Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

Do-over. Welding helmet redux. I'm using the auto-filter out of a lincoln welding helmet.

Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc sentiment_very_dissatisfied 47

Betta 3 years ago 128,325 views

Do-over. Welding helmet redux. I'm using the auto-filter out of a lincoln welding helmet.

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for Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

Andrew - 3 years ago
So, the takeaway for me is, you can troll welders with a TV remote
Ulises Gomez
Ulises Gomez - 3 years ago
ToastyMallow-Gaming As a welder I have tried all kinds of auto darkening hoods from the harbor freight cheap ones, Lincoln Electric 3350, and Miller 9400. I sold all of those and went back to an old Jackson flip up hood. Why? Because you can't beat the clarity of a real piece of glass. Also getting replacement lenses is cheap and easy to do so.
Jody Raiford
Jody Raiford - 3 years ago
Seriously! I had to build a side shield into my mask to keep from getting blinked by the freaking safety lights on the carts. If I knew then what I know now, I'd probably have glued an IR filter over the damn things!
InsideOfMyOwnMind - 3 years ago
I wonder if those red lasers that you chase the puddy tat around with are close enough to fake it out.
Doug Ankrum
Doug Ankrum - 3 years ago
....A big the ones we used to get from the dry cleaners....some ox/acet...then a little helium.....tie a 'fuse' to it....light the fuse and let it float night...!
Mickleblade - 3 years ago
you'd probably get shot for real and that'd hurt a bit more than a toy laser.
Clove Worx
Clove Worx - 3 years ago
dronepunk FPV im a pipeliner. Been an iron worker and many other forms. Pipelieners always use a pancake or the pipeliner. But the guys who arent on the row and dont got nothing to prove use auto darkening
Jc Cj
Jc Cj - 3 years ago
Andrew ha!
I’m gonna troll my cousin!!
Sheldon Ross
Sheldon Ross - 3 years ago
Andrew or any flashing light what so ever. Light on a forklift pisses me off eveyday when parked outside my cell.
Dan K
Dan K - 3 years ago
Isolation transformer will help cleaning up the signal. You could try to measure and log the current consumption to get your timing
BumpIn TheNight
BumpIn TheNight - 3 years ago
better to fill a paper bag with 50/50 mix of Oxley acetylene and put it under his workbench
Equiluxe1 - 3 years ago
When I got my first auto helmet back in the early to mid 90's other people also were using them and I did mess with them with a TV remote. another thing that will trigger them is low bay lamps. Back then I paid over £400 for the helmet and another £400 odd for the breathing equipment that went with it.
Roland Anderson
Roland Anderson - 3 years ago
You need one of those "laser tag" guns for kids
Wyatt Roncin
Wyatt Roncin - 3 years ago
Wave your phone infront of them. Odds are the ir distance sensor will do it.
ToastyMallow-Gaming - 3 years ago
he did it in his first auto darkening video this is a 2nd part to that video check it out he does great vids. Makes me miss the days of working out in the shop and dicking around.
dronepunk FPV
dronepunk FPV - 3 years ago
ToastyMallow-Gaming you can check the output of a remote with a camera phone as well. Not sure if he does that in this video as I haven’t finished watching it yet....
dronepunk FPV
dronepunk FPV - 3 years ago
alles klar klaus yes! I’m not sure why either??? Out of the 200+ welders we have ,
I bet only 5 use auto darkening hoods and those 5 are under 25 years old.
ToastyMallow-Gaming - 3 years ago
straight keep a remote in the tool bag ;)
yenja 1
yenja 1 - 3 years ago
Im taking a remote control to work tomorrow
alles klar klaus
alles klar klaus - 3 years ago
dronepunk FPV seriously?
Sicktrickintuner - 3 years ago
Or anything that outputs Infared waves
dronepunk FPV
dronepunk FPV - 3 years ago
Yeah, but most production welders I know use old school “pipe liner” hoods.
Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu - 3 years ago
Frank Gormanns
Frank Gormanns - 3 years ago
Andrew Your smartphone can do that, too
volkscom - 3 years ago
Dislike vid. One star. No sub.
Greg s
Greg s - 3 years ago
I've always wondered what speakers look like when someone is talking or during music. Slowed down I wonder if they move in steps as they move up to produce different sounds.
Matt - 3 years ago
It takes 2 milliseconds for light to travel that distance
Jake G
Jake G - 3 years ago
I'm a younger welder, only 5+ years out of trade school, and one of my favorite thing to tell old welders is I've never NOT used a autodarkening hood. It really chaps there ass when they know I make as much money as them hahahaha.
apefred - 3 years ago
Hello AvE,
I did another approach to measure the time between input pulse (IR) and the time to darken the helmet. I uploaded this video-answer on my channel.

I am using an IR-LED for triggering and then measure the light signal with a small solar-cell. I also compared a cheap one with a proper 3M Speedglas 100 V.

Greetings and have a nice Christmas!
Sarpe - 3 years ago
Could you please test a cheap helmet too, I am talking ebay chinesium here.
Patrick Fennelly
Patrick Fennelly - 3 years ago
IAM&AW was my old union. A sticker was about all I got from them, too.
thebathman - 3 years ago
Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in woman. What do I do now, uncle?

10. comment for Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

brent56and1 - 3 years ago
Not to often you find so much neatness in one video.
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear - 3 years ago
tip for young gamers
auto helmets with grind switch on in side of helmet. if you put ur welding gloves in side it can flick it over.
cut that bastard off flush on weld setting
mike maxwell
mike maxwell - 3 years ago
The winky dink on a forklift will also make the welding helmet flash too.
Robin Turner
Robin Turner - 3 years ago
1:20 a photon of light is both a particle and a wave but never both at the same time...a paradox... Just like this channel. Inexplicable to modern science...
rocky75094 - 3 years ago
Love the dubstep!
evanislost - 3 years ago
Can I ask what brand is that microscope you use sometimes, plugged into your phone?
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
I found out today my mobile phones are putting out IR all the time that are triggering the helmet auto darkening. It turned out it was "proximity sensor" they have near ear speaker on the top of the pones, that use IR. And it is active whether or not making a phone call on my phone, so are they safe? The LCD monitor and TV also triggering the helmet I have.
AlainHubert - 3 years ago
@0:44 " Ultra-Violence, and no, uh, the other one...", wouldn't that be Infra-Roast ?
stager33 - 3 years ago
Ok on second thought
Use a IR led to trigger it
And use a hi out put bright white led
And a photo resister as a sender on the other side

Just a thought
stager33 - 3 years ago
Smell chicken damm you to hell!
stager33 - 3 years ago
Use a strobe to trigger it

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Thomas Hermans
Thomas Hermans - 3 years ago
What is the bit of classical at 1:30 ?
Spicy Mint
Spicy Mint - 3 years ago
8:02 Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in vice.
Joe 30 pack
Joe 30 pack - 3 years ago
If you can't flash yourself, you got no business flashin' anyone else.
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. - 3 years ago
Why don't you just take a capacitor and short it? This is why I think this could help: cables work like antennas, without the welding cables you will have less emission. There could be some hf noise going through your wall power, both the welder and oscilloscope are connected to the same power source.
Then: shield all your oscilloscope cables with alu foil.
Neptune730 - 3 years ago
Where can I find a "Be kind to animals" stick her?
rickyreynolds17 - 3 years ago
Is that a Joy Global Mining sticker on your visor?
evil Bunny
evil Bunny - 3 years ago
god i love you haha the schmoo
Smithii - 3 years ago
Keystone science did a vid on making a shit-cob solar panel with a bunch of leds.
Check the kid out, he's like the Doogie Howser of electrocity, and I don't mean by JUST looks. Wink wink.
John Francis Doe
John Francis Doe - 3 years ago
These seem to have come a long way since the old ones with a big solar cell that directly powered the LCD when hit by the light from the arc. No fancy circuit, no battery, just a basic DC to AC conversion.
Willy Bee
Willy Bee - 3 years ago
Good yob,, when a device converts in both directions, ,, don't they call that a transducer?

30. comment for Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

Senseless Inductor
Senseless Inductor - 3 years ago
Gloves, you melanoma loving nutbag!
edstirling - 3 years ago
could you use two sensors, one behind the screen, one not, and then substract them? the difference should be the light that gets blocked.
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent - 3 years ago
With the old flip lens helmets I would flash myself at least once almost every time I welded. Now I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to welding, and I don't do it very often, so it's very difficult to get back in that rythm that a pro would have. I also suffer from an unsteady hand, so I'm always waiting until the last possible second to flip it down. Then because of my shakes, I accidentally strike an arc and burn my flipping eyeballs every time. I hated those things. Got one of the Harbor Freight special auto ones about 2 years ago and I will NEVER use a flip helmet again. Haven't flashed myself once since.
TreverSlyFox - 3 years ago
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Chickadee! Oh and I guess too Mr. & Mrs. Bumblefucks also. Oh and all the Bumblefucks watchers out there!
Noah Kuzel
Noah Kuzel - 3 years ago
I distinctly recall Mr. Red Green saying that every mans' secret weapon was duct tape, NOT a scope.
Ami sh
Ami sh - 3 years ago
every action has a equal and opposite reaction.
Cooldibs - 3 years ago
Any upcoming BOLTR videos?
Brian C
Brian C - 3 years ago
Does that 100% opacity also apply to those uber cheap chinesium Horror Freight welding masks?
Cree 54
Cree 54 - 3 years ago
Can you break some more tools uncle bumblefuck?Besides the cool techno and arc flashes this one is over my head.
balisticsquirel - 3 years ago
Here's why i choose a passive lens : LCD filters rely on a matrix of floaty crystal doodats to create the darkening effect. And those sound like physical things which in between them would let full light intensity through yet create an overall (general) darkening effect. So individual rods and cones would be getting 'lazered' while the visual field appears dark overall.
Is there any way to test this?
Maybe with a continuous light source in locked location, an LCD filter locked in position, and something like old-school photographic paper to catch the rays coming through? If it 'develops' a pattern of bright spots then there's differential pass-through.
nickym456 - 3 years ago
Are you gonna BOLTR the Vulcan welder ?
Martin Jedrzejewski
Martin Jedrzejewski - 3 years ago
While on the topic of welding ... I have a mobile welding rig, miller trailblazer 325efi. My cables are on alumareels, 125’ of 1/0 cable spooled up on a 12” diameter spool. The manual for the alumareels says to unspool the entire length of cable when welding. Am I destroying my equipment if the cables are left on the spools and I’m only pulling out what I need to reach my work? If I’m running at 130 amps I don’t bother to un spool the cables but at 180 amps I do. Am I doing damage to my machine?
Martin Jedrzejewski
Martin Jedrzejewski - 3 years ago
John Francis Doe , I am aware of the heat issue. If it’s a hot summer day I unspool all 120’ even if I’m welding off my tailgate. The positive and negative are on separate spools, 4’ away from each other. Am I creating a MRI effect on my pliance? Cables are approximately wrapped 14 per layer and 4or so layers deep on the spools, the centre of the spool is a 3” diameter pvc pipe. Heat issue aside do you think I am damaging my welding machine by not unspooling every time I weld even if it’s only at 130 amps?
John Francis Doe
John Francis Doe - 3 years ago
Martin Jedrzejewski The cables heat up from all the ekectrocity running through them. If still packed densely on a spool, they get hotter and the plastic isolation will wear out faster (or in extreme cases catch fire). If the forward and return wires are wound separately (not together) there's also the magnetic field being multiplied by the number of turns around the spool, but I guess that's less important than the usual heat issue.
Logan M.
Logan M. - 3 years ago
If I had a nickel every time I got distracted thinking about boobies and forgot to switch from grind to weld...
random consumer
random consumer - 3 years ago
Couldn't tell you how many times i was thinking about boobies and arch flashed myself. Son of a diddley
Darren Dignam
Darren Dignam - 3 years ago
If it is triggered by an IR LED, why not use an IR LED from a TV remote and and the complimentary receiver behind the visor, two channels on the scope - one for sensing the source and then the other to see the response???? Plus take the jeeslus thing apaaart and probe the frig out of it!?

Merry Christmas from Londinium!!!!

Just read down the comments, but I already typed the damn thing, but yes - others have suggested the same.
ricardo / lossy
ricardo / lossy - 3 years ago
Can please make a video on how to or if can be done make a power wheels run on a Milwaukee tool battery I would greatly appreciate it ...
Lesliec8 - 3 years ago
Re: No UV detector. f I'm not mistaken neon indicator lamps (ne-2, etc..) are UV sensitive - think relaxation oscillator as a flame detector, though admittedly that doesn't appear to make sense given their glass envelope.
Manos Deltas
Manos Deltas - 3 years ago
I think that 2ms is not 2 frames as you said.
Jayson Lorenzon
Jayson Lorenzon - 3 years ago
What happens if the glass is cracked. Because we all know they get dropped from time to time.
justensr harmon
justensr harmon - 3 years ago
You don't put your d**k in another man's vice

50. comment for Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

derrick felix
derrick felix - 3 years ago
Master micro fuc' merry. Are you saying the delay in engaging the manual shades, proves to negative to the response of the digital electronic system? Hope not to see you before the new year cheers.
aezif dhom
aezif dhom - 3 years ago
Im so impressed by your mastery of speach everytime i watch your video. Wish i can speak that good. Btw english is my 2nd language.
Brad Knowlton
Brad Knowlton - 3 years ago
Why not flash an ir led in short bursts to see how long of a burst it requires to darken? Will a burst of less then 2 ms trigger the darkening?
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson - 3 years ago
Happy Christmas AvE , all the best to you and your family .......
Sander vandijk
Sander vandijk - 3 years ago
Your cell phone is a infrarode detector.
JC Superstars
JC Superstars - 3 years ago
From miller's website, copy/pasted from their high end helmet.
Electromagnetic arc sensing
One available helmet technology that can help improve productivity is electromagnetic arc sensing. This option can be especially beneficial for outdoor welding or in applications where the welding operator has an obstructed view.

On helmets without this technology, the position of the welding operator’s head or an obstruction can block the sensors on the lens, preventing the lens from darkening. Bright sunlight during outdoor welding applications can also cause the lens to darken before the operator is ready.

With electromagnetic arc sensing, the sensor picks up the magnetic frequency of the welding arc to eliminate any interference issues. The lens will darken only during welding and stays dark throughout the process — even in bright sunlight or when there are obstacles between the sensor and the arc. This reduces operator downtime for helmet adjustments or repositioning of the work piece.
Teunbaartman1 - 3 years ago
"is it a particle or is it a wave" it is both actually...........
Maxx B
Maxx B - 3 years ago
Today I learnt stuff. Thanks uncle Bumblefluff.
Dan F.
Dan F. - 3 years ago
See if Taufladermous, (or however he spells that...) will film the same sparks with his mega slow-mo camera.
Abom79 - 3 years ago
The comments that I always overhear is “don’t trust your eyes to those Chinese low cost welding hoods” buy something named brand. So what I’d like to know is, is there any difference in eye protection between a low cost import and a high cost Miller, Lincoln, or 3m.
Thanks for sharing!
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
I would look for ANSI Z87.1 certification for piece of mind, as long as they are not lying about it.
Radek Cluster
Radek Cluster - 3 years ago
Abom79 Yes, I have the same question. My quite cheap auto darkening helmet is now broken and I'm using a passive one. I would like to really know if those cheaper are really bad for our eyes.
David Chester
David Chester - 3 years ago
Oh FFS AvE, close but no cookie. You established in the last vid that it can be triggered by a IR led, you used 2 IR led as detectors but did not think to use a IR led as the trigger (no need for cocking around with making a filter). Imagine this: 1 IR led transmitter mounted 3 inch from 1 IR led detector with both being hooked up to the e-smellascope. Turn on led and note the delay in the receiver, put the filer in between the two and repeat..... done. No need for playing with the noisy high voltage electron spitting phallic substitute.
GaryBlack - 3 years ago
@1:18 It's a wave when not observing it and a particle when observing it. Everything is made of waves, it's only when you look closely we observe particles
jimmytechnologies - 3 years ago
That prayer had me spraying beer out of my nose with laughter you brilliant bastard Happy Festivus
Doug Ankrum
Doug Ankrum - 3 years ago
...How about  a clock signal...running an LED at say...1 megahertz....then using a photo-diode on the scope input? 'trigger' the welding lens with an arc....then count the number of pulses on the scope screen....
Petr Hošek
Petr Hošek - 3 years ago
You could use the IR LED to trigger the shield instead of the welder (plug the voltage on the LED to one channel of the osmelloscope) and measure transmittance using a source of visible light (and hook it to the other channel).
George Tsiros
George Tsiros - 3 years ago
"is it a particle or is it a wave?" it's neither. It is what it is. "particle" and "wave" are words that describe phenomena that are familiar to us in the macroscopic world. They don't make much actual sense in the quantum level or even the atom level (friend of mine says intra-molecular interactions are also mostly quantum-based so maybe even at the molecule level), where 'stuff' behaves as it does behave.
Danny Boel
Danny Boel - 3 years ago
Arm Futon torpedoes! :)
Almujtaba Osama
Almujtaba Osama - 3 years ago
These ultravilont rays won't stop bullying me
ihbtd - 3 years ago
Ultraviolence and InfraRage
TomJesKom - 3 years ago
Please teach us the whole prayer that you started at 1:34.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee - 3 years ago
Don't look at the pretty blue lights!
iselldank - 3 years ago
Wow. That music made my nose bleed. Aside from that I now have to patch up some holes in the drywall and replace every piece of of furniture
Kai - 3 years ago
Was that a K&P reference?
Kool Hed
Kool Hed - 3 years ago
Ultra violence... :)
Wyatt Sprague
Wyatt Sprague - 3 years ago
Nice sermonitography and word fusion shmoossery, Merry Christmas from Massamachoosetts
Jeremy deWolfe
Jeremy deWolfe - 3 years ago
Gotta. Buy. A. Vise.
parity bit 0
parity bit 0 - 3 years ago
do you suppose the delay could be in the liquid crystal itself?
Jake Heuft
Jake Heuft - 3 years ago
That was a truly beautiful prayer :)
BC4Lyphe - 3 years ago
god ave dont u no anythang. i wuzzant waring my welders hat and my eyes got burnt watching welding on the screen. im gonna bee sueing!
Andrew Foss
Andrew Foss - 3 years ago
Something's wrong with your high-speed camera: It sounds like Optimus Prime fucking a dishwasher.
princebatswater - 3 years ago
I'm not a real welder. I just found this.
Ryan Huelsman
Ryan Huelsman - 3 years ago
Thats right kids you heard it here first ! Light emiting diodes work both ways :p just like all other diodes !
NOCAREBEAR - 3 years ago
Beavers bite. You seen the size of those teeth?
Zeus Apollo
Zeus Apollo - 3 years ago
Viva la cinema
TheChipmunk2008 - 3 years ago
'the other one' from ultraviolence, is infradread. Merry christmas to you, the chickadee and the sewing room owner :)
Neal Baskin
Neal Baskin - 3 years ago
I had one that would shade out from noise of a air grinder. Trick to keep all but that one from triggering while grinding was a piece of masking tape over the sensors.
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews - 3 years ago
Pure filth dub at the mate. Yeeeeeew
BarackBananabama - 3 years ago
Be kind to beavers. I mean beavers, you animal.
Crohkor Threetoes
Crohkor Threetoes - 3 years ago
Closer to a wave than a particle. It travels in spirals ;)
FXM - 3 years ago
Usually, I have some clue what you are talking about. Others, I am very much lacking in the clues. This is one of the later. Still fun to watch, though. Rock on, dude.
Michael Biron
Michael Biron - 3 years ago
"ultraviolence" LOL
Migueldeservantes - 3 years ago
Sell me that dam Mini Chainsaw!! Dam it!! I really one one for Christmas
Troy Graham
Troy Graham - 3 years ago
Any way you could test the fleabay special helmets? UV/IR/Shade Speed. For those of us that like to buy things more than once haha
Donz Milky
Donz Milky - 3 years ago
But how fast does it undarken?
charles worton
charles worton - 3 years ago
Ahh, so the censored footage breaks forth to see the light of day! I figured it was a technical error, not a human induced malfeasance. Never occurred to me that AvE himself would screw up.
Then again, I once broke my hand doing something stupid. That little adventure screwed up my sex life for months. Stupidity hath consequences.
kurt O'Connor
kurt O'Connor - 3 years ago
Hey!!! Merry Christmas uncle bumblefuck!!!
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
x9x9x9x9x9 - 3 years ago
Oh my god I just realized we will be getting the christmas heroin story in just a few days. Wow that will be my third year listening to it. But I just went back to look for it from last year and the year before and those videos are gone?
advance9572 - 3 years ago
Pissing with the cock we got..
MusicBent - 3 years ago
"We wretched supplicants at the altar of molten metal,
her glorious electrons warm the sacred work.
Her two prophets wise, Lincoln and Miller, may they forever ark.
Blessed be the apprenti for they schlep the tools and warm the lunches.
Blessed be the journeyman for they scribe the sacred ruins.
Thank you brother Brian for your enlighten..."

Brian Garrow (who previously commented 8 hours before me) claims this is a quote of something he has said. Unconfirmed. Will update if he responds, or if I learn more of its source.
AuMechanic - 3 years ago
Well there you go, and wherever you go to, there you are.

100. comment for Auto-Darkening Filter in slow motion | 2 milliseconds of weld arc

TylerLeeds111 - 3 years ago
The method used in those masks for blocking visible spectrum light is most likely an LCD panel. Specifically, it's most likely a TN type (Twisted Nematic) LCD because they're cheap and have the fastest switching time.

An LCD consists of chains of crystals floating in a liquid. The crystal geometry means that they're translucent (ish) in one phase but nearly opaque when twisted 90 degrees. A voltage causes the crystals to twist but that's not instantaneous. 2ms is actually pretty fast. The amount of voltage dictates the amount of twist and thus the amount of light passed by the panel.

2ms is also periously close to the single-frame time of that RX100 at 240FPS. Probably too close to rely on the results.

Could you use a photocell (like from a nightlight) and put it behind the welding glass. Hook it to your Oscilliscope and you should be able to measure the time between voltage peak and fall-off to determine the switching time on the panel.
Nevin Williams
Nevin Williams - 3 years ago
How about using two detector diodes on two different inputs (If you have 'em)  One that's unshaded and one that's behind the mask...?
Scott Yeager
Scott Yeager - 3 years ago
We gonna get some Bill Burroughs this year??
AvE - 3 years ago
+Scott Yeager i keep getting copywronged. Dangerous game that. I'll think of something.
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin - 3 years ago
If the shade never transmits any IR or UV how do you expect to test it using an IR LED as a detector? The detector behind the shade will never have anything to detect.

Also, to avoid the noise, use an IR LED to trigger the shade rather than the welder.

So, on the front place an IR and visible LED in parallel side-by-side, and behind the shade place a visible light detector. Point the IR LED at the shade's sensor, and the visible LED at your sensor through the shade. Cover the mess to avoid stray light. Turn on the power to the IR/Visible pair and also trigger the scope. Show the result of the visible detector on the scope.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones - 3 years ago
Is there a difference between the cheapo vs high end electronical ones?
Gordon F
Gordon F - 3 years ago
I tried to put a futon into an led... The led broke
Gordon Lawrence
Gordon Lawrence - 3 years ago
A "BPW24" is sensitive between 300 and 1100nm. Suitable passive filtering would turn it in effect into a UV sensor and all you would need is a reasonably fast comparator and you could get 100ns resolution. I can put together a circuit diagram if you want the idea as long as it ends up public domain.
sixty8fury - 3 years ago
I was always sceptical of the auto darkening shades. I might go buy one now. Thanks for the info. How about testing a harbor fright and compare the reaction times.
the upscriber
the upscriber - 3 years ago
Why has every manufacturer went to solid state electronics with computers, chips, capacitors etc even on the most simple tools? Why not just run current through a switch directly to the tool's motor? Seems like a lot less exes way to manufacture tools and flashlights.
HunterDevastator - 3 years ago
Lol. When you use a run out dial as a camera stand.
Charles Hettrick
Charles Hettrick - 3 years ago
Maybe the osmelliscope is Tianhe-3, considering the difficulty & slow speed using Tisnhe-2. Spent many years in Tianhe. Massively better today & fairly exciting now
opopo - 3 years ago
@AvE you crusty bumblefu k. Since it turns on with ir... use an ir led to turn it on... and if you want. Measure then... use high power ir led. If you want.
WTF happened to "Just works both ways"??
dtec30 - 3 years ago
As a.former welder things we shoulda known years ago lol merry Christmas ave
beyondstrength81 - 3 years ago
Should've used the TV remote to trigger the helmet for the measurement. Same effect, but without the noise of the welder.
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
The standards on the requirements and how to test and all that available here, ansi z87.1 standard. Compliance is voluntary not obligatory wikipedia article says, if that is true.
mephInc - 3 years ago
Oddly..The only time dubstep ever sounded good.
Eddymatch 14
Eddymatch 14 - 3 years ago
Must you rename everything!?
B. A. Lineman
B. A. Lineman - 3 years ago
Could not help but notice the boilermakers sticker on your welding hood... My dad retired with 33 years of service... R.I.P. "Dimples"
WineScrounger - 3 years ago
Some of my auto masks have darkened down even when the TIG failed to strike. Do some of them detect RF from the high frequency igniter?
Nexfero - 3 years ago
You should try pulling the IR sensors out of that knockoff Atari you bought a few years back and use that instead of an LED
Giovanni Rizzi
Giovanni Rizzi - 3 years ago
Ok. I guess you are done with this, but you could use a white LED and a IR LED as source instead of the welder. It will trigger the filter and avoid the noise.
mike spence
mike spence - 3 years ago
Is everyone familiar with Norm Macdonald's 'welder joke'?
Wolf Coyote
Wolf Coyote - 3 years ago
"Welcome to the shop gentleman and welders" haha so true my uncles a welder best source for dirty jokes
Jennifer White
Jennifer White - 3 years ago
really sound like your pulling our leg again lol
keep the great work up
Merry Christmas to your family and your self-enjoy
Wil Hobbs
Wil Hobbs - 3 years ago
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
The specs for that very tested auto darkening filter (Vista 3000) is avaliable at:
Which lists 0.1 msecs light to dark time. It also has this: Slow to darken:
• If the filter has not been used for a day or more, the circuitry will
enter a sleep mode. It will wake up when tested or when you begin
welding. Note that the first time, it may darken to a lighter shade
even though set for a darker shade. After the first time, it will darken
to the correct shade setting every time. It is recommended to
test your ADF prior to welding.
• Colder temperatures can slow the switching speed of any ADF.
Once the helmet warms up from the welding process, the switching
will increase to rated speeds.

So I don't think the high speed camera is up to task to measure its reaction time when it is warm and operating as it should. Your measuring different times is indication to this I think, because on time should be same regardless of the "delay" setting. And this Vista 3000 is actually not a fast one. I have a lowly Lowe's Kobalt for my once or twice in life time usage, it lists 50 micro seconds light to dark time. And the visible light spectrum can hurt your eyes too, in the end they are all photons and have energy.
corry laich
corry laich - 3 years ago
Did anyone else cringe when the splatter bounced off the scope. Also Xmas poem can't wait.
Petter olofsson
Petter olofsson - 3 years ago
corry laich yeeeep
Clay More
Clay More - 3 years ago
5:00 is that sticker on a t-shirt?
Coffreek - 3 years ago
It is a particle AND a wave, until you observe it.
david helmuth
david helmuth - 3 years ago
Pet a beaver today...
Reminds me of the dirtiest words ever uttered on TV.
Gee Wally you were a little hard on the beaver last night!!!
colten stinnett
colten stinnett - 3 years ago
Hey AvE what high speed camera do you use thanks bud.
Matthew Chastain
Matthew Chastain - 3 years ago
That techno dance music really made the video for me.
vreference - 3 years ago
So did that permanently damage the camera? If so are we buying that it was (visible range) photons alone that did it?
H0dor - 3 years ago
I always flash myself when I stick weld. I don't very much when I MIG. And I use a static lens hood.
H0dor - 3 years ago
texasdee slinglead yeah normally I won’t flash my self as much as I do with autodarkening but then yet I want to go through and get my certifications. But I am ok with stick I just touch the rod to the steel and cook my eyes
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
H0dor I'm a lowly hobbiest welder . I lose my mind trying to strike the stick in the weld with a flipper type. My coordination sucks , I guess. End up with dots everywhere but the weld . do one heck of a lot better with my auto .
Taken Too Seriously
Taken Too Seriously - 3 years ago
That ain't half bad for science
Lam - 3 years ago
Dubstep in 2017, good thing it's not next week when it would be a year worse still!
Niksu Kortesmaa
Niksu Kortesmaa - 3 years ago
Just an aspect, but my quickie mask has the sensor above the window, so often when doing car body work, the sensor is shaded by the work, but you end up flashing yerself. Important-ish aspect when choosing your mask... The kind of work will dictate this...
Brad Miles
Brad Miles - 3 years ago
I thought the Handy mans Secret weapon was Duct Tape?
TR P - 3 years ago
“Gentlemen and Welders” = best intro ever
Zzyzx Wolfe
Zzyzx Wolfe - 3 years ago
AvE, where GRIND MODE refers both to the welding helmet and the music.
Eric Steel
Eric Steel - 3 years ago
he said BEAVER
osubuckeye502 - 3 years ago
Do these run on battery?
Brad Miles
Brad Miles - 3 years ago
Yes, usually AAA
Eric Steel
Eric Steel - 3 years ago
Dude my dicks hard!!!
Nate B.
Nate B. - 3 years ago
You callin photons "futons" made me laugh way too fuckin' hard.
FunKey MonKey
FunKey MonKey - 3 years ago
Thumbs up at 6:30
Bryce Piper
Bryce Piper - 3 years ago
The "delay" on auto-darkening lenses controls how long the lens stays dark after you stop welding, not how quickly it darkens initially.
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
Correct. The "light to dark" is same and from what I have been reading in the provided specs are in the order of sub milisecs. The very lense he is testing has 100 micro sec light to dark time listed. Newer ones list 50 micro seconds or even less light to dark times.
Justin Vodden
Justin Vodden - 3 years ago
was that DJ music during the montage, or is that just how the Vulcan sounds when slowed down?
Epice - 3 years ago
Use two "sensors", one behind the shade and one not? If you can figure out how to deal with the electrical noise that is.
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ostrom - 3 years ago
kinda want to test a human eyelid on that machine....
Cory Halvorson
Cory Halvorson - 3 years ago
have you taken a gander at It's pretty good
Mickleblade - 3 years ago
Mickleblade - 3 years ago
awesome, but ya forgot Skandahooligans
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
Cory Halvorson holy smokes , which one of you !? Bad ass all the way.
Crimson Halo
Crimson Halo - 3 years ago
"What happens if they put futons in?" The better question: HOW do they put futons in that thing? There's a crowbar and a bottle of Astroglide involved, isn't there?
MinProcEng1 - 3 years ago
Of course someone lazy like me could go to the Lincoln website, find the im948.pdf manual on the auto-darkening filter cartridge and read that the light to dark specification is 0.1ms.
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
MinProcEng1 just don't go to hazard fraught for "tech specs" . you'd think you found miracle grade tools . just sayin.
Ryan Malin
Ryan Malin - 3 years ago
I had a auto dim helmet and used it for years. I do have lots of floaters in my eyes but I think it's from brazing copper. I can say my auto dim helmet quickly became the most popular option in the shop. Hazard fraud, not tea bag
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
Ryan Malin brazing copper is deceptively destructive. I tried wearing the brazing goggles, they suck. You a plumber doing medgas?
MightyRude - 3 years ago
You can skry a crystal ball or a black mirror but you cant skry runes (you devine runes)
MightyRude - 3 years ago
John Francis Doe
Skrying: a way to view other worlds or dimensions (like the past or future) this is done by indirectly looking at a black mirror or crystal ball
Devining: a way to predict the future or verify the past or present this is done by using methods like runes, a pendulum, cards, palm reading, ghost writing, charms, bone reading, reading tea or coffee goo etc.
John Francis Doe
John Francis Doe - 3 years ago
MightyRude Reading vs. writing I guess. Around here they used to "roast the runes" when writing.
JobbityGifford - 3 years ago
No ultra violence, and no....the other one
bdot02 - 3 years ago
I need more Arduino vs evil!
sponkii - 3 years ago
Hey Ave. Nice test, big fan of the practical approach..
You also have a huge amount of visible light, how about two tiny solar cells as sensors?
A few cents for improving the filter and testing with the o-smell-oscope..
When dealing with low signal strengths like IR leds as sources, then use film or ceramic capacitors, and pF to nF cap values, this allows the tiny currents from the led to charge the capacity.
Elia Deck
Elia Deck - 3 years ago
Dubstep in an ave video? The world just gets stranger by the day
C Swenson
C Swenson - 3 years ago
pretty friggin smart eh?
movax20h - 3 years ago
I do not know why, but this is probably best AvE vidjeo ever. Oh wait. I am drunk. Still, level of meta is high in this one.
Beefchicken Industries
Beefchicken Industries - 3 years ago
I worked for a guy for 12 years. Just about every day that bastard played the old "gentleman" gag with me.
Random Mcranderson
Random Mcranderson - 3 years ago
You should look into which colour LED you were using, and what wavelengths its sensitive too. You might just need to use a different colour/composition LED. L

Light is discrete particles that act like a wave due to quantum fuckery.
Grish Guillotine
Grish Guillotine - 3 years ago
grind mode, arc flash...fuck'n bass drop
DINOMITE22 - 3 years ago
you should compare different brands. i work with 3m speedglas and would like to know what my total exposure has been over the last 15,000 hours
Faszinated - 3 years ago
Can i get pixies from shining light on a LED??
David Chester
David Chester - 3 years ago
Yes but not many
arose460 - 3 years ago
lmao that music
double0prime - 3 years ago
Hey just curious as an engineer you had to study some biology. Do you believe in evolution and if so what's your opinion on people that dont believe in it at all and how would you try to convince them even after going through all the lines of evidence with them they don't believe in facts and evidence
Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner - 3 years ago
Question? If you set up 1 IR detector behind the mask and 1 of to the side, wouldn't the one behind the mask never sense anything? I thought the mask blocks 100% IR even if it's not activated.
I think all you need is a photodetector behind it. It will spike as the visible light from the welder reaches it and dim when the mask activates
Jason Hendrix
Jason Hendrix - 3 years ago
Highballs... that's awesome
Snarlie - 3 years ago
Why is it my helmet triggers with the sun but does not hold.
Boss Nacho FPV
Boss Nacho FPV - 3 years ago
Hey ave , long time lurker , first time commenter, but in regards to your filter setup, and specifically the capacitor, I’ve learned in my few years of building performance racing drones , which are very susceptible to noise , the length of the capacitor leads is not supposed to exceed more than 1mm, and wires are suggested if you need the length. Reason being is , those leads have a ton of resistance and only are really effective at >1mm, as typically they are intended for surface mount
Boss Nacho FPV
Boss Nacho FPV - 3 years ago
John Francis Doe tips hats. Thanks for the info bud! I’m still learning obviously
John Francis Doe
John Francis Doe - 3 years ago
Boss Nacho FPV The only ones intended for surface mount are the ones with surface mount pads instead of legs. The legged ones are either for general use or for through hole mount through a board which is up to 2.5mm thick, though 1.6mm (1/16 ") is the most common. Anyways, the resistance in his setup is dwarfed by the actual resistors and his biggest problem is probably the magnetic pickup by the area of the gap between his wires.
Dru Bradley
Dru Bradley - 3 years ago
Merry Christmas, Bossman.... That is if the "cold people" do that sort of thing up there...
cdawson198600 - 3 years ago
Nice pixie gun
Peter Bowater
Peter Bowater - 3 years ago
... A cheaper helmet, I was under the impression it was UV triggered, any idea if pro/consumer shields are made differently?
Grant Haggard
Grant Haggard - 3 years ago
Did you work for Joy? We work on them at my place of the work.
a salted
a salted - 3 years ago
I'm confused by this whole slow and fast setting that you're talking about and I've been a welder for almost 20 years. The only thing I can think of is the delay setting which only affects how fast the lens returns to clear after you finish. I've never used a Lincoln hood either so that might be it too. Only Jackson for me. Anyways love your channel man. Keep up the good work
Andy Reynolds
Andy Reynolds - 3 years ago
More useful than a useful thing on a useful day, cheers
vasyapupken - 3 years ago
if you have an electrical noise problem - just don't use actual welder.
you can trigger it by IR diode. (plug it to the oscilloscope generator chanel)
and for shield - use photo diode and flashlight.
(so on the one chanel you have a setup that measures shield opacity for visible light. and on the generator chanel is a trigger fo shield)
Luke Noakes
Luke Noakes - 3 years ago
If a remote can trigger the autoshade.... Why not use the remote as the trigger and not the welder for you test? Less noise from the remote i would think.
Yexzy01 - 3 years ago
Helmets are for football players
David Kinch
David Kinch - 3 years ago
It just so happens I replaced a UV sensor in a Commercial boiler today. If you want the old one it’s all yours. (Works... kinda, expect at 3am when people want heat)
Peter Nordberg
Peter Nordberg - 3 years ago
What about a Faraday cage around the electronical gizmos? Keep the noise out in the first place rather than filter it.

Though not sure the LED scheme would work if the visor blocks IR when open. Anyhow, merry Christmas and all that jazz. Or blues, or whatever.
atcpowers5 - 3 years ago
BOLTR: Horrible Freight Auto-Darkening Helmet  VS  pancake hood
olleollesson11 - 3 years ago
If you put one UV-led directly and one behind the shield you ain't going to get a signal from the one behind the shield due to the shield always shielding UV no matter it's triggered or not.
But if a noise free environment is achieved I guess you can just amplify to compensate for the filter, but then again a welder is not a perfect apparatus for a noise free environment :-)
riesmoos - 3 years ago
Nice video. YTer electronupdate uses solar cells from cheap calculators as light sensors in combination with the scope to detect (non)visible flicker of LED's in his teardown videos. That's a pretty high speed application.
The solar cells output a usable voltage to detect by oscilloscope. I'm not sure if it's high enough to get above the noise of that welder. I have not tried it for myself. Thank you for your uploads.
Jason Boyers
Jason Boyers - 3 years ago
Thought this may steer ya the right direction for your filter. Farads for high pass Henries for low pass.
Wyatt Roncin
Wyatt Roncin - 3 years ago
Mmmm. Stock musac.
OtisspunkmeyerAxiomChannel - 3 years ago
its neither a particle or a wave its a fractal multidimensional toroidal nature , everything is sound and magnetism gravity doesn't exist
Erika Graziano
Erika Graziano - 3 years ago
This lady enjoys your videos but not as much as my husband Steve. Maybe you can shout him out in your next video?
newt3k - 3 years ago
I get to thinkin' about bringin' the ruckus AND boobies all the time. This vidjaya is for me.
Douglas Kryder
Douglas Kryder - 3 years ago
what i got from your excellent videos was, you only have 2 eyes, treat them as you wish, but no complaining when you end up blind. thanks.
Kettle Vale
Kettle Vale - 3 years ago
Lot of AvE vids lately! Cool thanks!
Anthon de Vries
Anthon de Vries - 3 years ago
your cellphone camera is a infra red detector. check it out, the easyest way to check for dead remote batteries.
WRENCHDOTCO - 3 years ago
Where can a guy get a beautiful sticker like you have on your O'smellescope?
ETR - 3 years ago
Hey Uncle Bumblefuck , how about a craptacular one made from chinesium , are those save to use ? Because its this Lincoln one is too fancy for a homegamer.
ytxstream - 3 years ago
that scope has built in digital filter functionality you f....
Luther Soules
Luther Soules - 3 years ago
I am entirely floored that you can measure an electrical output when you shine a light at an LED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard V Sassoon
Richard V Sassoon - 3 years ago
IR infra-red and UV Ultra-why I left it up
YourDailyDrew - 3 years ago
Kiddo in the snow> welding footage any day. Glad to see another proud papa
ben c
ben c - 3 years ago
Great video. That "delay" dial sets how long before the shade goes light again after you stop welding not how quickly it goes dark when you start. Sometimes if you're welding with quite a bit of heat it can stay quite bright white hot for a half second or so so you turn up the delay.
onlychevys Williams
onlychevys Williams - 3 years ago
Frog Snack's! lol
tdej80 - 3 years ago
Thanks for another great video and Merry Christmas to all!
Steve Waldorff
Steve Waldorff - 3 years ago
After having 2 first gen auto dark shields fail while welding, I went back to nod and drop, and never looked at an auto shield again.
angusandleigh - 3 years ago
...ahh an old Joy compressor sticker...haven't seen one of those in a long time...I do think I still have one up in the garage with the Gardner Denver old tag...even have some parts and the air end from an old Jpy TwistAir 15hp screw..
ThePeachJames - 3 years ago
The Joy was as reliable as frick...I'm not too sure about post fire, but until the, 1 outage in 10 years ! (and the time someone turned it off...and filled the control system with fuel. That was no fucking fun way to spend xmas day 2002, swabbing out an air drier full of diesel. Thanks Butch !)
Crude Operator
Crude Operator - 3 years ago
anywan up for estemagurgling the approximasted power transferromated by the schmall arculation?
Krautastic - 3 years ago
So can I weld with my eclipse glasses if I want a wicked tan?
bjb201040 - 3 years ago
You don't know if you can sow, until you know that you can hoe...
Sharky - 3 years ago
to the delay thing, its not related to any noise filtering at all, it simply is the LCD screen (wich is the thing that makes it dark) needing time to switch on. 1-2 ms is realisticly the fastest you gonna get out of an usual lcd screen. but doesnt really matter, even if it were 10 ms time, there would be no harm since as you found out, all radiation gets blocked anyways weather the filter is triggering or not. may get uncomfortable because you get that visible light flash all the time, but i bet 10ms are not enough to really notice
emailschrott - 3 years ago
Jup angry pixies need a millisecond to push the crystals into submission... nicely explained i.e. On the thorlabs website if you search for full wave liquid crystal retards ... ähm... retarders
Brad Gould
Brad Gould - 3 years ago
I think Sharky is right on with this. Liquid Crystals need to be given angry pixies and some thinking time before they consider changing orientation.
Sharky - 3 years ago
you also cant compare one 200ms flash to 100 2 ms flashes, because your eye will dissipate the heat from a 2 ms flash in no time but one 200ms flash could potentially hurt more. i mean, its an eye, its made to absorb light to a certain extend, you dont run around with a welding helmet when going to a bbq in sunny weather conditions... but it would still be funny to do so!
Kalle Pihlajasaari
Kalle Pihlajasaari - 3 years ago
Even visible light is bad for you when it is very bright. It is good to keep it as short a flash as possible. However the occasional flash of 200ms with a manual glass is much worse than 100 flashes at 2ms with the auto units. Also much more likely.
Derek Todd
Derek Todd - 3 years ago
A month of Sundays. A typical Tyrone phrase. Happy Christmas and happy new year to you from Derek Todd in CLOGHER. NORTHERN IRELAND.
George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle - 3 years ago
lets give her a try
Matthew Sprigings
Matthew Sprigings - 3 years ago
Could you test a cheap and nasty hazard fraught visor? I find with mine if I don’t blink as I strike the arc I end up with a spot in my vision for a few hours.
Grandma's Malibu
Grandma's Malibu - 3 years ago
This explains why futons and LEDs started to come into the market in a big way at about the same time. LEDs output futons. It makes sense when you think about it. Thanks, AvE! I learn something new every day.
chas williams
chas williams - 3 years ago
2ms isn't too bad. That's 480HZ. LCD TV's are now readily available with a 240HZ refresh rate, so the numbers don't seem out of line.
PhaseP1 - 3 years ago
That is apples to eggs comparison. The TV refresh rate is challenging due to the number of pixels it has to refresh, i.e the whole picture needs to change with each. These filters are going from off to on in whole display at once. The specs given for these are actually sub miliseconds. I read somewhere actually they have to provide the light to dark delay specs to be able to sell in US, so they all have them listed in the product manuals what not. You can google and find.
Przemek Mikołajczyk
Przemek Mikołajczyk - 3 years ago
The low pass filter in math operation would not help? Or is it noise in trigger signal?
oooohyea2121 - 3 years ago
Where can i get these stickers??
Sharky - 3 years ago
first time i used a welder and a radio in the same room i almost made shit my pants because it suddenly sounded like a fuckin nuclear meltdown happening in the garden
asullivan50i - 3 years ago
Im off to buy a bigger vice!
Robert Brislin
Robert Brislin - 3 years ago
1:22 was that an oscillo-joke.
George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle - 3 years ago
I love futons
Jon Dresser
Jon Dresser - 3 years ago
Dammit ave, inject a clip of the kid frolicking while you narrate the video you were supposed to have taken.
George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle - 3 years ago
potatovision ftw
Mr. Poopy Butthole
Mr. Poopy Butthole - 3 years ago
Expensive!! Are you saying we aren’t worth it!? :-(
Lawndart Productions
Lawndart Productions - 3 years ago
So wait.... how close to the helmet does one have to be with a Universal Remote in order to trip one of these types of masks? I could see lots of good pranks being play on the welders in my shop. Maybe a couple IR leds, a long lead and a switch, maybe a dweeno thrown in there for extra chooch factor. Seriously tho, push a button and everyone in welding shop with eyes on goes blind.... vice meet dick....
Will Tricks
Will Tricks - 3 years ago
An old BBC "Top Gear" Clarkson put his key remote to his right temple and looked at his car and increased distance from 30 to about 70 Feet.
Pentti Kantanen
Pentti Kantanen - 3 years ago
Come on already with the russian mental institution noise!
Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson - 3 years ago
These two vidjayos might be the best AvE has ever done.
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
You get ‘clever bastard’ points for the LED as detector trick. I would have been screwing around with a light detector, and trying to find a spec sheet on the high-quality Chinese no-name components I have to hand (unsuccessfully, probably) to estimate the timing mismatch. Shouldn’t be a lot of difference between the LEDs in different modes — a few picoseconds, maybe.

Ozzstar - 3 years ago
That was pretty fancy
Alexander Riccio
Alexander Riccio - 3 years ago
The Handyman's secret weapon is an... Oscilloscope??!?

Gt403cyl - 3 years ago
I prefer;
"You don't know what you don't know until you know you don't know."
Jacob Tamm
Jacob Tamm - 3 years ago
Was that vice made by you back in the day? It's merican tradition for being a first project for young machinists. Wondering if it's a Canadian thing too
JamesG - 3 years ago
I'd put a couple bucks in the kitty to buy AvE a serious high-speed camera (think Phantom). What about the rest of you guys?
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
JamesG chronos is dang good
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez - 3 years ago
What brand/model camera do you have?
PB Machines
PB Machines - 3 years ago
The boobies get me every time
Shain Andrews
Shain Andrews - 3 years ago
Flashing yourself is not the same as somebody else flashing you.
Peter Welsh
Peter Welsh - 3 years ago
You're right and wrong, you have to be relatively close get flashed. Distance = concentration of energy. If guy was across street then kids were safe.
FauxPa Fish
FauxPa Fish - 3 years ago
I've seen an old guy down at the local playground flashing the kids.
I don't think he even has a helmet . .
Annie Raby
Annie Raby - 3 years ago
More fun or less?
gabriel Sturdevant
gabriel Sturdevant - 3 years ago
the welders prayer, preach it, my canuk comrade
Kevin Stein
Kevin Stein - 3 years ago
Wicked, thank you uncle bumblefuck
Henk Verlaan
Henk Verlaan - 3 years ago
pet a bever lol
EscapeMCP - 3 years ago
I prefer his more cerebral 'Heaven River' sticker.
Razor2048 - 3 years ago
Beavers are extremely friendly and are amazing to pet. you can find many videos on youtube of people petting them.
Rem - 3 years ago
I'm sorry, you're showing us this, but not your kid jumping in the snow?!?UNSUBBED!!

The Product
The Product - 3 years ago
Be kind to animals
Pet a beaver

Be careful when poking them with sticks, they can bite.
D3faulted1 - 3 years ago
Vice stuck in ass instructions unclear....
Doug Fever
Doug Fever - 3 years ago
May I suggest one of these.
Ronald Gearhart
Ronald Gearhart - 3 years ago
Is that a Austin powder sticker?
Szymso - 3 years ago
Gentlemen and welders... No Ladies? Or... All ladies are welders?
diyVT - 3 years ago
Why can't you trigger the shade with a led instead of the welder? There should be way less noise that way making it possible to get a reading with the scope.
dothemathright 1111
dothemathright 1111 - 3 years ago
Don't give him any ideas. We're here for entertainment and a general sense that something is right with the world. If we need precise numbers we can go to to EEVBlog.
mattmanyam - 3 years ago
This is what I assumed he was gonna do leading up to the test...
The RealButcher
The RealButcher - 3 years ago
LOL.... "Pet a beaver today"? ... lol, you know what a "beaver" stands for? But, I'll be animal friendly, plzzzzz let me pet a beaver... aahwww
Jon A
Jon A - 3 years ago
Turn sensitivity down grinding shit
Fat Rabbit
Fat Rabbit - 3 years ago
You've got a dirty tip Mister.
Mister Bones
Mister Bones - 3 years ago
You'd fuckin' flip if you saw what the bloody tin-bashers do in my booth when they come in for a short course. "Lower forms of life," as the instructor calls 'em.
Torben Voltmer
Torben Voltmer - 3 years ago
The song is "The End is Near" by Gunnar Olsen for anyone curious
MeTwoFive - 3 years ago
Thank you!
A D - 3 years ago
Took your advice...How do I pee?
A D - 3 years ago
Went the wrong way broke chinese vice.
arose460 - 3 years ago
back a quarter turn
Alexander Riccio
Alexander Riccio - 3 years ago
A D you need to increase the pressure differential. If you can't push harder, you have to hook a vacuum up to the other end.
Noah Guyse
Noah Guyse - 3 years ago
Could you review a harbor freight helmet to make sure they are safe?
A D - 3 years ago
use a solar cell to pickup UV, IR
Eric young
Eric young - 3 years ago

Merry Christmas!
conradblackii - 3 years ago
Futons aren't light in my experience, darned heavy in fact.
Hello, Murica!
Hello, Murica! - 3 years ago
I just do hobbyist welding every now and then with a truly massive pile for a MIG welder, but I'm sold on these electronic shades. Sure beats flipping down the analog one. I wind up losing the spot I want to weld and poke my rod into the wrong area. (That's what she said.)
David Morgan
David Morgan - 3 years ago
Pokeing your rod in the wrong area can get you in triuble with the mrs.
Hello, Murica!
Hello, Murica! - 3 years ago
Hmmm... perhaps I should have phrased that a bit better.
Laurens Verheij
Laurens Verheij - 3 years ago
Hello, Murica! She poked her rod in the wrong area?
David Fowler
David Fowler - 3 years ago
Just a note about the filtering. Filtering will cause delay, as you mentioned the 2mS is pretty fast for having any filtering as it is.

Also, consider that using an RC filter would have added a lot of delay in your scope measurement.

I think you should do the measurement using the photodetector and the scope. You only need the one detector and can use the welder as your source. Without the screen, in place, you can test to set the scope and trigger. Then with the shield in place you should see the trigger and the wall of noise which should drop sharply when the screen triggers. Measure the time from the first spike (trigger) and when you see the level drop due to the shield.

You may have too much EM noise getting into your photodetector leads then signal from the LED sensor. To mitigate that noise, make sure all the sensor wiring is well away from the welder cables. Ideally, you only have the LED attached to the scope probe, keep the probe cable far away from the welder cable.

Also, try switching to the X1 mode on the scope probe. This lowers the probe impedance which can help reduce the EM coupling. You will have to bump the gain on the scope up by 10 but that should be better.
Matthew Ghali
Matthew Ghali - 3 years ago
David Fowler as soon as he broke out the cap i was very confused at what he was trying to measure..
Josh Kaufman
Josh Kaufman - 3 years ago
@1:35 supplication ROFL
MR MIKES GUNRACK - 3 years ago
Hood down then weld, in that order. I find this is imperative to not cooking the eye balls.
pétri pat
pétri pat - 3 years ago
Time to get rid of the google they give with the mig I bought
Thank you uncle bumble
Linas Martusevicius
Linas Martusevicius - 3 years ago
(mostly) never cared for any of the technical mumbo-jumbo, but this channel is just awesome
Weird Wacky Wonderfool
Weird Wacky Wonderfool - 3 years ago
Are welders not indeed also gentlemen sir?
Lore Beast
Lore Beast - 3 years ago
My favorite uncle bumblefuck doing what he does best.
SteelVsMetal - 3 years ago
try recuva. maybe the footage is still on the card.
Mr. Winters
Mr. Winters - 3 years ago
Instructions unclear.
Went home early, and was nice to the wife.
Smoin - 3 years ago
6:18 song name???
John Francis Doe
John Francis Doe - 3 years ago
Jericho Taylor
Jericho Taylor - 3 years ago
The End Is Near - Gunnar Olsen
Joshua Hardesty
Joshua Hardesty - 3 years ago
Visible light led on one side of the shade with light sensor on the other. Trigger shade with ir led. Use scope to measure ir led time and drop from light sensor.
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
Joshua Hardesty
That should work. Good thinking.
Sicktrickintuner - 3 years ago
Didn’t want to pry it open, and directly trip the sensor? Or just the glass?
Quincy Acklen
Quincy Acklen - 3 years ago
Oh sweet irony - Diodes are explicitly one way devices (insert zener joke here), but you're using them going "both ways". Nice!
Greg Dent
Greg Dent - 3 years ago
There is a grind mode button on them unless you bought the cheap one there Mr AvE
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
Greg Dent
Part of the high-speed video was with that mode set.
diamondflaw - 3 years ago
You had me at "Gentlemen..... and Welders"
fredy gump
fredy gump - 3 years ago
Best way to piss off a welder? Take the forklift with the strobe light on it and leave it running nearby. All the welder's hoods will darken with every flash of the strobe! The first time I experienced it, I thought for sure my hood was broken!
robyy redneck
robyy redneck - 3 years ago
It also sucks when your trying to set grade and the rod eye picks that blinky light up and won't tone in!
Terry Walsdorf
Terry Walsdorf - 3 years ago
Back when I used to work for a living instead of click for a living, I welded pipe. The booth mainly a 3-sided weld curtain with forklift aisle was right behind the curtain facing me. Many times I'd be tigging and the helmet would stop darkening because the torch was behind something and the flashing triggered the helmet instead.
WineScrounger - 3 years ago
You’re a monster
PlatypusVomit - 3 years ago
Can you test if the Harbor Freight $50 auto darkening welding helmet blocks all IR/UV light? I've been trusting my peepers to one for a couple years and have to wonder if I'm doing long term damage with the cheapo helmet.
Dave S.
Dave S. - 3 years ago
I wonder what exactly the big-name big-buck helmets claim re their UV/IR protection...

Just looked a Lincoln and no mention of UV/IR protection that I could find...perhaps I missed it.
PlatypusVomit - 3 years ago
Dave, I use #61612 (might be an older version of that number, actually, as I think mine's not quite as rounded as that one, but it's that red pattern), and yes it says that, but I've come across flat out lies in HF's sales pages before, and the 'UV/IR protection' line doesn't even say '100%' or 'complete protection' or anything like that, so I'd be surprised if it was blocking 100% of UV/IR. I've been figuring on getting an expensive high quality one when this one dies, but it's been good for a couple of years so far and I'm a bit of a cheapskate when I have no reason not to be.
Dave S.
Dave S. - 3 years ago
#61611 or 63122? "This welding helmet features an auto darkening lens and UV/IR protection"
Hnakrapunt1 - 3 years ago
Anytime I use my HF welding helmet for more than a couple of hours I get a singing headache that lasts overnight. Probably givin' myself cornea-rectal thrombosis or some such.
Tyler D.
Tyler D. - 3 years ago
I always enjoy the posse of tools in the background of each video. It's like all the guys hyping up their boy.

"Oh shit [insert new tool here] you about to be bumblefucked!" -Tool Posse
Crater Lake Willy
Crater Lake Willy - 3 years ago
That explains in the dark
TheGarbageman22 - 3 years ago
Ya know something that really annoys welders is when somebody parks a forklift with one of those flashing yellow lights on it somewhere in your field of view. Also some fluorescent lights on a low ceiling will set them off as well
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
TheGarbageman22 that sucks , or laser levels flashing all over job site
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart - 3 years ago
My garage fluorescent lights ( 8 foot tubes, not fancy CFL ) trigger my tig welding helmet, but not my mig helmets. The mig helmets ( harbor freight ) work great for mig, but refuse to darken with a tig arc. I had to buy a higher quality auto darkening helmet ( don't recall which brand ) to consistently darken on the tig. Sometimes, if the tig arc is partially blocked, the tig helmet won't trigger, and I'm staring through flash burn for the next half hour.
Blondin - 3 years ago
So this vidjeyo is not about the speed of light but the speed of dark!
Brian P
Brian P - 3 years ago
Instructions unclear, my dirty dick beaters are stuck in a vise.
WGwireless - 3 years ago
Please test the dirt cheap chinese made auto filters one might find at ebay. I got a face shield helmet thingy that cost less than $20 and for my purposes it seem to work. But does it? My welding skills consists of some seagull turds on metal maybe once a year, so I cheaped out.
2009dudeman - 3 years ago
The super cheap ones do work, largely they are the same filter and circuity as the expensive ones. The real difference is the quality of the build. A proper quality hood will stand up to years of use and abuse, whereas the chinese harbor freight will get you through welding class, and around the garage, but thats all it will do. The straps suck, the pads aren't usually washable and stink after awhile or straight up disintegrate, they are made of flimsy plastic and lack a lot of nice features. Some of the things forgotten on cheap hoods is quality of the shade selection knob, breath direction, and safety glasses space.
jbt - 3 years ago
Uncle bumblefuck is my favorite uncle
Mr fabulous potato slayer
Mr fabulous potato slayer - 3 years ago
How does he have a child when he's just a camera with arms
pubcollize - 3 years ago
Judging by the way he drops his arm on the table while muttering some innuendo I'm guessing his arms are all he ever needed.
HellJustFroze - 3 years ago
Life, uh, uh, finds a way.
Tom Moores
Tom Moores - 3 years ago
And the lenses obviously
John Doe
John Doe - 3 years ago
Schmoo was released.
twobyfour - 3 years ago
Science has gone too far.
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
Took cock for dolly a wee bit to literal. Our friendly Canadian robot was seen mounting a lathe.
texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead - 3 years ago
Mr fabulous potato slayer rtd2's father
Psyko Klown
Psyko Klown - 3 years ago
Yeah, but he keeps that in a vise, so the question still remains.
Murry In Arizona
Murry In Arizona - 3 years ago
+TheOnlyInformant since the lads got but the one cute little pixie running around in the shop he must doing a fine job of keeping it locked in that vice.
Cholula Hot Sauce
Cholula Hot Sauce - 3 years ago
A lot of male pornstars are just cameras with arms (and dicks) these days.
ctholbertify - 3 years ago
Watch the Internet of things pouch squeezer video he had a torso and legs at one point
Weareallbeingwatched - 3 years ago
The answer is, of course, censored.
B.L. Alley
B.L. Alley - 3 years ago
in a vise
TheOnlyInformant - 3 years ago
R B that's where his dick went, it's in the fackin' vice!
R B - 3 years ago
Mr fabulous potato slayer He must be a camera with arms and a dick.
Shandon Cox
Shandon Cox - 3 years ago
Mr fabulous potato slayer some people have wierd fetishes. :)
Tyler Andersen
Tyler Andersen - 3 years ago
Carhartt Quick Duck bomber? I can dig it.
erik61801 - 3 years ago
I've arced myself once or twice thinking about boobies
Tom Wyrick
Tom Wyrick - 3 years ago
Who hasn't???
soupisgdfood - 3 years ago
Advice unclear. Vice stuck in dick.
Modern Leveller
Modern Leveller - 3 years ago
The only problem with LCD screens is the delay (however short). Any delay at the point of arc creation causes green flash spots on your retinas, Like a mini visual shock wave, they don't last long, but can get in the way of delicate pieces or awkward welding positions. I find lining up my rod, then making contact, with your eyes slightly turned away, prevents the centre of the retina from being flashed. A similar analogy with driving at night and not looking directly at the opposing headlights. your vision is clearer after they pass you.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 3 years ago
I wanna know HOW it darkens?What kinda pixie magic does that.
Micah Lenz
Micah Lenz - 3 years ago
Yep, it's a LCD. pixies rearrange the crystals so they block light from passing through. Them buggers work fast.
Frank Gormanns
Frank Gormanns - 3 years ago
Jon Doe look up EEVBlog, how lcd works
BobC - 3 years ago
So, can we have the TIG UV, IR and visible levels in terms of "suns"?
I mean, let's say it's 1000 suns at 0.5 meters. A blocking factor of "100%" on a 3-digit reading could be 99.6% rounded up, meaning we're still getting 4 "staring-at-the-sun"s-worth of exposure.
MrGixxer - 3 years ago
A hazard fraught welder??!!!
Affra - 3 years ago
If you just wanted to test the speed, and avoid the noise, why not trigger it with a diode instead of the welder?
Matthew Ghali
Matthew Ghali - 3 years ago
I was gonna suggest triggering with his blue/UV laser.. much less noise, thusly
mrb5217 - 3 years ago
That's where I really thought he was going with the scope idea. One channel scoping the "triggering" diode on the welding side of the glass, and the other channel scoping the waveform from the "sensor" on the eyeball side.... Apply voltage to the triggering diode, capture the event in single shot mode on the osmelloscope, and measure the time between the pulse generated and when the voltage drops to 0 on the other side.
The Hairy Farmer
The Hairy Farmer - 3 years ago
I am convinced AvE is an Orchestral Conductor by day, and a Yootoob Vijeo Cuntductor by night....
Sigh Pocket
Sigh Pocket - 3 years ago
Nice!!!! ( Merry Christmas!! )
microbuilder - 3 years ago
What if youre a gentleman AND a welder?

haha just kidding
Charles Leckow
Charles Leckow - 3 years ago
That's fucking impossible
Patrick Shaw
Patrick Shaw - 3 years ago
An oxymoron.
Wil Hobbs
Wil Hobbs - 3 years ago
There's an entry exam for welding school that seperates the welders from normal people.
microbuilder - 3 years ago
Closes I've seen to a gentleman welder is Doug from SV Seeker, but even he may disagree lol
SoG Watchman
SoG Watchman - 3 years ago
I believe they are mutually exclusive... Could be wrong.
squirmypug1 - 3 years ago
I'm a gentleman welder. You have no idea how difficult it is to keep a gentleman still while you weld up the crack in his ass.
JeffersonWeedwhacker - 3 years ago
Then you're a unicorn.
dronepunk FPV
dronepunk FPV - 3 years ago
I’ve yet to meet that combination
fredy gump
fredy gump - 3 years ago
It is highly unlikely. The most interesting man would say, "I don't always weld, but when I do, I prefer TIG."
Andrew Kline
Andrew Kline - 3 years ago
Suuure.. play the "cute little kiddo" card!
skypilot 23
skypilot 23 - 3 years ago
I love more better things in life why I watch ave
Mark Wentz
Mark Wentz - 3 years ago
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson - 3 years ago
Instructions unclear. Dick stuck under vice.
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow - 3 years ago
Am I still screaming?!?
Iceberg86300 - 3 years ago
Nevermind. Here ya go: vijeo

"Not familiar with this odd pagan practice. I worship at the altar of molten metal. Her Glorious Electrons warms the sacred work. Her two prophets are the wise ones, Lincoln and Miller. May they forever arc.
Blessed are the apprenti, for they haul the tools and warm the lunches. Blessed also are the journeymen, for they interpret the sacred runes. Schmoo is forbidden by the Council of Bumblefuckery, 1967." - Brian Garrow, 2017

knowing Google "tricks" really pays off. Google search terms: "ave" "Lincoln and Miller""ave"+"Lincoln+and+Miller"" (that last " b/c Google & YouTube app suck! LOL
Iceberg86300 - 3 years ago
MusicBent +1 for that!! If you can't link the comment can you link the vijeo?
MusicBent - 3 years ago
Hi Brian. Can you link to the source of this quote, if you are the source? It sounds like Uncle B didn't finish whatever he was saying.
Gary  Ferguson Jr
Gary Ferguson Jr - 3 years ago
Im just glad to still be alive after watching all of these videos...I just nut fucked my thumb two days ago and because of the swealing I dam near poked my eye out brushing my teeth yesterday...whats next...Ill probably get my peter stuck in the vice...
Paul Jones
Paul Jones - 3 years ago
I remember that comment. It was amazing.
panzerveps - 3 years ago
Say it, don't spray it..
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow - 3 years ago
Cholula Hot Sauce- Praise be and peace unto you, brother. May all your weld tests pass muster. And never shall the assholes from the other shift steal your leads and take them to the far end of the factory, mill, plant, refinery or jobsite.
Cholula Hot Sauce
Cholula Hot Sauce - 3 years ago
Praise Be, brother Garrow. Praise be.
Wilmer Schock
Wilmer Schock - 3 years ago
Geoffrey Moreland
Geoffrey Moreland - 3 years ago
Thank you AvE!
dronepunk FPV
dronepunk FPV - 3 years ago
Good assumption on the latency induce through photography.....
you are the MAN!
You understand how to test!
Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu - 3 years ago
Handy man secret weapon. There is only one if you are Canadian, duct tape, not osmelloscope
Nate Terrs
Nate Terrs - 3 years ago
that duct tape was 1997, we've advanced now     2017 its oscilloscopes and 2018 it will be motorized fidget spinners     cause hey were canadian and always atleast a year behind
chuck C
chuck C - 3 years ago
Red Green
David C
David C - 3 years ago
Your intro is unfair, some welders are also gentlemen. You should have said: "Gentlemen, and fabricators."
Mister Bones
Mister Bones - 3 years ago
All ya need is C-level, any higher and you're just getting pretentious.
...fuckin' pressure pipe, who do they think they are?
Shane Corrigan
Shane Corrigan - 3 years ago
David C we’ll have your head for that comment, fabricators are the master race
D0NtPh34rTh3R34p3R - 3 years ago
highballs, that's a good one!
Cody Dowling
Cody Dowling - 3 years ago
So... slow-mo now... if you end up in your boxers on top of a trampoline sitting inside a 6' diameter balloon being filled with water we will know that the cross-pollination of you-tubers has gotten a little out of hand...
The Hairy Farmer
The Hairy Farmer - 3 years ago
Aaah - The SloMo Gays....(bloody auto-correct...)
Fuzzycat - 3 years ago
Daughter jumping in snow is way more imporant than silly interweb videos.
sethalump - 3 years ago
Holy dubstep. Careful the Union of Duffers might pull your membership for being so hip. =P
Badger - 3 years ago
So all those dick heads that tried to tell me I couldn't watch the eclipse through my auto welding shield were wrong. Good thing I didn't listen to them.
Fort Hector
Fort Hector - 3 years ago
wrap your welder in tin foil, covering as much of it as possible and you will block out a lot of its noise. Or put it in a metal box of some kind. Faraday cage that shit. Alternatively, you can shield your smellyscope and its tentacles with some tin foil to keep the welder noises out.
Lunchbox Productions
Lunchbox Productions - 3 years ago
The problem is that the leads themselves are basically huge antennae, that's a big reason that when welding you're supposed to attach the earth clamp close to where you're welding to prevent turning the whole part and area between the leads into a magnetic field.
sethalump - 3 years ago
I think the only way you could shield the noise from a welder would be to toss it into the ocean or move the power button to "off".
Jesse Beauclaire
Jesse Beauclaire - 3 years ago
Well why don't you take the filter a-part? Do it!!
Sicktrickintuner - 3 years ago
Jesse Beauclaire
Ive been waiting for him to do this
bobastoned - 3 years ago
Thanks for the Vidjeo and Merry Christmas Uncle Bumblefuck
Kaz - 3 years ago
AvE - You should take a look at the 3D Glasses used for '3D TVs'. I'm wondering if they use a similar technology as the lenses essentially alternate turning opaque in sync with the TV. This is so your left eye views the 'left image' shown on the TV and then changes for the right eye. I'm guessing its around 30hz per lens as your TV is likely showing a 60hz image.
WineScrounger - 3 years ago
Jeff NME actually, they are circularly polarised. One left hand, one right hand. This is so you don’t lose cross-polar discrimination if you tilt your head a bit.
Jeff NME
Jeff NME - 3 years ago
If you mean 3D glasses like the ones at the cinema, then it's basically two polarising filters (just like sunglasses) with the left and right set at 90degrees to each other.
Each lens blocks the image to the other, because the projected image is polarised differently for left and right.
Roadmast3r - 3 years ago
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
The ‘active’ glasses either use an IR detector or Bluetooth. I don’t know about ‘passive’ glasses.
Andrew Delashaw
Andrew Delashaw - 3 years ago
Kaz That's exactly what they do.
Charles Skinner
Charles Skinner - 3 years ago
Perhaps I missed something in the oscope testing, but if the shield blocks ir all the time, how could the ir LED on the other side detect anything?
Mark M
Mark M - 3 years ago
Logic. It can't. Doh!
Charles Skinner
Charles Skinner - 3 years ago
Patrik Einarsson that's exactly where my mind went also.
Patrik Einarsson
Patrik Einarsson - 3 years ago
I can trig my auto darkening screen with a flashlight or a strong enough visible light source (I guess they give off IR radiation as well). Connect one osmelloscope channel to the light bulb/LED and the other to a photoresistor and voila, accurate measurements of the delay time in visible light. Although as our beloved uncle stated at the end, the bad stuff is permanently blocked anyway. 
Merry christmas to all ye brothers of the oily cloth.
R1pperB - 3 years ago
The IR led is called IR for the spectrum it emits (and also the wavelength it is most sensitive at detecting). There are VL-blocking IR LEDs which appear black and block visible light. However the clear epoxy casing allows visible light to be detected as well.
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
I was thinking that he’d use two LEDs, one in front (emitter) and one behind (detector) — but it appears that another idea was in the offing. If the shield passively blocks 100% of IR then it wouldn’t work, but it would probably be 99.9...% or such. So maybe enough IR through for the detector LED to spit out a signal? (Or maybe not. I don’t know what the conversion efficiency of a LED used as a detector would be.)
Kanglar - 3 years ago
I though he was trying to get the signal through the shield just from visible light
Sicktrickintuner - 3 years ago
Thats the conundrum ya got there
Ken Oath
Ken Oath - 3 years ago
Dick... vice... you know what to do
microbuilder - 3 years ago
"when urethral sounding goes wrong"
Daan Wilmer
Daan Wilmer - 3 years ago
Instructions unclear, vice stuck in dick.
Plays WithKnives
Plays WithKnives - 3 years ago
So are you going to share Chickadee jumping in the snow vidya?
Patrick Rebecca Doohan
Patrick Rebecca Doohan - 3 years ago
One of the pooch will do, the new high speed camera show off vidjayo and the tennis ball (I think) was pretty neat.
Nicholas2011ist - 3 years ago
Or hangle grindaire...
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang - 3 years ago
Time to cut his dick off with an oxy torch
Jon A
Jon A - 3 years ago
Danceswithwolves - 3 years ago
But what do I do with my dick?
16by80 - 3 years ago
First he goes after the Hydraulic Press then Alec Steele then Makers Muse and now The Slow Mo Guys!! No channel is safe!
William Cornell
William Cornell - 3 years ago
16by80 and he does it better than all of them
richmanricho - 3 years ago
oh oh oooooh. forgot about that.. and it wasn't long ago. The ol' grey matter aint what she use to be
16by80 - 3 years ago
richmanricho a few vids back he explained the gear with a 3d printed model his buddy printed for him.
richmanricho - 3 years ago
What was the makers muse one ?
Rock Automatik
Rock Automatik - 3 years ago
Thermal cameras work by reading Infrared, right? If you look at something hot through the polycarbonate or whatever will it appear colder than it is?
NGC1433 - 3 years ago
Usual window glass blocks most thermal radiation. It is opaque to most IR. It will look like it is room temperature. Like the wall would look like. It has no reason to appear colder. Shiny metals can appear colder if they are in reality hot, because they don't emit a lot of IR but reflect the ambient IR which tricks the camera to think it's cold. I don't think glass reflects a lot.
Damiaan Jeurissen
Damiaan Jeurissen - 3 years ago
When I was in university they showed it once and the infrared camera sees polycarbonate as completely black, no IR emission
boggisthecat - 3 years ago
Rock Automatik
Yes. Depending on the detector(s) used, you may get a much reduced signal or total signal loss. I would think that an IR camera would just give you an ambient temperature indication in this case, rather than freaking out and asserting that everything in frame was at absolute zero. (The emissivity settings would come into this, too.)

CO2 blocks IR too, which is the basis for the anthropogenic global warming problem. (The IR from the ground can’t be radiated back out into space. This is useful because the Earth would be a snowball otherwise, but more CO2 means more heat trapped.). The whole area of EM radiation is interesting but can be difficult to understand intuitively, because it isn’t within the normal operating parameters of our monkey brain architecture.
Thomas Guilder
Thomas Guilder - 3 years ago
Jepp it actually does read colder, glass is even worse. Shopping plastic bags are quite good thermal attenuators :)
ForthyPremonition - 3 years ago
I think it actually does. This reminds me of a mythbusters episode where they attempted to fool a variety of security devices, one of them being a thermal/IR sensor. They had a contraption lower a piece of what I think was polycarbonate in front of the lens, and was able to trick the device! It had no clue what was going on past the polycarbonate square right in front of it. Interesting stuff.
Kevin Beaudin
Kevin Beaudin - 3 years ago
Mind blown, LEDs for inputs
Karen Auntipode
Karen Auntipode - 3 years ago
UV diode as a UV detector?
Mike Arroyo
Mike Arroyo - 3 years ago
Off topic but I got my Cockford Ollie mug... The missus was none too happy that I bought 'yet another god damn thing from that guy who talks funny (hunny he's Canadian, not retarded) on youtube'....
But the mug is perfect sans being a tad small for getting the blood to caffeine ratio correct.

Merry Christmas from mine to yours, Uncle Bumblefuck.
Brandon Luffman
Brandon Luffman - 3 years ago
My wife loves the Cockford-Ollie hoodie I got for her birthday! That's the one she wanted. She was amused when one of the maintainence guys at work finally got the joke.
minton brunkhorst
minton brunkhorst - 3 years ago
Mike Arroyo +1 have to keep it hidden and slowly introduce it into it's natural habitat
Annie Raby
Annie Raby - 3 years ago
if n ya drink tea outa dem mugs ya must be a welder and a true geteelman.
Jeremy - 3 years ago
Maybe both!
Justin Vodden
Justin Vodden - 3 years ago
what comes first, the shits or the giggles? does one need to secure their Richard in a clamping device first?
Cory Halvorson
Cory Halvorson - 3 years ago
matthew williamson
matthew williamson - 3 years ago
My favorite mug
Josh Whiting
Josh Whiting - 3 years ago
Gavin Dempsey I suppose you could, I wonder why for it wouldn't work. But one can only imagine you standin there with yer thumb up yer butt whilst sipping away at it quoting uncle bumblefuck; saying after each supp "not tea bag"...
Gavin Dempsey
Gavin Dempsey - 3 years ago
I was going to buy one of these mugs, but I only drink tea...can you drink tea out of it?
bjb201040 - 3 years ago
We could use a 12 cup coffee mug, saves on the trips back to the kitchen.
argonian bilbo
argonian bilbo - 3 years ago
mugs well worth it for the shits n giggles. I bought one.
AvE - 3 years ago
Factor in shipping and yeah, they ain't cheap. I get free mugs from suppliers, but none of them come with a heart warming safety message.
MindBlowerWTF - 3 years ago
Isnt it little expensive? Can AvE make chinesse people make them for him so they are like 50 cents each? I bought 1 litre mug for like 13$ here in Europe.

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