My best betta fish tanks

REMEMBER TO WATCH IN HD! and if you like the video don't forget to give me the THUMBS UP below! My 2 new bettas in their new world, swimming up water towers, chasing ghost shrimp, blowin' bubbles, ah the good life...

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Betta 11 years ago 139,888 views

REMEMBER TO WATCH IN HD! and if you like the video don't forget to give me the THUMBS UP below! My 2 new bettas in their new world, swimming up water towers, chasing ghost shrimp, blowin' bubbles, ah the good life...

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for My best betta fish tanks

Fionaclark1092 Clark
Fionaclark1092 Clark - 6 years ago
you've got to watch bettas, they jump out of the tank.
Matthew Celotto
Matthew Celotto - 6 years ago
What's the name of that tank
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans - 6 years ago
it's is the Luckiest and happiest Betta I've ever seen in a huge palace
CODY HARRELL - 7 years ago
How did you do that with a cup
aron mohammed
aron mohammed - 7 years ago
his eyes look sorta puffy which may be an infection but he looks so happy and that tank is awesome its great to see someone treating their brtta properly for a change
doraji1027 - 7 years ago
Please tell me how come there is no algae at all?
I have 2 bettas in separate tanks and green algae become a headache to me.
Thank you. I gave you Thumbs up.
Samanxedits - 7 years ago
He probably scrubs his tank at times and btw a tank with algae growing is a healthy clean tank!
John Ramirez
John Ramirez - 8 years ago
What kind of betta is that how did you do that glass out of the tank thing pretty Damm cool
Dnl Grz
Dnl Grz - 8 years ago
budgie lover For ever
budgie lover For ever - 8 years ago
Could u do a tutorial on the water bottle fish thing that's our fish was swimming out of the tank with
KARA - 7 years ago
+rat lover for ever look up " make a vacuum suspended fish tank" on youtube. Cheers

10. comment for My best betta fish tanks

Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland - 8 years ago
Very pretty boys you have there :)
Peachprincezz - 8 years ago
you got a beautiful Betta!
JaeHyun - 8 years ago
What tanks are those ?
Ren Mtz
Ren Mtz - 8 years ago
Thoes are really gorgeous fish -
Lazar Stojković
Lazar Stojković - 9 years ago
Zen betta xD
IBeBradleyy - 9 years ago
its nice to see someone treating bettas correctly! WELL DONE :)
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly - 9 years ago
Dude that's so cool!!!!
OC_VILLAIN - 9 years ago
Amazing, but very dangerous honorable Grasshopper, what will fall may break..
Shubham Mondal
Shubham Mondal - 9 years ago
how do you do that inverted glass for aquarium??
Trace Peace
Trace Peace - 9 years ago
Your betta look likes living in a palace

20. comment for My best betta fish tanks

Acerola Laurent
Acerola Laurent - 9 years ago
Nice betta, i have 2 tank with bettas too, one with betta and red cherry.
you can see that on my channel.
Robin Morrisen
Robin Morrisen - 9 years ago
What temp is the water
xxSourWingxx - 9 years ago
what are those tall green plants in your smaller tank?
ElVatoFer - 9 years ago
Very nice setup and betta
MMODoubter - 9 years ago
That white one is a beautiful fish.
Elora Benzakein
Elora Benzakein - 9 years ago
No problem. :) A fish blowing bubblenests doesn't HAVE to be bred, it just means that he's ready. There's no need to get him a girlfriend, and I'd suggest not to. Male and female bettas shouldn't be kept together unless they are very young fry (baby fish) or are being bred. Breeding in itself is a pretty big project. It requires a lot of money, time, patience, and good breeding stock. Not to say that you shouldn't do it, it's something to research beforehand. As for the tank, it's your call. :)
Arnold Pang
Arnold Pang - 9 years ago
Kayte Oleary
Kayte Oleary - 9 years ago
Where do you get your decor!?
bibean s
bibean s - 9 years ago
when the fish swam up i thought it was floating i was like what the...
max hill
max hill - 9 years ago
if you still have issues you could try a indian almond leaf. breeders use them to help with preventing disease and general health, though they do darken water so look into whether you want them or not, also they do tend to lower the ph after a while. maybe try varying your diet or possibly using a mirror for flaring to give them a bit of activity.

30. comment for My best betta fish tanks

Veovre - 9 years ago
Would white be considered "unnatural"??
Carly Johnson
Carly Johnson - 9 years ago
Getting one
Larka Blackwood
Larka Blackwood - 9 years ago
Wow. How many gallons is that tank? And beautiful setup.
Anna McDermott
Anna McDermott - 9 years ago
Did you not want to get some more fish for your tank?
MEWillow002 - 9 years ago
My goodness....That White one is absolutely....stunning....
Bella H.
Bella H. - 9 years ago
Thank you. He just began eating yesterday. He is however building bubble nests. Should we get him a new tank? Or a girlfriend? Or both? xD
Elora Benzakein
Elora Benzakein - 9 years ago
It's normal for new fish to not want to eat for the first few days, even a week. If this goes on longer than a week, he may be ill. Is he lethargic? Does he seem stressed? does he have any cotton like growths, appear to be sprinkled with salt, etc? If not, he's probably just adjusting to his new environment and will begin eating soon. :) Also, there are some really cool online forums out there whose members are always willing to answer questions or help in any way they can. Good luck!
Bella H.
Bella H. - 9 years ago
I have a betta fish and I just recently bought him. He has a big tank with lots of room to swim but he won't eat anything. Suggestions?
Rozen Love
Rozen Love - 9 years ago
did not see that. at first i thought he was swimming in air! HAHA
turttle123451 - 9 years ago
Where are the other fish tanks? i'ts called ""My best beta fish tank(s)"
thai tea
thai tea - 9 years ago
wow a buddhist scenery fish tank NICE!
Stormrage123 - 9 years ago
I have that same tank...
sagesagtesage - 9 years ago
I love those tanks. And I really love your white beta. I would give them each a cave though, a clay plant pot that hasn't been used or something more decorative, but a place where they can go when they want to hide out for whatever reason. And more plants in the beautiful rectangular tank. Bravo on the beta tower!!
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez - 9 years ago
how did you do that water tower thing?
JediMattawan - 9 years ago
How much u want for it
sportbikelife - 9 years ago
MotoBiker_Sap - 9 years ago
love the theme :)
jose sanchez
jose sanchez - 9 years ago
That is a spoiled little betta that's cool anyways
YouTubeYouTube - 9 years ago
How do you make that tower thingy ? It's awesome
Alyssa Ball
Alyssa Ball - 9 years ago
You make me feel bad that mine only has a 1.5 gallon tank that is rather basic:c

50. comment for My best betta fish tanks

Caleb Poulson
Caleb Poulson - 9 years ago
0:21 I thought he flew out of the tank! lol
Wajih Tarbine
Wajih Tarbine - 9 years ago
How did you do that
alan herrera
alan herrera - 9 years ago
went he went up I was like is he flying!!!???
yadanad - 9 years ago
beautiful betta
James Nadar
James Nadar - 9 years ago
what happened
James Nadar
James Nadar - 9 years ago
very peace full tank
SoapSuds - 9 years ago
you raise the water level in the tank as your suck the air out of the tube, so the water immediately replaces the air in the tube, but is still able to circulate. usually it is made.
SoapSuds - 9 years ago
decorations (especially plastic plants) often tear a Bettas fins. Don't worry, the fins will grow back, but just try to check your tetras. Bettas are meant to be by themselves (unless mating, of course).
SoapSuds - 9 years ago
unnaturally colored gravel isn't recommended. simple black or gray/brown gravel is best.
Lilly Heart
Lilly Heart - 9 years ago
He lived a great life! Thanks for taking such good care of him. to many people don't.
J Light
J Light - 9 years ago
Is your filter in a tube or cup of some sort?
SurprizdArv'n - 9 years ago
My betta's fins are slightly torn up...I have it in a 25 litre tank, and it has three neon tetra buddies...what could make its fins torn up? Is it the neons? Thx
Steven Rainford
Steven Rainford - 9 years ago
Put a female in there
1892Genesis - 9 years ago
Whoa got freaked out when the betta was swimming out of the tank before i realized there was a tower of water above it
Esdras Doc
Esdras Doc - 9 years ago
how does that tube work? did you make it or buy it?
Stephanie Wolfe
Stephanie Wolfe - 9 years ago
Where did you get your Betta fish? He is gorgeous!
Nacho Contreras
Nacho Contreras - 9 years ago
Nice tank..check out my Betta fish tank.Let me know what you think..thanks.
Isadora Motta
Isadora Motta - 9 years ago
hahah i didnt see the tower and when he went up i though the filter sucked him and i panicked :)
Ashish Koduri
Ashish Koduri - 9 years ago
Is the the betta in the first tank a red copper.
Hector Roman
Hector Roman - 10 years ago
Love the scenery you got in your tank. I want something like this for my betta. I just bought him a 3 gallon cube tank. He was in a 1 gallon bowl for 3 years just need to buy some decorations for the tank kuz im using the same pebbles he had for his bowl (red and clear pebbles)
MetalMichael1332 - 10 years ago
@Arttic Fox Damn you should really just marry your shift button
SuccMyEgg - 10 years ago
you can'r keep mollies with those fish, mollies need brakish water (Slightly salt water)
Jvg89 - 10 years ago
how do those towers work? awesome set up btw!
TheManrayer - 10 years ago
Check out mine!
Goofy Emoji
Goofy Emoji - 10 years ago
what happened?
Astrid Gootner
Astrid Gootner - 10 years ago
Your fish is gorgeous we're did you he him
Sebastian Martínez
Sebastian Martínez - 10 years ago
I wonder if they ever get bored being alone. I'm sure they do
tnmebd004 - 10 years ago
Your betta fish is gorgeous :)
Lex Star
Lex Star - 10 years ago
Can you tell me where did you get your Buddha Statue? Thanks...
marcsoyeah - 10 years ago
yes but the filter needs to be a low powered one , as you can see in some clips of this video the fish has trouble swimming and that's not good for them but big fish tanks are good for any fish
Smokey - 10 years ago
how did you make that tube thing from your first tank?? thats the coolest thing ive ever seen
Mitchell Shuffett
Mitchell Shuffett - 10 years ago
youre able to put bettas in fish tanks/aquariums?
sunshineandish - 10 years ago
that water tower thing you got is nice ha i like that
sunshineandish - 10 years ago
gorgeous fish..
Ken Davis
Ken Davis - 10 years ago
Beautiful spotless tank, love the tower, 1st class all the way!
Ellie Ambs
Ellie Ambs - 10 years ago
How did you create the tower? I love you Fish!
Boa1811 - 10 years ago
beautiful aquarium and fish!keep it up :) Boa1811
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
i dont have a s2k anymore, i have a g35 now
Lu Tube
Lu Tube - 10 years ago
id like to see ur tuned s2k lol,. anyways i want a betta. is urs 10gal tank?
caroline - 10 years ago
I am so sorry to hear that, mine passed away a few weeks ago ): She lived a long,happy life. Now I have a new beautiful fish! (:
CynHng - 10 years ago
really love ur Tank Setup!
john john
john john - 10 years ago
What are you using to make the fish towers stay still and not move?
luna decentraformosa
luna decentraformosa - 10 years ago
im sorry to hear that :(
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
thank you, he passed yesterday ;(
tingy tangy
tingy tangy - 10 years ago
Nice tank dude or dudette
xStJ4M3Sx - 10 years ago
very very cool
Atharv Patankar
Atharv Patankar - 10 years ago
beautiful betta plus cool tank
whytie555 - 10 years ago
how did you do the water towers??? Neat tank and he is a gorgeous boy :)
Love of Pets
Love of Pets - 10 years ago
I forgot to say that your betta is stunning, beautiful color, I have a pure red one and a blue with red tips.
Love of Pets
Love of Pets - 10 years ago
Nice video and tank, did you make that tower yourself or did it come with the stand and container? I really like it, I want one for my two bettas. Thanks

100. comment for My best betta fish tanks

jacob ramirez
jacob ramirez - 10 years ago
nice tank i want 1 like that
Naxiesa Sempaii
Naxiesa Sempaii - 10 years ago
Awesome Tank man. i love it ^_^ And your betta they are great. i love you white one. ^_^
gtariman03 - 10 years ago
Even though I'm Asian, I have no idea what Buddhists beliefs are. Maybe they believe that Buddha's image is good luck or something. Chinese people have a lot of "good luck" things. Dragons, cats, lucky bamboos, etc. I'm not an expert in Chinese and Buddhists' beliefs, but I have very little facts about them.
BettaFishRUs - 10 years ago
I'm Christian, but I wouldn't want to have him in my tank, either. But why Buddha? o.O
Mistofknowledge - 10 years ago
Is this music from Perfect World?
gtariman03 - 10 years ago
I'm an atheist, but I don't think Christians want Jesus in their tank.
BettaFishRUs - 10 years ago
Why do people have those fucking budha things? Why not Jesus or something?
TheHaloChief117 - 10 years ago
you can't have 2 bettas together idiot
Ponquit Quinton
Ponquit Quinton - 10 years ago
how do you keep the air fresh at the top of the tower?
George Washington
George Washington - 10 years ago
lol i thought he floated out of the tanks for a second :)
Jordan James
Jordan James - 10 years ago
lol, snails. those little fuckers.
Ria Rathod
Ria Rathod - 10 years ago
You're just asking for that fish to die.
Ria Rathod
Ria Rathod - 10 years ago
Well, what kind of fish do you have?
Ria Rathod
Ria Rathod - 10 years ago
Yes, believe it or not, betta fish are not THAT small.
Josh nonyabuisness
Josh nonyabuisness - 10 years ago
how did you make those towers?
ReviewCam - 10 years ago
Love love LOVE it! Amazing tank and gorgeous betta
hunter ashber
hunter ashber - 10 years ago
woah thats a nice tank
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
Yes :)
david crowe
david crowe - 10 years ago
hiya are you using a filter and a heater in these tanks?
Pimezon Mezon
Pimezon Mezon - 10 years ago
ditto... my male betta, fishee, does the same thing. in fact, he is like a pointer dogs... he always points towards me. if I left my living room, where my betta is placed, he will always point towards the direction I left the room and my wife knows where I went, lol.
kev jar
kev jar - 10 years ago
Way nicer then my halfmoon!
A Baker
A Baker - 10 years ago
I love that your keeping bettas the right way. Also love and am very jealous of your white betta slpendous where did you get them. Lfs? Or online
stooie - 10 years ago
hi great setup! how big is the tank with the tower? cheers
MisterJ - 10 years ago
love the first tank. very elegant decor that works well with the minimalist plant placement. im working on my tank right now
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 10 years ago
so beautiful!
Coolnicknameguy - 10 years ago
you ever feal like your fish watchs you more then you watch them? its like even though there the 1s in the tank some times I feal like there watching me and Im there pet, or maby its cause the just want food :( but my bettas always checking me out, my femal will stay in 1 spot looking at me if Im in the room, only if I leave or hide that she goes in her cave or swims around the rest of the tank, if she sees me shes glued to the glass
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
my.lean - 10 years ago
where did you buy your bettas from?
The Higgins
The Higgins - 10 years ago
How did you get the tube to fill up with water with out overflowing the tank?
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
thanks for the compliments!
Brandon Carbon
Brandon Carbon - 10 years ago
Dude nice setup u got there! Where did u get the Buddha statue btw? and do you know what material they're made of?
s2ktuner - 10 years ago
live plant section at petco
TheJasekiwi - 10 years ago
that vase just gave me a idea about how i should set up my tank :)
christopher smith
christopher smith - 10 years ago
i like it color nince betta wish they them type of color betta were i live
Matheus Gomes
Matheus Gomes - 10 years ago
playboyzin filho da PUTA!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy4Noodle - 10 years ago
Beautiful ;_S
MegaTimebomb098 - 11 years ago
only aquarium plants not ones from the backyard
neodorkiss - 11 years ago
Your fish are absolutely beautiful
Kassandra Alberico
Kassandra Alberico - 11 years ago
I have a question, please answer! How did you get the water to stay in the vase without emptying into the tank?
Pure4Kicks - 11 years ago
Is that a 10 gallon? Super sick Idea bra going home to set one up for my Betta :) making happy Betta's in every state thanks for the idea.
Limcamilka - 11 years ago
How the heck did you do that, and that betta is so pretty, you really know how to take care of it, please see my video on my new tank
shereen1213 - 11 years ago
It looks like a Spanish dancer :O So beautiful! :)
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@exxcel19 the weight of the water in the vase sitting on the twin pillars makes it very heavy and stable
exxcel19 - 11 years ago
how did you keep the vases from falling over?
Alora K
Alora K - 11 years ago
WOW the first tank is the coolest thing ever!! I love the water tower, looks like he enjoys himself too. How did you get the tower to hold water like that?? Suction? it's an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing :)
LakerFan Jackson
LakerFan Jackson - 11 years ago
how did u get the vase to stay like that?
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@KawaiiCutieify its a vase I bought at Target
idk makeup
idk makeup - 11 years ago
Where did u get ur budda? I've been looking 4 one but I can't!
Ezequiel Ortiz
Ezequiel Ortiz - 11 years ago
@ezklortiz Also, another question lol!! Is there anything I have to do to the plant before I put it in the tank? I just wanna be on the safe side for my betta!!
Ezequiel Ortiz
Ezequiel Ortiz - 11 years ago
@s2ktuner Thanks! I will be putting some in!
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@ezklortiz of course, bettas love real plants. Also all the plants i have are real ;)
Ezequiel Ortiz
Ezequiel Ortiz - 11 years ago
I have a dumb question lol!! Can you put real plants in the tank?
eyelovemakeup24 - 11 years ago
i love this!!!! I am so going to try this as soon as a find a great vase like that...
Kelsey Byrd
Kelsey Byrd - 11 years ago
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@sashakitty28 thanks! and yup, they don't need alot of space, they can definately survive in a small bowl, like a chimpanzee can survive in a small cage, but they're definately alot more healthier and happier with alot more space :)
sashakitty28 - 11 years ago
Wow, cool tank!! I love it. Even though bettas don't need a lot of space, the bigger the tank the happier your betta will be
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@MrBettafishy it was a marineland filter but it was way too strong but now i switched to aquaclear with a adjustable water flow
MrBettafishy - 11 years ago
@s2ktuner What kind of filter is it? I can't really see it in the video, but if it's like a waterfall filter I could give you some ideas to slow down the current.
dinoworld112 - 11 years ago
am confused and i feel stupid becuse its simple the water level and the amount of water that goes up into that vase arnt the same
Morgan Morey
Morgan Morey - 11 years ago
OMG!!!! That an epic betta tank!! its like an upside down fish tank.
Boby Bobby
Boby Bobby - 11 years ago
@s2ktuner ok i gotta try this il subscribe
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@TheBettalover123 i just completely submerge the vase in the tank and pull it up by its bottom and place it on the greek pillar that i have. you must make sure whatever you place your vase on is steady and secure.
Boby Bobby
Boby Bobby - 11 years ago
howd you do it explain
Boby Bobby
Boby Bobby - 11 years ago
hes so pretty
s2ktuner - 11 years ago
@whiteboypatrickkelly its a vase placed upside down and filled with water. Theres no adjustments to the flow of the filter though, do you know any tricks or anything to get the flow to slow?

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