JEFF'S IN THE HOSPITAL! - Betta Fish Fin Rot Cure / Treatment

Buy Betta Fish Online ► Use Code "AQUA10" For 10% Off! Betta Tank Setup: COOL Monterey Bay Aquarium Pics: Products Used To Cure/Treat Fin Rot: Aquarium Salt ► BettaFIX ► AND WATER CHANGES :) Like This Video? Give It A THUMBS UP! 👍 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Get Our FREE 15 Aquarium Tips ➨ Daily Pics and Vids on Social Media! Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Check Out Some Playlists: DIY ............► Fish ..........► Science ....► Plants ......► Reviews ...► Popular Videos You Might Like: DIY Project .......► Aqua Science ...► Plant Profile .....► Fish Profile .......► Review ..............► Some Of My Favorite Stuff Fish Food .........► Project Pump....► Heater ...............► LED Light ..........► MUSIC: In This Video: Today we talk about how to cure and treat betta fin rot. Its a common problem for betta fish but luckily its pretty easy to get rid of. Its even easier to prevent :) Thanks For Watching Guys!!! Don't Forget To 👍 The Video!

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Buy Betta Fish Online ► Use Code "AQUA10" For 10% Off! Betta Tank Setup: COOL Monterey Bay Aquarium Pics: Products Used To Cure/Treat Fin Rot: Aquarium Salt ► BettaFIX ► AND WATER CHANGES :) Like This Video? Give It A THUMBS UP! 👍 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Get Our FREE 15 Aquarium Tips ➨ Daily Pics and Vids on Social Media! Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Check Out Some Playlists: DIY ............► Fish ..........► Science ....► Plants ......► Reviews ...► Popular Videos You Might Like: DIY Project .......► Aqua Science ...► Plant Profile .....► Fish Profile .......► Review ..............► Some Of My Favorite Stuff Fish Food .........► Project Pump....► Heater ...............► LED Light ..........► MUSIC: In This Video: Today we talk about how to cure and treat betta fin rot. Its a common problem for betta fish but luckily its pretty easy to get rid of. Its even easier to prevent :) Thanks For Watching Guys!!! Don't Forget To 👍 The Video!

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for JEFF'S IN THE HOSPITAL! - Betta Fish Fin Rot Cure / Treatment

newt bean
newt bean - 3 years ago
hey guys so i just got a betta fish from my brothers girlfriend they gave him to me because they were moving i was wondering if i could get some tips because this is my first betta fish that im actually taking care of myself ive done alot of research and he has a bit of fin rot and i dont have super close access to a petscore because i dont have a car and my parents have to drive me so what could i do to help him if i dont have access to aq salt right away
Emily Brobst
Emily Brobst - 3 years ago
From what I’ve heard anything that ends in “fix” is not good for the fishies. I don’t know I guess is personal preference.
Mermaid Tears
Mermaid Tears - 3 years ago
Have you ever experienced him having his fins looking clumped together and his color looking pale? I've been reading on it and I'm not sure if it's fin rot or ick
nerd centrel
nerd centrel - 3 years ago
My fish is in the Er and icu
enrique rojas
enrique rojas - 3 years ago
This was uploaded a while ago, but the rocks in the tank look too harsh for Bettas, fins get torn with them
JO JO - 3 years ago
Thank you I really needed it
LPS Kenzie
LPS Kenzie - 3 years ago
My betta keeps fighting his reflection and I’m worried he’s going to hurt himself. Any advice?
lue lunsford
lue lunsford - 3 years ago
Don't use sea salt it makes your fish sock
Betta Corner
Betta Corner - 3 years ago
Beautiful betta

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Katelyn Kelly
Katelyn Kelly - 3 years ago
What do you think about using a little bit of aquarium salt in every water change for a betta tank? I keep reading mixed articles. Some say that constant aquarium salt causes kidney and organ damage, drys them out, and since they are freshwater fish it just isn't healthy to continually use the salt; others say they are great for preventing common diseases, destroying harmful bacteria, and actually help replicate the natural Thailand water condition their ancestors lived in. Also does the whole white tips mean regrowth for all betta colors or do you think different colors will have different colors during regrowth?
Judi Yang
Judi Yang - 3 years ago
My Betta is black with some blue scales and some blue stripes, he has fun rot too. How can I tell if his fin rot is getting better? I know you mentioned the white tissue. He’s in a hospital 10 gal with a sponge filter.
Frank - 3 years ago
Judi Yang if the white tissue keeps growing without braking up, then he’s healing.
Katelyn Kelly
Katelyn Kelly - 3 years ago
I think you should add information on fin loss. I did some research on fin rot and found that fin loss is often confused for fin rot but they both are completely different.
Lucille V-F
Lucille V-F - 3 years ago
My gold fish was really unwell from dirty water and now has fin rot the pet shop suggested protozin is that going to work ??
Frank - 3 years ago
Lucille V-F get Tetra Lifeguard it’s really good medicine.
Hannah Esporma
Hannah Esporma - 3 years ago
When you do a 100% water change, doesn't the tank need to re-cycle?
Gnana Surya Janu
Gnana Surya Janu - 3 years ago
What to feed a beta fish for its tail
Jason Fuchs
Jason Fuchs - 3 years ago
I've been looking for a similar tank, about 10 gallon, rimless like the one in this video. Do you know the brand of the one you have this Betta in?
Dj Minecart
Dj Minecart - 3 years ago
I think our guppy has it. Our tank gets dirty so fast.
Betta Blue
Betta Blue - 3 years ago
Is he named after “Jeff the God of Biscuits”~Eddie Izzzard....”History for the World” .
Betta Blue
Betta Blue - 3 years ago
Is he “Jeff the God of Bisques”

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Mari Schwab
Mari Schwab - 3 years ago
Pop a clove of garlic into the tank, garlic is a known anti fungal . I cured white fungus on a fish I have. Garlic also cures itch, internal parasites, u can also mix with bloodworms, garlic will not harm healthy fish.
Trina Portner
Trina Portner - 3 years ago
I got a beta that was given to me and he has got fin rot I want to rockfalls Grummert's and get some Melafix i'm on my seventh day to Tuesday he will need a 25% water change but I'm not for sure how to if it is gone I have noticed a little bit of white on his fin where it was split open well his fin. Grow back to normal is that how I'm going to tell it is gone I don't know what to do he's just in a fishbowl right now but how do I tell if his infection is gone I will his fans it grow back to normal can you help me
PinHead Larry
PinHead Larry - 3 years ago
When adding salt bak again, do we add the water conditioner to the new water too? or will it interfere with the salt?
Mika Chan
Mika Chan - 3 years ago
I came across this video cause I am worried about my fish journey he is a veil tail betta male. rescued him from Walmart a couple of months back almost a year his fins look nipped and white on the ends.. but he is not acting like his perky self he is always laying at the surface near the filter I did a partial water change and threw in a tablespoon of aquarium salt I’m really worried I love journey I hope he is just being lazy
Jayne Moulton
Jayne Moulton - 3 years ago
My betta has a parking break
Fins out “eeeerr” parks
Fins out “eeeerr” stops
Fins out “eeerr” stops
Jayne Moulton
Jayne Moulton - 3 years ago
Aw maw gawd
Andres - 3 years ago
Idk if my betta does the end of fins are slightly white just a lil and I notice his some part of his fins have some black but only tiny pieces of it, is my betta okay or should I get it treated ? And the color of my betta is all blue.
PinHead Larry
PinHead Larry - 3 years ago
When you do this aquarium salt, do you need to put the water conditioner as well?
DesignbyChesa - 3 years ago
I have a tiger barb and half moon Betta. I've seen them bite my Bettas tail ;( So I've decided to put her back in the small tank. She used to have a beautiful tail. And she's an intelligent fish!
Leilicorn - 3 years ago
My beta has recently started to become inactive and is hanging around on the bottom of the tank, he also has clamped fins, and I found today that one fin had 2 small holes. He was in a 14l tank before with a filter, heater and live plants, but when I noticed him becoming inactive I freaked and moved him into my 54 l tank. Both tanks are cycled but the flow on the bigger tank is a bit to strong for him. He is now almost always laying on the gravel behind or under a plant, and only moves around if I come to check up on him or feed him. He is blue and is also getting red streaks across he tail. Can someone please suggest anything to help him out? He is only one year old.

30. comment for JEFF'S IN THE HOSPITAL! - Betta Fish Fin Rot Cure / Treatment

Spell Binder
Spell Binder - 3 years ago
Thanks a lot for explaining that white in the fins may be new tissue rather than more rot! I have been seeing a bit more of white in my Betta Fantom's fins' edges since I got him from the store, in spite of keeping very good conditions. It looks rather similar to Jeff's. There is a bit of fraying. Do you think I should salt his tank?
Mariah Powers
Mariah Powers - 3 years ago
Do yo keep the filter on or off with the aquarium salt in the tank????
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
Surya Kant
Surya Kant - 3 years ago
Its really a good video
My betta fish finns have same problem ;i want to send its picture to you ;can you plz help
Frozenbanana girl
Frozenbanana girl - 3 years ago
What if you have plants ? Can you still add salt
Brenna Saxton
Brenna Saxton - 3 years ago
How do you get rid of the curling of fins? Also, all 3 of my betta's have fraying/splitting on their tails and/or fins, and I do not think it is fin rot because they're clean splits with no black outline. There is nothing sharp in the tank, they each have about 5 gallons, bubble filter, live plants, cholla wood, moss balls, sand, and pvc pipe. One of them even recently started to fin bite in addition to the splitting. What could this be?
Zane SRG
Zane SRG - 3 years ago
guys guys guys guys guys
Shin the gamer
Shin the gamer - 3 years ago
How do I do a 100% water change?
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
Don't forget to take out the fish... learned it the hard way.
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
Dump it out. And fill it up.
risquecat - 3 years ago
I love betta fish. Too bad they fight among the males. I would love a tank full of bettas.
wut'sit2yuh huh?
wut'sit2yuh huh? - 3 years ago
risquecat right ?
Patina Thompson
Patina Thompson - 3 years ago
the reason he has tail and fin rot is because he does not have a big enough aquarium and the water is too dirty. if you wont take care of him correctly give him to a loving caring home.
sportluver98 - 3 years ago
My betta has fin rot and I did a salt treatment for 9 days and I haven’t seen any improvement should i try the salt for another 7-10 days or try some antibiotic ?
sportluver98 - 3 years ago
Big City Bettas thank you !
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
sportluver98 Daily water changes are all you need.
Gabby Finan
Gabby Finan - 3 years ago
How do you know when your betta is completely healthy again and you're able to stop giving Melafix?
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
When he smiles
PoutineProductions - 3 years ago
My betta is getting shredded by fin rot. I feel like he's always stressed but at the same time he's the most active little piggy ever. He's in a 10 gallon tank and it's usually at 76 to 78 with the water heater. (Sometimes it reaches 80)
No ammonia or anything in the water. He seems to be getting worse every day. ): What do I do?
SomethingReallyStrange - 3 years ago
Have you had success and healed your fish? My half moon boy got fin rot in the first week of me getting him home. I put him in a 15 gallon, heavily planted tank which was already up and running for 3 weeks before he went in.... I genuinely don't understand why he got fin rot as I did water changes, used conditioners, ensured there were no ammonia spikes anything. Since then he's been in bare bottom tanks, medicated tanks, daily salt baths , and anything else you can think of that has been used to treat fin rot and 6 months later, he Is still the same. I genuinely have no idea what the hell to do at this point. Now he is in a 30 gallon aquarium, filtered, heated, planted, appropriate current, literally everything he could ever need and still has really bad fin rot. I'm starting to accept that maybe 6 months ago, I had no idea what I was doing and maybe my tests were wrong because I had test strips as opposed to the master kit, but now I do have a master kit and a massive tank for him that has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5 nitrates at all times and he's still not getting better. Is my boy just doomed at this point?? I've tried everything. I've probably spent more than £50 on different fish medications trying to cure him at this point and ughhh I honestly do not understand
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
Wait are we dealing with fish or pigs?
gijanedoe06 - 3 years ago
I am currently treating my betta fish (George Washington) for fin rot. He is in a QT tank and I've been doing the right amount of aquarium salt, water changes, etc. Today marks day 7 of treatment. George is displaying odd behavior that is worrying me. Yesterday I held a mirror up to the QT tank for just a moment so that I could see the full scope of damage on his fins while he was flaring. I took the mirror away and left him alone. Now today he has been flaring on and off all day but the thing that worries me is that he did something I've never seen him do which is he started flaring his gills and then hit his body/head against the tank wall on purpose. I turned his light off as it is possible he may have just seen his own reflection but for him to hit himself like that I've read can be a sign that the fish is in pain and/or is close to death (I saw other's talking about this on a couple forums and when their fish displayed this behavior it wasn't long after that that they died).

Has anyone else experienced their betta hitting themselves on the tank wall? What does this mean/what did you do to prevent it from happening again?
deeptendu chandra
deeptendu chandra - 3 years ago
My male betta had torn the fins of a female betta during mating. They did not breed. Now they don't fight at all, but her fins have not gotten back in four months. Help.
Little Teacup
Little Teacup - 3 years ago
is bettafix safe? my betta has a fungal infection, so i bought it in put it in his tank. but everyone on the internet is saying its the worse thing you can do to your betta. will it harm him?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
lame sare It's safe, that's just a big old myth but it doesn't do anything to help.
Jessy Belmont
Jessy Belmont - 3 years ago
tha happen my fish its my frist i dont how to care them?
Anna Scura
Anna Scura - 3 years ago
I am so attached to Jeff now. Hope he is doing well.
Tall Grass Of 0 Fucks
Tall Grass Of 0 Fucks - 3 years ago
Jeff is gorgeous! but I want to tell you one thing, Since Jeff has big fins, he's most likely a Rosetail. Which are a breed you shouldn't support! because since a Rosetail is bred to have large fins, it affects their swimming. Jeff may have actually nipped his fins, thus causing Fin rot. But as I said, Jeff is beautiful! I hope he has a long wonderful life. PS, don't take this as you should never own a Rosetail Betta fish. I'm just telling you SHOULDN'T support it, but anyways. Bye!
zane marks
zane marks - 3 years ago
I have a beta fish that is 5 years old and I’ve haven’t seen him with fin rot he has a really big tank

50. comment for JEFF'S IN THE HOSPITAL! - Betta Fish Fin Rot Cure / Treatment

PsychoticKnows - 3 years ago
My betta has red tips on his bottom fins, his water is being changed 50% weekly. And I think it’s from stress. He has a filter and no heater but my room is alway 75 degrees. His water perimeters are good, only the nitrites were up a little. He eats good but flares at his food. He’s a very active fish I need help I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
Shining Goodra
Shining Goodra - 3 years ago
Do you keep the filter on during aquarium salt process?
Mr. Almostic
Mr. Almostic - 3 years ago
Today i woke up seeing my brothers crying for both of their fish dying... any tips to help my brothers fish to live a littler younger ( 1yrs and 2yrs fish )
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
Buy another fish.
Cringey till the end of time
Cringey till the end of time - 3 years ago
Did Jeff had baby's
XigXag - 3 years ago
Ayyy I live in santa cruz
W-_-T - 3 years ago
My name is Jehhff
hahayourfunny94 - 3 years ago
I have a platinum betta so I can't tell if he has new tissue! Ughh I just want him to be healthy!
william siejna
william siejna - 4 years ago
What a coincidence my bettas name is Jeff
FNBR Weekly
FNBR Weekly - 4 years ago
I feel like a doctor today. I'm working on saving my pet betta Tobey.
He has, Swim Disorder, Velvet, and Popeye (maybe tuberculosis)
Luna Vail
Luna Vail - 4 years ago
It's there a like mouth rot for fish
Hidd3n - 3 years ago
Yes mouth rot is worse than fin rot because it travels faster to the body causeing body rot
Irfan Darmawan
Irfan Darmawan - 4 years ago
its from water , its not clean , you need to put leave ketapang < sorry dude I don't know in English , change the water
dino craft
dino craft - 4 years ago
WHAT is a boubble nest
Maya Alexandra
Maya Alexandra - 3 years ago
Lincoln A lol SMH
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
A nest of boubbles
Cereal_kitten 101
Cereal_kitten 101 - 4 years ago
My fish got fin rot I dropped my fish
Brentstarga - 4 years ago
This is overwhelming for us beginners. Folks at the pet store didn't tell me ANY off this.
Lyza714 - 3 years ago
Thank god im not the only one. I’m looking at my betta (goldi) and feeling terrible.
Bettas Dominates
Bettas Dominates - 4 years ago
Dose anyone know how long i cant add another fish to the tank if i use my only tank? I only have 1 tank and I’m getting a fish I know has fin rot. I want to get another one. So again how long do I have to wait after I put the salt in the tank to get another betta fish?
Ally Cotton
Ally Cotton - 4 years ago
All of my bettas
Ally Cotton
Ally Cotton - 4 years ago
My fish died bc of fun rot
Jayson Salvador
Jayson Salvador - 4 years ago
i had a betta fish but he died yesterday
killer slowpoke
killer slowpoke - 4 years ago
I think it's important to mention that the new water also needs to be the same pH and temperature, so when you're doing the water changes, it doesn't stress the fish out further
Rhooonieee - 4 years ago
So my betta doesn’t have fin rot but a little patch of scales is raw or damaged idk i can’t really tell what happened but it definitely looks off, what should i do. His tank is clean and everything and it’s cycled and at an adequate temperature
skylinevspec000 - 4 years ago
I watched the previous video thinking that fish is gonnna get sick.. a week later here we are.
coconutbead - 4 years ago
i was reading some information on fin rot and apparently you’re supposed to rinse all your aquarium decorations and gravel with hot water and clean out the whole tank,but won’t this remove good bacteria?my betta fish has a very mild case and i only noticed about two days ago,but i waited to make sure it was fin rot and not fin loss.thanks :)
goodsince1862 - 3 years ago
coconutbead idk where you read that:/ it would indeed get rid of some of the good bacteria and also wouldn't really do anything to help w/ fin rot. I know you commented this awhile ago, so let me know if you still have an issue, and I'll do my best to help:)
MsLinanator - 4 years ago
What does the salt do to the plants?
Krythix - 4 years ago
This Betta fish is probably in the top 0.001% in terms of getting the best care of any Betta fish, way to go AQUAPROS!
Mike Alarcon
Mike Alarcon - 4 years ago
those rocks in his take mite be damaging his fins
Sarah Olney
Sarah Olney - 3 years ago
Tori Leclerc that's how everyone I've ever known has pronounced it. I'm 30 and that's how I pronounce it too.
addieshop14 - 4 years ago
Get well soon Jeff
Aketzalli - 4 years ago
i love jeff
Vishakha Bellizia-Lyons
Vishakha Bellizia-Lyons - 4 years ago
I cant get over how much i love your videos!!
XxPandaAgentxX Faris
XxPandaAgentxX Faris - 4 years ago
First I thought my betta fish is having a serious fin rot weeks later I learned that he is a crowded tail betta....Huh...I'm so glad!
Jasmine Perkins
Jasmine Perkins - 4 years ago
XxPandaAgentxX Faris my crowntail has fon rot i hope he makes it
Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards - 4 years ago
How long should you treat with salt for? I am just to go into week 3 of treatment for my boy betta.
flutterbysea - 4 years ago
add a bubbler! my Betta loved playing in bubbles.
squealypiggy - 4 years ago
Can i keep the water change routine for more than 10 days? My betta has severe fin rot, I've tried anitiotics and fin rot medications and have had less luck than water changes with salt (his fins are growing back!). Can 1tsp /gal for extended time be harmful?
squealypiggy - 4 years ago
This video was super helpful
Joey Chan
Joey Chan - 4 years ago
I have a question what if you have a white betta fish but cant tell?
SIMON PONADON - 4 years ago
Hmmm my betta fish has his fins cut its like 5 piece already will it grow back??? cuase his beautiful his a double fin before plz rep
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 4 years ago
How would you treat Popeye? Bought a petco betta and didn't realize Burnie was sick and have seen varying opinions of how to treat
Random guy on YouTube
Random guy on YouTube - 4 years ago
TBH if your friend can't even look after the beta properly you should be keeping him
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
I feel this chick simply didn't know any better, and it sounds like she was intimidated by her boyfriend's knowledge of the hobby and didn't want him correcting her decisions, which he rightly would have. Honestly, if he were my boyfriend, I'd tap the knowledge of someone I would perceive as an expert for fear of doing that little life harm. Why not use a vessel of such potential help and knowledge??

What you say is very true, but the misinformation out there for good betta care seems to loudly outweigh what's best for just about any fish. Most people still think the rules don't apply to an honestly fascinating fish with a big personality when treated right. It's laughed off as "excessive."
Evan Michael
Evan Michael - 4 years ago
A fish named Jeff... sweet
Robyn G
Robyn G - 4 years ago
Hi Mike. Thanks so much for the vids! My poor Betta, Carlito, is sick and has fin rot so I have been watching and learning how I SHOULD have been taking care of him. Your info is SO helpful. One question, do you treat your tank water? If so, what do you use? Thanks for the help.
Lorrie Ruff
Lorrie Ruff - 4 years ago
Would you please do a video on Jeff when he is all better, Love to see how he should look. and the advice you gave for betta health health issues does explain a lot why the one I had gotten for my kids died so long ago. A quick question how long do bettas live for? I heard it's from anywhere to 2 to 5 years, is that true? I have not been to the Aquarium you have mention, but have been to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago which I enjoyed a lot.
Bludworm - 4 years ago
Watching the video I noticed you had a bottle of Prime. This stunned me for a minute. Being as you have a degree in Micro Biology, I just assumed you would be making your own dechlorinator. There's an idea for a video right there...a how to video. But, by all means if Seachem donates their products to you then make sure they get as much camera time as possible!
Heather Silverio
Heather Silverio - 4 years ago
Thank you for this video. You really caught my attention when you started talking about opportunistic infections. I'm just getting back into bettas after many years away. I have lupus and weird infections because of compromised immune system. I will always nitrile gloves from now on when doing anything with the bettas....for my health AND their health.
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - 4 years ago
I got a fish tank for my birthday 5 years ago, and 2 weeks later, I was in the hospital for a week with an Aeromonas bacterial infection. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. It. Is. NOT. FUN. 0/10 do not recommend, but my husband likes teasing me that I got fin-rot. Hope Jeff is MUCH better now!
Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh - 4 years ago
His fin looks way better in this video than the previous one . People don't understand that if the betta is kept in good condition they look so much beautiful and healthy as well.
Dee HaBa
Dee HaBa - 4 years ago
You say Beta fish wrong it's Beta
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
He's pronouncing it right, I had to learn this myself. Doesn't sound right even now that I know.
G’s Tanks
G’s Tanks - 4 years ago
Is fin rot contagious? I had 4 cories and added a 5th and I noticed the new one started to show signs and I quarentined him. He was in main tank for 4-5 days and after only 6 days he is almost dead in quarentine. Should I be concerned for main tank?
dante rodrigez
dante rodrigez - 4 years ago
Great video, I just have one question. So someone I know has a betta fish. I have no idea what happened, he said that he does his water changes and so on, but for some odd reason his betta now has a popped eye and he noticed some fin rot and doesn't know what to do. So my question is how to prevent any infection to the eye and how could that happen? In ANY case whatsoever. And for the fin rot I'll send him the link of this video to see if it helps.
The gallant dor
The gallant dor - 4 years ago
can i DIY that sea salt? I live near the beach...
murph - 4 years ago
What was your g reaction??
Gxbbie 17
Gxbbie 17 - 4 years ago
Loved how your girlfriend named him Jeff

100. comment for JEFF'S IN THE HOSPITAL! - Betta Fish Fin Rot Cure / Treatment

Darren Low
Darren Low - 4 years ago
Stop swaying!! I'm nauseous from your camera shake while u talk. Pls film properly then do a voice overlay.
Queen Lapras Gaming
Queen Lapras Gaming - 4 years ago
I had a beta for five years. He was my first fish ever and i spoiled him with a ten gallon tank. Had a heater. A filter. And a bubbler. He was a happy boy
Guinea Pigs 25
Guinea Pigs 25 - 4 years ago
I have a beta with what I'm very sure is fin rot. Just a little bit but I don't want it to spread and get worse. My question is that I have 5 live plants and if I want to leave him in his 5.5 gal tank, what would happen to the plants? Should I think about a smaller, less maintenance tank for him until it's gone?
Thanks. Your video is very helpful as well.
Emilio Rendon
Emilio Rendon - 4 years ago
Mine made a bubble nest but now the bubbles are all sepperated is that bad also has a big white mark on its fin
Flute Player Victoria
Flute Player Victoria - 4 years ago
You are so intelligent and articulate in your videos! I recently purchased a baby male beta and a 1.7 gallon tank. Do you have any suggestions on raising baby betas?
john doey
john doey - 4 years ago
how often would you do a water change on a 6 gallon aquarium that is filtered with a HOB?
john doey
john doey - 4 years ago
how big is Jeff's tank?
Lynn Hankins
Lynn Hankins - 4 years ago
hope Jeff gets better.
Some person who is trying to be cool
Some person who is trying to be cool - 4 years ago

Lydia Stinson
Lydia Stinson - 4 years ago
Jeff wouldnt have fin rot if you had put some conditioner for his water that how you avoid fin rot
Emma C.
Emma C. - 4 years ago
How long does fin rot usually take to kill a fish? I've been reading up on it all day but can't find a timeline anywhere. My betta was doing fine until 3 days ago, but it only became very noticeable this morning. I went to buy him Maracyn & gave his tank a water change w/ aquarium salt but a couple hours later I found him dead. I can't believe how quickly this all happened & how horrible my poor fish looked today. I don't know what to think.. this was traumatizing.
Donya Lane
Donya Lane - 3 years ago
OMG, Emma, what a horrible outcome! I'm so sorry. Do you think it was the salt treatment that killed him? I just noticed fin rot over the last couple of days (was initially in denial, because I keep very good water parameters). It's really gotten worse today, almost hourly! I'm hesitant to do a salt treatment, because I've read so many warnings against it.
Zaine Asim
Zaine Asim - 4 years ago
Can some of you plz watch my betta video and comment if they have fin rot
Hilary McAlister
Hilary McAlister - 4 years ago
how can you tell if its rot or regrowth
Meredith - 4 years ago
Betta/Mela fixes are horrible for bettas, oil can coat their labyrinth organ and suffocate them. Bettafix is a watered down version of Melafix. So gotta be careful using it.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
This is highly erroneous. It isn't harmful or helpful really.
NITRO-RC!!! - 4 years ago
thanks a lot :) I did what you say and now he dosn't do it as much
Meredith - 4 years ago
Only feed when it's feeding time. Bettas are like water puppies, always wanting attention and wanting to be fed. They have no self control lol. He just wants to interact - these domestic bettas are actually quite social with us when they are in their own tanks without other fish. Some are still social when mixed with other fish, but generally aren't always as aware of what is going on outside of the tank if they have a lot of mental stimulation inside of the tank.
If you want, you can feed him less at meal time so when you do go visit or get near you can pop in one or two pellets just to treat him during the day :)
NITRO-RC!!! - 4 years ago
my fish keeps going to me when I am near him and wont stop staying in 1 part of the tank when I am there. shall I feed him?
Deviously Lila
Deviously Lila - 4 years ago
My boy was just in a qt for fin rot and he made his first bubble nest for me in the dull qt tank, he never does in his own tank! Haha. Also, salt in that concentration can cause kidney/liver damage so ten days is my max, then a few days break.
Maddie Sig.
Maddie Sig. - 4 years ago
Is there no filter?
Maddie Sig.
Maddie Sig. - 4 years ago
He might have been eating his fins from them being heavy
Jacqueline Harper
Jacqueline Harper - 4 years ago
you can put a female with jeff ans breed
Daniel Araya
Daniel Araya - 4 years ago
what should you do if your Betta loses color (becomes pale) and has wounds on it's flesh? Still use Betta fix??
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
Daniel Araya Don't use the fixes as they have oils that harm the Betta's labyrinth organ.
Shay Skinner
Shay Skinner - 4 years ago
help my Betta has fin rot it's not serious only the little tips of his fins
he is a blue Betta fish I think he is a he
It's Me Shell
It's Me Shell - 4 years ago
i had a fish die from fin rot almost 2 years ago...and then another fish die a couple days ago from something coming out of his stomach... idk what it is .can u guys tell me if u know?
Lee leen
Lee leen - 4 years ago
How can she not trust you with her fish lololol
Stevie Darling
Stevie Darling - 4 years ago
Aren't you afraid Jeff will leap? Sometimes I forget to put the lid back on after feeding and have to run back in
Uteopia - 4 years ago
throw that bottle of betta fix in the bin that shit will slowly kill them by covering their gills with tea tree oil, since oil flows on the top of water and bettas have a labyrinth organ they need to go to the top to take in air while they take in air they take in the oil which will kill them, Melafix is the same, I have only ever got fin rot once on my betta and all I did was Increases the water changes in my 20 gallon tank from once a week to 3 times a week for 2 weeks and it fixed the problem.

Another thing to put in your tank to avoid fin rot is Indian almond leaves those leaves a miracle for betta fish.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
Uteopia It won't kill them, that is a myth but it also won't help much.
Carissa Gonzales
Carissa Gonzales - 4 years ago
My betta fish, Julio, is absolutely healthy and happy and he has light, a 2.5 gallon, a filter, purified water, and a lot of cute decor! Two days ago I cleaned his tank and cleaned out decor and added new decor! His colors are a lot vibrant and beautiful! He loves how his tank is set up now!(:
Dragonflail - 4 years ago
Dude! You HAD to go and do what YOU wanted with your girlfriends fish. Wtf!? Is Jeff still alive?
Kaelee McCoy
Kaelee McCoy - 3 years ago
Dragonflail Jeff is a lot better off with him and his girlfriend was.He knows about fish and wanted him to be happy and healthy which he wound have been with his girlfriend
Kateland Miller
Kateland Miller - 4 years ago
what is a buble nest?
Zamiiz - 4 years ago
I love Jeff I love him, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER JEFF
Techknowledgy - 4 years ago
please someone help my poor fish. I brought my little guy home from the pet store and he has little white tips on his fins I don't know if it's fin rott. now I'm really worried about him :( someone please get back to me asap
david w
david w - 4 years ago
my little red betta has white tips on his bottom front fins (the long ones) and they have this blue ish tint too, i thought that was just the way he looks. all of his other fins look fine
Lincoln A
Lincoln A - 3 years ago
He wasnt actually in the hospital.
Petlover2017 ___
Petlover2017 ___ - 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure it is bay-ta not be-ta
Brittany Arnette
Brittany Arnette - 3 years ago
Its bet-ta
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
It really is Betta splendens, like "better" or "letter", two 't's meaning a soft 'e'. It's not regional mispronunciation.
TheGreatLizard - 4 years ago
Zara Leonard h
Rumer Priestly
Rumer Priestly - 4 years ago
Petlover2017 12345678910 common misconception, it's pronounced "bet-tah". "Bay-tah" would be spelled like the Greek letter beta.
Zara l
Zara l - 4 years ago
who cares we all know what he is talking about
Petlover2017 ___
Petlover2017 ___ - 4 years ago
Lolita where I live it's bay-ta
Koneko - 4 years ago
Petlover2017 12345678910

It's be-ta

Most common mistake is calling it "beita"
Scott Believer
Scott Believer - 4 years ago
Should we add fresh water salt to a betta tank.
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
I would only do it to treat against certain health issues. Saved my fish. I heard "marine salt" in tiny amounts is way better as a regular additive because there are beneficial minerals in that, but I'm still researching it.
Bryan Coucill
Bryan Coucill - 4 years ago
Do I need a filter If I'm doing 50% water changes everyday in my hospital tank?
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
Yeh, it's good to have. Nothing fancy just get an azoo mignon filter (they are small) or a sponge filter. Hope this helps.
Bryan Coucill
Bryan Coucill - 4 years ago
Just with the betta. It's a 2.5 gallon.
bob fish
bob fish - 4 years ago
My fish got fin-rot after an ich infection
Persiki P3AcH
Persiki P3AcH - 4 years ago
don't use betta-fix or melafix on labyrinth fish! oils damage their gills!
Maghi Demirjian
Maghi Demirjian - 4 years ago
Bettafix or any FIX actually suffocates bettas..
Princess Lunchbox
Princess Lunchbox - 4 years ago
What happened to Jeff???
Ryan Shields
Ryan Shields - 4 years ago
If you would like to help in a betta rescue project, feel free to donate!
Nicole G
Nicole G - 4 years ago
Hi, what if your fish has fin rot AND red streaks all over its fins? The redness starts from his body looking a little pinkish, and then looks like blood streaking out through the fin. I've heard its called septicemia and it is due to low water temp as well?
Hillary for President
Hillary for President - 4 years ago
The best way to avoid torn or rot fins is put the betta in a bare bottom round tank without decorations like the professional betta fish farmers in Thailand. Their long fins are constantly rubbing the gravel and decorations that is why their fins are torn. Torn fins will rot.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
Hillary for President In Thailand they keep them in tiny bottles not tanks and quality of life makes a ton of difference in betta splenden longevity.
Ariellah Shoresh
Ariellah Shoresh - 4 years ago
I am a totally ignorant Beta person, I just started my search on beta's. I like to research first as I get attached to my babies and want them happy and healthy. I keep Bearded Dragons and I have a couple of 10 gal juvenile tanks sitting around and decided I might like to set one up for a Beta friend. So now for the stupid questions ... 1) What is the bubble nest for, isn't Jeff a male? Or maybe they pop a bubble if they need air, hahaha just kidding. 2) is 10 gal to big, will too large a space stress out a Beta? 3) s there a more preferred Beta species, i.e. one that's more active, one that is less prone to disease, orr maybe one that can live with a couple of other fish?
Ariellah Shoresh
Ariellah Shoresh - 4 years ago
Never mind, found my answers. :)
_Unicornicorn - 4 years ago
but what if your betta naturally has black tips on their fins? like should you just be extra vigilant then?
poop - 4 years ago
did you say "TALL-tale sign"?
FirstClassFishKeeper Madgin
FirstClassFishKeeper Madgin - 4 years ago
how big should my beta breeding tank?
Jessica Sodoma
Jessica Sodoma - 4 years ago
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
Betta males do that when they want to breed. They aren't bad or good but ya it's a sign he needs to get laid. lol
Natasha Harbert
Natasha Harbert - 4 years ago
Thank you so much for your videos. Very helpful.
QueenWolfy - 4 years ago
I have a guestion. How usualy can you change the setup in fish tank to not stress fish?
Reynaldo Paul Imjada
Reynaldo Paul Imjada - 4 years ago
"Poor environmental conditions". Maybe the tank is not matured enough hence Jeff is stressed and sick. Based on the dates of the video, the previous was a week ago. By this time the ammonia spiking on a new tank is causing the fish to become sick.
I hope the fish survive the tank maturation process (30-45 days). During this time all opportunistic bacteria will easily kill a fish. Adding solutions to a small volume of water is really not helping. It disrupts the water cycle's maturation.

Really the easiest way to successful betta keeping is properly maturing a tank.
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
He didn't need to go through a new cycle, cuz he used matured substrate from other tanks. Basic aquarist trick.
YenieD13 - 4 years ago
Would a small sponge filter work? I have a 2.5 gallon tank
Bella Supreme93 -with suga-
Bella Supreme93 -with suga- - 4 years ago
Jeff has a bubble nest you have to breed him
Brenda Moreno
Brenda Moreno - 4 years ago
Thank you my baby girl just got fin rot. I recently did a water change and the junk at the bottom of the tank resurfaced. That was the cause. I have two females in a ten gallon with a filter and the other female is fine. Likely my girl is recovering now. It's funny cause she is always eager to eat.
Louriz Bringas
Louriz Bringas - 4 years ago
can this also process also cure betta fin melt?
Steve riwe
Steve riwe - 4 years ago
how long can a betta survive without a heater
hop Scotch
hop Scotch - 4 years ago
Steve riwe

depends on room temperature
Yezkel Miranda
Yezkel Miranda - 4 years ago
He looks so happy now swimming around so much! I love his bubble nest too<3 Jeff is beautiful
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
Anna-Christine Tjørnvig oh that could be a high reason why jeffs fins are regrowing
Blondey - 4 years ago
What's the best way to treat for cloudy eye in a betta?
James Miller
James Miller - 4 years ago
*Looks at fins in video.
*immediately runs to tank
Gaileen Kern
Gaileen Kern - 3 years ago
Lmao me too!!
Kearston P
Kearston P - 3 years ago
James Miller same
Lily G
Lily G - 4 years ago
James Miller Lol Same
Jackie E
Jackie E - 4 years ago
I need help! ok so i cant really tell for sure if my Betta has finrot due to his white and pink fins. he is in a ten gallon with a filter, heater, 3 cories, a nerite snail, and some real plants (yes i agree its a bit over-stocked but i make sure its not crowded and everyone is healthy) i set up the tank and let it cycle a few months a ago and let it slowly develop into its now healthy enviroment with a tiny bit of algae and crystal clear water. I have added to my filtration so now there is three layers and i keep on top of my weekly water changes. i have experiance with finrot and know what it is, so i was surprised to see this betas fins slowly start to deteriorate i such a healthy aquarium! he never flares and he does eat, and the fish keep their distance comfortably. he was probably the healthiest betta in the pet store so i am extremely shocked at this. its not like regular fin rot because it looks like it is just deteriorating slowly and not jagged. there is no aggression from other fish. could it be stress alone(which is unlikely), fin biting, or scrapes on the decorations?a month ago i had put him in a one gallon that was still inside of the ten gallon for a week with medicine just to be safe but not over do it, and keep in mind i am on an EXTREMELY tight budget. any help would be appreciated!
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
Jackie E
Jackie E - 4 years ago
AlphaWolf- Gaming thank you!
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
jacky earmerr I have heard that bettas in small, confined water bodies begin to consume their own tail out of frustration and in pet stores 90 percent of the time they are kept in small tubs so maybe that's why his tail is the way it is so not your fault and btw your tank sounds amazingly well kept. Just a tip but almond leaves do an amazing job to prevent fin rot but they can tint your water to a slight brownish colour. Hope this helps:)
Jay’s World
Jay’s World - 4 years ago
I LOVE Monterey Bay Aquarium
Grac The Destroyer
Grac The Destroyer - 4 years ago
I got my betta from Walmart in bad conditions about two months ago. He's living in a clean ten-gallon tank all alone with conditioned water and a good filter and a heater that keeps it around 78, and I do water changes every week or two. When I got him he had a little white on the edges of all of his fins, but now he has even more. He is doing well, eating well, and swimming, but is the white fin rot that is getting worse? I'm concerned for his health, please respond!
murph - 4 years ago
Grac The Destroyer the white means there was fin rot and its getting better.
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 years ago
Grac The Destroyer It seems that what you have setup for your betta is extremely good but a lot of people who have amazing tanks in terms of environment and water chemistry still get fin rot due to the stress experienced by the betta in the pet store. I have heard that they eat there own tails out of frustration. So this is why I tend to buy from a breeder even if it requires delivery from another country or if I do buy from stores I examine the fishes tail carefully. Always buy from a reputable source whether it may be a breeder or a aquarium store.
kate. O.
kate. O. - 4 years ago
Question!! I have my betta in a 5gal planted tank right now (setup is perfect, heater filter everything) but the only thing he'll eat is brine shrimp! He will NOT eat pellets, is this okay diet to live on or should I try a different food?
murph - 4 years ago
Kayte Oleary yes they also like worms
Me Mae
Me Mae - 4 years ago
I love your videos, however, I have to say; anything with "fix" is known to be bad for bettas. It can coat their labyrinth organ and can be more harm than good.
Hermit Krabz
Hermit Krabz - 4 years ago
i want to keep an otter
HaileyU Vlogs
HaileyU Vlogs - 4 years ago
Don't ever use betta fix or aquarium salt!!! It doesn't help! Use Epsom salt....
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
HaileyU Vlogs Why are you spread such bullcrap misinformation. Epsom will likely kill a fish. Aquarium is the correct alt for use with your....aquarium. Go figure
Alejandra Iturria-Mijangos
Alejandra Iturria-Mijangos - 4 years ago
how little is the heater in Jeff's tank?
yoyofargo - 4 years ago
Aren't you worried about him jumping? Bettas have a nasty reputation for jumping out of uncovered tanks.
Ecartts - 4 years ago
Swordtails / Xiphophorus hellerii is also a well known jumper
Ecartts - 4 years ago
They do that in nature too when their puddle is getting smaller

Its kind of a natural thing for them (but also they might like jumping from time to time since there are some that seem to be.. playful.. in their personality)

But I agree with you and beyond.. Cover all your aquariums that has fish that can be jumpers ( if you read about the fish you have.. you will find who is jumper or not. No need to experience it.. just read about or hear about if you watch YT related fish videos haha :D )
Flupple Wott
Flupple Wott - 4 years ago
Once I got a half starved Betta from Walmart with velvet disease :/
george Mcveigh
george Mcveigh - 4 years ago
whats  going on with the mangrove tank
MandyAndBella LoveJesus
MandyAndBella LoveJesus - 4 years ago
It appeared as if you set up Jeff's tank without cycling it. Is that alright with Bettas?
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
He didn't need to cycle due to using matured substrate from his other tanks, from what I could tell.
mimiaou - 4 years ago
What is the smaller heater?
MaxAnts - 4 years ago
Mackenzie Ferguson
Mackenzie Ferguson - 4 years ago
Poor Jeff! His caudal looks like he may have stress bit/attacked himself and gotten fin rot from there. I know it can be relatively common for long finned Betta living in cramped quarters (and stressful environments) like in the big box stores. I'm glad he's doing better though! Aquarium salt has helped several 'rescue' Bettas that I've had, I love it! If you don't mind the discoloration, Indian Almond Leaves (Cattapa Leaves) are awesome too.
Rampaging Apostrophe
Rampaging Apostrophe - 4 years ago
My question here is...Is the damage being treated by the salt, or all of the clean water that you keep exchanging?? Is there any research that you know of that compares the two different methods? Do you think for most cases that 50% daily water changes would be at least as effective as the 50% water changes with the salt?It seems to me that if the salt was going to do the work it was going to do, that you could leave it in for more than just one day. Just some of my thoughts. Clean water seems to be king in treating a wide range of issues. The salt just seems like an after thought in the gran scheme of treatment. Thank you :)
Genesis Munoz
Genesis Munoz - 4 years ago
I thought betta fish aren't suppose to be put in tap water? I just got my fish a week ago and I bought "betta water" at petco, he seems way more active than normal and I read that's not necessarily a good thing
murph - 4 years ago
Genesis Munoz I use tap water with no dechlorinator and I have my fish 6 months now and he is growing so big. He really loves worms. Oh and no fin rot.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall - 4 years ago
Genesis Munoz Betta fish will thrive in all water as long as you treat it with dechlorinator.
HW Geez
HW Geez - 4 years ago
i notice betta may bite their fins under stress, very long ago when i still keep betta, i once changed all the water of my betta's tank(which stress him out), and the next day, half of his tail is gone, i am pretty sure it is not fin rot because the fin disappeared in such a short period of time and it looked not like fin rot.
Dramatic Aquatics
Dramatic Aquatics - 4 years ago
awesome video man!! hope he gets betta soon!!
Joey Shuster
Joey Shuster - 3 years ago
Pun city
Unboxing Tech
Unboxing Tech - 3 years ago
Dramatic Aquatics *better
Justin Chen
Justin Chen - 4 years ago
what filter do you use?
P Medina
P Medina - 4 years ago
HAHAHAHA!omg poor gf my bad sorry
Paula kreinberg
Paula kreinberg - 4 years ago
what filter did this tank end up with?
JCWP Gaming
JCWP Gaming - 4 years ago
My betta fish love the current.
Amber Armstrong
Amber Armstrong - 4 years ago
My Betta fish got into a fight with his new tankmate, his fins and scales are pretty torn up. What product would you recommend for the hospital tank, betta fix or melafix? I know both are supposed to help with healing their fins.
Marii - 4 years ago
I think people said that melafix is bad for the labyrinth organ in bettas but idk about bettafix
Nikki G
Nikki G - 4 years ago
Why you use api salt?? Thats like 11 bucks. I buy mine at bjs for 4 dollors for double the amount.
Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room - 4 years ago
What kind do you use?
Rachel Wood
Rachel Wood - 4 years ago
Jeff is sick
Aaron Burton
Aaron Burton - 4 years ago
What happened to the Agrobrite video?
NOXH_YT - 4 years ago
Jeff has a bubble nest, breed the betta
Marii - 4 years ago
ɴᴏxʜ XαиX If he's a betta from a local pet store, its better not to bc the fry will probably end up with deformities
Tyler Rasmussen
Tyler Rasmussen - 4 years ago
Fin biting is a big thing for bettas and could be whats happening for the back fin! Bettas do it from boredom, stress, or if the tails are too long and they start to weigh the fish down it will trim its tail with biting. Big problem for some long fin males
Allyson Chains
Allyson Chains - 4 years ago
Jeff is so cute! FYI: Dragon stone tears fins. Use only salt or IOL to treat. He's doing well so stop treating. He can heal on his own.
MissHarleyQuinn - 4 years ago
why do they need a filter if they like still currents and thrive in non-filtered tanks?
Brittany Arnette
Brittany Arnette - 3 years ago
Super Bree 23 Ago! 6 months is a small portion of their life expectancy. Bettas who are properly cared for should live 2 to 5 years
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
either way that is a short life for a betta since avrage life span is 3 to 4 years.

my bettas have owes had a long life span in a filtered tank.
Bree the classical guitarist
Bree the classical guitarist - 4 years ago
Brianna Harter my fish loved for 6 months in a small, unfiltered tank and three months in filtered, large tank.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
a filter keeps the water healthy for the fish by being a pr9wer house for beneficial bacteria.without one your tank will quickly become toxic to your betta.
christindemarie - 4 years ago
MissHarleyQuinn betas like still currents but they don't thrive in non filtered tanks. They have a much shorter lifespan in an unfiltered tank.
Sage Swain
Sage Swain - 4 years ago
MissHarleyQuinn when you have a Beta fish in a not-filtered tank they can get fin rot and mouth rot. Beta fish also are not very strong swimmers so they will not do well with heavy flow filters.
MikeAtransit - 4 years ago
Wow, you stole your gf's betta. Good person.
Jamie Towns
Jamie Towns - 3 years ago
He was looking after it for her while she was away
Brynn Hill
Brynn Hill - 3 years ago
Or she broke up with him and made him take the fish LMAO jk sorry
NY Aquatics
NY Aquatics - 4 years ago
Michael's Fish Room from the betta's point of view it's definitely a rescue!
Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room - 4 years ago
I be he prefers "Rescue" LOL
Asheley Kitchen
Asheley Kitchen - 4 years ago
I lost one of my Bettas recently due to Fin Melt.... we tried all sorts of things but there's hardly any info out there... if you have any tips to help with people in the future or in case they are having that issue now?
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
To everyone here spouting that salt is bad for bettas, as well as spreading stupid misinformation here, from the IBC directly. (a largescale group of breeders and enthusiasts) It explains how salt benefits bettas and disproves all the people saying it's dangerous who obviously don't know better.
Big City Bettas
Big City Bettas - 3 years ago
Uteopia People would know this if they did any research? So you're just parroting misinformation here? Because that is completely erroneous. Bettas are arguably best kept in partially brackish water. It's very obvious you need to do more "research".
Donya Lane
Donya Lane - 3 years ago
Thank you for your reply and for reporting such good news about your betta! I just ordered some Indian Almond Leaves on Amazon. It will arrive Tuesday, but I hope that will be soon enough, because my guy's rot is on the move. I'm definitely freaking out with every hour!

Regarding adding new plants to an aquarium, I have subsequently learned (mostly from YouTube vids) that new plants can introduce all kinds of unwelcome nasties. That's because you have no way of knowing what was in the tank it came from. What concerns me is that I also put it in my other betta tank, but then quickly removed it, because my Mystery Snail started chomping on it.

Also, regarding the pH dropping from the leaf tannins, isn't that unavoidable? I'll be doing water testing, but I don't see how I'll be able to keep the pH at 7.0 with those leaves. Argh!! Keeping fish as pets is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth! I rescued these critters, thinking I was their best shot at not dying a slow death in the pet store, and now I'm afraid that I may be the reason why they don't make it. It's really upsetting me.
Marusu - 3 years ago
Donya Lane Hi Donya! You know what, as a fellow new fish owner, I also added plants to my tank without treating it, and the next morning I saw fin rot. Multiple people online told me it couldn't be the plants, but seeing that you had something similar happen makes me wonder.

As for my betta, he is actually healing up pretty nicely after I removed the plants and moved him to a smaller tank with added tannins, stress coat+, and seachem prime. The rot looks like it has stopped and I am seeing fin regrowth. I've been doing daily 50% water changes in my 2.5g with water that has been left out for 24 hours in a bucket with a mopani log and 3 small Indian almond leaves soaking inside of it (log from Petco and leaves from Amazon). In the actual tank, I've also added 2 small Indian almond leaves, although I would be wary of adding too much, since I don't think you'd want your pH to drop below 7.0 .

Wishing the best for your betta! He might not need meds or salt, since my guy didn't. If you caught the rot early, the water changes + tannins method could work for you. I was like you only a week ago, frantic and wondering if I should use salt, hydrogen peroxide, meds, etc! So happy I don't have to. But I do have some kanaplex on hand just in case. Someone on Instagram who is great at healing bettas suggested I get that if the rot worsens.
Donya Lane
Donya Lane - 3 years ago
How's it going now, Marusu? I just noticed fin rot a couple of days ago on my 3.5 gallon betta, and I'm afraid to make a wrong move. AQ salt vs. other remedies, etc... Doing research... Are the tannins working for your betta? I keep my guy's water parameters in such a beautiful range, I just can't believe this happened! I'm new to fish keeping, so I may have screwed up by adding a new plant. I have subsequently learned that I should sterilize new plants in a bleach dip before introducing them. This balancing act is driving me crazy! Any reports from your approach would be much appreciated.
Marusu - 4 years ago
I know your comment is old, but would you mind helping me out? My betta has fin rot, and I will be receiving Indian Almond Leaves for him in a few days. Were your hospital tanks small? I am thinking of taking my betta out of his 5.5g and putting him into a 2.5g along with a mopani log and almond leaves. Also, how dangerous is a high pH? My tap water is 8.8+ ... (reason why I added the log and will be adding the almond leaves). I'm afraid to do the frequent water changes because of the horrible tap water.
MBTacke - 4 years ago
If you want to go into brackish tanks, first off, you want marine salt, not AQ salt.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
bettas aren't salt sensitive.betta splendens in the wild regularly cross breed with betta mahachaiensis which is a brackish species which means they can go into brackish water.

again a bit of salt shouldn't harm a freshwater fish and fresh water fish aren't that fragile.

also almond leaf isn't going to help with ich.almond leaf is great for healing wounds and bacterial infections but ich is a tiny parasite and needs to be treated with salt.
Uteopia - 4 years ago
I agree with MBtacke you should never put salt in with betta fish since they a salt sensitive, people would know this if they did 15 mins of research on bettas the best thing is to up your water changes

Using Indian Almond leaves work really well for a sick betta fish and it has no ill effects on them, I go to pet stores and buy sick betta fish off them then I bring them home and put them in my hospital tanks with Indian almond leaves and in every case it has brought them back from near death to happy super active fish, then I sell them to people I know that will look after them.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
there are a lot more diseases iummne to common medcines now then there is to heat and salt.

also those ich strains are very rare only really ouccring in florida.
MBTacke - 4 years ago
I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Diseases can become tolerant to anything. That's why for ich, we have strains that can survive 90+ degree temps now.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
you aren't adding a lot of salt to the are adding just enough to give the fish minerals and to kill the bacteria which get effected long before your fish cause they are a lot smaller.

a super bug is a bacteria strain that has become resistant due to repeated exposure to by using paraguard for minor things like fin rot instead of salt you run the risk of creating a bacteria strain that can kill your fish that you won't be able to treat cause you made them resistant to meds.

also the reason why bacteria doesn't become resistant to salt is because unlike meds which kill bacteria chemically.salt kills the bacteria by physically bursting them and by helping the fish fight off the disease
itself by replenishing it with minerals.
MBTacke - 4 years ago
Brianna Harter, the amount of salt in the water is so minuscule. And that's the way it should stay. And Paragaurd is to treat secondary infections. You want to create a superbug, use salt.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
a bit of salt shouldn't irritate the fish.the reason for this is fresh water does have some salt in it due to erosion so a little salt at the right doseage shouldn't harm the fish.

seacheme paraguard isn't going to help replenish the weakened fish after a battle with disease and you need to be careful with meds so you don't create a super bug.
MBTacke - 4 years ago
Kudos Tailes, Espsom salt for what? Fin rot?
MBTacke - 4 years ago
Brianna, all the salt does is irritate the fish. So why add something that will irritate the fish hat already has something going on irritating it? Clean water is the way to go. If you are worried about secondary infections, use Seachem Paragaurd.
Brianna Harter
Brianna Harter - 4 years ago
salt is actually very important when treating sick fish cause it prevents secondary infection,helps the fish produce more slime coat and provides them with minerals and electrolytes.
Pow Its Hamad
Pow Its Hamad - 4 years ago
Hey can u make us a video how to set up an outdoor tank for plants and fish?
OddSocksQueen - 4 years ago
Look at how much more active he is though! Gorgeous little fish!
Anthony Ragan
Anthony Ragan - 4 years ago
Fin rot or not, Jeff has beautiful coloring. Has the salt harmed the plants at all?
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 4 years ago
I seen the fin damage in the 1st video but I seen this in the recommendations and I didn't say anything
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 4 years ago
Sage Swain I'm sorry?
Theboss47 - 4 years ago
Well I had a fancy gold fish red cap and his name was Jeff and I recently lost him and I guess I just saw the name Jeff and came here
Loi Yong Sheng
Loi Yong Sheng - 4 years ago
Theboss47 my deepest condolences,the boss
Doug Hardy
Doug Hardy - 4 years ago
was curious about your tank setup video but every link goes nowhere :(
Andy Pastuszak
Andy Pastuszak - 4 years ago
Has your girlfriend seen Jeef's new home?
Josh Hayes
Josh Hayes - 4 years ago
You should stay away form anything with "Fix" in the name. It can coat the labyrinth organ in the betta fish, which they need to breath.
Lifewithpets - 4 years ago
Excellent information on fin rot. Jeff is gorgeous and it's good to see the fins growing back. The damage looks more like fin biting than fin rot. It's a common problem in bettas with large fins.
Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards - 4 years ago
they tend to curl and look rotten. I also have a black betta.
lettuce do dat
lettuce do dat - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS what if my betta fish has black fins how do i know if he has fin rot
AQUAPROS - 4 years ago
+Lifewithpets Thanks for stoppin by :) Hes doing much better now, just taking extra steps to make sure hes 100% Keep up the good work!
Arden Pierce
Arden Pierce - 4 years ago
I love you Jeff!
Enter Name Here
Enter Name Here - 4 years ago
Other then the Moss balls what's the plant that you have in the tank. and can you put in under water completely
Arden Pierce
Arden Pierce - 4 years ago
Keegan Crabb
Keegan Crabb - 4 years ago
i was there on Tuesday
Aura Fish
Aura Fish - 4 years ago
looks like Jeff's been biting his fins a lot! that's probably how he got the fin rot. x: Indian Almond Leaf helps their fins grow back well. it just tints that water and makes it look "ugly".
AGENTSIXTY9 - 4 years ago
That mangrove tank is gonna be dope!
I'm glad I found this channel at least you can produce a nice scape.
Thibault Boeraeve
Thibault Boeraeve - 4 years ago
he might have ripped his own fins they do that when their tank is to small or when they are bored.
Suprise Motherf*cker
Suprise Motherf*cker - 4 years ago
could you do a video on taking the rim off aquariums and making glass braces for them?
Suprise Motherf*cker
Suprise Motherf*cker - 4 years ago
Jackiethe bordercollie thankyou
Chiara Dreher
Chiara Dreher - 4 years ago
So glad Jeff is doing better and it's so great that you are taking care of him so well! I would like to just give a bit of caution about Bettafix and Melafix. The oils in these antiseptics have been known to damage a betta ' s labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe air from the surface. Of course they are okay in small quantities and if doing proper water changes but over a long period of use they can be damaging. So just trying to give a helpful tip to everyone :). Love Jeff and love these new betta vids!
Zamiiz - 4 years ago
Yeah I noticed the bettafix bottle on the side there too and was like "oh nooooo"
Chiara Dreher
Chiara Dreher - 4 years ago
Joy Barton Yes I only used it once when I had a seriously injured betta and since then haven't touched it. Heard of way too many horror stories with it.
Joy Barton
Joy Barton - 4 years ago
Chiara Dreher yes I read that betta fix is not good. I bought a bottle and after reading about it threw the bottle out did not want to take a chance. water changes and IAL are good. Jeff is a pretty fish glad he is getting better!
chris day
chris day - 4 years ago
my mother once got a comet goldfish with finrot on the tail for my younger brother, and I treated it with a small cosmetic surgery, and a 99% water change. Now I'm not sure if the removal of the affected area had any impact on the infection, but what you said in the video makes me think that the change of environmental factors helped bring the fish back up to health so he could fight the infection.
Michaela - 4 years ago
I think he should have more space. at least 25 litres. They do like to swim a lot, contrary to popular belief. I keep mine in a 35 litre tank an he is really happy. 35 litres is the maximum though. More space would stress them out, as they are quite territorial. The giant species needs 50 litres.
Abraham Rossell
Abraham Rossell - 4 years ago
i wanted to get A betta fish but they seem pretty hard to keep now im reconsidering.....
Kiki K
Kiki K - 4 years ago
they're pretty easy. Just do some "checkups" every other day to make sure he's healthy. They are beautiful fish and are highly intelligent. They also only require small tanks
Ash - 4 years ago
Aquarium salt is nothing more than sodium chloride, so regular table salt works exactly the same. You just want the non-iodized type as you don't want to be dumping iodene into your aquarium.
Big City Bettas
Cuttlepluff - 4 years ago
One article also warned away from aquarium salt and instead recommended marine salt in tiny amounts. Still has salt, not sodium chloride concentrated, and had a ton of healthy minerals found in river water or brackish waters. Recommendations?
Ash - 4 years ago
Here's an article if anyone's interested. There's plenty of other information out there, and unfortunately lots of misinformation.
Ash - 4 years ago
I'm not convinced that's entirely true. I am sure there are such products but just straight up plain table salt really is just sodium chloride. He says not to use sodium chloride, when using just that shrugs
chris day
chris day - 4 years ago
Ash Jenkins false, most table salts also have an anti caking agent which is toxic to aquatic life.
PSN Studios
PSN Studios - 4 years ago
I don't know if my fish has finrot still, but he had, because he is a black coloured Betta. I do daily water changes, and monitor the ammonia. He had finrot due to an ammonia spike.
V Betta
V Betta - 4 years ago
I knew he would put a nest in that plant! Thank you for helping him and sharing updates. He may have white tips to his fins once he grows them out, it looked to me he had white tips on his ventrals. So Jeff might have a pretty "butterfly" pattern. His fins are going to be impressive once they're all grown out. Do you think he may have been chewing his own fins out of boredom or stress? Glad he is recovering, feeling betta. LoL
Ben Hale
Ben Hale - 4 years ago
Please can you do a profile for bamboo shrimp
jessumano al
jessumano al - 4 years ago
Get well Jeff
brad e
brad e - 4 years ago
Do you have any issues with biofilm from no surface agitation?
BTraine Ztraine
BTraine Ztraine - 4 years ago
You are the Bill oreilly of fish tanks
francis F
francis F - 4 years ago
the mystery fish is archerfish
I'm WWinning
I'm WWinning - 4 years ago
Jeff is looking good :) Is aquarium salt ok with live plants and moss balls? TYSM :)
Jordan Nation
Jordan Nation - 4 years ago
I have a betta fish can u give me some advise to take care of him
Lavinia de Mortalium
Lavinia de Mortalium - 4 years ago
try the subreddit r/bettafish - it's a wonderful community that's helped me a TON
AK Jay47
AK Jay47 - 4 years ago
get better soon :(
missykim - 4 years ago
Aw, poor Jeff. Thank you for taking care of him <3
GracieDeadInside dead
GracieDeadInside dead - 4 years ago
Feel BETTA soon jeff
End me
End me - 3 years ago
Just no
Ellie Coolgirl
Ellie Coolgirl - 3 years ago
I can’t
G S Dhivyesh
G S Dhivyesh - 4 years ago
GracieDeadInside dead yep
Michelle Morales
Michelle Morales - 4 years ago
GracieDeadInside dead haha funny
Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room - 4 years ago
This actually made me LOL!
Holaqhace - 4 years ago
What is the mystery fish I am dying to se the video
Felipe Ramirez
Felipe Ramirez - 4 years ago
Life at School. Discus!!!
That One Incredible Simmer
That One Incredible Simmer - 4 years ago
Charlie Yang What the fuck
Charlie Yang
Charlie Yang - 4 years ago
Life at School. John Cena
toycar foushboy
toycar foushboy - 4 years ago
Thanks for the update and answering the question that was in my mind. My daughter's betta had it when we got him, but three months later and he's doing awesome! Jeff will come back around with you helping him now.
Holaqhace - 4 years ago
Love your video
AK Jay47
AK Jay47 - 4 years ago
lake Malawi
Lavinia de Mortalium
Lavinia de Mortalium - 4 years ago
Which kind?
AK Jay47
AK Jay47 - 4 years ago
same but i keep cichlids
AQUAPROS - 4 years ago
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luk rob
luk rob - 3 years ago
@Aquapros your videos are so inspiring and so detailed. Thank you for sharing this information. Please could you tell what plant you have in that tank?
JosephGaming - 3 years ago
I live 3 hours from there it is awesome
Amy foxxx
Amy foxxx - 3 years ago
AQUAPROS mate sorry to be the one to tell you this but bubbles on top of the water doesn't mean he's happy a beta fish will do that if he's scared happy stressed in any mood or anything he will do it they do it instinctively regardless of the situation
dino lolekorngames
dino lolekorngames - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS my firs betta died he had pneomonia i still remember when he is a baby
Maury - 4 years ago
How often should you change a 2.5 gallon tank for a betta?
Animals Rule2016
Animals Rule2016 - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS I went in 2016. I live overseas and I couldn't come to America without going there!
Diamond - 4 years ago
Yes I have it's one of my favorite places in California :D
Claire White
Claire White - 4 years ago
Used to go there a lot as a kid! Really lucky to have family in Santa Cruz!
GO EVIL - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS I have! its super expensive but a whole lot of fun with great food!
OHgodmyleg Diogoism
OHgodmyleg Diogoism - 4 years ago
Linda Riley ye or U could just say BUZZ LIGHT YEAR betta its a very rare species of betta
Linda  Riley
Linda Riley - 4 years ago
actually, no..the proper pronounciation is Bet tah...
lps reaper productions
lps reaper productions - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS it's beta not betah
Paula kreinberg
Paula kreinberg - 4 years ago
my favorite place, I could live there!
OHgodmyleg Diogoism
OHgodmyleg Diogoism - 4 years ago
RaNdOm PlAyS Pizza did
RaNdOm PlAyS
RaNdOm PlAyS - 4 years ago
Adam Sean dubstep Who taught you english?
Dino Wood
Dino Wood - 4 years ago
OHgodmyleg Diogoism
OHgodmyleg Diogoism - 4 years ago
wen you add fish do they go crazy and literally go crazy. 1 is wat I expect and 1 is on coke
Tomas Marquez
Tomas Marquez - 4 years ago
AQUAPROS his names jeff look up the meme
Chloe Tan
Chloe Tan - 4 years ago
hardy veinz Generally bettas dont die from fin rot unless it was extremely severe to the point it reached the body, which is body rot, not fin rot. I doubt it got that bad, and it most likely passed on due to another cause
Random User
Random User - 4 years ago
hardy veinz Or a quick Google search would have also been helpful...
Kopsu - 4 years ago
Dude, don't be sorry for not uploading. We all know how it is when stuff pile up. Hope Jeff gets better.
Justine Gadd
Justine Gadd - 3 years ago
Kopsu you’re kind
Sean MacD
Sean MacD - 4 years ago
feel better soon jeff!
Jayne Moulton
Jayne Moulton - 3 years ago
Sean MacD you mean BETTA
Emma's Animal Adventure
Emma's Animal Adventure - 4 years ago
MAquatics MHickey it a joke bumb ass learn to take one
The Hammy Nerd
The Hammy Nerd - 4 years ago
MBTacke - 4 years ago
MAquatics MHickey ... it's a play on words... feel better... feel Betta. It's a Betta joke.
Quality Content Connoisseur
Quality Content Connoisseur - 4 years ago
The Hammy Nerd he is saying he hopes he feels better how much of a dumbass can you be to not tell that
The Hammy Nerd
The Hammy Nerd - 4 years ago
ryan black
ryan black - 4 years ago
I hope he gets better
Jayne Moulton
Jayne Moulton - 3 years ago
ryan black betta
Shane Puthuparambil
Shane Puthuparambil - 4 years ago
dope! How are the apistos?
Rhythm F.
Rhythm F. - 4 years ago
Please teach your girlfriend everything you've told us
Erik Antonsen
Erik Antonsen - 4 years ago
Well it will still be him teaching her. Dumbasses.
Dragonflail - 4 years ago
RunningSD Orrrrr, he can Teach her hands on ! Einstein.
RunningSD - 4 years ago
she can just watch the video enstein
Mr. Ur mom
Mr. Ur mom - 4 years ago
1st comment

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