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Robin Jordan
Robin Jordan - 4 years ago
I just don't like seeing two male beta fish pitted right against each other. I have a male and he puffs up without a stress buddy. Male beta fish do not like other males. Thats why their tails poof out like that.

Anywho, I'm sure there's someone here that will tell me to fuck off or "ooo animal rights police"

Just saying though, you can ask any fish expert in a fish store and they'd tell ya the same thing.
jose guillen
jose guillen - 4 years ago
pues yo tengo un beta y es muy comportado y muy bonito y tambien es muy nadador y muy empaz y come muy bien es guinda
Yang Lee
Yang Lee - 4 years ago
awesome bettas
บานเย็น บุตรโคตร
บานเย็น บุตรโคตร - 4 years ago
PaperWolf - 4 years ago
why no sound?

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