Betta fish-Diy reduce powerhead flow

How to reduce the powerhead flow for your Betta community tank

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avishek yadav
avishek yadav - 5 years ago
sir es way sy filter Mai problem nhi hoga kya
plz reply because Mai nai aaj apka style flow Kiya hai
Jimmy Jimm
Jimmy Jimm - 5 years ago
Close your window u fucking retard whilst u try to explain something dick head some human beings r fucking retarded
Carmelina Katzman
Carmelina Katzman - 6 years ago
Check Inplix if you'd like to build it yourself :)
Tracey Yates
Tracey Yates - 7 years ago
Works great! Thanks!
Abel Thomas
Abel Thomas - 8 years ago
this seems like an awesome idea
Blink Blank
Blink Blank - 9 years ago
This video is fucking terrifying.
JAumis m
JAumis m - 5 years ago
Blink Blank lmao
Samrat Sen
Samrat Sen - 9 years ago
The best method so far.......This should have been more famous...way to go bro..!!

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