Betta fish tank tours

Thanks for watching. Big Petco haul coming up this Christmas

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LPS518 - 5 years ago
That tank is to small for him, the plants will tear his fins, your water looks DISGUSTING, no wonder he has fin rot, he was probably in shock from you dumping him in the tank(hence the breathing deeply), they needs filters, and heaters, If you can't care for them properly don't care for them at all.
Pie0 Life
Pie0 Life - 6 years ago
hay jean I think I'm finally getting a new Betts baby fish
Becky Carrion
Becky Carrion - 6 years ago
sailor moon is a female betta
Paris Jean
Paris Jean - 6 years ago
Rebecca Malave I know this video is so old. Sailor is in a 4 gallon by herself now and is as happy as a clam. (Video about her new update will be out soon) she was mislabeled at petco but I believe she is either a crown tail or a halfmoon
Little Bit of California
Little Bit of California - 6 years ago
If you want to get a bigger tank for you sick betta you can you a crab house!
BusyBettas - 7 years ago
Omg I LOVE the name Sailor! :D
Paris Jean
Paris Jean - 7 years ago
+BusyBettas thanks my mom came up with it in the store
Aj's Aquarium
Aj's Aquarium - 7 years ago
Pretty tank!!
Paris Jean
Paris Jean - 7 years ago
VolleySoftBaller88 - 7 years ago
All your tanks are super pretty!!! I loooovvvveeee your videos! Can't wait for more
VolleySoftBaller88 - 7 years ago
Your tank isn't that bad! Pretty sure it is 1 gallon

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