Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas - this is in the Mbu studios setup for albimarginata bettas with some rasbora espeis filled with catappa leaves. Support us by buying from our online store: Support us on Patreon: Some items I endorse but don't sell online: Aquaclear Filters: Eco Complete:

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Betta 5 years ago 60,462 views

Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas - this is in the Mbu studios setup for albimarginata bettas with some rasbora espeis filled with catappa leaves. Support us by buying from our online store: Support us on Patreon: Some items I endorse but don't sell online: Aquaclear Filters: Eco Complete:

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Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson - 5 years ago
The music was too soon, or too loud, made it almost impossible for me to hear you.
But this was neat, learned some new stuff as always from your vids, thanks!
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey - 4 years ago
I have a couple questions, if anyone would like to help. 1 I thought blackwater setups were supposed to be very sparse on plants. 2 how do you have a filter on the aquarium and still have tannins collecting, mine has a carbon activated filter and I can not keep the water discolored
Catherine Geren
Catherine Geren - 4 years ago
Where can I find your sand on your website?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 4 years ago
We no longer sell the sand unfortunately.
Văn Trọng
Văn Trọng - 4 years ago
The fishes re so scare. I think that. Not good
Dianne Leon
Dianne Leon - 4 years ago
Probably less stressful than catching, removing from tank, then reintroducing to original tank. No?
Jayz Lee
Jayz Lee - 4 years ago
do you leave the leaves in there after tanning the water or remove it?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 4 years ago
I always leave them as I think hey look cool
Tess - 4 years ago
Hello Cory, is that sand good for goldfish or you recommend another type? Thanks.
Eric Romano
Eric Romano - 4 years ago
Is there an update to this tank? I'd love to see how it looks after the plants have taken root, so to speak.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 4 years ago
In my last fish room update it’s in there.
Justin L
Justin L - 4 years ago
What pH do you keep the tank at? Also, I can't find the Super Sand on your web site. Thanks.
Nyssa Syratov
Nyssa Syratov - 4 years ago
hi, i have watched your channel for awhile and found you to be very knowledgable and caring about your fish, unlike most LFS. do you know anything about bettas who bite their fins off? I've been given a betta with a broken tail (i thought it was fin rot at first but people are saying it looks more like its self-inflicted) by a fish store that was getting rid of their "defective" bettas to make room for more stock. it honestly looks so bad that i don't know what would help besides giving it clean water, making sure the environment is interesting (it does curiously pick at indian almond leaves). i feel like if i buy all sorts of stuff like API Bettafix, which helps fin growth, that it is just addressing the symptom but not dealing with the problem. I'm concerned that it'll start tail biting again. do you have any take on what is happening or what i should do? thanks

10. comment for Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

Rose switzberg
Rose switzberg - 4 years ago
What do you do if you're water is too black???thanks in advance.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 4 years ago
change some water.
Chervaun Bryan
Chervaun Bryan - 4 years ago
That sand is amazing
dude who likes dinosuars
dude who likes dinosuars - 5 years ago
Cuyahoga Aquatics
Cuyahoga Aquatics - 5 years ago
I just got betta ferox and betta imbellis that i'm having to do this for
Isabella Pagnanelli
Isabella Pagnanelli - 5 years ago
once i added sand like that and a clump fell on a minnow's head and it knocked him unconsious.. i was so scared for your fish. be careful cory lmao
giannis aggelidakis
giannis aggelidakis - 5 years ago
I have olive tree roots in my aquarium for about a year now .It hasn't stopped releasing tannens and i dont think it ever will,plus it has a lot of character.Im just putting it out there for other fellas that would like this type of setup(also plecos seem to enjoy it a lot).
Bonecutterinthe419 - 5 years ago
What plants are in this 29 ??
Christian Gaster
Christian Gaster - 5 years ago
Hi Cobey
Love the video and thanks for the idea of creating shards of light, looks like there’s over hanging branches.
Really don’t want to come across as rude, but being an Autistic person, I found it too difficult to hear what you was saying when the techno music busted in.
Please don’t ban me, just hoping the techno comes in between the chat.
Thank you and your great team for making my fishlyfe better.
I’m now seeing shenanigans from my fish as the frolic amongst the plants throwing eggs everywhere.
That Girl
That Girl - 5 years ago
Betta fish! I love them so much because they are hardy, nano, and BEAUTIFUL!
Same Old Guy
Same Old Guy - 5 years ago
Hello! Need some help, please.
I added some angelfish (7) to my aquarium that already had Guppies, Platies, Ancistrus and Cherry Barbs. My cherry barbs dying one, by one...! Could it be agression?
They do not have fighting injuries, But they are always hidden, more than previously i think.
I would like to hear your opinion. Thank you.

20. comment for Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

aquaholicfish - 5 years ago
Get a cover on that outlet!
catherine peck
catherine peck - 5 years ago
i have a very beautiful betta he is mostly red sone white and some blue in the middle
catherine peck
catherine peck - 5 years ago
wow do you know anywhere online were i can get wild caught female bettas
Mr. Exquisite
Mr. Exquisite - 5 years ago
Can I buy that sand somewhere?
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
You'd need to find it at a local gravel yard. cemex lapis luster sand.
Bpk Suhadi
Bpk Suhadi - 5 years ago
Use egg shell and aluminum sheet from milk cartoon to filter the water
Keegan Heagerty
Keegan Heagerty - 5 years ago
There was a snail cruising the front glass most of the video. I can't stand the snails.
kevinl98 - 5 years ago
Always love your cinematic shots!
Smoggies FC
Smoggies FC - 5 years ago
I just got a new green spotted puffer and I named him Murphy after your MBU puffer
LG3 Nation
LG3 Nation - 5 years ago
Very nice!
Alucard- Demon Hunter
Alucard- Demon Hunter - 5 years ago
Aquarium Co-Op
Hey Cory can u get a Black Ghost knife for the 800 gallon
It is a cool fish to have and relaxing to watch
U unboxed some before so pls keep one of u have or will get more

30. comment for Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

Elbert Yu
Elbert Yu - 5 years ago
im surprised this channel doesnt have more subscribers! i found that most of your videos help me a lot
Morgan Cashman
Morgan Cashman - 5 years ago
Also do ya sell Java moss and ferns.
Morgan Cashman
Morgan Cashman - 5 years ago
Do you ship fish?
American horror GOREY
American horror GOREY - 5 years ago
love the videos!!
Harry Stark
Harry Stark - 5 years ago
Hey I need help, I have a tank infected with fish TB. I've been looking around for information on it but it basically seems like there is no cure and that the only way to get rid of it is by euthanising the fish. I have about 20 platys with 5 showing signs of being very skinny with bent / deformed backs (this occurred over time, they were normal looking before). What do I do now? Should I euthanize the fish that are effected or all of them or none of them? :/
Ankh Anon
Ankh Anon - 5 years ago
Second piece is definitely a petrified sorting hat
Shannon Messer
Shannon Messer - 5 years ago
Absolutely love this! Ive been wanting to do a setup like this for a few days. Now I have shopping to do!
Aquatic Addictions
Aquatic Addictions - 5 years ago
Do u sell fish online, checked on my phone and olny seen supplies and plants??
Jani Karhila
Jani Karhila - 5 years ago
Finally some proper blackwater content!
HPS Aquatics
HPS Aquatics - 5 years ago
Follow my channel for more ! Awesome video cory big fan
Paige Mays
Paige Mays - 5 years ago
Blackwater tanks have always been confusing for me. If the cattapa leaves drop the ph in the tank too low don't you run the risk of your cycle crashing?
Paige Mays
Paige Mays - 5 years ago
My water is extremely soft sitting at a kH that is nearly zero. My pH out of the tap is about 7.0. I’ve been using baking soda in my aquarium to keep my kH at about 4 to prevent any serious pH swings but I’ve been thinking about stopping that and allowing my tank’s pH to slowly drop with Cattapa leaves. I have neon and glowlight tetra so I feel the change may be beneficial. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!
MaestroCygni - 5 years ago
Not really. I've got my tank filled with pure RO water and peat, and the ph never drops below 5,5.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
If it goes too low yes, but in general I find tannins don't drop pH that much.
Phil Collins Jr.
Phil Collins Jr. - 5 years ago
Awesome Tank, I always look the natural look of Blackwater tanks!

Quick advice, how were you successful at keeping guppies and shrimp together? Any advise?
kstryker22 - 5 years ago
Been loving your videos so much -- been binging a whole bunch lately now that I wrecked my kids molly tank. :(
I need some advice ... Currently I have a cheap kit from walmart (again for the kids) and I am realizing that the intank filter it came with it not adequate. I bought an aquaclear 20 and some extra sponges I would like to setup (like you suggest on your optimization video), however is there any way I should switch them out? I had 6 mollies and only 2 are left. I did not realize it but I had super high ammonia issues (guessing it was related to poor bio bacteria. Any ideas?
RavishingRob - 5 years ago
What’s the best bottom feeder besides snails for a 15 gallon tank with 9 silver tip tetras?
Fadestrider - 5 years ago
Sure...put in those plants unwashed and the wood in without sterilizing it...i am sure you will love the potential snails and unwanted fungi and bacteria in your tank.
MaestroCygni - 5 years ago
There's no risk at all. I leave my wood outside for a few months before using it so it grows mosses and such that are 100% safe, and look very natural.
adam Rivera
adam Rivera - 5 years ago
Hey I need some help. I have a 20 gallon gallon tall tank, it's dirted with a sand cap, I have some crypts, anubias, java fern and a Ruben sword and right now I have a fluorescent light plus a small marine land led light. I wanted to get one of those eBay lights for $40-$50 can anyone tell me which one is the best one to get
Aquatic Ma
Aquatic Ma - 5 years ago
adam Rivera check out aqua neat or the amazon shop lights on one of Cory's videos.
Nemo the flowerhorn
Nemo the flowerhorn - 5 years ago
Nice really helped me...what kind of leaves do you use???
Michael.___ Saad
Michael.___ Saad - 5 years ago
Do you have any suggestions on online sites to where I can get amazon puffers?
Wei Lun Tan
Wei Lun Tan - 5 years ago
The centre peace looks like a wolf
Wei Lun Tan
Wei Lun Tan - 5 years ago
Betta Blue
Betta Blue - 5 years ago
I got my Mupani wood from you and I love it!

50. comment for Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

hello yes
hello yes - 5 years ago
the first piece of wood added looks so much like a dog screaming
BUJU2007 - 5 years ago
It kinda does
Tweak back
Tweak back - 5 years ago
Idk why, but i just love u and ur channel , ur such nice guy insta like
Patricia Kloeppel
Patricia Kloeppel - 5 years ago
awesome video thanks
Life by Brian Aquatics
Life by Brian Aquatics - 5 years ago
I love how the betta at 05:35 ish is looking up at Cory's arm like, "WTF?!!" Hehehehehe, it's so cute.

Very cool scape, guys, well done.
Admiral Catbeard
Admiral Catbeard - 5 years ago
Question: This is something that's not really betta related...just wondering what y'all thought about this. I'm starting up a 20 gal planted tank, and I'm probably going to stock it with five dwarf puffers (when it's all cycled) should I go about finding the right puffers? Is there any way I can specifically buy a male or a female? How should I go through with this?
Thanks, and love your channel!
Brandon Sheets
Brandon Sheets - 5 years ago
Yessss the talkings on real fish talk podcast are finally on video for me! Great job on this one Cory and Jimmy! P.s. I got some of that aponogeton ulvineatus from you in the mail on monday, and it looks bomb dot com!
ShrimpAnimates Stopmotion
ShrimpAnimates Stopmotion - 5 years ago
Great video. Love the bettas
fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy - 5 years ago
looks like that setup was fish approved good job
Luitoh Herrera
Luitoh Herrera - 5 years ago
At 6:35 at bottom right of the Wood of the left. What Kinda of Parasite is that?
Luitoh Herrera
Luitoh Herrera - 5 years ago
I actually saw that too on my tank and how you treated it?
Meh - 5 years ago
That music that suddenly started playing near the end scared me. It was so loud. And I kept hunting for the banner ad that was playing it. Then I realized it was in the video.
L.S Aquariums
L.S Aquariums - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank! Hopefully they’ll breed for you a lot!
Scott Mcphee
Scott Mcphee - 5 years ago
I have some questions about pictus catfish and my 55 gal tank can you e-mail when you are able @
Daniel Doc Cook
Daniel Doc Cook - 5 years ago
That center piece looks like a howling wolf's head.....looks great!!
Madi's Menagerie
Madi's Menagerie - 5 years ago
Yessss I've been really interested in these guys and was having trouble finding good videos on them! Definitely gonna be a future project of mine.
john doey
john doey - 5 years ago
How can you test water parameters with tannins in the water?
ajr13 - 5 years ago
foreground plant are way too tall
margaret barnett
margaret barnett - 5 years ago
LOVE the scape!! the wood in the middle looks like a dog howling at the moon!!lol
Candi Overhuls
Candi Overhuls - 5 years ago
augoldfinger - 5 years ago
The studio is looking real nice.
I love the brown water tanks... Maybe some day for me. Right now I enjoy breeding my guppies, and have just two planted tanks.
Albie Woodhouse
Albie Woodhouse - 5 years ago
The holding males look like guppies!
Rick Tanner
Rick Tanner - 5 years ago
That is a 29gal tank? It looks so much more/bigger then 29 gallons.
EDIT: Oh, it is 2 tanks side by side with barely in space between them.
Matarese28 - 5 years ago
I've always loved black water aquarium, I have to try this
09092008harrison - 5 years ago
I like that
Shelley G.
Shelley G. - 5 years ago
Looks Marvelous Cory
Adrian Hickenbottom
Adrian Hickenbottom - 5 years ago
Great video! I am fascinated by Blackwater tanks.
Do you have any videos on tank sizes? What you prefer and what's worth passing up?
Ewan Macdonald
Ewan Macdonald - 5 years ago
Love it
Savanna The Aqua Llama
Savanna The Aqua Llama - 5 years ago
Wow Coopy, the tank looks amazing! I have a semi-blackwater tank, working on it! Just added spiderwood ('s a struggle weighing it down... I soaked it for almost two weeks.. still needs weighed down) and I use catappa leaves and other things.
The only things I don't understand is, why the music at the end? I can't hear anything you're saying because it drowns you out. Other than that, fabulous video, great to see the process of some of these tanks!
NewLolz 989
NewLolz 989 - 5 years ago
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 5 years ago
I like that aquascape Cory looks great and Old school techno music!
frost fish !!
frost fish !! - 5 years ago
Love the video my question is can I put freezer dried bloodworm in a auto feeder
cicco - 5 years ago
Awesome work bro thank you for video
April Wood Art and Pets
April Wood Art and Pets - 5 years ago
Love blackwater it turned out really well!!
Aravis Dragonflame
Aravis Dragonflame - 5 years ago
it's my birthday today!!!, happy first day of spring;)
Murtuza Zabuawala
Murtuza Zabuawala - 5 years ago
Who else is able to see a Dog's face with open jaws in drift wood @3:30?
James G
James G - 5 years ago
You da man Cory thanks for all the hard work you do
ShelbyRae Lane
ShelbyRae Lane - 5 years ago
That tank is gonna be da bomb...awesome tanin rich tank.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell - 5 years ago
I always thought Bettas build bubble nests. Good job man.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
Well most species do,.
Catfish Cave
Catfish Cave - 5 years ago
I like the three pieces of wood. When it fills in and turns to blackwater it will look terrific.
Samuel Neilson
Samuel Neilson - 5 years ago
Where can I get that substrate?
NYGOLD - 5 years ago
You did say " Hidey Holes" right? LOL
Fairy Tail OST
Fairy Tail OST - 5 years ago
75g Discus Tank thank you I'll look it up!
75g Discus Tank
75g Discus Tank - 5 years ago
Fairy Tail OST I want to say some sort of crypt, but I’m not experienced with plants.
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! - 5 years ago
Wow! that mopani sinks right away , doesn't it? Very cool! When in dout .. throw in some plants and wood!!!!
CircularMirror7 - 5 years ago
I see you too use home depo gutter sponge as a intake sponge. Great video.
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
No, these are specifically made for aquarium use.
VillagerSparky - 5 years ago
The music returns!
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
I can see that.
Natasha C.
Natasha C. - 5 years ago
I love it. Looks amazing to me. Awesome job Cory.
PolishFootballer09 - 5 years ago
Gorgeous and informational. Amazing video!
Karol Szkudlarek
Karol Szkudlarek - 5 years ago
Congrats on over taking Aquapros !! Lol
Good work
Another great video loving the podcast
James Wiseman
James Wiseman - 5 years ago
What are the crypts in the front??

100. comment for Blackwater Aquarium Setup for Bettas

V. Stag
V. Stag - 5 years ago
Beautiful Tank Awesome Video Thanks for sharing #FishFam #NJAE18
HPS Aquatics
HPS Aquatics - 5 years ago
Who agrees that this guy is getting better then DIY Joey ?
anon chan
anon chan - 4 years ago
Joey is a fucking retard that killed his arowana with drop eye for sympathy points and views, Co-Op is legit
dude who likes dinosuars
dude who likes dinosuars - 5 years ago
HPS Aquatics they do different things Joey doesn’t do like podcasts and that stuff he does diy projects
ChuckD59 - 5 years ago
Agreed. It ain't a competition.
Anthony Lowney
Anthony Lowney - 5 years ago
He would be if he didn't use the crap music all the time.
Maxwell Sonnemann
Maxwell Sonnemann - 5 years ago
The 2 channels are very different, I like Coop because Cody focuses on community tropical and plants and it a lot more wholesome. But don’t get me wrong they are both great channels!
William Rowe
William Rowe - 5 years ago
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - 5 years ago
seriously xD?
Adam Till from Arctic Lights Aquatics
Adam Till from Arctic Lights Aquatics - 5 years ago
HPS Aquatics getting?
Danny's Aquariums
Danny's Aquariums - 5 years ago
Great looking tank Cory!
I hope they spawn!
Your fishroom is awesome, the wood looks great!
Keep up the good work guys!
CJ Black
CJ Black - 5 years ago
I've been waiting for this video since the RFT tank-off episode - Love it!! Shows how one can have a beautifully scaped breeding tank. Looking forward to an update w/betta fry and the plants all grown in.
CJ Black
CJ Black - 5 years ago
No worries, I wasn't complaining - no negativity intended! Love all 3 channels!! You just keep being you and I'll keep watching - Following Thumper's mother's advice: "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
Sorry bout that, it got forgotten until we put it on the list of videos to be edited
CRAVEN AQUATICS - 5 years ago
More on how to breed. Would be great.
Shaun Moodley
Shaun Moodley - 5 years ago
Amazing videos. All the way from South Africa. Keep up the great work.
The Fish Life
The Fish Life - 5 years ago
Great video Cory
Peter Schipper
Peter Schipper - 5 years ago
Awesome tank! I’m in the midst of setting up a black water tank and hope it looks this good!
Raven Saint
Raven Saint - 5 years ago
Albimas look very awesome and healthy. I'll have to remember this video to keep in mind the type of wood you used. Neons do well in a similar set up. I also did well with some cave breeding cichlids in a similar dark water tank. Which surprised me a bit as they were in the tank while I set up their own tank. Which was given to another set of dark water fish and plants.
209Control - 5 years ago
Rory - 5 years ago
Noice! Love that tank.. i miss my Betta :(
Dan Albers
Dan Albers - 5 years ago
Do plecos eat that kind wood
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
Yep, they all munch on it
LupercaX - 5 years ago
Love the intro b roll, then rewinding it all back. Super cool!
Darko Leskovšek
Darko Leskovšek - 5 years ago
Good job Cody. The tank is gonna look awesome.
William Rowe
William Rowe - 5 years ago
Fishy Wishes
Fishy Wishes - 5 years ago
Great video! Tank looks awesome!
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson - 5 years ago
Adam Flames
Adam Flames - 5 years ago
I have a red betta fish
C.J. Pets
C.J. Pets - 5 years ago
Adam Flames great
PR1MAL PLAYER - 5 years ago
This is pretty cool
Quincy Woods
Quincy Woods - 5 years ago
Where do you get those Bettas??
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
From one of bbn our wholesalers, we sell them when in season or someone is locally breeding them
Derpalotl Exotics
Derpalotl Exotics - 5 years ago
Quincy Woods yea they look so cool!
Ash The Pilot
Ash The Pilot - 5 years ago
Love how you can see the fish already interacting with the new plant at 7:45
Yonsterr Monster
Yonsterr Monster - 5 years ago
What’s the name of the song in the intro ??
Andrew Manzo
Andrew Manzo - 5 years ago
make a video on how to clean your fish tanks
NoRt Bros
NoRt Bros - 5 years ago
What species are the crypts used at the front of the tank? Thanks!
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez - 5 years ago
Rusty Shackleford approves of this
Kenneth Reyes
Kenneth Reyes - 5 years ago
What’s the benefit for black water?
justin lee
justin lee - 5 years ago
Kenneth Reyes mimics their natural environment.
Thomas Gallo
Thomas Gallo - 5 years ago
Love the tank set up videos! Hopefully there are more to come!
SOHAM GHOSAL - 5 years ago
Can you ship to india?
SonsOfTheSea _ Aquatics
SonsOfTheSea _ Aquatics - 5 years ago
SOHAM GHOSAL USA only right now.
Cae Walker
Cae Walker - 5 years ago
With the right lighting tannin water looks great.
nerf guy755
nerf guy755 - 5 years ago
Can you do a how to salt water tank plz
SonsOfTheSea _ Aquatics
SonsOfTheSea _ Aquatics - 5 years ago
nerf guy755 not yet at least
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 5 years ago
nerf guy755 he doesn't do salt water
Jesse Dahir-Kanehl
Jesse Dahir-Kanehl - 5 years ago
Love the intro!!! Please do more videos like that!
grennyfell97 - 5 years ago
Just got back into fishkeeping 6 weeks ago. I am hooked on Fish YouTube channels at the moment. Loving it!
Chantz Farmer
Chantz Farmer - 5 years ago
Nice setup
Brent Quick
Brent Quick - 5 years ago
I always go back and forth on Blackwater tanks, but this one looks great.
francisco menjivar
francisco menjivar - 5 years ago
Great video nice setup.
olli jarvenpaa
olli jarvenpaa - 5 years ago
Can you make a top x rainbowfish ps. Love your vids
Inglorious Bettas
Inglorious Bettas - 5 years ago
So nice!!! Hope they spawn for you and you can get footage of their courtship. Truly magnificent when they are dancing :)
Yollow Feet
Yollow Feet - 5 years ago
this is cool
t yyao
t yyao - 5 years ago
Yollow Feet
Yollow Feet - 5 years ago
Hey It’s Charlie
Hey It’s Charlie - 5 years ago
I was just going to set up a tank like this! I’m happy you made this video, thank you!
Jake Hussey
Jake Hussey - 5 years ago
Glad you tought the same thing, thought it might of been the 3am lack of sleep getting me lol
c squared
c squared - 5 years ago
LOL! I was thinking the one on the right looks like the Harry Potter sorting hat
Adrian Adrian
Adrian Adrian - 5 years ago
heyyy.. 4th here !!! lover your vids man :)
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op - 5 years ago
I do t do private messages on instagram
Exodus Aquaria
Exodus Aquaria - 5 years ago
Email is the best way to get ahold of him.
Joseph Mangiola
Joseph Mangiola - 5 years ago
First comment! Love your content!!!

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Setting up your new Betta Falls Aquarium! For additional questions please call 1-888-255-4527 from 8am to 4pm M-F...

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