My betta fish swimming around in his tank

A relaxing video of my beautiful Cambodian Multicolor Crowntail Betta boy called "Grimm", swimming around in his Aqueon Mini Bow 2.5 gallon home!

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for My betta fish swimming around in his tank

ZerkyGamer_101 MCPE
ZerkyGamer_101 MCPE - 6 years ago
so cute ;)
GalaxyCat 799
GalaxyCat 799 - 6 years ago
How old can betta fish can go to before it dies?
Neko girl
Neko girl - 6 years ago
2 years average, but they can go into their teens in rare cases.
Lightning Breyers
Lightning Breyers - 6 years ago
My betta used to "play" with his filter, but he's dead and I'm getting a new one :-/
WinterSnow - 6 years ago
Why would somebody dislike this? It's beautiful.
Alexandras Pets
Alexandras Pets - 6 years ago
i think its because the siza of the tank. X'D betta-bezzerwizzers everywhere you know ;)
FruityKinz - 6 years ago
I love this video! So calming and nice. Lovely betta :)
Lalipop Sweetie
Lalipop Sweetie - 8 years ago
Such a pretty color mine blue and purple love bettas
Chantelle Suiter
Chantelle Suiter - 8 years ago
He's so pretty :) 

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