Betta Fish Plays Soccer 2

Red Jay, the fantail betta (Siamese fighting fish) surprised everyone when he started, well, playing soccer in his tank. This little guy has serious aquatic ball-handling skills!

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Betta 9 years ago 64,783 views

Red Jay, the fantail betta (Siamese fighting fish) surprised everyone when he started, well, playing soccer in his tank. This little guy has serious aquatic ball-handling skills!

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wvwvwvwv - 3 years ago
He is doing figure eights because he can see his reflection in the glass. He hates the ball and is flaring it. Please stop this torture.
Bobby Rossy
Bobby Rossy - 3 years ago
Narrator: he is having fun!
Comments: he is dying
Sassy Bird
Sassy Bird - 4 years ago
My fish likes to stare at me. '_'
Ivan Cegarra
Ivan Cegarra - 4 years ago
0:24ha ha
PI Blades
PI Blades - 4 years ago
You need a bigger tank
yeet yeet
yeet yeet - 4 years ago
Tank is to small
curiousgeorgieo - 4 years ago
Please. A 1.5G tank is a prison. Let him explore. Enjoy his short life. Please remove the mirror. Bettas are not supposed to flare. They do just fine in community tanks too.
SaphiraDragon - 4 years ago
Poor Fish!!! He needs AT LEAST a 2.5 gallon tank. He also is fighting the ball, not playing. Its bad for betta fish to constantly be in full flare.
Kati Casey
Kati Casey - 4 years ago
Oh my god that tank is soooo big

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Ryan Coetzee
Ryan Coetzee - 4 years ago
You can kill your betta by making him open his gills that's just cruel
Daija Weekley
Daija Weekley - 4 years ago
One he is scared, two you need to get him a bigger tank with a filter and heater!
Matt M
Matt M - 5 years ago
That fish needs a larger aquarium. A good 10 gallon aquarium would be more than sufficient. Bettas can live in small containers like this, but they will not thrive and they won't be happy. We got a single betta for my kids and we had it in a small 2.5 gallon tank. After a week I decided to upgrade him because he wasn't very active and I his water was getting dirty even with a filter. Since upgrading, he is far more lively and playful, and you can tell he is a lot happier. A small tank like this is like keeping a cat or a dog in a pet carrier. Please, upgrade him - it's not expensive and not a lot of work.
Kim H
Kim H - 5 years ago
You're a fucking idiot, he thinks it's another fish. He's going to die from stress.
MinecraftGuy8567 - 5 years ago
i will give my betta,Bubbles a plastic marble and put it in his tank.
Little Tangerine
Little Tangerine - 5 years ago
If you love him, get him a bigger tank.
KaylaTyler andKenadi
KaylaTyler andKenadi - 3 years ago
If you are a hater, get off this channel.
vicma praur
vicma praur - 4 years ago
Little Tangerine true it needs a bigger tank, at least 2.5 gallons
Little Tangerine
Little Tangerine - 5 years ago
+my leg
get a bigger tank for the fish. Me and other people are irrelevant to his/her decision-making.
Titus - 5 years ago
are you gonna get a bigger tank for that person
The Shit Colored Ranger
The Shit Colored Ranger - 5 years ago
matilda410 - 5 years ago
He's not actually playing... Beautiful fish, though. A 2.5 gal tank with a heater and a low flow filter would be a little better for him though :)
Tony Theuerzeit
Tony Theuerzeit - 5 years ago
exactly the same tought here! Whats a US gallon in L? 3,4 Liter correct? I dont keep them in anything less then 8 gal
Eric Fan
Eric Fan - 5 years ago
I gave my beta a ball at first he flares at it is that normal or does he just not like the ball?
APinchOfDecay - 5 years ago
He thinks it's another betta..
Tony Theuerzeit
Tony Theuerzeit - 5 years ago
Mostly he will see his reflection in the ball. And the more colorful the ball the more aggressive his reaction will be. And take in mind that it all will depend on the betta. Some bettas are more aggresive then others. Some flare without no reason just monitor him if he shows any stress symptoms. (hanging on the surface a lot or at the bottom. His gills going at high speed and so on.
mygigi43 - 5 years ago
Plastic is very unsafe it leeches toxins into the water!
Tche Gamer
Tche Gamer - 5 years ago
mygigi43 can you put alimium foil in the aquarium

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Alyssa Willis
Alyssa Willis - 5 years ago
what kind of ball is this?
Activist Amelia
Activist Amelia - 5 years ago
Where can i get a ball like this
Activist Amelia
Activist Amelia - 5 years ago
he is soooooooo cool
Px828 - 6 years ago
I found these balls at the dollar store (as it says below), but NONE of the float! So disappointed.
Army of Radishes
Army of Radishes - 6 years ago
This is an old video, I know but I still had to comment, that fish was flaring, not playing. When male betta's gills perk out like that, its flaring, which stressed them out. Also that tank is not made for a betta, it was probably moving like that at the beginning because there no space for him to swim freely.
Joseph Borges
Joseph Borges - 6 years ago
It’s Jeron
It’s Jeron - 6 years ago
That sarcasm tho
Shadowstrike 94
Shadowstrike 94 - 6 years ago
Your fish needs a 2.5 gallon tank. What he is in now is just a glorified cup.
Rylee Clark
Rylee Clark - 3 years ago
+Wanda I think he was just nervous at the time because he's back to his old self now, thank you though!
Wanda - 3 years ago
Does he have a heater,they are tropical fish and need warm water (about 78 degrees farenheit) or they become lethargic.Also did you cycle your tank before getting the fish, beneficial bacteria help promote the health of your betta.If the answer is yes to both of these questions than he might have something and you may need to lower the water to let him get some air at the surface.
Rylee Clark
Rylee Clark - 3 years ago
I know you commented on this a long time ago but need some help with my betta, I just got him a 5 gallon tank and I cleaned it out and got it all ready for him, be he is just laying at the bottom, and he's been doing that for a while now?
Madeleine P.
Madeleine P. - 6 years ago
If he flares like that all the time it stresses his out so much he could die!
Briviesca1984 - 6 years ago
I have a beta I was wondering were to get the balls from?
wolfwolftyty - 4 years ago
Briviesca1984 I got mine from petco
Keegan Johnston
Keegan Johnston - 6 years ago
do you know the jump trick?

30. comment for Betta Fish Plays Soccer 2

Kari M
Kari M - 6 years ago
I LOVE IT!!..What you did was so awsome i went out and got the same items,mines learning as well,so cute!,,im so sorry you havesome of these awful comments from such sadistic assholes,keep up the good work,,ITS PERFECT! LOVE TO SEE MORE!
Cristina Mathew
Cristina Mathew - 6 years ago
the fish is a delta tail
Kate L
Kate L - 6 years ago
OMG poor fish!
Thu Ky Y Khoa
Thu Ky Y Khoa - 6 years ago
Beast Makers
Beast Makers - 6 years ago
Sadly, this fish is not having fun. You can see him constantly flaring (opening his gills) at the ball and physically attacking it. To constantly have your bettas in this aggression mode is horrible for their health. They become extremely stressed, especially in an inadequate bowl like this where they have no room to run and hide.
B - 4 years ago
+Beast Makers is correct. Whilst some Beta's are fine with ping pong balls, others either get stressed or start flaring like this one in the video. It depends on your Beta's temperament but continuous flaring is not good for the fish.
High All Day
High All Day - 4 years ago
NaughtyAngel N.A. your a retard
Trinity Espinoza
Trinity Espinoza - 4 years ago
Beast Makers stupid idiots always criticizing did the fish tell you he wad not playing what i thought shut the hell up
TheLionWarrior - 5 years ago
NaughtyAngel N.A. Geez your practically insulting yourself you sound like a 7 year old. First off you make no sense and when they flare for long periods of time they get stressed and can die. Also I agree that tank is just a tiny bit small but no need to scream like a squeaker
NOT kd
NOT kd - 6 years ago
+Irie McBeth bow down to your master!
Beast Makers
Beast Makers - 6 years ago
I'm not trying to fight here, just educate people who might be hurting their fish- thank you for the additional information though. 
NOT kd
NOT kd - 6 years ago
+Irie McBeth my Betta flares when he is hungry,eating and angry. Their are multiple reasons fish do certain things.
Beast Makers
Beast Makers - 6 years ago
Not really. Flaring is a mechanism that fish (and many other species) use to make them selves look larger- whether to ward off predators or defend their territory. Flaring is ONLY observed in these typically "aggressive" manners; besides from the actions use in avian mating rituals. I am only trying to debunk betta fish myths and teach that anthropomorphism is not a good way of dictating an animals thoughts, emotions, or reason of action. I am in no way trying to prove someone wrong- only to help an animals caretaker better enrich their animals life.  
NOT kd
NOT kd - 6 years ago
+Irie McBeth flaring means multiple things. your not a fish expert
Emily Tyner
Emily Tyner - 6 years ago
+NaughtyAngel N.A. HOOOOLD ON THERE. Do YOU put YOUR bettas in saltwater tanks??????????? Did they die immediately or did it take a couple of seconds? You might want to take a second to read up on the care and specifications of betta owning before you take it upon yourself to 'educate people' and go around calling people morons and giving them HORRIBLE advice. That betta is stressed, acting territorial, and has absolutely NO desire to 'play.' He sees the red ball and wants to kill it, not 'play' with it OR her. I would have to say that whatever knowledge that YOU have seemed to gather about these tropical fish most likely and sadly came from a pet store employee who gave zero shits about any animal in the store, let alone some fish who need a SHIT TON more room and actual care than you think. I think you sound like a total idiot who needs to learn a thing or two about shutting your face and fact checking before you even THINK you have the right to tell someone their shoelaces are untied. Also, after you do your reading and actually LEARN something about what you are talking about, you should type whatever pathetic excuse of a response you are going to have in a word document so at LEAST it will look like you actually went to school and learned how to spell.
Beast Makers
Beast Makers - 6 years ago
+NaughtyAngel N.A. actually bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons of water, 5 if you want the water to be safely and evenly heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A bowl is not adequate and neither is constant flaring. I'm just trying to inform people so their bettas can live happier lives.
Kari M
Kari M - 6 years ago
+Irie McBeth and are you a Betta specialist? your 1000% WRONG!! her defense NO i do not see a betta thats miserable u moron,,if thats the case look over to the colum to your RIGHT..what do you see about Bettas?? think they need a 100gallon salt water tank?..WOW UNREAL get a life instead of spending it insulting someones video that doesnt deserve it,especially with your B.S. and non exsistant knowledge of Bettas!
Jdejejhhsgsg Dhdjjdjfjdnhhe
Jdejejhhsgsg Dhdjjdjfjdnhhe - 6 years ago
+Irie McBeth Yes.
stopfollowingme - 6 years ago
dafuq the water is green
Snigdha - 6 years ago
+NaughtyAngel N.A. I am going to re-frame your comment. "The water is not green. If you open your eyes instead of looking for videos to feed childish comments of boars with nothing better to do but attack people who have great videos like this, you're just as mindless, and must have no life whatsoever! OPEN YOUR EYEBALLS, DARLIN'.. There's a GREEN plant that DOES this thing called, REFLECTING!" Not only your comment is wrong, your grammar and vocabulary is horrible too. Sometimes I pity people like you.
Snigdha - 6 years ago
+NaughtyAngel N.A. You're the one acting childish. You have no knowledge based on bettas and how to type a proper comment. +watdaNOSTRIL isn't wrong. YOU are. How old are you even? I'm 12 and I bet I'd be more knowledgeable than you.
stopfollowingme - 6 years ago
someone deleted the comment cuz they know theyre wrong XD you can barely call my comment childish if you can clearly see that the plant is not reflecting green light. it is dirty water
Kari M
Kari M - 6 years ago
+watdaNOSTRIL the water is not green if you open your eyes instead of LOOKING to feedinto the chilish comments of boars with nothing better to do but attack people who have great videos like this,your just as mindless and must have no life whatsoever!..OPEN YOUR EYEBALLS DARLIN theres a GREEN plant that DOES this thing called..REFLECTING!
Betta Fish
Betta Fish - 6 years ago
cute ;-)
Aaleah MacRoberts
Aaleah MacRoberts - 6 years ago
thats so cool:D
Dylan - 6 years ago
so did jay die?
Dylan Kit
Dylan Kit - 6 years ago
love your fish its so pretty
Pizza Pit
Pizza Pit - 7 years ago
Oh common that tank is way to tiny for the poor guy:( I just recently got mine a 5 gallon over the 2 gallon bowl I had for him. I felt bad
clare grant
clare grant - 7 years ago
What kind of ball is that.
Nick Urbino
Nick Urbino - 7 years ago
I really liked your video. It is too bad that so many peeps are hung-up about the size of your fish bowl and lack of filtration. Seriously, folks---I know professional World Champion breeders that keep their fish in mere 1 gallon cup/jars. Of course, they do water changes constantly and always make sure the water is warm enough. In the So Cal Desert, where I live, the ambient water temp in my house is usually 76-82° without heating. I prefer to keep my Bettas in large glass vessels, the smallest one holds 3.5 gallons. With softened and well conditioned water, Marimo balls and good lighting, my water stays in ideal living parameters for nearly a week and a half.

True, the mirrors and toys may be making him angry and stress out. But, stimulation and exercise is also crucial in the health and longivity of your pet Betta. Everything in moderation! I will be looking for some toys at the dollar store that may be suitable for my Veil-tail, Nimoy and Halfmoon, Takei to play with for 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Post more vids, Please! You did a wonderful job with this one. Made me smile for hours thinking about it! :-)
Trikki Vix
Trikki Vix - 6 years ago
+Nick Urbino Thank you.. :) Just hate seeing unhappy fish/insects/animals etc :)
Nick Urbino
Nick Urbino - 6 years ago
+Trikki Vix After looking at THIS video closer, you ARE right---it is rather cramped with all those objects in there and the water clarity is not great. I am trying to be fair and validate the point that you were making, so I just wanted to add that!
Nick Urbino
Nick Urbino - 6 years ago
+Trikki Vix You're entitled to your opinion, as am I. BTW, regarding my breeder friend: even her dearest retired breeder fish are well taken care of. Weekly water changes in 1G to 2G Beta tanks. She has done this for decades and some of her fish live to their early teens. I keep my fish with filters and heaters---not because any one told me to. I just can't manage the water weekly water changes. Judging others by your own standards and practices is gets complicated. I generally don't voice my opinions on here and this is a good example of why. I know at least 7 friends that adore their Bettas. Some keep them in filtered tanks. Others keep them in 3 to 8 gallon bowl and tanks with meticulous water changing regimens. If the fish are well looked after---Is that not better than them dying in a cup on a shelf in some dreadful department/discount store?
Trikki Vix
Trikki Vix - 6 years ago
+Nick Urbino just because your friend does it doesnt make it right for the fish.. Breeders do it for money so the fish come and go fast.. this tank is too small, dirty and cramped. Its not a toy.
Caroline - 6 years ago
The thing is in a tank that small there is no room for a filter which is needed to start a beneficial Bacteria culture. Plus the filter helps create some motion in the water which helps it from going stagnant. Stagnant water isn't good, it enables algae growth and low O2 levels.
RICK WAGNER - 7 years ago
I know this has been uploaded a while ago but, it's a 1 1/2 gallon bowl..... What about a 5 gallon tank. Just sayin. P.S. He's beautiful!!!!
Meg Arnerich
Meg Arnerich - 7 years ago
what kind of ball did u find? I can only think of a ping pong ball to fit is bowl
symmetrical_A1 - 6 years ago
+Meg Arnerich dont be such a douchebag, he/she was only trying to help you.
Meg Arnerich
Meg Arnerich - 7 years ago
okay smart guy, go rescue some chickens then, I didn't ask you how to take care of my fish, I asked about the ball for my fish and how would you know the size of the bowl I use. grow up dude and worry about your own fish.
Leianna Thomas
Leianna Thomas - 7 years ago
Saying a fish is happy in a bowl is like saying a chicken is happy being in a tiny cage his whole life instead of being free roam.
Meg Arnerich
Meg Arnerich - 7 years ago
+Velcrow Ellese first off my fish is happy, I don't need a tank nor do I need a heater and filter. I had a rubber ball that sunk down when I put it in his bowl.
Leianna Thomas
Leianna Thomas - 7 years ago
Leianna Thomas
Leianna Thomas - 7 years ago
A small rubber bouncy ball should do. But your betta really shouldn't be in a bowl. Plus in a bowl he would have no room to play ball. Get him a tank. I prefer at least 5 gallons to give them room to play and swim in. Also make sure the tank has a heater and a filter so he can thrive! They sell tanks at petco and pets,art. Hope this helped :)
Katie Mabey
Katie Mabey - 7 years ago
Im getting a red lyre tail betta and he's so cute! Can't wait to get him for christmas and then play ping pong with him!
kindle urie
kindle urie - 7 years ago
this is why I hate people. they think betas are so dumb and boring so its ok to leave them in small tanks not gravel no toys or anything. so cute! thanks for sharing !
Bobby Rossy
Bobby Rossy - 3 years ago
kindle urie you do realize she is still miss-treating the fish in many ways
ExplosiveSparklez - 7 years ago
Is he still alive? Just want to know.
PuffThe BeardedDragon
PuffThe BeardedDragon - 7 years ago
My betta will be learning tricks today at dinner for him
Leone - 7 years ago
hahaha lol my betta does that too! he jumps and i let him play with the ball and he follows my voice

50. comment for Betta Fish Plays Soccer 2

wolves pain
wolves pain - 7 years ago
Awesome trick keep it up
Cuda FX
Cuda FX - 7 years ago
this is not a good way to keep a betta. do some reading on theyr needs and behavior.
Alessia Baglione
Alessia Baglione - 7 years ago
Juicyviolet11 - 7 years ago
wow! Can all betta fish do this? I think im getting a pet fish soon
AlexandrasPets - 7 years ago
god thats cute!
Joel Molina
Joel Molina - 7 years ago
Love your betta grim! Just subscribed today subscribe to me please thank you
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - 7 years ago
Awesome he is like shamu
Gabe Nielsen
Gabe Nielsen - 8 years ago
Where do you get big plants like that? All the ones I find are really small
KandiPerfection - 8 years ago
what material is the ball made of?
I would love to buy my new betta 'Yah-hotep' a ball to play with (:
I know PLASTIC materials are very unhealthy for them,
thats why i ask :3

KandiPerfection - 7 years ago
<3 Aloha.
I will experiment now :D
sasorispuppet412 - 7 years ago
Not all plastics are unhealthy, but many are.  A ping pong ball is a bit large but works well for this game, and it is made of a non-toxic plastic.  Small Easter Eggs work too.
XXPITT - 8 years ago
if you love him so much, why not get a filter and a heater for him
cloudy fox
cloudy fox - 3 years ago
do bettas need a filter because someone told me they live in stagnant water i think i spelt that wrong?
Jdejejhhsgsg Dhdjjdjfjdnhhe
Jdejejhhsgsg Dhdjjdjfjdnhhe - 6 years ago
+jandtsmom Yes!!
Cuda FX
Cuda FX - 7 years ago
and a bigger, serious tank.
Graeme Caldwell TV
Graeme Caldwell TV - 8 years ago
Great video! What kind of ball is that?  I want to give my betta an opportunity to play!
Zopper - 6 years ago
Ik this was 2 years ago. But that betta was NOT playing. He was fighting the ball which they can die from stress.
Snigdha - 6 years ago
+Graeme Caldwell TV A ping pong ball.
Kassie - 6 years ago
+Graeme Caldwell TV  Same
soup bowl
soup bowl - 8 years ago
This video makes me smile every time I watch it. And I've watched it about 5 times now!! He is so playful
Alicia Garrett
Alicia Garrett - 8 years ago
stop what your doing! he is scared do you not see he is flaring? your stressing him out
High All Day
High All Day - 4 years ago
sasorispuppet412 they gdt defensive when food is around idiot
sasorispuppet412 - 7 years ago
That is not really correct.  All three of my Bettas often flare at their food or their food container (which is not brightly colored but clear plastic).  Not every one I have met does but my roommates Betta, my moms best friends Betta, and my coworkers Betta do as well. Obviously they aren't stressed out by being fed.  Also, anything that is new or is not always there is something to be flared at, they are sometimes excited by something new and need to check it out (which I will assume is how this game came about).  In short flaring is not always a response to fear or a sign of aggression, but many also do it to show excitement.
Graeme Caldwell TV
Graeme Caldwell TV - 8 years ago
I thought this comment was baloney but he might be trying to kill the ball. It's brightly colored which often confuses them for another betta. You can probably keep using the ball but no more than 5 minutes a day
msjazzhorn - 8 years ago
Hello Undead Redhead,
I hope this message finds you well! I have had my betta (Cowboy) for a few years now and I am looking to do some serious upgrading on his tank. I really admire that habitat you've created for Jay!
Just out of curiosity- What type/brand of tank is this and size? Where can I get one? Also, what kind of balls are those and where can I get them? I enjoyed this video, thank you! I'd appreciate a response at your convenience. 
Warm Regards,
ASmallGirlWithBigDreams - 8 years ago
where do you get that ball and is it ok if I use my rainbow loom hook instead of a straw?
Lea Daily
Lea Daily - 8 years ago
awwwwaaahhhh how cuutteee!!! Where'd you get that ball?
Ashley Verissimo
Ashley Verissimo - 8 years ago
i have one but blue this fish is sooo cute
Jen Frankel
Jen Frankel - 8 years ago
Check the dollar store! These ones are from a miniature billiards set.
Jen Frankel
Jen Frankel - 8 years ago
My baby just passed away end of August -- a big thanks to all of you who've watched and commented. He was a special little fish!
Jen Frankel
Jen Frankel - 8 years ago
He was scared of the first one I put in, then flared at it for a bit. I kept taking it out after a few minutes at first, but when he started hip-checking it and then running it across the tank with his nose (lips, rather!) I just left it in. Added the other two a while later and I'd come home to find him playing with them. He seemed to love keeping himself occupied, and I felt a little less guilty when I wasn't home all the time!
popupanimash - 8 years ago
a few years ago i had a betta and every time i could come into the room he would come to the front of the tank and greet me. they are smart.
oliver leon
oliver leon - 8 years ago
i have the same bettafish
fæ rie
fæ rie - 8 years ago
My betta lives in a 5 gallon tank with 6 harlequin rasboras
NIck1234567217 - 8 years ago
Wow I've never seen a betta do that
Steven O
Steven O - 8 years ago
MrPizzaMax - 8 years ago
omg this is so cute D:
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 8 years ago
i got a new betta baby fish in my new 5.7 gallon tank with few cherry shrimps. i am thinking to add some balls too as she is a active little lady :D
Jess MacDougall
Jess MacDougall - 8 years ago
I have a 10 gallon aquarium for my betta fish :)
Jess MacDougall
Jess MacDougall - 8 years ago
Smart fish!
Josephine Krueger
Josephine Krueger - 8 years ago
Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing.
JJ Mack
JJ Mack - 9 years ago
how long did it take for him to interact with the balls?
TheDarknessOfVoid - 9 years ago
1.5 gallons... wut
Arlene Hogan
Arlene Hogan - 9 years ago
Kay is so cool. I was wondering where you get those balls for your betta
Charlotte DeBloois
Charlotte DeBloois - 9 years ago
i want a fish that can do that
Jen Frankel
Jen Frankel - 9 years ago
lol -- I bought a miniature billiards set from the Dollar Store, and a few of the balls floated.
Rachel Cristofani
Rachel Cristofani - 9 years ago
Where did you get the balls? I want to buy toys for my beta.
Myself2Blame - 9 years ago
Haha! I love that you named his ball "Wilson". That's perfect
Jen Frankel
Jen Frankel - 9 years ago
My bad -- he's actually a (cheaper and more common) veil-tail Betta, which for me just makes it cooler he's so awesome.

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