Betta Fish Tank - 2 Months After Adding Fish

My betta tank after 2 months and some information on betta fish care. Care video:

Betta Fish Tank - 2 Months After Adding Fish sentiment_very_dissatisfied 6

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My betta tank after 2 months and some information on betta fish care. Care video:

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Mattea - 5 years ago
Cute Betta! Looks similar to mine.
Katelyn Tucker
Katelyn Tucker - 5 years ago
74-83° is usually best. I try to keep mine at about 77-82
Earthling1984 - 5 years ago
Yup, mine is kept in that range. I said pretty much exactly what you said in my video.
robbie5826987 - 5 years ago
I love using my toys on my cats
Johnovan Dupper
Johnovan Dupper - 6 years ago
earthling 1984 i also have a betta! mine is in a 5 gallon. i love your betta! plz go check out my betta tank on my channel.
julyjewel72 - 6 years ago
Stresszyme (sludge remover) may help out with that film on top. Also, I read that having water flow output near the water surface helps keep down that biofilm. It keeps the surface disturbed in other words. I've done both of the mentioned, and I've seen a big reduction of the film.
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
I prefer not to use chemicals in fish tanks, ever. Best way I found to get rid of the slime is with surface agitation. I don't want a high water flow in this betta tank, so the filter output doesn't help much here. I found adding a small bubble stone works great. And I only have to run the bubble stone for about 1 hour per week to keep the top water clear.
Sandalio Chavez
Sandalio Chavez - 6 years ago
that's a beautiful fish been trying to find some like that around here in California and Find s***
mantidgirl - 6 years ago
Why can't i have a nice planted tank ;-;

(Mines bare-bottom cause it's easier to clean)
Evan Doucette
Evan Doucette - 6 years ago
The film on the surface of the water is protein likely from the food you feed your little guy. Agitation of the water well get rid of it
Bob Tate
Bob Tate - 6 years ago
I think the filter is really the star of the show when it comes to those little Fluval tanks. Most small, inexpensive tanks come with filters that are just junk. Actually, they do a lot of things right with the Fluval tanks. The price still stings though.

I have a small Aqueon tank I'm preparing for a betta but I think I'm going to have to buy a better filter for it. Which kind of defeats the purpose of buying a cheaper tank, I guess.
TheAilaS - 5 years ago
Bob Tate yah. The tanks are expensive. I have a 5g fluval spec and I love it. The flow is too strong for a betta but what I did is I bought a pre-filter sponge and I put it on the outflow. And I have the pump on the maximum flow. And the water is crystal clear.

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LegallyBrunette and Beautiful
LegallyBrunette and Beautiful - 6 years ago
78-82° is awesome for bettas. :) Glad to see someone who knows how to do take care of them!
Kenneth Reyes
Kenneth Reyes - 6 years ago
Maybe that stuff on the water is fungi!
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
Kenneth Reyes Nope. Not the reason.
Kenneth Reyes
Kenneth Reyes - 6 years ago
Probably lacking the benefitial bacteria that breaks down the surface build up..
Kenneth Reyes
Kenneth Reyes - 6 years ago
Idk but i dont like the look of it ;(
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
Demon wolf 666
Demon wolf 666 - 6 years ago
u can get an ear stone to stop the water from being cloggy , battas can sufercat why the water gets clogged because it can cover the hole of the surface of the wattet .
Matarese28 - 6 years ago
I'm glad you have a tank that the betta can actually move around in because many people keep Bettas in tiny tanks because they come in tiny containers but that's not true at all they need room just like any fish but I love this tank he the betta seems like he loves it too
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
Yes, they should have more room than most people / pet stores say. They also need filter and heater which most people don't have for them. With proper care these fish can live 15 years! I have a care video for bettas as well :)
louie canillas
louie canillas - 6 years ago
how did u get the low water flow in that tank. i have the same tank and i feel it moves the water to much. thanks!
TheAilaS - 5 years ago
louie canillas use a pre- filter sponge on the outflow.
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
the water pump has 3 settings. I just used the middle setting. Then I put the wood in front of the nozzle. That's all I did.
Danna Cavell
Danna Cavell - 6 years ago
Try filling up the tank almost all the way. And use an algae scraper to scrub off the sides or use a paper towel. Or do a 100% water change and clean everything.
Earthling1984 - 6 years ago
Yeah I have a magnet algea scraper. But, as for a 100% water change. That should never be done! Where would the betta live until the tank cycled? 50% water change is the maximum that should ever be done.
Mark's Fish Keeping UK
Mark's Fish Keeping UK - 7 years ago
I like your Betta fish
Anime Kitten
Anime Kitten - 7 years ago
My betta fish lasted for four years i have a female and male C:
Dolphincutie World
Dolphincutie World - 7 years ago
Thats cool you got a betya fish. Very cute! I don't know if you remember me but I have hermit crabs and you answered my question before.
Dolphincutie World
Dolphincutie World - 7 years ago
+Earthling1984 Okay, :-)
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+Dolphincutie83 Life Awesome. I'll check out your channel :)
Dolphincutie World
Dolphincutie World - 7 years ago
+Earthling1984 Yeah I'm planing on getting one soon. I subscribe to your channel you think maybe you can subscribe to my channel too. Do you still have all your hermit crabs?
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
Hi again :) Yeah the betta tank is a nice addition and easy to care for!
ft Whiteyy
ft Whiteyy - 7 years ago
Hey I watched your pet room tour you made in 2009! Very impressive by the way! I saw your leopard geckos were really jumpy. I was wondering if you can work with leopard geckos to make them more tame. I want to get one very badly they look like such cool animals!
ft Whiteyy
ft Whiteyy - 7 years ago
+Earthling1984 Thanks!
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+ft Whiteyy Thanks!! As for Leopard Geckos, yes, you can get the tamer. Just handle often and in time they should get used to you and being handled.
ft Whiteyy
ft Whiteyy - 7 years ago
P.S. You earned a sub from me keep up the good work!;)

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Shelf 19
Shelf 19 - 7 years ago
Instead of adding an airstone add some frogspawn or other floating plants
khachaturian - 7 years ago
Do you think he would get along with an ottocinclus or two?

As for the surface, does Fluval sell some kind of attachment to the intake that acts as a surface skimmer?

With a surface skimmer, you can keep the same flow rate and not have scum.
Ana nas
Ana nas - 7 years ago
Depends on his temperament, I have a very mellow betta that does well with other fish, the other i have is a bit meaner and prefers to be alone. If there are enough places for the otto to hide/ for the betta to hide, so that they don't really get to interact with each other than it can work with just about any betta fish. Hope that makes sense, cheers!
Broldier - 7 years ago
I believe this "scum" is biofilm that formed on the top of your water, it's usually oily in small amounts, never seen it that dense before! It should be completely harmless since it's just a minor type of algae, I usually have plants and shrimps in my tanks to outcompete it but surface agitation should kill it off as well.
CICHLID ADDICT - 7 years ago
Is this a dumbo betta?
mlposten - 7 years ago
Wondering if the scum is from him. I would get that when I raised some. A few males I had I think weren't producing bubble nests completely. So is it his saliva? Just no nest yet.
Other thing is I had a food do that also. I ended up changing to flakes and live brine shrimp.
Kevin Keane
Kevin Keane - 7 years ago
My Beta tank develops the same slimy scum any ideas of why and what it is? And also how to prevent it?
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+Kevin Keane water movement. this happens on any tank. from 2 gallons to 5000 gallons. A water bubbler or some other surface movement device like a tiny water pump may help. Problem is bettas do like low water movement. Most important thing for bettas is 2+ gallons, over 75F, and lots of plants.
RoboTekno - 7 years ago
Yeah, that scum looks nasty, but besides that it looks good :-) Have you tried betas in community tanks? I think I remember having a couple back in the day in a community tank and as long as I gave them enough hiding spots, they did well. I'm not a fan of keeping betas in tiny jars, haha, but I think your tank has a good balance of that.
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+RoboTekno I have tried with just tetras and other small community fish. The one time I tried recently the male betta was killed. I thought it was possible too. It may be, but mine didn't work in my 55gal community tank with plenty of rocks and hiding spaces. I have heard female bettas are good in community tanks, not males as much. Females don't look as colorful or eye appealing, but sometimes you can find a good one. The males are too aggressive and other fish in the tank will nip at their big fins, giving them infections, then death.
Luke The Vampire Slayer
Luke The Vampire Slayer - 7 years ago
You have a very neat and pretty tank. I love bettas. Freshwatee fish are the best!
damian noort
damian noort - 7 years ago
Maybe u could get a airstone that will get rid off the wheir stuff on the surface
animal addict
animal addict - 6 years ago
that's what I do
damian noort
damian noort - 7 years ago
+Earthling1984 glad to help :)
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+damian noort That might help get the surface to move around some. Good idea!
ThatZeldaNerd 18
ThatZeldaNerd 18 - 7 years ago
I got my new baby betta a floating mirror which allows him to "exercise" his fins due to seeing his reflection. Is this stressful for him to think there is another betta in the tank? He is in a round bowl, so he can't properly see his reflection. The mirror is the only way for him to see his reflection.
Also, he is just a baby right now, so he is in a fairly small bowl. He can still explore and he has a tunnel to sleep in and a live plant to help with the nitrogen cycle and everything. We are planning on "upgrading" him into a larger, 5-10 gallon tank when he gets a little bigger. Is this a good idea/plan?
We've had many bettas in the past when I was younger, but I want to be sure I am doing everything right for him and future bettas.
Thank you so much for all you do for animals and your viewers! :)
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+ThatZeldaNerd 18 Get rid of the mirror. Male bettas only get angry when seeing themselves or other males. And yes, larger tank is good. Most important is low water flow, proper temperature (around 78F), and lots of plants (fake or real). Also, when you setup the new tank, don't just put him in! The tank needs to cycle. Put in some water (even just 1 cup worth) from your existing tank. Then wait at least a week before you transfer the betta in.
BenjiBP - 7 years ago
he should've been in a 10 gallon from the start!
of course it's a good idea mate

30. comment for Betta Fish Tank - 2 Months After Adding Fish

RPG nukes you
RPG nukes you - 7 years ago
Your betta is beautiful I love it what do you feed your betta as I've tried feeding my betta everything and he's not been eating anything but frozen blood worm and he doesn't have a lot either he also tends to lay on the bottom ornament or against the filter but might be because my filter is a bit too strong.
Earthling1984 - 7 years ago
+RPG nukes you I feed betta pellets and bloodworms. He likes them both. Flake food bettas often don't go for. Try finding small betta pellets.
RazorBackFyre - 7 years ago
I used to have 2 pure red betas. Great video Eathling1984!! :D
greasy boy
greasy boy - 7 years ago

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