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T Buzz
T Buzz - 6 years ago
Love the fish and tank!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne - 6 years ago
cool setup
Atrociousbear 219
Atrociousbear 219 - 6 years ago
What plants are used in the tank?
Amena Sultana
Amena Sultana - 6 years ago
he is just wow and the tank is beautiful too
Dolphincutie World
Dolphincutie World - 6 years ago
beautiful betta
DemB 32
DemB 32 - 6 years ago
Wow!!! Your betta is stunning!!!! I thought my all red betta was amazing but wow! White crown tails are amazing!!
Prime Time Aquatics
Prime Time Aquatics - 6 years ago
Great looking fish!
Great video keep it up if you can check out my channel:-)
Miranda Random
Miranda Random - 6 years ago
Your betta is breathtaking! That's a very gorgeous fish you have, and tank!

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Camryn Clusker
Camryn Clusker - 6 years ago
He is flaring alot, looks super stressed? Any reason why?
Poisson Sauvage
Poisson Sauvage - 6 years ago
This was his second day in his new tank, which is why he flared the whole video xx
JNetwork32 - 6 years ago
What's the music?
Fins and fur Bettas and bunnies
Fins and fur Bettas and bunnies - 6 years ago
Creatures 'n Creations
Creatures 'n Creations - 6 years ago
I love your fish tank its so beautiful! What did you use to 'block' or slower the out-take? Right now I'm using a bio sponge piece that I rinse every time I do water changes
Lovebetta - 6 years ago
Nice tank.
Poisson Sauvage
Poisson Sauvage - 6 years ago
thank you :)
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh - 6 years ago
Loved the tank setup and your betta is very pretty :)
BusyBettas - 6 years ago
Talk about dream tank geez
Tiliquatics - 6 years ago
oMG i was thinking of getting a fish exactly like that!! it was a white crowntail, but i also wanted a halfmoon that was white which is my dream fish buT IT WAS 70 DOLLARS including shipping??? after seeing this i want the crowntail, they are so gorgeous when they swim <3
Paris Jean
Paris Jean - 6 years ago
Cute tank

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