Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

In this video I deal with tang aggression when I add a hybrid black tang to my tank. 10 Day Quarantine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7_PwgexVR4&t=3s

Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank sentiment_very_dissatisfied 17

Betta 4 years ago 8,901 views

In this video I deal with tang aggression when I add a hybrid black tang to my tank. 10 Day Quarantine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7_PwgexVR4&t=3s

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for Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

Constantine Ioannou
Constantine Ioannou - 4 years ago
Love that eggcrate fish acclimation cage. Where did you buy the magnets ?
ckatlinga - 4 years ago
you have to rescape theyll remember their territories
Andres Perez
Andres Perez - 4 years ago
this guy makes every sentence sound like 3 different sentences.
Eddy Ortiz
Eddy Ortiz - 4 years ago
If you add another Yellow Tang or two with the Beautiful Black Tang at the same time it will part the aggression toward the Black! They will have a problem with the new Yellows entering their territory after some chasing they'll work through it that's what I did with 3 Purples,a Yellow when I added a Chocolate Tang.Maybe ?
Jessie S
Jessie S - 4 years ago
sell/trade the black tang, or put it in your big ass sump. dufus.
gil - 4 years ago
You have two options, sell it or have patience and catch all your other tangs to remove. I'd personally get rid of some of your tangs as you have nothing special, plus it will lighten up your tank load and IMO you have too many tangs in your system already.
Mark Munden
Mark Munden - 4 years ago
You need to say "Hybrid Back Tang" more...
Matt Reefer
Matt Reefer - 4 years ago
Great looking tang an good video. I use individual mirrors... my mrs make up ones ssshhh. Few of them scattered about. I am newly adding tangs to my system , on my 4th one in 4 months, they attack new addition till they see another mirror lol. Maybe try a few smaller ones? Good luck adding him will look good in there with the others eventually
lupe gutierrez
lupe gutierrez - 4 years ago
I can take him lol

10. comment for Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

Timbo's Reef
Timbo's Reef - 4 years ago
Put all of them in the sump together at the same time for 2 week's..then the main display at the same time
Zach Robertshaw
Zach Robertshaw - 4 years ago
Put the hybrid in the frag tank, and then just include more film involving the frag tank! so he gets some love :p
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 4 years ago
Awesome update
Random Reefer
Random Reefer - 4 years ago
I'll take em lol. $500?
OhDearInPubs - 4 years ago
Probably a dumb idea, but could you trade in each bad fish for the same kind of fish and introduce them all at the same time? Still a noob so idk
OhDearInPubs - 4 years ago
How’d you like Star Wars? I thought it sucked to be honest
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
I liked. it didn't go anything like i expected.
Jeiry Pena
Jeiry Pena - 4 years ago
Keep all the aggressive fish in a dark place for 1 days and introduced to the tank together tha work 100% all the time keep on smallest possible tank on dark no light no food for 1 day and introduced to the tank
Maiyah Arshad
Maiyah Arshad - 4 years ago
I was thinking to get 50 gallon tank as my first tank I new what I wanted the only thing I had to do is convince my parents and see how to do a water change. But then I saw how to do water change.you had to have rodi muchine to get rid off all nasty things off water like heavy metals but I don't think I'm allowed muchine connect to my tap is there any other way please help.by the way love ur tank how much would you say ?
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
You can but water from the reef store, or buy the RODI unit and hook it up to the sink without doing in damage. Great to hear your getting into the hobby.
emmanuel mercado
emmanuel mercado - 4 years ago
What I have done that has worked for me is that when I introduced the new fish in is that I wait till complete darkness that way the fisn in the tank don't see you putting in the new comer. It has worked for me. Give it a try and see.
Nick Felsoci
Nick Felsoci - 4 years ago
You tried your best but imo you are maxed out on fish.
Either sell the tang or make a new system for it an more rare expensive and fragile fish, maybe a fowler!

20. comment for Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

Aarons Aquarium
Aarons Aquarium - 4 years ago
Man I feel your pain. This is why I've decided to have zero tangs or no more than one. It is a beautiful fish and would be a much bigger draw for your channel than yellows and purples. Getting all them out and starting fresh with the black would be my call.
Aarons Aquarium
Aarons Aquarium - 4 years ago
MileHighReefers Haha you got me. They do get under your skin. If you can get them all in and be happy that would be ideal obviously. The odds of achieving that tho lol. I'd rather play the lotto haha. I think your idea of getting them all out started with the black tang and then working them back in would be your best option to achieve your goals. I have tried this in the past with Jef but they aren't stupid and if the tank is the same when they return it will just be like they have been on vacation. Jef went back to he's normal aggressive self if I didn't do a rescape to make him think he was in a new environment. Keep us updated buddy this is an interesting story. Oh and Merry Christmas to you my friend I hope you and your family have an amazing holiday.
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Thanks man tangs are defiantly my favorite fish. I know you say your getting out of tangs but they keep showing up in your tank :) Once your hooked on tangs its a hell of an addiction to break. You make a great point, but what if I can get all 9 in and happy?
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 4 years ago
hell of a story! LOL... dude was happy to be in that box.. seems like u gonna need 2 more to add with him so he dont go in solo... 12 tang system??? I did have luck pulling my Powder blue when i added new yellow and tomini... it may work..
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Thanks CJ that powder blue is such a punk, but 12 tags i'd need a bigger tank :)
Ben Jay
Ben Jay - 4 years ago
i saw a blogger take a book with a picture of a bigger yellow tang and prop it up against the tank same way you propped the mirror. it worked for him anyways
smith john
smith john - 4 years ago
Having issues with my Yellow tang. I dont have anywhere to temporarily place it and introduced a coral beauty. Long story short the tang stressed the dwarf angel to death. The LFS will not take the tang back so my dreams of a stocked tank die. I was under the impression tangs only fought with other similar tangs. lesson learned.
Yooo Fufuuu
Yooo Fufuuu - 4 years ago
How much for the tang.
Dennis Bliss
Dennis Bliss - 4 years ago
Yoda really?
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Defiantly :)
Frank Nagy
Frank Nagy - 4 years ago
I had same issues and my last resort was to shut the lights and have complete (blackout) darkness just like a 3 day algae control for 3 days and guess what...it worked. Everyone is happy and in harmony :)
Average Reef
Average Reef - 4 years ago
This may be a failure but I wouldn't go as far as to call it an epic fail. An epic fail would have been if you didn't qt and all the other tangs got ich / velvet or you left him in to die. You will get another chance and hopefully it works out better. While the true black tangs look nicer as babies I think this guy will be nicer as an adult the long nose on adults just looks weird to me plus they get massive compared to most zebrasomas. Good luck on the next try.
Harris Tan
Harris Tan - 4 years ago
Put a realistic bigger tangs picture on the glass ?
steven fouts
steven fouts - 4 years ago
Kole is pronounced ko- ley, just an FYI. Love the channel man.

30. comment for Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

Brian Rinehart
Brian Rinehart - 4 years ago
Luke said it best- “This is not going to go the way you think”
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
That was way better than my quote :)
christiancard9 - 4 years ago
Like you said all the fish had already a stablished territory in the tank so by putting the new one In the aclimatación box you are setting that box as his territory so you shouldn't have removed the box after setting him free. In my opinion you should have left the box in there with and opening so he could always go back to his 'territory'/safe place (that's why he went in the trap so easily after). Once they all settle and the aggression goes down then you can remove the box. That worked for me before and it's just my humble opinion. Good luck!
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
christiancard9 Good call. I will definitely keep this advice in mind.
Pheezy BRUH
Pheezy BRUH - 4 years ago
ill take that black tang! check my tank! lol i only have one yellow tang. and hippo tang in my tank :)
Bronxton - 4 years ago
Cut your losses and keep him separate or sell. Taking out all that fish load is a disaster waiting to happen for both the reef and the fish.
EDK ReefMeister
EDK ReefMeister - 4 years ago
Sell the fish. It's probably the best option for its safety.
SoulJimyDark - 4 years ago
Sell one purple tang, take others out and put them in the same time
American Reefing
American Reefing - 4 years ago
Hope you can get them to get along they are all beautiful fish
Matthew Moffett
Matthew Moffett - 4 years ago
new tank for new tang?
jerrimy seavers
jerrimy seavers - 4 years ago
Could you pls stop over epressing the letter H its driving me up the wall
ReeferGil - 4 years ago
Dang Scott, hope it gets sorted out so you can keep it.
Ratsnake151 - 4 years ago
The only thing I can say is I wouldnt give up the black tang. That tang is amazing and the last fish you will ever get form that store. I know another tank isnt what you want but it may be a good option. Somehting else you could do is try and remove the more agressive purple tang and sell him or set him up in a tank for a time maybe
Carlson Moncrief
Carlson Moncrief - 4 years ago
IMO, you already have an impossible number of tangs in your tank that get along. I wouldn't risk all of that, for one fish. Its also going to stress out your current tangs unnecessarily, not to mention the rest of your tank as you try to catch them.
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Great advice ☺
CUBAN REEFER - 4 years ago
Put it in the tank where the corals don’t get color or sell it but don’t create a tank where is a lot of tension that can bring ich to the table due to a higher level of stress between them. Good Luck brother reefer
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
CUBAN REEFER Thanks man lots to think about ☺
Joe's Coral Reef
Joe's Coral Reef - 4 years ago
Bummer, Hope you can figure something out.
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon - 4 years ago
Definitely need the acclimation box for minimum 3 weeks
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon - 4 years ago
If I were you I would catch all the problem fishes and separate them in your million sump tanks for a month or so.... re aquascape a little then add all at the same time or give the black one the upper hand by setting territory before hand I bet if you left the tang in the acclimation box longer or when he got trapped it may have been ok.
thatsLITfam 22
thatsLITfam 22 - 4 years ago
I’m sure you’re aware, but if you decide to take the purple and yellow tangs out, you could disturb the peace of the tank atm for only one other fish. You would/could be changing the lives of fish that have been with you for years for one fish (A really cool one) that you just got.

I do agree that selling the black tang is not ideal, maybe you could take the other tangs out for a few days to let the black gang settle in.

I really love that black tang and think it would be awesome to have in the display, but it will take time.

As a wise Spock once said, the needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few, or the one.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!!
QuarterBach - 4 years ago
Get one more tang from the Zebrasoma genus / family so it would be an odd number of 5, and so they won't fight. If it's 4 fish they would eventually make a tag team and go 2 v 2
Liam But
Liam But - 4 years ago
Maybe a gem tang
RightWingReefer - 4 years ago
I think try and take them out then add them together as you said. Such a beautiful fish can't be put in a frag tank or sold, so lucky to have one. It didn't work the first time, but I wouldn't give up. Good luck
Juss Less
Juss Less - 4 years ago
Good idea you know this hobby takes a lot of patience and perseverance to be successful good luck

50. comment for Epic Fail Adding a Hybrid Black Tang to My Tank

Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 4 years ago
Sucks man that would be an awesome addition to this tank. I like your plan though hope it works
mylyingeyes - 4 years ago
upgrayde your tank you must. bigger it must be.
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
mylyingeyes Lol, a bigger house i need.
Takaani - 4 years ago
I'd get rid of the most aggressive purple...since you have two of them.
Sokrates Bantis
Sokrates Bantis - 4 years ago
Hey, maybe if that does not work, you can have this beautiful fish in a Tank where he is alone and the "Highlight" in the Tank that's also cool^^
Scott SPS
Scott SPS - 4 years ago
10K subscriber giveaway
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Scott SPS Best idea yet LOL
Salesian Fishkeepers
Salesian Fishkeepers - 4 years ago
Its worth any risk, pull the other tangs throw the hybrid in, then attempt to get lucky if not sell the aggressors a tang like that is a once in a lifetime fish
goophy30 - 4 years ago
I wouldn't pull out all your established fish just to try to have that fish. It will put stress on all of them, and maybe risk the chance of disease from stress seeing as they are tangs. I just would not risk all that for 1 fish. Your tank looks amazing already. Just my 2 cents...
David Santos
David Santos - 4 years ago
put a non expensive tang together with the black tang it would be the best option so they will have to option to be interested good luck
Dans Reef
Dans Reef - 4 years ago
Never give up
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia - 4 years ago
Good luck bro been watching your channel for a long time
My Reef Life
My Reef Life - 4 years ago
That’s one sexy tang anyways. Thanks for sharing!
Dan O
Dan O - 4 years ago
Glad the black tang has survived! I do hope you get it into the main display. Good luck with it.
WHITE CHINESE BOY - 4 years ago
this is why your mirror didnt work out too well. the mirrored tang was about the same size of the tang. i would get pics of bigger tangs and put it on the wall so that it feels threatens
WHITE CHINESE BOY - 4 years ago
put pictures of other tangs such as those purple,yellow/powder blue and tape them to your glass, at leat try is, it works.
Emmett Follett
Emmett Follett - 4 years ago
Please post more I LOVE your videos I eat Roman and watch you and rotter tube reef
dsinsocal - 4 years ago
I can't imagine any scenario where adding that fish was going to end well. Like you said, pulling out most (or all) of the tangs and reintroducing them all at the same time has the high potential of making matters worse. It's not worth it, IMO.

It's a cool fish, but so are sharks and you wouldn't put one of those in your tank. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions about what you can reasonably keep and what you can't. I wouldn't subject that poor fish to another gang-style beating. In the short term, find a friend who is willing to keep him "on loan" until an opportunity arises (like all your other tangs dying, or setting up a new tank) for you to bring him back.
Heidi's Fish Tank
Heidi's Fish Tank - 4 years ago
That sucks so much. Personally I'd probably try to catch, QT, & reintroduce but that does sound really hard. As cool as it is you might need to sell it.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
Hybrid black tang looks WAY nicer than a true/pure black tang
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Reef Builders I totally agree
Nano Saltwater Reefer
Nano Saltwater Reefer - 4 years ago
I saw someone online was having issues with their clowns and what he did was drop a “toy clown fish in the tank.
MR. AQUARIUM - 4 years ago
Hahah I bet he’s not reading this
MR. AQUARIUM - 4 years ago
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Richard Seguin
Richard Seguin - 4 years ago
Question is, you have some Tangs that are going to be getting much bigger, allot of rock and coral which takes out allot of free swimming space for the numerous tangs.. your tank starts to look to small, and reason for the aggression, these tangs would never see eye to eye in the wild either, i'm not the tang police but think about the fish, and not your selfish needs ( i mean that in a nice way)
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen - 4 years ago
Sell it~ be done with it` you will stress everyone out including yourself. Well i'm not too fond of tangs, i had 1 yellow one and he try to sideswipe all my other lil fishees with that spine on the side and he battered to death a couple of my corals so No tangs for me just too aggressive
mavis' lil'reef
mavis' lil'reef - 4 years ago
Keeping a reef tank is an adventure. We learn something new every day. I would probably try to get the other tangs out, and then reintroduce them all together. Do some light reaquascaping, and hopefully it will work out. But at least if you try all your avenues, you can't say that you failed. After all every fish has their own unique personality. Don't give up in this little test. It will be worth it in the end. It may take a couple of months. Good luck, and have fun on this adventure.
twinturbo111 - 4 years ago
Do NOT pull all the tangs out and disrupt the peace . That would be creating a giant pain in the ass for yourself and your loyal tangs . Do not under-appreciate what you already have and the harmony that you created . Sell the black tang and keep the money in your pocket for a future upgrade
Terry Yang
Terry Yang - 4 years ago
Remove the problem fish, add black tang to establish territory. Then add the rest back in.

Or if you’re not too attached to the problems tangs. Trade them for new ones and introduce all at the same time.
Ken Pacheco
Ken Pacheco - 4 years ago
Bummer that it's being more difficult than you would have hoped. But, I appreciate that you are keeping it real. I too have a similar issue with an Orange Shoulder and a Scopas Tang. They seem to have settled down and so my issue is not as bad as yours, although for a while there I was getting worried I might have to separate them. I think you are doing the right thing by thinking it thru and going thru all possible options and then trying the best option based on those options. Good luck and as always I appreciate your videos! Keep us posted!
Josh The Millennial Reefer
Josh The Millennial Reefer - 4 years ago
What if you got another tang and introduced it at the same time as the black tang?

I have 3 already and want a hippo. So instead of introducing one fish. I’m getting a powder blue and will introduce them both at the same time.

That way it’s 2 on 3 and not 1 on 3.
Linda's Reef
Linda's Reef - 4 years ago
The way the vlamingi is putting on growth you will need a bigger tank in the not too distant future so maybe put the black tang in the frag system for a while. Like you said, you have relative peace between the tangs which in itself is quite an achievement and would be a shame if, after all the trouble of removing them all, a different kind of war broke out when they are reintroduced. It would be a shame if you had to part with it and I wish you well whichever road you take.
Jesse Goertzen
Jesse Goertzen - 4 years ago
Where did you get the magnets?
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Jesse Goertzen Dead Jebao pumps
Covey Hill Corals
Covey Hill Corals - 4 years ago
What about lights off for 2 or 3 days. Heard of this resetting tangs. My naso, blue, and scopas tangs get along great.. years now. I would never crash their party! Nice clam! Hard to find clams in Quebec. Always wanted one.
Chris Groves
Chris Groves - 4 years ago
Is that the fish you got from Poseidons's?
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Chris Groves It is ☺
MikeTheReefer - 4 years ago
What about adding another yellow and the black and intoduce them two at the same time. Maybe the others will get confused on which one to pick on..
Chris Groves
Chris Groves - 4 years ago
I'd pull the baddies out and keep the beautiful new black tang in your display. That is a fish you've obviously been looking for and it deserves a good chance - I would consider what to do with the others after taking a breather!
Gang Shit
Gang Shit - 4 years ago
I think Pull out powder blue and purples
Menachem Steinberg
Menachem Steinberg - 4 years ago
You have an awesome tank I wouldn't risk everything just for one black tang. I say keep things the way they are and sell him.
you can always get a different cool fish
David Sopjack
David Sopjack - 4 years ago
Did I see a lunar wrasse in your tank? I have always heard that they are not reef safe. Does it go after your snails & crabs?
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
David Sopjack its a Christmas wrasse i highly recommend them.
SCOTT BRADY - 4 years ago
Why do you feel the need to push things to the limit. Not good for the hobby!
gord oland
gord oland - 4 years ago
Tough call. Removing the aggressive tangs and you might needlessly stress out or harm some perfectly healthy tangs. At least you have QT, Frags and sumps to put the fish into. I don't fault you for wanting that hybrid. It's gorgeous.
abreezeducttesting - 4 years ago
Kylee Lund
Kylee Lund - 4 years ago
Hey Scott:) I'm really happy that you're taking your time and thinking through all this. I knew that black tang would be in good hands:) I'm sorry that it's not going smoothly but I know that you'll find a solution. Here's to hoping that putting them all in at the same time will work!!! (I'd suggest rearranging some territories but I can't even imagine the work that would actually mean
MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Thanks Kylee! I'm leaning towards trying to catching the problem tangs and putting them in the frag system for a few weeks. I've tried catching some of these fish before and not had a lot of luck. Great to hear from you!
Maiyah Arshad
Maiyah Arshad - 4 years ago
plzz dont sell the black tang he so amazing
jbeanz24 - 4 years ago
Id say sell it or put it in the frag system if you really want to keep it that bad. Tank looks awesome as always.
Ash Greninja MLG pro gamer
Ash Greninja MLG pro gamer - 4 years ago
Well that sucks man,at least we can learn from your failure i dont have any ideas but i hope things get better!
Sociophobian - 4 years ago
Well Scott, good job keeping the tang alive. I couldn’t have done nearly as good.
Ted R.
Ted R. - 4 years ago
That sucks. Fish aggression is frustrating.

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