Betta fish cure constipation-swim bladder

I created this video with Editor video of YouTube ( Constipation can effect the swim blandder of your Betta fish

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I created this video with Editor video of YouTube ( Constipation can effect the swim blandder of your Betta fish

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Jeffery Delgado
Jeffery Delgado - 5 years ago
I dont have peas right now for my male. Hes been constipated for 1 or 2 days. Is it ok if i dont feed him for 2 days while i get some peas ?
Araceli Rodriguez
Araceli Rodriguez - 5 years ago
great! glad I sae this my female is super bloted and I noticed she had some poop hanginh out of her stomic
See its me :D creatively
See its me :D creatively - 5 years ago
This was helpful I think we were feeding my female betta to much for her to process
Pratyusha Mondal
Pratyusha Mondal - 5 years ago
mine is not moving much just staying at the surface for all the time..even got one side up for once now he's at the top like taking oxygen......and sometime trying to swim down but again floating up.....but are you sure to feed them pea?....cause i heard that bettas are carnivorous so green peas are difficult for them to digest....are you sure he won't get worse?...please help i just got him yesterday.....and he is also not eating or shoinh any interests to food....please help me i'm so worried
BrutalRiotGirl01 - 5 years ago
Pratyusha Mondal what happened? Is he ok now
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 5 years ago
hello Patyusha, I am sorry to hear that. !where do you keep him? a tank? with heater and filter?alone?
in this video I showed how I cured mine. I am sorry but it is difficult for me to help you without see your Betta
however the best thing that I can suggest you, is to not feed him anything till he get better, end only then you can give to him a very small part of green pea, it will help him to digest better_remember only when he get better!stop feed him!-
remember also that can be that you bought him already ill, I know it is sad to say but can be, as it is very early for him to behave like this in only one day in your new house.
hope he get better soon!
bomberbang - 5 years ago
what kind of betta is that?
Jim Will
Jim Will - 5 years ago
Rip hahah
Cookie Girl
Cookie Girl - 5 years ago
Andrea Wiseman I really didn't know. I didn't have any experience and I thought it was the best way but I was wrong.But I took very good care of my second beta fish. Lucky he's been alive for about 7 months.
Andrea Wiseman
Andrea Wiseman - 5 years ago
You flushed your Betta before he died? Wow... That's kinda... heartless... Even if he was dying, let him go in peace...
TheOnly B'
TheOnly B' - 6 years ago
I hope you see my comment and your able to help me ! I have a blue betta fish I got him at a Chinese store for like 3$ he's always been healthy and all of a sudden he's extremely constipated his tummy is huge ! He hasn't pooped for over 2 weeks now and he hasn't ate either I try feeding him peas but he won't eat it help me please
TheOnly B'
TheOnly B' - 6 years ago
I haven't been feeding him at all over 2 weeks now and when I do feed him it's a small pea
Jade R.Bennett
Jade R.Bennett - 6 years ago
put him on a fasting diet which just means that you don't feed him for a few days so the food that's stuck in his stomach has time to go out
TheOnly B'
TheOnly B' - 6 years ago
I've tried feeding him peas and he won't eat them , he still swims around but I see him bigger!
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 6 years ago
hello Brandy, I am sorry for your Beta. do not feed him anythings until he get better. If you can, use some floating plants it help the Beta to stay under water. I hope your beta get better soon !

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Celeste Huffman
Celeste Huffman - 6 years ago
:( i really wish i could take care of fish like you. i have had sleepless nights over my daughter's fish and he lost color, and just sits at the top of the tank. i dont have money for a nice tank and a heater. but he hasnt pooped since we got him on saturday and i would love some tips on how to care for him. if he dies soon my daughter will hate me...
Karol Escobar
Karol Escobar - 6 years ago
I give my betta 3 pellets a day is that too much
Karol Escobar
Karol Escobar - 6 years ago
My fish will eat that much but his belly gets HUGE I've found that 3 pellets gives him a "plump" belly . I've had him for about 2 months and that seems to work just fine
Lizzie Mackinnon
Lizzie Mackinnon - 6 years ago
It depends on the fish I give mine 5 and that's how I've always done it and I have had no issues in the past some fish eat a lot and some eat a little
Christian Weathers
Christian Weathers - 6 years ago
mine is doing this too
Michelle Poland
Michelle Poland - 7 years ago
Thank you so much for making this video
Missy Chrissy
Missy Chrissy - 8 years ago
How did you get the male and female to get along in the same tank? I would love to be able to do this with my two babies.
Missy Chrissy
Missy Chrissy - 8 years ago
This is great info! thanks so much Tony!
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 8 years ago
I think I was very lucky because my Bettas are very calm,
but would not recommend it to everyone because it may not work. If you like to try, you should have a minimum of 3 females and Bettas one male the landscape is very important for this cohabitation,make sure to have many hidden places. 
thanks for your comment;)
pchdreamer - 8 years ago
I have a dominant blue crown tail female that eats a lot of the food, I found that by giving live food, like Daphnia and brine shrimp, it allows the other fish to have an opportunity to eat. As the live feed move around the tank and disperse it generates an opportunity for other fish to have their fill also :) just a helpful tip, your male is very beautiful 
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 8 years ago

thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience with me ;)
Guppy Breeder
Guppy Breeder - 8 years ago
Sweet !
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 8 years ago
yes they are,also very smarts and funny 

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