Betta fish care

Pure, reliable, and true facts from 15 great websites. Please message if you would like to see them or have any questions about the sites used. Thanks *Rude and ridiculous comments with false information will be removed. Thank you* PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH BETTAS IN SHALLOW WATER!!!!! Please research before you make rude comments with wrong information. Your comments will be removed. This is your 8 easy step guide to taking care of your fishy friend!

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Betta 13 years ago 316,258 views

Pure, reliable, and true facts from 15 great websites. Please message if you would like to see them or have any questions about the sites used. Thanks *Rude and ridiculous comments with false information will be removed. Thank you* PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH BETTAS IN SHALLOW WATER!!!!! Please research before you make rude comments with wrong information. Your comments will be removed. This is your 8 easy step guide to taking care of your fishy friend!

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Most popular comments
for Betta fish care

Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell - 7 years ago
Watch an experienced betta keeper,not this guy
Trudy Willis
Trudy Willis - 7 years ago
my male beta Samsung lives alone in a 25 gal aquarium, he has caves and plants, last night we cleaned out the rocks and added fresh water with water additives for clear water and algi , b/4 cleaning he had bubbles all around the top of tank. this morning I seen a little white spec on him...HELP
roxigrl24 - 7 years ago
Real plants are recommended. It provides oxygen in their water and a healthy green snack. Plastic can very well leach toxins. Best to always go healthy and happy. Bigger tank too. Those pictured are too small.
Pabu - 8 years ago
i am about to get a betta fish in a week or two and my mom told me to look up how to take car of it, i watched your video and another onw and they really helped me, thx!
Dancer Kenna
Dancer Kenna - 8 years ago
Helpful video thx:-)
Tom Kim
Tom Kim - 8 years ago
I think you need to read a good book on betta fish care.
kiina91 - 8 years ago
the "tanks" Display in the video are not suitable for bettas at all. the absolute minimum is a 2.5g tank, better would be a 5g and Best a 10g tank fit a very gentle filter as bettas dont like the current, loads of hiding places and a place to rest near the water surface.
Sabrina Lameda
Sabrina Lameda - 8 years ago
ture facts follow it
Ming Ming
Ming Ming - 8 years ago
You gave me great advice!

10. comment for Betta fish care

Ming Ming
Ming Ming - 8 years ago
I love Betta Fish!
OzzyCoop - 8 years ago
I keep my betta fish Ormus in a 20 gallon. It isn't a "vast forest". There is so many places for him to hide and explore with all of my drift wood and plants. He pretty much controls half of the tank and my dwarf zebra loaches have the rest and patrol the bottom hidden away from Ormus. If you have plenty of places for your betta to retreat to and hide and if he feels safe because of it, your tank can't be too big. Trust me, Ormus is content. The only reason you find bettas in puddles in the wild is because they get left behind when the flood waters retreat. They live much shorter lives because of it. Do some research of your own. Don't just regurgitate internet fallacies.
blarmingscience - 8 years ago
No fish should live in a bowl. Ever. Tanks for betta fish should be at least 5 gallons. That'll give them plenty of space to swim. You should also look into getting live plants so that the betta can hide and relax somewhere.
Angie Paquin
Angie Paquin - 8 years ago
Bad advice, at least 2.5 gallons is minimum. And 100% water changes is very bad for your fish. You should only change a third of the water once a week. - 8 years ago
One of the most important thing about betta fish care is NOT to overfeed them. This is critical and very often mistake of beginners.
Emerald Craft777
Emerald Craft777 - 8 years ago
thanks for the tips
LozRonn - 8 years ago
You should never preform 100% water changes for any fish! It can be so stressful for them, not to mention harmful to their tank environment because when you do a 100% water change you're getting rid of all the good cycled bacteria which an aquarium needs to stay healthy!
しかし - 9 years ago
What did you name your fish
sweetenedsour420 - 9 years ago
what if mine has a 20 gallon
sweetenedsour420 - 8 years ago thanks i hate when ppl kep there bettas in like 1/4 gallon tanks - 8 years ago
+unicornpoop09876 that´s great space for betta
Plague Gaming
Plague Gaming - 9 years ago
WHY ARE THOSE TANKS SOO SMALL?? Dont tell people to get small tiny tanks. They may listen to you and kill their fish within a month. Yes, I know you said dont comment about this, but even after you said that, there was MORE pictures.. Heh... Sorry for the rant. But maybe re upload this with at least 2.5 gallon tanks?

20. comment for Betta fish care

Fish Tales
Fish Tales - 9 years ago
No Betta should be in a small goldfish or square tank, a bigger aquarium is a lot
betta for them and they will live longer. This old method of keeping them in a
small environment is archaic. Research more recent fish caring videos to know how to really look after your new fishy friends - they will appreciate it an so will you!
Maple Leaf Breyers
Maple Leaf Breyers - 9 years ago
mine is small its one of those small square tanks are those good for a small male batta
Plague Gaming
Plague Gaming - 9 years ago
+Maple Leaf Breyers if its a small tank, get a plakat (smallest yet most aggressive betta fish) or upgrade to a 5 gallon! :)
Victor Azze
Victor Azze - 9 years ago
I got a betta that was destroyed after a fight. At first I feed him with The pellets but then I started giving chicken liver to the fish and it developed incredibly and it's fins grew back to beautiful again
Crytears sunny
Crytears sunny - 9 years ago
The music used in the background is intriguing....I had to watch this several times,
but had to wipe my eyes as it's just too awesome!
May I PRETTY PLEASE have the link to where I can find this beautiful music?
BTW....I've had Beta fish for 20 yrs...and one time, my most gorgeous one, an iridescent pearly white one jumped out of the bowl, then flopped onto the floor below right as I was standing washing dishes!...I scooped it up, put it back and it lived another year or!...I think it got excited to see me...hungry lil bugger!
I don't feed them every day...only every few days...perhaps is why I'm able to keep them around longer?...also keep in a warmer spot in our house.
Thanks much and a double TU/Thumbs up for your video here!
Marla - 9 years ago
You need at a minimum of 2.5 gallons. And the bowls shown in the video were small and dangerous.
Nithin Raj
Nithin Raj - 9 years ago
this is so usefull for me thanq and add more videos about betas
moviemakerwannabe - 9 years ago
How do you know if the fish chooses you?  You said sometimes the fish chooses you.
Miss Annabell
Miss Annabell - 9 years ago
yes you will know when it happens you might pick up another fish but before u buy u might have to see that one beta one more time, i think thats what it means :)
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 9 years ago
Bettas do not need , nor is it good for them, to suffer 100% water changes.  A healthy living environment requires about a 25% water change weekly, provided you're not overfeeding.
Ming Ming
Ming Ming - 8 years ago
You're right.
Vivid Productions
Vivid Productions - 8 years ago
As you say you shouldn't change the betta's water weekly would it be okay to change it like maybe every 1-2 months at most?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 9 years ago
+Mary Potts It's important to understand ammonia, nitrites to nitrates, the biological basis to an established tank. Bettas need to be kept in a container that is at least 5 gallons. Finally, where did you hear that Siamese Fighting Fish (betta splendens) can live up to 10-12 years? That's nonsense. They will live about 3-5 depending on their aquatic environment.
Mary Potts
Mary Potts - 9 years ago
Totally not true if you're one of the idiots keeping their fish in a jar or cup or some other deplorable condition. It should be a 100% water change daily, which is horribly stressful to the poor betta.

If you have a filtered, cycled tank, only partial water changes a couple times a week. However, many people go blindly buy a betta and take it home and slowly torture it to death (or sometimes quickly)

I've heard people say, "I've kept a betta alive for three years in a cup" well that's the fish equivalent of saying, if you live in cramped, polluted quarters, you could live to be up to 25 years old before you die. A betta can live up to 10-12 years
ZomoDomo C
ZomoDomo C - 9 years ago
you should feed them flake not pellets they can choke on them
boscoitalics - 9 years ago
I have my betta near a window but I will find a better spot tomorrow

30. comment for Betta fish care

Martha Robinson
Martha Robinson - 9 years ago
I love my beta fish. She's a girl, and I named her Rainbow sprinkles. even she isn't rainbow colored. But, when I come up to feed her, she wiggles around very happy. AWWW!!!! X3.
Jamie McGrath
Jamie McGrath - 9 years ago
How do you know if the betta fish chooses you?
TM3000 - 9 years ago
Go for one that will follow your finger around, that seems genuinely curious and interested in you.  These little fish actually have amazing personalities and are very interesting.  They always are very curious to see what it is you're doing, and they will become more interested when you walk into the room.
Leonars Jean-louis
Leonars Jean-louis - 9 years ago
i have 10 bettas 5 females and 5 males i love them so mush
Lindz Da FinS
Lindz Da FinS - 9 years ago
I read the thing if you have a problem with shallow water. It said they come from shallow water, but it never said to keep them in crappy bowls.
Angel Biju
Angel Biju - 9 years ago
0:47 that is the same betta I have!!!!
Equine Savy
Equine Savy - 9 years ago
I love bettas! they are so pretty!
Ming Ming
Ming Ming - 8 years ago
I love Betta Fish too.
Malia Arch
Malia Arch - 10 years ago
Thank you for not being one of the people that says that bettas need ten feet tanks. My fish is in a two gallon bowl, changed once a week, and he is one of the happiest, liveliest fish I have ever met.
Loc NGUYEN PHUOC - 10 years ago
I live in VIETNAM, how to buy 
AlexandrasPets - 10 years ago
Really good tips and recommendations!
Walter Knight
Walter Knight - 10 years ago
That rice paddy might be 8 inches deep, but it has millions of gallons of water, and it has natural filters. Since all the bettas in your Video are products of breeding you will never find a Betta that looks like them in a rice paddy ect..
Walter Knight
Walter Knight - 10 years ago
Mostly you have good information. However, a Betta needs a minimum of 2.5 gallons. Myself I would never use less than 5 gallons for a single sole Betta. Some of the small containers on your video are just plain death traps, which would explain the rude comments.
Locke Prescott
Locke Prescott - 10 years ago
My bata for some reason has never leaped knock on wood
Elpinacate - 10 years ago
well  , some parts of the video are right  , but some not  , first  ,  100 % water changes  are not necesary in a decent  5 or 10 gallons tank  ,  tanks needs to get cycled  so the quality of water is optimum  ,  and then change just a 40 %  , so that way you  dont have to take aout the fish and stressed him  ,   and is not good idea to show those pictrures with  mini tanks of 1 or 2 liters ,  cause many  people think bettas can live in that space with not filtration , heater , and plants to hide ... i have a betta in a 10  galons tank ,  with a small internal filter a made ,  has plants ,  he  swiming all day  , he is a happy  fish   and I enjoy  watching him  cause i know he is  healthy
Scott Goode
Scott Goode - 9 years ago
+Raylene Symons lol that was the point.
Kristen Desjarlais
Kristen Desjarlais - 9 years ago
+Scott Goede Dude, you're using comma's wrong as well..........
Scott Goode
Scott Goode - 9 years ago
Well, the way you space out your commas isn't right at all, you should space them out with 1 space bar tap away from the next sentence using the comma, like this. :) The Grammar Nazi has been unleashed!
Louie Manning
Louie Manning - 10 years ago
You didn't really 'use' the websites, you copied straight from them!
liz cooper
liz cooper - 10 years ago
Listen..males like to see each other. I don't know where this idea of it hurting them came from? My males flare at each other through the glass divider then swim off and do other things. It leads to nest building of bubbles. If a female is near enough they will react the same way. It's natural for them to see other Bettas. Just never let Males get together.
Steph - 10 years ago
Just an f.y.I., they do not "live in puddles" necessarily, they are just most often seen in puddles in the wild because they can survive in a puddle, sometimes the water source dried up, they can also jump to try to find a better place to live. They are seen in puddles often but prefer a bigger tank.
Yadira Rodriguez
Yadira Rodriguez - 10 years ago
The fish at 1:04 looks like mine, its a halfmoon , what gender is it?
Candice Edwards
Candice Edwards - 10 years ago
Thankx for the info, it totally helps me with caring for my fish
whazup123amy - 10 years ago
I feel bad now. There was a fish that looked strait into my eyes and I didn't take him. I chose a shy fish hoping to cheer him up.
nick Tabakis
nick Tabakis - 10 years ago
Throw away all the plastic plants and the colorful rocks and put in, live plants and physical color rocks.
Bettas need from 30 up to 100 litres

50. comment for Betta fish care

TheHannibalJesster - 10 years ago
good vid. crap song choice
Tony Bananers
Tony Bananers - 10 years ago
+TheHannibalJesster Please halp! Ive fallen and i cant grow up?!
TheHannibalJesster - 10 years ago
yea helped . got my beta all good and going thanx.
DejaVu Dreams
DejaVu Dreams - 10 years ago
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the music! It was one of the music files youtube had available. Although, I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching!
kaylee ccoli
kaylee ccoli - 10 years ago
Just got a betta its purple so active!!! :-) :-)
Josiane Martinez
Josiane Martinez - 10 years ago
Thanks so much. My 6 year old is doing a 1st grade project on betta fish and this gave him great information for it! He also got a new betta fish and now he knows just what to do.   Love the great pictures.  The music was such a nice touch.   Thanks!
DejaVu Dreams
DejaVu Dreams - 10 years ago
I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this video! I hope your 1st grader gets a wonderful grade on his/her project and enjoys their new fish! Thanks so much for watching!
Tigrissii - 10 years ago
(Just saying, not telling the creater he/she said something wrong) Bettas like Big tanks, but don't out them in HUGE tanks. They live in puddles, kind of 8 inches deep. So owners, don't put bettas in jail or in a vast forest.
Pabu - 8 years ago
that helps a LOT, really it does, i tgought that a tiny tank would be way too small.
DexterityParadox - 8 years ago
Betta don't live in 'puddles'. They live in large river basins in Thailand and China. Honestly, when getting a betta, you should get the biggest tank you can afford. Nothing is too big.
DejaVu Dreams
DejaVu Dreams - 10 years ago
Wonderfully said! Thanks so much for clarifying for others! I hope you enjoyed the video!
Mwink Gordon
Mwink Gordon - 10 years ago
Great vid, my friend dumped this fish on me & I have to take care of it now!! :-D
Sam Carter
Sam Carter - 10 years ago
mate i have done it,I hv a Pure White Half moon Betta in community fish tank. Crown Betta in a another tank, If ur a beginner NO don't mix with other fish. but at least get a 12 Gallon (50 Litre) tank
Natalie Stovall
Natalie Stovall - 10 years ago
Do they need a plastic plant right awau
R3M0RS3.V2 - 10 years ago
That blue one on 0:48 looks like mine!!!
Horseluver 0123
Horseluver 0123 - 10 years ago
Thanks helped a lot! Hopefully I get betta for my B-DAY!!!
Horseluver 0123
Horseluver 0123 - 10 years ago
u shouldn't put any other fish with bettas dude so SHUT UP!!! Sam Carter!!!
Sam Carter
Sam Carter - 10 years ago
Bettas don't like to be in a Bowls or bottles... I think no body. They are very active fishes. Pls never advise anyone to keep them in tiny little cups or bowls. at least they need 50 Liter of tank. I hv a one with guppies,neons & Angels for nearly 2.5 years. He swim all around the tank and very h@py. In the first few hours he'll chase around little bit them calm down forever. guaranteed.... this comment is not a another punk Betta Lover! So cut the bullshit man if youre a true Betta lover.
Sam Carter
Sam Carter - 10 years ago
Bettas don't like to be in a Bowls or bottles... I think no body. They are very active fishes. Pls never advise anyone to keep them in tiny little cups or bowls. at least they need 50 Liter of tank. I hv a one with guppies,neons & Angels for nearly 2.5 years. He swim all around the tank and very h@py. In the first few hours he'll chase around little bit them calm down forever. guaranteed.... this comment is not a another punk Betta Lover! So cut the bullshit man if youre a true Betta lover.
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam - 10 years ago
I hope I get one tomorrow!!
Sandra Driver
Sandra Driver - 10 years ago
Thanks!! I just received 2 as a gift and didn't know a thing about them, now I do! :)
asdfxyz1 - 10 years ago
Btw the music is gay.
asdfxyz1 - 10 years ago
Fuck that. I let my Betas go at it til the death.
Viv Jean
Viv Jean - 10 years ago
1) betta's need a least 2 gallons of water. 5 is better 2) pellets aren't the best - frozen or freeze dried blood worms or brine shrimp are better 3) you should only feed your betta 1 worm or 2-3 pellets once a day. Otherwise it will be develop swim bladder disorder from over feeding. betta's stomachs are as big as their eye. 4) NEVER do 100% water changes. either do 50% or follow the pattern 25% one week, then 50%, then 75%.
The code of our matrix
The code of our matrix - 10 years ago
young savage
young savage - 10 years ago
Every body check out my new betta fish
Olivia VD
Olivia VD - 10 years ago
Thanks this really helped
Rookiesteam - 10 years ago
Well, I only feed my betta (Big Red) once a day with a pellet that have the size of 3 small pellets, in the pellets container say you have to feed him only once a day, since this pellets are big.. specially design for bettas.. I always keep tracking of him while eating and theres no left overs or barfing... but I really thank you a lot for contacting me and explaining this.... and this video of you.. I really liked it. nice
Kenneth Liew
Kenneth Liew - 10 years ago
Did you remove the uneaten food? Should not let the uneaten food stay in your tank, not good for your betta. And you can't feed too much to your betta. Maximum 3 times a day with small feeding. You can just feed your betta with 3 tablets of food a day. I do twice a day with small feeding.
Kenneth Liew
Kenneth Liew - 10 years ago
What happen if I let 2 bettas provoke?
Some Random Ginger
Some Random Ginger - 10 years ago
Yes they do live in those condition, however, the plants in the water still act as filters to detoxify the water, like a planted tank. Also bettas can also be found in slow-moving bodies of water, which they actually do better in. Anyways, yes, a sponge filter works very well, and while bettas can survive without a filter, it can be assured that they can live healthier with one.
Rookiesteam - 10 years ago
I change the water today, and 3 days later it´s all dirty..... my betta it´s a pig !!!.. and my tank has a water pump with filter.
calum marshall
calum marshall - 10 years ago
betas dont need a filter they live in stagnant pools in the wild like rice paddies:)
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
i dont have a filter in my tanks but i do water change ones a week :)
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
betta fish is some of thouse fish that sleeps :)
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
fuck off!
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
try bloodworm's )
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
if you want just kik me falken.97 :) i have 7 betta now
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
it is :) for pet store betta
Trines Nails
Trines Nails - 10 years ago
i aways buy sick betta :I
Anna McDermott
Anna McDermott - 10 years ago
Why do male bettas always flare their gills at female bettas?
Robi Dawn
Robi Dawn - 10 years ago
smaller the tank the more you should do
shirley clifton
shirley clifton - 10 years ago
thanks that realy helped just got my betta yestrday
Notorious_JF - 10 years ago
Brittanie brideau???
Britt B
Britt B - 10 years ago
this was beautiful
Britt B
Britt B - 10 years ago
this was beautiful
Darren Olay
Darren Olay - 10 years ago
everyone come check out my platinum x red dragonscale betta fish, leave advice and comments
B K - 10 years ago
B K - 10 years ago
Yes but first before you put the fish in the water put water conditioner you could but it at a local fish store add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) every 10 gallons
Prairie Rippers
Prairie Rippers - 10 years ago
The vid was awesome! I had a betta for while ago and did everything u did. Some people say u need like 5 gallon tanks but my bette loved my 1 gallon. I usually fed him blood worms but i think im going to buy some pellets as they will be easier to clean out of the tank if he doesn't eat them. Thx for the vid
Mónica I. Avelar
Mónica I. Avelar - 10 years ago
I thought it is recommended to change their water only by 1/4, or 20% not 100%, but I initially thought 100% before reading 1/4? so it is 100%, not 20%? Thanks for your help.
Jubu Bowden
Jubu Bowden - 10 years ago
My betta Edward loves brine shrimp from time to time. Give Bettas 2 days of fasting in a week
hellokittylover237 - 10 years ago
hello I am looking to get a beta fish for my fish tank. And I was wondering you have anymore tips becase I am a first time Beta fish owner and I want to know all I can ,so that I dont acsidently hurt it or kill it . tahnks hellokittyloevr237.
sydney carlson
sydney carlson - 10 years ago
I have a greenish bluish halfmoon betta and im trying to breed him and his face is turning white is that normal or is he sick?
Jun Choi
Jun Choi - 10 years ago
Well, not much we can go off from just this, but it can be the case that the pellets you are feeding her are to big, which you can crush into smaller sizes. For the flakes, most of my bettas utterly hate them and spit them out after taking a bite (crushing the flakes small enough for my younger tetras to eat =D). If the pellet crushing doesn't work, you can go the expensive route--blood worms, brine shrimp, and the occasional live worms, which is better for them in the long run. Hope that helps
Sugared Suggies
Sugared Suggies - 10 years ago
well im a betta breader and i recently purchased a new betta (Kali) who likes to catch her food in her mouth and then spit it out in the rocks. she wont wat anything i give her and ive tried pellets and flakes... im afraid shes goinf to starve herself. does anyone know anything on this?
Jun Choi
Jun Choi - 11 years ago
If you plan on shocking the betta and stressing it out, then by all means... do give it a 100% water change. Like all fish, they must be acclimated to their environment. So doing a 100% water change is never good for your fish/betta. "False information" should be removed =]

100. comment for Betta fish care

Mahesh - 11 years ago
Reddylion - 11 years ago
Noa Heiman
Noa Heiman - 11 years ago
great video im getting a betta and this toght me alot!!!!1000000000 thumbs up!
CherokeeMaiden81 - 11 years ago
It still needs a filter. I didn't have one in my tank at first and the water would develop a film on the surface. I did some research and found out it was dirt/dust forming on the surface. I put in a filter and the film went away. That film also makes it hard for them to breathe.
strata g
strata g - 11 years ago
jesus Christ, chose the fish that chooses you???? even if its un healthy? this fish you have a connection with???? put it in a fucking fish bowl!? that video was discusting
nman327 - 11 years ago
My beta for some reason likes sleeping in the middle of fake plants (and no he's not dead)
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 11 years ago
also bettas might not need filter for oxygen as they have labyrinth organ but still filter is needed if you don't want your fish to get ammonia poison, nitrate poison and ammonia burns.
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 11 years ago
i agree
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 11 years ago
filter is important in the fish tank, its not only provides oxygen but it also covers very toxins like ammonia to less toxins like nitrates because in filter a lot of beneficial bacteria lives in there.
Moses Lyons
Moses Lyons - 11 years ago
@fruitybud420 Betta don't need a filter because they collect air from the surface and from the water do the only thing you need to do is change the water weekly or 2x a week
Lori Odum
Lori Odum - 11 years ago
Thanks for the tips. I like your creative style.
Sam Willi
Sam Willi - 11 years ago
here are some more tips: howtocarebettafish.blogspot com
TheRetiredtrucker - 11 years ago
small Aquaclear 20 is great, inexpensive ($20 or so) and lasts long time. Put filter floss in under the biomax and let it drop into the tank. just below water level, down the spillway will eliminate the current (also gives more filtration). lots of filtration and lots of area to grow the beneficial bacteria
HappyFishkeeping - 11 years ago
You can place a mirror in front of a male Betta for very short periods & definitely no more than an hour per day. The mirror will cause the Betta to "flare", which is to show off his fins. However it really stresses him out.
HappyFishkeeping - 11 years ago
Al fish need a filter, including a Betta. In this case, you should choose a suitable filter that has a low flow. A sponge filter is a cheap alternative. A high flow filter will make it difficult for the Betta to swim as his fins have been bred too large.
Sue Ng
Sue Ng - 11 years ago
yes I did save one from bottle fish farm and he is now 20 gallons fish tank it is so sad bettas are kept in small containers
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - 11 years ago
And get a thermometer to monitor the tanks temp
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - 11 years ago
@barbeegee they do sell medicine that heals torn fins. Petsmart, petco, and Walmart are most likely to have it
PizzaAteMyCat - 11 years ago
this is kinda mean but if you put a mirror in front of a Betta it will get aggressive and it's fins will spread.
IWANTACHARIZARD - 11 years ago
How High should th water be
JMFfilms87 - 11 years ago
your her is a male betta
Jefferson - 11 years ago
It is still. But for Bettas. putting a filter will Tear their fins.
Cecilia Jing
Cecilia Jing - 11 years ago
my friend told me that a filter is not necessary for one fish. is this true?
_snoots_ - 11 years ago
lucky!!! mine is blue, but I still love her very much ;)
josaiaih vickers
josaiaih vickers - 11 years ago
this was very helpful thank you
Rice .Day
Rice .Day - 11 years ago
umm. a heater... you know where betta lives?
imariddle - 11 years ago
He was very sick when I bought him too poor thing but now I watched another vid and he's healthy ur vid helped me set up Aceres tank
imariddle - 11 years ago
It helped me take care of my male betta Acere
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
yes but becareful and make sure you wash your hand before and after.
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
what probabley happened was that your betta's fins got torn and later got infected . (fin rot )
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
if you want to place a betta fish with other fish take note : Your other fish must be tropical your other fish should be peacefull your other fish should not be closley related your other fish should have the same PH value as the betta
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
It is better to have them in seperate tanks because if you use a seperator , they will see through it and start flaring at each other causing stress.
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
yes aquarium salt is recomended to keep out diseases such as "ICHTHYOPHTHIRIUS" , "VELVET" , FIN ROT , etc. the correct dosage : 1 table spoon per gallon is recomended.
Davin Sanchez
Davin Sanchez - 11 years ago
maybe.. but its likley to be a species of betta that does not grow that big as others. comment the species of betta to let me find out :)
Aldrian Conquilla
Aldrian Conquilla - 11 years ago
Thank you .. "I will put a some non-iodized salt ? " .. I read this from a betta fish website .. please reply. .
Cecilia McClanahan
Cecilia McClanahan - 11 years ago
i'm naming one of mine bunnip and my other one ling-ha
Petra Žlkovanová
Petra Žlkovanová - 11 years ago
No fish should be held in bowl aquarium!
nhtn91 - 11 years ago
should i have each Betta in separate tank? Can 2 or more fishes can share a tank?
gay toni
gay toni - 11 years ago
I went to petsmart one day to get filter cardriges for my tank and there was a blue betta swimming to me. It chose me but i have a betta named fire.
Cecilia McClanahan
Cecilia McClanahan - 11 years ago
this helped me a lot. i'm getting a new betta soon and i wanted to get one off the inter net but now i want to nt to fell a fish choosing me and i will choose it back. you made owning a betta fish seem like a magical thing and i bet it will be
Dylan The Web Warrior
Dylan The Web Warrior - 11 years ago
And some new food!
Dylan The Web Warrior
Dylan The Web Warrior - 11 years ago
I have a betta fish named Finn and i love him so much.. I got him a new tank today
Slimy Hipster
Slimy Hipster - 11 years ago
Why did you put protect in quotes? They do protect the eggs because females will eat them.
BarbeeGee - 11 years ago
about a week ago i saw his fins started to shrivele. he is active and still eats and patrols his tank, but i know his fins are not in a healthy state, i added bettafix to his water yesterday when i did a wter change and i took the plastic plants out that had torn his fins, i replaced them with live plants. iw ould like to know WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FISH?! will his fins ever be "normal" again?
BarbeeGee - 11 years ago
i need osme help i have a red male veilttail betta and i dont think he has fin rot, but his fins have shriveled up and are not beutiful and flowing like they should be.i have 3 GALLON tank, no filter or anything like that. i have a 50 watt heater but i was afraid to use it becaue i do not wnat his water too warm
marangelys mora crespo
marangelys mora crespo - 11 years ago
thankx my two betta fish almost died tankxi love you bye
Austin Williams
Austin Williams - 11 years ago
Never 100% water change 50% twice a week if not filtered if filtered once a week
xxsoundladxx - 11 years ago
What's with the music
Sam Shale
Sam Shale - 11 years ago
gay music man you love your fish
oracionfan - 11 years ago
Thank you I'm getting a betta tommorow so I'm going to keep watching this till I get the hang of it!!!
jackal198666 - 11 years ago
Thanks for the video, Im setting up a Marimo/Betta tank!
Noah Byrd
Noah Byrd - 11 years ago
Ashley Maxwell
Ashley Maxwell - 11 years ago
This video was great for me! I used to own a betta fish, but it recently died of old age. I got new fish, a ten gallon tank with 2 red platys, 2 dalmation mollies, and 2 silver mollies. Sadly one of my silver mollies passed away from a fish disease called ich. Another one of my fish caught it. The disease spreads through the water. I bought treatment so I am hoping that will help. My brother is getting a betta fish soon and I am finding tips for keeping them because I really love fish! :)
thenightighter - 11 years ago
Bettas are FIGHTING fish! With all but a few breeds the males will fight, and often kill, each other if kept together. A male and female can be kept together for a short time to breed, but if you leave her in there very long after the eggs are laid, the male might kill her to "protect" the eggs. Only females may safely be kept together!
thenightighter - 11 years ago
You really believed that!? If it were true, where would baby bettas come from? The bettas that you notice in the stores with the beautiful long fins and pretty colors are male.There are males with short fins and not-so-bright colors. but most of those are natural, or bred for fighting only. The ones you see in the stores have been bred for the more beautiful features. Females have short fins and more muddied colors. They, unlike males, can be kept in the same tank with other females.
Charlene Andrade
Charlene Andrade - 11 years ago
I was told that all Bettas were male??
omniikilla85 - 11 years ago
I've got the one at 0:55
Rhianna Carrillo
Rhianna Carrillo - 11 years ago
Thanks bunches.i just got mine and I followed all the steps it sure looks happy
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail - 11 years ago
Well, it is not a bump exactly. It indicates the gender of the betta. Yours must be a Female. For more info, go to google and type "gender of betta fish" and select the first link. It should be from freshaquarium...
brindle flame 237426
brindle flame 237426 - 11 years ago
One time I had a betta fish and we gave him a real plant and he turned green and died. :,( I was, like, 5 and it really made me sad so I always use fake plants now.
Justin Hwang
Justin Hwang - 11 years ago
to be happy? no, for 14 dollors you can get a 10 gallon but if you can only have a 1 gallon then go for it! better than a nasty cup anyways. good luck!
Hannie Bee
Hannie Bee - 11 years ago
i have 3 new betta fish and im giving them all together, 1 male 2 female, as im watching all this betta fish i really need to do that one betta fish one tank? is "no fish is an island in not applicable motto? heheh! they should not swim alone =))
alex mimi White
alex mimi White - 11 years ago
can we put fingers in water????
Death Grips
Death Grips - 11 years ago
And if you don't have a bowl then you don't need frequent water changes
Death Grips
Death Grips - 11 years ago
no, no bowls >:(
Rachel Nevada
Rachel Nevada - 11 years ago
Well done. not over cluttered with too much information. Again the concept of less is more is true. Thank you. Now I am ready to go buy one
_snoots_ - 11 years ago
I want a purple one soooo badly!!!! A girl
ltrapp7 - 11 years ago
Taylor Ayala
Taylor Ayala - 11 years ago
I have two 5 gallon tanks and a 4 gallon tank for single male bettas, and I have a ten gallon (which eventually be upgraded to a 20 long) for a female betta sorority. Two gallons is absolute minimum, anything under requires 3 water changes a week - two 50%s and a 100%. A tank at least 2 gallons only needs two changes (a 50% and a 100%) and anything at least five gallons with a filter or live plants only needs one weekly 50% change. Bigger tanks will save you time and the fish love them.
ltrapp7 - 11 years ago
my fish watch?v=dMAmn5dq18I
bossychick2024 - 11 years ago
love the video my new betta is going to be so happy =)
hamsterloverxo santos
hamsterloverxo santos - 11 years ago
Thank you
Rosie Matzen
Rosie Matzen - 11 years ago
Got two new buddies, thanks for the tips!!!!
agworldoflove - 11 years ago
I'm getting a Betta Fish today! Thank you, this really helped.
stormagus5 - 11 years ago
Live plants are great for all fish. Unfortunately, there are very few plants you can use that do not require the added expense of a full spectrum setup. These are cabomba and hornwort. I have cabomba in my female Betta's tank with incandescent lighting. Unfortunately, my male's tank has LED lighting, which won't even keep hornwort alive.
stormagus5 - 11 years ago
Each of my Betta receive 6-8 pellets per day. My male I've had for over two years now, and my female for about 8 months. Neither of them are fat or unhealthy. But then again, each of mine are in a 5 gallon tank of their own (which is the minimum) and get a lot of exercise.
stormagus5 - 11 years ago
I got 1 minute and 46 seconds in and already saw several lies being touted as "truth." First off, the minimum tank size for a Betta is 5 gallons. Bigger is better, of course. How would YOU like to live in a closet? Second, Betta tanks require some sort of breathable covering. They are well known to jump out of tanks. In one pic you showed an open tank. In another pic, one of those terrible flower vase setups, which starves the poor Betta from oxygen. Please get your facts straight.
Kimball Goss
Kimball Goss - 11 years ago
Question, do they HAVE to have hiding places? Or gravel and plants?
CR Opportunity
CR Opportunity - 11 years ago
Mine refuses to eat the pellets. He now eats tiny bits of shrimp, tuna, chicken, and sometimes beef!
clayton shepel
clayton shepel - 11 years ago
im thinking of getting one
SuperGlueization - 11 years ago
i just got a half-moon black betta today :3
clayton shepel
clayton shepel - 11 years ago
i like the blue fish
Alena Sow
Alena Sow - 11 years ago
Will you guys check out my videos??
Sarah Cherry
Sarah Cherry - 11 years ago
my new betta, Annalisa, appreciates this! Thanks a lot! :D
Bruce Sees all
Bruce Sees all - 11 years ago
Very helpful my good friend and my son and I appreciate the info considering where I bought it I got a lot of bull from the salesman. No help from them and they even told me to by bottled water?????? I was so mad when I saw this video hehe thanks again.
Lynn Daniella Hoffmann
Lynn Daniella Hoffmann - 11 years ago
Great and very helpful! Thanks !
Scott S
Scott S - 11 years ago
What minerals is bottled water lacking? I think your confused with distilled water.
CloudStarC2x - 11 years ago
my friend julia has named her fish "alpha gamma and omega" i asked her why she named them after greek numerals and she said "because they are beta fish"
PS3Pianowiz3 - 11 years ago
my bowl is about a foot wide w/ a whole bunch of rocks and bamboo sticks and its about a foot and three fourths long
Bryan F
Bryan F - 11 years ago
Probably because it's not fertilized
Frank Real Thick
Frank Real Thick - 11 years ago
these tanks are way too small biatch
Emmily Lunsford
Emmily Lunsford - 11 years ago
How long do betta fish live? I have one named Chip and he's a little more than a year old. Does it depend on the breed of fish? do betta do better in dark habitats(black sand) or in light habitats(white sand) or in colorful habitats(any color sand) or does it not matter. Chip has a dark habitat and I'm about to take him to live with me and ha wasn't taken well care of by my mum for his while life of having a home but I plan to change that I'm sure he's prepared to be a pampered fish :) thanks
Bluebelle Sarah
Bluebelle Sarah - 11 years ago
Water conidioners are cheaper if you get a good brand they can treat 40L a go with 5ml :)
King Bat
King Bat - 11 years ago
What's better for both the Betta and to save money, the bottles of treated water, or water conditioner?
Saint Expedite Church
Saint Expedite Church - 11 years ago
nice. thanks!
Anand Jandayala
Anand Jandayala - 11 years ago
You should clean it about once a week. I have two betta fish and one of them i need to clean it about 6 days a week.
Fiona Hudd
Fiona Hudd - 11 years ago
I'm getting my betta fish soon but how long do i need to leave the water if i just got a new tank (i got the tank on the 27th december )and i filled it with water and a bit of water conditiner how long is i before i can put the fish in ???
clay lindsey
clay lindsey - 11 years ago
hey mi fish will not mate
VIG Ghlorq
VIG Ghlorq - 11 years ago
Hi , Why Is My Male Betta Fish Ate His Own Egg??
Kimberly H.
Kimberly H. - 11 years ago
He Has a Heater and the water is always 75 Degrees I forgot to mention that but thank you ^^ i have a new video of him up
DeMarie Rossi
DeMarie Rossi - 11 years ago
Betta Fish need to have warm water - other wise they stay very still and don't seem to move much - so you will need a small heater to get your fish moving and happy again.
Kimberly H.
Kimberly H. - 11 years ago
ok i have a question..I bought a Betta Fish from Pet smart about five months ago and For about a few weeks hes started just staying in his hidey holes and not making Bubble nests like when i first got him and such He has a 3 gallon tank ( i dont have any room for a Bigger tank so dont Troll me on that ) Ive changed his food and given him Blood worms yet he still just stays in one place....Help please...
Danielle Renee
Danielle Renee - 11 years ago
go to this website for info on betta fish!!
Hanun sreedhar
Hanun sreedhar - 11 years ago
loved ur vid , thanx.
Haseeb Kiani
Haseeb Kiani - 11 years ago
my beta keeps dying of fin rott how do you stop them from getting fin rot ive ad 10 betas dand thay die of the same cause my tank is 3ft.
Rhylie Annastacia
Rhylie Annastacia - 11 years ago
Good video except I would never keep Betta in anything that small 10 gallons I think should be the minimum for any type of fish..
: ) SMILE - 11 years ago
Thank you. I wasn't looking for a roommate but my friend gave me a Betta as as home warming gift. Kind of taking a shine to him. Thanks for the tips. : )
Juan Coprada
Juan Coprada - 11 years ago
I love my new betta he is reddish and blue and he's kinda purple
glenn prato
glenn prato - 11 years ago
Russell Quiding
Russell Quiding - 11 years ago
Widershins: Change about one third of the water every three weeks (use aged tape water with a ph. of 6.5 to 7.8) is enough if you dont over feed this water should be the same temperature as the tank water there you have it. don,t keep yor fish in a shot glass it is inhuman. how would you like to live in a closet?
Russell Quiding
Russell Quiding - 11 years ago
Widershins: Beta fish should be kept in no smaller then a ten galon aquariam, with filter,heater and thermometer. They should be kept at a constant temperature of 75 degrees F. exept when sponing, a few plants real or imitation of good quality, rocks or an ornament, gravel on the bottem, ideally an under gravel filter. Other fish will only pick or tear his fins. Now and then not all the time show him a mirror and let him go into action. you will have a happy fish and a long lived one as well.
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez - 11 years ago
Thanks for the video, it helped alot. Thanks again!!
Mike McBrien
Mike McBrien - 11 years ago
A good intro video, thanks for posting it. Anyone looking for more information should checkout bettasource for some more great information on keeping and breeding Bettas.
Camron - 11 years ago
I loved it.
lampang3 - 11 years ago
Have just expanded a Betta Splendens breeding facility in northern Thailand .Fascinating fish ! Cheers
AnnKris A.
AnnKris A. - 11 years ago
please do a video for goldfish as well.. thanks! nive vid ;-)
Coolnicknameguy - 11 years ago
had him 2 years now and he was about a year old when I 1st got him maby lil younger so I dont think hes old hes eather sick or stressed out by the frog, some 1 plz help hes the pettiest betta I ever seen and dont wana lose him, got a video of him back when I 1st got him and he was happy and king of the tank, Ill try n make a video of him now so you can see how hes acting, Id rather not move the frog unless I absolutly have to
Coolnicknameguy - 11 years ago
any 1 know anything about velvet? treated my fish with meds but last week or so he just sits at the bottem of the tank breathing through his gillz when befor he was always at the top of the tank, but I have a new ADF thats been bugging him so do you think the meds mest him up or hes scared of being attacked from below by my butthead frog? just did a 50% water change to get the last of the velvet meds out, so if hes still chilling at the bottem tomorrow the frogs getting moved
Palatard - 11 years ago
If you kept him in a bowl or tiny betta kit, it's probably why.
Palatard - 11 years ago
IMO 2.5g is the minimum. A betta has a damn fine life in a 5g with a few cherry shrimp (if he's not too aggressive) and plants, so that's how I keep them.
animalwhisperer219 - 11 years ago
i mean 3:33
animalwhisperer219 - 11 years ago
3:48 it looks like my betta.....but sadly he died today, and i got him 3 weeks ago!!!!!! i will miss him.
Moura cautillo
Moura cautillo - 11 years ago
I read that Betta's need at least 5 gallons of water? Mine has a 2 gallon wiht many plants and the temp is between 72-78 with a heater. I've had my betta for about 5 months now. I'm obsessed with him. I think people should know bettas are happiest without tank mates and they like lots of room to swim and places to hide.
daironification - 11 years ago
this is a beautiful fish i remember i use to have lots of them in cuba before i move to the U.S.
Maria Annabelle Papa Navia
Maria Annabelle Papa Navia - 11 years ago
i really like it .. my "prince purple" found me last wed. Oct.17 , when i went on my company Sponsor's office. . suddenly i was mesmerized by this tiny little thing and i cannot sleep not to have it . . the following day he went home with me . . i dont know i just feel light of having it in my life . . :) TY for the tips . .
Wankum112 - 11 years ago
i know..but my one is red and blue but not so shiny^^
Wankum112 - 11 years ago
how do they get theese great colours?special food?
SurprizdArv'n - 11 years ago
So? what-sit-to-ya?
Ella Shand
Ella Shand - 11 years ago
i actually just have filtered water i works just as well ^-^
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
You might as well change the whole thing if you are going to bother though. If the tank is small and cannot be cycled (tanks under 3 gallons-it can be done but it is not stable at all) then your best bet is full water changes 2-3 times a week. You must remove the ammonia! Any ammonia is toxic. A 50% WC on a small tank is about as stressful as a full one. I have bred, raised and kept bettas for many years now and this is what I have found. Prime is not a bad idea to keep things safe in between.
exxcel19 - 11 years ago
I know but helps to cut down on ammonia reducing on less frequent water changes,I know I got 3 tanks. 4 if you count the one thats not set up.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
If you do half one day half the next you aren't removing all of the ammonia. Say there is .10 ammonia. You do a 50% WC .05 left. You do another 50% WC. .025 left. You are left with the stress of 2 water changes, and you still have ammonia. When the tank is uncycled, you need to do full WCs or else your fish is living in never ending fish soup. With small tanks it turns into a little bit of stress or ammonia? There are ways to cut back on stress. Chemicals DO NOT replace water changes. Ever.
exxcel19 - 11 years ago
you never want to do a full water stresses your fish.if you really want to do a full water half one day,half the next.not all at once.and use helps cuts back on ammonia and the need for so many water changes.i have 2 bettas double tail male in a 3.5gal cycled heated planted tank.and a female betta in a 20gal community semi-heavily planted tank.with heaters of course.they like it at 82-84 degrees F
nancy boss momma
nancy boss momma - 11 years ago
great video =)
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Yup. The bigger the tank the easier it is to cycle and maintain. Seems weird. But its true! And the less you need to mess around with the tank the healthier the fish are.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
0.5 gallons sorry, I should've been clearer.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Thats the idea behind it, unless you want to go through the trouble of cycling a small tank and making sure that all is stable (small tanks crash so easily) partial water changes will work provided the tank is cycled and established. If you are like me, a student/have a job and don't have time for that the full water changes end up being so much easier! It works too. I cringe at the site of the teeny .5g tanks that people do partial water changes on. And then they wonder why their fish die.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Personally, I don't trust them. But if you have found one you like, cool! I use prime, thats it. Using them in a combination is not a bad idea, you could get away with another day or so in between changes. I wouldn't go with none at all but...
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Yes if can be dangerous. If you use the correctly sized heater and monitor it regularly you should be OK. If you are worried then you don't have to use tanks under 5 gallons. Some say the minimum is 5 for this reason, some say 2.5 gallons because they have never had an issue with it. No less than 2.5. I wouldn't heat anything less than that. Too risky.
David Green
David Green - 11 years ago
Lenore Osorio
Lenore Osorio - 11 years ago
?art 2 ,, bottom of the tank, of on her hammock iam worried shes been like this for 5 days now really dont know wats going on someone said she was constapated , can this be?? is there anything i can do for her ?like i said shes not swimming to much , shes on her hammock alot she wasnt like that wen i first got her, this is so upsetting to see her like this , i wake up every morning to make sure shes alive:(
Lenore Osorio
Lenore Osorio - 11 years ago
hello i need some help despretally,, i bought a baby betta fish about 2 months ago ,very tiny , it was doing fine i have sand on the botton, its in a 5 gallon tank with heater an filter, i was feeding it the flakes but didnt like it much but loves blood worms , now all of a sudden fish is laying on the bottom of tank here an there also resting alot on her leaf hammock, isnt eating , someone told me to stop blood worms ,but she wont eat the other food, she swims for a minute then goes to the
SurprizdArv'n - 11 years ago
Thanks for your help, and I agree, clown spew XD
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Yup, I prefer the natural looking gravel over the rainbow clown-puke. XD I also like the dark black gravel, brings out the colours on the fish a lot.
SurprizdArv'n - 11 years ago
Okay, I'm actually getting a 15 litre tank, which I believe is 5 gallons. And I think I have everything else, so thanks for the info! (And natural gravel is better than coloured gravel right?)
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
No. You should have a tank at least 2.5 gallons in size. Stay away from plastic plants they will tear his fins. You will need a 20watt heater and a thermometer, high quality betta pellets (omega one), water conditioner (prime is good), silk plants, and a small, soft net. You will need to completely clean out the 2.5g 2 times weekly. Pour out the water and rinse the gravel then fill it with conditioned water. I suggest you join a betta forum. ultimatebettas . com is great. Feed 2-3 pellets daily.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
Try 3 pellets once a day. You have a small tank, right? That is why it is getting cloudy, you should have a tank of at least 3 gallons for one betta and only the betta. The reason is because in small tanks waste builds up way to fast! This is very unhealthy for your fish, toxic in fact, I suggest you upgrade ASAP. Generally, pet stores and all cannot be trusted for accurate info. Its a scheme to get more money in the end. I HIGHLY suggest you join a betta forum, ultimatebettas . com is great.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 11 years ago
No they don't get lonely. They can get bored though. Every so often you can hold a mirror up to his tank for no more than 5 minutes. Watch what happens-he flares at his reflection. Another thing you can do is put a figuring for example outside of his tank. Even a shiny bracelet. My bettas will look at them, sometimes flaring. They can be with other fish, but you must have a larger tank to give each of the fish room to swim. I suggest you join a betta forum, ultimatebettas . com is my favourite.
jo sandjaya
jo sandjaya - 11 years ago
thats betta is unwell or sick...cek in facebook thats real betta
jo sandjaya
jo sandjaya - 11 years ago
Never Ever Fail
Never Ever Fail - 11 years ago
and will the bottlled water harm the fish ?
Never Ever Fail
Never Ever Fail - 11 years ago
thank you i subscribed you saved my bettas life thank you very much.
SurprizdArv'n - 11 years ago
Do you think that these would be optimal for a fighter fish?: 10 litre tank live plant fake plant coloured pebbles and a special betta hammock for it's living? Do I need anything else? THANKS!!
jessica woerlein
jessica woerlein - 11 years ago
I have a beta fish well two and I put them in a separated tank and they fight still I don't know what to do? I think on going to put them in a separate bowl away from each other! That will help right??
KittinPyro - 11 years ago
Awesome thanks for the playing tip !
Savannahcatjaguar - 11 years ago
Frozen peas work heat on up let it cool peel it's skin and feed it to him. This also helps with digestion. Good luck!
Savannahcatjaguar - 11 years ago
If you have frozen peas u can feed him that. You only need one a day and what u do is u heat the pea up in the microwave then let it cool. Peel the skin and take a little bit and feed it to him. This also helps with digestion of your Betta. Good luck!
KITTYkat101739 - 11 years ago
My betta doesn't like his food and i cant get to the city till sunday what can i feed him till then please tell me
Mauricio Franco
Mauricio Franco - 11 years ago
Nice i love it -3
paul pingol
paul pingol - 11 years ago
awesome videos--i love betta fish
AvengerWolfteam - 11 years ago
sassykp92 - 11 years ago
I just got a betta today im letting the tank set up but i dont have the stuff for oxidising the tank if i let it sit with my ivy in it will it be ok to put my betta in later tomro?
Adam Cary
Adam Cary - 11 years ago
I wanna get a betta fish SOOOO bad!!!!!
Narscilla - 11 years ago
Also the tnak should be 15 Cm (6 inches) across,
Narscilla - 11 years ago
Actually betta kits and starter bowls are NOT Good for betta's. Several Falsehoods are frequently circulated about betta bowls, and these lead to more mistreatment of the fish
Sophie Geer
Sophie Geer - 11 years ago
Im sortof an expert so here is goes I don't know if your betta is still doing this but if she is then i don't think anything is wrong with her but i just thinks she wants to jump again i sugest getting a lid for your tank or a bigger tank because she might want to swim the best size tank is a 5 gallon and up i hope this isn't too late
thetreepuncher - 11 years ago
I wouldn't if I were you
darmstrong - 11 years ago
I'm useing bottle water and he is doing JUST fine... -___- ?
Tongtiew Siri
Tongtiew Siri - 12 years ago
Nice betta fish care info! Thanks for your video :)
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia - 12 years ago
Bowls are not good for them 5-10 gallons is best
Cassidy Person
Cassidy Person - 12 years ago
cool mine looks like the one at 3:29 :)
fbcx - 12 years ago
Good information! Nice choose of song
KnowledgeApplied - 12 years ago
This is good information to put into a PDF document to refer to often...
Zaokllr - 12 years ago
i got a betta fish and put it with my other fish, it kept eating all the other fish's food.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - 12 years ago
I liked the video and your good advice, I liked the song too so can you please tell me the name....
Colin Cha
Colin Cha - 12 years ago
This works nice I bought a Crowntail and it lived a whole 3 years
katy M
katy M - 12 years ago
Thanks for your information,I am new in growing fishes ,I have a male betta fish and your information helped me,thanks again and a big LIKE from my part!
1girlina - 12 years ago
The pictures were sooooo pretty!
Mama BEar
Mama BEar - 12 years ago
my fish was very very very ill when it was in the shops its a male blue and it stayed at the closest place to me that it could get to so i bought it he got more ill then i watched this now he is much better thankyou
She Want The D LoL plays
She Want The D LoL plays - 12 years ago
I put two female betta which my red baby one i put it in with my guppy since she was small. and i put one hm pure white betta in and it just work fine. Never seen a guppy die in my 10 gallon lol.
Lindzuniverse - 12 years ago
My tank is one gallon so it could be bigger, but it is quite a bit larger than most of the pictures of bowls you were showing. I just got a new betta today, he is orange and blue/black. All the other fish at the store were blue and red.
Bettahorse - 12 years ago
Good information in this video, but the pictures show a lot of bowls that are far less than 1.5 gallons and are just too small.
Tatiana Ruiz Brand
Tatiana Ruiz Brand - 12 years ago
My betta name is Jean Claude Van Damme!!
3l6uat3 - 12 years ago
my bettas name is Sir Murphy.
tanner werts
tanner werts - 12 years ago
he should say from 2 to any gallons of water
christian granados
christian granados - 12 years ago
if i get more than 10 likes i will buy some 20 gallon tanks and put only one betta in each one and make a video to show people how their suppose to live like :)
Dee Dee Scherer
Dee Dee Scherer - 12 years ago
Very Nice !!!! Love the video !!! Who sings this song ???
Stardollor - 12 years ago
For the people putting their bettas with smaller fish like platies, neon tetras, ect. DO NOT! Some bettas are very aggresive so if you see alot of chasing and nipping, Take them out in seperate tanks!
Stardollor - 12 years ago
sergsrt8 - 12 years ago
I had my betta fish for over 5 years. But i was not that strict with taking care of it. I just put tap water in without using the tabs. Also i didnt change the water once a week, i changed it when the bowl was slightly dirty. I didnt know at the time so dont yell at me Haha
Dini Bujari
Dini Bujari - 12 years ago
I agree with this! And you shouldn't take out pic of betta in a bowl because its wrong.
Jacob Petit
Jacob Petit - 12 years ago
Jacob Petit
Jacob Petit - 12 years ago
@Pop12646 two fish means a bigger bioload meaning more ammonia in the water, meaning more chances of sickness and more water changes. they will also get stressed when seeing eachother fornlong periods of time.
Abbigayle Monzon
Abbigayle Monzon - 12 years ago
thanks.. very informative for a 1st timer like me. really learned a lot !!!!
Matt Burton
Matt Burton - 12 years ago
kong nyugen
kong nyugen - 12 years ago
it's not o.k for a betta fish to be in a small container like that and never do 100% water change cause the fish can go into shock. you should have them in at least a 2.5 ga tank and do 30 - 50 % water changes once a week. i also recommend a heater even though it's not really needed.
DementedDiva - 12 years ago
You should take out the pic of the betta in a vase. That is so wrong and too many people think it's okay.
AquaMarine Crayon
AquaMarine Crayon - 12 years ago
@djchannelful No, an if you want you could probably add like 3 smaller fish too, as long as you have a heater and filter (small as in about neon tetra small, if not galaxy rasbora small)
TheBettagurl - 12 years ago
I have three betta fish each in different tanks/bowls. They are fed flakes, pellets and sun dried shrimp each on a different day. I do multiple partial water changes every week for them every other day, once a month I do a complete water change.. they are all happy and healthy
idk makeup
idk makeup - 12 years ago
First of all, did anyone else feel like they were watching a disney movie? Second of all, great video! THis is one of THE most helpful videos I've seen! I'm planning to add a betta to my 10 gallon, in which I have three platys! :)
CheemoBettas - 12 years ago
All of your information is correct, tank size depends on what the fish likes. Some do great in large tanks, but others (we like to call Puddle Fish) get way too stressed out even with the help of Stress Coat and need to be kept in smaller aquariums. I must say I was a little bit disappointed not seeing any larger aquariums in this video, and I don't think I saw any with filters. But other then that I don't see anything wrong with it, it's a great video.
passwordNerd - 12 years ago
thx for advice ima tell u his name black beauty i call him buba or my cute nickname for him is my babby bubble betta bubba
exxcel19 - 12 years ago
me too glad to hear his doing beter check out my videos and tell me what you think gonna be uploading another one shortly.and let me know if you have any questions about bettas i'll do my best to answer them.
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
He doesn't have ant white spots, and he's much healthier, I'm upgrading his diet 2 5 pellets everyday, because I didn't even see him move when he darted for his food, so yeah, 5 pellets, fasting him Saturdays, day after he gets a pea, and I'm so happy he's spreading his fins!!!
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
are small, about the size of an ants ligament maybe smaller, my dad says I'm overfeeding him, and my friend says I'm underfeeding him oh, and the pellets are about the size of this * that star thing is about the size of the pellets that I give him I give him 4 of them everyday. Is that enough?
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
HE'S SPREADING HIS FINS!!!!!! OMG!! and there's a lot of bubbles on the surface, Is he making a bubble nest? What does that mean?And I already have a silk plants in his tank,(well, I have bamboo, a dragon statue, and a silk plant.) I just got aquarium salt, and It said 1 millimeter for every 10 gallons (Or something like that) well, he's sort of spreading his fins, as soon as I fed him his fins spread immedietly! and am I feeding him enough?? I feed him 2 pellets, 2 times a day but the pellets
exxcel19 - 12 years ago
hrm try and get it with your hand or a small cup just watch not to get your betta too.hopefully you can change his tank saturday.try and get some plants if you can =].silk if you don't want live.the others hurt their fins since their so long.
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
Well, I want to change his tank on Saturday, and do u know how 2 take uneaten food out of your bettas bowl? because it was feeding time and I Acidentily fed him 1 more pellet that usual, and he didn't notice it, so it sank straight 2 the bottom. and we don't have a net so yeah,....
exxcel19 - 12 years ago
do you have theromitor and have you done your water changes lately?lack of good conditioned water and such a small tank and hard water without the right coniditonr can cause fin stiffness.Also does he have any white dots on that he wasn't born with?
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
thanks, I already have frozen bloodworms, and yeah, he' not spreading his fins anymore, I tried 2 talk my mom in to getting a bigger tank but she said, he's fine, bla bla bla bla bla. she said she'll see what fang (my betta) brings in a week or so, then we might upgrade in a week or so, But he's not looking so good :(
exxcel19 - 12 years ago
it helps them have a more balanced diet if you want a friend for him and it's not to small a tank get a snail.they seem to ignore decent sized snails like pond snails or any other snail but get ONE eventually youll have more then you can house. =].Also does he have any white dots that mighr suggest ich?also if you get a heater having a heater will help with ich if he does end up getting that. hope this helped
exxcel19 - 12 years ago
you need a heater for your betta if your temp is not always 80-82 degrees.82 degrees is the magic number so to speak.You should get a filter for your betta and at least a 3 gallon tank with some plants and decoration to hide in.they don't like to be seen when sleeping.Also get some small pellets for your betta.I recommened the pellets shown in the video.He may spit them out at first then he should eat them. Also you need to get FROZEN bloodworms their in a freezer at petco or petsmart it helps.
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
know the answers A.S.A.P. My betta looks like the one at 3:24. and sorry I had 2 do this in 2 comment pages I ran out of room, read the comment below and then read this. if you already read this thats ok just read the 1 below then read this again, have a nice day every1 and good luck with your bettas!!!! :)
musicalpenguin39 - 12 years ago
thank you for making this video!! It helped me out a lot!! I got my betta fish yesterday night and he seems fine, we're going to put him in his new tank in like 30 minutes. I plan to feed him 4 pellets every day, he has no filter or heater, but he's still very active. Is that enough? he has about a gallon and a half tank, should I clean it weekly or like every 5 days.And he keeps flaring at me, is that good or bad, he didn't do it b4, he started doing it like an hour ago plz respond,i want to
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 12 years ago
@dankylosaur But Like All My friends They Have A Betta && Its Fins Are Open Up Soo Beatifully
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 12 years ago
@OnoeHoshino The People At The Flea Market Said To Feed Him Evey Other Day And Also Can You Tell Me Why His Beautiful Fins Are Not Opening Yet Its Been A Day... They Are Some What Open But Not Fully Is He Not Happy ?
OnoeHoshino - 12 years ago
@122daddysbaby I do about 4 pellets a day. They say it's good to make a habit of skipping a day a week to help the flow of their system. Their stomachs are so small, it's quite easy for them to become constipated.
OnoeHoshino - 12 years ago
@petluv6646 Depends on the betta, as some will have nothing to do with tank mates, and they're generally more comfortable in smaller tanks, though no smaller than 2.5 gallons, or so. I don't go smaller than 5, myself. Otherwise your set up sounds perfect. :)
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 12 years ago
Ahh I Just Brought My Fish Home From The Flea Market && I Hope Its Okay We LIve Down Some Tough Roads And I feed It Like 4 or 5 pellets Is That Okay
Skyler McHale
Skyler McHale - 12 years ago
i'm going getting one now lol
emilija9872 - 12 years ago
@MoonLakeManor Thanks (again) Ruby is not so scared of me now i used to tap her bowl every time!
OMFGBard - 12 years ago
Thanks i been looking around for information on a Betta fish and this has to be one of the most helpful videos that i have found. Thanks
emilija9872 - 12 years ago
Thanks I got my betta yesterday and it is called Ruby!
*Miss Gabbi*
*Miss Gabbi* - 12 years ago
this is exactly what the websites said except they said u can have a heater but ive seen bettas live without a heater
Logan Payne
Logan Payne - 12 years ago
mines named swimmy
reininghorses57 - 12 years ago
Nice video :) only thing I would sudgets is that you show some bigger, better tanks, because alot of these tanks are a bit to small :)
reininghorses57 - 12 years ago
@NekoYasha156 I have sucsesfully had a male and a female in the same tank, but I'd sugest getting a 10 gallon or more with a few guppies or tetras. I have a crowntail too, beautiful fish. Good luck:)
NiSsO Blabla
NiSsO Blabla - 12 years ago
THANKS!! it answered everything i wanted to know <3
Hollow Moonshine
Hollow Moonshine - 12 years ago
i bought my first male crown tail betta and am thinking of getting a female. What size tank should i get them?

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