Redoing My Ten Gallon Tank || Blazing Bettas

I hope you enjoyed this video! Im really sorry about how the music overpowered the audio, but hopefully its okay. If you are interested in checking out my instagram click below.. Have a great day!

Redoing My Ten Gallon Tank || Blazing Bettas sentiment_very_dissatisfied 4

Betta 4 years ago 1,327 views

I hope you enjoyed this video! Im really sorry about how the music overpowered the audio, but hopefully its okay. If you are interested in checking out my instagram click below.. Have a great day!

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for Redoing My Ten Gallon Tank || Blazing Bettas

Lifewithpets - 4 years ago
Tank looks great!
oh - 3 years ago
The guppy ate the little fish :o
WOLFE221 - 3 years ago
Trumpet snails are hard to eliminate. When cleaning the tank, you need to flush the filter as well. Malaysian Trumpet snails don't lay eggs, they clone. And those tiny clones are extremely small and can easily get inside uptake tubes and thrive inside filters.

I have a 55gallon planted tank and actually find the MTS's beneficial. However, when they overpopulate I have to remove them manually which is a chore. Aside from scooping them in a net, Ive made a snail trap by using a plastic cup with a lid. Ive cut the bottom of the lid so the opening is too small for fish, but big enough for the snails. I then place shrimp pellets (and a weight) inside to lure them in. Works very well.
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname - 3 years ago
Wow it looks so good! You should be a professional aquascaper!
Aurora Santana
Aurora Santana - 3 years ago
Luv ur channel I been binge watching this whole time
Bella and Bettas
Bella and Bettas - 3 years ago
Blazing Bettas
Blazing Bettas - 3 years ago
Bella And Bettas yes! I dyed a section from underneath red
Kat  M.
Kat M. - 3 years ago
The tank looks so beautiful!!
Spooky Doggo
Spooky Doggo - 4 years ago
Looks awesome! I wish my tank looked that nice :)
naomi smith
naomi smith - 4 years ago
Looks really good

10. comment for Redoing My Ten Gallon Tank || Blazing Bettas

imalyssaj_ - 4 years ago
Where did you get those rocks from? They look really nice :)
Shonoa Ruddick
Shonoa Ruddick - 4 years ago
great job.
Animal life
Animal life - 4 years ago
It looks beautiful❤️
Rae - 4 years ago
I would move the heater away from the filter so there are no deadspots and circulation of heat is better, but the tank looks awesome! Love the substrate I miss having guppies haha, how does betta get along with them?
Danny's Aquariums
Danny's Aquariums - 4 years ago
Great video again!
Theboredguy97 - 4 years ago
Your tank looks a lot better I kind of miss having guppies. Overall good job.
Space Pets
Space Pets - 4 years ago
I love how the tank turned out:)
Jenna was so cute at the end of the video <3
dbachelor's Planted Aquarium
dbachelor's Planted Aquarium - 4 years ago
Love the new look! Great job!
Julia C
Julia C - 4 years ago
Can you please do an update on all your tanks?
Mia Elizabeth
Mia Elizabeth - 4 years ago
just a tip, maybe lower your music level because its a little to loud
Tetra Aquariums
Tetra Aquariums - 4 years ago
Blazing Bettas
Blazing Bettas - 4 years ago
MiAquatics I know:/ I'm so sorry. It didn't seem to loud while I was editing, but I definitely agree

20. comment for Redoing My Ten Gallon Tank || Blazing Bettas

Naomi Post
Naomi Post - 4 years ago
The black gravel, rocks, and plants are so simple and aesthetic! I <3 it
Laurenandcharley - 4 years ago
I couldn't here u most of the time in the video
leonard ogre
leonard ogre - 4 years ago

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