Betta Fish Tank Guide: Tank Set Up

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haleyleddon vlogs
haleyleddon vlogs - 5 years ago
that is the most beautiful betta fish i’ve ever seen in my whole life
Estefania R
Estefania R - 5 years ago
If only I had money to buy my betta a bigger tank
David Ochoa
David Ochoa - 5 years ago
Hey, is the last betta male or female? I just bought a baby Male betta and I’m curious if it will look like the betta shown last
Aimee H
Aimee H - 5 years ago
I bought my Betta a water wisteria plant and it loves laying on it . Great plant for starters as well .
Arjan van Doleweerd
Arjan van Doleweerd - 5 years ago
I have ordered a 200 liter aquarium and want to keep an harem... should do fine? :D
Laura Landess
Laura Landess - 5 years ago
Beautiful setup
Max Krisna
Max Krisna - 5 years ago
I live in tropical climate (7°s latitude ) but why the water temp sometime reach 50°F ( 10°C) should i put on a heater even tho in the river near my house i see some betta (srry for bad eng)
Maxi Murgio
Maxi Murgio - 5 years ago
Nonsense. My betta made a bubble nest in a half gallon tank. Ps. I am planning on upgrading it
Jayla White
Jayla White - 5 years ago
Have you upgraded it yet.
RM Aquatics
RM Aquatics - 5 years ago
Maxi Murgio bubble nests do not indicate happiness they indicate breeding maturity... smh
san foong
san foong - 5 years ago
Does betta fish need rain water or drinking tap

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Loxide - 5 years ago
Ok I just got a betta fish today and I got it a typical tank like you see like with goldfish in cartoons and im starting to feel bad. I will most likely only have that bowl, pebbles, some sort of structure and thats about it. Could It still be decently happy?
Reymond Eje
Reymond Eje - 5 years ago
Is it necessary to use a heater when im already in a tropical country? (philippines) im planning to buy a betta soon :)
Reymond Eje
Reymond Eje - 5 years ago
salty sugar • 10 months ago we only have 2 seasons the wet and dry. So the temperature here does not rise like its chilling but its really damp.
salty sugar • 10 months ago
salty sugar • 10 months ago - 5 years ago
Reymond Eje Does it get cold in the phillipines? I'm in Las Vegas which is a HOT country but in the winter it gets rather cold. I would recommend one
Fishing Tv
Fishing Tv - 5 years ago
Have a betta but the filter that came with the tank is too fast anyone have any recommendations on a filter I should get I have a 5.5 gal
Jayla White
Jayla White - 5 years ago
Fishing Tv you can get a small sponge filter. That’s what I have :)
Ava Leasure
Ava Leasure - 6 years ago
The betta from my feed store come in tanks the size of a small dogs head it's sad but I got my betta a leaf hammock today
Team Hazyjinx
Team Hazyjinx - 6 years ago
I have a question, If I live in Climate temperature do I need a heater for the fall and winter? And do I take it out in the summer where its 70-80 majority of the time?
Jayla White
Jayla White - 5 years ago
Team Hazyjinx as long as the temperature of the tank is 74- 80 it will be fine without a heater
Kadeem Shipman
Kadeem Shipman - 6 years ago
Nice video. And the yellow betta is beautiful
ZoZo Asia
ZoZo Asia - 6 years ago
Very good video, I will follow you
Winnie The Duck
Winnie The Duck - 6 years ago
I have a fish bowl, but that's because it's 2.5gallons :)))
Ms Lady
Ms Lady - 6 years ago
Those fish are so beautiful!!! They were so cute and swam so gracefully, ah!! stUNNING!!!
Yal NA
Yal NA - 6 years ago
Also betta females can be kept in groups! It is just the males who have issues with another male! But they do not mind other fish around them and maybe even like it since it mimics their natural habitat where there are other fish species around.

20. comment for Betta Fish Tank Guide: Tank Set Up

Yal NA
Yal NA - 6 years ago
A 10 Gallon tank should be the very minimum for ANY fish period! If you cant even afford that than you cant afford any pets, period! 10 Gallon tanks are sold for like 20 $ at Walmart!!
Brandi Betke
Brandi Betke - 6 years ago
Yal NA

I agree to somepoint but...

I have a betta, emerald rasbora (have 2 getting more soon), 3 platys, a netite snail, and a trapdoor snail ... in a 10 gallon

And I know for a fact that they are thriving
Daniel Floyd
Daniel Floyd - 6 years ago
I've heard some people say that it is possible to house two male betta fish together, given that their tank is large enough to provide enough space for each of them. (10+ gals?) Is this true? Also, do you have any recommendations for brands of 10 gal tanks I should consider? Thanks!
AquaLife&More - 5 years ago
I've seen two males together in a heavily planted 100 gallon tank
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 6 years ago
No. Male betas cannot be put together without a divider. Especially not in a 10 gallon tank. Male bettas will fight until one of them dies.
life hope
life hope - 6 years ago
i just came here from another fish channel lover she is my bff and it would be so cool if yall checked her out its gottalove. gottaliveanimals she is a super positive person and going through some ruff stuff and would make her day if she got some more subs.thanks
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
I'm doing a Mystery snail giveaway. If you want more information, head over to my channel.
lilz_l - 6 years ago
That is the prettiest betta that I've ever seen.
Selena Wolf
Selena Wolf - 6 years ago
Keep in mind some gravel can cause stress but the only kind is really bright colors or neon.
Unicorn Power
Unicorn Power - 6 years ago
I have the same betta in the thumbnail
Yeo Wei An
Yeo Wei An - 5 years ago
Unicorn Power me too
Grace - 6 years ago
Same! He lives with 4 feeder fish in a 20 gal tank.
Cobalt DeadShark
Cobalt DeadShark - 6 years ago
It's good to see your taking such good care of your bettas :D
Donnima9000 - 6 years ago
WoW so much is going wrong going here ...
-They need more plants
-They need swimming plants on the top of the aquarium as well ( not too much tho - cause they have to breath air)
- They dont actually like moving water! so no Filter is ideal
- 30 - 55 liter is best ! not bigger, because they have a territory! They check that every now and then and if its to big they get stressed
- If possible go for a wider base aquarium not square
RM Aquatics
RM Aquatics - 5 years ago
No filter... what is wrong with you ? Yes yes they do need a filter.
Sexy Ten
Sexy Ten - 6 years ago
"No filter is ideal" 
That is completely *wrong*. Fish REQUIRE filters as they actively produce ammonia. You can easily get a filter that doesn't produce a large current that disrupts your betta fish. Fish produce ammonia every day, which is toxic to fish. Ammonia levels should be at 0ppm, without a filter ammonia would rise, ultimately causing stress on your fish. As for 30-55 litre is best thing, I'm not sure where you got that information from? As long as males are kept solitary, the bigger the tank the better overall.
Bebo Leo
Bebo Leo - 6 years ago
what kind of Betta you have

30. comment for Betta Fish Tank Guide: Tank Set Up

Forever and ever I swear!
Forever and ever I swear! - 6 years ago
If only bettas dont fight each other. Would be so beautiful having all the different colours put together..
Hi im V and i approve this message
Hi im V and i approve this message - 6 years ago
am I the only one in the world that has 3 minnows and a male betta in a 300 gallon tank? someone told me to put him in a bowl because to much space stress them out
chris miller
chris miller - 6 years ago
I read that bubbles from a filter can stress a betta
Jayla White
Jayla White - 5 years ago
Not mine. He likes to play with the bubbles :)
Havu the Pupper
Havu the Pupper - 6 years ago
Its actually not ideal its really not NECESSARY to keep a 5 gallon they don't require much space unless your keeping some tank mates considering its one fish in a 5 gallon you could have brought two 2.5 gallon tanks for 2 bettas not needing to spend so much money on one tank because you also need to get supplies such a substrate a heater,filter, light and other plants and pieces to let him hide. So to me its overdoing the process a bit. :/
Havu the Pupper
Havu the Pupper - 6 years ago
yeah but the fish and where they come from is a dramatic difference as they are first bred in tubs with thousands of others then put into cup sized tanks to go into tanks slightly larger. I have a betta male currently in a community tank so this does not apply to me but its fine if your you learn throughout owning them
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 6 years ago
If you cannot afford the basic needs for a fish, do not get a fish. A 2.5 gallon is the minimum size a betta can stay in. If you want to be spontaneous and not wait until petco has their $1 per gallon sale to get a 10 gallon for $10, maybe you should reconsider fish keeping. The tank that you put fish in is their entire world. They have nothing else in this world but their tank. You could live in a closet. Just because you fit in one doesn't mean you'd want to live in one.
April Cervantes
April Cervantes - 6 years ago
not all betta fish are aggressive
Fire Bird
Fire Bird - 6 years ago
got a 20 gallon for 1 male and 3 females is this ok?
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 6 years ago
No. In a 20 gallon you could have a female betta sorority 5+ females in a heavily planted tank and hope they are all docile. But you can never, ever put male and female bettas together. Ever. Betta breeding is extremely complicated and difficult and is not suitable for a beginner.
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca
Myriam Elizabeth Viadas Oaxaca - 6 years ago
The Gravel which is Painted....
....IT'S TOXIC!!!!!
How can you Mention It???!!!! =(
midnight - 6 years ago
Your betta is so beautiful!
Shannon King
Shannon King - 6 years ago
My betta is in a 1/2 gallon bowl. I don't have a heater or filter. He is a very happy fish. Now I'm worried about not having all the bells and whistles for him. Guess I need to go shopping.
The Betta Obsessor
The Betta Obsessor - 6 years ago
Thanks! Super helpful.
ItsSimplyJessie - 6 years ago
I'm trusting you on this, don't let me down! :)
Marijn Willems
Marijn Willems - 6 years ago
Great video! I am starting up a new aquarium for two male Betta's (60 X 30 x 30 cm). I am looking for a good aquarium divider. Now I see your video with a simple and good looking divider (looks like the material in a filter). How is that stuff called? Please let me know! Thanks!
Gracey's Corner
Gracey's Corner - 6 years ago
I know a lot of people get heaters and filters but when I was three my betta lasted 2 years without any of that. Also I get 1 gallon :( I can't afford anything higher. My bettas liked it though
Gracey's Corner
Gracey's Corner - 6 years ago
Also I haven't had a betta fish in 5 years I was 5 when I last had one. I'm getting a new one this month. Any types on choosing bettas?
BIG CHIEF - 6 years ago
a 5 gallon for 1 beta fish lollololol
BettaFish Mizu
BettaFish Mizu - 6 years ago
Water conditioner? Food choices? Other than that great vid
fuckyourself haha
fuckyourself haha - 6 years ago
my just died
joechill1 - 6 years ago
That blue and yellow betta!
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 6 years ago
your bettas are really ugly and your telling wrong informations
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 6 years ago
Egon Spengler
Egon Spengler - 6 years ago
Slfish Keepers She's not? + you need to get your eyes checked my dude
wolfie - 6 years ago
if i can keep a neon alive for three years i think i can do this ;)
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay - 6 years ago
Finally someone who has the natural rocks I have!!

50. comment for Betta Fish Tank Guide: Tank Set Up

Kaeli Lagerquist
Kaeli Lagerquist - 6 years ago
My fish can see his reflection in the side of the tank and flares at himself a lot. Is there a way that I can stop the reflection?
white snapper
white snapper - 6 years ago
Good Info...Awesome
white snapper
white snapper - 6 years ago
where i cat get the epsom salt for betta treatment. i'm from malaysia
Anthony Ragan
Anthony Ragan - 6 years ago
Very nice guide to keeping bettas. Well done!
Diana Daniels
Diana Daniels - 6 years ago
Thanks. I've been torn as there are different opinions.
Privi Venkat
Privi Venkat - 6 years ago
What if my apartment is always heated at 72 degrees F? Is it okay if I don't have a heater then? Also, is a 2 gallon tank okay or does it need to be 2.5? I have a 2 already, so I'm just wondering..
Butterfly 0054
Butterfly 0054 - 6 years ago
Privi Venkat get one of those aquarium thermometers. The water might be warmer because of your apartment temp, but chances are the water will still not be that hot
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 6 years ago
What type of betta fish is that?
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 6 years ago
What type of betta fish is that?
MaddamX Plays
MaddamX Plays - 6 years ago
I'm getting a betta can I use a lamp instead of a heater
Waffles The Leopard Gecko
Waffles The Leopard Gecko - 6 years ago
No but get the lamp and the heater because a lamp won't do much
dope fox21
dope fox21 - 6 years ago
Is it ok to put 2 beta fish in a 10 gallon but their are a pair (like a female and a male)
killa milla
killa milla - 6 years ago
dope fox21 I know you didn't ask me but you can't put a male and female together. Only 1 male as they're territorial. You CAN have a tank (at least 10 gallons) for only female bettas called a "sorority tank"
Bettas & Stuff
Bettas & Stuff - 6 years ago
I am watching like millions of betta videos right now. I'm on vacation missing my babies
Jazmin Bretado
Jazmin Bretado - 6 years ago
Great video
T.E. Gilsrud
T.E. Gilsrud - 6 years ago
i live where the it get to -45 degrees F and up to 102 degrees F. is there 1 product i could buy that both cools and heats
Waffles The Leopard Gecko
Waffles The Leopard Gecko - 6 years ago
Yes you can look online or somewhere like a pet store idk which ones but ik they have thoose filters
Camarin Chargualaf
Camarin Chargualaf - 6 years ago
do you need a big tank or can you just have a medium one
Carmador - 6 years ago
nice clickbait
A and S Life
A and S Life - 6 years ago
bettas still eat regular tropical food, correct?
Jayla White
Jayla White - 5 years ago
And bloodworms
Unholy Warrior
Unholy Warrior - 6 years ago
There's something call Betta pellets, nothing expensive.
mojokiss - 6 years ago
I have a blue and black betta too. I love that look.
Saltdogo - 6 years ago
remember bettas are aggressive fish EITHER GENDER
Connor Zerka
Connor Zerka - 6 years ago
My friends dumb. He's got two angel fish and a couple other ones in a 8 gallon tank.
haley werts
haley werts - 6 years ago
I'm new to this. I just got a beta today and it's still on the container I've done research and I'm scared to transfer in into the other tank because of the water and I don't want to kill him. I have a 1 gallon aquarium starter kit with led light and filter system. I have no idea how to transfer him or do the water???
ThatInsectDude 01
ThatInsectDude 01 - 6 years ago
Woah that betta in the beginning of the video was absolutely gorgeous
kilo ninetwetnty
kilo ninetwetnty - 6 years ago
im actually trying to get into keeping betta fish and yours was probably the most helpful so far
Yi Bu
Yi Bu - 6 years ago
Where do you get your halfmoon betta? I couldn't find one any where!
Will G
Will G - 6 years ago
I need bulk storage so maybe get like 20 gallon long and have a few dividers in it? This way I don't need to buy multiple heaters etc
Will G
Will G - 6 years ago
How did you make that divider?
pkj 77
pkj 77 - 6 years ago
what plant we have to use to give tropical fishes is artificial plants are ok or we have to go for original ones
Flamingchicken - 6 years ago
The first fish seen looks like mine but he is a double tail half moon
dirtybishop - 6 years ago
hi there.. I bought some iron rich (black coloured) sand substrate for my Betta 28ltr tank. one pet store worker said that it's a really bad idea since the Betta won't like it. I'm planning on live plants.... does anyone have solid knowledge on this ? thanks :)
killa milla
killa milla - 6 years ago
I don't see why it'd be a problem, as long as the tank is big enough and you give the tank a little extra time for your plants to grow before adding fish. You may need liquid fertilizer for the plants also, which aren't harmful for your fish.
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
I'm planning on getting 2 Betta fish n getting a 5 gallon tank that has a divider n I wanted to know if it would be good to put other fish in the as well??? Or if I should just not put a divider n get 1 Betta fish n get other fish as well???
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
I'm doing a mystery snail giveaway. For more information head over to my channel.
Lucero Aguirre
Lucero Aguirre - 6 years ago
Daiz4 Dayz oh
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
Osita A it means "and" lol
Lucero Aguirre
Lucero Aguirre - 6 years ago
Daiz4 Dayz WHAT DOES "N" MEAN?!?!?!?!
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
Amedeo Claudia Umm... I actually have 2 fish tank at the moment. a 10 gallon for my Betta and a 20 for my other fish. N I'm going to get some more plants, so I'm really excited
Amedeo Claudia
Amedeo Claudia - 6 years ago
don't put a better with a betta, they kill each other, thats how the mate.
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
Thank you, I have delt with Tetras before and... they all ended up dying one by one...
InfiniteDeaths26 Gaming
InfiniteDeaths26 Gaming - 6 years ago
I wouldn't get anything too small like tetras. Mine pretty much killed all mine :(
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
fancy goldfish so I somehow ended up with 2 tanks
Theodora Kneipp
Theodora Kneipp - 6 years ago
Daiz4 Dayz what fish did you get?
Harley The gecko
Harley The gecko - 6 years ago
Daiz4 Dayz you can put a betta in each side, I would put any other fish with the betta in its side, betta's can be territorial, but you can split it and put a betta on one side and other tropical fish in the other, or you could have no divider and put a betta with some tetras
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
Tank you lol (pun intended) I ended up getting a 10 gallon tank and made it a community tank. I also got a 2.5 gallon tank for my half moon male betta >.<
Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons
Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons - 6 years ago
CrazyChicken Lady Cory's might not be the best for a 5 gallon even, cause they're bottom feeders and stick near the substrate. Floor space matters a lot and they're community fish, at least 4 or more of them and your tank floor might be a little too crowded by then.
Connor Zerka
Connor Zerka - 6 years ago
Daisy Gonzalez No, don't put other fish in it. WAAAYYY to small.
Daiz4 Dayz
Daiz4 Dayz - 6 years ago
CrazyChicken Lady Thank you so much, but somehow I ended up getting a 10 gallon
Alaura McWilliam
Alaura McWilliam - 6 years ago
Daisy Gonzalez if you are only getting a 5 gallon than 1 Betta fish with maybe some Cory's but that so it.... In order to get fish like tetras or guppies you need 10 gallon and up
Rachel DIY
Rachel DIY - 6 years ago
I am going to put my Betta fish in a 1.5 gallon bowl but where I live it gets very cold. What can I do to make the bowl warm?
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly - 6 years ago
True. I forgot to add that as everyone where I live has a heater for a betta, since we live in a generally chilly place. I don't know how people can stand that heat!
F Dannn
F Dannn - 6 years ago
The assumption that Bettas absolutely require a heater is false, I have one in a 3.5 gallon and it couldn't be happier or healthier. If your room temperature is always at least 75+ F than you can forego a heater.
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly - 6 years ago
Get at least a 3 gallon, and not a bowl. Also, bettas require a heater :)
Curtain - 6 years ago
Rachel DIY get a larger tank and buy a heater to fit the size of the tank :)
Because I can
Because I can - 6 years ago
Rachel DIY a heater
Ava Barth
Ava Barth - 6 years ago
At my pet store they don't need a heater
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 6 years ago
Ava Barth Yes, they do. The cups that they sell them in have warm water. just because they can survive without a heater doesn't mean they will thrive.
UNICORN MADNESS - 6 years ago
they dont need a heater i have 4 they love 4 year
shanice turner
shanice turner - 6 years ago
how often should you feed your betta
Arwyn Dempsey
Arwyn Dempsey - 6 years ago
I am in love with your blue and yellow one!! When I go to the pet shop I never find any nice bettas
Jawwad - 6 years ago
can i keep other fish with a betta in a 5.5 gallon tank and if so which and how many
Nikki Mata
Nikki Mata - 6 years ago
Jawwad The RobloxKid 69 I have a fairly peaceful Betta with a small catfish/ algae eater. Not a corydora, but. They're small and brown with strips down their side and only grow up to 2 in unlike some others. But I had initially to watch my betta to make sure he didn't try to kill them (there were two. One was sick when I got him and died) which he didn't he just chased them for about 5 mins. After that he was fine, but then again every betta is different and mines not super aggressive. I just recently got another male who I would never give a tank mate because of his disposition. If you do see your betta is trying to kill them please separate whatever fish from them.
Jasper Jennings
Jasper Jennings - 6 years ago
I have kept a ghost shrimp with a betta. Be careful, as some bettas are overly aggressive and will attack ghost shrimp.They only cost 50 cents, so it is not a big loss.
Happy TheCat
Happy TheCat - 6 years ago
Jawwad The RobloxKid 69 I would upgrade the size, betas can be territorial
Zstar Gamer
Zstar Gamer - 6 years ago
Pronounced be ta
Kim Taehyung Wifeu
Kim Taehyung Wifeu - 6 years ago
I don't use a fliter because of his fin
BtsFangirlTrash - 6 years ago
+Hello Bella AHHHHH!!! OMG I luv your profile pic and your channel banner!!!!! (See what I did there with the luv
Nikki Mata
Nikki Mata - 6 years ago
Hello Bella there are sponge filters that are very gentle and don't rip fins
Kim Taehyung Wifeu
Kim Taehyung Wifeu - 6 years ago
A ten gallon tank is super cheap which I got one it's awesome
TheGameCommentator - 6 years ago
I have been keeping my betta in a 3 gallon because he was given to us in that. Recently I was noticing he seemed a little week and sad, so now I'm going to upgrade him to a ten gallon. Should that help?
YorkLocalAsian - 6 years ago
TheGameCommentator it might at night not, try it, if it doesn't work say bye bye and get a new fish
Carly Lizards
Carly Lizards - 6 years ago
Can gravel keep plants alive?
Carly Lizards
Carly Lizards - 6 years ago
Happy TheCat thanks! And Merry Christmas!
Happy TheCat
Happy TheCat - 6 years ago
Carly Lizards if you feed the plants with easy green then it will:)
Rotton 2 The Core
Rotton 2 The Core - 6 years ago
I have a 3.4 gallon tank with my betta Crueso if you want to see the tank go to my channel and watch the tour pls
N Fader
N Fader - 6 years ago
good jorb
Fish Extra
Fish Extra - 6 years ago
Do female betta fight
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 6 years ago
Dylan Goddard If you have at least 5 females and at least a 20 gallon with lots of hiding places and silk or live plants, they should get along just fine.
R INTJ - 6 years ago
Female bettas usually do not fight, but some may due to their personality.
Laurie Paquin
Laurie Paquin - 6 years ago
that betta with the yellow fins is beautifull
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
ok, i know that technically, a betta can survive in like 2.5 gallon, but to be honnest, it won't be happy. in the wild, they establish a territory of about 3 meters and they live in a lot of plants. if you want your betta to be happy, put him in at less 10 gallons, with a small groupe of cory catfish if you want a little bit more activity. It's time we stop the abuse of theses fish. In petshops, they are force to live in really tiny cups, so please, give them a suitable home, give them the space they diserve. Beta can be part of a calm community tank. neon tetras and rosberas can be suitable tankmates, even for the male. Betta need our respect. im tired of seeing this splendide fish suffer in tiny aquarium. if you have a small aquarium, have some shrimps and snails, not a fish. also, it's true that fake plants is an option, but since i have real plants in my aquarium, my two goldfish are so much happier. you don't need to be an expert in plants to have some. Anubias are really easy to care for. you basiccly just need to fix it to a decoration and it will grow easilly. stop the abuse of betta plz. this video have good informations btw :).
khaki91 - 5 years ago
The size of the tank... Now that is a matter of opinion. I know people who kept healthy bettas in a gallon fish tank. Betta spendens, the colorful Bettas from the stores, which are fish that are farmed and domestically developed, they do not exist in the wild in this form. They have been raised and fully acclimated to this type of habitat. The wild species of Bettas need bigger tanks than a 10 gallon. That's like comparing wolves to dogs. Similar but quite different.
Carson Grady
Carson Grady - 5 years ago
Don't you just hate how they advertise those 1 gallon tanks as perfect for bettas, I have actually seen one called a betta "tank" and it was .25 gallon. I couldn't believe it. I don't own a betta fish but I have seen these fish be abused, and have seen those leading fish brands give out misinformation. Great job Jean-Michel Gervais, and great job PurpleBetta on the vid.
Lobna muneer
Lobna muneer - 6 years ago
Jean-Michel Gervais go
Blossom Buddies
Blossom Buddies - 6 years ago
I like what you said, this is a lot like the PETA video. I put a Betta fish on a list of things I want for my birthday and specified that the tank needs to be 15+ gallons and added references of 2 20 gallon tanks that are both under 35 dollars.
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
I just want to update this comment a tiny little bit, because in 4 months, I had the time to learn a lot about bettas. At this point, I think that 5 gallon would be a great tank for them as a single fish. Now, I understand that keeping a betta in a community insin't always the good option. I still belive that the most space you provide, the better it will feel. Im going to get a 6 gallon tank soon for a betta and I will post some videos on my channel about that. At the current time, im doing fishkeeping videos about subtropical aquarium and im having a lot of fun, so if anyone is interest, take a look... Also, I really didin't wanted to be agressive or anything in my previous comments, so if I somehow insult anyone, im trully sorry. I was just making the point that fish are live animals and they diserve respect and the best care possible.
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
+rigoberto gonzalez LoL nice one XD. i was just saying that instead of puting a betta alone in a tiny little aquarium, it would be more interesting to put him in a bigger community tank. bassicly a betta ain,t a good swimmer, but he like to explore and even if he don,t need a lot of space, he will feel more confortable in a bigger tank. In nature, is not alone. let him establish is territory in a big tank and let him defend it against peaceful fish, that way it is more natural. also, a beta alone is kind of boring at one point, so yeah, instead of having one fish in a small aquarium, it would be so mush cooler to have him interact with other fish and have a lot of space. If you want schooling male tetra, 100 gallon for each would be ok XD. imagine a 600 gallon with only 6 betta in it XD. that would be stupid and ugly XD. since the day ive write my first comment, ive been thinking and sometimes, small tanks are actually perfect for fish, but the thing is that you must know how to balance it with a lot of plants... in a bigger tank, their is more room to avoid mistakes. i don,t have a problem with a tank that is fool with lots and lots of fish if the aquarium is proprely manage and water change are regular. Im probably not the only one that prefer a higly stalk enourmous tank to a tiny tank with one fish. then again, everybody have opinions and as long as the fish have some place to hide and other to swim, im ok with it...:P
rigoberto gonzalez
rigoberto gonzalez - 6 years ago
so what your saying is put a betta (one fish) in a 100 gallon tank
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
That make more sens... i don't know why I said that 10 gallons was good for cory catfish eather... moral of the story : we all need to do a lot of reaserch and try to have the most space possible for the fish :). thanks for correcting my mistake, i do realize that 20 gallons is a minimum for the corys :). Corys are trully good for a community tank, but like you said, they need some space to... :)
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean - 6 years ago
+Jean-Michel Gervais darn it! That was a typo! I meant 20 gallons!
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
I just have a question... when you say they need 10 gallons, is it for a single fish or for the school of 6 ?
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean - 6 years ago
+Jean-Michel Gervais yup! I'm pretty sure you can also have albino and bronze cories. You can have albinos with one type, because it's just a color morph. Fairly sure it's bronzes
Bob J-M Gervais
Bob J-M Gervais - 6 years ago
yes, cory like to be in groups. they have better social behavier and feel mush safer when keep in group. it is possible to have corys of differents species in the same tank and they will interacte with each other, but it's true that they should be kept with individuals of the same kind.
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean - 6 years ago
just remember this!

Dwarf cories have a minimum of 15 gallons while others have a minimum of 20 gallons, and they need to be in groups of 6+ of the same species ^^

((just clearing that up for anyone that reads that))
Kopi - 6 years ago
Dane Mark Jo
Dane Mark Jo - 6 years ago
the tail nipping pic you showed is not tail nipping. its a fin rot caused by ammonia poisoning
Gracie7965 - 6 years ago
Rainday Bow I personally watched him tear at his fins. But you are right that he developed fin root as a secondary issue.
herpson derps
herpson derps - 6 years ago
if im planning to use live plants, how long does it need to take before i can put a betta in my tank. coz from what i've read. u have to let ur tank cycle first
MrKazuma52 - 6 years ago
so wanted to say, your bettas look beautiful, they look really happy.
lots of good information on your video and better then some I have seen, one little thing I personally would say is while you can get a bigger tank, don't make it a deep tank (due to them being air breathers of course!) but otherwise, you had some good information in it and that is really just something to add onto the tank sizes!
Evan Faraday
Evan Faraday - 6 years ago
I just bought 3 baby Betta fish. I have them all in the same tank btw I don't know their sexes. They hardly fight though they seem to get along.
Shey's Betta
Shey's Betta - 6 years ago
this will change once they mature. you should seperate the males. google on how to tell which is a male or a female (and no it's not only about the length of fins... short tail males DO exist)
Gavin Majecic
Gavin Majecic - 6 years ago
Evan Faraday nice keep a eye on them
Clément Mahé
Clément Mahé - 6 years ago
Why fake plants ? Seriously, they cost the same than real ones, but they bring nothing to the fish.

100. comment for Betta Fish Tank Guide: Tank Set Up

Bobby Dillashaw
Bobby Dillashaw - 7 years ago
Can dividers be added to a typical tank, or do I need to buy a tank specifically design with dividers? Thanks for any help!
Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons
Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons - 6 years ago
Bobby Dillashaw You can make your own, I did the same. Some plastic canvas, and those binder slides cut it to your tank dimensions and your good.
ShaneDodd1995 - 6 years ago
I am just going to buy a piece of acryic cut to size and silicone it in place for 2 seperate tanks in one.
Sam Hargis
Sam Hargis - 7 years ago
What type of heater do you think works best in a 3 gallon tank
hetaliafanserviceplz - 7 years ago
What plants do you use?
Fred Ra, MT-BC
Fred Ra, MT-BC - 7 years ago
The divider you use (the filter sponge), is it soft enough for bettas? I looks sharp and hard... I've never touched one before haha
Splendens le bleu
Splendens le bleu - 7 years ago
Super vidéo ! Merci
Kutti Mhd
Kutti Mhd - 7 years ago
I keep my betta in a bowl
marielephant1 - 7 years ago
For the ones that hang on the back, I would recommend not using them on betta fish with big fins and tails. I had one for my rose tail (or rose petal) and because his fins are heavy, he had a hard time swimming through the current. He has a sponge filter now!!!
JetRoar Videos
JetRoar Videos - 7 years ago
it's so true.... that's why I put a net kinda cloth material on the intake part! it really works
Shirley Ward
Shirley Ward - 7 years ago
Your fish is glass surfing--needs bigger tank
Britt Ish
Britt Ish - 5 years ago
If your betta doesn't come up like that when you approach the tank it doesn't like you or the food you're giving it. Has nothing to do with the size of the tank.
D i m a
D i m a - 7 years ago
Betta fish don't really need filters
Bundyburger09 - 6 years ago
Dima Borisov yes they do, they're tropical fish not cold water
Hannah Lamb
Hannah Lamb - 7 years ago
great video!
That One Equestrian
That One Equestrian - 7 years ago
could you make a video on how you clean your betta tank? or do you already have one? :)
HighRollahz808 - 7 years ago
I have a 7.5 gallon... I should be ok right?
aѕнlιng - 5 years ago
Yal NA Or /Gasp/ Their a kid! Shocking huh?
Yal NA
Yal NA - 6 years ago
a 10 gallon tank is like 20 bucks at Walmart or some people just give them away if you look around on Craigslist etc.. dont tell me the 1 Gallon is ur only chance and if so then dont get a pet as others said-shame on you!! You dont even have 20 bucks in your name?? What you live on the street??
iCST - 6 years ago
The plant guy /gamer Lmao two angels should be in 30 and above. They will literally get a foot tall if healthy.A twenty tall would be pushing it with a single angel. If you only have a ten gallon, you shouldn't even have angels.
Waffles The Leopard Gecko
Waffles The Leopard Gecko - 6 years ago
Good tank you got 7.5 will make them very happy
BtsFangirlTrash - 6 years ago
+Charecko Wow, it was a joke you know. You obviously don't need a 50 gallon tank so they were pretty clearly just making a joke. Like no offense but maybe you should do some research. Just giving a little advice.
Bill Crimson
Bill Crimson - 6 years ago
rich,butthurt people
TheColdFlame - 6 years ago
Bill Crimson 10 gallon. Who said 50 gals is the minimum?
Chris Correa
Chris Correa - 6 years ago
HighRollahz808 5 gallons. A tank I recommend is the fluval spec.
Bill Crimson
Bill Crimson - 6 years ago
high rollanz u need atleast 50 gallon (--- rich people say
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
galaxy star ok well a 10 gallon is small for them but it's not a bad size it's ok to have at least 2 angle fish in a 10 gallon my 10 gallon is only 4 inches smaller then a 20 gallon and they are doing fine in the 10 gallon
galaxy star
galaxy star - 6 years ago
I meant 20 gallon!! Soz!
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
galaxy star well my friends have a 20 gallon tank with 4 full grown angel fish plus a full grown rainbow shark plus my 2 angel fish and a rainbow shark are doing great and I know how to lower aggressive I know what I am doing with my 10 gallon I know what I am doing ok
galaxy star
galaxy star - 6 years ago
2 angel fish need a 30 gallon tank.
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
natalie r lol I don't know ok let's stop talking about things about that
natalie r
natalie r - 6 years ago
+The master Bro Then why are you telling people that you can?
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
natalie r I know
natalie r
natalie r - 6 years ago
+The master Bro What are you even talking about anymore? The point is that you should never keep any fish in anything under 5.5-10 gallons.
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
natalie r I know that ok I like trying I know what they can do to each other
natalie r
natalie r - 6 years ago
+The master Bro Don't buy an animal if you don't have the money or space to provide for it.
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
+natalie r well i could but in my 10 gallon i have 2 angel fish plus one rainbow shark so the 1 gallon was my only chance
natalie r
natalie r - 6 years ago
The master Bro No. You should keep bettas in anything over 5.5 gallons. 10 is ideal. Never keep one in 1 gallon.
The tropical Guy
The tropical Guy - 6 years ago
HighRollahz808 you can put them in a 1 gallon but you should get a 3 gallon or a 10 gallon
apple Sauce
apple Sauce - 6 years ago
HighRollahz808 great! Anything over 2.5 gallons, although larger is much better
Ellie Claire
Ellie Claire - 7 years ago
Of course!
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 7 years ago
I had a heater malfuncion years ago. my tank got to 100 degrees F
Martell C
Martell C - 7 years ago
you get a lot of green algae. do you have direct sunlight in the tank?
Ken Deline
Ken Deline - 7 years ago
Onejesvspiece - 7 years ago
Is it better to have the tank heavily planted or only a couple plants? Please and thank you
Betta Josh
Betta Josh - 7 years ago
Very informative video, great for beginners! Subscribed! It would be awesome if you checkout out my channel too =D
Clementine - 7 years ago
believe it or not i had a veil tail betta in a 1 gallon bowl and it lived for 3 and a half years
Donna - 6 years ago
And that's why it only 'survived' for 3 and a half years. A happy, healthy betta should live and thrive for 8-10 years not just survive for 3.
Emma Bos
Emma Bos - 7 years ago
My female bettas are in the same tank with athter fish an even a male betta that goes fine butt i had a serated one and he almost killed my female that i put with him for breeding now i have a new male zo how can i get them to mate easy without making de tank diverent
ImFretchNegglez - 7 years ago
can you use sand?
Dane Fife
Dane Fife - 7 years ago
What size is the divided tank in this video?
Purplesnowball 13
Purplesnowball 13 - 7 years ago
Your bettas are so pretty!
Danica Wells
Danica Wells - 7 years ago
I wonder if this is Callisto's brother?

Where did you buy this fish (state)?
Pabu Boyer
Pabu Boyer - 7 years ago
i watched a video of an expert betta/fish carer and it said that they don't technicly NEED a heater but if the person who bought the fish wants the fish to have a heater that's totally up to them but the fish doesn't need one.
Spencer Steffes
Spencer Steffes - 7 years ago
They kinda do need a heater unless you want un unhappy lethargic betta.
DLTenor - 7 years ago
they do need one they're tropical fish, they're not like goldfish
Pabu Boyer
Pabu Boyer - 7 years ago
btw, you have really pretty bettas! :)
Amanda Cornelius
Amanda Cornelius - 7 years ago
Cool tank
Mark's Fish Keeping UK
Mark's Fish Keeping UK - 7 years ago
good video
PrettyDope 310
PrettyDope 310 - 7 years ago
Thanks for the info! I have been doing as much research as I can. I just purchased one and really want a schooling fish. Any recommendations?
Bettas & Stuff
Bettas & Stuff - 6 years ago
PrettyDope 310 depends on the tank. If you have a 20 gallon i would get some neon tetras
Nikita Balk
Nikita Balk - 7 years ago
They don't need a filter
Spencer Steffes
Spencer Steffes - 7 years ago
You dont need one but it is strongly recommended. And if you keep them in a bowl(shame on you)you would have to do a water change almost every other day.
Hippie. Hipster Madness
Hippie. Hipster Madness - 7 years ago
+Nikita Balk do you actually take care of the bettas, like changing the water, making sure they're not sick, making sure the water temperature is right, and give them extra swimming room? Or are you the one to pour food in the tiny, dirty cups and walk away?
Nikita Balk
Nikita Balk - 7 years ago
+Salem Ross that's what I said!!!!! I know I work in pet store
Salem Ross
Salem Ross - 7 years ago
No. I have a 10 gallon tank with no filter. But, you do have to clean them more often. I do a 40 or 50% water change every week or a full tank cleaning every other week
Brad Mayfield
Brad Mayfield - 7 years ago
Thanks for the great information
Christian Gaytan
Christian Gaytan - 7 years ago
what do you use to divide your tank
Rashed Rahat
Rashed Rahat - 6 years ago
is it needs much
PurpleBetta - 7 years ago
I have a video about my dividers :)
Christian Gaytan
Christian Gaytan - 7 years ago
what do you use to divide your tank
Alexis Spinler
Alexis Spinler - 7 years ago
what do you use for the divided tanks like what do you have dividing it? and I love you bettas
Pearl Dejesus
Pearl Dejesus - 6 years ago
FluffyKitsune - 7 years ago
your fish are so gorgeous!
Linn Andersson
Linn Andersson - 7 years ago
How can I tell if my betta has fin rot or is fin nipping? I've been trying to treat him for fin rot but his fins won't heal at all
Linn Andersson
Linn Andersson - 7 years ago
Thanks! I guess I'll try again with more water changes and salt 
PurpleBetta - 7 years ago
Fin nipping usually appears more stringing/choppy looking in appearance. Fin rot looks more like "burnt edges". Usually I just treat it like fin rot because fin nipping can become fin rot fast. Do regular water changes, clean water is your best defense against fin rot :)
Joseph Borges
Joseph Borges - 7 years ago
YOUR BACK, I miss you
Lifewithpets - 7 years ago
Great information. Your Bettas are beautiful!
Catalina Mejia
Catalina Mejia - 6 years ago
Lifewithpets I loveeeeee your channel!!!
tito the best
tito the best - 6 years ago
My cat I typing jibes he g
creative bettakeeping
creative bettakeeping - 6 years ago
Purplebetta I put to males with each other they did not fight that was cool they still live with each other and 4 neon tetras
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay
What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay - 6 years ago
Lifewithpets I ❤️ your channel
Blazing Bettas
Blazing Bettas - 7 years ago
ur bettas are so beautiful! Where do you get them! This video was very helpful!!
Blazing Bettas
Blazing Bettas - 7 years ago
+PurpleBetta wow! Cool! They have beautiful stock
PurpleBetta - 7 years ago
I find most of them at Petco. A few have come from my local fish store. :)
Jose Mondragon
Jose Mondragon - 7 years ago
Its been so long how are the betta fish you have doing
Jose Mondragon
Jose Mondragon - 7 years ago
+PurpleBetta thats good
PurpleBetta - 7 years ago
Everyone is happy and healthy at the moment :)

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