The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on show

During the "Aqua-Fisch" presented the International Betta Competition. is a chapter of the International Betta Congress (IBC). At the show over 300 beautiful bettas were exhibited and auctioned to a thrilled audience. The president of the IBC Joe Becerra talks about his impressions of this high-caliber event. A lot of bettas are shown in the gallery inside the video.

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During the "Aqua-Fisch" presented the International Betta Competition. is a chapter of the International Betta Congress (IBC). At the show over 300 beautiful bettas were exhibited and auctioned to a thrilled audience. The president of the IBC Joe Becerra talks about his impressions of this high-caliber event. A lot of bettas are shown in the gallery inside the video.

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for The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on show

Betta Keeper
Betta Keeper - 4 years ago
0:10 looks the same as my fish I thought it was my fish it might be
Rach P
Rach P - 4 years ago
My beta is huge, and pink. It has silver scales on the top of it's torso with the highest fin pink and white at the end. It's tail starts with a silver-blue turning pink then white. It's fine are completely white and it's head is red.
NBA Highlights
NBA Highlights - 4 years ago
I am hoping for a beta competition where it is fighting not just for showing haha , i want a fight haha
Rhythm - 4 years ago
How do they breed?
Dhivith 2553
Dhivith 2553 - 4 years ago
my betta fish is passed away recently i miss him
Erika Montoya
Erika Montoya - 4 years ago
My Delta Tail Male Betta, Peep, has really unique coloring that I haven’t seen on any other bettas. His body is a soft, pearly pink and fades to a richer, blood red in his fins. The very tips of his fins have pearly baby blue edges and his eyes are super, SUPER blue. I’m used to having either really red or really blue bettas and when I saw him in the pet store, he caught my eye immediately. He is such a beautiful fish, but probably wouldn’t win in one of these, I mean come on, there was an actual GOLDEN FISH.
Kelly Oconnor
Kelly Oconnor - 4 years ago
Joe becerra go fuck yourself. Who calls these creatures beautiful and amazing but wants to watch them kill each other? You both are sick in the head
Beautyis Asbeautydoes
Beautyis Asbeautydoes - 4 years ago
I wish the standards were higher for how they are kept. Save the animals..

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selena - 4 years ago
My fish steven could be in the competition he is beautiful and i will be breeding soon
Chitra Ss
Chitra Ss - 4 years ago
i like all betta fish
MANISH SHARMA - 4 years ago
Sponge Gaming
Sponge Gaming - 4 years ago
3:28 was my favourite betta so beautiful
Shashank Bhagwat
Shashank Bhagwat - 4 years ago
What a beautiful breed omg
edd st
edd st - 4 years ago
I used to sells this fishes
betta fish
betta fish - 4 years ago
Exahlynn Love
Exahlynn Love - 4 years ago
They are all so gorgeous.
Sly Fe
Sly Fe - 4 years ago
Amy yo husband joe is gonna leave you because he gay
aldlkj - 4 years ago
Meh, mine's prettier

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rowsdower - 4 years ago
Damn these fish are works of art.
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris - 4 years ago
Imagine if the males didn’t fight this would be the most popular fish and tanks would be stocked!
Sam Sam
Sam Sam - 4 years ago
How much it is
Kate Marshall
Kate Marshall - 4 years ago
Hailey Tran
Hailey Tran - 4 years ago
I only have a normal pretty betta in my opinion
Muizz 98
Muizz 98 - 4 years ago
mana kdai nk dpat fist nih
Sean Arjoonsingh
Sean Arjoonsingh - 4 years ago
I have a BEAUTIFUL male betta but... unfortunately it has dropsy
Salman Rajab
Salman Rajab - 4 years ago
Tomas - 4 years ago
Fighting fish baby! Number one dawg!
Siti Zulaiha
Siti Zulaiha - 4 years ago

best here, indonesian betta (y)

30. comment for The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on show

Dan R
Dan R - 4 years ago
2:22 looks just like my boy! :D
Frostfire - 4 years ago
Cute horse fan 2
Cute horse fan 2 - 4 years ago
I wish I could get some more money so I could buy another tank and have a betta in it
Ibtisam Madni
Ibtisam Madni - 4 years ago
Ahan! I think that was the lola fish in oscar. She was a villian
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname - 4 years ago
so gorgeous
Choi Kk
Choi Kk - 4 years ago
I love betta too
Stefan Tomic
Stefan Tomic - 4 years ago
Come on my channel and if you like leave the sub and return the sub
aaron westenberg
aaron westenberg - 4 years ago
Kishor upadhya
Kishor upadhya - 4 years ago
Kerry Mccarthy
Kerry Mccarthy - 4 years ago
Aren't they all Magnificent !!!!!
Pet Central 101
Pet Central 101 - 4 years ago
I once owned a solid red crown tail betta and his scales had a metallic white to them, he was gorgeous
Detra Isham
Detra Isham - 4 years ago
I would enter my betta into these but his fins aren't very full because he suffered from fin rot at petco so his fins aren't as beautiful as they would be if he got the proper care. Now he is healthy and his fins are much better. I think he is very happy in a ten gallon tank!!
KH Reallife
KH Reallife - 4 years ago
so nice
Rosa Velazquez
Rosa Velazquez - 4 years ago
Vermar Placer
Vermar Placer - 4 years ago
Here in the Philippines,the betta fish is only around 50 to 100 pesos or 1 to 3 dollars,but most of them are not low quality bettas
A derpy Potato 17
A derpy Potato 17 - 4 years ago
Look at their cute little faces!!!!!!!!
Mavidyatunes - 4 years ago
This is the equivalent of collecting trading cards but for people between the ages of 30-80.
Moitreyee Bhattacharjee
Moitreyee Bhattacharjee - 4 years ago
I have a paradise Betta a mixture of golden color on d tail and light blue on d body.
Moitreyee Bhattacharjee
Moitreyee Bhattacharjee - 4 years ago
I have a paradise Betta a mixture of golden color on d tail and light blue on d body.
Saeron Diaz
Saeron Diaz - 4 years ago
0:09 That is a beautiful mix of colors!

50. comment for The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on show

MasterBaine - 4 years ago
0:34 on the left. Mr Bean is that you!?!?!
starlight 76
starlight 76 - 4 years ago
they are gorgeous !!
Chrypto - 4 years ago
That guy sounds exactly like Michael Douglas
Ivan Kylo
Ivan Kylo - 4 years ago
Amy becerra Looks like that woman from Texas in THE SECRET WORLD OR HAUTE COUTURE!
thomas eel
thomas eel - 4 years ago
Why cant you get fish like that at petco?
veasna ho
veasna ho - 4 years ago
I love them all
Ziyad Khan
Ziyad Khan - 5 years ago
ziyad khan
Roflcolpter - 5 years ago
Rachel Brooks
Rachel Brooks - 5 years ago
6:00 looks like a koi beta
Allison Holly
Allison Holly - 5 years ago
I personally think my Betta is just as pretty. Wish he wouldn't nip his own fins though.
Lucky Days Poms
Lucky Days Poms - 5 years ago
any idea on the next betta show in California?
Riley Bryan
Riley Bryan - 5 years ago
I have a betta fish exactly like the one at 1:01
Silagane - 5 years ago
si, se, sät.. the? :D
Winterr Diep
Winterr Diep - 5 years ago
fish at 3:26 the tail is amazing! its stunning! i love how it just flows behing the betta, i had a fish just like that but it was a solid red body the a tail that faded in maroon and white tips
Ali Hallam
Ali Hallam - 5 years ago
At first I thought this was going to be about people gathering to watch them fight, like dog fighting.
sharon sauve
sharon sauve - 5 years ago
I hate seeing betas in a small container with nothing to do or nothing to hide behind , these fish have characters , mine loves the 5 gallon with his own little hammock and he loves to play with his ping pong ball
Khan Khan
Khan Khan - 5 years ago
Danejah H
Danejah H - 5 years ago
Are they all displaying cause they are close to each other?
Allison.G - 5 years ago
some of these bettas arent even that amazing... dont get me wrong, they are beautiful, but ive seen bettas equally/even better looking than this at just a local fish shop
busa89 - 5 years ago
If you want an awesome Betta you have to go to a mom and pop pet store. The shit you find at big box stores and chain pet stores are all half dead when you buy them.
Golden Deerling The Epic's 2nd Channel
Golden Deerling The Epic's 2nd Channel - 5 years ago
My betta is NOTHING compared to these guys! But I still love my betta! The black, slightly green and white Draco is always loved!
Solomon Conroy
Solomon Conroy - 5 years ago
betta is life betta is love
Keith Jhudiel Godinez
Keith Jhudiel Godinez - 5 years ago
cool fishes i got one its coler blue
Kylee Winthrop
Kylee Winthrop - 5 years ago
i like the gold one
LegeGetsAPen - 5 years ago
I thought they were gonna have fish fight to death when i read the title and got uspet..
JOMPS123 B - 5 years ago
Grungus Khan
Grungus Khan - 5 years ago
If my beautiful boy had better posture he’d be a star!
Danika Love
Danika Love - 5 years ago
I'm sorry I can't stop laughing
Fandy Indra
Fandy Indra - 5 years ago
seharusnya ada dong game fighting cupang
Bastarden - 5 years ago
I LOVE BETTA FISH! It breaks my heart to know just how commonly mistreated they are, being kept in small bowls without heating and live plants or filtration...
Laura Hoare
Laura Hoare - 5 years ago
They should have sprayed the sides of the tank so the Better can't see sensitive better are territorial and would kill each others so bettas should not be able to see each other it causes stress when they see another Betta
just another day
just another day - 5 years ago
wow there is some amazing fish there, i was breeding my standed betta, but these are amazing. what do you think of mine, pop over to my channel and let me know. :)
Misty Wolf10
Misty Wolf10 - 5 years ago
2:35 ... its a goldfish... but a betta?
bigart1993 - 5 years ago
Run! Get the Bettas to da choppa!
Syed Imran
Syed Imran - 5 years ago
TheAussies BeforeTime
TheAussies BeforeTime - 5 years ago
the beginning of this was made into a gif
moussaemad - 5 years ago
I find Bettas a bit creepy...
Madeline IC
Madeline IC - 5 years ago
Betta fighting can cause death
ned gronow
ned gronow - 5 years ago
i love bettaz
cris akash
cris akash - 5 years ago
akash Thangam
Animals Rule2016
Animals Rule2016 - 5 years ago
So cruel keeping them in clear tanks so that they can see each other. They were flaring
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter - 5 years ago
I love Bettas. Such beautiful fish.
Saikat Sengupta
Saikat Sengupta - 5 years ago
02:33 Is that a golden betta?
Ismat Rosdi
Ismat Rosdi - 5 years ago
ThunderPies YT
ThunderPies YT - 5 years ago
if you breed Walmart fish can you get to this level?
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 5 years ago
1:52 is my fave.
Pham Quyen
Pham Quyen - 5 years ago
How much is the Betta?
Pham Quyen
Pham Quyen - 5 years ago
Wow! They are very beautiful
mantidgirl - 5 years ago
They're so pretty! I love bettas

((I need more i only have two ;0;))

100. comment for The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on show

Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson - 5 years ago
Bettas have their own exhibition. who knew. I have a solid Red Male halfmoon, like the one at 3:12, but not as showy.. he's good enough for me. they all have personalities it's great.
shizukagozen777 - 5 years ago
5:23 That red color... Damn.
Raelynn Ranger
Raelynn Ranger - 5 years ago
Hopefully, they don't kill each other, or else this company was made for these little betta's to die fighting...
Alexander Borges
Alexander Borges - 5 years ago
These are some of the most beautiful find fish you're going to see breeding from all over the world come to show off their their generations of breeding
Justcallme Justice
Justcallme Justice - 5 years ago
Very beautiful
Gary P
Gary P - 5 years ago
You don't have the highest quality Betta fish I DO!!!!!! RAINBOW FITCH RULES!!!!!!!!!! QUEEN OF THE FEATHERS!
Jay Jay no1
Jay Jay no1 - 5 years ago
Great pictures and great information,ich freue mich diesen Channel gefunden zuhaben und natürlich habe ich euch abonniert
Bree F.
Bree F. - 5 years ago
Wait. There's a betta congress. Hold the phone.
Bree F.
Bree F. - 5 years ago
Mine would win.
Birds corner
Birds corner - 5 years ago
OMG 2:08. 2:13. 2:23 0:08
wickedman22 Betta's
wickedman22 Betta's - 5 years ago
when would the ibc come to Texas
Billy West
Billy West - 5 years ago
Excellent. The one with the bright fin was a great success
BlackSeep - 5 years ago
Eridan is the beautifulest betta fish. hm ? Eridan isn t a betta fish ?
Linds GOTTS - 5 years ago
I like how some dance at the end
jonnyandmary - 5 years ago
check my tank on my channel
Sugi Rahayu
Sugi Rahayu - 5 years ago
Tragedy Martinez
Tragedy Martinez - 5 years ago
now i want to put my betta is competitions lol. i have a male veil tail, he looks holographic so his name is holo, and i have a male rose petal who also looks quite holographic but more green so his name gram ( together they are hologram) and i have female half moon, shes blue with yellow detail and she reflects purple and pink. her name is Sky
Ed Vieux
Ed Vieux - 5 years ago
GameHype17 - 5 years ago
You can buy them on eBay for 60$ or more
Joel Babu
Joel Babu - 5 years ago
Soldier 23599
Soldier 23599 - 5 years ago
We have a fish like that before but it dies
Call Me
Call Me - 5 years ago
Best six minutes of my life !!!
icy comet
icy comet - 5 years ago
you sure ? I can show you a better way to have the best 6 minutes of your life .. *wink *
Forget me Ok
Forget me Ok - 5 years ago
When my fish saw it he was like hmm
Ava Sanders
Ava Sanders - 5 years ago
there all so pretty I want one but my parents probably say no.`~` (sad face) bu r it's not like we have 3 cats and 14 bunny's or anything and then counting a fish if I got one it would be an even bigger zoo in owe house
Egha Permana
Egha Permana - 5 years ago
It's beautiful
ScrubbaDubbaDoo 1492
ScrubbaDubbaDoo 1492 - 5 years ago
54 years now
Mariel Carmen
Mariel Carmen - 5 years ago
Divya Anjali
Divya Anjali - 5 years ago
in my aquarium beet is their is sooo beautiful fish I love it
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan - 5 years ago
2:13 I have that one her name is tittu...
Baby Jojo
Baby Jojo - 5 years ago
looks at my fish shakes head in disappointment
Claudia Herrera
Claudia Herrera - 5 years ago
I miss my beta ;( rip One word randy
Praveen Kumar Mishra
Praveen Kumar Mishra - 5 years ago
I love this fish
KH Daily Fishing
KH Daily Fishing - 5 years ago
Wow create fish, i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garin Ramadhan
Garin Ramadhan - 5 years ago
betta fighting is actually quite popular in indonesia
Thaim Mollah
Thaim Mollah - 5 years ago
I love fish
pitchblackaj - 5 years ago
I have a female Betta that's white with black stripes and her top and back fins are red and purple on the tips. I named her zebra and my male Betta is just red so I named him diablo
Krystal ymk
Krystal ymk - 5 years ago
I have a blue betta fish and I pet it
Gregor Poeth
Gregor Poeth - 5 years ago
You pet it?
Krystal ymk
Krystal ymk - 5 years ago
these fish are more beautiful than me
Kazia Samson
Kazia Samson - 5 years ago
crusty Krystal it's ok these fish are probably more pretty than than most people are anyway
EFF YO CLAN - 5 years ago
crusty Krystal because you're crusty
Marvin - 5 years ago
I didnt know arnold schwarzenegger was into this??!!
Alyssa Rendon
Alyssa Rendon - 5 years ago
where can i fine one like at 2:08 or 3:29
vignesh kothandaraman
vignesh kothandaraman - 5 years ago
nice betta competition
Abu Tahir
Abu Tahir - 5 years ago
i love betta fish , they are just awesome and cute in thier own way
FknShaggy G
FknShaggy G - 5 years ago
I came here because I'm concerned about my betta. He's a male (an obvious statement sorry) and has an 8 gallon tank that I also have 2 zebra snails in. Sometimes my fish flares at them, despite them being.. Snails. I thought bettas only flare at other fish with big fins or tails? Is this OK, or is my fish getting too stressed? (I maybe wrong in thinking that flaring is bad/stressful for them?)
FknShaggy G
FknShaggy G - 5 years ago
Rainy Jamaa I was worried that if it did it too much it would stress it unnecessarily, thank you for your reply. :)
Reine -edits-
Reine -edits- - 5 years ago
FknShaggy G flaring also means that there healthy
Ömer Faruk Şimşek
Ömer Faruk Şimşek - 5 years ago
I have Got a betta fish
lightening bear
lightening bear - 5 years ago
where do I sign up to show my son's Betta fish
Riaz Hasan
Riaz Hasan - 5 years ago
Gomandi Sanders
Gomandi Sanders - 5 years ago
Its the iPhone fish
Pepeminati - 5 years ago
so when will they fight?
D_sisters - 5 years ago
i want a betta fish
Brea Bear
Brea Bear - 5 years ago
Brea Bear
Brea Bear - 5 years ago
I feel bad for them they were puffing out their lungs they must be mad
Brea Bear
Brea Bear - 5 years ago
hey adrian need to not call people idiot when they dont say the right thing ok..she is 11 years old you..
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan - 5 years ago
Brea Bear Those are not lungs idiot they are gills which are meant to show off when they see another beta. It does not harm the animal in any way.
Marko Deniro
Marko Deniro - 5 years ago
I bet was at a better betta contest.
Animal life
Animal life - 5 years ago
Giant betas
guppy male
guppy male - 5 years ago
fly in water,haha..
Ayoki . . .
Ayoki . . . - 5 years ago
Would pay over a million dollars for that cutie at 4:36!
boi if you boo me, ima boo boo on you
boi if you boo me, ima boo boo on you - 5 years ago
these are beautiful but nothing beats my betta :3
Lilith Lascivious
Lilith Lascivious - 5 years ago
4:00 || Looks like #214 gave birth! Are those fry on the bottom of the tank!?
SwampySack - 5 years ago
as teens, we would put them in the same jar & watch'em tear each other apart.. mine was a true gladiator w/ 20+ victories, 1 was so amazing he bit one of the fish eyeball out of the socket & dangling.. these fish r brutally fun to watch, stayin true to their nature of being called fighting fish!
ananya dutta
ananya dutta - 5 years ago
well I heard that betta is sick if it has whitish area or lil bit faded color around his head. but in this video at 1:03 to 1:04 and at 2:22 they also had they whitish area around their head, very very similar to my betta. and he's very active as well. then I guess my betta is not sick?
Lea Ausvinch
Lea Ausvinch - 5 years ago
ananya dutta that's the coloring of the Betta.. the whitish spots associated with infection are very specific in appearance
Betta fish - ikan cupang
Betta fish - ikan cupang - 5 years ago
I like this..
Beta fish
Marla Singer
Marla Singer - 5 years ago
who is the narrator? Arnold schwarzenegger?
Flipz - 5 years ago
lol in the intro i though that is my fucking fish
LITTLE OYSTER - 5 years ago
that's pretty cool that they got Arnold Schwarzenegger to narrate. I didn't know he was into Betta's
ShachaR H
ShachaR H - 5 years ago
cherrell lohner a
LPS ping pong Productions
LPS ping pong Productions - 5 years ago
Engels Alhambra
Engels Alhambra - 5 years ago
beautiful fish. unfortunately the lifespan is short.
Shey's Betta
Shey's Betta - 5 years ago
common misconception.
Finchtoss - 5 years ago
Betta fish live up to five years with a proper tank, filter, and heater. How is that short?
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
the betta at 3:23 lol so funny such a show off lol. little flare master
Hunter Hess
Hunter Hess - 5 years ago
yo WAL-MART, you need to step up there game.
niro lord
niro lord - 4 years ago
Hunter Hess not many would be able to buy them tho
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
6:11 are you giving us attitude mister lol little flare master
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
Lol Ikr he's so cute
Clementine - 5 years ago
Im dead
thegreatleviathan - 5 years ago
So does the fighting start?
Finchtoss - 5 years ago
Excuse me?
The Tetra
The Tetra - 5 years ago
I LOVE Bettas!!!!
Meggie Hicks
Meggie Hicks - 5 years ago
i am emotionally attached to betta fish as an entire species.
WolfThorn - 5 years ago
No idea a competition even existed for bettas.
niro lord
niro lord - 4 years ago
WolfThorn its alright. Mostly on hobbyist of fish or enthusiasts know lel
Rachel Brooks
Rachel Brooks - 5 years ago
WolfThorn and koi and goldfish
Bella and Bettas
Bella and Bettas - 5 years ago
Aaron Manansala
Aaron Manansala - 5 years ago
Lol. That guy needs to learn about intonation.
Betta Gene
Betta Gene - 5 years ago
im in connecticut where do you have these shows
DragonWizard Gaming
DragonWizard Gaming - 5 years ago
I wish my betta fish looked that cool I think he is a rose petal betta but I am not sure
Mags Bird
Mags Bird - 5 years ago
hi i want to hole a betta show in the caribbean
PARVATHI Thanks for good video MEKHALA
PARVATHI Thanks for good video MEKHALA - 5 years ago
Thanks for good channel
Fatality gamingTV
Fatality gamingTV - 6 years ago
did Arnold Schwarzenegger voice over this?
Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim - 6 years ago
Spirulina feedign to my guppy "How to feed Spirulina to your guppy Guppies & fries"
Aren Tokhosepyan
Aren Tokhosepyan - 6 years ago
My beta like a shit.
Lucky Days Poms
Lucky Days Poms - 5 years ago
+Oceanti either way you probably should've had tanks with lids so they couldn't jump out.
Oceanti - 5 years ago
Lucky Days Poms one died and the other went blind so the fighting stopped.
Lucky Days Poms
Lucky Days Poms - 5 years ago
if you move the betta tank farther apart it will help I kept mine across the hall from each other so they weren't able to reach each other and barely see each other.
Oceanti - 5 years ago
My jump into each others tanks and eat each others fins they barely have any left
Ana•thema - 6 years ago
Ana•thema - 6 years ago
Im so sad i have a betta and they are fhiti g
Vigyananand Swamy
Vigyananand Swamy - 6 years ago
Beautiful colours and fin-shapes, but they were not fighting at all!
Finchtoss - 5 years ago
Well duh, they're not supposed to. That's inhumane.
darmawan aditya
darmawan aditya - 6 years ago
beautiful fish
Edal Noro
Edal Noro - 6 years ago
bighornize - 6 years ago
you sick bastards get a life
bighornize - 6 years ago
assholes get a life!
Richiko06 - 6 years ago
0:56 beautiful
Richiko06 - 6 years ago
I have a rare orange VT Dalmatian betta by the name of Magikarp and I found him at Petco. does he have a chance of winning? also does my rainbow spade veil tail Rainbow Dash, and my white and blue snowflake like double tail betta Yuki have a chance at winning too?
Kelsey Bond
Kelsey Bond - 5 years ago
i know this was 6 months ago but do you have pictures? i work with alot of dragon and elephant bettas
LylacProductions - 5 years ago
Do you have a photo of him? He sounds beautiful
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
So I suppose because you have such an elitist attitude that means you know everything about breeding? No. And guess what hon I know a hell of a lot more than you think I do. Obviously you didn't know there are breeders who breed specifically to sell bettas. The only problem with pet store bettas is their pedigree is unknown but that's it. So who's to say my boys can't win? YOU? Ha! So I guess your a judge?? You've never even seen them so no you don't fucking know. Get over yourself. I'll leave it up to the REAL judges if I ever decide to enter.
imprettygassyrightnow - 5 years ago
they dont sell 200 dollar fish to fucking petco you obviously dont know anything about betta breeding
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
No I am not delusional I hope you know some of those breeders breed bettas especially to sell to pet stores but it does not mean they can't win. My magikarp is one of the most beautiful fishes I've ever seen same with my Yuki. He's the most stunning double tail I've ever had other than my late Valentino (sip buddy) anyway you obviously are no expert because you've never seen my boys so who's to say that my bettas have no chance if winning? If I ever enter them I'll let the judges decide that. Not some commenter on YouTube who hasn't even seen them so good day to you sir.
imprettygassyrightnow - 5 years ago
these bettas are selectivlely bred by master breeders for 50 to 100 generations if you think your 20 dollar petco fish can win than you are delusional
Richiko06 - 5 years ago
wow sorry but you are wrong.
imprettygassyrightnow - 5 years ago
No not even a small chance
Richiko06 - 6 years ago
beautiful boys! they're little sass masters lol
Game Genuinely
Game Genuinely - 6 years ago
Now u can sell Betta international at
Bubbly Bettas
Bubbly Bettas - 6 years ago
Hey Ty I just wanted to let you know I have my own Betta channel. If you love betas as much as I do come to my channel, bubbly betas. I have lots of great information on how to keep betas healthy happy and beautiful. So come watch, you, and subscribe. Thank you very much!
liam sera
liam sera - 6 years ago
im loving of fighting fish.
spinorex - 6 years ago
i have a veiltail betta he is blue and his head is black, from what i have discovered, he is pretty chill, i am hoping i can get another betta, maybe two since their cheap
Pombal Santana
Pombal Santana - 6 years ago
beautiful fish......:)
thiti siri
thiti siri - 6 years ago
AwesomeNess - 6 years ago
I was hoping they would fight
Ikmal Izham
Ikmal Izham - 6 years ago
when i was child..I'm always make it fight..gamble for call this fish "skila barat"..
AwesomeNess - 6 years ago
+Salem Ross just saying...
Salem Ross
Salem Ross - 6 years ago
Fuck off
Anhkiet Bui
Anhkiet Bui - 6 years ago
BoneKotaaaaa - 6 years ago
No one gonna talk about the one at 2:35?! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL I PRAY FOR THE OWNER
BoneKotaaaaa - 5 years ago
XD yh
Oceanti - 5 years ago
It's beautiful and I'd trade all three of my Betta fish for that one
but2star - 6 years ago
@ 5:35 The Mohican Betta.
GamingEXpert21 - 6 years ago
What was the fish at 3:11? I definitely want him.
GamingEXpert21 - 6 years ago
What was the fish at 2:34?
BrothersGaming DDA
BrothersGaming DDA - 6 years ago
I like alot the fish that Is at 3:26
Alex C
Alex C - 6 years ago
y'all liggas will fight anything...lame
goldenretriever 878
goldenretriever 878 - 6 years ago
The one at 2:12 kinda looks like a tutti frutti :3 all of them are so beautiful
mike104740 - 6 years ago
0:39, world star, world star!!!
Ryan Pearce
Ryan Pearce - 6 years ago
That is AWESOME!!!  Though flaring is not that good for them. If they really cared about the Bettas, they should keep them in more solid and roomy environments!!
Rashed khan Aupurbo
Rashed khan Aupurbo - 6 years ago
Nice Fish
Demon Elite
Demon Elite - 6 years ago
This is disgusting. I own one of these poor creatures and they do not deserve this you sick old bastards! Kys!!!!
Daisy Bear
Daisy Bear - 6 years ago
These fish are more stressed at pet stores in their tiny boxes for months before they're bought. Being there for a day wont hurt them
Mike Rourke
Mike Rourke - 6 years ago
I totally agree. This is pure stress for them
Heejoo Byun
Heejoo Byun - 6 years ago
Fiyuh entertainment
Fiyuh entertainment - 6 years ago
omg I love the fish with two eyes and the one with gils
lilTears MSP
lilTears MSP - 6 years ago
I really am gonna get a white half moon betta
Megan Koczan
Megan Koczan - 6 years ago
But 3:30 seconds I love that one
Megan Koczan
Megan Koczan - 6 years ago
That fish is ugly
Blue Sarang
Blue Sarang - 6 years ago
Lol I would never be able to chose the most beautifull one, every one is pretty!
Amarante099 - 6 years ago
those fish should be swimming and have fun in the sea!
Bun Wong
Bun Wong - 6 years ago
Umm, they're fresh water fish that live in rice paddies and the Mekong river, they can thrive easily in 2.5 gallons of water too
Caleb Browne
Caleb Browne - 6 years ago
1:36 captions says germany's appalled cum facials?
Aly B
Aly B - 6 years ago
i have a pink male Betta:))
Sharyar Khan
Sharyar Khan - 6 years ago
why dog fight is called brutal and fish fight not???
how to draw
how to draw - 5 years ago
Sharyar Khan are more*
Sharyar Khan
Sharyar Khan - 6 years ago
+Luke Cable koi fish is more beautiful then this
Luke Cable
Luke Cable - 6 years ago
This is not a fighting tournament it is a competition about the beauty in the fish
GrayJay Jumba
GrayJay Jumba - 6 years ago
2:08 is fucking gorgeous. The orange blue mix is so vibrant.
Drone everyone
Drone everyone - 6 years ago
hi toni
Sekai Dongyi
Sekai Dongyi - 6 years ago
I used to kill all these $3 beautiful fighting fishes bought in a huge fish shop, with my $1 ugly looking fighting fish bought from an old uncle in the market
Bun Wong
Bun Wong - 6 years ago
Well, your 'ugly' one was probably a plakat which means short-tailed betta that is more suited to fight then long finned ones
Stewie is nub
Stewie is nub - 6 years ago
In the Philippines these fish cost half a usd
Hey Boi
Hey Boi - 5 years ago
tama ka boy
Anime Derp
Anime Derp - 6 years ago
mostly blue and red bettas though its rare to see hm here unlike thailand
MR. DJ - 6 years ago
Vladimir crotchlickmeoff
Vladimir crotchlickmeoff - 6 years ago
Man would of won this competition easily too bad he died after only two years:(
AlexG67 - 6 years ago
This is better competition for bettas I love it, it's amazing not like the actual fight competitions
TheBettaShow - 6 years ago
At 1:05 that looks like my fish!
Gladz Andre
Gladz Andre - 6 years ago
Peter how much is that betta fish I wanna buy that fish pls pls pls
Millie WillieBillie
Millie WillieBillie - 6 years ago
at the begging I thought the narrator said "farting fish"
tachikoma747 - 6 years ago
2:04. My local Petsmart had one that looked like that which surprised me, considering how expensive purebred Bettas can be.
Computernurd - 6 years ago
+tachikoma747 My guess is that the breeder either couldn't sell it for show price, or that their was something wrong with the fin/body shape that meant it couldn't be shown or bred.
Jonathan Ngo
Jonathan Ngo - 6 years ago
3:46 that great teal color <3
Gone Bad
Gone Bad - 6 years ago
I love big colourful floating fins and tails!
Shalini Chandrasekhar
Shalini Chandrasekhar - 6 years ago
it could be named as water peacock
Dominique Freeman
Dominique Freeman - 6 years ago
Dont ppl cross breed these to look different then they would normally? just asking i have one but i have parrot fish and ppl cry and bitch it isnt normal
Luke Cable
Luke Cable - 6 years ago
Well neither are dogs so your in the clear
Ivy .Jumping.Into.Equestrian
Ivy .Jumping.Into.Equestrian - 6 years ago
That's horrible! Don't do that to poor fish. Don't let them fight it's sad!!!
Jacqueline Cayon
Jacqueline Cayon - 5 years ago
LPS Mini Horse They don't fight the fish, that would be cruel. They keep them in separate tanks and judge them based on their beauty. They are called fighting fish because of how aggressive they are, but betta lovers would never let them fight.
fariza kawaiisquishy
fariza kawaiisquishy - 6 years ago
I love betta I have 3 of it
Anderson Yang
Anderson Yang - 6 years ago
I love fighting fish!!
geek girl YouTuber
geek girl YouTuber - 6 years ago
this is cool I can't believe it you people do this for a living
Demon The Angel
Demon The Angel - 6 years ago
ahhh I have a betta, he is a halfmoon and his colors are beautiful! I want to enter him!
Demon The Angel
Demon The Angel - 6 years ago
+wahyu widiyanto better beta breeder :3
wahyu widiyanto
wahyu widiyanto - 6 years ago
+Demon The Angel thats a good news.well,I ve bred them more than 100 times,,and I dont want to be called as a master,why?because I dont have the 100% successful possibility..I just try and try to be a better breeder.
Demon The Angel
Demon The Angel - 6 years ago
+wahyu widiyanto yeah we have been trying to breed him to the female we have. he is a first timer but he made a really nice bubble nest.
wahyu widiyanto
wahyu widiyanto - 6 years ago
+Demon The Angel I see.Well, I'm a betta maniac. I bred them,,
Demon The Angel
Demon The Angel - 6 years ago
+wahyu widiyanto into like a fish show XD 
wahyu widiyanto
wahyu widiyanto - 6 years ago
what did u say?enter him?what d u mean?
matlock12c - 6 years ago
snazz.gabzz - 6 years ago
Though I applaud the magnificence and beauty of all of these Bettas, it is equally saddening to realize just how many generations of breeding and the abuse millions of fry it takes into breeding the "pretty" ones.
Katrina hazlewood
Katrina hazlewood - 6 years ago
Gorgeous bettas but hate that their kept in tiny tanks. My dumbo betta is in at least 40 litres.
Yes, I am a bloody lemon Gerard
Yes, I am a bloody lemon Gerard - 4 years ago
Katrina hazlewood there only kept in them for like 1 hour anyway
YinneTheYak - 4 years ago
Katrina hazlewood They are there because of the competition. I am pretty sure that their actual owners kept them in good conditions because of how beautiful the bettas colors are :D
Noah Winge
Noah Winge - 6 years ago
They are only in there for a short period of time
阿德里安 - 6 years ago
Damn, those were some beautiful Betta fish! To bad their expensive... Around $20-40...
Fred Yeo
Fred Yeo - 6 years ago
I wish i could have all the different colors n species of Siamese betta fish
K Gamer
K Gamer - 6 years ago
i like the 1 on 3:48 its cool
Bettas Jordan
Bettas Jordan - 6 years ago
pasate por mi canal
Flareon Vlogzz
Flareon Vlogzz - 6 years ago
My betta (comet) was my favorite betta i ever owned, (and the first one out of 3 i bought) he was a beautiful black blue and red. sadly i woke up one morning and i saw him laying on the ground, i tapped on the glass. Nothing, i put food in, nothing, i took him out of the tank with the fishing net, nothing. so, i did what a lot of pet owners do, say the last good bye and flush it... he would have been a winner here, i miss you so much comet. XOXO
Flareon Vlogzz
Flareon Vlogzz - 6 years ago
+Winter Pixelart BTW now i have 3 guppies and i named them: Bilbo, Comet, and Bluemoon. (those are my three bettas i owned)
Flareon Vlogzz
Flareon Vlogzz - 6 years ago
2:14 and 2:31 and 4:00 BEAUTIFUL!
Muhammad Al-Ahmadi!
Muhammad Al-Ahmadi! - 6 years ago
my betta is beta
Dreadlowq - 6 years ago
I thought he was saying BATTLE competition.
Maddie W
Maddie W - 6 years ago
Hard to believe that these stylish looking fish are fighters. WoW
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura - 6 years ago
animal cruelty much
Jack son
Jack son - 6 years ago
the fish at 4:08 looked badass!
xnreyescj - 6 years ago
you betta believe it
Friederike Rich
Friederike Rich - 6 years ago
EXCALIBUR ALEX - 6 years ago
Hadeel Darhan
Hadeel Darhan - 6 years ago
Why do they open there gills like that
Kody Gabay
Kody Gabay - 6 years ago
No Midas cichlids are the dogs or Red Devils
Sam Piekarski
Sam Piekarski - 6 years ago
this is gross. You're making them fight to the death for your entertainment! WHAT THE HELL?!
Stephen QS
Stephen QS - 6 years ago
+Sam Piekarski what are you talking about? None of them are fighting, and the competition is all about appearances
gerard cousineau
gerard cousineau - 6 years ago
Jeffries Lyrics
Jeffries Lyrics - 6 years ago
The fish at 3:30 omg the tail is so pretty
HonneyDew - 4 years ago
Jeffries Lyrics iKR OMg
MusicalKitty - 6 years ago
I agree
Avacado Roll
Avacado Roll - 6 years ago
I liked the one at 2:48:3
Chris Correa
Chris Correa - 6 years ago
You can buy exotic specimens like these on ebay or kijiji, but can be VERY expensive ($50-$150). I managed to snag a blue mustard.
Alexandra Hornberger
Alexandra Hornberger - 6 years ago
4:40 is my absolute favorite
Sanuja Pangat
Sanuja Pangat - 6 years ago
3: 11... <3
Budi priyogo
Budi priyogo - 6 years ago
indonesia banyak orang ternak ikan cupang / beta
M1ku - 6 years ago
Ma boy Ming Ming is the best looking from all of the other Bettas.
Lylipadle Mashups
Lylipadle Mashups - 6 years ago
2:30 MY FAV!!!
Emily Garcia
Emily Garcia - 6 years ago
i love betta fish omg lol
Ruben Reveles
Ruben Reveles - 6 years ago
#213 looks amazing
Lexi - 6 years ago
2:30 most beautiful fish, I'd pay 200 USA for a fish like that.
Mo Mo
Mo Mo - 4 years ago
Lexi no
Revenger Assassin
Revenger Assassin - 5 years ago
Lexi true I have goldfish better than betas
Tomahawk1999 - 5 years ago
Lucky Days Poms
Lucky Days Poms - 5 years ago
not true Giniva, You are taking about a walmart fish of which do not come from high-quality lines and they only sell veiltails and crown tails. while there are about 8 types of tai ltypes and over 10 types of colors not just red, blue and dark blue.
Giniva sanjur
Giniva sanjur - 6 years ago
in the US they only cost about five dollers
Erik-Jan Heida
Erik-Jan Heida - 6 years ago
the name of such a fish is a golden copper betta!
altr557 - 6 years ago
+Lexi agree
Vyrilien - 6 years ago
+MrPeterGoldman Let the good sir/lady pay in sovereign states should he/she so desire!
MrPeterGoldman - 6 years ago
+Lexi USD*
TheFamilyguy421 - 6 years ago
J Day
J Day - 6 years ago
4:14 my favorite...
the one 1993 k
the one 1993 k - 6 years ago
this takes me back to when I was a kid I had one of these fish
Melinda Parker
Melinda Parker - 6 years ago
more fish
harith rafie
harith rafie - 6 years ago
TwoLargePizzas - 6 years ago
Can we breed bettas for tameness just like that one geneticist did with the foxes.
tanya alexander
tanya alexander - 6 years ago
334 is cute
tanya alexander
tanya alexander - 6 years ago
Hi i got a betta fish 2
Dresden Tulip
Dresden Tulip - 6 years ago
5:08 is so beautiful
DIYNoNeedToCry - 6 years ago
These are so beautiful! Goes to show how mistreated the ones we buy at stores are. So sad.
MassDynamic - 6 years ago
first world problems
Hotteok Power
Hotteok Power - 6 years ago
The one at 6:00!!!
Székely Gábor Kristóf
Székely Gábor Kristóf - 6 years ago
ClickAnimalVideos - 6 years ago
100euro for fish??? wtf sign me up anybody selling a fish that looks like 2:31 il pay 100euro
dude - 4 years ago
lol, in indonesia you can get a dragon betta's like that for like 10 usd
Martin Pham
Martin Pham - 4 years ago
ClickAnimalVideos o
Shaun Gordon
Shaun Gordon - 5 years ago
ClickAnimalVideos u
TheEnragedGamer - 5 years ago
Hunter12396 he isn't complaining I would totally pay that much for a beauty like that
ThunderPies YT
ThunderPies YT - 5 years ago
ClickAnimalVideos agreed
Julia Mart
Julia Mart - 5 years ago
ClickAnimalVideos my fish was 8 dollars it was a rainbow betta
Mr. Mango
Mr. Mango - 6 years ago
I am wanna make a deal
Erik-Jan Heida
Erik-Jan Heida - 6 years ago
look on the internet for golden copper betta. thats the name of the colour of that betta!
goldenretriever 878
goldenretriever 878 - 6 years ago
Same I like betas with big tails :3
KingsTop10s - 6 years ago
-takes out whip
Katie Sara
Katie Sara - 6 years ago
I love that one too and the one with huge fins
Hunter12396 - 6 years ago
+ClickAnimalVideos They're purebred show bettas, that's why they're so expensive
Caua Vinicios
Caua Vinicios - 6 years ago
Caua Vinicios
Caua Vinicios - 6 years ago
Maira Ramos
Maira Ramos - 6 years ago
My grandma's betta would not stand a chance
Kermit Mc
Kermit Mc - 6 years ago
Poor bettas flaring there gills
Savannah Edwards
Savannah Edwards - 6 years ago
all beautiful
Aishik Piri
Aishik Piri - 6 years ago
Saivya Kanwar
Saivya Kanwar - 6 years ago
Veil tails are also beautiful. I didn't see any veiltail in the video.
Thomas Longo
Thomas Longo - 6 years ago
I think its because veil tail are the most common
MCS Crafts
MCS Crafts - 6 years ago
+My names not Rick! What a shame. they are such beautiful fish.
Saivya Kanwar
Saivya Kanwar - 6 years ago
+My names not Rick! Oh ok. Thanks for the information :)
Betaseal AJ
Betaseal AJ - 6 years ago
+Saivya Kanwar I hear they're no longer accepted into shows because their bloodlines were "ruined" by being overbred by pet stores.
Ricky Vargas
Ricky Vargas - 6 years ago
Great bettas can anyone check out my betta fish and tell me what you think about him my betta fish is on a video on my channel. Thanks
The Inflatable Sea Lion
The Inflatable Sea Lion - 6 years ago
Absolutely stunning bettas. My boy, Siren should enter this competition!
Yifan Ruan
Yifan Ruan - 4 years ago
do you even know what this competition is about??
Kelly Oconnor
Kelly Oconnor - 4 years ago
BlueRiolu you will lose cause you're a psychopath
Kelly Oconnor
Kelly Oconnor - 4 years ago
PeopleAnnoyMe you're a sicko, loving these types of videos
Kelly Oconnor
Kelly Oconnor - 4 years ago
The Inflatable Sea Lion idiot, so all beautiful fish should be put in tiny tanks and then fight to the death? That's like saying miss universe in the runner-up need to beat the s**t out of each other or basically do a two-person hunger games to find the winner, any animal fighting is disgusting, I don't care if it's a fish or a dog or anything it's gross and your Brose, you should go into your beloved fish, and watch him die you sicko
Ganesan Siva
Ganesan Siva - 4 years ago
it's the best fish which I so but I'm also having so many of them
Alfonso Hinojosa
Alfonso Hinojosa - 5 years ago
My boy ya call that piece of trash a beta fish thats almos a gold fish, see ma boy Fefe, well thats a real alpha beta mega fish, if ya dont believe me well se my profile picture well guess thats a real boy
Oceanti - 5 years ago
PeopleAnnoyMe - 6 years ago
BlueRiolu - 6 years ago
He will win!
Coligex Gaming
Coligex Gaming - 6 years ago
I noticed that there were dividers in between the tanks. that's good. atleast it prevents the bettas from becoming too stressed
Animals4life - 6 years ago
Mine never flare. SIgh.
Coligex Gaming
Coligex Gaming - 6 years ago
The betta is betta than all the other fish
Dang - 6 years ago
Anyone else think that bettas are the cats of the fish world, or is that just me?
Chelsea York
Chelsea York - 4 years ago
Dang lol mine acts like a dog its cute
starlifeforce Juan Martinez
starlifeforce Juan Martinez - 4 years ago
behaviour is similar
Andrew Gao
Andrew Gao - 4 years ago
Dang why?
william whitley
william whitley - 5 years ago
Gr Troly
Gr Troly - 5 years ago
+Bobby Cheezpuffs true
Dang - 5 years ago
+Cool Orca catfish act more like dogs imo
Oceanti - 5 years ago
What about catfish?
Rianna Fields
Rianna Fields - 6 years ago
i do they remind me of little siamese cats
reptileboy10 - 6 years ago
+BoerboelDog Owner so true and guppys are like little birds and finches
Renee11123 - 6 years ago
I think so too.
Kitty Catgirl
Kitty Catgirl - 6 years ago
I have the one showed in 5:11 . I guess a little less Gud lookin than the one show here but still pretty :)
Akatsuki흣튠 - 6 years ago
2:30 wow I never seen a glistening gold, so beautiful!
JiaKee99 - 6 years ago
What kind of Betta fish at 5:10??? (I'm meaning what kind of tail)
The Inflatable Sea Lion
The Inflatable Sea Lion - 6 years ago
Rose petal super delta? It's hard to tell
laura Neumann
laura Neumann - 6 years ago
Stop at 2:38 that fish is beautiful
amy zhu
amy zhu - 6 years ago
My crown betta is just as pretty
Jade Nadales
Jade Nadales - 6 years ago
my betta is pink > : D
starrychloe - 6 years ago
This competition is sexist. There are no female betas in the competition.
Latasha Burch
Latasha Burch - 6 years ago
+starrychloe there were at least 3 females in the video
Jolie's Creations
Jolie's Creations - 6 years ago
Females are not in the vid because males fight the most
Lucius Discantdecai
Lucius Discantdecai - 6 years ago
Maxime Larocque
Maxime Larocque - 6 years ago
Is this to waarn us about the dangers of inbreeding?
rolandreign Barcelo
rolandreign Barcelo - 6 years ago
Yo my betta is more awesome
BetterBetta - 6 years ago
I love my bettas to pieces, although they are not show quality like these beautiful bettas. I like to tell myself they are, though :) They're perfect in my eyes!
a1ntcry1noveru - 6 years ago
there's something for everyone i guess
amanda keo
amanda keo - 6 years ago
5:13 Very beautiful color
Kat - 6 years ago
2:23 and 2:45 Are so Beautiful!
Sanket Kohli
Sanket Kohli - 6 years ago
Thank U god for making the universe so beautiful . Man plz learn to preserve the beauty
OverlordSheepie - 6 years ago
Woah! I've never seen a betta fish like that!
Emma Barnes
Emma Barnes - 6 years ago
Can you buy them?
Ovi Dragnil
Ovi Dragnil - 6 years ago
my better is full white :D
Brice Pugh
Brice Pugh - 6 years ago
i want that gold one
Raxaxa Ganaz
Raxaxa Ganaz - 6 years ago
I'm from Borneo,when I was a child I used to buy Betta Fish and duel it with my friends....!
Kris Alexus
Kris Alexus - 6 years ago
Wow so very beautiful!
Gerbils4Lyfe - 6 years ago
My mom is like, you can get a betta fish when ever you want! lol
Markuss turner
Markuss turner - 6 years ago

Andi Pratama
Andi Pratama - 6 years ago
asu pss
Caitlynn Lewis
Caitlynn Lewis - 6 years ago
I like the fish but come on already let's see them attack each other but, not kill each other just attack. They are to pretty to kill
EZEKIEL - 6 years ago
back in my younger day, we catch this fish for fun and it's free.. because we have abundant of them in our cannal.. this day it's become commercial fish..
criadores de bettas brasil
criadores de bettas brasil - 6 years ago
venha conhecer meu canal no YouTube e minha página no Facebook
michael pullen
michael pullen - 6 years ago
Is there a one called Rosie .
michael pullen
michael pullen - 6 years ago
Lots of different colours
michael pullen
michael pullen - 6 years ago
They are called Siamese fighting fish
Acabacacus .S
Acabacacus .S - 6 years ago
5:36 looks kind of like my crowntail just a bit bluer though lol
aduh aduh syg aduh aduh sygg
aduh aduh syg aduh aduh sygg - 6 years ago
berapa haga ikan ya
noumeet desai
noumeet desai - 6 years ago
My betta kept banging into the roof of her tank for some reason one night somehow she even got out of the tank
Kizzy - 6 years ago
they are so gorgeous!
keeshia hope tan navales
keeshia hope tan navales - 6 years ago
wow !!!!! l am lover Berta fish love you guys!!!!!
oxciliate plaque
oxciliate plaque - 6 years ago
really love the 3:18 and 5:35 srsly beautyfull
peter piper
peter piper - 6 years ago
2 times i had siemese fighters that lived 4years second one was 5 and a half they where not related and are pretty standard blue black color i was told they shouldnt live that long?? thinking of getting another one as i seem to be good at keeping them (used same setup since first one years and years ago) would the really nice color ones live as long or are they bred and bred to make them like that ? need help or else ill just get a normal one so he will live for ages ^^ will spend £35 -$50 or so if they live
Abrish - 6 years ago
No actually they arent bred and bred. Those beautiful colors are truly natural. You could find those colors in the rivers that they live in. Certain types of the fish have certain colors though. For instance a veil tail betta generally come in red.
newlife - 6 years ago
fuck let them fight
kate - 6 years ago
My Betta, Apollo looks like the one at 5:35, Bettas are such amazing fish. I'm so happy I have one! <3
Adhvika Arunkumar
Adhvika Arunkumar - 6 years ago
are these only male?
timothy pilli
timothy pilli - 6 years ago
am i the only one who sees messi at 1:42?
Upasana Das
Upasana Das - 6 years ago
TheQuietOne - 6 years ago
I had one that looked just like the one at 5:34 a few years ago except he has more of a violet hue rather than blue. He just came from the local pet store though.

I'm not sure why people keep saying that their betta looks bad in comparison... They are all beautiful fish, they are just often mistreated (not intentionally for the most part, people are lead to believe lies). These fish in the video are in perfect and pristine conditions, happier fish will display their fins like that more readily, its the same for all species.
They aren't usually happy in betta bowls and especially not in the cups they are kept in at places like wall-mart and petstores. Just because they can survive in those water conditions does not mean they should, and they can't be expected to look their best in conditions they aren't happy in.

For a betta to be healthy and look as good as they can they should have at absolute minimum a 1 gallon tank though it really should be bigger - at least 2 - 3 gallons
> The temperature should be between 24-27°C (76-82°F) (they are tropical fish)
> They don't need a filter though you should regularly clean the tank water to remove excess waste/food and to prevent ammonia build up among other things. Look up how often you should clean the tank out (it is based on size and the amount of water.

If yours isn't displaying it's fins it could just be because it's not happy, sick, old or stressed.
Chan Shen
Chan Shen - 6 years ago
Holy cow. Look at 5:35. Stunningly beautiful!
Steff Pastrano
Steff Pastrano - 4 years ago
Crowntails look like a sick goldfish
Yes, I am a bloody lemon Gerard
Yes, I am a bloody lemon Gerard - 4 years ago
Chan Shen that one was ugly
Kevin Haynes
Kevin Haynes - 4 years ago
Chan Shen Oh yes, I’ve seen some of these sell for more than 200 usd. It’s getting extremely popular and yes, very pricey. The ones shown in this video doesn’t hold a candle to some of the extremely rare Bettas I’ve seen.
Patchwork The Dragon
Patchwork The Dragon - 5 years ago
i have one that looks EXACTLY like that one XD
his name is Orion and HE'S SO DARN CUUUUTE
his nickname is Mr. GrumpyGills
AquaLife&More - 5 years ago
I don't like crowntails :/
Allan Chavez
Allan Chavez - 6 years ago
beautiful, isn't he... I think he's a tri-color crowntail
Scarlett Selva
Scarlett Selva - 6 years ago
+Chan Shen my fish is almost exactly like it except mine has a little lighter black and more darker red.
kavein86 - 6 years ago
+Chan Shen it looked so nice, they showed it twice. 4:00
Jason Yuschak
Jason Yuschak - 6 years ago
+Chan Shen the blue one right after was amazingly beautiful too!
Keegan Johnston
Keegan Johnston - 6 years ago
+Chan Shen ya no kidding beautiful crown-tail
bre24 - 6 years ago
+Chan Shen That one is by far my favorite! So pretty!!
Jellybean Joy
Jellybean Joy - 6 years ago
Kk Ok
Kk Ok - 6 years ago
Josh Myers
Josh Myers - 6 years ago
they are beautiful
Josh Myers
Josh Myers - 6 years ago
bettas are my favorite fishes
rampage lolzz
rampage lolzz - 6 years ago
This fishes, they are so damn amazing
Haylee Seigler
Haylee Seigler - 6 years ago
I don't see why they fight such beautiful fish... Like how would you feel if someone forced you to fight some stranger!?!?
Lucius Discantdecai
Lucius Discantdecai - 6 years ago
+Haylee Seigler it's a beauty contest
Haylee Seigler
Haylee Seigler - 6 years ago
I breed Bettas so... And I don't fight them
Hippie Pandas
Hippie Pandas - 6 years ago
They're called "Fighting Fish." They used to be bred to fight but are no longer used for that. These bettas are fancy bettas, which are bred to be shown at shows like these. They NEVER fight. Ever.
Haylee Seigler
Haylee Seigler - 6 years ago
And yes, I did watch the vid but they don't show where they fight so...
itsjustbritification - 6 years ago
Did you even watch the video? It's not that kind of fight...
Vanessa Villalpando
Vanessa Villalpando - 6 years ago
Ment to say, " Oh, sorry just dancing to the music in my head" LOL :-D
Vanessa Villalpando
Vanessa Villalpando - 6 years ago
Ahh autocorrect (:V)
Vanessa Villalpando
Vanessa Villalpando - 6 years ago
5:21: "oh, sorry just dancing. " LOL :-D
Centauri -
Centauri - - 6 years ago
I want one just like the blue and orange one at 1:08. I wish I knew what genes that one is - marble? fancy? there seems to be a lot of vague terms for the multicolored fish.
tamayokenogarimi - 6 years ago
My daughter bred some lovely betta. I had giant betta and one pet store betta that did tricks
Horsifer - 6 years ago
Fighting fish is the future. I suggest you get a spaceship and fuck off outa here! I've got flipflop stairs, I'll be ok.
ThaAutomotive - 6 years ago
great bettas
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama - 6 years ago
This is Michael Vick's new hobby.
Mako Sykora
Mako Sykora - 6 years ago
Mako Sykora
Mako Sykora - 6 years ago
Jaffer Sithick
Jaffer Sithick - 6 years ago
Jill JJ
The Hooper
The Hooper - 6 years ago
lol yea
KEREM Ekmekci
KEREM Ekmekci - 6 years ago
+jon “the squirrel” Clark rrfrhggffg
jon Clark
jon Clark - 6 years ago
bunni !
bunni ! - 6 years ago
+crazyhermitcrab :(
Animax Peces
Animax Peces - 6 years ago
the fish blue like,my name is are you
naruto12270 - 6 years ago
+EL EXPERTO EN ANIMALES That English though. 
Animax Peces
Animax Peces - 6 years ago
+naruto12270 What about you friend if you speak English? Because I think stupidity not say one know that you came bete ok bye alo mejor sebes español mejor te lo pongo asi y ya sabes lo que dice nooooo?
Animax Peces
Animax Peces - 6 years ago
+naruto12270 Clearly speak English and know the spelling mistakes, sorry for saying stupid, I was presenting me That I can not make me? my name is axel
naruto12270 - 6 years ago
+Animax peces I'm sorry, I wasn't asking for your name. I was talking about what part of the video you were talking about. Do you speak English?
Animax Peces
Animax Peces - 6 years ago
+naruto12270 stupid
naruto12270 - 6 years ago
Which part of the video are you talking about?
Speedbird - 6 years ago
I miss my Betta now :(
Ganesan Siva
Ganesan Siva - 4 years ago
I am prashanth even when I go anywhere I miss my bettasy
Abby Grace
Abby Grace - 5 years ago
Speedbird same. RIP blue I love you babyboy
Postashios - 6 years ago
Betta(s) for me
Speedbird - 6 years ago
This is sick! They are making Betas kill each other!
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo - 6 years ago
So many, the camera should have showed more!
Ken Reig
Ken Reig - 6 years ago
iTheGeek - 7 years ago
I've seen better ones at walmart.
Angelica isme
Angelica isme - 7 years ago
these betta are really pretty! I made video of my 5 betta on my channel but they're definitely not breeder status betta
Namira Anjum
Namira Anjum - 7 years ago
I wish my Bette fish was half as pretty as those
Ganesan Siva
Ganesan Siva - 4 years ago
I am Prashanth I got price for my Betta beautifulness that to India state price
Postashios - 6 years ago
I had 2 bettas they looked like the one at 3:19 and 4:14 they were in the same tank separated by a fence that separated the tank into halves. One day we woke up to see only the red fish in the blue fishes side and the blue fish floating around so we had to fish him out and get rid of his body
Noelle Price
Noelle Price - 6 years ago
Every betta is pretty in its own way so your fish is pretty. That's what I tell my self because my betta looks nothing like these ones.
fusionstar916 - 6 years ago
+Sejin Park <<< this guy. lol
Keegan Johnston
Keegan Johnston - 6 years ago
+Namira Anjum do not worry my betta is not nearly as beautiful as those
Animax Peces
Animax Peces - 6 years ago
+tatang banjari what?
kala killerp
kala killerp - 6 years ago
+tatang banjari g u
tatang banjari
tatang banjari - 6 years ago
Sawft DeGroot
Sawft DeGroot - 7 years ago
Such bautiful colours. It makes me want to start owning pet fish again.
Tiffany Woodward
Tiffany Woodward - 7 years ago
My kids love their betas. We have a male and female in the same tank with 4 other fish of the same kind and they get a long with zero problems. Such beautiful fish
・The Ultimate Variety Channel・
・The Ultimate Variety Channel・ - 7 years ago
Such beautiful fish! :O
Luna - 7 years ago
I'm getting a betta today
ShadePlays - 7 years ago
How is the fish doing
Pokee Fox
Pokee Fox - 7 years ago
+Sharkfat78 omg me too. But dat drama doe
-RV7- - 7 years ago
Hey - that's Nurse Amy
Samanxedits - 7 years ago
Most highest quality...
Frida DE LEON - 7 years ago
2:31 i love that fish and is so cute
Adelaida Morell
Adelaida Morell - 7 years ago
Me enchant an Los Bettas
colinbarsby - 7 years ago
Bettas' are Incredible fish.
chris miller
chris miller - 7 years ago
do NOT put a flower pot in the tank without corking the end. Male betta tried to swim through hole at the end and his head was stuck in the hole at the end. Cut the top of his head and not looking good.
Hope he survives.
Pass this on.
chris miller
chris miller - 7 years ago
not sure
Domokrush - 7 years ago
Can you tell me what time it happened?
Abby Bevan
Abby Bevan - 7 years ago
My betta Blueberry died of ick
fishy fishy
fishy fishy - 6 years ago
My adorable telescope goldfish died of ick to
A T L - 7 years ago
I'm sorry gor your loss…
Rusty Gecko
Rusty Gecko - 7 years ago
Uhhhh isn't this illegal
J. Sal
J. Sal - 7 years ago
+Rusty Gecko did you even watch the video or just commented after reading the title?
ValkyrUser - 7 years ago
+Rusty Gecko
They don't make them fight if that's what you're thinking. It's a beauty competition for betta.
maddiebelike - 7 years ago
Um why would it be?
Betta Fish
Betta Fish - 7 years ago
Such gorgeous/magnificent creatures!
mariposa - 7 years ago
KierO un Veta ComO Me ComunicO Con Uste
shuntao xu
shuntao xu - 7 years ago
who else is not satisfied because of not seeing the winner ?
varun009 - 7 years ago
+shuntao xu I'm upset we didn't see the winners*. There are different categories. You've got gender, type, and in some competitions, color. In fact, one fish may win in several categories.
Kinda Blake
Kinda Blake - 7 years ago
You don't fucking fight with these amazing fish!
Kinda Blake
Kinda Blake - 7 years ago
+Patrick McSweeney  I realize that now xD
Patrick McSweeney
Patrick McSweeney - 7 years ago
+Blake Thornbury theyre not
charles williams
charles williams - 7 years ago
2:20 dumbo ears!
Justin Wood
Justin Wood - 7 years ago
Very very awesome video
Emalia suahero
Emalia suahero - 7 years ago
Wow, they got Arnold Schwarzenegger to narrate, I'm very impressed.
Dominique Miller
Dominique Miller - 7 years ago
Where do they have these shows?
Marwah Zagzoug
Marwah Zagzoug - 7 years ago
+Dominique Miller They mentioned it in the vid. This show is in Germany but they have others all over the world and in the US like Florida, San Francisco, Texas, and Connecticut.
Diana Palencia
Diana Palencia - 7 years ago
Waooooo !! Amazing!!!
Vebera - 7 years ago
Now I've a double tail halfmoon betta (you can see him on my profil pic) and I think he can easly take part in such betta competition, can't he ? :)
Cat Annerl
Cat Annerl - 7 years ago
Not necessarily. They have VERY high standards, you can't just go to Petco and pick up an award winning fish. Like they said, these bettas have been bred for generations. And I believe there is a rule that the betta has to have been bred by you, and not someone else.
Chinabrown88 - 7 years ago
aww thought I was going to see them fighting betas.  :/
EvilDrWang - 7 years ago
I got some of these at Walmart and they're quite expensive for their size.  They're a bit small, but if you batter them and have enough they can be a unique appetizer. They tend to be pretty salty for a freshwater fish too and they do lose a lot of color when fried.
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan - 7 years ago
2:33 is really pretty
Warsito Hartanto
Warsito Hartanto - 7 years ago
good competition
Simarpreet Singh
Simarpreet Singh - 7 years ago
thanks for uploading the video of international betta competition, the fishes on display are really good , nice variety of betta fishes , i have seen so maany betta fishes together the first time . iam myself a aquarium hobyist . you people have a nice collection of betta fishes , congratulations on organizing this event .
from, simarpreet singh , DHM
Butch McQueen
Butch McQueen - 7 years ago
Wouldn't having all these bettas together be a very stressful situation for them?

Poor fish flaring and swimming frantically for much for beauty.
Technex - 7 years ago
guuuuuuuuuurl, my Crimson is MUCH more better then ALL OF THOSE ASSES
Technex - 6 years ago
+finsfeathersnclaws Omg i posted that like 6 months ago! I'm so sorry! Hey one question, I got a doubletail, named Crimson, I LOVE HIM JUST SO U KNOW, but where do u get crown tails? and halfmoons? PetCo almost never has them, or i don't see em, any tipzies pls?
GaMzEe - 7 years ago
It would be cool if there was a Betta Fish and every single scale on it was a different color!
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four - 7 years ago
I used to have a girl betta fish she was more beautiful than any of these other fish and and betta thats taken care of well can become more gorgeous than any of these    (my fish wasn't pure bread) l0l
Shagufta Gul
Shagufta Gul - 7 years ago
Ev I don't b
FlamerzZz - 7 years ago
Betta VS Flower horn.....flower horn would eat that betta up even they are in the same size !
fawwaz makmurabadi
fawwaz makmurabadi - 7 years ago
beautiful fish
Amber Valentine
Amber Valentine - 7 years ago
Who in this world would want to abuse these BEAUTIFUL fish! I mean these fish deserve a good , happy life of peace and joy. Not in some fighting tank. It should be illegal to fight Betta fish. If you think so to then comment on my own comment.
KL Woo
KL Woo - 5 years ago
yeah this beautiful fishes deserve to live a happy life and not like the ones in walmart
Qistina Purnamasari
Qistina Purnamasari - 7 years ago
+Marco Longoria
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 7 years ago
Cheezay Ballz
Cheezay Ballz - 7 years ago
+Jasmyn White It's not a fighting competition. It's a beauty contest. 
Pntbys - 7 years ago
Look at all these virgins
Hammydayz - 7 years ago
Such beautiful fish to be kept in such small tanks ;_;
Jaded Crow
Jaded Crow - 7 years ago
Haven't you heard of a show tank before?
nozii06 - 7 years ago
meh, most of them look kinda shitty compared to thai bettas, there is a HUGE progress to do for european and american breeders.
Cloudclaws AJ
Cloudclaws AJ - 7 years ago
betta's faces look cute
El Bahbar
El Bahbar - 7 years ago
LightningBoltz - 7 years ago
Sau Dip
Sau Dip - 7 years ago
Bla bla.
นัด ภู่พิมาย
นัด ภู่พิมาย - 7 years ago
Chas8019 American Made
Chas8019 American Made - 7 years ago
Where can I get an exotic betta?
Leandrea Hutter
Leandrea Hutter - 7 years ago
am i the only one who notices how they say ''betta'' i say it " Bay-ta'' not " bi-da" lol 
Jorge Caamal
Jorge Caamal - 7 years ago
+LeAndrea H. 
Nate Price
Nate Price - 7 years ago
Your argument makes no sense... Be sounds different than bet. Bi as in binary is different from Bi in bin. English phonetics are full of variety and you have not given an example of be making the sound bay as in beta. The reason beta sounds the way it does is because it is a letter of the greek alphabet. Betta has a Siamese origin and it pronounced bet-ta. But don't take my word for it, consult a dictionary: 
FlamerzZz - 7 years ago
+Nate Price so how do you say BE as in Be something, Be someone, etc etc. and you read Bi as bai. ????
Nate Price
Nate Price - 7 years ago
That's because you're saying it wrong. Betta is pronounced like (Volkwagen) Jetta. Betta and beta are different words with different spellings.
XenosGC - 7 years ago
My fish is small
jetscookie - 7 years ago
0:45 You're actually from America? No fucking shit
Giraffes eat stuff
Giraffes eat stuff - 7 years ago
Cool bettas
Ender-Chan - 7 years ago
I used to have the most beautiful red veiltail ever.
Logan Schultz
Logan Schultz - 7 years ago
These fish are so cute !!
Sir Daltonix
Sir Daltonix - 7 years ago
can one of those fighting fish be in a tank with other fresh water fish? (eg. oscars, neons, angel fish)?
Breanne Tipper
Breanne Tipper - 7 years ago
Bettas aren't good with any fish with A) bright colours B) a body shape like their own C) big tails
And don't put them with fish much bigger then themselves or else the betta might be eaten
The general rule for keeping a betta is 1 gallon per inch of fin and typically you can keep either one male or one female or more then two females in the same tank without fighting
Vivekanandan g
Vivekanandan g - 7 years ago
I love fishes very much this is guru
Justins Fish Tanks
Justins Fish Tanks - 7 years ago
My betta looks like the one at 1:01
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer - 7 years ago
Lol this is why I hate fish pet shops their fishes look too week and pale they never feed their fishes thaws selfish idiotic ignorants
Dannyisgreatful - 7 years ago
fish are faggots
hasan icin
hasan icin - 7 years ago
this is international tenanan,,
BobbyNiggs - 7 years ago
1 half cup of betta Fish, a tablespoon of butter, olive oil, 1 cup of chopped parsley, spaghetti noodles, and Alfredo sauce. 
Animals4life - 6 years ago
+jon “the squirrel” Clark You'd probably get food poisoning, because they're not housed in just regular water.
starrychloe - 6 years ago
+BobbyNiggs Dat troll face.
jon Clark
jon Clark - 6 years ago
thats so awesome your all like eat them and there like no your discussing. and it was obviously a joke but there to serious to git it. plus eat a sardine or a beta whats the difference.
Franky Split
Franky Split - 7 years ago
+BobbyNiggs lmao you trolled them so hard bro 10/10
BobbyNiggs - 7 years ago
+Abby Bevan Its an old southern recipe
Abby Bevan
Abby Bevan - 7 years ago
You are soooooooooooo sick and stupid for eating Bettas
Abby Bevan
Abby Bevan - 7 years ago
+BobbyNiggs What ??????????
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+BobbyNiggs Dude you want fish buy some salmon or cod. Bettas are not for eating that's disgusting.
BobbyNiggs - 7 years ago
+kia p davis You never had deep fried Betta nuggets the way Grand Mammy used to make.
Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell - 7 years ago
Dude use koi they taste so much better
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
You want to eat bettas for dinner??? That's disgusting!!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Does anybody know who punkskaful is he's been threatening my life . Talking about DIE BITCH, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE AND SENDING OBSCENITIES TO ME SENDING OBSCENE COMMENTS ABOUT MY FAMILY. If anybody knows who he is PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN GO TO THE POLICE. I have a description of him he has a white baseball cap, brown eyes, most likely brown hair. IF ANYBODY CAN GIVE ME AN FURTHER INFO ABOUT HIM PLEASE LET ME KNOW
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+WingedTerrapin He's just a stupid little Mexican kid whose been threatening my life. I saw the stupid little troll's picture very clearly. He's probably trying to get a reaction from me which is never going to happen.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+WingedTerrapin Thank you so much for your help. The police told me the same thing they said to block him from my account and not to give him any revealing info about me. Which I haven't can I continue communication with you? I could use some more help.
WingedTerrapin - 7 years ago
**When I say it's best not to engage them I mean the person who has been threatening you. Usually they'll get bored of being ignored and move onto the next person.
WingedTerrapin - 7 years ago
The police aren't always helpful for things they don't see as an immediate issue, but it is important to keep following up with them and letting them know that you are receiving additional threatening messages. They may still not react, but having an official record will help you. If the person threatening you has in anyway revealed information that might make you think they know things about you, like what you look like or where you live or work, make sure you note that when talking to the police. There's a good chance that it's just some dumbass kid who wants to upset you, but keep reporting them to youtube and maybe see if there's anyway to block the messages. If you are under 18 you should be talking to your parents, if you are legally an adult it may not hurt to let them, or a friend,  know anyways because they might be able to comfort you. It's best not to engage them so don't reply to anything they send you and make sure that you have nothing revealing online (no real name, no address, don't connect to your facebook, restrict people who can see your accounts to friends only, etc.)
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+WingedTerrapin I called the police and they didn't help me. Now three weeks ago he sent yet another message saying " don't worry hag. Your death is going to be more brutal than this" SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Sophie Thiel Thank you Sophie I'll try that I appreciate it!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+WingedTerrapin Okay thank you. Can you tell me how to report him to the mods on YouTube??
WingedTerrapin - 7 years ago
Report him to the mods here on youtube, if he's been sending comments that make you think he may know you in person or where you live then contact the police so they can have it on record.
torpedo 192
torpedo 192 - 7 years ago
Video at 2:27 - Introducing Prison inmate No. 334, Bluey!!
Julie Loveless
Julie Loveless - 7 years ago
Whatever u call this a fighting match so u can get money. Well you should be thrown in jail. If we can't fight dogs or chickens you can't make fish fight! Piece of shit you call y'all self's humans.
Anomalocaris Gaming
Anomalocaris Gaming - 6 years ago
I know this was a year ago, but are you actually fucking retarded? Watch the actual video... Dumbass.
baieligh Keane
baieligh Keane - 7 years ago
Omg why is everyone saying this hahah it's a beauty competition they are not even In the same tank lol
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Yea thank you humans can't make bettas fight that's their nature!!!!!! And you're right those people should without a doubt go to jail!!!!!!
Yury - 7 years ago
My best friend left and gave me her Betta fish in memory in our long friendship, today it died because he usually just never wanted to eat..
MaxPandaaGaming XD
MaxPandaaGaming XD - 7 years ago
thats horrible! why would you make poor bettas fight?? some people can be so violent
KaibaGirl88 - 7 years ago
It is NOT a fight, it's a beauty competition. They do not fight the fish at Betta shows. It's to show off color, body conformation, health, etc.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
John Synstelien
John Synstelien - 6 years ago
+entrepreneurhomeboy oh really Mr 8 subscribers and only 1 vid
Isabella Camacho
Isabella Camacho - 6 years ago
+kia p davis The fish are looking at there OWN reflection,and the fish have seprate square bowls''DUH''
Keegan Johnston
Keegan Johnston - 6 years ago
+entrepreneurhomeboy my friend tried to kill both my bettas
Keegan Johnston
Keegan Johnston - 6 years ago
+kia p davis I am never shopping at Walmart because of how they treat their bettas
Maple Book
Maple Book - 6 years ago
+kia p davis its a buety contest, not
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Reko Mac What???
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Yes this helps a lot thank you for sharing your knowledge about bettas with me. I think my betta is happy being a little redneck loner!!! He blows nice size bubble nests and he's definitely a little tough guy he flares his gills at himself sometimes and other times he's just chillin'!!!! Lol
McGregorDLC - 7 years ago
+kia p davis Betta onli like Fight, join a betta in u other fish and look what happen :l
logos2600 - 7 years ago
This was incoherent
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Emily Hershberger Oh okay thank you girlfriend the apartment we live in is way too small for even one 10 gallon tank. I wish we had a bigger apartment for a 10 gallon tank. Thank you again hun.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about bettas with me. This has helped me so much. It seems to me that my betta is acting a little weird. He eats like a little pig which is a good thing but looks like he's darting around sometimes. And other times swims upside down is that a sign that he's getting sick??
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf I just noticed your comment. It was just sent to my email. I'm 53 years old, you moron. You talking about "how much money you make" is a total LIE and you KNOW IT........BOY. I make more in a month than you do all year kid. Your youtube homepage & google plus proves what you are. Go read my profile under "About" on my youtube channel, and then look at THE DATE I put it there. You don't know what makin' real money IS.......BOY. I swear, who do you little punks think your fooling. 
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth I totally agree with you the only aquatic thing we buy from Walmart is fishing line!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf Do you know who punkskaful is? He's been threatening my life and now three weeks ago he sent yet another message saying "Don't worry hag. Your death is going to be more brutal than this". I tried calling the police but they didn't do anything. Do you have any ideas what I can do?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+chef cupcake forever Miss me with your fucking bullshit about screaming and cursing in my comments!!! I'll do whatever I so desire and I don't care if it bothers or offends anybody sheesh!!!!!
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
You know you're beaten when you can't even give a legitimate response and just start screaming out swears hahaha. I don't have time for this shit lol. I make more money in a day with my JOB than you'd ever make (: im done replying, have a great day
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf If you think I'm going to read your ridiculous bullshit, your smokin' birdseed you fucking little pin head. Your just a little lying punk anyway, living at home with mommy. You can't even feed, clothe, or otherwise even take care of yourself, because your just a little snot nosed punk kid. HAHAHA!!! You don't have THE MONEY to buy SHIT. Your mommy buys you what you have. We all know your full of shit, ya little troll. Hope ya enjoyed wasting your time typing up all the useless garbage that spilled out of your puny little brain. FUCK OFF.
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
ok well I wasnt talking to you EITHER so unless you are attacking me on like 40 different accounts idk what to tell you LOL. And bettas do need large tanks, putting a betta fish in a 1 gallon tank and having it not die doesn't mean it is a good life for it. I could put you in a closet your whole life and feed you and clean you I guess that is a superb life then huh because you're not dead? I recommend nothing smaller than a 2.5 for a young betta and 5 for an adult. Any less than that and they have barely any room to move. I have a very large betta so he lives in a 10 gallon tank and yet still i think he would be happier in a bigger tank. I dont know who you are so you could very well just be a very immature fish expert who knows how to keep fish alive but i know how to keep fish happy and give them a better quality of life. I believe in investing in a good home for your fish instead of just plopping one in the absolute tiniest tank you can find and having it not die. Its what your fish deserves. Give it to someone else if you're going to have it live in a 2 quart fucking bowl it's whole life I know I'd rather die than suffer that for 2+ years if it even lives that long. 53 years old huh, really, I seriously doubt that and if you are 53 what the fuck are you doing screaming out swears on YouTube? Seems kind of immature if you ask me. The market that tells people bettas can live in a quart of water are con-artists so they can make cheap tanks and make big bucks. You don't need a filter for a betta tank but that only means you'll have to clean the tank more often, and not anywhere did I say they needed a filter. Stagnant water isn't really good for any fish anyways, it is better if the water circulates. I am SO jealous of your fish keeping skills LOL you're probably some raging 12 year old yourself. If you have no concern for my bullshit then why reply to me? I have no idea why I'm even replying to you you're just thick headed, maybe I'm doing it to show people how much of a dumbass you are screaming out curses in capital words really makes your point come through clearer. That was sarcasm if your tiny brain couldn't understand.
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf I've been on this and other threads letting people know NOT to believe all this MONEY MAKING bullshit about "Betta's needing larger tanks". It's a fucking LIE created only to get your money dumbass. And if you look far enough back in these threads, you will see where I've stated that I'm 53, and we've been keeping Betta's for OVER 40 YEARS. Other species DO need large tanks, filters & pumps, but NOT Betta's. You say you've been keeping them a whopping 7 years. "WOW" old are you? TWELVE? FOURTEEN? PISS OFF have no fucking clue. You only believe those CON-ARTISTS who have you brainwashed you need hundreds of dollars invested in larger tanks with all the equipment, just to keep a half dozen male Betta's........and that is total BULLSHIT. And THIS all you have to do? I've got more experience with these, and other fish, than you'll EVER have. You can't argue with a hobby that's been around for a thousand years. And NONE of these con-artists can take ANY fish, and make it live THREE TIMES longer than it's natural lifespan DUMBASS.  "My concern"? I have NO concern for your bullshit. Run along kid.
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
LOL I was talking about Kia, dumbass. Holy shit rage much? And yeah pretty sure I know a little about betta fish considering I've kept them for over 7 years thanks for your concern though (;
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf Pertaining to your last comment, your doing nothing but proving my point, that you are a little snot nosed punk who lives to be a troll on the web. You have ZERO facts and NO worthy content whatsoever to offer towards the topic of these fish. NOTHING. All your doing is harassing good people, like the little spineless coward that you are, because your just a little punk. Your parents should have their ass kicked for the way your turning out. You have absolutely nothing better to do with your life. It's either harassing people on the web, or playing video games & watching cartoons. 
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
For: "JackalDaWolf"..........Hey everyone, go check out the youtube channel of this little snot nosed TWERP who calls himself: "JackalDaWolf". This little snot nosed brat is just a rude little shit, who couldn't live a week without mommy feeding, clothing & providing a home for him. Without mommy, he would starve. Yet he's nothing but a little TROLL, running around the internet, pestering good people with his silly childish name calling & pointless remarks. HOW "did YOU stumble across ME"??? Because your just a little TROLL buzzing around the internet like the housefly that you are. Your youtube homepage PROVES what a little pussyboy punk you truly are. Run along little housefly. Your missing cartoons on TV.
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
hahaha oh my god how did I stumble across the biggest idiot in the fish community again. That's hilarious.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
Hi Kia. Just want ya to know, every male Betta we've ever had, does the same thing, although some more so than others. Over the years, me and/or my family has had multiple tanks, large tanks, small tanks, medium, etc. The large tanks were "the community tank" with many different species ( except for overly aggressive fish, they would be removed ). Through it all, over the years, I have been "variably" successful at keeping 1 male Betta in a community tank, but only certain individuals, and then there were other times, where the make Betta was the one being picked on by other fish. ( Because of their large flowing colorful fins. ) But for only 1 male Betta all by himself, like I said before, so long as the tank is not "too small" for a 2nd fish, I have been mostly successful with a bottom dweller type fish, like a plycostomus. ( They too, have that labyrinth organ that enables them to breathe without an air pump. ) I know, I spelled the fish's name wrong. Or some other type of "tough skinned" bottom dwelling catfish that doesn't swim around much. These have almost like an "armor plating" for skin, and they aren't adorned with long flowing colorful fins that would invite your little "redneck buddy" to pick on. Besides, a bottom feeder with a sucker mouth on the bottom of its head, is an ideal choice, because they help keep the tank bottom and glass clean from algae & other debris. Your little tough guy might pick at his new neighbor only briefly, and then get used to his new tank mate. ( I have never seen a bottom dweller chase other fish. But they will eat on a dead fish, which is natural. ) I honestly can't recall any single male Betta that I've owned, that kept attacking a small plycostomus. The bottom dweller is simply too tough, and scurries away like lightning, so my male Betta's would soon accept their new neighbor. I'm not saying that's "written in stone"......but the only way to know for sure, is by trial & error. But male Betta's ( other than wanting a few "girl friends" ) are perfectly happy being a loner. They are in the wild. They will seek out a little hidden cubby hole and stake their claim there, and remain most of their life......other than breeding of course. And if ya notice, a male Betta just isn't a fish that likes to cover a lot of water. They just don't swim around all over the place constantly, like other species that DO require a larger tank. One last thing, I never added a bottom dweller to keep a male Betta company............I just added them to help keep the tank a little cleaner in between scheduled cleanings. Besides, if you've had your Betta for say, a year, he's probably better off and used to his current setting, as a little "redneck hermit" Just some food for thought. Hope this helps. Cheers.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Maddie Grace My betta is very aggressive because he flares his gills and his fins at himself thinking he sees another male betta. And the manager at Petco where we got him said if I put another fish in the same tank he will attack the other fish. I wanted to give my male a friend but the manager said not to.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+entrepreneurhomeboy Ha ha ha ha ha seriously wow!!!!!!! Oh I'm sure most of these people who call themselves saving bettas don't even have the slightest idea what they're doing or talking about. They just think they do just to make themselves look good that's all. In all actuality they really have no clue what they're talking about!!!!!!!
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
Yep. That's exactly why I said a MINIMUM of 2 females to 1 male Betta. The male will run only 1 female to death. I'm sorry to hear about the bad news of your Betta dying over a sick fish being introduced into your tank. Yeah, I would never let someone else go out & buy fish, to put in MY tank. I only choose & buy my own fish, and I do it very carefully. Most times, if ya observe the fish closely enough, you can almost always tell when there is a sick or diseased fish at the store. I even go as far to choose any fish for its disposition, trying to avoid any aggressive fish. Watch out for those freshwater puffer fish! They are among my favorites. ( I have owned many species, and quite experienced with most. ) They are so cool, very smart, fun to watch......but..... One time I bought the prettiest puffer fish in the whole store. He seemed calm enough. I also bought over a dozen other various fish at the same time. (These were all for my community tank, not Betta's.) They were all put in only 3 plastic bags. I put these 3 bags of fish in the front passenger seat of my car and headed straight home. I had only been driving a few minutes, when I looked down and noticed something. I immediately pulled over. That damn little puffer fish had already killed 2 fish, and I caught him red handed as he BIT yet a 3rd fish completely in half with 1 chomp! IN THE BAGGIE!!! I went right back to the store & they took him back and replaced the dead ones. I picked out another puffer, and never had a problem with him in my community tank. BE CAREFUL WITH PUFFERS!!!
SES10M - 7 years ago
+entrepreneurhomeboy my male dragon betta went fine with 2 females, he chase the girls but thats it, everithing wwnt fine unil my dad bough a sick cat fish... then you all know what happend... I was so sad to see my dragon betta get sick and die... (never EVER let anybody mess with your fishes!)
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
Sounds to me like he's quite the little feisty rascal.  Most are. You could probably introduce a plycostomus. ( I probably spelled that wrong. ) They look like a prehistoric fish, dark bronze/brown in color with even darker spots or splotches. They are strictly a bottom feeder & eat algae and other morsels from the bottom and especially the inside of the glass all over the tank or bowl. They have that sucker mouth on the bottom of their head and only "swim" or move around when they're feeding off the bottom or the sides of the glass........nature's vacuum cleaner. They also occasionally rush very quickly from the bottom to the surface to grab a quick gulp of air. Other than that, they barely swim or move around. That's why they make a good tank mate for most male Betta's. Plus they help keep the tank clean. Some people call them an "armoured catfish". Other bottom dwelling tropical catfish will make good tank mates with male Betta's too. Has your male Betta ever seen himself in a mirror? He'll most likely flare up, ready to "fight his reflection". It's good exercise for them, but only for a very short time. Don't ever leave a mirror permanently or all day though. Don't believe the crap the animal rights freaks say about that, or another male Betta nearby in a separate tank. They claim "it stresses them and is bad for their health". Total hogwash. If ya notice, every place that sells the males, almost always has them sitting right next to each other. They will flare up at each other occasionally, but they soon figure out they can't reach each other and calm down........and then once in a while do it again. We have owned these fish for decades, and never had one die or get poor in health from keeping them near each other, or doing the mirror thing. I think it feeds their little ego's somehow, lol.........and gives them a sense of being "the boss". It is NOT "animal cruelty" at all. They like it.........but if ya see one really freaking out constantly, then cease the practice at once. I have never had one that constantly freaked out over a mirror or other male neighbors nearby. A good suitable aquatic plant, whether the floating or rooting type is great for them. And they will often tear the plant up out of sheer boredom. 
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Kia P Davis I have a male double tail betta.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth I have a betta and he will flare his gills at himself sometimes especially when I plug in his light thinking it's another fish in the tank with him. Does that mean he's aggressive? This only happens at night during the day he's fine.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
Yes, I agree, some male Betta's do get along with certain other fish, and like you said, it depends on the behavior of any given Betta. I've had males that were ok in a community tank, so long as there wasn't another male Betta. Likewise, I've had a few male Betta's that were the victims of aggression from other species that would chase & nip at their colorful fins. One thing that is almost always certain, is never put only 1 female with a male Betta, or he will most likely run her to death. ( and never 2 males together of course ) We had the best results with at least 2 females or more with 1 male. There are so many variables, on top of the common givens.
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace - 7 years ago
Bettas can actually get along with snails and other small non flashy fish. It honestly all depends on how aggressive the betta is. One of my bettas do not bother the ghost shrimp and snails he lives with. Another of my bettas I can't let be with any fish, not even a snail because he is so aggressive. It just depends on the betta.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Ha ha ha ha ha exactly thank you finally three people have a fucking brain and some sense!!! I love your name!!!! And I'm glad you me and Phoebe Newman have the sense to see through all the bullshit the rest of these people run their mouth about!!!!! Thank you hon!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Lol - 7 years ago
omg that's the truest thing i have ever read hahahhaha
AnimalsTotheMAX - 7 years ago
+Ruben Vera lol my Walmart used to sell bettas but now they don't cuz people ganged up on them and said they weren't feeding them so now my Walmart doesn't sell them   
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+Ruben Vera You have a "Walmart brain". Some idiot "Walmart warrior" decided to nick name these fish "Walmart fish". These Siamese Fighting fish, ALSO known as BETTA'S, have been captured, bred & raised for thousands of years. NOT hundreds of years........THOUSANDS. Your an idiot. A fucking goldfish can also be bought at Walmart. I don't buy SHIT from Walmart. FUCK WALMART. Nothing but chinese made JUNK.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
They are not called Betta fish they are called Walmart fish. Do your research kid.
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
I'm with ya 100%. But just so you know, all these idiots ( most of 'em ) are nothing but snot nosed little punk assed girls who don't know shit about anything. Go visit their youtube channel home pages. Every one I have visited, sure enough, either don't have any videos and "no recent activity", with no subscribers, and they have their youtube homepages plastered with stupid "my little pony" or cute little painted up unicorns. Shit that only LITTLE PUNK ASSED GIRLS DO. Then they get together and make up lies about how they "save the bettas from bad homes". I'm not even kidding. They make up ridiculous lies and then troll these videos like little chickenshit gangs hiding behind their computers. 
Lol - 7 years ago
And u can keep some fish with them
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Trance Racosas
Trance Racosas - 7 years ago
Bonnie Bunny
Bonnie Bunny - 7 years ago
They are right next to each other there going to be stressed out they shouldn't do that if they do stress out they can die
Breanne Tipper
Breanne Tipper - 7 years ago
They put papers in between the aquariums
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis See my other reply too. I also forgot to mention: I always keep a tiny rootless water plant for each fish. The smaller the fish tank/bowl, the smaller the plant. The plant gives them a form of security & cover, and they sometimes like to pick at it. Avoid changing your fish's surroundings all the time, such as ornaments. They get used to one environment.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis I could be wrong, but maybe he's lacking something in his food. You should be feeding him those tiny Betta pellets and not regular flake fish food. Also, I feed mine other things twice a week, such as frozen or live brine shrimp. Use only a tiny amount. They love that! Good for them too. Are you using tap water? If so, you need to ALWAYS treat his water with a water treatment made especially for tropical fish. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS on how to use it. I use spring water for my Bettas, plus the water treatment. Do NOT pre-treat the water in plastic jugs, use clean glass. KEEP THEIR WATER NICE & FRESH AT ALL TIMES. DIRTY WATER = SICK FISH. That is EXACTLY why I use smaller fish bowls for Betta's, because it's so much easier to do this. For every male Betta, I have 2 small fish bowls. I rotate each fish among 2 small bowls AT LEAST once a week, sometimes every 5 days, if the water needs replaced. Super easy that way, and they always have fresh clean treated water. When I have the new fish bowl ready with new PRE-TREATED spring water, I just dip net the fish out of the old & into the new. BAM. DONE. No stress to the fish at all. Yet these morons are using huge tanks and letting them get too dirty.......even with filters & pumps, all for 1 fish, which is ridiculous, and much harder to clean when it's time to clean. I guarantee nobody has as clean of fish bowls as I do, because of my 2 bowls per fish technique. Learn & research all you can about disease & fin rot. Lastly, how old is your Betta now? They only live 2 to 3 years on average. Time flies.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Can you tell me how long it takes for tail fins and belly fins to grow back? My betta's tail fins and belly fins look shredded but there's nothing in his tank to tear his fins so I don't understand how his fins are tearing. Can you help?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth No we don't have a cat because the apartment we live in doesn't allow pets but since my betta is small I'm allowed to keep him. Nobody else feeds him but me so I know what I feed him how much and how often. Yea he is making a nice bubble nest. In the beginning I didn't understand why he was making bubble nests but I did research and found out that it meant he is happy and healthy. He loves swimming to me or being by my side when I'm making food making my coffee and he comes to me when I call him. I call him a mommy's boy!!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth I haven't seen any little white dots on his body or his fins and he eats like a little pig. I tried giving him freeze dried bloodworms and he won't go anywhere near them. He only eats pellets but we recently bought a different brand of bloodworms so I'll try those and see if he eats them. As for water conditioner I use it every time I change his water I never add straight tap water without removing the chlorine first.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Ha ha ha ha that stupid little punk ass brat obviously has no clue hat she's talking about. I'm safe from her because she hasn't filled my head with shit that didn't make sense. You're the only one I been asking questions to. Since you know what you're talking about and because you've had 40 years experiance in breeding bettas. And since you've been telling me things I need to know about my betta I don't need to talk to anybody else.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis HHhmm. That could be anything.....and then again really nothing. Look VERY closely at him. Do you see any tiny white dots on his body? Or anything funky on his fins or gills? NEVER use any city water for his tank, without buying that special water conditioner. Any pet fish store sells it. It's fairly cheap. Easy to use. Tell them what you see with your fish. The only thing I can think of for a single male Betta getting sick in any way, would be due to dirty water, something new added to the tank that was contaminated with something, like chemical traces, bad food, water that is too cold or hot ( we've already went over that ), do you have a cat? .....that might be freaking him out when your not looking? That's just a wild guess on my part. Hard to say really. Either way, EVERYONE should always use that special conditioner for ALL water types. Follow the directions. It's easy. Do you know how old he is? Remember, your doing good to get them to live to be anywhere between 2 to 3 years old.......and then very rarely, one might live about a year more than that. I've had many male Betta's that would do weird things or act weird occasionally. Changing tanks, or putting something new in their tank, often cause them to "pout" in weird ways. Laying on the bottom, tearing up a plant or whatever. A VERY long time ago, when I was still learning, I took 1 male Betta, he was my favorite at the time, and I put him in a bigger tank. He HATED it. He did some of the things you described. I put him back in his smaller tank a couple days later, and he went back to normal. Do you feed him that special food for Betta's? Those tiny pellets? He needs those. Occasionally, I will give them a tiny sliver of frozen brine shrimp they sell for tropical fish. ONLY a tiny amount and maybe only once a week or so. Very good for them, but it will cause you to have to change the water more frequently. There's a few other supplemental treats that are good for them too, but I always just give mine the Betta food pellets & the special frozen brine shrimp. NEVER use that cheap regular fish food that is flakes. You can, but it's not that good for them & it dirties the water too. Those regular fish food flakes can only be used in tanks with filters. Also, I always keep a little real water plant in each little tank for each fish. Doesn't matter if it's a free floating plant or rooted in gravel, just so long as it's a plant you know is ok, like they sell at your favorite tropical fish store. I don't trust the local water plants from canals, ditches, lakes & rivers. I just don't wanna chance introducing some disease. Too many or big snails with him? That's just another guess. Snails can spread disease. Also ask about any other special drops for treating basic fish disease, buy & use that too, but don't over-do it. A good rule of thumb, is once you set up a male Betta in any given tank with whatever else your gonna put in there, like a plant, try to stick to that. They get used to a certain environment, because it's familiar, "it's HOME". But then if you change all that, they feel like they may be in danger, in a strange place. Some adapt better than others. Best to avoid adding or changing & doing things YOU think may look cool, ya know? Is someone else in your house feeding him or maybe added something or doing something you don't know about? Is he still making a robust looking bubble nest? Is this odd behavior something new he's doing? Or has he done it before? Each fish has "some" personality differences.  That's about everything I can think of. Good Luck.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis If I didn't know better, I would say that is Marcelene Abadour. She's a stupid little brat who stated in a conversation with someone else on her homepage, that she "wasn't quite 15 yet". BUSTED. I don't know if it's her or not, that told you that silly shit, but it sure sounds like something only a little punk like her could dream up. She actually told us that she "saves Betta's from bad homes". HAHAHAHA!!! So I said: "What, is there a HOTLINE somebody calls you from? And then you put on your little cape & fly right over there??? Scoop the little fishy up & have the fish police take the humans to jail? Here's another tidbit I busted her on: Her favorite thing in life is the killer whales at Sea World. WHAT A HYPOCRITE. Her homepage is plastered with "Shamu" performing all those tricks. SERIOUSLY. Yet the dumb little punk says we are all torturing & killing Betta's. Good grief.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth How can you tell if a betta is getting sick? Mine is doing a lot of resting and is not as active sometimes he looks dead. How do bettas normally behave? Mine darts around sometimes or he'll swim to the top of his tank and flop on his side and then get upright again. I don't understand what's going on with that. Can you help??
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Thank you for sharing your expertise with me I really appreciate it. I wish people had some kind of common sense like you and I do and not believe all the fake shit people be believing!!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Oh yea I agree!!!!!! Some guy or girl started the bullshit that he/she can teach a betta not to fight and called himself/ herself smart. He/she said he/she used some kind of technique to make the betta not fight!!!!!!!!! I was like you cannot teach these fish to fight and not fight they just do by nature. And he/she just went on and on talking about I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm talking about and whatever else he/she was running his/her mouth about. I was like you idiot you cannot teach an aggressive territorial fish not to fight they just do by nature!!!!!!!
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis Yeah, occasionally, if ya wanna watch him display his "fight mode" by flaring his fins & gills to their max, you can place a mirror just outside of his tank, and watch him for a minute or 2. It doesn't have to be "only a few seconds". He's not gonna have a "heart attack" or "nervous breakdown" like these silly animal rights activists claim. These fish have the fight factor imbedded in their genes. Nobody can "teach" these fish to fight. They are simply that way by nature. The freaks also say never have the males near each other in separate tanks. Oh yeah? Then how come all the dealers keep them RIGHT next to each other, side by side, in the store. They get so used to seeing each other, they only flare up in aggression occasionally. Believe me, if it were truly bad for their overall health, no dealers would be doing it. The freaks are even going so far as to hassle folks over their name "Siamese Fighting fish"...........good grief. These people are SO delusional.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Oh okay thank you I don't ever put a mirror near his tank. So what you're telling me is I should for a few seconds right?
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis He is simply doing that because he see's his own reflection, and he thinks he's seeing another Male Betta. They all do that. It's a perfectly normal reaction. Apparently, only at night, when you turn that light on, it's creating a reflection of him somehow.  Oh.......earlier, when I mentioned using a mirror ( and very briefly, only do that to watch them for a moment, then remove the mirror ) ........I did not mean to actually put a mirror IN the tank. LOL. Only on the outside. 
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Thank you for clearing that up for me. My betta flares his gills at himself thinking there's another fish in his tank with him he does this only when I turn his tank light on. During the day he doesn't do that. Can you tell me why he flares his gills at himself??
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis YES. They are absolutely right. Every home I've ever had, we always keep the inside room temp anywhere between 72 to 75 in winter. ( 70 is a little too cool for me. ) And in summer with the AC going, we keep the inside room temp at 76, but during the hottest times of year and day, it may hit 78 in our house, where we live now, for the past 9 years. My/our Betta's have always done VERY well in all the temp ranges I just mentioned. NO problems at all. So those guys at Petco were telling you right. Whatever your inside room temperature is, the temp of the water in your fish tank is going to be the same. They're not subject to wind, sun and night time from the outdoors, ( like a pond, lake or river ) so your tank water temp will always be the same as the air indoors. I've always said heaters are NOT necessary, providing ya keep your house no cooler than 72. If someone likes to freeze in a house below 70, well, common sense would suggest using a heater for the fish. But these "new-agers" swear up & down ya HAVE TO keep Betta's between 75 to 80, and anything less than 75 is harmful to the fish. ( rolling my eyes ) Hogwash. 72 degrees & up is just fine. I never even could tell any behavior difference in my Betta's over all the years, between 72 degree water and 78 to 80. They were no less or no more active. The crooks just know that most folks like to keep their HOME between 72 to 75 degrees. And they try to sucker anyone that THAT just isn't "quite warm enough" for the fish ( rolling my eyes again ), in the hopes they will sucker folks into buying a damn heater. Heck, for all I know, the Betta's may be fine at 70 degrees. But we never tried that because that's just a little too cool for us, personally. But I wouldn't recommend anything cooler than that. I know 72 is fine. I've even seen some of these crooks swearing 80 to 82 is A MUST for Betta fish, and if they're in a ( 1 male Betta, mind you ) TEN TO  TWENTY GALLON TANK......kept at 80 to 82 degrees EXACTLY........that your Betta fish "can" live to be TEN YEARS OLD. FREAKIN' LIARS!!! NOBODY can take ANY creature, that has a given average lifespan, AND INCREASE IT BY OVER TRIPLE THE EXISTING LIFESPAN. And THAT is exactly what they're trying to CON everyone into believing. BULLSHIT. Nearly ALL of our Betta's lived 2 years MINIMUM.......with MOST of em hitting about 3 years old.......and I think I might have had a couple that lived close to 4.....but that is EXTREMELY RARE.......and I truly believe from experience, that given the fish was fed proper food & nice clean safe natural SPRING water, in our SMALL fish bowls, it's ONLY due to something rare in that particular fish's GENETICS, is why he lived that extra year. I have NEVER heard of ANY CREATURE, that "mankind" was able to extend that creature's BEST lifespan ( 3 years for Betta's ) BY MORE THAN TRIPLE. THAT IS 100% PURE SCIENCE FICTION. LIES!!! NOBODY EVER HAS....OR EVER WILL DOCUMENT THAT RIDICULOUS CLAIM. And anyone that does believe that crazy crap.......needs to buy some prime real estate from ME.....ON PLANET PLUTO. LOL!!!  And you'll notice....over 90% of people who DO believe it "CAN be done"......are silly assed teenage girls. And those little punks will fight with you and pester you over the internet, like nobody's business......swearing "it's true"......and those of us ADULTS.......who have only been owning these fish our whole lives........."don't know what we're doing".......yet they can't even support THEMSELVES YET. Freakin' hilarious. Mommy & Daddy buys everything for them anyway........including their pets.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth I totally agree with you!!!! And you talking from experience obviously know what you're talking about. Thank you for the info about the water temperature. I bought my betta from Petco and they're confusing me about the water temperature in his tank. I really don't think they know their fish as well as they think. They told me to keep my heater between 72 and 78 you know your bettas is that a good temperature for him?
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis Thank you. And I'll tell ya something else too. Most any store that sells Betta's these days has also jumped on that band wagon, even though they know the truth. And it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.......NOTHING ELSE. Those lying hypocrites at those stores, they feed the younger less experienced novices with all that bullshit, JUST SO THEY CAN SELL THEM BIGGER TANKS$$$ AND ALL THAT OTHER EQUIPMENT$$$$ But if those fools were paying any attention, they would see the damn seller has ALL the male Betta's IN TINY FISH BOWLS RIGHT BESIDE EACH OTHER. HAHAHA!!! Yet these young punks INSIST "That's only temporary". BULLSHIT. They often have those fish FOR WEEKS & WEEKS before someone eventually buys them. Now........WHY would the store owner keep them that way........when he needs to make A PROFIT by selling them, if he truly believes "the fish is being abused"........or "stressed out". It's all bullshit. And those people claiming they have owned Betta's that lived to be 6, 8, even 10 years old ARE BALD FACED LIARS. They ALL LIE to GET YOUR MONEY. You don't see ANY of the big-time professional breeders doing that bullshit. It would cost a breeder a small fortune to have "every male in a 5 to 10 gallon aquarium with air pumps & filters blah blah". NO WAY. Hey, if any person wants to have 1 male Betta in a large aquarium, he or she certainly has the right to do so........but it is NOT going to make that fish any longer. 2 to 3 years is the norm for these fish in captivity, and that's longer than in the wild. They get ate by birds, larger fish, frogs, snakes, etc, in the wild. Even droughts kill them. ONLY ON VERY RARE OCCASIONS........does a Betta live to be even 4 years old......and that is GENETIC. Besides, it is WAY EASIER to maintain smaller tanks or bowls, especially when your keeping many of these fish. Just because a tank has all those fancy filters & pumps does not mean that tank can't get dirty and VERY nasty, if the owner doesn't properly maintain them. MUCH MORE WORK. Betta fish die prematurely ONLY because of has NOTHING to do with the "size" of his tank or bowl. Now..........most OTHER species DO REQUIRE large tanks and all the equipment........but that's a "community tank" with many different species in it. I have those TOO. And you ONLY need a heater if you keep your house BELOW 72 degrees. They say those Betta's "NEED" water to be at least "75 to 80 degrees". Bullshit again. Mine have done just fine at 72 to 75 degrees all my life. That's the temp we keep our house year round. I live in central Florida. Of the hundreds of adult make Betta's I've owned over 40 years, I can count on ONE many have died prematurely......and they probably had a disease when I bought them. We did breed them quite a bit back in the 80's and again some years later. But we don't do that any more. We were successful, and that does take a different approach than what I do for the males only. It was too much of a hassle to keep doing. Besides, we were only giving most of the babies away. The only thing I really enjoyed about breeding them, was watching the male take good care of the eggs & the fry. But he soon must be removed too at a certain point, or he will start eating them as well. But not while he does the job nature intended him to do.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+entrepreneurhomeboy Exactly I can't believe people believe those retarded animal rights activists!!!!!!!! I don't even pay attention to any of them if you've bred bettas for 40 years obviously you have a lot of experience and could give other people useful and helpful tips in breeding them. I admire you for being damn near the only person along with me who don't believe those retarded animal rights activists they're extremely pathetic!!!!!!
entrepreneurhomeboy - 7 years ago
These are the TOP BREEDERS from all over the world. And your gonna sit there and TELL THEM "all these fish are about to die". Your so full of shit. I've been raising these Bettas for over 40 years IN THE EXACT SAME WAY. NONE OF MY FISH EVER DIED PREMATURELY. STOP believing those retarded animal rights activists. These fish have been bred & raised exactly as you see here, with great success FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. NOT HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS OF YEARS.
Madison Keller
Madison Keller - 7 years ago
flashy5150 - 7 years ago
Okay, now throw them all in the same tank so we can see who the real Champion is.
Lexi Kent
Lexi Kent - 7 years ago
Hey i have a 100 gallon tank.
I kept my saltwater fish in for about a year then we sold the fish. Can i keep my female betta's in it if i rinse it really well??
Ray Quigley
Ray Quigley - 7 years ago
Very interesting hobby, thanks for the video.
Zach Nicolet
Zach Nicolet - 7 years ago
Pretty fish to bad there really hostile
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
farting fish?
Lucius Discantdecai
Lucius Discantdecai - 6 years ago
+Blib Blab Holy shit
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Blib Blab Seriously grow your ass the fuck up. Your name suits you perfectly everything that comes out of your worthless ignorant stupid pathetic mouth really is blib blab!!!!!!
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
+kia p davis <3
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Blib Blab Oh so finally got your punctuation right!!!!! Your name describes everything coming out of your worthless stupid pathetic mouth blib blab!!!! Drop dead go to hell and meet the devil you were cloned from asshole!!!!!!
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
+kia p davis bought a new keyboard? 
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Blib Blab Maybe you should go back to third grade and learn punctuation!!! Since you don't know how to put sentences together or how to make sense about what you're talking about!!! You seem to have a major problem with that!!!! Once an ignorant person always an ignorant person!!!! Make that once an extremely ignorant person always an extremely ignorant person!!!
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
+kia p davis I think there's something wrong with your caps lock button
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
+kia p davis what is wrong with you? lol. I don't care about the fish's name or what's his superpowers. I'm just pointing out how that guy mispronounced that word. idiot
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Fooshnickers - 7 years ago
+kia p davis 0:16 he said "farting fish"
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Clash Clans
Clash Clans - 7 years ago
Wow beautiful fishes!!
Duc Tran
Duc Tran - 7 years ago
a good fighting fish with good form,body,and color can hit up to 10 grand in aisa market,so yeah,this is a business people
__ARMY__ - 7 years ago
A human child can sell for even more in asia though. Know why? Cause asians are weird.
John Pereira
John Pereira - 7 years ago
Aquana Gurlz
Aquana Gurlz - 7 years ago
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Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
They are known as Walmart fish to me.
Evan Tormis
Evan Tormis - 6 years ago
+J. Sal yh
rickybobbychuva - 6 years ago
How do I mute the conversation? Well, it's YT comments, so it's not really a conversation. How do I mute the blabber?
J. Sal
J. Sal - 6 years ago
+kia p davis
Either you have a major undiagnosed case  autism or you're a troll. And I REALLY hope it's the latter. Go jack off to your fish, and learn some new words son. Ok son? Yeah son, grow a brain son.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 6 years ago
+Ruben Vera I'm not even going to deal with you little boy you're extremely disrespectful of tropical fish and non tropical fish. Walmart fish and goldmart are not funny nobody's laughing except you son. Grow up seriously.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 6 years ago
+J. Sal No I don't have autism sorry to disappoint you but my mental capabilities are of no concern to you what so ever. You should look at your own mental capacity because your brain is the size of a pea. You don't even know me so you better watch how you address me son. I am not to be fucked with see because I got 19 years of anger and rage in me you better watch it son I'm warning you.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 6 years ago
+kia p davis walmart fish...
OverlordSheepie - 6 years ago
+rickybobbychuva Yeah.  They probably keep them at the stores that sell them the most.  :O
rickybobbychuva - 6 years ago
That's weird. Must be different for every store.
OverlordSheepie - 6 years ago
+rickybobbychuva Mine doesn't.
rickybobbychuva - 6 years ago
+OverlordSheepie They do.
OverlordSheepie - 6 years ago
+Ruben Vera Walmart doesn't sell them anymore I think.
J. Sal
J. Sal - 7 years ago
+kia p davis Do you have autism?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Ruben Vera You're extremely disrespectful of bettas and their beauty I wonder how many other fish you disrespect. I ain't got time to play Walmart and goldmart games with you want to be a little boy and play those games do it with the other little boys and little girls back in the third grade.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
+kia p davis ewwww you want me to play with little boys, what kind of sick perv are you?
Airborne82 All the way
Airborne82 All the way - 7 years ago
These are the type of fish you buy then set it and forget it and let it do it's thing
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Ruben Vera You are so disrespectful of bettas and every other type of fish you think you're funny. I don't talk to little boys who make up names for bettas and call them Walmart fish and goldfish goldmart fish. You want to play games and think you're funny go play with the other little boys. I don't have time for games.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
+kia p davis
a sense of lunatics lollololol
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+bella eaglemountin Of course no problem you, me and howaboutthetruth are some of the few people who have some kind of sense.
Lol - 7 years ago
+Andreas McDonagall
lol i just saw that
Lol - 7 years ago
+kia p davis
thank you :)
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+bella eaglemountin Exactly thank you I totally agree with you!!! Finally besides howaboutthetruth and people who know bettas and been breeding batted for years upon years you have some sense!! Alleluia.
Lol - 7 years ago
like somone caling a dog a mutt its not a big deal
Lol - 7 years ago
its just
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Ruben Vera Oh you're trying to be funny? Ha ha ha ha ha not funny try some other way to be funny. Walmart and goldmart fish is so stupid it's insane. But nice try.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
Thats life get over it. Grow a pair of sense of humor balls.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera - 7 years ago
Why are people getting so upset about Wal-mart fish?
hasan icin
hasan icin - 7 years ago
Lol - 7 years ago
who makes a good point?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth ha ha ha ha yea exactly I bet the same thing!!! He is so stupid Walmart fish???? Seriously come on please these fish are far from Walmart fish. I didn't want this type of fish originally but I'm glad I got my betta.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Ha ha ha ha yea exactly I think so too unfortunately he doesn't have much of a brain to even apply for a job there!!!!!!
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+bella eaglemountin Hey, she makes a good point. There's plenty of stuff "I'm not into" myself........but I don't call it by the name of some crummy store that happens to sell it. People who go through school and life, acting like being dumb "is cool" deserve to get their ass handed to them. And I really didn't respond to you to get some stupid argument going, OK? Let's all just go on about our business now. Best wishes for the new year.
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
+kia p davis I bet that's the only place he shops. Probably dreams about getting a job there some day. Anybody that names a living creature after "Walmart" can't be right in the head........thus.......he has Walmart on the brain. LOL.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Howabouthetruth Ha ha ha ha maybe he/she should go to Walmart!!!!! You could find some great deals there!!!!!
Howabouthetruth - 7 years ago
THat's because you have Walmart on the brain.
Lol - 7 years ago
Calm down girl some people aren't into fish
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
Victorian Wish
Victorian Wish - 7 years ago
Pattarakamon Tianchai
Pattarakamon Tianchai - 7 years ago
mtfqyns - 7 years ago
Game Freak should've make a Pokemon out of this. 
F355 - 7 years ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger talking
pyro8604 - 5 years ago
I know you have been a you know that you're not going
KL Woo
KL Woo - 5 years ago
Joyce  Gerdzos
Joyce Gerdzos - 5 years ago
Can you put girl betas in a show
Sketch On That Paper!
Sketch On That Paper! - 7 years ago
Presley Jones
Presley Jones - 7 years ago
+Jenny Lee Lee
Jenny Lee Soo Mui
Jenny Lee Soo Mui - 7 years ago
Muhammad Daniel
Muhammad Daniel - 7 years ago
I have a half moon betta.It's name is marco
ella - 7 years ago
Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that! XD
LadySinsReal - 7 years ago
:< oh lord poor babies i bet are stressed , ugh oh well the are treated pretty darn good after show so its one day of work XD lol
FireBlaze81 - 7 years ago
uhh... i thought this video was gonna show betta fish attack each other not a beauty pagent
RM Aquatics
RM Aquatics - 4 years ago
Donna - 4 years ago
FireBlaze81 coz you're a cunt!!!
Jeff Strickland
Jeff Strickland - 7 years ago
Shut up
Pets 101
Pets 101 - 7 years ago
2:05 is amazing!
Ahava Goldgrab
Ahava Goldgrab - 7 years ago
Dubstep Guinea Pigs
Dubstep Guinea Pigs - 7 years ago
I know it's normal for betta fish to fight but this is just wrong!
hahayourfunny94 - 4 years ago
Dubstep Guinea Pigs Bettalers in Tiaras. Which will win Grand Surpreme?
niro lord
niro lord - 4 years ago
Dubstep Guinea Pigs its a beauty contest...
WolfEatsCakes - 4 years ago
You fucking dumbass
Winterr Diep
Winterr Diep - 5 years ago
this is just a competition, they are not fighting
KaibaGirl88 - 7 years ago
It is NOT a fight, it's a beauty competition. They do not fight the fish at Betta shows. It's to show off color, body conformation, health, etc.
Phoebe Newman
Phoebe Newman - 7 years ago
+ashawn203 ikr
ashawn203 - 7 years ago
It's not a fighting competition. It's a beauty contest. 
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia - 7 years ago
how can i know when and where in Florida is the next exhibition going to be? i tried going to the website but its in another language...   
Engimato - 7 years ago
I want to breed betta's could someone give me some tips please ? I'm just a starter but I'm taking this very seriously.
Nathan Diehl
Nathan Diehl - 7 years ago
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Born Sniper
Born Sniper - 7 years ago
I wish fighting fish didnt fight they would look soooo pretty!!! With bright color togeather
bammagurl1 - 7 years ago
You can often keep females together! They may not be quite as bright as males, but a nice sorority of betta females is fun because you can get all different colors!
CrazyFishFreak - 7 years ago
Here's some tips. Clean the nasty water and second add some white lights so u can see there color better
quốc hùng
quốc hùng - 7 years ago
ca lia thia
koosmangat - 7 years ago
and the winner is?
Tran Dang
Tran Dang - 7 years ago
Very nice, i love all :D
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M - 7 years ago
WOW!! of course they're beautiful, but they wouldn't be in a exhibition, they're not our entertainment to do that, they're in a small fishbowl for hours and hours, it's not fun! 
OhhHades | Brings Agony.
OhhHades | Brings Agony. - 7 years ago
you call these top quality bettas? lol clearly you guys haven't seen Thailand or asia's bettas. Top finnage, even color bandings and straight rays. :)
Pheonix2022 - 7 years ago
Gay. I thought they were actually going to have them fight. Thanks for nothing reddit.
Donna - 4 years ago
Pheonix2022 coz you're a cunt!!!
PunkSkaful - 7 years ago
I don't like these types of competition, because beauty lies on the beholder, they should let those fish fight and give the prize to the winner!
Betty Saenz
Betty Saenz - 7 years ago
Interesting! I did not know there was an International Betta Congress!
ThatOneBonk - 7 years ago
The ones they sell at the pet store look like poop compared to these.
Jayesh Choudhary
Jayesh Choudhary - 4 years ago
greedy b
Charlie Yang
Charlie Yang - 4 years ago
Sometimes there are some really good looking store betta though.
Charlie Yang
Charlie Yang - 4 years ago
Sometimes there are some really good looking store betta though.
Gabriel Abdel
Gabriel Abdel - 6 years ago
+Asianballer9o5z I got one thats purple and red! sooo cute!
ThatOneBonk - 6 years ago
+Shawn Swank no but that is what i am saying these fish could be very beautiful but the pet stores give them poor living conditions so they are not as beautiful as they could be 
Bluepop Gaming
Bluepop Gaming - 6 years ago
would you be beautiful if you spent your life in a small box
Iva Byrne
Iva Byrne - 7 years ago
+kia p davis dude. Chill.
madden0828 - 7 years ago
+LuckyCam1 lol youre mistaken, the fish in the vid are taken care of sooooo much better than at petco....
LuckyCam1 - 7 years ago
+Asianballer9o5z i went to petco on Friday and i saw some pretty fish. some even better than the ones on the vid
Leandrea Hutter
Leandrea Hutter - 7 years ago
because the pet stores dont ta
ke care of them , no betta is poop . buy one take care of it and i promise it will surprise  you . 
onenikkione - 7 years ago
+Breanne Tipper nice
Breanne Tipper
Breanne Tipper - 7 years ago
I got my betta at a petsmart, he is black, with yellow-orange fins and black fin tips
Leandrea Hutter
Leandrea Hutter - 7 years ago
+Iva Byrne nope i do it too lol , but i took pics of him have you tried a mirror ? 
Iva Byrne
Iva Byrne - 7 years ago
Mine cost 6 bucks at a feral bird shop. It's blue and his name is purdy.....he's a good purdy.....I like purdy
Lol I used to show it pics of other fighting fish to watch it flare I the only one?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf FYI I did not make up some stupid troll sending death threats just for sympathy I did receive death threats. I had to report them to youtube and call the police this would be a great act if I just made it up but I got news for you I couldn't have made that up even if I tried. You have no clue what the stupid troll sent me this creap sent all kinds of obscenities to me and about my family. I'm not a nasty person people make me nasty by their attitudes and by pretending they're smart and know what they're talking about just to make themselves look good. My attitude is nice when people are nice when they're nasty I'm nasty people make my attitude because it all depends on how people come at me. Somebody comes at me correct I'm cool as ice but if somebody has a nasty attitude I have a far worse one trust me.
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
+kia p davis I have a masters degree in veterinary medicine and anatomy and also am a part-time digital artist, thanks for your concern though (: Who was too intelligent, now? Anyways, don't go screaming on youtube videos and then make shit up that random people are sending you death threats to get sympathy when you do the EXACT same thing lol. Even if they were, I woudn't be surprised with the way you act. Furthermore, even though you are absolutely 100% entertaining with your bullshit, it's really starting to spam my inbox with you double or triple posting whiny replies with 5 exclamation points on them, so I am muting you from getting any more notifications. Hope you really clean up that nasty attitude of yours if you are afraid people won't like you with you screaming vulgar names at other people who were just trying to have an intelligent conversation with you, but I know that would be too much to ask from someone like you. I tried before to start a conversation with you in which you immediately started calling me a cock-sucker, a punk ass bitch, to go eat shit, to fuck off, and a variety of other creative names.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Asianballer9o5z Please don't believe this dumb ass. He/she is just a stupid little troll who loves spreading rumors about me I'm really a nice person but I hate that people play smart ass about things they don't know nothing about.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Please don't believe this dumb ass. You know the kind of person I am we've talked the way we're talking right now.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf Ha ha ha ha I don't have multiple personality disorder sorry. You might have the brain of a 2 year old and the body of an adult but I am far too intelligent for you. I have a hairstylist license and an electrologist license what do you have?? Nothing!!!!!
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
Sounds like you have multiple personality disorder to be honest lol.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf Oh really grow the fuck up sorry ass son of a bitch!!!!I do not go around fucking screaming at anybody mutha fucka!!! I am not to be fucked with keep fucking with me if you want and see what happens. This is your first and final warning. JackalDaWolf loves spreading rumors has a nasty ass attitude. You need an attitude adjustment fucking asshole!!!!!
greedy - 7 years ago
+JackalDaWolf Ok then, wow, good job, nice.
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
+Asianballer9o5z Kia likes to go around commenting on betta related videos screaming in caps to random people for literally no reason about unrelated things and I find it hilarious that he's complaining about people calling him a cock sucker when he's screaming like a child and saying much worse things to people and acting like a five year old to people he literally has no feud with. It's pretty entertaining honestly.
ThatOneBonk - 7 years ago
whoa that escalated quickly and what is the need to call her those names?
JackalDaWolf - 7 years ago
+kia p davis kia you're so full of fucking shit its hilarious you're like radiating it. You've made me laugh harder than I ever have in my entire life.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris I have no idea but punkskuful has been threatening my life. Talking about, "die bitch" " you're going to die" " cock buster" " cock sucker" and so on.
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  Um, no never heard of them. :T Why did they do that?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Do you know who punkskul or something like that is?? He sent me some really nasty comments and so did some girl named Melanie. Do you know either one of these people?
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  That'd be nice.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Oh okay I have to let my husband know too so no worries. I understand. We could just keep talking this way then.
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  That'd be nice but my mother might not approve. :(
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Okay perfect I'll check my email tomorrow. Where do you live?? Would you like to get together??
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  Okay! I'll be able to check it tomorrow and have the picture sent by tomorrow as well.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Okay no problem I'll be more than happy to have a look at yours!!!!! My email address is comedy princess@hot Let me know if you got the email I sent.
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  It's okay. I'll be ore than glad to send you a pic of my fish. (When I can get a good one)
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Cool. Unfortunately I have a tablet and I can't send a picture of my betta but you can send me a picture of yours if you'd like. I'm sorry I didn't let you know sooner.
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  Of course. :)
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris If I am unable to send you a picture of mine would you be willing to be friends?
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+kia p davis or I'll try to send you a picture of mine lol!!!!!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris too cool girlfriend I'll send you one as soon as l can!!!!!
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis I'll send you a picture of mine as well. :)
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris what's your email address so I could send you a picture of my Betta??
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  That'd be awesome!
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Oh great crown tails are beautiful fish. Mine is a male double tail. I love him at night when I turn on his light in his tank. He flares his fins and you could see his true beauty if I had a digital camera I would love to show him to you!!!!!
greedy - 7 years ago
+kia p davis  Crimson is a Cambodian crowntail and the other one Cyan's breed is unknown to me though I've made some assumptions on his breed.
kia p davis
kia p davis - 7 years ago
+Paris Wow beautiful combo of colors!!!! I have a betta myself he changes his body color from a light sky blue to a beige color. And blue fins tipped with a reddish color. He's gorgious at night when I turn on his light in his tank. What kind of fish are they??
greedy - 7 years ago
+Alissa Springfield The keepers didn't exactly say the age. And the sticker on the container he was kept in just said "Beta" and "Male". But yeah, I'll let his last year be the best.
Alissa Springfield
Alissa Springfield - 7 years ago
+Paris Awww its sad how old is it? At least it had a good life :(. That means you have more room to rescue another one.
greedy - 7 years ago
But today, sadly I found out that Cyan, the Cambodian one is turning old. :,(
greedy - 7 years ago
+Alissa Springfield
 I wish I could do that too!
Alissa Springfield
Alissa Springfield - 7 years ago
I picked mine because they looked boring  and I was thinking no one would pick them. The one was just a boring pale brownish tan color and he later turned out to be a copper color with green and purple iridescent with red front fins. The other one was just a dark blue almost black with clear and white fins but now he is a more vibrant dark blue with a white stripe on his face. I just wish that bettas didn't hate each other because I would buy a huge tank and buy all the bettas in the stores LOL.
MadTayKun - 7 years ago
I actually have a beautiful one which has blue and bright purple ombré, with a pearl coat,
Alissa Springfield
Alissa Springfield - 7 years ago
It's probably because they are depressed I got two from petco they were a pale in color but when I brought them home they became really beautiful and more vibrant.
greedy - 7 years ago
 I have two, one's a Cambodian betta who is pink on his body and has purple fins that's tipped with magenta then the other one is a quite small crown tail betta who is mainly pink and purple and has blue tipped fins. One's from Petco and the other is from PetSmart.
GamerGirlMia - 7 years ago
+Potato I have one from Petco and he is a delta tail and he has such a big tail and it's clear black, red, and he has a metallic green zebra print on the top of his tail.
greedy - 7 years ago
Not the ones I own.
Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma - 7 years ago
lol some want to start a family lol
Radiant Penguin
Radiant Penguin - 7 years ago
I used to have one. It was a male and the next day it tail was gone with a small bit of its body all dull color while the rest was still normal color and then died the next day
DimSumHydra - 7 years ago

valentino ristic
valentino ristic - 7 years ago
john paul sanchez
john paul sanchez - 7 years ago
Shhh the terminator is narating this
ramon padilla gonzalez
ramon padilla gonzalez - 7 years ago
betta fis colonvia
monstercichlidkeeper - 7 years ago
gimme some bettas... i wanna feed my cichlids...
BarebackEquestrian - 7 years ago
That is animal abuse and it's wrong
BarebackEquestrian - 7 years ago
Excuse me but I know how they are and its my opinion I have had two and you have no right to talk to me like that all you haters so stop being mean and rude!!!!!
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Radiant Penguin
Radiant Penguin - 7 years ago
Small room?
Laura Harris-Wolf
Laura Harris-Wolf - 7 years ago
Put a mirror up to a $1.99 Betta from your local pet store and they will "FIN OUT" and attack themself!!! Like you and me that fear they feel fear and their fight or flight kicks in, as does our own. Sadly, every time they go through that, it takes time off their Natural Life Span. I KNOW these people think they are
"SCIENTISTS" in one way or another, and I feel sorry for them...for while their creations are BEAUTIFUL....especially the GOLD one....what is it's LIFE SPAN compared to a Natural Betta???  WHEN did we become the Creationalists??? So sad, Indeed!!! I LOVE the guy who wrote his fish died of Cancer.... GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!! LOLOL!!!!  Is all this "Sudden Interest" because of the "MY FUN FISH" THING, because, if so, lemme tell you, It's a HUGE LIE AND A RIP-OFF!!!  My Lucy and Ethel lived for over 5 years in separate glass vases with Peace Lillies thriving (I changed the water once or twice a month and rinsed and trimmed the plant roots-it WAS sorta Gross and smelly,  and when I introduced the male who cost like $6 over 12 years ago, I found out out that Lucy and Ethel were PROBABLY Ricky and Fred....So HMMMMM..... 
frosty gamer
frosty gamer - 7 years ago
Look at 1.49 it looks like Messi
Ånńė's Vłøgs
Ånńė's Vłøgs - 7 years ago
Ånńė's Vłøgs
Ånńė's Vłøgs - 7 years ago
Love Betta fishs and I have two male seperate red color
Arif Khan
Arif Khan - 7 years ago
These Betta fishes are amazingly beautiful! I love the electric blues and now im starting to full in love with the fire reds. Both short and flared tails I like in both. Its sad that dumb ass people feed these as live prey to there animals and have fights with them. They are not fighter fish with other fishes! only against their own type especially male bettas!  
AnimalsTotheMAX - 7 years ago
THANK YOU lol I once found a purple betta with a half moon tail it was so pretty but sadly I couldn't get it  
Cakeless Coder
Cakeless Coder - 7 years ago
+Lucille Schacht same deal here
Lucille Schacht
Lucille Schacht - 7 years ago
+Badavlin I have a betta in my community tank and they all get along with each other.  No other fish bother him and he doesn't bother any other fish. 
Cakeless Coder
Cakeless Coder - 7 years ago
+Badavlin i know and agree. but, bettas can be kept with some fish, such as small tetras and flying foxes.