Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

Here's my new tank, up and running for 7 days now.

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Betta 8 years ago 31,052 views

Here's my new tank, up and running for 7 days now.

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for Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

Penguin Dude
Penguin Dude - 5 years ago
My betta does fine with anything. He is around 4 so he is a little old but he is the most docile thing ever he won't even go chasing the other fish at all
Cian O Leary
Cian O Leary - 5 years ago
Your videos are great why'd u stop making them is it possible if u could make an update video
Sheallan Shea
Sheallan Shea - 5 years ago
I have 6 neon tetra in my 5 gallons tank aquarium... And i love them so much.. But when i put this fucking bitch betta, he ate my one of tetra!!! Then i buy another betta and then i put them in one bowl.. Then they start figthing.. But i dont care who's going to die.. My 1st betta who was killed my neon tetra, deserved to die with my new betta..
MisAnthropy - 5 years ago
Sheallan Shea Please never get any pets ever again you obviously have no idea how to care for them. If you had read anything on betta fish you wouldn't have put it in such a cruel situation.
Ethan Davies
Ethan Davies - 6 years ago
did that beta have fin rot
Carly S
Carly S - 6 years ago
I have a question. Does it matter what gender the tetras are? I want a male betta fish and I was wondering if it would matter.
A Loomis
A Loomis - 6 years ago
Water wisteria would have been a better choice here . Betta like to have cover to hide, and I have even seen two of my Bettas just lay on top of the wisteria for awhile as if they were using the plant as a bed, or hammock. Unfortunately I don't see how an aquarium consisting of only bamboo provides adequate hiding places, and just wouldn't suggest it. Read the aquarium forums and most of them say Bettas need, or like, hiding places. A bigger piece of wood in the aquarium would have provided a good hiding spot for the Betta also.
Harris Brothers
Harris Brothers - 6 years ago
I thought Neon Tetras are the grey flat ones
Harris Brothers
Harris Brothers - 6 years ago
I thought Bettas can't have Bamboo plants in there tanks
Holly Samsonator
Holly Samsonator - 6 years ago
Thanks for the video, I can see it's been a while since you did this but I do like the bamboo. I was advised to really over plant my tank (40 litre/10gal) and I have my betta and 10 neon tetras but I kinda miss seeing them.....they are happy in the foliage but its so hard to check that no one has died or got stuck somewhere, overnight. My cichlid tank takes 10 seconds to check that all is OK, this little tank can take 20 minutes, (not a job that I hate by the way) but I may remove a little of the plants now.... I may add some bamboo too~

10. comment for Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

Ivan the introvert
Ivan the introvert - 6 years ago
that's a really nice tank
billymorris 1469
billymorris 1469 - 6 years ago
Cory catfish are the best to have with male bettas
A Loomis
A Loomis - 6 years ago
You can keep albino cories with females also. I have 5 female bettas with an albino cory in a 45 gallon aquarium.
Killer Shark
Killer Shark - 6 years ago
William Morris ye
Noneya Business
Noneya Business - 6 years ago
you can try harleyquin rasboras as well, they get along with bettas. never had an issue
Schmiv 0394
Schmiv 0394 - 6 years ago
danielle jancarole would 6 harlequins fit in a 10 gallon with a betta? I'm afraid they'll get to big. Thoughts?
Lee genius
Lee genius - 6 years ago
Gorgeous now I want bamboo and a beta
GalaxyX - 6 years ago
were did you get that filter ive been looking everywere but plz answer
betta fish expert 1
betta fish expert 1 - 6 years ago
GalaxyX walmart he said I think
Elijah Petersen
Elijah Petersen - 6 years ago
Where was this tank from? Plants? Looks really cool!
Naerwyn - 6 years ago
How are all of your fish doing? Your goldfish, Betta, and neons?
Gloria Rodriguez
Gloria Rodriguez - 6 years ago
make more videos
Huracán - 6 years ago
Really nice tank! Good job!
Love Goldens
Love Goldens - 6 years ago
I got some neons to go with my betta yesterday. I was a bit nervous because he'd lived alone for so long. but all he did was go up to them when I floated the bag and sort of puffed up a bit. but once they were out of the bag and swimming around he wasn't bothered.

20. comment for Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

E S - 6 years ago
love the bamboo
Enkii Muto
Enkii Muto - 7 years ago
Always thought tetras would be biters.
s_ r
s_ r - 7 years ago
you should relly get a lid
Nancy Nguyen
Nancy Nguyen - 7 years ago
You should get a lid because Bettas jump a lot in the wild and you can keep guppies in with your betta too
s_ r
s_ r - 6 years ago
Harris Brothers i have kept male betta with male guppies in commnute all depends on bettas
Harris Brothers
Harris Brothers - 6 years ago
Nancy Nguyen you can't keep Bettas with Guppys as the Betta will attack the guppy as it has colourful tails
Rahm Fist
Rahm Fist - 6 years ago
Nancy Nguyen for short finned bettas its required. but if they're veiltail or lonhg tailed not too much a requirement
Love Goldens
Love Goldens - 6 years ago
Nancy Nguyen my bettas tank doesn't have a lid and he has never tried to jump out
s_ r
s_ r - 7 years ago
it is very risky to keep guppy with betta
Meow786 - 7 years ago
what plant is that called?
Milind Girme
Milind Girme - 7 years ago
chaines bambo plant you can from gift store its live plant
Gregory Feast
Gregory Feast - 7 years ago
What a Betta Paradise! I love it, well done!
Laurence Lamoste
Laurence Lamoste - 7 years ago
sir can you give me the tank dimensions?
Courtney Lyon
Courtney Lyon - 7 years ago
Just got a Beta and neon tetras! Haven't put them together yet was kind of nervous but I think I'm gonna give it a try. :) by the way I named my Beta Aladdin lol I know silly
NothingPosted905 - 7 years ago
I've read bettas get along best with bottom dwellers like corydoras and otocinclus, and they'll also help you keep the tank free of algae.
Alexander Vaccaro
Alexander Vaccaro - 7 years ago
my betta fish ate twelve neon tetras in less than a week regardless how much fish food I fed him.
Alexander Vaccaro
Alexander Vaccaro - 6 years ago
Edgar Sandoval
yes, I put him into an aquarium with white mountain minnows and he feeds on their babies.
E S - 6 years ago
+Alexander Vaccaro , hmm weird, maybe your betta was just a psychopathic serial killer
Alexander Vaccaro
Alexander Vaccaro - 6 years ago
Edgar Sandoval
in a thirty gallon aquarium with aquatic plants and driftwood
E S - 6 years ago
Alexander Vaccaro , how big was your tank/bowl? I have 15 neons and 1 betta together and I've never seen any aggression. I have them in a 26 gallon tank and I only feed them every 2-3 days
Aktham Habeeb
Aktham Habeeb - 6 years ago
my ate 5neon tetra in 5 days
Theo5221 lol
Theo5221 lol - 7 years ago
Next time you get a Betta at the pet shop make sure you choose 4 that you like and put them together and see which is the less aggressive one and get that one as it is less likely to eat the fish

30. comment for Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

James C
James C - 7 years ago
My Betta I think hates my neon tetras he always swims after them but the tank is kinda empty so I think it's due to territory
Аква Кубань
Аква Кубань - 7 years ago
Привет из России! Красивый аквариум! Петушку скучно, девочек надо!
KrissyKing13 - 7 years ago
Make sure you have cap over that tank that betta will jump like mine did
Ziabis Oh
Ziabis Oh - 7 years ago
Where did you get that tank and what is it made of? How much?
BTW yes very nice...
GJmelb - 7 years ago
Very dangerous not to have lid. If there's an insect flying near the edges and your betta goes for it, he might land outside the tank.
omar serna garza
omar serna garza - 6 years ago
GJmelb yeah, my betta was in a 10 gal tank, he was like 1 1/2 years old, but my cat scared it and jumped of my tank abd died :(
Definitely A Black Guy
Definitely A Black Guy - 7 years ago
woah beautiful
Kara Poole
Kara Poole - 7 years ago
Love this aquarium. Very nice
Aqua Greg
Aqua Greg - 7 years ago
I love this aquarium
Angiesworld - 7 years ago
Also goldfish
Tykuinx ü
Tykuinx ü - 6 years ago
Angiesworld Goldfish and Bettas tanks should be completely different....They are most likely stressed out.
Angiesworld - 7 years ago
+Corrie Robertson I've kept mine together for 11 months
Corrie Robertson
Corrie Robertson - 7 years ago
No you can't keep goldfish with bettas!
Angiesworld - 7 years ago
Betas can live with platys, Molly's, swordtails and the fish that he's living with
JenStar - 7 years ago
what is the name of this filter? i am trying to buy this exact one because my filters current is way too strong for my betta.
Christopher - 7 years ago
Get a whisper filter. they are powered off of air bubbles and you can get a control valve to keep flow low
Olivia T
Olivia T - 7 years ago
I think the reason your betta is so chill is because he is sick or very old. Bettas are very active fish and like to explore there tank constantly. There are a lot of goods sites talking about betta illnesses. He is so beautiful though! I love your tank setup to! Nice vid:)
ST0RM - 5 years ago
Olivia T well I had 2 bettas in a 3 g cube tank (both had separate tanks) they weren’t active now I moved them to their own 10 gallon tank with Corydoras and they’re a lot more active so I don’t think he’s sick he might be bored
claudia gallagher
claudia gallagher - 5 years ago
Thank betta swims so fast
Arex Productions
Arex Productions - 6 years ago
squishiebundle my fish moves around alot thank god
vanta black
vanta black - 6 years ago
squishiebundle every Betta I've seen are usually extremely stationary unless they are fighting
Justin__Weber - 7 years ago
I really like your setup..where did you get the tank? I would really love to get a tank like yours... Also i have read on the internet that bamboo is not a aquarium plant and will die if you submerge it into a aquarium? Is your bamboo still alive and if so what do you do to keep them alive?
MirH786 - 7 years ago
Really like your tank overall and your betta fish. I really like the red and blue tetras but the pet store strongly advised me not to get them with my betta fish. Your betta looks very calm compared to mine but that's probably my filter. I will look into a new filter like yours. Have a look at my betta fish and let me know what you think of its "colours" lol. Thanks
Robin Singh
Robin Singh - 7 years ago
love them !! This is the first time I have seen the bonsai bamboo plants in an aquarium.
OverlordSheepie - 7 years ago
You can keep Neon Tetras, Snails, Shrimp, and Cory Catfish in a tank that is big enough for them with a Betta. You can also try keeping African Dwarf Frogs, Mollies, or different types of fish like these, but it's not recommended.
OverlordSheepie - 7 years ago
Nice. Your betta doesn't jump out? :P
Potato Washere
Potato Washere - 7 years ago
Gorgeous tank I am new to your channel and subbed can't wait to see more videos and your betta is really calm I have 2 Bettas of my own and he has a really large tail which is cool
Joseph Luis M.V
Joseph Luis M.V - 7 years ago
albino corry cats and otto cats are good tank mates, they are not nippy, coz i heard neon tetras are kinda nippy correct me if im wrong but hey its just me. btw nice tank.
Isaiah Brooks Vlogs
Isaiah Brooks Vlogs - 7 years ago
my beta killed my African dwarf frog :(

50. comment for Betta fish neon tetras tank aquarium care info

Alex G.
Alex G. - 7 years ago
looks great buy aren't you worried about him jumping out without a lid?
Alex G.
Alex G. - 7 years ago
Yeah i just went lidless on mine and i really like the way it looks.
Katie Glass
Katie Glass - 7 years ago
I heard bettas only do that when they are living in a bad environment (small bowl, dirty water, etc), this betta looks more than happy in his!
Dancin9lady - 8 years ago
Where did you get that filter and what kind is it exactly? I'm about to start a similar tank with a betta and some harlequin rasboras and I've had the worst luck finding good, gentle filters.
brett oreilly
brett oreilly - 8 years ago
nice video subbed you can you do back thanks
MixingMuses - 8 years ago
if you leave the leaves of the bamboo underwater, then you're going to end up killing the plant @_@
Jayne Chase
Jayne Chase - 8 years ago
very nice place for betta :) good work
your video makes me want to buy more fish
Angellus Black
Angellus Black - 8 years ago
Nice and simple. Btw what type of tank is that, glass or acrylic? I like the rimless look and I'm trying to find one like that.
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
Fishlover - 8 years ago
Hi I am new to your channel and I was going to get some neon tetras with my female betta and I was wondering when it feed the neon tetras will the betta eat there food or just eat its own food?!?!
Fishlover - 8 years ago
+Fishylover 100:3 
Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans - 8 years ago
Your welcome
Fishlover - 8 years ago
+Fishylover 100 ok thanks
Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans - 8 years ago
My beta and my neon tetras both eat tropical fish pellets (micro pellets) and tropical fish flakes. Sometimes dried bookworms. Just try getting tropical fish food. All my fish love them
Jenn Aiello
Jenn Aiello - 8 years ago
they are so cute! looks nice...
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy - 8 years ago
FeatMilky - 8 years ago
Where did you get this tank? Looks great!
Carlo M12
Carlo M12 - 8 years ago
Yo are a genius man!
Unrated Account
Unrated Account - 8 years ago
Oh yeah and where are your two cichlid tanks.
Unrated Account
Unrated Account - 8 years ago
Nice tank, perfect size for a betta!
Annie65H - 8 years ago
Looks really good!  Happy Holidays to you and Phoenix :) and the others!
Its Daniel Mcsween
Its Daniel Mcsween - 6 years ago
tenzmoon my bett is killing my neons im ten im really sad i found one of their bodies today
Bless Biswas
Bless Biswas - 7 years ago
+tenzmoon can u do an update on the betta now
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 7 years ago
+Sarah Biswas I believe it is 8 gallons. 
Sarah Biswas
Sarah Biswas - 7 years ago
+tenzmoon how many gallons is that betta tank.
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
Carlo M12
Carlo M12 - 8 years ago
Do you still have your african cichlids in the 135 gallon. If so, can you make an update video on them
Giana U
Giana U - 8 years ago
How many gallons is this tank
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
8 gallons. 
Marcos Delgado
Marcos Delgado - 8 years ago
You should remove the bamboo plants. The leaves need to be above the water line or else they would rot. Nice tank overall :)
summoner2183 - 8 years ago
What plants are those?
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
Bamboo plants. You can get them anywhere, home do pet gardening, dollar stores, petco.
Натали Стрелец
Натали Стрелец - 8 years ago
спасибо ,очень здорово  и необычно.
David P
David P - 8 years ago
Any update on the goldies?
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
It's coming. The background waterfall sound in this video is from the goldfish tank. :)

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