Betta Fish Tank Timelapse

Quick Timelapse of my nightly betta routine :)

Betta Fish Tank Timelapse sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1

Betta 5 years ago 394 views

Quick Timelapse of my nightly betta routine :)

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for Betta Fish Tank Timelapse

chinchilla Studios
chinchilla Studios - 4 years ago
More chinchillas
Lilly the chinchilla 05
Lilly the chinchilla 05 - 4 years ago
Can you make more videos about your chinchilla and what is your snap chat ?
Joseph Karthic
Joseph Karthic - 4 years ago
remove all those plastic things except the gravel and float a hornwort live plant..switch the lights on for 7 hours..your tank will look awesome and your betta will thank you for the live plant..
Madera TV
Madera TV - 4 years ago
What's your username?
Madera TV
Madera TV - 4 years ago
do you have a snapchat?
Morgen M
Morgen M - 4 years ago
str8_jacked 101 yes
Paris Jean
Paris Jean - 5 years ago
Such a pretty tank
World of Fish
World of Fish - 5 years ago
Is that a tank divider or two separate tanks?
Morgen M
Morgen M - 5 years ago
King Aquarium it's a divider

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