Betta splendens in natural scaped tank Meine Kampffische (1/2) in ihrem naturnah gestalteten Becken.

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Laura De sales Heilbron
Laura De sales Heilbron - 6 years ago
Que bello me encanta ese acuario. Y lo mejor q los peces se sienten bien.
Chico the Human
Chico the Human - 6 years ago
So refreshing to see beta kept in large natural setups.....restored my faith in humanity after watching a video of a 5 year old and her beta in a 0.5 gallon cube
Amit G1984
Amit G1984 - 6 years ago
betta fins are not being shredded by branches but by other bettas.thwy cannot live together
taylor •
taylor • - 6 years ago
Looks like fins have been nicked. You may need a bigger tank
LES GUPPY14 - 6 years ago pour tout savoir sur les guppy !!!
John Ramirez
John Ramirez - 8 years ago
Really cool setup the branches and wood dosnt shred their fins?
cristian lemus
cristian lemus - 8 years ago
that's awsome
Sarabanda Caronte
Sarabanda Caronte - 8 years ago
si buena idea un macho y dos hembras asi no hay problema de hecho asi tengo el mio yo solo que en mi caso son tres hembras y un macho
Guadalupe Ruiz
Guadalupe Ruiz - 6 years ago
Sarabanda Caronte cual buena idea todos traen las colas mordidas
Alyce Yang
Alyce Yang - 8 years ago
Wow! The betta are all living together that is awesome!
Karen Mercer
Karen Mercer - 6 years ago
The red one with the big fins is a male, the other two are female. That's so they won't fight (two or more males in confined space) and the male won't stress out one female by pestering her all the time.
Ouinn Ouinn
Ouinn Ouinn - 7 years ago
"The betta are all living together that is awesome!"
-> No comment -_-

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Sasi Mallik
Sasi Mallik - 9 years ago
i have no words for your tank or the Bettas. They look really amazing and fasinating
Ariel Harrison
Ariel Harrison - 9 years ago
Awesome Set up, however, I think a bigger tank (Not sure how large your tank is at the moment) would be better. It looks like your females are too close to each other's territories as there are some fins missing.
Similar Rose
Similar Rose - 6 years ago
Adrian Jordan and humans can survive in prisons and chickens in battery farm cages and dogs chained to kennels and birds in birdcages...doesn't make it right or mean that the animals are happy or healthy.
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan - 6 years ago
Ariel Harrison bruh they live in a cup at the pet store please.
bluebananafrog - 9 years ago
heidu, wie hast du denn diese Rückwand gemacht, das sieht aus wie echter "Matsch" an einem Bachufer .. oder hast du die gekauft ?
Aramis Duarte
Aramis Duarte - 9 years ago
Amazing tank !
UzeHerName - 10 years ago
*Amazing tank**!** Sorry don't know why I put a question mark. lol
UzeHerName - 10 years ago
Amazing tank? Do they get along due to the natural tank, and one male? How does one start a natural tank like this? Thank you. Beautiful fish!
coffeetimetenagain - 10 years ago
this has got to be the most creative, natural looking tank set up, it is amazing, you should give pet stores around the world tips on how to decorate fish tanks, the ones i usually see at pet stores make me so sad and the fish don't look so happy and peaceful like yours, loving that you are obviously an animal lover, good work.
Everton Yves
Everton Yves - 10 years ago
olha peixe bettas tem que ter entre 1 macho a 3 femeas se vc queser que sua agua fique limpa ponha limpa vidros os peixes bettas podem ser agresivos + digo que eles não agressivos com limpa vidros eles são asperos fica dificil deles baterem para não aver brigas ponhas varias escapes para limpa vidro expl pedras conchas e etc fica ra bem facil dele sobreviver =p espero ter ajudado
Benjamin Hamann
Benjamin Hamann - 10 years ago
That's right. It's Eleocharis parvula! ;)

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we4Ve1 - 10 years ago
what's the kind of plant that looks like hairgrass? Eleocharis Parvula ?
Mia Redillo
Mia Redillo - 10 years ago
Wow that looks amazing how do you mix your males and females without them fighting is your tank full of hiding places so if the male try's to attack they can hide or swim off Fantastic aquarium thumbs up Mredillo1234
Tiger Barb
Tiger Barb - 10 years ago
Nice tank. Checks themed tank out
Frank Real Thick
Frank Real Thick - 10 years ago
wow best betta tank i ever seen
Benjamin Hamann
Benjamin Hamann - 10 years ago
That's right Ethan. These breeding forms were my first steps into Betta care. Actually don't have any breeding forms anymore. Now I have wild Betta smaragdina, Betta imbellis and Betta edithae (these ones are living in the tank shown in the video!)
EthanWildBetta Vang
EthanWildBetta Vang - 10 years ago
this tank would benefit the wild bettas more
Benjamin Hamann
Benjamin Hamann - 10 years ago
Think it's a combination of natural enviroment (much to discover for the fish - natural behavior) and a quite peaceful and young male. For a long time working community the tank needs to be bigger. 54 Liter for 1/2 Betta might be the minimum. But theres no rule for it. Try but make sure you can react if the fish don't make a good company. ;)
MouseOnThePiano - 10 years ago
How did you get the bettas to live peacefully with each other? Does it have to do with the natural scape or that there's only one male?
Queencool45 AJ
Queencool45 AJ - 6 years ago
(I am aware I am 3 years late) There is only one male and the other 2 are female, if there is more then one female they won't want to breed I think. Can't be sure but that is my theory
MouseOnThePiano - 10 years ago
How did you get the bettas to live peacefully with each other? Does it have to do with the natural scape or that there's only one male? Thanks!
Benjamin Hamann
Benjamin Hamann - 10 years ago
It's a 30 Liter Tetra Aqua Art tank. With decorations and backround it holds round about 22 Liters.

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ioannis kalai
ioannis kalai - 10 years ago
how many liters is this aquarium with these decorations and background??
ROCCATEER92 - 11 years ago
Sieht gut aus. :)
Joe Millott
Joe Millott - 11 years ago
@KingMcBENz okay thanks, it looks really affective and the bettas look amazing! nice job :)
Joe Millott
Joe Millott - 11 years ago
love this tank! did you make the background yourself?

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