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for Betta fish laying egg

K.sharath Kumar Goud K.sharath Kumar Goud
K.sharath Kumar Goud K.sharath Kumar Goud - 3 years ago
I have your. female but when keep they breeding. male. will making bubble nest and chasing the female but female fearing. much female fearing what I. do
COMMON Videos - 3 years ago
Those r eggs?
Happy - 3 years ago
That’s exactly how my cousins fish were they made a bubble nest and laid eggs and they were maiden
antony babu
antony babu - 4 years ago
My.. Male is not... At all horny with female...????
Jeuis De Leon
Jeuis De Leon - 4 years ago
The female is too young
Donald Ray
Donald Ray - 4 years ago
Yadhava Krishna
Yadhava Krishna - 4 years ago
Bro Ur female is too weak
Jeuis De Leon
Jeuis De Leon - 4 years ago
Poor female Betta
she's raped by the adult
Moncy Baiju
Moncy Baiju - 4 years ago
Pls help .yesterday I put my female betta in male betta Aqurium. But it casing only.til now it doesn't breed.what will be the reason
Jeuis De Leon
Jeuis De Leon - 4 years ago
Moncy Baiju mine too I think my female is younger that's why they don't breed I'm from Philippines

10. comment for Betta fish laying egg

Carmel Gold-Fanning
Carmel Gold-Fanning - 4 years ago
...I swear I thought the female died when she was laying sideways I was like "he did her til she died oh my god this is horrible!!" Then she started swimming again and I was like oh.. That's just how they do.
Sk Safi Allom
Sk Safi Allom - 3 years ago
u love your reply
Sk Safi Allom
Sk Safi Allom - 3 years ago
please give me areply
Sk Safi Allom
Sk Safi Allom - 3 years ago
and I was make very beautiful arranger
Sk Safi Allom
Sk Safi Allom - 3 years ago
Carmel Gold-Fanning I was also taking a halfmoon Betta and female bettavmake him male and female aranhed
Praveen P.p
Praveen P.p - 4 years ago
my Betta fish not breeding the male fish always fighting please give a solution
Jay Rotol
Jay Rotol - 4 years ago
Pls respond
Jay Rotol
Jay Rotol - 4 years ago
What I'm going to do if the father eat their egg???...
莫瑞强 - 4 years ago
female fish too small!so hard to get eggs!
barry Puzon
barry Puzon - 4 years ago
just subscribed love your Betta fish.thanks for showing us
Rising Rohit Super Star
Rising Rohit Super Star - 4 years ago
Bro in which season does Bettas lay eggs
Donald Ray
Donald Ray - 4 years ago
Rising Rohit Super Star
rajesh repala
rajesh repala - 4 years ago
Wt I want to do my betta making bubble but he's one in tank wt I do
Spider Foyo
Spider Foyo - 4 years ago
How did they babies turn out??
net fishing daily
net fishing daily - 4 years ago
nice i like fish

20. comment for Betta fish laying egg

george joseph
george joseph - 4 years ago
thanks for the information dude .actually I am his son ,ben
star little
star little - 4 years ago
I love Betta fish, but my favorite kind of them are a Crowntail
Kitten tube Meow
Kitten tube Meow - 4 years ago
omg i thot he was dead
Karl 246
Karl 246 - 4 years ago
The female betta is young so lets sah its rape
Ya Rith
Ya Rith - 4 years ago
My beta fish male not angry when I let him with female the female mad and they lay egg him self
george joseph
george joseph - 4 years ago
the bubble things are eggs??
Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm - 4 years ago
george joseph no
Jegadeesh Waran
Jegadeesh Waran - 4 years ago
When we remove the male betta
Lawrence Rodrigues
Lawrence Rodrigues - 4 years ago
I have same colour female that u have but my male beta colour is silver or white
ara nova clinic
ara nova clinic - 4 years ago
which one is the male and female? if you don't mind
Abhi Pp
Abhi Pp - 4 years ago
Male has large tail but in female is small sorry bad English
MiniTofen - 4 years ago
ara nova clinic female is the one with the smaller fins and the male has the long flowing fins.
Michael Plays
Michael Plays - 5 years ago
Do I separate them ones there finish with the eggs
Tasha-Dolphins Lover
Tasha-Dolphins Lover - 4 years ago
Jesus Barquie only the female because the male protects the bubble eggs and gets agressive tpwords the female

30. comment for Betta fish laying egg

Lalitha Achanta
Lalitha Achanta - 5 years ago
Can I have 3
HippieAG - 5 years ago
I have a betta. His name is Pebles. I might just change it, it's fitting, but at the same time it just isn't.
HippieAG - 5 years ago
Toby and Marshmello
Toby and Marshmello - 5 years ago
So are those bubbles on the top their eggs?My Betta has Bubbles on the top of her tank I don't know if I take them out or keep them and how do I clean her tank ? Today is when I need to clean her tank! Help me please!
Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm - 4 years ago
Toby and Marshmello that would be a bubble nest not eggs
Claw X
Claw X - 5 years ago
Ok guys! I'm a fish expert beta fish (female is not dead because it is dizzy after production of eggs)(male is helping/squeezing the females eggs but sometimes unfertlized eggs is being eaten by males and for now)(female beta fish is fertilizing them inorder to do it the female makes a bubble to fertilize)(and the males regarding to that the female beta fish is smelling the male to finish squeezing after that)(the female beta fish is not dead it is because it's dizzy perhaps it is still breathing cause she just layed her eggs and(the owner must put away the eggs from the male and female(of course the female can still eat the eggs whenever she's hungry/when not feeded\(even tho beta fish eggs can only be removed from its parents in 2-4days and separate each egg)(whenever you want a Question please ask me) Thank you!
Rachel Easton
Rachel Easton - 5 years ago
Nothing happened
The Sleepy Wolf
The Sleepy Wolf - 5 years ago
Pff,that's not a female you adults Male bettas can lay eggs!!!
Sumiya Barsha
Sumiya Barsha - 4 years ago
wtf u know nothing
FanimeDBZ - 5 years ago
you seem to treat your betta fishes very well! :)
Soda - 5 years ago
The male is huge while the female poor thing i tiny XD not to be a rude comment, just funny
Jc Juego
Jc Juego - 5 years ago
how will you know if the betta is a girl or boy?
Ricoyah Silvera
Ricoyah Silvera - 4 years ago
Jc Juego easy. The skin colar male fish have light female
Has dark
Epic Charizard
Epic Charizard - 5 years ago
girl has short fins while male has big ones
Tyler Tot
Tyler Tot - 5 years ago
Actually, females can be just as vibrant in color as males. I have a tiny female who is bright blue/aqua and red. I actually thought she was a male (her cup was labeled wrong when I bought her). I noticed she wasn't growing as big as my males have and she started showing a white spot under her tummy (almost under her chin). Her stomach then proceeded to grow and she's actually almost ready to lay eggs. At a store however, the quickest way to check their gender is what the cup is labeled as, though you can check their size. Both fin size and body size will be smaller than males!
What is A anime?
What is A anime? - 5 years ago
Jc Juego
Jc Juego - 5 years ago
Thank You! :)
What is A anime?
What is A anime? - 5 years ago
it's pretty simple Bettas females have small fins and not really colorful and male Bettas have big fins and much bigger than the female and there very colorful you can search it up
karljoe davies
karljoe davies - 5 years ago
Raping a child jk it just look like a kid
Stephany Guzman
Stephany Guzman - 5 years ago
My fish land eggs
Life with Riley & Friends
Life with Riley & Friends - 5 years ago
why did the male eat the eggs
Epic Charizard
Epic Charizard - 5 years ago
he did not eat the eggs he got the eggs in the mouth than sit to the buble nest
Joseph Duren Lopez
Joseph Duren Lopez - 5 years ago
They catch the eggs with their mouths and place them on a bubble best that they create, like the one on this video. It keeps the eggs protected in their natural environment.
Lt. Mashumaro
Lt. Mashumaro - 5 years ago
I don't think he did. It looked to me like he caught them as they were falling to put into the bubble nest at the top of the tank.
the_unknown_what - 5 years ago
in 0:55 I heard a boat stop like from spongebob
Marrissa Kackley
Marrissa Kackley - 5 years ago
how do you know when there done spwing and laying eggs becuase i only got alittle eggs
YoonJung Park
YoonJung Park - 6 years ago
Why did the blue betta squeased the small pink and white betta??
HippieAG - 5 years ago
It squeezes the eggs out of the other female fish.
sophia perkins
sophia perkins - 5 years ago
YoonJung Park the male squeezes the eggs out of the female
YoonJung Park
YoonJung Park - 6 years ago
Did that male betta just killed the female betta?!
Jonas Suchir
Jonas Suchir - 4 years ago
karl 246
karl 246 - 6 years ago
the male is so big compare it to the female
Swag Dog Yo
Swag Dog Yo - 5 years ago
oh oh I thought the things were bubbles and I threw them down the sink when I was cleaning the fish tank
GamerGuyPlayz - 6 years ago
I have2 males and a divider
WHAT AMber I - 6 years ago
0:54 0_0 it looked like he just killed her
Fishy Fish
Fishy Fish - 3 years ago
WHAT AMber I yeah i totally freaked out so i just check the comments
cool Unicorn809
cool Unicorn809 - 4 years ago
I no
Du yu know da wae?
Du yu know da wae? - 4 years ago
When beta fish are dead the tend to lay at the bottom of the tank, not the top.
WHAT AMber I - 6 years ago
+Kornsilk Education k
Kornsilk Education
Kornsilk Education - 6 years ago
Females may act lifeless for a few minutes after laying her eggs. That is natural, she was fine.
Desiree Williams
Desiree Williams - 6 years ago
m fish is swimming in her tank and her eggs just came out of her

50. comment for Betta fish laying egg

Joseph Le
Joseph Le - 6 years ago
My fish laid the eggs but then some of the bubbles popped. Do I separate the bettas because I think they pop because they chase each other around and it goes by the nest and pops them. Plz Help. I don't my babies to die
HippieAG - 5 years ago
Yes, you do have to separate the female, if you separate the male away, then the bubble nest and eggs won't be protected.
Dmytro Bidnyk
Dmytro Bidnyk - 6 years ago
Correction: you must; i varified. The male will fight her off relentlessly if she remains near the nest, so remove her.
Dmytro Bidnyk
Dmytro Bidnyk - 6 years ago
Often times in the wild the male will actually drive the female away from the nest, and care for the offspring on their own. So yes it is a good idea to sepparate them.
destiny bell
destiny bell - 6 years ago
did they hatch ?
Even this name sounds weird
Even this name sounds weird - 6 years ago
My male is ready to mate but when I show a female to him he gets angry
DinosaurGirl135M - 4 years ago
Actually, he was pufffing up his gills so he can attract the female. So not only can it be used for aggressions, but it can also be used for a good courting display.
star little
star little - 4 years ago
Dmytro Bidnyk
Dmytro Bidnyk - 6 years ago
This is late, but you'll know for next time: this is normal peocedure. The male will chase her around and flare up his gill covers for at least the first day. He'll chase her around to show that he's not ready to mate yet. Neither is the female really because she will change color when she is ready. Having said that, give your female some water weed to hide in for a while if she needs to. This can actually get rough and expect injuries like torn fins, just watch that she does not suffer serious damage. If she does then remove her and let her recover. When she appraoches him in a submissive manner with white stripes on her fins, head down, and clamped front fins then mating will commense.
ImRiledUp - 6 years ago
Khalil Trent
Khalil Trent - 6 years ago
lol they kissed when she woke up
Khalil Trent
Khalil Trent - 6 years ago
female is just in a transe but when the fry hatches take the male out but when the female first lays the eggs take her out before she eats them there could be over 400 eggs btw so just fyi so you wontvget stuck with a bunch of betta
stopfollowingme - 6 years ago
My betta fish is horny cuz he made a bubble nest but he's the only one in the tank lol
PINKXNIGHT YT - 4 years ago
Just pull up on google and search female beta fish and there u go and if u want throw that phone in there
Lizz Gomez
Lizz Gomez - 4 years ago
stopfollowingme awe mine too!! Ig he or she is horny
Miguelangel M
Miguelangel M - 4 years ago
Some times they just kill not like tho
L8IRUSI - 4 years ago
+Delmer johnson no, you only breed if you want to take care of all of them. Otherwise, they don't need to breed. Keep in mind, every times these breed, it can go up to 10-40 eggs.
Delmer johnson
Delmer johnson - 4 years ago
stopfollowingme. You need to get you a female betta because he's ready to breed
Kim Dorn
Kim Dorn - 4 years ago
And ur betta want to have s word confirm but doesn t have a dick
Kim Dorn
Kim Dorn - 4 years ago
Mine is really lonely
Paphiline - 4 years ago
That means they are really happy in their home. Sorry this comment was two years ago. This is awkward.
CRACKHEAD E - 4 years ago
I thought it was bubbles so I tried popping them
HippieAG - 5 years ago
Kweenqy X
Kweenqy X - 5 years ago
Angell Puppycat
Angell Puppycat - 5 years ago
stopfollowingme my do too XD
ICONIC - 5 years ago
Mine does that all the time
destiny bell
destiny bell - 6 years ago
Aww lol
stopfollowingme - 6 years ago
+destiny bell hell no
destiny bell
destiny bell - 6 years ago
did u ever get him a girlfriend?
Madasi - 6 years ago
+watdaNOSTRIL get him a female
stopfollowingme - 6 years ago
+Happy Gillmore im pretty sure that means theyre horny. he probably wants the marimo ball's babies
Happy Gillmore
Happy Gillmore - 6 years ago
Not really. They just do that sometimes.
Rebecca Par
Rebecca Par - 7 years ago
I Have a CrownTail Male Betta Fish
Neon Muffin
Neon Muffin - 6 years ago
+Cool Creeper 213 i meant too
Neon Muffin
Neon Muffin - 6 years ago
+Rebecca Par i do to he is blue red and purple
Madd Mikee
Madd Mikee - 6 years ago
I have a crown tail male beta fish too and every day I go to Wal-Mart with my girlfriend to see if there is any females but there is never any girls we live in Wyoming,Riverton any ideas?
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 7 years ago
Wat u do with da eggs
Aurora Beach
Aurora Beach - 7 years ago
I think you can only take out the male
Al Sundays
Al Sundays - 7 years ago
Liz Esthella
Liz Esthella - 6 years ago
Lmfao Tru
thadan99 - 8 years ago
Madd Mikee
Madd Mikee - 6 years ago
Lilly Johnson
Lilly Johnson - 8 years ago
So many eggs
Madd Mikee
Madd Mikee - 6 years ago
those aren't the eggs it called a bubble nest it's where they sleep! :) like a bed
Danesh Waran
Danesh Waran - 8 years ago
Lastly The Female Betta Died ?
jayro benitez
jayro benitez - 8 years ago
The small betta fish is dead
Isaiah Copeland
Isaiah Copeland - 8 years ago
what colors did the babies come out to be ????
popupanimash - 8 years ago
ooooooo!!!! he made a bubble nest thats a way to show that he is happy!!!
Talaaa. x
Talaaa. x - 4 years ago
popupanimash its actually not. Its something all males do its in their nature to make bubble nests. Its to reproduce
Hector A. Arevalo
Hector A. Arevalo - 8 years ago
how do you know when a female is ready to produce eggs?
Ching Chong
Ching Chong - 4 years ago
Hector A. Arevalo they get white stripes on their fins
Horatio Edwards
Horatio Edwards - 8 years ago
me to
mad fly squrrl
mad fly squrrl - 8 years ago
i have the half moon
Joey Lavigne
Joey Lavigne - 9 years ago
Joey Lavigne
Joey Lavigne - 9 years ago
Holy shit i justed killed .........
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland - 9 years ago
If its a male betta, they lay the air bubble to say "I'm ready to breed" that might be what your seeing
BBonadea - 9 years ago
I bought a baby baby betta at the pet store. I keep finding these jelly like balls stuck to the part f the filter that sucks up the water. Are those eggs? I couldn't really see what they looked like on here. It looks like a translucent jelly ball with some color inside as best I can see. She's still SO tiny, I can't imagine she'd be old enough to lay eggs already. There's nothing else in the tan, so no idea what else it could be.

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