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Betta 2 years ago 260,718 views

NEW Species in the BETTA FISH Tanks!!! PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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rayan D
rayan D - 2 years ago
Your video always make my day
Chloe Tong
Chloe Tong - 2 years ago
Ray Angelo Dela Cruz
Noah The fish dude
Noah The fish dude - 2 years ago
Me too
Grant Ticknor
Grant Ticknor - 2 years ago
Ray Angelo
Fish Bros
Fish Bros - 2 years ago
Name one of the shrimps Nigel
Nico Abanador
Nico Abanador - 2 years ago
Alanna Hernandez
Alanna Hernandez - 2 years ago
rayko ruiz
rayko ruiz - 2 years ago
catch em all released Mini Mu in the mini pond
Domo Notell
Domo Notell - 2 years ago
Ray Angelo Dela Cruz rhos much are you paying his videos?????
Anibal Juarez
Anibal Juarez - 2 years ago
Ray Angelo Dela Crochet o
echotegu1812 awesome
echotegu1812 awesome - 2 years ago
morne lotter
morne lotter - 2 years ago have to get that guar...dude
all about fish
all about fish - 2 years ago
Very eager to watch your videos everyday
all about fish
all about fish - 2 years ago
Mine too
Dakota Creed
Dakota Creed - 2 years ago
Bro your a frickin legend you have made me persue fish tanks and fish your awesome but definitely put sand and plants in with thomas
PRAVASINI DASH - 2 years ago
views 16th
PRAVASINI DASH - 2 years ago
take now gard fish
shooting star
shooting star - 2 years ago
U can keep another one female betta
navin thomas
navin thomas - 2 years ago
what is the size of this tank?
Lord Ender
Lord Ender - 2 years ago
Birdi bindi bubbly buddy busy backy bisky braski boski
Lord Ender
Lord Ender - 2 years ago
Dylanie Esteban
Dylanie Esteban - 2 years ago
Why the bathroom
Jishnu Sengupta
Jishnu Sengupta - 2 years ago
Bro very good video ... but don't put sand instead of rocks .. it is looking good

10. comment for NEW BETTA FISH TANK MEMBERS!!!

AG CHANNEL - 2 years ago
How many gallon is that tank
rer1967 - 2 years ago
You should breed Luna and Thomas. Result would be some really colorful betta.
Arrogant Prophet
Arrogant Prophet - 2 years ago
The Shrimp need algae to eat, you should put live plants in there.
Unicornlover2012 - 2 years ago
When I had shrimps with my fish the shrimps ate my fish alive
DISCLAIMER: this is from my experience
Kenny Fletcher
Kenny Fletcher - 2 years ago
you should mate Thomas With Luna
Gracielalimon Limon
Gracielalimon Limon - 2 years ago
yes I what to see sand
Kannan Ps
Kannan Ps - 2 years ago
super pond I like it how much money to made a pond
gabriel lopez
gabriel lopez - 2 years ago
live plants no sand
gabriel lopez
gabriel lopez - 2 years ago
Paul I look up to you
Naomi'sAnimals - 2 years ago
What's Luna's tanks??

20. comment for NEW BETTA FISH TANK MEMBERS!!!

Siddharth Parab
Siddharth Parab - 2 years ago
I love your video
Laila Romero
Laila Romero - 2 years ago
Imagine being the person in the next stall just shitting and listening to you
T.B.B.L Adrianna
T.B.B.L Adrianna - 2 years ago
Omigosh! I really like your videos and you inspired me to get a betta fish and I was also thinking of getting ghost shrimp! THANKS :) these videos will help me take care of my betta and know and understand how to take care of them! THANK YOU!
talea nemar
talea nemar - 2 years ago
Sai Lavanya
Sai Lavanya - 2 years ago
Sarah Dowling
Sarah Dowling - 2 years ago
No sand
errey reyes
errey reyes - 2 years ago
I like your videos it is so cool Paul and Nick is cool to Paul and I like Mollys and platys
Billy Bollinger
Billy Bollinger - 2 years ago
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - 2 years ago
Did you even do reasearch? Bettas need a 2.5 gallon tank minimum and you need 5 gallons to put your betta with any community tanks! If I were you, I would take the two bettas out, put them in a bigger tank, and leave the shrimp there or put fish that could be in a 1 gallon. You just buy these shrimp and put them with your betta with NO reasearch. I could see that your bettas are being “curious.” If the betta is following the shrimp, it might eat them or harm them because bettas are carnivores and they will eat/kill any living thing that is smaller than their body
Selina Govender
Selina Govender - 2 years ago
Get a Blood parrot

30. comment for NEW BETTA FISH TANK MEMBERS!!!

Tully white
Tully white - 2 years ago
You should breed you bettas and make a vid
Keelie Smithery
Keelie Smithery - 2 years ago
"I just forgot about them in there" shrugs it off
Literally something I would do
Prabhu g
Prabhu g - 2 years ago
Iike it
David Daily
David Daily - 2 years ago
Shimp dimp pimp dink flink Harry darry shrimpy
fish tech with AZHAAN AND zia
fish tech with AZHAAN AND zia - 2 years ago
dude your videos are really very good. I can't wait for the next one
fish tech with AZHAAN AND zia
fish tech with AZHAAN AND zia - 2 years ago
pause the video on 9:22 and see his face
love garner State Park zayra
love garner State Park zayra - 2 years ago
You have inspired me to get more fishes!!!
Ganesh bendal
Ganesh bendal - 2 years ago
Bring small betta babies
Evelyn Cortez
Evelyn Cortez - 2 years ago
Jennifer Kveum
Jennifer Kveum - 2 years ago
How do you keep your shrimps in your Betta tank without a heater
Polly Dang
Polly Dang - 2 years ago
At least a 2.5 gallon for each beta
Bella - 2 years ago
The fact you get away with idiocy so easily is astounding. You're just about as educated as your subscribers when it comes to fish. It's sad.
DinosaurGirl135M - 2 years ago
Only seen nine seconds and I liked this video
Adame - 2 years ago
Fish And Shrimps
Fish And Shrimps - 2 years ago
As long as you dont have other betta fish with luna its fine but keep the rocks the
Shrimps like it better
Tyler Sledge
Tyler Sledge - 2 years ago
No sand bc the fish will muck up the water for a bit every time it kicks which may mess with its gills. Also rocks just look more decorative
Akil Ahamed
Akil Ahamed - 2 years ago
What a copy cat...!!!! Videos are just like Logan paul's
Annalisa Anaya
Annalisa Anaya - 2 years ago
I am trying to save up for a betta fish but it’s a lot of money to every thing it needs
Chuckles Baby
Chuckles Baby - 2 years ago
I want 3 batas
PWill's Reef
PWill's Reef - 2 years ago
cool video! I just got a betta yesterday and I keep a few tetras with him. I introduced them all in the same day so there would not be any territory issues. they should get alone fine as long as they are well fed and have space

50. comment for NEW BETTA FISH TANK MEMBERS!!!

Chloe Tong
Chloe Tong - 2 years ago
Put live plants nor sand.
copperhead junkie
copperhead junkie - 2 years ago
My betta lives with a Raphael catfish and a albino plecko
Piotr Andrusiewicz
Piotr Andrusiewicz - 2 years ago
get the gare
Zoe Hartsock
Zoe Hartsock - 2 years ago
Breed bettas!!!!!
Tamara Fraser
Tamara Fraser - 2 years ago
Can you put a baby crab in with a Betta fish?
Lani - 2 years ago
How old is he
Lani - 2 years ago
What type of fish can you put with your betta
Jaya Khan
Jaya Khan - 2 years ago
Love your video
Jaya Khan
Jaya Khan - 2 years ago
Chris Tracks
Chris Tracks - 2 years ago
Yo Paul I’m a new subcriber!and I been watchin all ur videos the pass day and going to continue doing that.thank u
Smokey Blogz
Smokey Blogz - 2 years ago
Now everyone is a pro you all chill the fk down no one is perfect relax
Raiju Crowntail
Raiju Crowntail - 2 years ago
My Betta lives a happy healthy life and he shares his tank peacefully with his shrimp friends CHECK IT OUT
Nicole Nicholas
Nicole Nicholas - 2 years ago
Bloody awesome vids I have a Betta fish too
Leah Downs
Leah Downs - 2 years ago
You need real plants the pellets are better than the flakes but they will work. Blood worms are not a steady diet food! (thats for whoever said that in a comment below) Tank size is fine as long as you keep up the water changes. Shrimp may be eaten but that is a life process! However they will not survive in a none planted tank.
Natalia Edges
Natalia Edges - 2 years ago
Singmusic12 - 2 years ago
what kind of betta fish is thomas ? i want him :)
GoldenAppleThree - 2 years ago
"Yeah,the feeder is broken too!"
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy - 2 years ago
dont put shrimp inside your betta tank. the shrimp will kill your betta at night. the shrimp are so evil at night.
suited zombie
suited zombie - 2 years ago
I have a question...How do you properly add driftwood into a tank? Like, to where it won't turn the water brown? Do you have to buy specific wood, or can you just get some from outside?
Slimelover 101
Slimelover 101 - 2 years ago
Name them billy, bob, Buckley, Buckey, boi
Stephanie Gernentz
Stephanie Gernentz - 2 years ago
Does ur friend Nick have a YouTube???!!
jianping zheng
jianping zheng - 2 years ago
Can u gave me I want to be like u please I leave in the Philippines please reply
Łøveły Rösęs
Łøveły Rösęs - 2 years ago
I have my Betta Fish in a 1.25 gallon. It has a heater, and a low flow filter. I feed it pellets, and sometimes freeze-dried blood worms. He’s 3 years old, and is very happy and active. I don’t really see what’s wrong with those tanks. Giving them a 5 gallon is like giving your children mansions. It’s a perfect size, and I think people are over dramatic. The only thing that was wrong in the video was that you added shrimp that didn’t need to be added. Betta Fish are territorial and are solitary, they will eat the shrimp (tank mates) and like being alone.
Ally Rossi
Ally Rossi - 2 years ago
Shrimp 1, shrimp 2, shrimp 3, shrimp 4, shrimp 5, shrimp 6, shrimp 7, shrimp 8, shrimp 9 and shrimp 10. #creativity lmao
Fedor Emperor
Fedor Emperor - 2 years ago
Can you breed the two beta fish...
SPCjerseycity 1220
SPCjerseycity 1220 - 2 years ago
Get a blood fin tetra
Joey Carter
Joey Carter - 2 years ago
Shrimp names: Jeffery, Bob, Rick, Sally, Washy, Anamilla, Zillow, Yulog, Rukis, Xiphan
Erin Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
Erin Santa Cruz Santa Cruz - 2 years ago
Because of you we got a Betta fish
savithu x production
savithu x production - 2 years ago
i am in sri lanka waching every day
Ella George
Ella George - 2 years ago
I know I’m late but Stanley, Pam, Dwight, Jim, Kevin, Creed, Angela, Meredith, Michael, Oscar
Brandon Marvel
Brandon Marvel - 2 years ago
Lol everyone focusing on the bettas, but he said he wanted a gar for his pond? Isn’t it in his backyard? That thing. Will kill everything then die
Jayden Gallmon
Jayden Gallmon - 2 years ago
they'll go better with neon tetras
Jayden Gallmon
Jayden Gallmon - 2 years ago
the betta will eat the shrimp
Mady Barsaga
Mady Barsaga - 2 years ago
Your betta fish is so pretty
korrasami is canon
korrasami is canon - 2 years ago
Hate to burst everyone's bubble but I keep my little dude in a tank that's not like the one he has at home because anything bigger violates my university regulations
kruz lucas productions
kruz lucas productions - 2 years ago
Pause the video at 2:54
ᄆ•무락생• - 2 years ago
I think your betta is very cool!
Jazaniah Lee
Jazaniah Lee - 2 years ago
How old are you?
Brayden Martin
Brayden Martin - 2 years ago
Breed Thomas and luna
Umar Engel
Umar Engel - 2 years ago
12345678910 one number for earth shrimp
Mohid Imran
Mohid Imran - 2 years ago
Jaden Marcel Arriola
Jaden Marcel Arriola - 2 years ago
Michaelwsc - 2 years ago
the betta will not eat the shrimp?
Just gaming with Anth ony
Just gaming with Anth ony - 2 years ago
Dana Jennerjohn
Dana Jennerjohn - 2 years ago
egg jsjrj egghfjwjri chickenhcueuf
Jagged Guillermo
Jagged Guillermo - 2 years ago
Do you have lysp?
nizzthe 1
nizzthe 1 - 2 years ago
Lol what is this when betta keepers attack dang..... Yes the tank is small but do you have to insult someone voice your "advice" and go on with your day
c5mila - 2 years ago
does anyone know what tank he uses for his betta fish
Rhe Nation
Rhe Nation - 2 years ago
I love your videos! They make me so happy and those fish are awesome I hope you could teach me and give me advice on my ghost shrimp ❤️❤️❤️
SM00THI3 - 2 years ago
0:34 Damn daniel

100. comment for NEW BETTA FISH TANK MEMBERS!!!

Alan Laulainen
Alan Laulainen - 2 years ago
Yay shrimp!!
Darian Pinkerton
Darian Pinkerton - 2 years ago
Your videos turn my day from sad to SUPER happy you and your fish have inspired me to get a fish tank and a BUNCH of fish. Love You So Much
Asnavy Sari
Asnavy Sari - 2 years ago
How are those shrimp so cheap??
Anna Grandas
Anna Grandas - 2 years ago
Your betta is going to eat the baby shrimp
Tamim Hossain
Tamim Hossain - 2 years ago
Can Shrimp live in freshwater Tank with some plants help me guys
umer manzoor
umer manzoor - 2 years ago
Betta Fish Habitat: Bring Your from Boring to Roaring Today!
Create a more attention grabbing design from your Betta fish habitat today!
Grace Lanier
Grace Lanier - 2 years ago
Have you had any trouble with your filter cuz mine seems to flow too hard for my betta
Sweet tropical slimes and squishys
Sweet tropical slimes and squishys - 2 years ago
Just for all haters roses are red violets are blue if you don’t like Paul The Who are you???
Chef Kaff
Chef Kaff - 2 years ago
Get some guppies
Gabrielle Sesuca
Gabrielle Sesuca - 2 years ago
I looked at all the comments here he just acknowledges people saying "great vid" or " im a fan" or something like, not once did i see he liked a comment showing concern for his fish and advising him on how to really care for them
Liana Knight
Liana Knight - 2 years ago
Where did the one very beautiful Berta fish go and the golden turtle decoration go
Justice Ensign
Justice Ensign - 2 years ago
You Are Literrally my fav youtuber
Denver Aloysius
Denver Aloysius - 2 years ago
I made my own fish tank after watching your video
Oshadhi Fernando
Oshadhi Fernando - 2 years ago
Put Thomas and Luna in a larger tank.
Døg ;-;
Døg ;-; - 2 years ago
Betta fish need to be alone! They are aggressive, adding shrimp wouldn’t hurt; although the tank is already small enough! Please, I beg you don’t add anymore fish.
The Pet Owner
The Pet Owner - 2 years ago
Love your videos! Keep up the good work! I enjoy all your videos! If you had your bettas each in like a 10 gallon i would love to see some cool aquascaping like with some driftwood and some live plants and like maybe a snail! That would look soo cool! Petco does a dollar per gallon sale every season so like you could get two 10 gallons for only 20$, thats cheaper than Thomas's 2.5 gallon! Please reply!
EliteFuryDragon Films
EliteFuryDragon Films - 2 years ago
When i am down i know to go to your channel but please post more vids on the new pond
Fable Mira
Fable Mira - 2 years ago
Those tanks are DEFINITELY not suitable for more than 1 living thing in them. Just wait until your micro shrimp are eaten
Reese vlogs
Reese vlogs - 2 years ago
good vid!!!!!!!!!
Reese vlogs
Reese vlogs - 2 years ago
i know right.
Nature Zone
Nature Zone - 2 years ago
Sand is fine!!!!!!!!
Boss Bonsai
Boss Bonsai - 2 years ago
more betta vids
Dylis Cairo Foon
Dylis Cairo Foon - 2 years ago
These are amano shrimp, meaning they will probably get to 4 inches each
Shiann Do
Shiann Do - 2 years ago
My bata fish has him shrimp a cat fish and plecos and frogs all geting along
Alestraia - 2 years ago
I'm going to explain acclimatisation because I don't think you understand the concept of it. Acclimate does not mean open the bag and float it in the tank for an hour then dump the fish in unless you are SUUUPER sure your water perimeters are the same.

Acclimate means you float the bag in the tank unopened for 10 - 30 minutes to get the same temperature, open the bag and add some water then let it sit for another 10 - 20 minutes to get the fish used to the water perimeters, then add the fish to the tank. You don't open the bag because the carbon dioxide escapes the water which changes the PH.
Joe Adams
Joe Adams - 2 years ago
Sand and real plants
Chloe Hand
Chloe Hand - 2 years ago
Ars betta fish salt water
jorvanel cruz
jorvanel cruz - 2 years ago
what's the point of the shrimp?
Pet exemples pet examples
Pet exemples pet examples - 2 years ago
U talk allt
Mike Grey
Mike Grey - 2 years ago
This guy's honestly fucked smh
blue wolf nikolaisone
blue wolf nikolaisone - 2 years ago
Breed your betta fish
Taffy Blanchette
Taffy Blanchette - 2 years ago
You can put some kinds of fish in a betta tank
Rivaldo Christian
Rivaldo Christian - 2 years ago
I’ve been breeding betta for a year now still a beginner
And I wanted for you guys to check whether my betta’s quality are good or not
Give me some critique pls dont be too harsh
Cheers betta lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Haileylove ect.
Haileylove ect. - 2 years ago
Well guys he is trying. He may not have done enough research on the betas, but no one is a fish expert over night.
My beta did very well with ghost shrimp to.
Tito Teringis
Tito Teringis - 2 years ago
I have a Beta fish and his name is Valentín
Ariana Flowerlook
Ariana Flowerlook - 2 years ago
The betterfish eat the trumps
Rupesh Gurung
Rupesh Gurung - 2 years ago
you should add some community fish
in your betta fish tank .. like neon tetras ...etc..
jose363a - 2 years ago
Paul Lara Paula tinkerbell rusell eve abby daisy David John

That is names for all The shrimps
Ujjal Samaddar
Ujjal Samaddar - 2 years ago
paul bro i am your fan . i am indian . i am bengoli .
Killer spring
Killer spring - 2 years ago
At petco they are 99 cents
Maddox Thompson
Maddox Thompson - 2 years ago
Name one Maddox
Macie Andrea
Macie Andrea - 2 years ago
Update on these shrimps????
Alyvia Delgado
Alyvia Delgado - 2 years ago
no sand yes real plants
Allen pham
Allen pham - 2 years ago
Why dose your video say my birthday march 11 today is march 30
Ginger jon
Ginger jon - 2 years ago
Paul u to inspire me bro !
Omya Smith
Omya Smith - 2 years ago
Your videos are cool
Ricky 2004
Ricky 2004 - 2 years ago
No because the sand will eat up the acrylic
Katherine Pullam
Katherine Pullam - 2 years ago
Paul, I appreciate your videos. I really do. It sheds light on the mainly unknown world of fish, however, I would really appreciate if you did proper research before you get every individual fish, especially with a community tank. Looking to make sure that your tank mates are compatible and can live together comfortably without stress, moving on to what you did in your video today, I would greatly Appreciate it if you moved the Beta’s into 2 separate 10 gallon tanks if you are going to add in different fish. It makes it extremely hard for them. Pleaase please pleaseeee do your research, as in it could end in the deaths of your fish.
Hayden Cantaloupe
Hayden Cantaloupe - 2 years ago
What type of shrimp?
LJ'S CHANNEL - 2 years ago
I had a beta for 2 years and his name was Albert (yes Albert) he was blue but in the light he was purple.
LJ'S CHANNEL - 2 years ago
10 shrimp names:
10.Carry with a C
Annie Li
Annie Li - 2 years ago
No hate, but Betta fish eat shrimp. i learned this the hard way. Just so you know and i hope you get them a better environment soon :)
poptartturtlle 76
poptartturtlle 76 - 2 years ago
Nick ,tra,sid,cur,saw,and sev
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez - 2 years ago
Don't worry about the betta eating the ghost shrimp might end up the other way around.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez - 2 years ago
Ghost shrimp are pure EVIL not even the mighty mini mu lord or darkness can be compared.
Attacking Fluff
Attacking Fluff - 2 years ago
I just wanna say as someone who has taken care of bettas long term for years those tanks are perfectly fine as long as water changes are kept up on.
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson - 2 years ago
Summer Panoho
Summer Panoho - 2 years ago
For some reason I take this inspirational bc he gets fish
Snekety Snek
Snekety Snek - 2 years ago
I have a beta (male) named Ezra plz like if you think it’s a good name (he’s a blue color)
doki doki ahegao
doki doki ahegao - 2 years ago
I’m sorry but you really shouldn’t add tank mates, much less add as many as you have. Everything has a bioload and if the bioload is too high then it can cause a lot of problems.
MG P - 2 years ago
This kid knows nothing about the fish hobby
THE HACKETT - 2 years ago
You should put a male with luna
because she is alone
T Miller
T Miller - 2 years ago
Relax on the fish... they’re suffering for your entertainment
Olyvia Gobern
Olyvia Gobern - 2 years ago
See if Luna likes Tohmas it will be adorable
Olivia Chaffers-Welsh
Olivia Chaffers-Welsh - 2 years ago
No keep the rocks but put live plant in the tank
Raine Knight
Raine Knight - 2 years ago
Shrimp will eat your betta fish's fins and or the betta will eat the shrimp also your tank is not big enough for more than one fish. One more thing don't make your Betts freeze get a good heater it can go into shock and die
Aubrie Fiscus
Aubrie Fiscus - 2 years ago
I have a baby beta that looks exactly like luna
Terri R Beavers
Terri R Beavers - 2 years ago
I have a beta fish and two shrimp in a 3 gallon tank and I feel like it's too small for them and have been trying to catch the shrimp to get them out. I can't imagine so many in your tank but I'm sure you must know what you are doing.
Uganda meme channel
Uganda meme channel - 2 years ago
But female betta are more nice then males u can put females with other females or other tropical fish that not a cichlids
Giovanni Diaz
Giovanni Diaz - 2 years ago
I have a lot of bata fish all over of my 2 stories house☺
Hannah Brighurst
Hannah Brighurst - 2 years ago
All these people are talking shit and yes I think the bigger the better but still theirs people keeping their Betta fish in smaller tanks than that and they are doing just fine I've seen people treat their fish much worse he is not abusing them and they look like happy fish to me his fish are not suffering as much as you like to talk crap he take good cares of his fish allot better than allot of people do
Brett Cabangbang
Brett Cabangbang - 2 years ago
Your the best youtuber ever but you should have at least a billion subscribers guys if you are reading SUBSCRIBE MORE
Lillie Styles
Lillie Styles - 2 years ago
wtf u were at my pet supermarket in tequesta. that's so strange lmao
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor - 2 years ago
I ❤ Culver's!!!
Delsinium - 2 years ago
Do you live in Missouri?
Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Yousaf - 2 years ago
Use canbuse black sand, small drift wood with java moss, frogbit or salvinia and ofcourse marimo moss balls. My betta just absolutley loves this setupin a 5 gallon.
Katie Holden
Katie Holden - 2 years ago
You should honestly quit fish keeping. You can't just pkut whatever fish in whatever tank at whatever temperature. Do some research. Just came from your pond video. It is very clear you have no idea what you're doing.
Ania Figueredo
Ania Figueredo - 2 years ago
Please take better care of your indoor aquariums. Research proper conditions for betta fish. The absolute minimum tank size for ONLY the betta is 2.5 gallons and it should be up to 5 gallons if you plan on keeping it with shrimp. They should not be on auto feeders because they overfeed your fish and they will never eat sand. They need a heater as well as proper filtration. Please do more research. Taylor Nicole Dean has great videos to help you.
mffmothafucka - 2 years ago
disgusting video, you obviously know nothing about keeping bettas or any fish for that matter
Dolphincutie World
Dolphincutie World - 2 years ago
Hi, Great video. I love your betta they are so pretty. I do videos on betta and how to take care of them I would just say I would upgrade tour tank to 5 or higher before getting any other fish too but your tanks look good I would just upgrade them to bigger.
Jack496 - 2 years ago
Again love the vid love channel thanks bro
Meraj khodadadi
Meraj khodadadi - 2 years ago
Like fish
Josh Stransky
Josh Stransky - 2 years ago
1:19 looked like the fish was smiling
_Skiper - 2 years ago
Jacob Polar
Jacob Polar - 2 years ago
Love your videos so much please never stop the content
Boss Bonsai
Boss Bonsai - 2 years ago
what is the species
Koi Betta FinAddicts
Koi Betta FinAddicts - 2 years ago
Bro ignore those comments from people that try to knock your videos did you notice that the person that left a long comment says that your channel actually came up randomly? but then They know your whole history about how many bettas died. I’ve watched quite a few of your “SICK” videos and we enjoy them. Let those negative people just drown in their misery their just jealous & ridiculous to waste their time on negative comments. We like your channel keep it up PC.....SICK new tank you got was it a 120 or 160 gallon? Is that your new fish room? Peace man... Rob
Koi Betta FinAddicts
Koi Betta FinAddicts - 2 years ago
Bettas wont eat the sand as far as i know? Never heard of that happing. How about breeding your bettas? Its so much fun. Check out koi Betta Fin Addicts channel i got a few videos up about spawning. I think people would love if you try that thanks for all the great videos Paul
Avery And Kenzie show
Avery And Kenzie show - 2 years ago
That hamster poster in the bathroom
Giselle Pulido
Giselle Pulido - 2 years ago
...are you sure it’s safe? And if it is pls tell me
Josie Knott
Josie Knott - 2 years ago
Ya don’t need 3 ads in one video and also give your betas some love plants and wood they need a natural environment
Mixalis lol
Mixalis lol - 2 years ago
Add a fish word counter lel over 50times you said fish <3 you're videos
a spoon
a spoon - 2 years ago
What store did you go to, where you got the shrimp?
Thalia Shilts
Thalia Shilts - 2 years ago
No sand
gembul youtube channel
gembul youtube channel - 2 years ago
Wow can i have one i like fish
AureliaNoir - 2 years ago
I can already see the title of the next video "ALL MY SHRIMPS ARE DEAD!!!!!"
LilyFlower - 2 years ago
You have a lot of enthusiasm for these kind of things, and you are making a few mistakes. People are being a little harsh just because they are also passionate about fish, but for real, you need to do more research. Shrimp love live plants and places to hide. A 2.5 gallon tank is okay (but not the best) for a betta. Maybe a 5 gallon would be better for a betta and a few shrimp depending on if your betta is chill enough to be around shrimp. However, small things like cycling your tanks and acclimation can overall lead to the most successful start of an aquarium (even if its just a small 2.5 gallon). I can understand how it is frustrating to buy a tank that's too small and need to go back and buy a new tank, but it goes to show that you should do some more research. Not trying to be toxic or flame, its nice to see how you are humble about your mistakes, but you should read the comments (ignore the mean stuff) and gather more information to provide better care if you really care for Luna, Thomas, and your ghost shrimps.
Needsmoreglitter - 2 years ago
Shrimp are... fine. Luckily they’re ghost shrimp but that looks like waaaay too many for a 2.5 gallon. Hey, maybe a few of them will become a good snack for the betta...
Charlotte Orman
Charlotte Orman - 2 years ago
Hi I was wondering I have 6 zebra danios could I introduce a male betta. They are all in a 10 gallon approx ( maybe a bit bigger) thanks to anyone who reply’s
Danielle Thomas
Danielle Thomas - 2 years ago
The idiocy of this guy makes me want to cry
franki6831 - 2 years ago
how are you repeatedly managing to make bad decisions when it comes to these fish... dude, a month ago people left comments asking you to do research, and theyve been right about everything else, so why havent you? literally you could just google this stuff its that simple.
Hailey McLain
Hailey McLain - 2 years ago
i wouldnt take the chance putting sand in the tank i think you should stick with rocks
Red bird
Red bird - 2 years ago
Put sand
Neven Ali
Neven Ali - 2 years ago
Get a cat fish
JIgnacio061311 1gnaci0
JIgnacio061311 1gnaci0 - 2 years ago
I have salt water aquarium
Horse Topic
Horse Topic - 2 years ago
If you want a community tank with a betta, it needs to be at LEAST 10 gallons. If its 10 gallons, no more than 3 fish. You also need more plants and hideouts for the little guys
madyson oster
madyson oster - 2 years ago
Noooooooo damn it. You were doing so good too.
Paige Robertson
Paige Robertson - 2 years ago
Who told you to add shrimp to those tanks? Curious because you obviously don’t know what you are doing
Oli Eats Cookies
Oli Eats Cookies - 2 years ago
Is the fish really thriving though? If the tank itself is barely large enough for it to even survive. Yes betta fish can live in extremely conditions of really dirty and shallow pools of water, but that’s only for a small time of their life. A human can survive on just water but it doesn’t mean that it’s thriving
Adrian Apadula
Adrian Apadula - 2 years ago
Paul your so cool
Amelia Ryder
Amelia Ryder - 2 years ago
its not even neglect at this point, neglect is unknowingly harming or not giving proper care, abuse is when you know its wrong but still choose to continue doing whats wrong
Amelia Ryder
Amelia Ryder - 2 years ago
this is really disappointing honestly. this is abuse, you have people giving advice and you choose to ignore everyone!!!
Amelia Ryder
Amelia Ryder - 2 years ago
you need at least 5 gallons for a betta with snails and shrimp, and 10 for any other fish (tetras and stuff) , 2.5 is fine for a solitary betta but they can get territorial, with a 2.5g you can only put a single shrimp.
Angeleah Jw
Angeleah Jw - 2 years ago
I think what your doing is amazing and your videos are my favorite. the people telling you that the way you treat animals isn’t okay can shut tf up.
Tay the Animal girl
Tay the Animal girl - 2 years ago
U can't get shrimp I did and my betta Reyes to eat them
zuhaib ali official
zuhaib ali official - 2 years ago
i love ur videos i subscribed and turned on the notifications and bro ur videos always make my day awesome i always watch ur videos and love them i started a youtube channel couple weeks ago and i was just gonna ask if u could give me a shout out on ur channel
MIchael Falzone
MIchael Falzone - 2 years ago
Can i get shrimp with my 3 zebra danios and my betta in a 8 galion or 30l
ganesh balaji
ganesh balaji - 2 years ago
You can breed ur Betta fish on nxt video pls
Versaiis P
Versaiis P - 2 years ago
I have guppies, corys and snails with my betta and they do pretty good.
Artsy Animal Lover
Artsy Animal Lover - 2 years ago
This poor fish....
Why just why do you promote FISH ABUSE
Alejandra Cadenas
Alejandra Cadenas - 2 years ago
You are cool
Lisa Pacelli
Lisa Pacelli - 2 years ago
Brayden’s Wonderful World Of Fishing
Brayden’s Wonderful World Of Fishing - 2 years ago
No one cares abt this $61.99 pill
Jared Moi
Jared Moi - 2 years ago
It’s my b-day today!
MR Everything 2346
MR Everything 2346 - 2 years ago
Breed your beeta fish
Phu Tran
Phu Tran - 2 years ago
I love this video :^)
Maximum max
Maximum max - 2 years ago
You should get a baby arowana please
Maximum max
Maximum max - 2 years ago
I love watching your videos
quezean Chia
quezean Chia - 2 years ago
Mike Radcliffe
Mike Radcliffe - 2 years ago
Fucking atrocious
Wildan Syakir
Wildan Syakir - 2 years ago
In my country that silver gar have name the name is hujeta :v
mlm8232 - 2 years ago
Haynes Life
Haynes Life - 2 years ago
You should make a 5 gallon planted tank for Thomas
Haynes Life
Haynes Life - 2 years ago
Hiiii, your betta fish is going to eat the ghost shrimp, make sure you give them a place to hide. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS THEY HELP ME SO MUCH!!! Thank you
Aiden Haynes
Aiden Haynes - 2 years ago
Jim Mom home dome
Lily Reef
Lily Reef - 2 years ago
I’m disgusted

You can’t add fish with your Betta, unless it’s ten gallons or above.

And some betas don’t want tank mates

They can eat or kill them!
Kathy Black
Kathy Black - 2 years ago
Y is lunas tank so dark
Blake Cole
Blake Cole - 2 years ago
I have a question but why is there a bin that says Fish
Dakota Jackson
Dakota Jackson - 2 years ago
My betta fish is 2 years to 4 years old
Heavenly GiftedCritters
Heavenly GiftedCritters - 2 years ago
So sad
RAZE - 2 years ago
I named my spotted catfish luna a day before i found your videos .... weird coincidence or distant cousins . You’re actually a really cool dude and i wish i was your friend any suggestions for fresh water plants ?
Joanna Newell
Joanna Newell - 2 years ago
Responding to your other reply--I never claimed fish from Walmart even have a good life--in fact Walmart hosts some of the most cruel environments possible for fish. And sure what he's given these bettas is a step up from the cup they live in, but it's nowhere near acceptable for a healthy life.
Runaway Gameer
Runaway Gameer - 2 years ago
You are so smart
x hxloz
x hxloz - 2 years ago
Please consider getting a heater for your bettas, they are tropical fish.
r4w ready4war
r4w ready4war - 2 years ago
I need help one side of my bettas gill is always flared and it's been like that since I got him I've had him about 2 years now he's dying I think not eatting laying on bottom of tank anything I can do?
Gideon Hixon
Gideon Hixon - 2 years ago
u should get a gar. they look different in texas though
The World of Paper Airplanes
The World of Paper Airplanes - 2 years ago
Name one count , coco, bugy, simi, dora,
HENRY GABRIELSEN - 2 years ago
No betas eat sand it will kill him
Tyler .J
Tyler .J - 2 years ago
Patrice O'neal (rest his soul) had a great stand up bit about how people don't give a shit about animal cruelty when it comes to fish (because they can't express suffering like other animals do). This channel kinda reminds me of that
Les Abiera
Les Abiera - 2 years ago
Why so good looking
Enzo Bruschini
Enzo Bruschini - 2 years ago
Betta fish fun
Betta fish fun - 2 years ago
Enzo Bruschini aww poor little baby you’ll just have to get the f*ck over it ☹️
Fortnite_beast Persinger
Fortnite_beast Persinger - 2 years ago
Put real plants
YxtfxrYou Xrcrbtbrcedw
YxtfxrYou Xrcrbtbrcedw - 2 years ago
Fire Fox Girl Dude. Certain fish and species can live with BETTA fish. You’re like fucking 10
Beebo - 2 years ago
Actually female bettas can live together in a larger tank like a 20 gallon. But don't try it if you don't know what you're doing.
Alyssa Elkin
Alyssa Elkin - 2 years ago
jeez Fire Fox Girl you don't have to hate on him. His channel is a million times better than yours.
Bella - 2 years ago
Tyler Rodriguez

I guess you can't learn from your mistakes and advise others to do more research so nobody makes the same mistakes ? Do you not know how learning and educating works?
Duspro - 2 years ago
Actually, in the right conditions you can actually have other fish with bettas. There is such a thing as betta community tank. However seeing as you are young and seem inexperienced I do not recommend this. In this video though he doesn’t have the right conditions for this. Shrimp often become betta food if there’s not enough space and places to hide. His tank is a 1.6 gallon, which the minimum recommended period is a 2.5 gallon tank so this is really pushing it. Bettas are very territorial fish and that’s just not enough tank space to put other living creatures because that whole tank it their territory. Experienced fish keepers might try other living things with Bettas in a 10 gallon. But it has a slim chance of working. Bettas have their own personality and some are more docile than others. But yes, never put a male betta with male betta.
Max Viselli
Max Viselli - 2 years ago
i love you,evrey time i'm sad i watch your videos i am super happy!!!!
Bobby Ortiz
Bobby Ortiz - 2 years ago
What I still don’t understand is how are these tanks not big enough for the betas if the pet stores keep them in tiny cups?
MIa Roberts
MIa Roberts - 2 years ago
i love the betta fish videos you should make some more
MIa Roberts
MIa Roberts - 2 years ago
i dont think you should put sand in the tank but you should put live plants in the tank
Joyce Zhou
Joyce Zhou - 2 years ago
I both of the fishes but mostly the blue one
pOpoY - 2 years ago
you are a disgrace to fish keeping hobby!
XSCAPE 2017 - 2 years ago
erik calzone
erik calzone - 2 years ago
What ever happened between you and luke.You are both young,maybe someday you can shake hands man to man and put your egos aside.There always seemed to be some rivalry between you both in some videos a strange tension.Best wishes to you both.#friendsbeforeegos
Reina Padilla
Reina Padilla - 2 years ago
Waste of money. Ur shrimp is gonna be ur Bettas snack
cnp53 - 2 years ago
BETTA FISH DONT GET LONELY. Do not humanize these creatures. If you feel like he's lonely then you need some friends. Don't get them tank mates because you ignorantly assume he's lonely. What the actual hell lol
cnp53 - 2 years ago
We get it, you won't listen to actual people who are experienced in fishkeeping. But please atleast get the bettas an ornament to hide in and one for the shrimp. It's so cruel to have 7 animals in a 2 gallon tank...they are going to be so stressed out, never can relax because they are always on the look out. ALSO, you cannot say "they are thriving" 10 mins after you keep them in the tank. That's how you tell us how ignorant you are with fish keeping.
Allen rodrigues Dominic
Allen rodrigues Dominic - 2 years ago
Only shrimp can stay with betta
Indra Yudha Kusuma
Indra Yudha Kusuma - 2 years ago
eww fake plants lmfao
zakia ahmadi
zakia ahmadi - 2 years ago
Nimrod Kirmayer
Nimrod Kirmayer - 2 years ago
Hey paul
Check about adding a fish tower in your new mini pond
Elné Fourie
Elné Fourie - 2 years ago
Why don't you do reaserch of how to breeds bettas and then you breed Thomas if that is his name and Luna.
Cristian's Pet Room
Cristian's Pet Room - 2 years ago
The shrimp will only give birth in brackish water bc they are ghost shrimp they will not give birth in your tank bc your tank is fresh water
Dnewt309 - 2 years ago
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, and Jennifer
Pokebros Gaming
Pokebros Gaming - 2 years ago
Love ur vids im thinking about a pond and things live ur vids bro
fjkn dgkv
fjkn dgkv - 2 years ago
Pokebros Gaming
Pokebros Gaming - 2 years ago
Breed luna and thomas
shweta sharma
shweta sharma - 2 years ago
Paul zach put gold fish in your mini pond
fjkn dgkv
fjkn dgkv - 2 years ago
Rion Sealtiel Garcia
Rion Sealtiel Garcia - 2 years ago
Is too little for tank mates I'm a gonna dislike this vid!!
Birat Roy
Birat Roy - 2 years ago
Waiting for ur next video bro....make new video.
Mohammed Parvez
Mohammed Parvez - 2 years ago
Love your vlogs
Masimoo did there
Masimoo did there - 2 years ago
Get a 5 gallon tank for your Betta and the shrimps should have a few small cave for them to hide so the Betta would not eat them easily or terrorize them , and I love your Vids keep it up
Matt Byers
Matt Byers - 2 years ago
It’s a beta, that tank is big enough.
salma khan
salma khan - 2 years ago
Darth Sarkoa
Darth Sarkoa - 2 years ago
my betta is pretty evil she tries to eat her reflection her name kira like in the reba show not deathnote her adopted mom died of infectious dropsy before it got too bad i euthanized her with anesthesia overdose i could tell she didnt have long left now i have a new problem with my betta fin rot so now im going to have to keep treating it till i get rid of the problem its either fungus or bacteria already decided on my next course of treatment hope i kill the problem
Kshitij Enterprises
Kshitij Enterprises - 2 years ago
See Mimi mo in your mini pond. Catch EM all put it
J_ Melt42
J_ Melt42 - 2 years ago
Don't put the ghost shrimp in there with your other fish cause they will eat them my beta fish ate mine
Mohd.Aftab Abbas
Mohd.Aftab Abbas - 2 years ago
I subscribed (nice vids)
Jessie Jorden
Jessie Jorden - 2 years ago
Love these videos. I love Betta Fish.
Wolflover93 - 2 years ago
Walmart fish die sometimes but I love seeing all your cute fish there so adorable and I wish they didn’t have to be in the water the hole time
Jake Allman
Jake Allman - 2 years ago
Luv ur vids if ur betta feels like he or she is in with lots of fish and is cramped it will eat smaller fish until the space is freed up
Laci Boo
Laci Boo - 2 years ago
i love the idea of live plants for the betta tanks <3 a moss ball for the shrimp would be good too they love those things. Sand would be nice looking too.
TheWildBoobert - 2 years ago
I’m so proud of you! Great job with your fish, can’t wait to see more fishhhh in the future! You honestly make my day when I’m tired of everything, thank you!
Dyllpickle360 - 2 years ago
mini mu!!!!
Creative Animales
Creative Animales - 2 years ago
Love your vids bro keep watching this one over and over pls make more vids like this
Jzj Sutcharitkul
Jzj Sutcharitkul - 2 years ago
Thomas looks so coo
Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant Parmesan - 2 years ago
Can you have shrimp and crabs in the same aquarium
Cameron Perez
Cameron Perez - 2 years ago
Why is he asking for tank recommendations when he doesn’t listen anyway? He’s going to ignore the comments, he clearly isn’t taking the time out of his day to actually RESEARCH any of this, he’s just doing what he wants without really thinking.
gourinath sm
gourinath sm - 2 years ago
Did you know that zach put his destroying Goldfish 'Mini-Mu' in your mini pond
Junior Ballenger
Junior Ballenger - 2 years ago
You should let your batas mate
xxx xxx
xxx xxx - 2 years ago
Are you ever going to breed them
Alma - 2 years ago
I work at my local petsupermarket in Texas and I love how you shop there you should visit us in Texas
Simion Durgah
Simion Durgah - 2 years ago
I had shrimp with my fish and they eat the eggs
Sam Vickery
Sam Vickery - 2 years ago
Gary, Jeff, Jim , bob, Tim, Richard, josh, Luke, ben, Saquesha
Braden Keller
Braden Keller - 2 years ago
So many haters dam
Braden Keller
Braden Keller - 2 years ago
That gar was cheap
_ketapan_187_420_ - 2 years ago
Dude,i think you should put some more hiding stuff into the betta tanks. Your other thanks are amazing.i have 5 tanks. Bettas love it to hiding in real plants,and please do dark soil or some in the tanks.
Master Unhgai
Master Unhgai - 2 years ago
You should definitely put dad in along with live plants would look 100 times better in my personal opinion❤️❤️❤️
Charlie Upgren
Charlie Upgren - 2 years ago
Get an spoted eel
CopgunPlays - 2 years ago
no sand.
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dalin Manns06 - 2 years ago
Your videos made me want to build a pond keep it up
Bobby Kuntz
Bobby Kuntz - 2 years ago
He she should get a saltwater tank!!
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Dominic Dollente - 2 years ago
Where is paullllllllllll.!!!!!
hypnhoe slowbro
hypnhoe slowbro - 2 years ago
I wish i knew how to tag videos in comments if thats even possible because id tag taylors video on how to take care of a beta fish
OFFSET VEVO - 2 years ago
Name one shrimp Carl
Miel Verscheure
Miel Verscheure - 2 years ago
Get life plants
Antionette Fernandez
Antionette Fernandez - 2 years ago
Man that be cool if you were friends I love fish man
Ashlynn Williams
Ashlynn Williams - 2 years ago
great videos ad always
Kyle Welsh
Kyle Welsh - 2 years ago
Ushuaia Vinson
Ushuaia Vinson - 2 years ago
No it’s not that
Deadpool - 2 years ago
What kind of tank is the one that you put the shrimp in ?
Justjump216 Ingram
Justjump216 Ingram - 2 years ago
Holy shit your buddies tank is over stocked.
Talisha Jones
Talisha Jones - 2 years ago
U make very good video I wish I had fish like u I love all ur fishes
Oliver smith
Oliver smith - 2 years ago
Ur vids are awesome
The Laggy Geeks
The Laggy Geeks - 2 years ago
Youre amazing Paul!! i would love to see some live plants in the tanks!
Mark DiMeo
Mark DiMeo - 2 years ago
I think sand would be cool
xXMx_G4MINGXx - 2 years ago
Bro don’t put sand, the gravel/rocks you have are better.The sand will just make the tank harder to clean.Plus the rocks at as a filter themselves depending in which type you have there.Love your videos bro.
anthony legend
anthony legend - 2 years ago
Jacob Wilt
Jacob Wilt - 2 years ago
Give all those bricks to Kenan he can always use that stuff
LODAS WONDERLAND - 2 years ago
you should breed your betta fish
LODAS WONDERLAND - 2 years ago
i love your videos so much
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Matias Maiorano - 2 years ago
Love your vids keep it up
Naveen Kakti
Naveen Kakti - 2 years ago
your betta doesnt need a auto feeder now. it will feed on shrimps now for a while!!!!!!!!! take them out plz
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Devin Jewel - 2 years ago
Johann Lopes
Johann Lopes - 2 years ago
why don't you breed your bettas? that would be
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Nick Hammerman - 2 years ago
U inspired me to build my pond thank u
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get hooked - 2 years ago
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faisal murshed - 2 years ago
nice bro very good
Park Hyuni
Park Hyuni - 2 years ago
I’m so exited for Paul’s new back yard. My house is getting renovated and my dad is planning on building a big pond around the deck. So happy! Also Paul, you could put live plants in your betta tanks, the shrimp will love that.
Roop Kamal
Roop Kamal - 2 years ago
I don’t know why I love your channel for so much
Duke Hulsey
Duke Hulsey - 2 years ago
poor betta. poor shrimps.
Oscar - 2 years ago
Shrimp names:
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Lance 210 Fan page - 2 years ago
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Lance 210 Fan page
Lance 210 Fan page - 2 years ago
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all about fish - 2 years ago
paul you got mini shamu from catch all em fish a goldfish in your mini pond he put it there watch the video
Jacob Polk
Jacob Polk - 2 years ago
You can have 2 girlbetta
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas - 2 years ago
Get some lucky bamboo plants the bettas will love em,
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas - 2 years ago
Sometimes $3
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas - 2 years ago
Those shrimps are expensive I get 30 for $4
Kailash Agrawal
Kailash Agrawal - 2 years ago
what's your next plan to do?
Kailash Agrawal
Kailash Agrawal - 2 years ago
Your videos keeps my mood happy thanks paul
Kailash Agrawal
Kailash Agrawal - 2 years ago
You should add sand in it because it looks attractive natural and keeps the water clean
Ian vlogs
Ian vlogs - 2 years ago
Do you know in Malaysia i can just go to a pond and i can net as much shrimp as i want
Fizzakhan Din
Fizzakhan Din - 2 years ago
Add live plants please!!!
Roman Ramos
Roman Ramos - 2 years ago
Use live plants and fluval stratum
Shresth sinha
Shresth sinha - 2 years ago
Do a QNA video
Benjamin Polleschultz
Benjamin Polleschultz - 2 years ago
Thomas is the most beautiful betta fish I have ever seen(
David Lopez
David Lopez - 2 years ago
Your Betta fish will eat the shrimp even if you feed it, you'll see them hunt the shrimp down
Fahad Al Hashemi
Fahad Al Hashemi - 2 years ago
telente in mind ltd.2
telente in mind ltd.2 - 2 years ago
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JOSE F MONSIBAIS 13 - 2 years ago
Keep the rocks
Pat S
Pat S - 2 years ago
I just wished I had a beautiful beta fish like you. Btw , your vids are awesome
The Street Goalie
The Street Goalie - 2 years ago
You should make a awesome glow fish tank with everything neon and glowing! It would look awesome beside you beta fish
Colin Halldorson
Colin Halldorson - 2 years ago
My shrimp dissapeared
marybeth hayden
marybeth hayden - 2 years ago
my betta doesn't eat the sand
brownie the chubby hamster
brownie the chubby hamster - 2 years ago
Coco Cody
Baird Haller
Baird Haller - 2 years ago
can you please put koi in the big pond koi that are fully grown thanks for the vids
G10spar001 FT
G10spar001 FT - 2 years ago
Your videos make fishing more fun. Cool video
Baird Haller
Baird Haller - 2 years ago
shrimp names: bob,sue,bobby,suey,srimpy,mr.shrimp,mommy,daddy,and last but not least johnny
Maryam Abrar
Maryam Abrar - 2 years ago
Plz get some more mollys
Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee - 2 years ago
Wouldn't the shrimps attack the betta? Especially when u put so many in the tanks?
Luis Weinert
Luis Weinert - 2 years ago
sand looks so much cooler!
Henri - 2 years ago
The bettas will keep the shrimp population under control because they eat shrimp in the wild
TheArtOfAnimals - 2 years ago
Love this video! But u can put sand into your Betta tank they won't eat the same And u should definitely put live plants into the Betta tank, have Fun!
Arella Camryn
Arella Camryn - 2 years ago
Careful. The baby shrimps can get eaten by Thomas (not always happen). Bettas love fresh food, they will chase and eat anything small enough to fit their mouth, especially living ones like worms.
Nico Abanador
Nico Abanador - 2 years ago
I love all your vids pls buy a mini sharks
Andy Teng
Andy Teng - 2 years ago
Check my channel! Write Andy Teng WW1-Invisible
salty lime
salty lime - 2 years ago
Hey Paul you wanna know what’s funny? While your mollies are having babies, my guppies are too
Md ZhulRaiyan
Md ZhulRaiyan - 2 years ago
Your pond's construction will finish one day after my birthday
CaoAquatics - 2 years ago
Hey Paul I have 7 tanks and all have only live plants and are fully aquascaped, if you are planning to put plants in you should get plants such as Anubias and java fern these are two great starter plants that don't require planting in the ground and they attach to decor. They feed by absorbing what is in the water so the only thing you would need for these to flourish is some kind of plant food e.g seachem flourish. If you want to get stem plants you will need a planted tank substrate e.g Ada soil or something some people actually just use dirt or soil. But as your tanks are already setup I would highly recommend Anubias java fern and even java moss although it is more difficult and I would highly recommend you get some kind of plant food or liquid fertilizer like seachem flourish
Mark Traballo
Mark Traballo - 2 years ago
May be you should breed luna and thomas
Mark Traballo
Mark Traballo - 2 years ago
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Unmesh Sawant - 2 years ago
Nero is so nice dog
Unmesh Sawant
Unmesh Sawant - 2 years ago
You video are so many nice
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BigDgamer rey - 2 years ago
I think he should have subs
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Ajay Ajay - 2 years ago
Katie Coppess
Katie Coppess - 2 years ago
The simple that are pregnant they will eat there babys
Solar Boy
Solar Boy - 2 years ago
Why don't you breed your two betta fish
PsychoticKnows - 2 years ago
People get intake sponge for their filters so shrimp don’t get sucked up
Osbaldo Albiter Albiter
Osbaldo Albiter Albiter - 2 years ago
Try breeding the betta fish
RICHMOND - 2 years ago
Of all the youtubers that I subscribe I watch your videos the last cause your videos a the best and Super Lit
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Night Owl - 2 years ago
Those are ghost shrimps.
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Thomas Mchale - 2 years ago
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keegan hurren - 2 years ago
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Simplistic Ideas - 2 years ago
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Betta Forlife - 2 years ago
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Betta Forlife
Betta Forlife - 2 years ago
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My betta has shrimp tank mattes and there're getting along great
Yrvild - 2 years ago
Live plants!
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Hunter Perkey - 2 years ago
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moose carl - 2 years ago
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husnain wali - 2 years ago
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xx1. gaming lu - 2 years ago
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Please can u make a video on buying big koi fishes and arowna
gautham krishna
gautham krishna - 2 years ago
Put some rocks which have caves to prevent the betta fish from nipping on the shrimps
Abby’s Zoo.
Abby’s Zoo. - 2 years ago
You should be a little more gentle with the shrimp and basically any fish. They’re very fragile in the bags.
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Ivan Vaskov - 2 years ago
Thomas is beautiful
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Omo Mmm - 2 years ago
Hi paul cuffalo
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Nice video i got into fish when i started to watch ur videos and i even got a new tank
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Wrecked 276 - 2 years ago
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cody thorne - 2 years ago
I love your videos you should get a po box and do po box opening videos
Mohinder Poojari
Mohinder Poojari - 2 years ago
do u have idea of breeding luna n thomus
Willowishhere - 2 years ago
I absolutely love your videos ❤️❤️ (also love your betta’s and shrimps.. WAIT NO, ALL OF UR FISHIEZ)!
Jake thenonselfish
Jake thenonselfish - 2 years ago
nice vid i love thomas too!!
Everyday fishkeeping
Everyday fishkeeping - 2 years ago
U should breed Thomas n luna
AlohaFilms - 2 years ago
you should try to breed luna and tomas i have 2 betas and they are gonna have babes soon :D BTW the betas will not eat the sand i put sand in mine and they were fine
warren luna
warren luna - 2 years ago
name the 2 shrimp is. the shrimp polegon the shrimp darly
warren luna
warren luna - 2 years ago
hi paul my idol
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera - 2 years ago
A feeder goldfish is in your mini pond
O'Malley Malarkins
O'Malley Malarkins - 2 years ago
Now you need to get shrimp soil. Active soil or active gravel or something for your tanks to keep the pH and hardness under control since the shrimp are sensitive about that and with such small water volumes that's going to be a concern. Live plants are going to help you keep nitrite and ammonia to the needed 0ppm, but do go for low light, low tech plants like ferns and mosses. Luna's setup is going to need a light, haven't seen one but I may be wrong on that part. If your filters aren't covered you're going to want to see to that aswell. Good luck.
warren luna
warren luna - 2 years ago
you have a new vedio paul wow
karen tseng
karen tseng - 2 years ago
do a fish give away !!!! and u should go get mollies for the betta fish,new pond advice:oscars,baby gars,arowanna,red tail,or maybe u should get a fresh water stingray
Sharada Hampareddy
Sharada Hampareddy - 2 years ago
Catch all put one of his gold fish
Erik Berg
Erik Berg - 2 years ago
Paul i just watched catch em all and he put a goldfish comet in ur mini pond. He is hoping it will get bigger faster, be more agressive and eat the other fish. Dont let the mini pond mollies die!
Toxic ralph gaming
Toxic ralph gaming - 2 years ago
Catch em all fishing put mini mu in your pond
Nicole Poveromo
Nicole Poveromo - 2 years ago
Tell catch em all get you more fish!
Paul Cuffaro
Paul Cuffaro - 2 years ago
You are best you tube per
-THE_LAW- - 2 years ago
Nice video :D
Sai Suraj
Sai Suraj - 2 years ago
JUNAID ALI - 2 years ago
Your Betta fish so beautiful you have to breed them
The #1 Kill Joy
The #1 Kill Joy - 2 years ago
The shrimp will appreciate a finer substrate and something to graze on. Definitely get rid of the plastic plants. If i were you i would first of all get a like a 10 gallon bc those shrimp will probably reproduce real quickly and overstock that tank unless the betta eats all the babies, then buy some planting substrate which is far better for the shrimp than gravel, then put some low maintenance plants in there like java ferns, dwarf sagittarius, some rocks and maybe a bit if moss, again the shrimp will thank you for it.
Lachlan Munroe
Lachlan Munroe - 2 years ago
Your vids are the best
daniel moller
daniel moller - 2 years ago
you should breed your Bettas
daniel moller
daniel moller - 2 years ago
subscribe to Paul his videos are the best
daniel moller
daniel moller - 2 years ago
Everyone subscribe to Paul his videos and the best
daniel moller
daniel moller - 2 years ago
OMG I saw my name and now I'm at the moon I'm Soo happy
jazzmc444 - 2 years ago
i think you should get some live plants for the fish because in general it seems to make the fish i have happer when i get themma real plant instead of a fake on and when they have compony i love your vidoes and would love if you chould make a tank to grow algae or at lest teach us how too for algea eaters mine keep dieing from no food and will not eat the fake food bought in stores
jazzmc444 - 2 years ago
they are very picky ............
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 - 2 years ago
Here mollies can cost 40 cents per kilos not per fish
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 - 2 years ago
Get urself 2 pairs of giant sailfin mollies
islandboy03 - 2 years ago
You can try a African Dwarf Grog with your betta ? Feed Blood worms
lewis gaskell
lewis gaskell - 2 years ago
Get that gar
Double Vixtor
Double Vixtor - 2 years ago
Be careful with Mini Mu
Arundhati Patil
Arundhati Patil - 2 years ago
Your videos are the best ones I've ever seen...
Syed Waseem
Syed Waseem - 2 years ago
Love your video
Emmilou .s
Emmilou .s - 2 years ago
You should get moss balls to put in the beta tanks
Kookamongus - 2 years ago
Red tails are boring
Kookamongus - 2 years ago
Get some monster fish that NOBODY HAS
Jugeswai Bhoi
Jugeswai Bhoi - 2 years ago
Smart work fish are happy
I Do Stuff
I Do Stuff - 2 years ago
Dude u gotta breed Lunar and Thomas! The babies will be lit
Ashley Pereira
Ashley Pereira - 2 years ago
For the new pond buy molly fish
John Joseph
John Joseph - 2 years ago
Your friends tank is way overcrowded.
RyanWake bradtelle
RyanWake bradtelle - 2 years ago
I don't know if you consider all of your videos blogs but all of your videos could pass for them, why not test it with your fans, make a a special one day a week video that has exclusive content and extra vlogie material. And then you will tweet or something these Pacific time you upload the video so you can do a giveaway for people who join the video in the first season 25 min. And then at the end of your first one or two videos to dislike the video if they do not like extra vlogie content.
JoeyunderscoreJr - 2 years ago
Al, Alex, Aleks, Alec, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria, uh... Alexis.... um Alexa maybe idk is that a real name? And... Bob fuck it
Savannah Perez
Savannah Perez - 2 years ago
Please do your research before you get animals
Hector Smith-Edmunds
Hector Smith-Edmunds - 2 years ago
Get a fly river turtle
Kania Hillary
Kania Hillary - 2 years ago
Shehrir Anik
Shehrir Anik - 2 years ago
I love you and your videos you're good an you're video says me good morning you're cool be shared liked subscribed
Ismeal Linson
Ismeal Linson - 2 years ago
I've been a subscriber since the start
TecTrixGames - 2 years ago
I love ur vids i get really excited when i see your content.
THE ANIMAL CHANNEL - 2 years ago
Good video
Rowan Snell
Rowan Snell - 2 years ago
Paul we will watch no matter what you post or how “off topic” you go lol!!
Dan outdoors
Dan outdoors - 2 years ago
you are my star in life
Aussie Fisho
Aussie Fisho - 2 years ago
congrats man! your growing fast!
The Rider
The Rider - 2 years ago
As always another nice vedio
moose carl
moose carl - 2 years ago
Hello peul
MAXXL - 2 years ago
Where im from those shrimp are feeder shrimp and its so cheap since i dont use USD if i made my currency USD you can get around 100 for 1$
eyla0824 - 2 years ago
I use to breed betas. It’s so much fun and very easy. Love your vids
ARS GAMING - 2 years ago
Why dont you breed your beta fish
Hxppo - 2 years ago

Yeaaaaa don’t ask (@-@)
Rachel Tojio
Rachel Tojio - 2 years ago
You should get a shrimp hide or get live plants.
Supreme_. Aliana
Supreme_. Aliana - 2 years ago
Shrimp name
10. Soynoy
Moreton Bay Brothers
Moreton Bay Brothers - 2 years ago
Shrimpy mc shrimp face
Karneisha Rivers
Karneisha Rivers - 2 years ago
Get the shrimp some hiding spot and they probably would appreciate the sand substrate.
Yvette m.m
Yvette m.m - 2 years ago
I just got a new Betta and when I got home I watched this video and realized she looks just like Luna.
Reza Po
Reza Po - 2 years ago
Your videos r so positive and sometimes funny. They. Cheer me up a lot.i can’t wait for April 12 where the pond is done by aquascape and you buying more mollies. I think you should stick with white rocks cause it looks nicer with the green plants. I also think that the sand would make the tank dirtier.
-your biggest fan
Reza Po
Reza Po - 2 years ago
Fluffy Unicorn yeah he does it wasn’t really his fault for the red tails to die
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn - 2 years ago
Reza Po He doesn't take good care of his fish though.
Salvin CM
Salvin CM - 2 years ago
Get an arowana. When your pond os done
Tanie Cortazar
Tanie Cortazar - 2 years ago
I love the video and the adult shrimp should be fine but the babies in the males tank will probably be eaten
samuel romera
samuel romera - 2 years ago
Your video make me happy
samuel romera
samuel romera - 2 years ago
Good video
lordvaul - 2 years ago
You gotta be careful with the shrimp with betta fish, shrimp tend to nip on betta fish fins. Keep a close eye on them, remove the shrimp if betta start losing fins.
Kortni Brooks
Kortni Brooks - 2 years ago
lordvaul My Betta was the only harmful one in the tank. He ate all 3 of my shrimp within a week of having them. But now that you said that, I probably won’t get any more of them. For their sake and my betta’s.
Mendoza’s Beast Highlights
Mendoza’s Beast Highlights - 2 years ago
I have my male Betta fish with a sucker fish and a snail and a female betta fish in one tank and their fine
TREMSTER ' - 2 years ago
Paul hittin the gym????
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
I’d think this guy would take advice from experienced fish-keepers by now. Those tanks are just big enough for the bettas, definitely NOT for more shrimps or any other fish. This whole channel is a prime example of someone who blindly keeps fish for their own entertainment and abuses their limits. Bettas do NOT get lonely, they love and should be alone! Research pets before buying them, PLEASE! Bettas will eat the shrimp or snails you add unless they are extremely passive, would never recommend any community tank with a betta in it unless you’re extremely experienced (he will never be if he continues refusing facts and research) This guy refuses to be educated on anything he does and only buys these fish for his own viewing, they’re all animals and should be treated as they need. I don’t even purposely watch this guys videos to comment on them, they just come up in my suggestions and it sickens me he continues to be so ignorant and blindly encourage his viewers to do what’s he’s doing and it’s wrong. Seems he’s already had two betta casualties, he obviously doesn’t care about losing any other animals. Sickening.
Isabella D
Isabella D - 2 years ago
I don’t consider space as a huge threat to bettas unless they’re stressed, or sick, or if there’s crowding from fellow fish. But that does not mean that I encourage extremely small tanks either, because at that point it’s inhumane. His tank seems to be a good size though as long as the betta doesn’t mind, which is why I mentioned it in the first place. People are criticizing him for this tank in particular.
Isabella D
Isabella D - 2 years ago
MiniMadnessStudio I respect your opinions on this matter, but I don’t think you’re properly hearing me out. I do agree that yes, if I had a pet dog and I had a choice to have the big yard or small yard that the big yard is obviously better. But sometimes maybe that dog feels okay with having a small yard and that’s perfectly fine as well, especially if maybe I can’t afford a bigger yard. There’s no wrong way of keeping a living creature if at the end of the day it’s happy and thriving just as well. The only wrong about the situation is trying to argue with the owner about how they keep their pet. Unless the pet appears to be harmed, I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to tell you how to keep your pet. Therefore I’m not telling you your methods are wrong, but to just simply be open to other working methods as well. For any misunderstandings I may have brought on towards you, I am sorry.
MiniMadnessStudio - 2 years ago
Isabella D bigger is always better when it comes to bettas 2.5-5 gallons is the minimum if you lived in a closet all your life would you say no if someone offered you a mansion. Bettas need 2.5 gallons or more bigger is better it’s not my fault if you can’t understand that what every knowledgeable aquarist and experienced betta keeper says how are you supposed to measure his happiness . Surviving and thriving are different things
Isabella D
Isabella D - 2 years ago
Regarding space, I know it is considered a necessity to have such a specific. But I would STILL think of it as a case-by-case thing. Like, what I’m saying is to keep in mind what the general betta needs (I say general because statistics are always favored to the popular group) but if you notice that your betta is completely happy in a smaller environment than the average betta is said to require, then by all means it’s okay. Like you shouldn’t ignore the needs of the organism, but if they’re happy then I mean what more is there to do for them?
Isabella D
Isabella D - 2 years ago
MiniMadnessStudio Yes, you surely can assume such and that’s my point! We know exactly what our needs are, and what the needs of the particular animal is. I am saying is that there are many different ways to fulfill those needs, and it’s not going to be the same for each particular organism. Does that make sense or no? I’m trying my best to explain what I mean.
MiniMadnessStudio - 2 years ago
Isabella D you can assume tho that all humans need to eat , sleep and deficate right .these are things that apply to all humans just like the bare minimum of space apply a to all bettas.
Isabella D
Isabella D - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh I see your concerns, and I’ve noted that you’ve had more experience. But from my experience, I was advised that not all fish are the same. Each issue is a matter of trial and error for each betta, and if one method works more for him than it works for you, then that’s great. This goes for everything (tanks, food, tank mates, etc) His betta appears healthy and happy, so what more could he possibly do as an owner.
In his videos I always hear him unsure of things, and so he tries out a lot. This is perfectly okay (he’s still young and he has to learn somehow) as long as he notes when the betta is getting stressed, and take away the cause. But if this particular betta does not become stressed then so be it, that’s just how that fish in particular feels about things. Nothing you can do. I think the best method for keeping fish is not handling things by generalizing them, but to pay close attention to each fish and see what works for them. (I feel this way about any pet honestly). I’m not saying research is bad, but you can’t just assume that every fish is the same because of their name. It’s like humans and personality sorta. You know?
Caleb Ramey
Caleb Ramey - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh but you spent the time to watch it
MiniMadnessStudio - 2 years ago
Hannah Brighurst that’s not true if you think that the live in those tiny little mud patties then you are dumb those “tiny little mud patties “ go on and on for miles 2.5 is the minimum for a single Betta nothing Else . Sure you may survive in that environment but are you happy?
MiniMadnessStudio - 2 years ago
Dakota Jackson how is that exactly,
Ella George
Ella George - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh I think your being a little over dramatic you have no idea how fish think and you definitely not a fish smh
Alyssa Elkin
Alyssa Elkin - 2 years ago
Dakota, you da boss
Alyssa Elkin
Alyssa Elkin - 2 years ago
go Hannah Brighurst!!!
Alyssa Elkin
Alyssa Elkin - 2 years ago
catch em all fishing is awesome. he does not suck
Mark Darville
Mark Darville - 2 years ago
Unfortunately you see it alot especially amongst young YouTubers (although not exclusively) I haven't been in the hobby long at all but I love doing research on things and even after just a couple of months I know those tanks are too small and there is little to no hiding/resting places for his Betta or Shrimp. If you can't afford a bigger tank just be patient save up abit more and buy one there isn't a lot of difference in price especially if you shop about.
Also if you don't have the space for a tank of atleast 2.5 gallons or more then maybe you should think twice about getting a fish.
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Uriel Garcia I cannot clearly see that. Someone could keep fish for 20+ years and still have room to learn :) Experience is one thing, updated and correct education is another. I’m only simply putting my input and research about the shrimp and betta together in that size tank. Don’t get too offended lol
Uriel Garcia
Uriel Garcia - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh you can’t really say shit about me not having experience I have had animal science I was 9 I have lots of research that’s what my laptop is full of so I’m sure the he is doing fine, if the fish is healthy and happy then it’s fine you can clearly see he keeps his fish well kept
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Hannah Brighurst I’ve done very extensive research. 2.5 gallons is an absolute minimum for bettas. Americas fish tank size standards are much out of date and never had a great deal of marine research to support their ruling anyways. For bettas I and countless other responsible fish keepers know that bettas tank sizing goes as this, 2.5 gallon absolute minimum, 5 gallon is ideal and some think that’s a minimum, 10+ gallon for absolute thriving conditions. The only time a betta will reject a bigger habitat is if it is in a community tank, or seldom a fish won’t like a 10+ gallon tank and will be stressed in which case a five gallon is ideal for thriving conditions. Bettas come from rice paddies that have MILES of swim room, while these are shallow water, they swim as much as they want to! My bettas love swimming around the tank and I think it would be cruel disgusting torture to deny them of the one thing they do most, SWIM.
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Uriel Garcia If you were an experienced EDUCATED fish keeper, you would understand all of my points. It’s hilarious how many people will cuss me out like you when I’m informing everyone about his abuse of aquatic animals, whether or not you or he himself realises what he’s doing, it’s still wrong. Research each individual species yourself, not just whatever fish you claim to keep. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done it, it matters what correct education you actually know. I don’t see much considering how immature you act.
Uriel Garcia
Uriel Garcia - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh I don’t see a fish expert I only see you talking shit you can shut the fuck up if you only gonna hate then bye bitch
Emma Nuckles
Emma Nuckles - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for pointing this out to him!
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh fuck u
Uriel Garcia
Uriel Garcia - 2 years ago
I don’t know you talking if you don’t got experience yourself and before you say I don’t well I have 7 years of experience on fish
sierra harris
sierra harris - 2 years ago
I'm honestly tired of YouTubers buying fish and animals without the proper research, and with the added fact that their fans will stand of for them and say it's okay rather then doing research! It's sad seeing people get an animal without research and then complaining about how the animal died!! Do the research and then maybe the animal will live!!
Ger Vang
Ger Vang - 2 years ago
Randy Pulido Lmao Paul is more of a bitch than Zack that's for sure.
Ger Vang
Ger Vang - 2 years ago
Hannah Brighurst Lmao wtf you on? Wild bettas live in rivers and ponds, smaller spaces lol.
Ger Vang
Ger Vang - 2 years ago
Ethcamera boy Lmao you're a dumbass.
Ethcamera boy
Ethcamera boy - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh you really piss people off
Ethcamera boy
Ethcamera boy - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh just enjoy it okay I know that if something would go wrong he would do something about it ok because rhis guy obviously cares a lot about his fish and wouldn't do anything to harm them in any way
Dulce J
Dulce J - 2 years ago
Your so so so .....a_pain I. The as..s
MyMiniMenagerie 13
MyMiniMenagerie 13 - 2 years ago
Actually shrimp have little to no bio load and they help clean extra scraps and algae that grows in the tank except for the space they take up (which isn't much) it's like they aren't there. You can keep as many as 20 shrimp in a 2 gallon tank, I have done so successfully before, and all the shrimp were happy, eating and reproducing just fine.
Hannah Brighurst
Hannah Brighurst - 2 years ago
He actually has his Betta in the perfect size tank betas do better in smaller spaces than they do big ones so before you start talking shit maybe you should do your own research
Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Yousaf - 2 years ago
Your kind a right. His fish are cramped in small tanks with a high bio load.
Lagarda Lagarda
Lagarda Lagarda - 2 years ago
Dakota Jackson You are extremely delusional if you think he is even remotely experienced. Experienced my ass. This young man should stop being so ignorant and stop abusing fish period! I've been keeping betta fish for a while now and i can tell you this is terrible betta living conditions! They dont even have a hide!
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Dakota Jackson No he’s not, sorry. He doesn’t research any of his animals and only has his own wrongful care experience. It only takes simple searches to figure out knowledge about the animals he owns and he goes off false petstore knowledge, he’s even said that. Please do not count on youtubers to provide you facts, actual websites can correctly educate you.
Dakota Jackson
Dakota Jackson - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh you are dumb he is experienced fish keeper
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
I agree with this, but in the video he puts multiple in a 2.5 with a betta & that's just really terrible. Everything comes down to the bettas personality, along with the community members personalities, I've seen tanks where the tetras would gang up on the betta after all living together peacefully for months in a 20 gallon. I don't think anyone inexperienced and without a backup tank should try betta communities, but some can surely be successful. I personally don't like the risk of the communities, especially in under 20 gallons. A lot of bettas, especially aggressive ones will nip at anything and everything no matter what tank size/conditions, and in that situation it's just harming and usually killing the defenseless community members. I don't by any means wanna say it's not possible, but always depends on a lot of factors. :)
FatSkittz - 2 years ago
I agree with you but betta can very easily live in a community with enough space and can live with shrimp unless the shrimp are really small
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
I only knew of the one that jumped out of the tank (common when they're stressed and in improper living situations, which is what angered me) But I'd only seen two videos prior to this, one being where he said his fish jumped out, I only assumed one of the last three fish had also died since I only saw two in this. Thanks for informing
hypnhoe slowbro
hypnhoe slowbro - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh he didnt lose the betta fish he took 1 back to the shop in a tiny container and the other jumped out the tank. I dont know why i even care but it made me mad
Bisamania - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh for my first Aquarium i did ike months education so i can provide a good home
I can only agree and hope he notices what he does false
It seems like he just wants "grazy fish" but doesn't care about there needs but also no one of the people he knows does say anything or they do the same sad thing as him
It's just frustrating as a hobbyist to see his videos
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Bisamania Couldn’t agree more, shortly after I first impulse bought a fish I researched for hours and found so much more about it & provided the fish more than adequate homes. That’s what threw me into fish keeping, the education is amazing. The sad thing is he just absolutely refuses it, and his comment section just follows his every move and says “yea this is so cool!” and they’ll eventually do the same thing cause they think it’s okay. I comment in hopes of someone gaining some actual knowledge about about he’s doing, but they all seem to worship his word only :/
Bisamania - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh true words it seems he don't care
one of the cool things of this hobby is the education and getting knowledge but he is like "sick colorful fishis uhh" like a little kid it's pretty disgusting and sad that he gets so much attention for spreading false knowledge
kiiinleigh - 2 years ago
Randy Pulido I never called him one, also didn’t say he was the worst of the worst but from my opinion, anyone in general who doesn’t educate themselves on the living things they’re buying is just as ignorant as the next. Paul probably does have good videos, but the ones I’ve seen so far are terrible regarding the fish abuse and spreading of false knowledge
Randy Pulido
Randy Pulido - 2 years ago
kiiinleigh go comment on catchem all fishing. Paul ain’t no bitch
Evil jacky Power
Evil jacky Power - 2 years ago
I like waching your videos a lot
Marco Dimitrovski
Marco Dimitrovski - 2 years ago
Just upgrade the tank don’t change anything. Your vid are so fun
Isaiah Reyes
Isaiah Reyes - 2 years ago
Are u going to breed the beta fish?
noe gonzales
noe gonzales - 2 years ago
What kind of dog is that ?
75g Discus Tank
75g Discus Tank - 2 years ago
I guarantee that you will not be able to hatch and grow the baby shrimp.
They go through a larval stage where they will be eaten, sucked into the filter, or die from starvation.

Also, it’s pronounced bet-ta
Not bay-ta
Austin Elsen
Austin Elsen - 2 years ago
Why is your mom barley in your vlogs
sauxegodd 1400
sauxegodd 1400 - 2 years ago
hi Paul i am also a fellow youtuber but i don't have that many suds and i need help with that and also i have 2 baby red slider and i need help with a tank
iWolfie Plays
iWolfie Plays - 2 years ago
Betta fish spit things out if they can’t chew it, so sand is fine
Ronin Gomez
Ronin Gomez - 2 years ago
Big fan man I always see all of your videos
Claire White
Claire White - 2 years ago
Just a fair warning... Shrimp can become betta food quickly.
Crïketz -
Crïketz - - 2 years ago
I want shrimp for my betta so bad, poor Gillian seems so lonely
0rbit265 - 2 years ago
Hey Paul where's luke? Are you guys fighting? Hope everything is okay with you guys
0rbit265 - 2 years ago
michael kilo I know I saw that but I wonder what's going on with them
smoke purp
smoke purp - 2 years ago
0rbit265 Paul threw that lowkey dig bout Luke in vid about using word sick
IM W o L f
IM W o L f - 2 years ago
Plz put sand really suggest it me and my sis always watch ur amazing videos
Karma Ayako
Karma Ayako - 2 years ago
My Betta is in a ten gallon, which is the technical minimum accepted by the majority of betta keepers.
He is a male double tail halfmoon betta! I named him Skye!

Silk or live plants are the best option, you could definitely do sand if you want. I personally stick with gravel since I find it easier to clean via gravel vacuum
Lugh On The Loo
Lugh On The Loo - 2 years ago
Paul you're shady! LOL
Tyra Webber
Tyra Webber - 2 years ago
You should really quarantine you're putting your fish at risk everytime you don't quarantine
BrettRM - 2 years ago
The betta fish may eat some of the shrimp babies
Gamer Lion 1789
Gamer Lion 1789 - 2 years ago
notification squad !!!!
achyuth aj
achyuth aj - 2 years ago
soil and live plants

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