a tank and they wont kill each other- dividers are epic
Mackenzie Gomez
Mackenzie Gomez - 4 years ago
I had a sick betta fish that I got from the pet store in a cup and he had fin rot! Horrible just horrible to keep these poor fish in such terrible conditions. I put him in a nice 10 gallon tank with a heater and filter and a couple live plants and some sand (No I don’t do gravel I hate cleaning that) and his fin rot healed right up! I still have him actually, his name is Jack!
Charlie Sinclair
Charlie Sinclair - 4 years ago
Hey!what fish are in with your betta fish?
J. Josue
J. Josue - 4 years ago
thanks for the info.
Unknown Girl Singing
Unknown Girl Singing - 4 years ago
I'm getting a Betta fish and some other fish today cause at this time I have depression and Betta fish keep me calm so wish me luck bless
Akira Billy
Akira Billy - 4 years ago
I like to slowly increase water flow over weeks to strengthen my bettas.
They will always have a place in the tank to avoid the water flow.
It keeps them active and healthy.
I kept a betta from Wal-Mart for almost seven years.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 4 years ago
Thank you for ecadcating people properly. We need more people like you. I just got a beautiful male betta but I've several in the past and thanks to your video I know how to take better care of him and know what I did wrong with them in the past. Thank you for all your videos.
Lemr dowsett
Lemr dowsett - 4 years ago
I loooove Bettas. I ended up getting so many now I keep and breed them myself. All kept in 20L+ tanks and the longest I've ever had one live was my giant, lived for 14.5 years. Never been able to get that long since but I'm averaging 8 years or so with my guys. All heated, live planted, weekly water changes and a ton of live foods along with their pellets.
And they all have their own little personalities, the best part! :D
Mdemaluca - 4 years ago
I've killed 2 betta fishes. My dad's friend gave them to me when I was 10 or something because they were "easy to take care of". I was so happy, I wanted a huge tank with plants and stuff but my mom was like "I'm not spending my money on that".
So please, pets are not things, don't give them as gifts (unless the person has mentioned that they wanted one).
Natalia Usach
Natalia Usach - 4 years ago
Great video! Thank you!
I_bombhills - 4 years ago
When I was probably 5 or some shit I had mine in a piece of shit plastic tank with a red lid you know the one u get a Walmart he stayed alive for 5 years but I did change the water and feed it I’m not sure how many times I changed the water but Ik I changed it
Celestia Sunlight
Celestia Sunlight - 4 years ago
Yeah people say that bettas are so adaptable that in the wild they live in little muddy pools, that's true but the betta fish you buy at petshmo are bred out of that gene, bettas are merely a decendant of the wild betta fish, so they don't have the ability to adapt they are just bred to be pretty, not to survive.
Danny Robilliard
Danny Robilliard - 4 years ago
Good advice☺️
toribear991 - 4 years ago
I have two Bettas. Both are males. They are currently in a crappy divider tank for bettas. Do you recommend getting each their own desperate tank or getting a 10 gallon and a divider?
Chelsea Hader
Chelsea Hader - 4 years ago
my betta fish has been alive since may, so 8 months, and Zora is super healthy, he is a veitail male and I got the 3 gallon half moon tank by tetra from walmart!
Gabbi Talley
Gabbi Talley - 4 years ago
Hi I love you and I have a question for your how many gallons is cheese in
Shadowtail Valcorin
Shadowtail Valcorin - 4 years ago
I had my female albino beta fish for two years before I accidentally killed her cause our tap water wasn't working right and the water was too warm for her. She had a 5 gallon tank, I think something like that, she was doing beautifully, she probably could have lived a few more years or something, she is now buried by a tree in the front yard with little flowers on her grave.
Theresa Howell
Theresa Howell - 4 years ago
Thanks to you I switched from a tiny bowl to a 5 gallon tank. My betta is almost 3 years old and has never been happier
Natasha Odgers
Natasha Odgers - 4 years ago
I don't really know what I did but I had a beta fish live for 23 years and he lived in a 5 gallon tank, I hope he was happy and he lived nicely.
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez - 4 years ago
i got a betta from walmart i named him Lucky Blue he lived for 3 years and 5 months
Malachi Harris
Malachi Harris - 4 years ago
Neil M
Neil M - 4 years ago
My betta is in a 5 gallon tank with a filter and heater. And he’s been living in that for more than a year!!!
Jess - 4 years ago
If you ever do any videos like this again, you should definitely mention proper feeding procedures for Bettas. I've had my betta, Sparta, for a year and a half and did everything right- except I didn't know how little you were actually supposed to feed them until he developed swim bladder issues. I've done everything from fasting him to medicating his tank but he's seen no improvement. ): (he also refuses to eat anything that isn't his pellets, so peas wont work.)
trudy ella
trudy ella - 4 years ago
Can i actually join all my bettas in a tank ? Its all a male
Mob master gaming 2007
Mob master gaming 2007 - 4 years ago
He live five years I got him because he was in a tank with other male and he was beat up and his fins were ripped up but i nursed him to health
Mob master gaming 2007
Mob master gaming 2007 - 4 years ago
My beta died
Stella Viniowsticsty
Stella Viniowsticsty - 4 years ago
I have a half a gallon tank, and my parents refuse to give me a bigger tank! Please tell me what to do. I'm so sad. Please help me in information;(
Dez Olivas
Dez Olivas - 4 years ago
I’ve never heard of any of these myths
Geraldo Goodridge
Geraldo Goodridge - 4 years ago
I had mine for 2 1/2 years
Aubri ward
Aubri ward - 4 years ago
I had a betta fish for 3 years...Named blueberry
Anna Tomacari
Anna Tomacari - 4 years ago
Great video!
Autumn leafs
Autumn leafs - 4 years ago
I actually own ten males and two females. All my males have five gallons to themselves. And I’m so glad theirs people like you who educate on betas.I’ve heard so many times these myths I’m lucky once I got my lunar, a marbled half moon, I started doing research. And yes I am in love with betas and all my babies get good care. Thanks for educating people and all of us!
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart - 4 years ago
also, I have a question for you, is it okay if you put a little spider plant in the tank after you cleaned the plant, and you take out all the dead parts of the plant??
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart - 4 years ago
When I saw that people thought betta fish only lived for 5 months, I just laughed.
Karine Moquin
Karine Moquin - 4 years ago
Whiskers Production
Whiskers Production - 4 years ago
My beta fish lived about 5 or 7 years he was the best my family took good care of hom
chrispus oppong
chrispus oppong - 4 years ago
I'm getting a beta fish its red and black
Victoria's Rupp
Victoria's Rupp - 4 years ago
Talk about the fishy that are homed with the betta! i want to get some small fish to put in my 10gal with my betta but idk what kind are safe with him!
Deshaan Moore
Deshaan Moore - 4 years ago
My benefits just blow the bubbles out I don't know why
SheyonniKat - 4 years ago
Is my betta okay in a filtered 1 gallon tank???
Kikki Wolfgoat
Kikki Wolfgoat - 4 years ago
I rellay care. I cryed when our oldest betta died
Ruth Ginarie Roman
Ruth Ginarie Roman - 4 years ago
Fake plants or real plants in your tank? I have 2 bettas, separate tanks about 2 gal each. They look gorgeous and i feed them blood worms, artemia and pellets... but i have no decor in the tanks
Jess - 4 years ago
Buy some tall broadleaf plants for your betta to sit on near the surface- it'll make him very happy! Also it's always advisable to give them something to hide in like a little cave or anything they can fit inside. Makes them feel safer!
Jenna Elizabeth
Jenna Elizabeth - 4 years ago
I have a baby betta fish in a 2.5 with a filter and heater, and an adult one in a 5 gallon with a filter and a heater (I just took the heater out of that one and put it in the baby’s tank because the temperature could effect their development) and I have another heater coming in the mail. I love bettas!!! It makes me sad to see how mistreated they get and people get mad at me when I try to tell them they can’t keep them in a bowl
kindabre - 4 years ago
i absolutely love you. i love animals & you inspire me to share my passion with others. you're so bright and have A BIG future ahead of you. easily my biggest inspiration.
The Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat - 4 years ago
I have my Betta in a 30 Gallon tank with a lot of plants and 2 bottom feeders and some small Danos what else can I put with him?
God Emperor of Mankind
God Emperor of Mankind - 4 years ago
Platies are great fish to put in any tank in my opinion. Or some bloodfined tetras. They're both fairly hardy to.
Laura Royce
Laura Royce - 4 years ago
My beta is in a one gallon tank should I get a 2.5 gallon
TheBSideDJ - 4 years ago
you should get a slap around your face and a 10 gallon tank at least... Ask yourself the questions : should i be happy in a toilet 24 hours a day, and is it that hard to get a 10 or 20 gallon tank ?
SpunkyRO !
SpunkyRO ! - 4 years ago
Someone help! About 2 months ago I got a betta fish and it was doing fine but after about a week it stopped eating and swimming around and I found it dead the next morning. I thought it was because I didn't have a heater and my house was kind of cold. So I got a heater and a new fish. And the same thing happened. Had it for a week and it stopped eating and swimming and died. So I upgraded to a 5 and 1/2 gallon tank, got plants and a cave, along with the heater and got my third fish. The guy at the pet store said I didn't cycle my tank so I did before I put my new fish in. I got her on Wednesday and yesterday (Tuesday) I noticed she wasn't eating her food. So I thought it was because of the kind of dirty water. So I did a about a 80% water change. I also had set some water in a bucket aside prior so it had a chance to grow some good bacteria. So I had about 1 gallon of the old water and like 1 gallon of the water that was sitting out and the rest new water. I conditioned it and everything. Btw I didn't scrub the sides of the tank or the plants so there would be some good bacteria left. So after I cleaned the tank I acclimated her for about 40 minutes and let her in she was swimming around and stuff but still wouldn't eat. Today (Wednesday, exactly a week from when I got her) she just sits on her betta hammock leaf and doesn't eat. ALL DAY! I'm scared she is going to die tomorrow please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. This pattern keeps repeating itself with my fish. She hasn't eaten in almost 3 days. HELP!
Raccoon Creek Aquatics
Raccoon Creek Aquatics - 4 years ago
Great video! Subscribed! Do you have any other fish tanks?
Kris Supplee
Kris Supplee - 4 years ago
My betta fish lived for 3 years
Hazel nut
Hazel nut - 4 years ago
My brother got a fish from the pet store and employee told him that if it blowed bubbles around the boul that it was happy I told him multiple times that this wasn’t true But he keeps onSaying the person at the pet store said it made him happy
badgal liyah
badgal liyah - 4 years ago
Subscribe to my chanel!❤
ashbeckett2012 - 4 years ago
My last Betta died last year after I had him for 5 years! He was awesome, I miss the little guy.
Carrera4K - 4 years ago
Smiley Jackson
Smiley Jackson - 4 years ago
You're soooooo pretty.
Rachel Fajardo
Rachel Fajardo - 4 years ago
I’m so excited to get my betta! I plan on a 5 gal tank, and some silk plants. I’m gonna give him the good life.
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh - 4 years ago
your so damn fine..
Arella Camryn
Arella Camryn - 4 years ago
My old bettas lived for more than 6 years. It's hard to keep them alive that long, but if you kept them right, they could last longer than 4 years
Logan Freeman
Logan Freeman - 4 years ago
I have a betta fish with a filtered tank and the water keeps evaporating and I can add more but I don’t know if I should add it when he’s in the tank or if I should take him out and then add the water and then him also I don’t know how to get him out of the tank without scaring him I have a net and the bowl I bought it in please HELP
Logan Freeman
Logan Freeman - 4 years ago
Jess thank you this helped alot
Jess - 4 years ago
Try dumping the water on your hand slightly below the surface of the water to break the heavy flow of the water being poured. Keeping him in the tank will be much less stressful than trying to catch him every time you clean
Random May
Random May - 4 years ago
Logan Freeman if you add the water gently it is fine for him,
karma bitchh
karma bitchh - 4 years ago
Hey tay i love your channel! can you please do morebof these videos for not only gish but other animals as well? :) thanks!!
Jerome Yara
Jerome Yara - 4 years ago
enough, i love you already!
Jonny S.
Jonny S. - 4 years ago
My family and I had a betta and we got a leaf bed so it could rest near the top of the tank. (2inches or so below the surface) Is that a good thing for a betta?
Jess - 4 years ago
Jonny S. Absolutely! My betta loves his leaf. Buy some live plants with tall wide leaves and he'll be even happier (:
depressed turtle
depressed turtle - 4 years ago
Hmm.. I had this fish tank made specially for betas, and it lived there for a long time healthily, and I had a bigger tank that was bigger, and another fish lived in that and it didn’t live long so that’s weird :/
Natalie Wagar
Natalie Wagar - 4 years ago
My sisters beta fish lived 2 and1/2 years
angrxp211 - 4 years ago
what kind of tank do you have? What kind of filter do you have?

I want a tank that wont leak or is cheaply made

I would like to get a filter that wont suck him up and kill him

I was surprised with a betta fish last night as a birthday present.

As happy as I am to have a new pet, there so much responsibility that goes into it.

Since he/she is in my care I want to give him a long lasting/ comfortable as possible life.

Please respond as soon as possible.

I have looked at plenty of online kits, but some leak others fish get stuck in filters :'(

I'm willing to pay for everything separately
George Jones
George Jones - 4 years ago
A few years ago when I was 8 my mom told me to put it in a vase so I did with nothing else but the fish it died 2 weeks later I was soon sad so I told my mom I did not want another fish at all it was a few years later and I was 10 so I did some research and found out that my mom told me the wrong information so I got the right sized tank got another betta fish he lived for a little more than a year but it was gone when I got home from school and my mom said she flushed it down the toilet all already I was really up set tell 1 year later when my sister said she feed it to her turtle!!!rip yellow tail
Jana McNabb
Jana McNabb - 4 years ago
I love this video girly. You are such a beautiful and fierce animal lover. Your crested gecko videos inspired my want to get one Feb. 2017. Now I've also made my own betta community. You're amazing honey! Keep sharing the love <3.
HappyHamsters1 - 4 years ago
It makes me so mad that people will decide to get a pet and not do any research on it even the essentials! Like if you would just go on a trustable YouTube channel (like this one) or a website their pet might live a happy life but instead they have to save like an extra $20 and not worry about the consequences!
KyeKye4 - 4 years ago
Adding to number 4: My betta fish has been living for about nine months and is doing just fine!
Little Critters
Little Critters - 4 years ago
I had him in a tank about the same size tank as you lol
Little Critters
Little Critters - 4 years ago
My fish died at 5yd with me
Avani Vasquez
Avani Vasquez - 4 years ago
When I was younger I had a beta that lived for three years. He only died because we were moving and I had him in a cup in the car and we got in a car accident. Everyone was fine except Mr.Fisherton
Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson - 4 years ago
I have a male Betta that when I bought looked sick. I thought he was dieing. I brought him home took him out if the cup I'm a larger tank and he is thriving over a year. He's beautiful.
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez - 4 years ago
Hey Taylor or any experienced Betta owners for that matter... I've got a question... I had two males in a 50 gallon tank and at first they fought each other over dominance and territory. After about a day they stopped and kept to their sides of the tank and their hiding areas. About a week later I bought tetras and other small fish including a female beta. Now the 2 males are all buddy buddy and hangout together without fighting each other or the other fish. Why is this? I'm so lost and utterly confused.
leesliee ._
leesliee ._ - 4 years ago
my betta fish doesn't move alot so idk if im doing something wrong or it's just lazy
h b
h b - 4 years ago
My betta lived for over 3 years! He even came with me to college and back. I did all my research before buying him and I was so proud that I gave him a good life.
John Prejvel
John Prejvel - 4 years ago
do Betta's go well with discuss
Danielle Gregory
Danielle Gregory - 4 years ago
My beta fish lived for 4-5 years But I can’t remember if it’s 4 or 5
Ghost Kitty
Ghost Kitty - 4 years ago
My male beta, Bruce Lee, recently died from most likely mouth rot because he had white spots on his mouth. But the thing is, we cleaned his tank fairly often so his tank was rarely dirty and after we had noticed he started to get white spots around his mouth we got fish medicine for him. Sadly it didn't work. I loved him so much and I miss him very badly.
R.I.P Bruce (My little Kung Fu Fishy)
God Emperor of Mankind
God Emperor of Mankind - 4 years ago
It was ich.
Adriana Pantin
Adriana Pantin - 4 years ago
I just got a crowntail betta he looks tuff but sad
Koala 800
Koala 800 - 4 years ago
So, I'm thinking of getting a beta fish, and have a question. How do you breed them without them fighting?
Koala 800
Koala 800 - 4 years ago
I always feel so bad for the betas and other fish at Walmart. The betas are always looking so sad in their little cups, and the other fish are always either sick or dead! They take better care of their plants than their fish!!!
Shaelin Rollman
Shaelin Rollman - 4 years ago
I got a betta, like, 2 days ago and I have a 1.5 gallon tank to put a goldfish I got at a fall festival thing at my school a month or so previous to the betta. I was gonna get a 5 gallon maybe that was $40 at Walmart, but my dad said, "No, that's too big. He doesn't need that much space. It'll be a waste of money. Get the 1.5 gallon." Thanks dad. That fish died, R.I.P. Oscar. But now I have a betta. He seems to be doing great right now and just kind of roams around the tank, going around the fake plants and stuff. Not the best place for him, but I don't exactly have a lot of money right now considering I don't want to be broke buying all this fish stuff, but I made a promise to myself that if he lives a full year he deserves a 10 gallon tank. The only problem I have is that he would get bored and not have that much to do. My family just thinks it's a waste of time and money, but I really like having a fish. The only advice that I need is what to do to entertain my betta and also there's this blue light that I turn off at night. It came with the tank. I don't know if I should take it out because it's too bright for him or how long I should have it on. Everything else I think I'm good with. Only those two things. Sorry, this is a super long post.
MK7GTI - 4 years ago
Come help me set up a tank in my room. I have a 5 gallon tank with a 7500K LED lighting and built in filter for live plants and possibly a betta or neon tetras.
Alician Shard
Alician Shard - 4 years ago
I’m glad to know that my Betta was pretty happy and healthy because she lived a year and a half. All of my other siblings died within 1 month to 8 but mine lasted the longest. She died I’m guessing from eating to much or just to old because she died after my sister snuck in my room and accidentally dumped the whole food container in the tank. I was pretty sad when sapphire died. Rip in peace sapphire
caronicole - 4 years ago
I work in a petstore and I had a customer come to me asking if he could get a goldfish for his daughter when I asked how big the tank is he said "about 2 quarts" BITCH WHAT
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear - 4 years ago
They are not called 'bayter' fish!
alissa broones
alissa broones - 4 years ago
I am glad I saved my Betta fish
Brian Leonard
Brian Leonard - 4 years ago
My tank is exact,y 2.5 gallons, I think. My beta is swimming all the time. I will do water changes more regularly, though the water is clear, and get a filter. Thank you for the information!!!
Brian Leonard
Brian Leonard - 4 years ago
It might be a gallon or two more.
Wowplayer 123
Wowplayer 123 - 4 years ago
My betta named Sparkles lived for 4 years <3 loved him
n000b4u roblox
n000b4u roblox - 4 years ago
Who would make betta fish fight.
Lilian Escobar
Lilian Escobar - 4 years ago
Do u need a big fish tank for them
Lilian Escobar
Lilian Escobar - 4 years ago
I have a beta fish we love to play
kmleasur - 4 years ago
I don't own any fish I own a lot of rodents cause it's the easiest for me to take care of but I was wondering if you could keep a beta fish in a milk jug I mean I would not but if you cut off the top to put it in and it did not need a filter I wanted to know if it would live but I would never do that
Biplov Aďhîkâřî
Biplov Aďhîkâřî - 4 years ago
Should I put new betta fish in 20 gallons tank directly ?
Alan Ward
Alan Ward - 4 years ago
I keep my betta in a 1-gallon mini-bow filtered tank. I put a bumblebee snail in as well as a ghost shrimp but I think he either ate the shrimp or bullied it to death because I can't find it. Do you think I have any possibility of introducing another small tank mate successfully?
Jess - 4 years ago
Alan Ward that tank is way too small for your betta let alone introducing your betta to other tankmates. If you want snails/shrimp I would say at least a 5 gallon, If you want other fish, a 10-20 gallon is a must so your betta doesn't feel insecure in a very small territory (he likely feels cornered and he is defending his territory since he can't get away)
Katie Heald
Katie Heald - 4 years ago
I have a betta named jewel. Is a 1L tank ok?
Katie - 4 years ago
i had a betta once and kept it in a 2 litre tank and it lived for about a month or so. It started going blind i think, and it's tail did kinda look like it was rotting. Since i basically killed it due to my lack of knowledge, i completely trusted the lady at the store when she told me they don't need big tanks, or filters or anything like that and i've never gotten a betta again.
Lady Gonzo
Lady Gonzo - 4 years ago
Very informative lady!
My husband and i are African Cichlid keepers..and i absolutely love them
Sapphire Animation
Sapphire Animation - 4 years ago
Good thing i bought a big bowl for mine
Castel Persilot
Castel Persilot - 4 years ago
Im using a bowl right now ok chill this was the first day ok chill i guess Ill bye one tomorrow sheesh.
Anthony Serra
Anthony Serra - 4 years ago
My betta lived 9 years
Jade Lawlor
Jade Lawlor - 4 years ago
What are the small ones with the nice tails x
Dalton Roberts
Dalton Roberts - 4 years ago
My beta is in a five gallon and he is so happy
Charlie Fuego
Charlie Fuego - 4 years ago
Can you drop a link to that tank? I would like to buy it
Isabella Rivera
Isabella Rivera - 4 years ago
I bought mine from a dollar store
That Blue Llama
That Blue Llama - 4 years ago
My guinea pig got scared when Taylor clapped at 4:56
Rylee Ressler
Rylee Ressler - 4 years ago
I had a beta that lived for about six years
Raymond Fast
Raymond Fast - 4 years ago
I had a betta fish for about a year-and-a-half now and he's had a bubbler for most of his life and he loves swimming around in the bubbles we just got a new filter that has high flow and he loves that as well so basically what I'm trying to say here you were wrong about the part when you said to get a filter with low flow
tiger lily
tiger lily - 4 years ago
We had beta fish when I was a child and they survived for 3-5 years. I wish I would have known this before because all three lived in their own 2 gallon bowls with very little to do inside.The funny thing is I had a cat who lived for 21 years that never touched the betas, she wouldn't even watch them.
Orchidfeather the warrior
Orchidfeather the warrior - 4 years ago
My beta lived for about 2 years so I think I did good.
Negan - 4 years ago
Hi. I just want to butt in, and add onto the age of a betta. You are correct about them lving to about 4 years old, but just to add onto that, in extremely rare cases, bettas have been know to live up to 9 years. Like I said, rare, but it does happen. P.S., if you can't afford a tank right away, wait for petcos dollar per gallon sale, meaning, you can get a 10 gallon tank for 10$, 20 gal for 20$ and so on. But if you dont have a petco near by or something, just save your money. I have not spent my allowance for a couple months, because I always buy things for my betta. Its not a burden, either. Its like buying things for my child. I just want to be happy. Done ranting now.
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor - 4 years ago
I have 8 Bettas in a 29 gallon tank
Trinity Soleil
Trinity Soleil - 4 years ago
My friends fish lived for 7 years!
Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora - 4 years ago
Mine is In a Giant Wine Glass
Moushita Islam
Moushita Islam - 4 years ago
I went into a pet shop there were at least 50 to 60 female betta fish in one tank...I don't think they take proper care of them
Moushita Islam
Moushita Islam - 4 years ago
My betta fish survived 3 years....I was only 10 years old when I got her...she was fine I had 3 gold fishes with her she was fine with it ...1 of my gold fish and the betta fish survived but the other fishes died because I couldn't take care of them properly....I feel so sad right now...your videos really help
2V MSP - 4 years ago
At my pet smart they told me I could put a gold fish with my beta fish so I did..... and then the beta fish ate the fin and was chasing the around its so sad BTW I have a half moon beta
Saxena Aquarium House
Saxena Aquarium House - 4 years ago
1 million views for this video? Really?
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker - 4 years ago
Just watched a video of a woman going in finding a dead beta in a cup with a live one, and giving the employee a piece of her mind before going through all the cups and cleaning the water and feeding the fish
Tabitha Metcalf
Tabitha Metcalf - 4 years ago
I had a bata for 6 years
LuvAnimals - 4 years ago
the quality of this video is 10 out of 10
Nicholas Claudio
Nicholas Claudio - 4 years ago
You’re beautiful
Declyn Du'Prey
Declyn Du'Prey - 4 years ago
My Betta, Rodger, lived for five years
christopher boineau
christopher boineau - 4 years ago
I have a male and a female betta in a 75 gallon community fish tank and they both are doing great
Drew Stokes
Drew Stokes - 4 years ago
Can you keep a better with big fish like arowanas or paroon sharks?
ZeGamingCuber - 4 years ago
I literally just bought one yesterday, and it was dead when I woke up.
coralscraftslady - 4 years ago
They deserve large space, but some of them ARE found in tiny pockets of water, in big plants, and puddles,,if you look on youtube!
kana 2x4
kana 2x4 - 4 years ago
how do i know when a betta fish is no longer considered fri fish?
Brenley Equestrian
Brenley Equestrian - 4 years ago
I just got my awesome white plakat betta! I named him Harrison!!
the haunttyy
the haunttyy - 4 years ago
red ones always seem vulnerable to velvet?
MyPepperFishy - 4 years ago
“Nothing will kill it other than bleach,” how would anyone ever know that????? What did you do, hmmmm.... will bleach kill this fish or nuuu? Oops
Scout Paws
Scout Paws - 4 years ago
my betta fish had a tank about half a foot deep and a foot across She lived almost 5 years yes Almost FIVE.... lel its true
Cosplay Madness
Cosplay Madness - 4 years ago
Mine lived for 3 :)
Mohammed Imran
Mohammed Imran - 4 years ago
You're v pretty
J56 Cobra
J56 Cobra - 4 years ago
I love you
Brittney Wylie
Brittney Wylie - 4 years ago
Is it normal that they just stare at you? Because as soon as it sees me it swims to the side of the tank and we just stare at each other.
SodaSplash Productions
SodaSplash Productions - 4 years ago
I had a Betta named marshmallow, he lived for five years. And then we got a cat.
Dropp Kick
Dropp Kick - 4 years ago
When I was younger my mom and aunt got me and my cousin two male beta fish. My cousins lasted two months because neither he nor his mom washed the bowl, cleaned the water, or fed him regularly. On the other hand mine and my moms stayed alive for 8 months before my aunt came beging for us to give her Red to put in her classroom. (She's a teacher.) So my mom after a few days gave her Red with his food and tank and filter and he lasted maybe a month at the school. He died over a fucking break when my aunt decided he didn't need to eat.

xo Mags
xo Mags - 4 years ago
My mom won't buy me anything for my betta fish, all I have is a fish bowl and it has these little pebbles I feed him but he won't eat them and he swims a lot around but I do clean his bowl often but I don't know what type of water I should give him? Please help!
Ava - 4 years ago
Shit dawg mine lived for 15/16 years
wellthatspretty - 4 years ago
Wondering if someone could help me out, I’m getting a 15litre bio orb, was gonna have 1 snail, 2 African dwarf frogs and a betta. Is that ok or should I get 6 neons instead of a betta
Princess Peach
Princess Peach - 4 years ago
This reminds me of my class pet. They keep it in a small box and feed it the wrong food. I hid the bad food and brought Betty food but the problem is I can’t provide a bigger tank. We had a lizard but, surprise! It’s dead. They tried to bring in another fish so this time I brought in a 10 gallon tank. That guy is doing great.
Michelle Fear-Thompson
Michelle Fear-Thompson - 4 years ago
He swims around a lot and likes to hide a lot
Michelle Fear-Thompson
Michelle Fear-Thompson - 4 years ago
I have a 10 gallon tank and just got a betta fish tonight
Cyb3rPonyDude _
Cyb3rPonyDude _ - 4 years ago
I’m getting a betta fish for Christmas and I was wondering if you can keep them in a fish bowl
whitney fischer
whitney fischer - 4 years ago
Could my water have killed my Betta? I use Berkey filtered water. Spring water first month then did a partial water change and added Berkey water with conditioner and she was hanging out at the top in a corner then dead the next morning! No signs at all! She was very alert and active little girl, then just 24 hours, not very responsive then dead!
Dizzy Vang
Dizzy Vang - 4 years ago
You look very hot. Hottie and Betta
Richard Brown
Richard Brown - 4 years ago
I had a female Betta fish for 3 years, I had to keep her in her own tank as she killed many fish, including 2 males when I tried to breed them.
Laeka Johnson
Laeka Johnson - 4 years ago
Would a 3 gallon tank be sufficient for a betta filter heater and everything?
Nosferata138 - 4 years ago
Thank you! I knew none of this, and have had Bettas on and of forever....I am actually in the process of setting up a 20gal for some tetras, I'm going to your next video to see if they happen to be one you suggest can coexist, since yes, we currently have a betta in a gallon tank..that I haven't cleaned (thanks myths). Very cool and informative! Thank you again, have a good one :-)
Not A Youtuber
Not A Youtuber - 4 years ago
When I was younger I bought one, in my head I felt like I was saving it, because even a kid can see that those fish weren’t happy living in nasty cups. I had done no research just had always seen them at walmart in cups and I felt bad so I bought it. Even as a kid I knew I had to get a big tank not a little bowl. I got it a 10 gallon, a 20 gallon filter. You’d have to be an idiot to think they love to live in cups.
Venetta Bejenaru
Venetta Bejenaru - 4 years ago
betas are so smart !! love them
Logang Paulers
Logang Paulers - 4 years ago
I used to have a Beta fish though , my sister called me and told me bad news like a few minutes ago my beta fish, Casey died...
Kong_is_ Beautiful
Kong_is_ Beautiful - 4 years ago
I had a beta fish he lived for a long time I loved him he did have a tank as big as yours but i got off track of feeding him he did not die and he had Finn rote and idk what that was but he passed and I felt bad because my dad cleaned the table with water clearer in the water instead of my water conditioner so he passed and I feel bad but he is in a good place
supersqueak - 4 years ago
I haven't had a Betta fish since I was like in 3rd grade they lasted a while I had like 2 of them that I owned for like 2 years. They died because I was a piece of shit child that got lazy feeding them. They were really low maintenance though I liked them.
wolfwolftyty - 4 years ago
Can someone help me with my betta problem please, it’s my resent video
THAT SUPERGIRL - 4 years ago
Lol im staring at my beta chasing flies flying around its bowl and listening to the video
FMuscleZ28 - 4 years ago
A betta can live up to 7-8 years with proper care, 2-4 is only a half life for them.
And with a proper tank setup, multiple bettas will live together without problem, regardless of their sexes.
Łit Łosers
Łit Łosers - 4 years ago
My beta fish lived for 3
IU IUGAW - 4 years ago
this is false i have my betta in a water bottle they are hardy fish also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EBcm0IfPYY
Jenna Smart
Jenna Smart - 4 years ago
I have a betta and his name is Albany and he is red and white
Alexandra DeHart
Alexandra DeHart - 4 years ago
I actually found a great 6 gallon long rectangular tank that I kept just my betta in. There was extra room for her to swim from side and she loved it! I set up a long bubble wall at the back of the tank that she loved sleeping on and she also actually enjoyed swimming against the light current of the filter on the other end of the tank. There was a nice fine sand at the bottom of the tank and coral like structures for her to hide in. The happiest I saw her was when I switched her into that tank!
Delfi Tampubolon
Delfi Tampubolon - 4 years ago
I have 7 bettas
Gabby Lawhorne
Gabby Lawhorne - 4 years ago
I actually have a very successful beta sorority tank, granted it is thirty gallons with 3 females so plenty of room for each of them to establish their 'territory'..
Kymmy Puglover
Kymmy Puglover - 4 years ago
Totally feel you! I work in a pet store and i HATE inexperiened fish buyers. Or worse the "Ive kept fish all my live and done this and this blah blah blah" and try to intimidate you into selling them. Erm i dont care! You aint getting a fish from me today byeeee!
EraseMeWhole - 4 years ago
As a retired betta breeder, I can't thank you enough for making this video!
no el
no el - 4 years ago
You hurt my brain
abd leo
abd leo - 4 years ago
you are gorgeous!!!!! thanks for the information.
Kory Macias
Kory Macias - 4 years ago
great vid
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 4 years ago
My friend used to have a betta in his locker at school.
Kalina Velez Cromwell
Kalina Velez Cromwell - 4 years ago
My girlfriend and I got a Betta and we named him Pluto! He’s such a happy Betta.
Georgia Wilson
Georgia Wilson - 4 years ago
Omg Taylor almost 1M views!!!!!
JohnTaylor Pelletier
JohnTaylor Pelletier - 4 years ago
My friend has 6 female bata fish living together and they look just fine to me and my bata fish likes to kill and eat other fish so he can't have any buddies the pet store I got him from put him in the wrong tank with about 40 female and he killed them all so I feed him other fish because he's a bad ass
Gigi Dugan
Gigi Dugan - 4 years ago
My Beta Has lived 5 years And is doing great today !!!!!
Jinna Taylor
Jinna Taylor - 4 years ago
Oh my gosh, I was at the pet store yesterday and I was thinking of buying another betta. I was looking at what I thought was a gorgeous female betta, just absolutely stunning in colors. White and pink I believe. I looked at the description and it said “male” I was confused because this betta had to be a female, it didn’t have a long elegant tail like the rest of the males.. then I noticed how it looked like chunks of his tail were coming off and floating in the tiny container... i feel terrible for not getting him, because know I know it was tail/fin rot.
Ella E
Ella E - 4 years ago
Betas actually do live in small areas, but those small, shallow areas are close to one another and the fish jump from puddle to putter when water is evaporating. Female bettas CAN live together better than males if you have over 5 together.
Samantha Calderon
Samantha Calderon - 4 years ago
Hello, my betta (female) is acting very sick. Stop eating, doesn't look any different. I brought her a different food that the pet store said she might like more and a water additive to help with her slim coat. I got it just to try anything. She sleeps on the fake plants all the time. I don't have a heater, but I don't think that's the problem bc I never had one and she use to swim around all the time. Is there anything I can do? Thanks!
xXGamerGirlKayleeXx - 4 years ago
you should get a sugar glider!
Christopher Hopman
Christopher Hopman - 4 years ago
First 2 minutes. Thats why I'm here.
Hillary Carrigan
Hillary Carrigan - 4 years ago
I have two bettas but the tank has a divider so they dont fight... It's a 2.5 gallon tank so now I feel bad because you said 2.5 gallons per betta :( Maybe I'll get a whole other identical tank for the second one...
Jay Stone
Jay Stone - 4 years ago
I have a 55 gl tank I'm making it a fresh warm water tank will a betta live in this environment and will it get a long with other fish?
Winter :3
Winter :3 - 4 years ago
My beta been with me for almost 3 years!!!! I love my baby his name is spike he’s amazing and love him
pamsc32 - 4 years ago
Is it true when a boy betta fish and a girl betta fish in the same tank and the boy betta fish starts to eat the girl betta fish cuz that's what happened to my girl betta fish and then we had to separate them and different tank
Jenz Paris
Jenz Paris - 4 years ago
Can we have a male+female in a tank together?
First Amendment Deal with it
First Amendment Deal with it - 4 years ago
Depends, please do your research. If you have more questions, you can email me at jserr505@gmail.com
Anime Girl
Anime Girl - 4 years ago
Can you help me I got a betta fish and it was dead in 1 day but I had all the right stuff
Zayn The kid
Zayn The kid - 4 years ago
I hate everyone that does this,
Anna Young
Anna Young - 4 years ago
is 10 gal enough
KittiKast - 4 years ago
PERSONALLY I think they can do well in at least a 1 gallon tank

KittiKast - 4 years ago
It's simply from my personal experience. I actually breed quite healthy fry from them!
First Amendment Deal with it
First Amendment Deal with it - 4 years ago
I don’t think that they can really thrive in a one gallon.
RICK LETT - 4 years ago
Misconception: betta is pronounced bett-a not bayta.
Brianna Adams
Brianna Adams - 4 years ago
Could you imagine a beta fish in a 125 gallon tank lol little baby would be so happy
Maka Piercey
Maka Piercey - 4 years ago
also guppies and bettas are not a good mix! :P
Maka Piercey
Maka Piercey - 4 years ago
for one the plant is floating.. thats not good.. the plant will rot and cause a lot of water problems (y) your first problem
Lilly R
Lilly R - 4 years ago
I once watched a man buy seven (yes really I counted because I was that petty okay) betta and one 20gal tank. I was so mad that they would let him buy so many betta knowing that the 20 gal was for them.
ImImagine - 4 years ago
My Betta Fish Hasn't eaten any food for 4 days. Please help me. (Blood worms & pallete food)
First Amendment Deal with it
First Amendment Deal with it - 4 years ago
If you need help, email me at jserr505@gmail.com, I am an expert with that.
fookin lazer sights
fookin lazer sights - 4 years ago
I'm so proud of myself I love animals more than anything (I'm getting my first ball python at repticon on Sunday) but my first ever pet was a blue and red beta (I was about 5) his name was bob and he lived for 3 years
Leonel Reyes
Leonel Reyes - 4 years ago
I have a betta fish called Seabiscuit and I do everything it takes to keep him alive because he is my 5th pet I had and he is very loyal. ( it's ture
Caleb Michael
Caleb Michael - 4 years ago
This makes me miss my old betta named blue. We think he died by scratching his fin on one of the decorations cutting his fin which made him not able to swim or get food. But still great Vid
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen - 4 years ago
I got two new male betta (don't worry they are not together)and there fine
It's your boy Dom
It's your boy Dom - 4 years ago
I had a beta fish that lived 8 years in a big bowl
Travis the Gohan 1134
Travis the Gohan 1134 - 4 years ago
It is true stupid
Lake Sarah
Lake Sarah - 4 years ago
My betta is literally the ugliest thing on the planet. I love him tho. He is in a 10 gallon, filtered and heated tank. His best friend is a mystery snail lmao
this is a name
this is a name - 4 years ago
ive had bettas sence i was a little kid (i have 7 right now scatered around my room) and most have lived 2-3 years. one lived 4 when i was really little (he died in a move when him and another where left in the car in cali and boiled. :( ) and most are in 3 gallon and ones in a ten and that rotates every once and a while so they all get to be in the big tank for a few months.
this is a name
this is a name - 4 years ago
and a 3-5 gallon tanks are like 5-10 dollars so. people get the proper tank for your pet.
Judy Holland
Judy Holland - 4 years ago
not at all
Angie's Traveling Vlogs!
Angie's Traveling Vlogs! - 4 years ago
Thank you this was very helpful. I have had my little Betta for a year, with this being my second. She is doing fine in a bowl, but I'm moving her to a 3.5 gallon tank later on. She is getting pretty old but she's healthy. Thanks again Taylor!
Oakthewolf - 4 years ago
Gosh, this makes me feel so guilty... when I was 6 or 7 my mom bought a betta fish from PetSmart, which came in a little vase with rocks and bamboo (already a red flag, as I recognize years later today) There wasn't really a lot of space for him/her (as a young girl I just assumed the fish to be a girl aswell) to swim around in. My mom replaced the water every week, which is good, but she did it with tap water and there was no filter. We also fed it normal store-bought fish food every day. It only lasted a few months before dying. RIP betta fish
cwaey25 - 4 years ago
The golden mystery snail in the back is crazy active.
Rozi's channel
Rozi's channel - 4 years ago
Why dont you have a cat
Sarah M
Sarah M - 4 years ago
While I love and really appreciate all the videos I'm wondering if there's a website that you recommend for when I can't watch the videos. I've got a single Betta and it's the first fish I've ever had.
LetsplayZ - 4 years ago
Just got a Betta fish
Stacey's Zoo
Stacey's Zoo - 4 years ago
I have had several betta fish and the one that I have currently, (Jingle) I have had over a year and she is still doing well. One of the first betta fishes I had died on the 2nd day I had her, do you think the fish died because I bought it sick or because I took care of it badly?
Maria-Elisabeth Bloch
Maria-Elisabeth Bloch - 4 years ago
i have 2 they are good
Walter Knight
Walter Knight - 4 years ago
My research indicates a minimum of five gallons for a Betta. If you add any fish then you would need a larger tank. I keep a Betta and a bristle-nose placo in a ten gallon tank. Because I do not live in the tropics I also have a heater with my filter.

Of course if you watch five different videos on Betta care you will get 3 to 5 different recommendations for a minimum tank size.

I think your video was great you really did a good job.
lps Chloe
lps Chloe - 4 years ago
Do you know what's sad? When I got my beta fish it was in the smallest containor and I just thought this is cruel.
Poo Poo
Poo Poo - 4 years ago
Hi. We have 3 betta fish in a 90liter tank with loads off other fish with loads of places to hide. I have seen no fighting and no killing. Do you think they are ok?.
GD WD - 4 years ago
I have a female betta fish in a 3 gallon fish tank. I've had it for about 3-4 years and I've moved about 3 times with it. I'm surprised it's lived this long I've had about 5 betas since I was 6-7 ps I'm 14 now and started with to little gold fish from a fair. But I want to get a baby betta to watch the fins develop. I love your videos
wesley frenchie
wesley frenchie - 4 years ago
i feel really bad kept one in a 1.5g
but surpassingly it lived 4  4years
but after watched this bought 20 gallon tank 4 my bettas
gentlegoose2 - 4 years ago
My betta wont eat food
Mexcellent Marcus
Mexcellent Marcus - 4 years ago
I'd totally let this chick fart on my chest.
Madilynn Clark VEVO
Madilynn Clark VEVO - 4 years ago
One time I had a male beta that lived for about 8 years
Monike Stafford
Monike Stafford - 4 years ago
My Betta Sapphire lived in a 1.5 gallon tank for about a year and I decided to move him into my 20 gallon community tank and he lived 2 more years in there happy as can be! You really do notice a difference in their happiness in a bigger space I'm so glad I decided to move him.
TV BANKSY - 4 years ago
That is a huge Snail
Ninjara930 - 4 years ago
As far as I can tell my niece's new Betta is happy. We put her in a half gallon tank n had her for two weeks now
coconutbead - 4 years ago
we have a giant pond where we keep a some gold fish.no idea how many gallons it actually is because my dad built it and it's MASSIVE.also have a pond out our backyard but unfortunately it got cracked due to our neighbours big trees roots putting too much pressure against the concrete and it cracked it :((
Preston Busby
Preston Busby - 4 years ago
Mines lived about 6-7 years rip Charle Brown
What's Up Its Sadie
What's Up Its Sadie - 4 years ago
My bata dish fish is so cute and she has a big bowl
Amy Breth
Amy Breth - 4 years ago
you can do a 1.5 if you keep it clean and a few plants and good quality food and gravel. my betta is healthy and beautiful and has plenty of room. you think you know everything but you have so many exotic pets and they die. because of lack of attention and care.
Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow - 4 years ago
lol but my betta loves my finger when I put it to the glass. I know this because he learned it ment food XDDD lol all my fish know it as that

Me:Puts finger to glass
Fish: looks at it for 3 seconds
Fish:Try to boop it through glass
Me: take my finger way
FIsh: RUn to the top and go crazy even before I put the food in
Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow - 4 years ago
Wait.. I just realized as I'm watching more MY BETTA IS WEIRD I have a high power filter and they will get swept away sometimes by it BUT THEY WIL GO UP TO IT AND STAND THERE WAITING TO BE SWEPT AWAY WTF?
Ocean Night
Ocean Night - 4 years ago
I have a half moon betta and he is doing awesome in a 3.5 gallon tank
Channel Lebel-Crooks
Channel Lebel-Crooks - 4 years ago
You're so sweet I love how passionate you are about animals
Erin - 4 years ago
When I was in kindergarten or so, I got a betta fish and it lasted for 3 and a half years.
A butterfly
A butterfly - 4 years ago
Mine has Energizing Battery
Haikal Hardja
Haikal Hardja - 4 years ago
cupang !
Les Hanton
Les Hanton - 4 years ago
Its pronounced 'bet ta' (same as 'better')
Unxpekted - 4 years ago
You are gorgeous! I have a betta :)
Zyra Nava
Zyra Nava - 4 years ago
I have a 2 gallon tank and he seems active and happy tho, i have him for a month now. But i'm still worried about his tank... That 2 gallon tank is the final tank for my mom to buy. I begged her just to buy that tank instead of bowls that she always saying to me that it's okay to me to keep my fish. I know 2.5 gallon is the minimum that's why i'm worried about him. Please somebody tell me if it's okay to keep him in that tank. I'm only 13 and I really want to earn money just to buy him a bigger tank but I have no idea how to. I don't want to ask my mom about the tank again because i don't want her to be mad at me. I should be thankful about the tank she bought for me instead of be spoiled. Please tell me what's the right thing to do ):
Delusions 88
Delusions 88 - 4 years ago
This makes me want to set up a small betta tank
zanah brown
zanah brown - 4 years ago
Are those guppies in with your betta??? He must be so chill. One of my boys went berserk when I tried to put him in a community with some guppers...
It's Viray
It's Viray - 4 years ago
My Berta fish died two years after getting Him and he only died because he jumped out of his tank
Bratney Kairi
Bratney Kairi - 4 years ago
I kind of feel like her lately. I've got two shrimp, mossball, and a betta in one 5 gal tank, and then I have an African dwarf frog and a snail in another 2 gal tank. XD
EPDGamers - 4 years ago
Can you look at this tank An do you think this is ok? I have one in each of my kids rooms with just one Betta (i dont use the divider) Only thing in the tank is a small tree decor n lil color fish rocks at the bottom. They both seem happy move around , when its feeding time they get all excited and swim fast side to side! Had them for about a year so far an seem healthy. So in ur best opinion are those tanks for 1 betta OK? I know you said 2.5 gl tank , kids only have so much space in their rooms.

if you dont wanna click the link to the picture (i understand im good with tech)
then just search this up on google an let me know ur opinion and thank you!
: ''' Aqua Culture BettaView Aquarium '''

First Amendment Deal with it
First Amendment Deal with it - 4 years ago
No, I don’t care if your kids don’t have enough space in their room, don’t make the fish suffer. 2.5 gallons or bigger!!
Definz - 4 years ago
Watched this video for the babe.
Horseface The Assassin
Horseface The Assassin - 4 years ago
Jose Pina
Jose Pina - 4 years ago
I have one question. What fish can be compatible with a Betta fish?
LPSBlueShadow - 4 years ago
I have a beta fish she is like 4 or5 years old
Zachery Preston
Zachery Preston - 4 years ago
honestly, I had no idea I needed a 2.5 gallon tank. I've had my beta "Blugill" for going on a year in the beta kit I bought at Walmart. I picked him because he looked sick and I just couldn't bare to leave him at the store. Its a 1.5 gallon tank and I do weekly water changes with a conditioner. Within a month of having him his fins are all back to normal and he's a beautiful teal and dark blue color and active as all get out so I thought I was the perfect betta dad. I'm glad I came across your video. If you could do one specifically on live plants and betta tanks. I'm going to be getting him a proper tank but would like insight as to what plants and and possible mates could go with him.
Victoria Colpas
Victoria Colpas - 4 years ago
I just for a betta fish and in petco they had a tank for "bettas" it's a 0.7 gallon. And doesn't have a filter it didn't do a good job cleaning the water at all with its system to clean it. Now I know I need to buy a bigger tank for my betta fish with a filter thank you!
Jamie Leer
Jamie Leer - 4 years ago
I had a Betta that lived for 6 years. I finally did something right.
Anna Browne
Anna Browne - 4 years ago
Sorority tanks are fine for grouping females together. I have a sorority of 3; groups can only be of 3 or 5 though.
Feline Factor357
Feline Factor357 - 4 years ago
I legitimately snorted out loud when I heard the 5th myth.
Blep - 4 years ago
* has a 6.5 gallon tank and sweats the whole video thinking I need a ten gallon for one*
Cassandra Scott
Cassandra Scott - 4 years ago
You absolutely can put multiple females in the same tank. I have two in a 2.5 gallon tank and they are fine. It just depends on the fish. Most females are not aggressive. Some are.
Fresh Falcon
Fresh Falcon - 4 years ago
Please look at my pretty Betta:
Laura Mudge
Laura Mudge - 4 years ago
I have looked after fish most of my life and I'm only 9
I'm getting some fish this year
Princess Bats99
Princess Bats99 - 4 years ago
I have a bubbler in my tank and lunar loves it.. Will it hurt him
Ranelaws - 4 years ago
I recently got an Elephant Ear Betta from a local pet shop. I saw that he was being kept in a cup and he was such a pretty betta, it was hard to leave him behind since I knew that there was a highschool nearby where kids mindlessly buy them just for the sake of buying them. (I'm not exaggerating, I heard a kid say they had two dollars and they were going to buy one and just put one in a bowl), having him around has been great. There's something soothing about watching him swim around and remain active and it makes me wonder if he ever sleeps. He has two tankmates in his 3.5 gallon tank, they're both snails and they mind their own business. I was afraid that my betta would attack my snails but he seems to be more interested in chasing bubbles haha
Anni C
Anni C - 4 years ago
Had our beta due a few days ago. ;-; he lived a good 2 years and maybe in a bit we'll get another one. Sadly we don't have a 2 gallon tank but a 1.5 gallon tank was good for him. Maybe if we can get an inexpensive 2 gallon tank we'll get it but sadly we don't have too much money :/ either way we lived him.
Alora Germanio
Alora Germanio - 4 years ago
We had a betta as a center piece on a 2.5 gal bowl. He lived so long. And I was winging it to keep him happy. I didn't have the internet at my disposal so now I know. Haha
Someone Else
Someone Else - 4 years ago
Grr, 1 and 3 really irritate me DX people seem not to realize that the bettas they see in stores aren't the same type as those that live in mud puddles--the ones in store are bred in captivity and are a completely domestic variety. It's like saying a dog will be fine tied up outside in the rain all the time because wolves are exposed to the elements 24/7
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 4 years ago
I did my research for weeks and in November my mom said she will buy me a hedgehog
L JonSpill
L JonSpill - 4 years ago
I'm getting my first beta and really appreciate all these videos. I have done a lot and lot of research and well prepared from setting up, to fishless cycling to temperature .. I'm ready.
Prieku dienas
Prieku dienas - 4 years ago
im so scared to my betta fish to die! can i get some advice
Spartin11794 - 4 years ago
Not that I know if it is healthy but my grandma had a beta in a plant flower vase and it lived 3 years in it. Hardly ever fed it.
Yor Ki
Yor Ki - 4 years ago
So I have 3 betas and they are in like 3 tanks right next to each other (they have walls so they cant see each other)
So, My brother took the lid off the tank and forgot about it and I was just chillin near it catching up on the Harry Potter books and my beta literally Jumped into the tank next to it I saw it so I got him out quick before, ya know before thinks got messy
Raindrop Services
Raindrop Services - 4 years ago
To be honest, the common myths never made much sense to me, anyway.
Raindrop Services
Raindrop Services - 4 years ago
Thanks for the useful information.
Brittany Thomas
Brittany Thomas - 4 years ago
is it safe to use playground sand for Betta substrate?!
Happy Man Studios
Happy Man Studios - 4 years ago
Wata bout hamsters??? Can you plz???
Mark Cena
Mark Cena - 4 years ago
What do you use for your betta? Tank? Filter? Heater? Also, how many gallons is the tank behind you? What other fish do you have in your betta tank?
Bárbara R
Bárbara R - 4 years ago
how do you know if the betta is old at the store D: i know they sell them normally at 5-6 months, but sometimes there are old fish around
Kari Yu
Kari Yu - 4 years ago
Please let me know what's the best RO remineraliser for Betta. There's too many brands and types I'm so confused.
ARNE DRAWS - 4 years ago
I got my betta today. He is flaring at nothing, resting too much but I don't think there's anything wrong. Do u
kittadoodle739 kit
kittadoodle739 kit - 4 years ago
My Betta died in 5 months
Erica Wheeler
Erica Wheeler - 4 years ago
My betta doesn't have a filter but I do weekly cleaning and he's very happy
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs - 4 years ago
I have a beta in a 29gal
MrCheezitGaming - 4 years ago
I have two female beta fish in my tank and they are fine together....
Abhinandan Maity
Abhinandan Maity - 4 years ago
you are so beautiful.
theman1477 - 4 years ago
Not too important and it doesn't really matter but you're pronouncing their name wrong
Its Claire
Its Claire - 4 years ago
I had a Betta and I got him this very very small tank I put a plastic plant (bad) and some rocks I gave him random chain betta food I felt so bad because he lasted over 2 years and he was miserable now I'm researching and would love to own a hedgehog. I also felt bad because I forgot about him for months never cleaned out his tank but my mom fed him now I'm very educated and really want to convince my mom to get me a hedge to take care of. I love my betta very much RIP Francis loved but never forgotten. I think he might of had fin and tail rot. Even telling y'all kills me but if you have ANY advice for hedgies or other animals thanks
king kong
king kong - 4 years ago
Hi.. i have a betta fish in a 2 gallon tank, is it possible to put 3-4 pcs neon tetra fish with betta? its like my betta was lonely and i want to add more fish for his companion
XxKassxX Xx
XxKassxX Xx - 4 years ago
I knew that they don't live for only a couple months because mine died recently but he lived for 4 and a half years
Terry Tackett
Terry Tackett - 4 years ago
Terry Tackett
Terry Tackett - 4 years ago
Terry Tackett
Terry Tackett - 4 years ago
lol i love betta
Terry Tackett
Terry Tackett - 4 years ago
i have to betta
mori - 4 years ago
My betta lived 5 years
Kenzie ziegler
Kenzie ziegler - 4 years ago
I have a question. So if I buy some stuff for my goldfish like a ph balancer, ammonia killer, and tank cleaner liquid and I use them all together, could it harm my fish?
Clarinet Catato
Clarinet Catato - 4 years ago
I had a beta who lasted for at LEAST 4 years once
Kawaii Flareon
Kawaii Flareon - 4 years ago
5:08 Omg my Betta lived to be five.
NL FISHKEEPER - 4 years ago
please check out my vids
Shannizzle Breks
Shannizzle Breks - 4 years ago
My beta lived for about 2 years. It started getting color in his gills, we tried using chemicals but it didn't help. He died shortly after. He looks almost exactly like the beta in this video
Jasmine M
Jasmine M - 4 years ago
You're a hill billy
Queso Dip the batXD
Queso Dip the batXD - 4 years ago
Well at least the employee at the pet store that we went to to get my beta fish a few years ago was educated

He at least said they live pretty long and they need a big tank
Sarah Mae Kroon
Sarah Mae Kroon - 4 years ago
I had one that lived for 5 years...I miss him so much
Caio Favero
Caio Favero - 4 years ago
my Betta Fish lived 7 years
Annika St. Clair
Annika St. Clair - 4 years ago
Anyone else staring at the betta in the backround the whole time? XD
11111111111111111 - 4 years ago
Mine lived for 3 years
Annika Swift
Annika Swift - 4 years ago
I have had my beta fish for more than a year and not one have I let him stay in dirty water. It makes me mad how bad people treat and underestimate the care and needs that beta fish have
MiniTofen - 4 years ago
I had a red male Veiltail Betta named Maul. He lived seven months until he jumped out of the cup I put him in while I cleaned his tank, I miss him. He died two days ago. I have another Veiltail. She's blue and her name is Mouse.
natalie elgert
natalie elgert - 4 years ago
number 6 actually is true for the most part. male bettas make bubble nests when they're ready to mate to prepare for the eggs. most bettas won't do that if they are stressed out or don't feel safe. of course there are probably exceptions though
daily Random
daily Random - 4 years ago
I had my betta fish for 3 years and its still living
Amanda Jo
Amanda Jo - 4 years ago
my mom bought me and my sister betas through our whole childhood cuz she didnt want us to have any other kind of pets (for years i begged for a dog and didnt get my first one until i was 11) and boy we had so many fish that deid so soon, my mom was horrible at keeping fish while me and my sister were too young to do anything, the longest a betta has lived was a beta i had all to myself that i got after my first dog and he lived for two years but after that we never owned fish again, i think it would be cool to have a betta again but my cat would prob eat it
Jenelle Dallaire
Jenelle Dallaire - 4 years ago
hey so I've been keeping betas for quite a while, I currently have 4 happy male betas (my female recently passed from disease treatment and quarantine couldn't save (the "hole in the head" disease)). We use upwards of 60$ worth of treatments and oils for all of our fish, irrelevant I just wanted to let you know we care for them haha. But anyways, I saw you had a male beta with gups, I have a 10g tank w/ a male whos been single his whole life. What are your tho0ughts on adding guppies after he's been alone so long? The tank has lots of plants and a rock cave that my beta has pre claimed haha.
FlameIsBack - 4 years ago
I have a question: I had a betta and he lived for 1 year. I kept the water clean, (we did have snails living with him) fed him well and put medication in the water when he needed it. How did he die? He might have gotten sick ( I was not there when he died(I was a school) my parents took him out cuz he was floating belly-up) (we sold and bought snails from the pet store)
JGO - 4 years ago
You really should keep them in a tank bigger than 10 or 15 gallons. They don't do well in tanks with lots of flow, there not strong swimmers. This doesn't mean that you can keep them in the cup just not giant tanks
Asterix the Gaul
Asterix the Gaul - 4 years ago
Hi Taylor, quick note on the females: I used to work at an aquarium fish warehouse, where we stocked any fresh water species you can think of. We had hundreds of bettas at any given time. The females we kept in 6ft tanks all together, and the males we had to keep in separate jars. If two males ended up in the same water for any reason, they would tear each other apart. The female tanks were mostly peacable. Both can be aggressive, but there is definitely a big difference between them :).
Dark-Stormy- Sky
Dark-Stormy- Sky - 4 years ago
I went to a pet store recently where they kept betta fish in tiny little divided tanks, I was taking a good close look and one was DEAD! I told the lady the fish was dead and she just shrugged and kept walking she didn't even attempt to take the fish out and the little tanks were filthy.....I will never shop there again after that!
Vince L
Vince L - 4 years ago
when they make bubbles, that means they're ready for mating :)
Maria Vasqez
Maria Vasqez - 4 years ago
I know about a few of these, but I've never heard of the few months things. My betas all live no shorter than a year and a half
Jazzy Land
Jazzy Land - 4 years ago
Mi tank has 12liters and 3 beta fish 1m 2f is that OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jazzy Land
Jazzy Land - 4 years ago
Spory i mean OK????????????? PS dunot juge aim a half chek half inglish
PPS im in CZ and im 11and a half
Wrx Sti
Wrx Sti - 4 years ago
Which pet store do you work at? I wana come visit you ohh umm I mean visit the store.
Anna Testorf
Anna Testorf - 4 years ago
I scared that my 1.7 gallon tank isn't big enough for my Betta fish
M W - 4 years ago
that's true a lot of the workers in pet store are experienced.
Elbatsnu - 4 years ago
My first pet was a betta fish and even though I hardly knew about taking care of them, I still cleaned the tank every week, fed the right amount, etc, and my first pet when I was around 7 years old lived for three years :o
Omneya El Sherbini
Omneya El Sherbini - 4 years ago
If you have 2 beta fish usually you're fish tank comes with a devider so put the devider then they won't eat each other
Chico the Human
Chico the Human - 4 years ago
Guys, I saw this petition to improve Bettas quality of life at pet stores by providing larger containers or tanks for them

(I didnt make this petition, I am just sharing it.
Rafael M.
Rafael M. - 4 years ago
most of these are untrue because betta fish are native to southeast Asia , so they lived and are used to murky waters my friend cleans his tak once a month with no filter, why? because betta fish also breathe air, so if ylu betta is on the bottom on the tank taking a little "cat nap" he will go up open his mouth and go back to sleep
Rafael M.
Rafael M. - 4 years ago
most of these of lies and incorrect , but good try!
Francis Smith
Francis Smith - 4 years ago
I have a 40 Gallon tank and I had a Male and a Female Beta along with Tetras. everything was great. Every so often then would chase each other but it just worked. I got lucky. They both had great personality. I loved them so much then after 5 years the male just died and a week later the female died. I tested water. I checked what I did wrong and everything seemed fine. I miss my Betas but I won't get anymore until I am sure I can give them a happy life.
♡ r0uanne ♡
♡ r0uanne ♡ - 4 years ago
Hi Taylor,
I was hoping you could give me some advice on a beta in my home. My mom bought my 16 year old brother a beta fish for his birthday back in March and has been kept in this 11 inch long tank that's about less than half that size with no filter. I tried to tell my parents that he needs a bigger tank but they won't listen and say that he's fine. I always felt so bad that he was stuck in such a small space, but recently I haven't seen him swimming around much. And a lot of today he stayed near the bottom of the tank not moving very much at all. (I'm not sure if he was sleeping or not though)
What should I do ? Do you think he's okay ?
Crankthatyee - 4 years ago
My beta lived for two years. I would have lived longer but my neighbor accidentally killed it.
Jesse Mounts
Jesse Mounts - 4 years ago
I have a betta in a 55gal community tank.
Unicorns 4 Life
Unicorns 4 Life - 4 years ago
It wasn't your fault I didnt watch it till now he was in a tank with a heavy stream of bubbles that killed him I loved him sooo much ❤️
Unicorns 4 Life
Unicorns 4 Life - 4 years ago
My sister watched this and told me about it for my betta he died:(
Darkflametailz - 4 years ago
I have a snail with my betta fish in a good size tank. I love my betta sooooooo much. I am glad this was in my feed.
khenryhector - 4 years ago
You aren't pronouncing their name correctly.. you should practice to pronounce their name betta.
LexieDi - 4 years ago
At Petco earlier and was telling my mom about how shitty it is that they even sell these tiny bowls. I'm planning on getting a 5 or 10 gallon and scaping it with live plants to rescue a Beta from a cup. I tortured enough as a child through my ignorance... I want to give one a good life.
Nature Warrior
Nature Warrior - 4 years ago
"Betta fish are insectivores"
Me: ummm..... But one of my betta fish ate one of my snails and almost ate the one I got her later on, so mine is a carnivore, though she still eats fish food
Nature Warrior
Nature Warrior - 4 years ago
I totally agree with these facts though, I have had my female betta for about 2 1/2 to 3 years now, and my female is AGGRESSIVE, as I said she killed any snail I give her as a friend, and she flares at my new not so vicious make betta, who was curious at first, THEN FLARED because she would flare, they are in separate tanks cause I know that my female would probably end up killing him
Random Gamer123
Random Gamer123 - 4 years ago
My beta fish is 12 months
Panda Vlogs
Panda Vlogs - 4 years ago
My Betta's have always lived for 3 years, yay! That makes me happy!
Spencer Margolis
Spencer Margolis - 4 years ago
Yas queen. I am totally telling my parents that I need a bigger tank or I shouldn't have a beta fish.
Alexis Lowe
Alexis Lowe - 4 years ago
My beautiful blue (forgot his color name) just died :( RIP Blake
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore - 4 years ago
Lol, I feel really bad for keeping my sim's betta fish in a bowl.
Tha Best
Tha Best - 4 years ago
thank u my mom said that it will live in the vase we have with a plant I have and I told my mom it will die like that and it almost died and I yelled at my mom for doing that and the next hour my mom PUT THE PLANT IN THE TANK and I almost killed her
I love animals
I love animals - 4 years ago
One time I was like 4 5 maybe and we were at the fair we were playing little games and I won a gold fish I was soo happy and I choose a gold fish floating upside down I thought it was magic so I choose my mom didn't wanna break the news to me yet and it sat in my room for 1 week before my mom explained the cycle of life for fish at the fair a.k.a she said when their magic like that they are saying flush me down the toilet I'll come back I just wanna ride a roller coaster so we flushed the fish and a week later in my tank my mom got me a new gold fish and said the gold fish was done with its ride I was to and I believed it ....
bobo pineapple
bobo pineapple - 4 years ago
Mine lived for like 3.5 years!
Kara Mitchell
Kara Mitchell - 4 years ago
my betta fish just died :( he was 5/1 D:
david wilinski
david wilinski - 4 years ago
i hate seeing these fish in little fucking jars. I keep 15 Bettas in one 80 gallon aquarium. It's a mix of females and bettas. They never show aggressive behavior like nibbling or even chasing each other. I think if you have a nicely planted aquarium with enough space you can keep Bettas as community fish with other fish and with their own kind. I don't know what the limit is on how many you can keep. AT first I thought as long as each one had their own spot they would be fine but after a while they all started hanging out in one spot and sticking together. I keep a lot of floating plants as well since they like to chill in those. I was going to contact petsmart and petco tell them they can make more money marketing these fish as community fish instead of some oily faced teenager giving me bullshit advice on how i can't keep even two together or they'll tear themselves to shreds.
The Dominus
The Dominus - 4 years ago
You really helped me, i just got a betta fish yesterday with a 1/2 Galon tank with 4 plastic plants and pebbles, for the food, i'm using this Brand called "Omega one" how much pellets should i put? The Ppl in the Pet store said that add 3-4 pellets everyday, and they said the fish will eat them in 30 seconds, and if not, i have to remove the Food, is this true??
Brittany Blank
Brittany Blank - 4 years ago
First of all THANK YOU! I know you posted Last year but I just saw this, thought I knew the basics of how to take care of a betta fish including to be weary of fin rot and scale rot. But you informed me more then my own research told me. Thank you so much! I just got a Female betta and I felt so bad to get her a small cup/tank (seemed cruel) so I got minimum 2.5 gallon tank, with decor, low pressure filter etc. I'm glade to here I did well for her. Thank you for your insight and do not be sorry to offend anyone. People need to deal with facts and other people and if they can't handle it that's not your fault. They just lack in life skills. Good work, keep in up!!
Two Dee
Two Dee - 4 years ago
We have them selling in the new fish store nearby, i really want one so i'm searching things up about these beauties
Antonia Lozada
Antonia Lozada - 4 years ago
Mines lived for 3 years
Michelle marina
Michelle marina - 4 years ago
I have a betta girl who is very aggressive and ate 6 of her tank mates! we say as the Cory's "IM SORRY MRS BELLA
Everyone In The Comments
Everyone In The Comments - 4 years ago
Michelle You shouldn't keep Bettas with other fish.
Deanna Lauchlan
Deanna Lauchlan - 4 years ago
I work at a pet store and we have had one betta which was kept in a fairly large tank, probably slightly larger than yours. And I went to another pet store today and they had 5 males all in those tiny tanks and they were all just laying at the bottom of the tanks. I wanted to free them all. ☹️
Rebekah Samuels
Rebekah Samuels - 4 years ago
Do bettas get lonely by themselves?
Everyone In The Comments
Everyone In The Comments - 4 years ago
Rebekah Samuels No. They are very territorial.
Valeria Ciliezar
Valeria Ciliezar - 4 years ago
I had a betta fish and it lasted a long time but he jumped out of his tank and i dont know whyy
Vanessa Pelayo
Vanessa Pelayo - 4 years ago
I impulsively bought a beautiful betta and a 1 gallon "easy clean" tank... then I saw this video. Three months later, he has a heated and filtered 10 gallon aquarium with live plants and gets along wonderfully with his tank mates
John DeLisio
John DeLisio - 4 years ago
i had a betta is name was 3-d he lived for 3 years
Maribel Viazcan
Maribel Viazcan - 4 years ago
#Will Fish live
PG13 all day
PG13 all day - 4 years ago
had my my betta for 3 years now, and he was a bloody mess when i got him from petmart, so his name is Rambo lol
Emaster 101
Emaster 101 - 4 years ago
Ronge my fish lived about 5 years!!!!!
Emaster 101
Emaster 101 - 4 years ago
It has to be at lest 3 years
Solar System
Solar System - 4 years ago
My beta fish lived for a very long time, 5 or 6 years, I do wish I gave him a bigger tank,
josh Squad
josh Squad - 4 years ago
I take care of my betta fish I love them to death like every time not even my betta fish died the only reason they die is because of how old they get I love my betta fish each tank is 4 gallons that's how much I love them I get them. Hiding space I get them good food I give them blood worms I even took care of one betta fish so good that it lived up to four and a half years and every time I have to flush it down the toilet I pray for it that's how much I love my betta fish
thecraftysailor - 4 years ago
If I want to put my betta in a large tank with other fish should it be tall or long? I'm looking at 2 5 gallon tanks right now that are similar in price while one is tall and the other long. Would a crescent shaped tank also be a good bet?
Probably Not Iron Man
Probably Not Iron Man - 4 years ago
Thissssss! I work at a pet store and I'm constantly lecturing people when they come to the register to buy a betta and a half a gallon tank or even smaller! The most common response I get is "Its for a 4 year old, it's fine" which frustrates me even more. Why would you buy a fish just to kill it? What are you gonna do when your 4 year old is crying bc it's pet died
Meredith Ducote
Meredith Ducote - 4 years ago
Just a heads up I own the betta falls tank. It's pretty cool for shrimp or raising baby bettas or a quarantine tank but full grown Bettas get very bored and stressed in this long term.
Lucy Lydia
Lucy Lydia - 4 years ago
Just a reminder my betta is in a 10 gallon tank.
BTS Child
BTS Child - 4 years ago
I have gotten my Betta fish yesterday I love animals and I just want to thank this channel for teaching me about the important thing in owning pets I own a tux cat a German Shepherd a Betta fish name Paramount and use to have a rabbit, and soon a bird this channel has helped me a lot thank you! -from us all
Lyse - 4 years ago
Why is it your closet?
Everyone In The Comments
Everyone In The Comments - 4 years ago
It isn't. It is in her bedroom.
Troy and tiny And Jones
Troy and tiny And Jones - 4 years ago
My beta lives in a all carnivore group the only carnivore is the guppy put he lives with big tetras and even Turtles (tiny and Troy )
dilciajimenez8 - 4 years ago
??i have a betta fish in a litte cup but there small
Everyone In The Comments
Everyone In The Comments - 4 years ago
dilciajimenez8 That is not good. A betta needs at least a 3 gallon tank.
LittleMiss Unicorn
LittleMiss Unicorn - 4 years ago
I had a beta fish who lived for 6 years Wich is two years over expected because I took as good of care of it as possible and sorta spoiled him
Cynthia Arellano
Cynthia Arellano - 4 years ago
My bata fish lived 3 years but it later got sick and died its name was bluebarry
Tuesday Jeane
Tuesday Jeane - 4 years ago
Mine lived 6 years. YES. SIX STINKING YEARS!!!! She passed away when my nephew got up to the tank and put a bone. With meat. In the tank. He is 5. I couldn't be so so mad but still. I was peed. He loved life
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 4 years ago
My beta fish lived for 5 years,it had a bump on its back and it would let my mom touch it a few weeks later it sank to the bottom
Sesshomarulover39576 - 4 years ago
I do know that when the males also make the bubble nests for breeding as well. I actually had mine in 5 gallon tank and he lived for about 6 yrs
SilverxWolf Gaming
SilverxWolf Gaming - 4 years ago
My aunt named her betta fish Sushi.

Hazelseye aj
Hazelseye aj - 4 years ago
Btw I don't mind them breeding because I will take care of the babies and sell them but I just want to know will the boy and girl fight?
Hazelseye aj
Hazelseye aj - 4 years ago
I have a 10 gallon tank and 1 boy betta fish i am thinking about getting him a girlfriend do you think I will have any problems with them being together?
Everyone In The Comments
Everyone In The Comments - 4 years ago
Itz bbyg anja I would do research about breeding Betta fish.
Richard Quinones
Richard Quinones - 4 years ago
Wow not only you smart but you're hot
peachy - 4 years ago
Well I kept my betta fish in a vase and it lasted 2 1/2 years. I was also 6.
Catz - 4 years ago
I already knew this, but this still makes me sad. My betta, Splatter, has been with me for over a year, and I heard male Bettas are sold at 1 year.. His life might be over soon, and it makes me sad to think
Haley Jones
Haley Jones - 4 years ago
I once got 2 dalmatian molly fish from a petstore. I was only 8 or 9 at the time, so forgive me for my ignorance. I got one male and one female. The employee on the fish isle said that they'd be fine. The male killed the female around midnight 3 days later from starvation. Went back later to get 2 aggressive fish for it to be with, and the employee said that dalmatian molly fish are usually the opposite, that the female was more likely to kill the male. The fish i had did just fine with them, they weren't actually aggressive.
eatthisvr6 - 4 years ago
is it me or is this vid very low frame rate?
Itzhak - 4 years ago
I had a betta fish who lived for five years. He was a good boy but I think I he would get really rowdy at night and swim at surface level
Giselle Moctezuma
Giselle Moctezuma - 4 years ago
I had a betta and it lived to 1 year because I went to california and left my dad in charge of it but he over feed it , it ended up exploding
Hannah Ruddell
Hannah Ruddell - 4 years ago
Mines in a 1 gallon tank and I almost comepletely replace the water every week I hope that's ok I want a bigger tank but my mom won't get me one
Gaawachan - 4 years ago
More often than not, pet "myths" just seem like shitty excuses people use to justify neglecting/abusing their pets.
Reagan Franks Beauty
Reagan Franks Beauty - 4 years ago
I did very good with my betta fish he was my first pet his name was Paz he was so beautiful he was a beautiful mostly blue beta fish and he lived for about a year and a half
Keely Stagg
Keely Stagg - 4 years ago
I feel so bad omg :( I got a beta fish about a month ago and put him in a half gallon tank with some plants. definitely getting a new tank for him asap
Ella Fisher
Ella Fisher - 4 years ago
Keely Stagg same
PhoeIsACat - 4 years ago
Omg a half gallon? Im so glad you found this vid
Vlog Head
Vlog Head - 4 years ago
Keely Stagg I am doing the same now too. Don't worry you aren't the only one.
Jayla White
Jayla White - 4 years ago
How’s he doing now? Did you get the tank
Shawnlyq - 4 years ago
Gogogo! Idk why I'm so excited for your betta LOL.
Lol u Mad bro?
Lol u Mad bro? - 4 years ago
Where’d u get the seashores statue thing in the background
megsavs - 4 years ago
You forgot to mention that when the plant is on top of tank, hard to breathe atmospheric air.
Magicmoonpanda - 4 years ago
RIP:saltwater taffy

(My old betta fish). I know they are freshwater fish don't ask about the name
SaugaGaming - 5 years ago
damn I love to slap her with my dick then force it inside while she screams ow
Elizabeth Goforth
Elizabeth Goforth - 5 years ago
Fish are honestly sometimes hard to take care
Kelsey Ling
Kelsey Ling - 5 years ago
Ik someone in marine bio that keeps hers in a small bowl with no filter but with a bubbler.

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