Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!)

Betta, Neon Tetras, Snails, Shrimps, and some plants with DIY filter. Music from The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. follow me on twitter: @spacedustisme

Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 18

Betta 9 years ago 61,751 views

Betta, Neon Tetras, Snails, Shrimps, and some plants with DIY filter. Music from The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. follow me on twitter: @spacedustisme

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for Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!)

Clouder - 5 years ago
Hi can you tell me how many of each fish you had in this tank and if it did well? I am getting a 10 gallon tank soon and am wondering about stocking it. Thanks!
Burnt Pretzels
Burnt Pretzels - 5 years ago
Im planning on buying a 10 gallon tank and putting neon tetras, cory cats, and my betta in there
Anthony Monarrez
Anthony Monarrez - 5 years ago
I've got my betta fish with 2 mollys, 2 glowlight tetras, 2 frogs, albino cory catfish, and 2 snails. They all get along nicely too
Game2DNofTime - 5 years ago
would a tetra eat a betta fry if i use same tank to breed?
Clara Stewart
Clara Stewart - 5 years ago
I'm getting another Betta fish. Would it be okay if I added neon tetras? If so how many?
ArtOfCamelot - 5 years ago
I know this video is old, but I have an 13 gallon with 6 neons, a couple bronze corys, and a very similarly colored beta. My tank isn't set up as nicely as this one is though. Great job on making such a small tank looks so beautiful! :D
iPepitoINC1 - 6 years ago
ríp you betta rest in p
Jackalope 212
Jackalope 212 - 6 years ago
I just got a male dragonscale betta yesterday (along with a tiger nerite snail) in my small 7.5 aquarium. I also have some anubais plants, java ferns and dwarf hairgrass and some river rocks for looks, filtration and cover (even made a little tunnel out of a few of them for the fish to swim through). Today my sister gave me her single neon tetra (she had a school of at least 5 but the other 4 all died months ago, leaving this one adult all alone) and she offered it to me. I removed my betta from the tank, put my sister's tetra in the tank, kept them separate but next to each other for a few hours, and just put my betta back into the tank a half hour ago. He kinda chased the tetra around the tank for a few minutes (not in an aggressive manner, more like a "hey what are you" manner), and now they seem to be fine. I will keep monitoring them but they seem to be getting along. Will try and post a video of them if they survive the next few days or more.
Family Cyr
Family Cyr - 5 years ago
lol "hey what are you" but you mean 7.5 gallons right?
amar ch
amar ch - 6 years ago
Why is nature so weird,...i would love to have all my betta's in one tank,..
Sadie Lee
Sadie Lee - 5 years ago
amar ch ikr
Lovebetta - 6 years ago
amar ch you can have 5 female betta in at least 10 g tank. Try to put live plants. You can visit my video or search sorority betta fish tank. Hope this help. Ty
Monica R
Monica R - 6 years ago
haha don't we all, I think you'd need a pretty long and large tank

10. comment for Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!)

de_regen - 6 years ago
My betta has the same coloring but the tips of its fins are white it is beautiful
ArtisticMermaid - 6 years ago
Hi, what gender is the betta? Just wondering.
nick.m airsoft
nick.m airsoft - 6 years ago
Artistic_Mermaid it's probably a male half moon
Joseph Luis M.V
Joseph Luis M.V - 6 years ago
wow i have a betta living with red 10 cherry shrimp 2 nerite snail in 10 gallon tank the shrimp is OK or at least 2 months but suddenly they vanish one by one...
and i saw one day my betta is eating one of my shrimp. so sad i like the shrimp tho coz they are fun to watch and they eat algae i excess food in the tank keeping it less polluted.
but i still love my betta, my fave fresh water fish..
tried to have goldfish but betta is still the best for me i dont know why..,
DoomsdayMelody91 - 6 years ago
Beautiful betta
Tiimow ツ
Tiimow ツ - 6 years ago
Who did you introduce to the tank first? The betta or the tetras? I had a betta in my tank for two months, when I decided to add neon tetra's. As soon as I did my betta's health deteriorated and it died
ananya dutta
ananya dutta - 6 years ago
even if u introduced betta first, put the betta out for few days, while putting the tetras in the tank.then put the betta again in the tank. in spite of that they may get stressed at first, but with time it is supposed to be ok.
Tiimow ツ
Tiimow ツ - 6 years ago
+Unknown Thank you, I'm getting a betta soon so I will be more careful this time. :D
Christina - 6 years ago
You're suppose to add the neon tetras in first. If you add bettas first, they will feel like the tetras are invading their space and is more likely to kill them
LostMujahid - 6 years ago
Neer AstroMatchDynamics
Neer AstroMatchDynamics - 6 years ago
thumps up for serene music
Spencer Steffes
Spencer Steffes - 6 years ago
Im thinking of adding some tetras to my ten gallon planted tank with one betta and was wondering if you could give me some tips.
Fish Noodles
Fish Noodles - 6 years ago
Cross your fingers and hope for the best
Shea - 6 years ago
I have a Male Dumbo Half Moon Betta Fish in a 5-gallon tank and I'd really love to get any amount of Neon Tetras, (or Cherry Shrimp?) but I'm concerned he's just gonna beat them all up! I hear you should get good hiding places for Neon Tetras but what kind? Could anybody recommend any sort? Also, a pet store clerk told me that Betta Fish and Neon Tetras need different tank conditions so it'd be utterly impossible for me to keep them together anyways. I don't fully believe that true. (For example: this video!) So sorry for way too many questions, but I'd really love to hear input and answers though.
guitarrmasta - 6 years ago
The water has to be conditioned for the tetras, bettas can adapt to pretty much any water conditions, but be careful if the betta is aggressive, I bought one to put it in my neon tetra's tank and the betta kept chasing and trying to bite them. If this happens you better take the betta away because it will stress the tetras until they die. I'd keep pH and hardness at around 7. No matter how many hiding spots you have in a tank, an aggressive betta will always find a way to stress tetras until they die.
Shea - 6 years ago
+Arslan Halo Don't worry, XD got that part down! Mine isn't aggressive, so don't sweat! Thanks for the tip anyway!
Arslan Halo
Arslan Halo - 6 years ago
+Arslan Halo don't put any thing with aggressive betta
DRACO XPIRE - 7 years ago
what is the size of your tank??..means diamensions??

20. comment for Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!)

Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
Hello! I currently have a 5 gallon tank with 5 neon tetras, 3 baby mollies, (two are quite small at the moment, one is a bit bigger. I got them from my science teacher) and a small, maybe about 1-inch suckerfish (Don't know what breed). I know the tank will end up being too small once my mollies grow up, but they don't seem to mind the size at the moment and are quite happy with my tetras and school with them. I was thinking about giving 2 of the mollies back when they grow up and keeping just one, but I fear that it might still be too small. I was also considering just raising the mollies and then giving them all back, then getting a female betta to go with the tetras, but I don't know if they will fight or if the tank will still be too small.
Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
+Sandy chips Oh yes, sorry, I forgot what they look like. Yes, it's an otocinclus, I believe.
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
+Red Pyro Otocinclus dont look like catfish. I dont even think they are id dunno why i said that xD They stay small though
Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
+Sandy chips It's not a catfish. I would know.
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
+Red Pyro It may be an otocinclus catfish
Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
+Sandy chips I'm talking about my algae eater. Also I am sure my mollies aren't a different breed, and they have been growing quite a lot since I first got them, They're still not too big for the tank though. They absolutely love it in there.
Again, I have:
Neon tetras
Algae Eater (it's very small too)
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
+Red Pyro That is probably ecause it is stunted or isnt a goldfish. Look up common and comet goldfish. Does it look like either of these? If not then they only grow a little and are called rosy reds.
Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
+Sandy chips I'm not sure. The guy at the fish store said it won't grow very big and will only get to about an inch.It hasn't grown at all ever since I got it, and I've had it for about two months.
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
can you find the type of algae eater? many algae eaters become huge. Also the jollies need 20 gallons
Red Pyro
Red Pyro - 7 years ago
+William I can't really do anything about the tank size. My tank was a gift from my dad, and I really love it and don't want to just abandon it and buy a new one. He put together a whole thing on my birthday to go with it; I got a blue cake with fish sprinkles and my present was the tank and rocks+decorations. It'd break his heart if I just went and got a big tank. I also don't have much money.
William - 7 years ago
+Red Pyro Hi Red, from what I've been reading the general rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon, so you are probably looking at an overstocked tank already. I'd recommend getting a larger tank for all of them (10-20gallon tank). You can usually find really good deals on them and they end up being much easier to maintain than smaller tanks. Plus the larger tanks are better for avoiding temperature shifts since there's much more water. I'd check craigslist for a tank or just go to your local petstore and talk to them about your options. I also thing most fish stores take back fish for free/for a fee. I'd also recommend getting a water testing kit to see if you've got ammonia in your tank.
Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming - 7 years ago
Tomorrow I'm getting 20 neon tetras with 3 gold fish
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
+red scorpio Comets need 75 gallons a piece because they exceed 12 inches in length.
Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming - 7 years ago
+Sandy chips no theyer 3 comets golf fish
Sandy chips
Sandy chips - 7 years ago
+red scorpio 3 goldfish news 50 gallons if fancy
Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming - 7 years ago
30 gal the gold fish in a different tank
Henry Soares
Henry Soares - 7 years ago
I don't recommend that at all gold fish are dirty and like cold water where as tetras are tropical fish so they need water Temps 78-82 and neons will be most likely killed by the goldfish
M Arif
M Arif - 7 years ago
How many gallons?
Sher Bear
Sher Bear - 7 years ago
I have a betta and I also have another tank for tropical fish such as tetra I have 9. It's a 36 gallon tank..would that be okay?
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 7 years ago
+Sher Bear i think thats would be ok, maybe more plants would be great for your 36, what kind of tetra are they?
Vinayak Ramasahayam
Vinayak Ramasahayam - 7 years ago
I'm about to pick up a betta and 2 otos. What's your take on shrimp? Yay or nay?
FlakeYoutubz - 7 years ago
+Vinayak Ramasahayam i noticed this was two months ago but, if you're still interested, the otto's will be fine with the beta, i wouldn't risk the shrimp in case the beta decides that he wants to eat them, he might not, but there's a risk
ReviewCam - 7 years ago
+Vinayak Ramasahayam I would say ya on the shrimp! Your betta might say yay, too, though and have shrimp dinner. It all depends on the nature of the betta.
Orlxndo - 7 years ago
What a beautiful betta! What type is he?
Cuda FX
Cuda FX - 7 years ago
what a tasteful looking little tank, i love that natural, kinda desserted look.
is it still going?, would be sweet to see how it looks 2 years later. =)
Lucy Cunnold
Lucy Cunnold - 7 years ago
I have one Betta, and am looking to get some neon Tetras (6-7) and maybe some Ghost shrimp later on. This is, of course, after getting a bigger tank. Do you think 21 gallons would be good? Or more?
Serbia Strong
Serbia Strong - 7 years ago
21 gallons would be more than enough,you're good bro
allison stacey
allison stacey - 7 years ago
I just bought 5 neon tetra's to go along with my betta and snail, also in a 10 gallon tank.
Belinda Hanzman
Belinda Hanzman - 7 years ago
OMG I have guppies and 3 neon tetras and I'm thinking of adding a betta but I'm very nervous about it. wish me luck!!!
happytroll 247
happytroll 247 - 8 years ago
Nice looking fish they look healthy to

30. comment for Betta and Neon Tetra in 10-gallon tank (peaceful!)

Shelley H.
Shelley H. - 8 years ago
Why did you put peaceful in the title? Neons and bettas are suitable tank mates. Its not like it's a new thing found out within the last year or 2!
Love Goldens
Love Goldens - 6 years ago
Dorito Fish not all bettas can live with neon tetras. I had a betta once that would kill any fish I tried to put in with him. I also had a betta that could live with just about any fish (including guppies)
Kaitlyn Krepps
Kaitlyn Krepps - 7 years ago
+Shelley H. Some people post videos of bettas fighting each other or fighting with other fish. The poster probably just wanted to clarify that this isn't a fighting video so more people would click on it
Dorito Fish
Dorito Fish - 7 years ago
It's just some bettas may have anger issues and hurt the poor neon Tetras
Logan Svenson
Logan Svenson - 8 years ago
I want my tank to look like this!
David Zakharia
David Zakharia - 8 years ago
How come u did it? My betta just eat my red cherry shrimp after I put the together.. LOL
Johanan Micaiah
Johanan Micaiah - 7 years ago
+Marion Asi Bettas can definitely see ghost shrimp... They're transparent but not invisible lol
Dorito Fish
Dorito Fish - 7 years ago
But if you still one shrimp is go for Ghost Shrimp! As betta cannot see Ghost shrimp :D
Johanan Micaiah
Johanan Micaiah - 8 years ago
It depends on the betta, some will eat shrimp some won't
Lexi's Animals
Lexi's Animals - 8 years ago
I love this video ☺️
Frederik nielsen
Frederik nielsen - 8 years ago
How many Neon Tetras can i have in my 11.8877 gallon tank :-) i want to have a tank only with Neon Tetras and maybe a shrimp :-) you have a really cool tank :-))
Nick Weeks
Nick Weeks - 8 years ago
Basically that's the perfect size for 10 and really many many shrimp
Squirles G
Squirles G - 8 years ago
Would a 75 be good for a beta (yes I'm serious) the reason I ask is i know they need to come up to the surface to breathe and I don't want to stress him out by putting him in a tank that's too deep if that's possible, all I have in there is neons bloodfin tetras and mollies
Squirles G
Squirles G - 8 years ago
okay thanks i was just thinking of keeping it in my 75 because i have a bunch of neons and he'd stand out 
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 8 years ago
a 75 gal tank is too big for such small fish but I think one work-around for the depth of your tank is to add more plants where the betta can hide and rest. The betta would then rest on the plants instead of the bottom of the tank. Bettas dont usually stay at the bottom of the tank, they hide behind rocks or plants. pick plants with big leaves and can reach the top of your tank.
Michael Meder
Michael Meder - 8 years ago
That music sounds a whole lot like the soundtrack from "The Last of the Mohicans", with Daniel Day-Lewis.
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 8 years ago
that's cause it is :)
Keshia Roelofs
Keshia Roelofs - 8 years ago
Your Betta fish is absolutely stunning. He puts my poor little guy to shame ;)
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 7 years ago
+Raisin Robsi awww sorry to hear that. But you can still recover that beauty by giving him feeds that improves color
Raisin Robsi
Raisin Robsi - 7 years ago
+Keshia Roelofs Aw. My poor betta used to look that good. Then he got fin rot when I was away and couldn't do a water change. I fixed him up and it happened a second time. He's fine now, but looks pretty raggedy and scabby as a result.
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 8 years ago
nah, every Betta fish is beautiful!
wolfie darkmoon
wolfie darkmoon - 8 years ago
i have a 10 gallon can i have 3 female bettas and 3 neon tetra or just the bettas
Alec Tran
Alec Tran - 8 years ago
I agree with Cros Rivera, the neon tetras will get stressed from being in a small number. Neon tetras are schooling fish, so its smart to add a couple more neon tetras.
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 8 years ago
I wouldn't suggest 3 neon tetras as they are most likely to become depressed and would not school if there are too few of them. Perhaps 6 neons and one betta (6 neons and 3 bettas can be a little too crowded)?
DOITMAN - 8 years ago
I have a 20 gallon fish tank in my room would a twenty gallon be good enough for a betta I have 6 tetras and two ghost shrimp
FortWayne Fishtanks
FortWayne Fishtanks - 8 years ago
love the rockwork
MonsterHunter115 - 9 years ago
Cool aquarium. I'm planning on getting neons since my female is cool with danios, but she is like big for a female like bigger than usual males even though shes a "halfmoon" :/ The music sounds like the FeralHeart Flourite Plains music
Murat Dk
Murat Dk - 9 years ago
stupid , worse video cause all video is taken zoom mode.
Misty N.
Misty N. - 9 years ago
What music is that? I would really like to know :)
Also congrats on your tank I am working on a neon, shrimp and betta tank too (:
Misty N.
Misty N. - 9 years ago
Thank you so much guys
Michael Virata
Michael Virata - 9 years ago
+Cros Rivera Best song from a soundtrack!
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 9 years ago
thank you and good luck on your tank. this is from The Last Of The Mohicans soundtrack :)
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez - 9 years ago
Nice job with the tank and excellent music choice! Is that dwarf hair grass? Also, I'm curious as to how your community is doing? Has the betta attacked any of the neons?
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 9 years ago
Thanks man ! As long as you feed the betta in right timing, it wont attack the neons, it usually stays at his side of the tank or at the top doing some bubble nest. by any chance, the betta will prolly attack the shrimps than the neons
Jestenn'sBlah - 9 years ago
How did you get your Betta to accept the Neon Tetras? Mine attacks them :c
Cros Rivera
Cros Rivera - 9 years ago
Start with a juvenile betta and mix it with a more mature neon tetra. Adult bettas usually attack fishes with long fins. Also, give your betta his own hiding place so drift woods or rocks are good; and put them in a tank bigger than the usual.

The only problem with this set up is if you fail to feed your betta at the right time, he might attack the shrimps.

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