DIY BETTA FISH AQUARIUM, this Tank came out AMAZING!! PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Aquasape Fish Food: Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

The NEW BETTA FISH AQUARIUM... sentiment_very_dissatisfied 313

Betta 2 years ago 313,257 views

DIY BETTA FISH AQUARIUM, this Tank came out AMAZING!! PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: Clothing Instagram: Follow me on Instagram: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii Aquasape Fish Food: Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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heaven fish girl
heaven fish girl - 2 years ago
Can my betta live in a 1.2 gal
Isaac Covey
Isaac Covey - 2 years ago
You could’ve went to Walmart and bought a ten gal for $30 -_-
Laura Baumeister
Laura Baumeister - 2 years ago
Did you ditch the Death Falls Betta tank?
Laura Baumeister
Laura Baumeister - 2 years ago
I just use a fork and jab the bottom of the gravel bag about 4 times. Cut the top open.... stick it under the faucet and rinse.
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - 2 years ago
I subscribed
Seth blandford
Seth blandford - 2 years ago
He should try breeding them if they are truly different genders
SM CHANNEL - 2 years ago betta fish varieties
YUSUF ISLAM - 2 years ago
Wait a minuet were you wearing shoes?
bookdabloned 123
bookdabloned 123 - 2 years ago
April 29 thats my birthday

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Crazy Monkeys
Crazy Monkeys - 2 years ago
another word for betta fish is chinese fighting fish
Anxiety on The dot
Anxiety on The dot - 2 years ago
My betta meatball look just like yours
blasphemygalaxy - 2 years ago
why are you feeding him twice a day? I was told you should feed bettas once every two days.
Georgia Fisherman
Georgia Fisherman - 2 years ago
Can 1 male betta live in a 5 gallon fish tank ??
Somchai Sookvimonpaisal
Somchai Sookvimonpaisal - 2 years ago
hello watch betta koi galaxy and nemo betta on my chanel
Valorless Plays
Valorless Plays - 2 years ago
Im going to get a beta and name him Master.
Basty Cagadas
Basty Cagadas - 2 years ago
Linda Martin
Linda Martin - 2 years ago
Kira Hershman
Kira Hershman - 2 years ago
Weird question
Do you wear shoes?
muhammad huzaifa
muhammad huzaifa - 2 years ago
Make more video

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Παυλος Κιοπες
Παυλος Κιοπες - 2 years ago
Why youre unshoes
Alianna Carrison
Alianna Carrison - 2 years ago
best videos keep it up
Madeleine Andersson
Madeleine Andersson - 2 years ago
I love fishes. They are so beautiful. And you can never get a to big tank. The bigger the better
Elizabeth Lange
Elizabeth Lange - 2 years ago
Those “twisty thingys are called twist wires or twisty ties.
Elizabeth Lange
Elizabeth Lange - 2 years ago
The small tank is a two and a half or 2.5 gallon tank. I only know that is because I have the same divider tank that I had my previous two Beta fish in.
Aadiv Thomas
Aadiv Thomas - 2 years ago
4:38 did you go to the pet store bear foot????
Aquascaping Deutschland
Aquascaping Deutschland - 2 years ago
Sky Guy Aviation
Sky Guy Aviation - 2 years ago
Bro I just did the same thing for my tank with the bubbles
Nickayani Fong
Nickayani Fong - 2 years ago
can i have the tank
iLikeBluBerrys - 2 years ago
New to fish keeping, I want to get a betta fish , however just like this video. Can you do an in depth video going over types of filters and set ups as well as maintenance with aquarium? I don't know where to start before I get a betta fish...

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arvind shukla
arvind shukla - 2 years ago
why I am not getting a female betta fish
anastasia Nieskes
anastasia Nieskes - 2 years ago
I would feed the Betta fish pellets bc the don't really like flakes
Jack496 - 2 years ago
Another great vid !!! I can now hand feed my gold fish which is pretty cool
Pacific Hunter aka James Ryan
Pacific Hunter aka James Ryan - 2 years ago
I dunno why but its called Optic White
Azlaan Afeef
Azlaan Afeef - 2 years ago
Hi paul i love your vedios i am inspired by u to decorate the fish tank and by new new betta fishes love your vedios
Efren Cantos
Efren Cantos - 2 years ago
only 9 bitch
Haziq Farhan
Haziq Farhan - 2 years ago
i have the same tank as ur new one
Darkwolf 3639
Darkwolf 3639 - 2 years ago
Your life and your Bettas would be so much easier if you just watch some videos on youtube. Almost every video I watched had correct info for when I just started fish keeping. Just buy a heater, get rid of the air stone, and just do some dang research.
Unicorn Fish
Unicorn Fish - 2 years ago
Lilly Michaelis
Lilly Michaelis - 2 years ago
could you keep a betta and a black mystery snail in a 3.5-gallon aquarium?
Vanessa McCusker
Vanessa McCusker - 2 years ago
Nice work
80.8f betta club oahu grown
80.8f betta club oahu grown - 2 years ago
You should check out my 10 gallon. The in tank sponge filter, I think is better. Lot less water flow with it. And get ride of the air rade
Laila Romero
Laila Romero - 2 years ago
That’s not Thomas he’s a different color this is crazy shit
Ron Tronnes Jr
Ron Tronnes Jr - 2 years ago
That tank looks awesome - no heater needed?
Alyssa Thompson
Alyssa Thompson - 2 years ago
I have that same tank. It's an amazing tank. But my fish die within the first year. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any advice??
Brianna Underwood
Brianna Underwood - 2 years ago
Sanju Singh Mma
Sanju Singh Mma - 2 years ago
Please send me the link for buying this tank.....
Chaos Roblox
Chaos Roblox - 2 years ago
Do you have Guppys?
Bloopdork7 - 2 years ago
No offence, but I did the same setup for a lot cheaper. 5 gallon tank $9.99 Filter $5.43 Gravel $6.49 Plants $4.33 hood $7.99 heater $4.99. (Do da math) Love your videos
sherin raj
sherin raj - 2 years ago
How can you maintain a outside pond in countries like Canada ? Heavy winter

50. comment for The NEW BETTA FISH AQUARIUM...

Joshua Miranda
Joshua Miranda - 2 years ago
What happen to the shrimp
Midnightmisty winds
Midnightmisty winds - 2 years ago
Omg you spent way too much money on that tank at Wal-Mart I got a ten gallon tank for 30 bucks filter and led lights included boom save yo money
Johnson Yu
Johnson Yu - 2 years ago
Dude your tank looks so nice and clean. I currently have a 2.2 gallon tank and I'm planning on upgrading to a 5 gallon or bigger. I recommend getting a water heater for your tank if you don't have one already. Betta's are tropical fish and like warm temperatures. Getting a heater will not only make your water more fitted for your beta's needs, but you better fish will also become a lot more active and its colors will be more vibrant resulting from the comfortable water. I also recommend putting in a decorative structure that provides a shady spot for your fish to rest in. I have a Krusty Krab plastic decorative thing that my betta swims into all the time when its too bright or he just wants to chill. Love the videos man keep it up!!
Mohamed Sayed
Mohamed Sayed - 2 years ago
the tank is very beautifl
DANTDM jr - 2 years ago
dude I LOVE you
i wasn't in to fish until i saw your channel i have a guppy but my fav fish is a batta fish i really really want one
DANTDM jr - 2 years ago
i look up to you and your really innerspring
Pet Palace :D
Pet Palace :D - 2 years ago
I have a 5 gallon tank for my betta his name is Ragnar
Roberto Vidalslucero
Roberto Vidalslucero - 2 years ago
Why do you don’t Luna with Thomas
Hanabi Raina
Hanabi Raina - 2 years ago
Can you make a up side down aquarium?
Jose Gonzales
Jose Gonzales - 2 years ago
A E - 2 years ago
I'm a little confused as to why you're not cycling your new tanks. Cycling does not mean using the same water as an old tank. It's all about the filter.
Kassi Creator
Kassi Creator - 2 years ago
You can get a 5 gal for 10 dollars at a pet smart, 90 is just insane
Brianna Underwood
Brianna Underwood - 2 years ago
You should never put goldfish in with any other fish let alone tropical ones. Unsubscribing.
Kenneth Reyes
Kenneth Reyes - 2 years ago
You could keep some African dwarf frogs in your small empty tank
Hunter Basham
Hunter Basham - 2 years ago
You might want to rethink about the air stone betta fish do not like any type of current and if the current is to fast in the tank it could really stress out the fish.
PRITAM KUMAR NAYAK - 2 years ago
How many fish tank do u have ?
StarsFelineFierce 8693
StarsFelineFierce 8693 - 2 years ago
Channel Collect fish
Channel Collect fish - 2 years ago
Go through my channel to see the best bettas
Josh Plays
Josh Plays - 2 years ago
Wash the carbon. It is completely black while washing
Josh Plays
Josh Plays - 2 years ago
I can’t snip the bag cause I have a septic tank
Josh Plays
Josh Plays - 2 years ago
One the tank is great but gets dirty fast
MG P - 2 years ago
Love how he acts like he knows what he’s talking about!
xxFaDeD Hawkxx
xxFaDeD Hawkxx - 2 years ago
I cant wait to start keepin fish just like you and i started watching yesterday. Love your vids.
RAPID_ALI - 2 years ago
Why cant betta fish be in the same tank
Summer Beauchamp
Summer Beauchamp - 2 years ago
I think you should put the babby fish in the small tank
Summer Beauchamp
Summer Beauchamp - 2 years ago
josh simplefishkeeping
josh simplefishkeeping - 2 years ago
try mating thomas and luna
shea unicorn
shea unicorn - 2 years ago
thomas is a girl not a boy
Thorn Hex
Thorn Hex - 2 years ago
omg! you have the same kitchen as me!
Angela Chen
Angela Chen - 2 years ago
there was a 2 minute ad before this video and you couldn't skip it.
Joseph Woodall
Joseph Woodall - 2 years ago
I dont know why every other person is telling you to turn the flow down, do they not look at the comments and realize theyre just playing a giant game of repeat. Cant come up with an original comment i guess. Do your tanks how you do them, your tanks are well maintained and obviously your fish are alive and well. People tell me my tanks arent set up right or yadda yadda i need this and that, if that were true my tanks wouldnt be crystal clear with giant active fish. But what do i know, my fish hae only been alive for the past 8 years.
Sherri M
Sherri M - 2 years ago
I think you are trying but you need to do research first before going out and spend money and setting up a tank wrong.
Nenori Shimada
Nenori Shimada - 2 years ago
I wanted to subscribe to you but even I have noticed ( as a non fish - fangirl) that the way you keep your fishes is cruel. Most of them are in danger , you didn't cycle the water at ALL you just buy and put it in and think its fine.
Alan Pimentel
Alan Pimentel - 2 years ago
How old is tomahs
Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz - 2 years ago
That’s wayyyy to much for a 5 gallon
Snow Flake
Snow Flake - 2 years ago
George is a female
Mircea Daria Andreea
Mircea Daria Andreea - 2 years ago
Can u put 2 betta fish in the same tank
Nikki Michaeli
Nikki Michaeli - 2 years ago
Recommendation get a tall 2.5 gallon vase and put real plants in it, a small heater would do and if you want a filter a tetra whisper filter is one of the best ones for a betta, if it was a bigger tank you can actually keep bettas in a community if done properly but keep a gallon per inch of any fish to make it happy and healthy. If you ever keep it in a vase you can use a turkey baster to extract the food they don't eat. Betta are very territorial so don ever put a male with another male. Most people don't tell you but you can actually feed them frozen brine shrimp as well besides pellets.
odd tube
odd tube - 2 years ago
I watch your vids every day
odd tube
odd tube - 2 years ago
If you see another betta and you want is don't it in with Thomas they will fight
Chrissy Quinz
Chrissy Quinz - 2 years ago
Just cute. Around the ending ^_^ Buy your own Thomas! He looks so happy!
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 2 years ago
i have 2 betta fish
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 2 years ago
you inspired me to give my betta fish a huge upgrade
girlsrockurboyz - 2 years ago
twisty ties
Huehue Beep
Huehue Beep - 2 years ago
my backlift filter moves my water in my 6g tank abit so i turned it off as i feel it makes my betta stress
Stacy Watkins
Stacy Watkins - 2 years ago
It is my birthday can you name one Colten
cindy127 - 2 years ago
I like 5 to 10 gal tanks the best. believe , me I've tried many. I have 7 bettas.
cindy127 - 2 years ago
your such! a nice soul.
Animal girls
Animal girls - 2 years ago
He dos no like the water movement
Lukeys World
Lukeys World - 2 years ago
Can u breed Thomas and luna
itsdizzy - 2 years ago
It’s great that you upgraded Thomas’s tank but you should consider putting a mesh cover over the hood of the tank so that Thomas can’t jump out

100. comment for The NEW BETTA FISH AQUARIUM...

B 519
B 519 - 2 years ago
Do you use tap water?
glamor dolls
glamor dolls - 2 years ago
Brelage 519 this reply is kinda late but you can use tap water just put conditioner in the water
salamander 2.5
salamander 2.5 - 2 years ago
I'm your biggest caffaro
Saidie Mangoensentono
Saidie Mangoensentono - 2 years ago
Betta fish tank giveaway
Krista Beall
Krista Beall - 2 years ago
I want a pet fish
Aliyah Williams
Aliyah Williams - 2 years ago
hi im aliyah your video are the best I have a betta fish too and have a great day
Aliyah Williams
Aliyah Williams - 2 years ago
hi im aliyah your video are the best I have a betta fish have a great day
Aliyah Williams
Aliyah Williams - 2 years ago
hi aliyah your video are the best i have a betta fish have a great day
Heidi Dale
Heidi Dale - 2 years ago
Get a heater! Please
Gym Beattz
Gym Beattz - 2 years ago
reduce the water flow.. betta's aren't great swimmers and that strong flow will cause a lot of stress!
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 2 years ago
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 2 years ago
I think it's so cool how good you got at keeping fish you went from little Luna in a bowl to that be 5 gallon, you're awesome
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 2 years ago
Big not be
KEN KEN - 2 years ago
Thomas needs a mate
Scurvy Dan
Scurvy Dan - 2 years ago
Why spend that much on a tank, I got a bigger tank, with live plants, light, filter and heater, and it cost me $82 for all of it...
Nova Capone
Nova Capone - 2 years ago
And no LED they hate it it hurts them
Gaming Bro's
Gaming Bro's - 2 years ago
Never thought fish keeping is so awesome love ur channel Paul your the man! Like so Paul can see
Collin Tome
Collin Tome - 2 years ago
You should get a black orchird betta they are a exotic and alpha betta i even have 5 female bettas one koi male and the alpha blackorchird male in a 45 gallon tank
jayson nambio
jayson nambio - 2 years ago
Your so cuteee
Indi Awesome World!
Indi Awesome World! - 2 years ago
i might be getting a fish next year and i will watch your videos to help look after them
BEAST Manning
BEAST Manning - 2 years ago
love your chanel and all your fish I love fish even more now.
Prestige Pets
Prestige Pets - 2 years ago
I wish I could get a marimo moss ball because I have heard they are really good for regulating the water quality but alas, they are illegal in my country.
Rascal2237 - 2 years ago
I expected his tip to be something useful not common knowledge
Rascal2237 - 2 years ago
He should've gotten media from a cycled tank and put it with the new one. That tank isn't cycled. Also anyone who's seen anyone use that tank would know to put some kind of prefilter sponge over the output nozzle to reduce the flow of water
Adrian Universe
Adrian Universe - 2 years ago
Miss Mogar
Miss Mogar - 2 years ago
I paid 35$ for a 6.5 aqua culture tank with a filter and lid/lights for my betta, you should look into that for Thomas or Luna. (:
Its WAY cheaper and bigger.
Curious Citizen
Curious Citizen - 2 years ago
4:38 No shoes No service does not apply to this guy. Were you at a pet store? Hope those floors are clean.
lilah - 2 years ago
did he add water conditioner to the tap water he added?
Ben Hippo Person
Ben Hippo Person - 2 years ago
Twist ties
Wendy Almuina
Wendy Almuina - 2 years ago
Can i have tomas old tank
Bailey c
Bailey c - 2 years ago
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment - 2 years ago
Any thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War?
Jamjam Capahi
Jamjam Capahi - 2 years ago
Nice tank
TrueZFast Gaming
TrueZFast Gaming - 2 years ago
The shrimp
Blanca Estela
Blanca Estela - 2 years ago
my son was inspired by you and know they wanted me to get them turtles and they love them so thank you for your time and effort to make a new video
Amber Davis
Amber Davis - 2 years ago
What nutrients are you putting in the tank for your plants. I get the die off and the new growth but the plants dont thrive at all. Anyone???
Legends word of roblox
Legends word of roblox - 2 years ago
So will u not need to change the water ever with that at 6:56
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint - 2 years ago
You shold buy
A skull decoration
Lauren Schulte
Lauren Schulte - 2 years ago
Do you think it’s safe to put in some guppies in with a betta
Blue Ehrich
Blue Ehrich - 2 years ago
I would suggest clipping the dead parts off the plants. It helps them to survive. You probably don't have enough fish poop to keep them alive, lol. You can buy a good source of nutrition for the plants is Seachem Flourish!! Beautiful tanks and fish!!
Zoe Hartsock
Zoe Hartsock - 2 years ago
Breed bettas
Martinez Tonny
Martinez Tonny - 2 years ago
Thoses tanks cost 140$ in Montréal
Dont Ask
Dont Ask - 2 years ago
Are shrimps cleaning team good with betta in the sane tank?
Dont Ask
Dont Ask - 2 years ago
Whats best tank size for betta fish?
Beebo - 2 years ago
5 gallons or more is best. 2.5 gallons is the minimum. They also need an adjustable filter and a heater set to 76 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And you have to do weekly water changes and always condition any tap water you put in the tank. And please do your research before you buy it.
Nenori Shimada
Nenori Shimada - 2 years ago
As far as I know one shouldnt go over 6.5 gallon because Betta war quite sensitive when it comes to overlooking their territory. if its a short tailed one they need more than 5.5 but if its a long tailed (like a half moon )betta they need a smaller one because they swim slowly and else get stressed if they cannot have an overview or check out each corner without spending too much time on it.
Tho, make sure there are lots of plants in and even some fromthe top but leave surface open because they breath on it and may drown if not. Tho they feel better if they are lil protected by the lamp. After all, they are fishes mostly at home in floated rice fields.
Sarah S. Morrison
Sarah S. Morrison - 2 years ago
Dont Ask 5 or more gallons in my opinion. But I wouldn’t go smaller than 2.5 gallons.
Avakin Beth
Avakin Beth - 2 years ago
First, you shouldn’t base the welfare of your fish on how many likes you get, it should be a priority! Oh and why the hell would you keep even a Betta in a 2gal in the first place? You have far too many fish for your knowledge - I would recommend that you try to find good home for at least most of your fish. And why do you have to say “sick” so much in your videos? The only thing that makes sick is the fact that you have close to no knowledge on barely any of your fish!
Angela Micco
Angela Micco - 2 years ago
You’re an idiot, you’re just a hater who loves fish more than another person... He’s a living soul just like the fish, why would you hate on another human being doing his best?
Danica Blackburn
Danica Blackburn - 2 years ago
crepty sloth Bettas actually love big tanks because they love to swim. Bigger tanks means healthier, happier betta!
Avakin Beth
Avakin Beth - 2 years ago
crepty sloth “they like smaller tanks”? It really annoys me that people make betta’s suffer just because they think “Oh but Betta fish live in dirty mud pools in the wild... So I can keep it in a really cheap, small, dirty tank because that’s what they have normally, duh! And when it dies early that’s fine, because their life span is short anyway!” And I think both you and him must have the same thoughts on this as you seem to have the same mindset of ‘the people’ that I described above. just because a betta Fish can live in those conditions does not mean they like it!
So go do a little more research yourself before you tell me to “get my facts right”.
crepty sloth
crepty sloth - 2 years ago
Shut up I think he knows way more than you and beta's are simple fish they like smaller tanks so get your facts right
that lemon
that lemon - 2 years ago
hello paul i am thinking of buying a betta fish and was wondering if u could give a list of everything you got?
if so then thanks
Lil Splash
Lil Splash - 2 years ago
Lol 90 dollars for a 5g kit? I spent 35$ for a glass 10g aquarium, a filter and a heater and I bought it all separately
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks - 2 years ago
FYI the beneficial bacteria doesn’t live in the water column, so transferring the water won’t instant cycle the new tank
Yugi - 2 years ago
Your doing great, I’ve made mistakes to with my Bettas and you learn from it and do your best. Your tank looks wonderful.
Mystic - 2 years ago
Hahahaha this tank is absolute trash
blazing thiru
blazing thiru - 2 years ago
Don't talk overly so boring but congratulations a super fish tank

Blanca Diaz
Blanca Diaz - 2 years ago
I subscribed and hit notificación
Fanatic's Bettas
Fanatic's Bettas - 2 years ago
Agreed, it's very beautiful! I would also advise you to keep that flow very light, they cannot swim when competing against the current. I suggest that people put the output towards the top, as that's that easiest way to have it placed when you have a betta.
Wyatt - 2 years ago
get your bettas to breed
Bandanna Bøý You need some milk
Bandanna Bøý You need some milk - 2 years ago
Please change the flow
Archana Reji
Archana Reji - 2 years ago
I would like to see an update on that same tank. As I am planning to buy the same one. But I was wondering why it is expensive in Canada. The price u showed is 89$. Here it is more than a 100$. How often you change water in that tank and how much u change. If u do a video doing a clean in the same tank will be awesome.
Tokyo Barbie
Tokyo Barbie - 2 years ago
I have a very important question CAN BETTA FISH EAT GOLD FISH FLACKS??
Khalida Naeem
Khalida Naeem - 2 years ago
Make a video on nimo clown fish
Jeremy Wiles
Jeremy Wiles - 2 years ago
Paul, I know you were trying to reduce the time it takes to cycle a tank by using the water and rocks from your old tank, and that is helpful, but even more helpful than that would be to use the gravel and the filter media from the old tank. The beneficial bacteria that helps deal with fish waste lives everywhere in a tank, but the highest concentration of that bacteria is on the filter media and on the substrate. Just for future reference. You've come a long way since the Betta Falls video. Keep improving and learning!
Dody Kurniawan
Dody Kurniawan - 2 years ago
Paul buy Betta fish koi
Ginalyn Azana
Ginalyn Azana - 2 years ago
IookIike haIf moon thats good betta fish!!
Kingofwisdom Sy
Kingofwisdom Sy - 2 years ago
Good job
wonder world
wonder world - 2 years ago
Betta don't want any air pump.
anantha kumar
anantha kumar - 2 years ago
it's cool
Stepbystep - 2 years ago
Finally a good sized tank for your betta, now he is going to thrive. all he needs is warmer water
Bharathy Murali
Bharathy Murali - 2 years ago
Y don't u breed Betta fish bro
ScienceGal Aquatics
ScienceGal Aquatics - 2 years ago
Just found your channel! New subscriber thanks for all the helpful information.
Azari Couse
Azari Couse - 2 years ago
You are very inspiring now I love fish
boeie man
boeie man - 2 years ago
wtf you didnt wear shoes at the store
Mia Hickerson
Mia Hickerson - 2 years ago
Our should breed your betas in that tank
Frank Reviews
Frank Reviews - 2 years ago
Twist ties
sica3820 - 2 years ago
Hi, I just stumbled onto your channel because I have bettas myself. I've seen some of your other videos and the comments about tank size. I'm so happy to see this one and that you've learned. We have all made newbie mistakes. My first betta was in a bowl with no heater or filter. I had him for two years. I had no clue they needed a regulated temp, a filter and at least 2.5 gallons. Now I'm wiser and the boys (4) I have now are much happier with me being a more responsible pet keeper.
mr.Cluck gaming
mr.Cluck gaming - 2 years ago
Who is the boy in the red shirt
Ashleigh Carson
Ashleigh Carson - 2 years ago
Have you ever thought of breeding Thomas and luna?
Eric - 2 years ago
is there really a point for an air pump?
Nizam MB
Nizam MB - 2 years ago
zach cruze
zach cruze - 2 years ago
BrutikusMaximus - 2 years ago
nice tank but you should've flipped it around so that "black" bar is in the corner so it'll hide those cords even more and you get the added benefit of having a side few of the tank.
RatMan N LibertyHound
RatMan N LibertyHound - 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing that tank with us I often wandered about that one. Your channel is A#1. Outstanding work. I'm super jelly of your big pond. Peace brother
RatMan N LibertyHound
RatMan N LibertyHound - 2 years ago
Steak sauce.
G- GANG - 2 years ago
I did it for $50 with a 10 gallon, yes, that includes the money it cost for the tank
George Burnett
George Burnett - 2 years ago
Recommend a safety valve for the air pump.
George Burnett
George Burnett - 2 years ago
Recommend a safety valve for the air pump.
Nethan Canoy
Nethan Canoy - 2 years ago
You make my day
mark andrei moreno
mark andrei moreno - 2 years ago
nice aquarium
RedflameLGM - 2 years ago
What about the heater
TougherCoot05 - 2 years ago
I’m honestly jealous.
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment - 2 years ago
Dear Paul, what's your pet snake's name?
Derek Carter
Derek Carter - 2 years ago
What about the shrimp?
gusbus442 - 2 years ago
What the difference of the air pump to a Co2 kit
Hazel Keithahn
Hazel Keithahn - 2 years ago
Uhh where did all the shrimp go????
Ace The Pirate
Ace The Pirate - 2 years ago
Is there a heater in this tank?
Chels Channel
Chels Channel - 2 years ago
I don’t think betta fish need filters. I had one it had less than 2 gallons, no filter and I fed it once a day and it lived for 5 years. I do it with all my bettas and they lived for 2 or 3 years sometimes a lot more I also spent 10-20 dollars on the tank but I guess that betta fish will have a better life so it is pretty smart
Fish lover
Fish lover - 2 years ago
Hi Paul cuffaro brother aquarium is osmue but according to indian centiment if keep aquarium in kitchen it leads to food poison
Delfanraja Raja
Delfanraja Raja - 2 years ago
fidionya bagus
Noah Stout Fish
Noah Stout Fish - 2 years ago
Why Thomas not Luna?
Samuel Wagner
Samuel Wagner - 2 years ago
Great tank. If you really want the plants to grow HUGE, THEN out the tank next to a window so they can get sunlight. Great vid.
Firoza Tani
Firoza Tani - 2 years ago
Can anyone tell me the price of the new tank?
Fun In
Fun In - 2 years ago
Changing motors your betta will be tired
Fun In
Fun In - 2 years ago
I love bettas
Luna Johnson
Luna Johnson - 2 years ago
You should get some hides.
Farras Husain
Farras Husain - 2 years ago
DIY=Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Rudra Karpe
Rudra Karpe - 2 years ago
Wait... At 4:42... Why ain't he wearing any shoes?
Fayaz fz
Fayaz fz - 2 years ago
it's awesome dude

I have 6 types of bettas
comb tail
rose tail
half moon tail
crown tail
feather tail

but I don't know the breeding steps after the fry get out of their eggs

so dude plz help me

and waiting for ur next videos
Shanti Sparklefox
Shanti Sparklefox - 2 years ago
DUDE CYCLE YOUR TANKS BEFORE ADDING FISH!! Adding old tank water does not cycle your media AT ALL
Sefer - 2 years ago
wait i thought he have a couple of shrimps In thomas's tank where are they are they dead?
Giancarlo Soto-Cervantes
Giancarlo Soto-Cervantes - 2 years ago
I dont get how this channel blew up, there is many people who take care of fish way better, and spend way more time on caring for fish, every video he has a different excuse to why hes "upgrading" His betta tank. He never acknowledges his mistakes and thats the problem. Others look at him as a rolemodel/guide to take care of fish. Pual if you see this own up to your mistakes, use ypu platform for something better, please.
Alienthenewtech 12
Alienthenewtech 12 - 2 years ago
Hey what pet store is that ?
Brantov - 2 years ago
Very nice you betta, interesting. I subscribed to your channel, subscribe mutually. I'm an aquarist.
Random axolotl Lover
Random axolotl Lover - 2 years ago
You can put your dream beta fish in Thomas old tank.
Diego Longoria
Diego Longoria - 2 years ago
To much flow
Alli Sten
Alli Sten - 2 years ago
Still no heater? Even if your house is warm, I doubt you keep it at 80+ degrees. You need a thermometer and a heater..

I would add a gang valve to be able to control the air pump flow. It needs to be slowed down a bit.

Also, tank water doesn’t contain your cycle. The rocks had some bacteria, but it would have been better if you would have transferred your media and gravel. That tank isn’t cycled the way you did it. All you did was move dirty water around.
Alli Sten
Alli Sten - 2 years ago
Connor Turton if a betta tank needs to be kept at 80 degrees, a 75 degree room will not keep the tank water at 80 degrees. That is common sense. Water doesn’t magically increase in temperature all on its own. It requires a heat source.

Google will tell you that bettas should have water temps of 78-80 degrees. So will every single site you look at when looking for how to care for a betta.

Or you could just pick and choose whatever googled fact you want, and make it fit to how you are keeping your fish. Just to make yourself look right. That’s a possibility too.
Shally Shallow
Shally Shallow - 2 years ago
Connor Turton your exactly right
Connor Turton
Connor Turton - 2 years ago
Alli Sten google actually says you don't require a heater if your house is normally in the mid 70's. Well done you played yourself
Alli Sten
Alli Sten - 2 years ago
Shally Shallow Bettas splendens need to be kept at temps of 78-80. Without an in tank heater, you would need the room to be 85 degrees or higher, to keep the tank at the proper temp. This isn’t debated, it is common knowledge. Google will even tell you the right temp bettas should be kept at.
Shally Shallow
Shally Shallow - 2 years ago
What ? No you don’t need to keep your house at 80 degrees
You don’t need a heater and ya you don’t know anything about bettas
Gym Beattz
Gym Beattz - 2 years ago
i agree
LEGENDARY BEAST - 2 years ago
Paul can you reserve the arowana for me?
lucy l
lucy l - 2 years ago
Shane Shelton
Shane Shelton - 2 years ago
An aerator wasn't necessary for this setup, The Fluval Spec filter aerates the tank more than enough. A heater would've been a much better investment and will keep your Betta more active and healthy.
Cait Rupprecht
Cait Rupprecht - 2 years ago
Cool tank. You should get a saltwater tank
Kawii Kittens
Kawii Kittens - 2 years ago
Ah do I feel like Paul treats Thomas better then Luna
Anna Galvin
Anna Galvin - 2 years ago
Hi random person looking at comments
mine O_o
mine O_o - 2 years ago
You should get a turtle
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 2 years ago
Nice tank good presentation but you have no brains no cycle no brain
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 2 years ago
If you did tell
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 2 years ago
And I think you didn’t cycle your aquarium
Slfish Keepers
Slfish Keepers - 2 years ago
This is no diy
LEGENDARY GAMERS - 2 years ago
My betta eggs hatched today morning
When do i need to start feed the fry?
Mr. Exquisite
Mr. Exquisite - 2 years ago
get CPD's
Mr. Exquisite
Mr. Exquisite - 2 years ago
you need more nutrients in the betta tank with plants they grow new ones by eating the other leaf but that shouldnt occur
Hazel Estes
Hazel Estes - 2 years ago
4:42 where your shoes??? He doesn’t have shoes on
Recurve And All.
Recurve And All. - 2 years ago
Dude. Your the best. You made me do the fish hobby thing and I lovvveee it. Your awesome. I have a Thomas 2. His name is Minimoo. I live in South Africa. You are the best!!!!
Code- Zero
Code- Zero - 2 years ago
Hi Paul,I love your videos because u take so much effort just to show us,u take us on tours and everything ❤️
Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood - 2 years ago
I found your channel today and just love your videos. They don’t drag on and on and gave me inspiration to get myself back into the hobby. My daughter remembers having fish when she was younger. Now as an adult she she has her own 20 gallon tank. I know she will love your channel as well.
EllaEspo - 2 years ago
You can buy a 10 gallon tank from pet smart for only $30.00 and then buy a light it would be much cheaper
adventurous editor
adventurous editor - 2 years ago
Who ever unliked the vidio they are silly
Ry7chu - 2 years ago
Ari Tujian
Ari Tujian - 2 years ago
You are living the life. It brings me joy getting to watch your channel. I too have fish now all because of you! Thanks for all you have done.
ugh boots
ugh boots - 2 years ago
I'd trade out the air stone for a heater tbh
Prakriti Paudel
Prakriti Paudel - 2 years ago
What happen to the srimps
Isabel de dios
Isabel de dios - 2 years ago
Hello I just had a question. I know that in one of the other videos you put a automatic fish feeder for Thomas the beta in the kitchen but it had a lid.
I have a 5 gallon tank for my fishes and I'm thinking of putting an automatic fish feeder but it has a lid that gives light to the tank.
What would you recommend for me to do?
Brian Insko
Brian Insko - 2 years ago
Suggestion:  flip the aquarium around so the filter is on the right side and paint the back black. This will hide all of your cords and give you better viewing.
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment
Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment - 2 years ago
There are also Pet Supermarkets in Jax, FL
FANTAIL - 2 years ago
Hey mate make a tank as cheap as possible e.g gumtree or dollar store and with only stuff you find at home or make youreself like if u agree

Read more
David Martel
David Martel - 2 years ago
Where are your shrimp
Gaming with Ishaan vlogs
Gaming with Ishaan vlogs - 2 years ago
You forget to put the shrimbs in the new tank Paul fam #
Aldrin's Pets
Aldrin's Pets - 2 years ago
cool looking tank man
Myra Nebulous
Myra Nebulous - 2 years ago
Please put Luna in it
Andy William
Andy William - 2 years ago
i like it
Andy William
Andy William - 2 years ago
You can add shrimp to look beautiful
Bruno The German Shepherd
Bruno The German Shepherd - 2 years ago
What happened to the shrimp?
Colby Cobia
Colby Cobia - 2 years ago
great video! DONT feed your fish flakes B/C your Goldfish will gulp to much air in when eating! mine just died from that its called swim bladder disease. its when the organs get to filled with air and they get enlarged and push against the lower fins and then he will keep going belly up! if that happens dont feed him for 2-3 days that will give the stomach/organs to deflate.
Ciara Witko
Ciara Witko - 2 years ago
i love u so much! you’re awesome i love fish
Mother Stop Him
Mother Stop Him - 2 years ago
put shoes on
Julia Harriss
Julia Harriss - 2 years ago
Name one of your fish Flippers
Keith's World
Keith's World - 2 years ago
4:11 I like how he's like, "Uh... okay?"
Madison Spallone
Madison Spallone - 2 years ago
Fish owner goals
Ben Kahn
Ben Kahn - 2 years ago
Nice tank but if u pull the pump back out, you should switch it all the way down to the lowest setting, bettas hate strong currents and the bubbler is unnecessary. It’s really hard for them to swim and can stress him out.
Suza Sharma
Suza Sharma - 2 years ago
pleas get red tel catfish
Manju Maskara
Manju Maskara - 2 years ago
Didn't keep decorations
redd manpower
redd manpower - 2 years ago
Hey Paul love the video man but could WE get more footage of the pond and fish.
Marius Lessle
Marius Lessle - 2 years ago
You make the best videos ever! You inspired me to get a 55 gallon tank.
Erik Schmidt
Erik Schmidt - 2 years ago
coolio pondo dudeo keep up the goodio workio
Mr Zebra
Mr Zebra - 2 years ago
thank you paul for everything you have done for us and your are always inspiring me and exciting me to watch your videos.anf btw I have finally been able to build a pond due to your positive videos.PEACE!!!!
Oliver Yin
Oliver Yin - 2 years ago
Do more BETTA videos I subscribed only because of the Betta videos, I do actually also like the pond videos.
Jenna Ley
Jenna Ley - 2 years ago
I think the wire things are called twist ties. At least that’s what my family has always called them
HVRDCVSTLE - 2 years ago
What happened to all the shrimp?
FrankANOODEL Augustine
FrankANOODEL Augustine - 2 years ago
Its name is a twist tie lol.
Hana Ngo
Hana Ngo - 2 years ago
P.s. he has a smaller tank :( poor my fish I wish I have the big tank
Hana Ngo
Hana Ngo - 2 years ago
I have the same betta fish and I thought his eyes was big and it was something something and his name is kiki
A Person 123
A Person 123 - 2 years ago
What about the heater
Grace Chang
Grace Chang - 2 years ago
Awesome new betta fish aquarium! Thanks for showing your videos. I really love it.
justin brown
justin brown - 2 years ago
Hey Paul love your videos u inspire me by getting a tank as your flower horn tank keep up the good work
Alyssa Nicole
Alyssa Nicole - 2 years ago
I would reduce the water flow.. betta's aren't great swimmers and that strong flow will cause a lot of stress! I have this tank and I put a pre-filter sponge over the output and now my betta can swim without being thrown around
FlipFlop FishFlake
FlipFlop FishFlake - 2 years ago
Bit of advice, reduce the flow and, if you didn't already, add a heater. Glad that you are finally listening to some of our advice :) Your betta will love his new tank.
Amy Omar
Amy Omar - 2 years ago
Post a video
YOGESH MAHALE - 2 years ago
Ravichandra Kovuru
Ravichandra Kovuru - 2 years ago
The tank was beautiful I like your video s
sharof zainudeen
sharof zainudeen - 2 years ago
Hey paul love your videos everyday your videos inspired me.So now I am make my 4th tank and your videos makes me happy.
Christine Goebig
Christine Goebig - 2 years ago
Thank you paul for making me get a tank I have 1goldfish and 2 catfish
Carol Zulueta
Carol Zulueta - 2 years ago
Ryoma's Gaming Lab
Ryoma's Gaming Lab - 2 years ago
Man you make my day and make the smile in my face and bu the way i am only 14 years old when i get big enough i think i will make a pond or and aquarium for myself thank you man for inspiring me and yeah.... keep the nice work up.
MichaelJonathan Gaming
MichaelJonathan Gaming - 2 years ago
Hi! Im one of the cuffaros from Indonesia. I absolutely love your videos and you inspire all of us (cuffaros). Now i have three fish tank and one pool or pond for my brazilian turtle
George STANION [09N]
George STANION [09N] - 2 years ago
hey paul could you try make some more store tour videos instead of betta fish videos, big fan, keep up the good work
Frankie Abenes
Frankie Abenes - 2 years ago
You expire me to get a really big tank
Brandy Bishop
Brandy Bishop - 2 years ago
This was a great video. I just subscribes to your channel. I love your new backyard pond and all the koi fish. I have a betta fish too.
2kGamez - 2 years ago
I like your videos so much expired me to have fish
Legitimate Vlogs
Legitimate Vlogs - 2 years ago
Arowana for pond
profishkeeping - 2 years ago
you don't really need an aerator in a beta tank since they are labyrinth fish and to to the surface to breathe pure air
Legitimate Vlogs
Legitimate Vlogs - 2 years ago
U should breed betas and do a tutorial
{ABU SURAQA} {HINGORA} - 2 years ago
Nice pc
Southside 81G
Southside 81G - 2 years ago
Hey paul your videos are the best , you inspired me to build my own pond and to learn more about fish & fishing ! Keep up the great work you are a young legend.
Jay gamble
Jay gamble - 2 years ago
You should flip the tank 90° so that the part with to over flow is againist the back and u can see him from more angles
Youssef Moujir
Youssef Moujir - 2 years ago
r u barefoot in the petstore and this the second video i seen you doing that lol good work dope set up and cant wait for thursday hopefully or friday to see the mini pond .2
FISH U WANT - 2 years ago
That flowerhorn is sick.. literally he is ill !!
Hi .I watched every video that you uploaded and i enjoy it
kanomac1 - 2 years ago
You've inspired me to do my own Pond, what a great young man you are, all the best for the future!
LivesBearer Aquatics
LivesBearer Aquatics - 2 years ago
Hi paul :) can you do a shout for me.please :) im a local breeder here in the philippines :)
#Fishingnoob99 ***
#Fishingnoob99 *** - 2 years ago
you should get a ginrin koi there so cool and there scales sparkle like diamonds.
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed - 2 years ago
Your video is best. And u are the best youtuber.
The Red
The Red - 2 years ago
hey paul what are u doing with the little tank
Slime Bild
Slime Bild - 2 years ago
And the srimp
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis - 2 years ago
He Paul I really love the vids and you do a great job and have improved so much over the years. You have inspired me to get 2 tanks and I really want to make a small backyard pond about 3-5 by 8-12 but I only know about the liners I don't know about the pumps and water falls it would be really cool if you could make a really in-depth video about EVERYTHING you need to make a successful pond with even what to put in the filters. Like so he can see I bet a lot of others would like this too.
Thrifty Acorns
Thrifty Acorns - 2 years ago
Is that carbon going to affect your plants? Great tank!
Jazaniah Lee
Jazaniah Lee - 2 years ago
You are so amazing Paul! Every time I see that you posted a new video I immediately watch it, you always just make my day! You have also inspired me to get into the fish keeping hobby and I'm really glad you did!
Troy Winkler
Troy Winkler - 2 years ago
You make my day ever day .I am always doing different thing for fish.keeo doing what you do- subscribe to me.
Valerie Magallanez
Valerie Magallanez - 2 years ago
Love your channel. I've been working on the layout for my yard(s) and I was only going to put in a little Fountain originally but you have inspired me to add my own little Koi pond to my side yard sitting area. You're so full of good energy, keep it up. Thanks for making vids.
Hallie Lucille
Hallie Lucille - 2 years ago
I have that all white beta I love him I named him Milo!
Team Brotacular
Team Brotacular - 2 years ago
Paul I’m getting a koi pond :) and I would have seen the video wen it got released but my internet was not working:( But still love the vid and you are an inspiration for many people who love fish
Maddie gilbert
Maddie gilbert - 2 years ago
can you do a tutorial on how you clean your tanks?? love your vids
Just a country Girl1993
Just a country Girl1993 - 2 years ago
love the new tank and Thomas color definitely popped more from the black gravel
Alif Azril
Alif Azril - 2 years ago
Poul you are the best fish youtuber ever.
Tenille Teufele
Tenille Teufele - 2 years ago
I got a betta fish because of you! You should make a betta fish care video with hacks and stuff! You're awesome thankyou
Amber Young
Amber Young - 2 years ago
I would turn it around the other way better viewing.
Daxisapit AJ
Daxisapit AJ - 2 years ago
I would cover the open part in the lid, I have that exact tank and my betta jumped.
It's Simply Dez
It's Simply Dez - 2 years ago
Beneficial bacteria don’t live in the water column so unless you have some cycled biological media to kickstart your filter, that tank is not cycled. Doesn’t matter if you add water from the old tank!
FARDIY - 2 years ago
Hey Paul can you name a koi by my dog my dog just died last night she was the best dog in my life I miss her so much her name is peach
Dolores Cabrera
Dolores Cabrera - 2 years ago
What happen to the shrimp
jonathan winograd
jonathan winograd - 2 years ago
When I Feel Crapy My bro Paul makes me happy. Love your videos paul
JAW Fishing
JAW Fishing - 2 years ago
I might get a three gallon tank for a temporary home for micro fish!
Braxton Jones
Braxton Jones - 2 years ago
What is the long string hanging out my fish’s butt
Pooh Spears
Pooh Spears - 2 years ago
I just subscribe
maco5 broomes
maco5 broomes - 2 years ago
U should put the other betta fish in their
Sasha Mitt
Sasha Mitt - 2 years ago
maco5 broomes it’s way to risky for Betta’s to be together if they weren’t born together (<— I think) But you possibly could put Betta’s together if they recently were breeded, but it’s still way to risky for those type of fish to be together in a tank.
EuphoricCube78 - 2 years ago
If what you mean is this: putting both his betta fish together in the same tank, that would be extremely dangerous cause the male(Thomas the blue on) might try to attack Luna (the white fish) and possibly kill her
Mark Cassanova
Mark Cassanova - 2 years ago
and in Luna tank too
Dirty Z28
Dirty Z28 - 2 years ago
You should give away the other tank, my betta would like that haha
David Stewart
David Stewart - 2 years ago
1:23 is that a snail on the right?
Zugenis Arroyo
Zugenis Arroyo - 2 years ago
But your a nice guy
Zugenis Arroyo
Zugenis Arroyo - 2 years ago
Well 2 goldfish died
Zugenis Arroyo
Zugenis Arroyo - 2 years ago
Thanks for giving me many ideas
Zugenis Arroyo
Zugenis Arroyo - 2 years ago
Im inspired to start a new YouTube channel about my betta and four goldfish because of u
TylarrMaria - 2 years ago
Reduce the air follow from everything! He can’t swim well with that much flow
KatsCreations - 2 years ago
I love that you got him a bigger tank, but, I recommend getting a sponge filter for your tank or a less force thing for the bubbles because Berta fish don’t like high flow so he may not go on that side of the tank. I am not trying to diss you, I am just letting you know that he might just use one half of the tank.
Pablo Meza
Pablo Meza - 2 years ago
The tank is beautiful you are t3 coolest person #cuffaros
Richard Johns
Richard Johns - 2 years ago
i love your videos and your the reason why i love fish keeping
FISH LOVERS - 2 years ago
Nice video!..
Devon Crossman
Devon Crossman - 2 years ago
Where did the ghost shrimp go
copedipper 1822
copedipper 1822 - 2 years ago
Please do a walmart fishing challenge biggest bass wins!
cat77 77
cat77 77 - 2 years ago
you inspied me to get a betta fish and in this vid get a bigger tank my old tank about 1 gallon this one is like 4 to 5 so keep op the good work
Jack Power
Jack Power - 2 years ago
You could use old tank for fry
Aquarium Guy123
Aquarium Guy123 - 2 years ago
Saw awsome
ShadowEmperor - 2 years ago
You could make it into a community tank
Christian Nolen
Christian Nolen - 2 years ago
Does your mom or dad kill you how much money you spend
Tuna Vic
Tuna Vic - 2 years ago
Black air hose,will finish it off,looks great! Tuna Vic <“)))>{~~~
DabOnThemHaters 69
DabOnThemHaters 69 - 2 years ago
you still need to cycle the tank dude. none of the beneficial bacteria lives in the water column it all lives on the surface of things in the tank and in the filter
Nadia Nadjem
Nadia Nadjem - 2 years ago
J aime les biscotes
What Now
What Now - 2 years ago
Great video, but make sure you put mesh over the intake so the fish does not get sucked in.
Sarah Higbee
Sarah Higbee - 2 years ago
Howwwwwwww love this I'm doing the same thing very soon!!!!!!
Dylan Yates Outdoors
Dylan Yates Outdoors - 2 years ago
Put Luna in there with Thomas
Itzzz Scorpion
Itzzz Scorpion - 2 years ago
change your YouTube name to (Fishy Paul)
Beebo - 2 years ago
Charlotte Orman The 6 guppies would be too crowded for the tank. I would go with the betta. But the you would have to have an adjustable filter so the betta can swim properly. Also if you go with the betta, try to get one that isn’t aggressive or else it might kill the zebra danios.
William Burke
William Burke - 2 years ago
Good job please don't swear there could. Be kids
Fluffy Tae
Fluffy Tae - 2 years ago
I am a new subscriber i love your videos and you inspired me to build my own pond
BroJo Studios
BroJo Studios - 2 years ago
You need more gravel if you're going to have live plants in there for the roots
Tony Martin
Tony Martin - 2 years ago
Ive got a platinum/white Betta mine's a plakat which is a short fin male.
Ibrahim Qureshi
Ibrahim Qureshi - 2 years ago
Buy guppy fish for 160 gallons tank
linda golanski
linda golanski - 2 years ago
You forgot about your great stuff u could add to the tank from your leftovers
Yosep Panjaitan
Yosep Panjaitan - 2 years ago
actually betta fish doesn't need bubbler man. they hate too much water flow. i'm pretty sure your betta fish gonna hiding all the time
Quinten Daems
Quinten Daems - 2 years ago
I am a belg
Brandon Clifton
Brandon Clifton - 2 years ago
Bettas don't need or like that much water flow. Too much could even cause death. I wouldn't use the air stone buddy. Not tryna sound like a jerk just wanted to let you know so Thomas is happy.
Tuhidul Islam Tahsan
Tuhidul Islam Tahsan - 2 years ago
Cool video
Jasraj singh
Jasraj singh - 2 years ago
Think positive own more fish and surprie your family
Jeremy Hagelin
Jeremy Hagelin - 2 years ago
Friendly tip: Don't leave the Aquascape food outside! The raccoons like it too, and the bag don't stand a chance! Lol
Fish King
Fish King - 2 years ago
There's a hole on the wall that separates the filter section from the main tank. It's near the bottom. I recommend covering it to optimize your filtration. Not sure why they put that in there.
AngelBro92 - 2 years ago
What did you do with the shrimp? I bought my daughter her first tank and betta lol and I bought a few yellow and red shrimp they make the tank even nicer I got the idea from you
_ketapan_187_420_ - 2 years ago
you have to clean the gravel very
thoroughly!!! not only in the have to learn a lot!!
Kelsie Gilmour
Kelsie Gilmour - 2 years ago
What happened to all the shrimp
Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman - 2 years ago
TIP- when doing water changes pour water into the far back left section to prevent the gravel from moving and to stir up the water that may have been still for a long time.
William Henderson
William Henderson - 2 years ago
Does this guy ever stop getting fish/ fish tanks and changing everything?!
FloppyHatBoys - 2 years ago
Sub for a sub? Need help to get to 50 subs I’m so close!!!
Viktor Dakic
Viktor Dakic - 2 years ago
You are obsesed with fishes laike boyyy slow down how much money do you spent on on it
S G - 2 years ago
I fear the ponds gonna fill up eventually and he wouldn't post anymore fish purchase vids
Mike - 2 years ago
Why not turn the tank around with the filter to the wall? Black back and it will look way more awesome. You can watch thomas a lot better as well! Cause you can look through the side too!
MASON WRIGHT - 2 years ago
Love your vids keep up the great work
KuyaIce Channel
KuyaIce Channel - 2 years ago
You can buy a great airpump here in the Philippines for just $3. It's very cheap in here.
Tyson Giles
Tyson Giles - 2 years ago
Hey Paul your videos are wicked, you are killer with the fish hobbie I think you should get a ghost knife fish.
Mosiah Zepeda
Mosiah Zepeda - 2 years ago
You should buy one for luna
Yong Xin Ee
Yong Xin Ee - 2 years ago
What happened to the shrimp? I think you bought shrimp for the betta tanks twice already?
toby. fx
toby. fx - 2 years ago
I saw a reptile tank in the background???
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming - 2 years ago
Any one here that can help me with a bluegill It is 7 inch what do they eat and what do baby yellow perch eat
Nazhat Parveen
Nazhat Parveen - 2 years ago
Buy angle fish
S Voot
S Voot - 2 years ago
Please put something over the tank output! the water flow is way too intense for a betta.
IqbalPlayz 10
IqbalPlayz 10 - 2 years ago
Make the betta mating
Rainbow World
Rainbow World - 2 years ago
I am also a fish lover
Giyu Kurokku
Giyu Kurokku - 2 years ago
Amiel Liwag
Amiel Liwag - 2 years ago
Paul you are the best youtuber in the world you made me take care of my fish and my 2.5 gallon aquarium you are really the best fish keeper in the fish keeping industry
Badi Issa
Badi Issa - 2 years ago
Add more fish with Thomas
Richard O'connor
Richard O'connor - 2 years ago
you should just put the air stone in the lower part of the filter.
Sabrina Crnich
Sabrina Crnich - 2 years ago
What about the heater my dude? They are tropical fish !
NJ fishing and outdoors
NJ fishing and outdoors - 2 years ago
The Bandinator
The Bandinator - 2 years ago
Plz get a heater
The Bandinator
The Bandinator - 2 years ago
Also you should put Luna in the 160
Venugopal Amai
Venugopal Amai - 2 years ago
Wtf happened to the shrimps ??? Did I miss any vedio of taking the shrimps out ????
Georgia Fisherman
Georgia Fisherman - 2 years ago
Venugopal Amai dinner
Orion Walls
Orion Walls - 2 years ago
I saw them in the 2 gallon but he didnt move them in the video
Nenori Shimada
Nenori Shimada - 2 years ago
probably eaten by the betta. xD
Beebo - 2 years ago
Knowing this guy knows nothing they probably died
Ella George
Ella George - 2 years ago
One of two things 1. Died or 2. He moved them
Irena Wolfrom
Irena Wolfrom - 2 years ago
probably got eaten
David Lacayo
David Lacayo - 2 years ago
TENEX GAMING wondering the same
David Shamiri
David Shamiri - 2 years ago
If you are reading this comment, you are a Shamiri. Im yo Zaddy.
Sophia M
Sophia M - 2 years ago
What happened to the ghost shrimp?
Evie Puv
Evie Puv - 2 years ago
I recommend putting a sponge over the pump so the flow isn’t as harsh. Also using water from another tank doesn’t cycle a tank you need actual substrate or cycled medium because that’s where beneficial bacteria actually grows they aren’t in the water.
Mike K
Mike K - 2 years ago
I’m going to shit in your pond
cheejian yu23
cheejian yu23 - 2 years ago
Wow than is a nice betta fish aquarium>
Jenar Cheysha
Jenar Cheysha - 2 years ago
Emang pasir malang sampai usa ya
Evie Puv
Evie Puv - 2 years ago
However this tank size is better I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just purchase a 10 gallon tank for $14 bucks. It provides the actual needed space for a betta fish and is much cheaper. Bettas live in rice paddies and river basins. The areas in which they live are relatively shallow and thick with vegetation. The streams are slow-moving and in the dry season can easily evaporate to almost nothing. When this happens, bettas are forced to live in shallow puddles where they can survive for a short time because, unlike other tropical fish, the betta has a labyrinth, or breathing organ, that allows it to get its oxygen from the air it breathes. Bettas are skilled jumpers and use this talent to get from a small puddle to a larger body of water. These puddles are connected by a network to larger bodies of water, and the water is always changing, keeping dangerous pollution at bay. When kept in tiny cups or little "betta bowls," they can survive for a time, just like in puddles, but they will not thrive. Just because bettas have to experience evaporation and basically suffer for a small amount of time in the Wild doesn’t mean we should use that as the idea of there perfect home in captivity. I’m proud of the progress this guy has made with his betta keeping. I hope people will start to realize that keeping any fish in a tiny cup is not ok.
Elementary Principal
Elementary Principal - 2 years ago
get a Africa cichlid tank. love your video you inspyar me to make my on pond
TobyAwesome2315 joseph
TobyAwesome2315 joseph - 2 years ago
LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I think i will make a pond because watching ur videos make want to make one .
Ethan Chandra
Ethan Chandra - 2 years ago
Nice pond i have 27 koi
Ethan Chandra
Ethan Chandra - 2 years ago
I have a betta fish like luna but its colour is blue and yellow
YUNUSCORN ! - 2 years ago
At 2:29 you said Luna instead of Thomas and I love your vids keep up the good work and you are the most awesome youtuber ever keep it up
Luka Ninic
Luka Ninic - 2 years ago
water flow is too strong put the sponge on te outtake and zou dont need the airpump and the airstone
Archer960 - 2 years ago
I love it DIYS :D
Saahil Khan
Saahil Khan - 2 years ago
Paul ..... hey ..... iam Saahil from India Jus wanted to let u know that George is not doing good ....... I guess u will hav to deworm him ..... and one more thing I really appreciate the pass at which u hav updated ur self thank u ...
jjkk cute
jjkk cute - 2 years ago
I also have a fish like you some of it
Umair Tahir
Umair Tahir - 2 years ago
Paul nice tank, you’ve keep me inspired on the fish hobby, I have a 29 gallon tank with koi and gold fish
Tamekia Felton
Tamekia Felton - 2 years ago
When are you going to get the turtles
shreesh Patil
shreesh Patil - 2 years ago
Hey!, where are the shrimps ?
Shine On Carly
Shine On Carly - 2 years ago
I love your videos so much!! I saw the white one you said you wanted so
Right after I watched it I went down and got a white Betta fish❤️❤️❤️ you inspire me so much! Thank you
Joshua T
Joshua T - 2 years ago
i can make that with like 30 dollars lol
John Patrick Datuin
John Patrick Datuin - 2 years ago
Where is Thomas shrimp friends
Ike Mcknight
Ike Mcknight - 2 years ago
Love the beta
Yolo 2006
Yolo 2006 - 2 years ago
Wow my first time knowing the camera man is actually a camera kid that’s cool! Good for him!
Aus Firdaus
Aus Firdaus - 2 years ago
How about you just make a food slide
Bobre team
Bobre team - 2 years ago
Breed thomas and luna
DIPAM - 2 years ago
you have inspired me because at first I have small Betta fish tank but now I have four big tanks..... you're super your videos...
Dylan Daugherty
Dylan Daugherty - 2 years ago
This channel is by far the best thanks to catchem all for showing us your channel
Saeeda Naziya
Saeeda Naziya - 2 years ago
Upload a video on feeding your snake
Timothy Mullen
Timothy Mullen - 2 years ago
Love the vids
Sinin Amin
Sinin Amin - 2 years ago
MankKey ™
MankKey ™ - 2 years ago
Waiting your video everyday is no time to waste everyday.. you inspired me to have a pet fish and you make every video positive.. keep up the good work Paul
Fraggle - 2 years ago
Great video i like your channel but...the way you tie your cables is a fire hazard, there isnt a lot a current going through those cables but its very bad practice to leave cables coiled up like that.
Dragon Storm
Dragon Storm - 2 years ago
Get some tall plants! Bettas enjoy hiding and so Thomas will be much more active if he feels more safe!
HYPEBEAST 0066 - 2 years ago
I don't have any fish but before i have a 5 feet gar and a bass
J9M - 2 years ago
This is the best channel ever. Keep up the good work
namepi - 2 years ago
Do you ever smoke green and just chill out on watch your fish?
syed haseeb
syed haseeb - 2 years ago
Really...A 100 bucks, i can build a 60 gallon tank withr that money
Angel Leon
Angel Leon - 2 years ago
Hey Paul been watching your videos for a while now and I got to say I like what u been doing with the beta fish me and my lady have been going crazy with beta fish and we actually have 10 beta fish in separate tanks in our room all types of colors and decor we have only 1 more fish that we have to upgrade from a one gallon to a 3.5 anyway love the videos stay awesome man.
Ellie Askey
Ellie Askey - 2 years ago
that tank is still too small. bettas need a minimum of 10 gallons
abo aboz
abo aboz - 2 years ago
Man paul you video are so interesting but i swear to god whenever i watch your videos i have to eat food at the same time what going on with me paul ?????????????? i know you read all the comments! im eating alot of food paul
Fish and cat Lover 28
Fish and cat Lover 28 - 2 years ago
Your tank looks great
Easton Green
Easton Green - 2 years ago
You forgot poor luna
Mr. Wog
Mr. Wog - 2 years ago
Paul, i love your videos and all but you don't need an air stone in the tank as first of all it will cause too much flow and stress Thomas out and bettas breathe atmospheric air not air dissolved in water
Jhoel Garcia
Jhoel Garcia - 2 years ago
2 veiws 55 likes...makes sense
Andre Joseph
Andre Joseph - 2 years ago
Paul u inspired me to do more fish keeping.i appreciate u and keep up all the good work
Bear-Pig Nation!
Bear-Pig Nation! - 2 years ago
You can cut that run off on the plant to the right an you can plant it it’s pretty much a baby plant
sabeel sabeelu
sabeel sabeelu - 2 years ago
That new tank is se*yy broo
Avi Khadka
Avi Khadka - 2 years ago
I think u should put a friend for Thomas. He kinda looks alone.
Kristine De Jesus
Kristine De Jesus - 2 years ago
Hi paul cuffaro
Continue what u are doing even the ecosystem that u are building is manmade the biological scense is still good becouse pond is nature
aotrpr - 2 years ago
i love your vids
Rachel Renae
Rachel Renae - 2 years ago
Woah dude you spent way to much on that tank
paul taylor
paul taylor - 2 years ago
I'm in Ireland and it's mostly cold ..maybe this is why I need a heater hahaha
paul taylor
paul taylor - 2 years ago
How come you don't need a heater ???
Lee The Gamer
Lee The Gamer - 2 years ago
This is my first time like your video because i want you to get the white betta fish.
Arshad Malik
Arshad Malik - 2 years ago
Thomus will look great in a black background.....
I inspired my father to get an aquarium and right away I got its background fish look great in black background ....I keep waiting for the videos.
Nivash - 2 years ago
I wonder where are the Shrimps
Vaughn Lachice
Vaughn Lachice - 2 years ago
What will you name your future dream betta fish????
A Y A N Khan
A Y A N Khan - 2 years ago
I love your videos watching you is awsome you make me laugh and your awsome
Manju Maskara
Manju Maskara - 2 years ago
Killed the snails and shrimp add a small house and some companions put big snails and fishes like mollies or guppy
Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee - 2 years ago
Paul, look u should start reading viewers' opinion too, for what u did wrong, we're trying to help u or u might suffer a great loss, especially ur betta, u should not keep it in fast flowing water etc
Nabeel ali
Nabeel ali - 2 years ago
can u send me the old tank for betta fish please????????
Easwaran S
Easwaran S - 2 years ago
What happened to the shrimps
Joey - 2 years ago
So couldn't help but notice you left the store without shoes on... Whats uh..Whats that
Susmita kujur
Susmita kujur - 2 years ago
I recently found your channel and got inspired by it and your videos are really interesting.
Anton Lalovich
Anton Lalovich - 2 years ago
you are the best youre videos have inspired me to get a fish tank of my own keep doing what youre doing cause you are doing great by the way those koy fish are awsome especally the silver ones are should get some piranha and put steak in there that would be sick.have great 2018 and yeah bye
Really Reli
Really Reli - 2 years ago
What happened to the shrimp? I put ghost shrimp in my betta tank and my betta ate them I was so sad
jasti vimal
jasti vimal - 2 years ago
hey, paul you can add luna to the thomas tank
nederlands100 - 2 years ago
place the filter side to the wall
James Oja
James Oja - 2 years ago
Love your videos. Always an inspiration to fish keepers like me hahahaha thanks for being an inspiration.
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 2 years ago
your videos are amazing and I know have a small fish pond in my garden because of you and I have 2 happy betta fish
Achiel Volckaert
Achiel Volckaert - 2 years ago
yo dude, the good bacteria live in the filter, not in the water.... so you should take the filtermedia from the first tank and take it to the new one. otherwise rip betta

edit: also less flow
Jasper Bart
Jasper Bart - 2 years ago
I would move the female betta into the older tank if it's bigger.
Infinite gaming 45
Infinite gaming 45 - 2 years ago
How considerate I love how he is one of the only YouTubers that actually looks at his comments
HannahDaBelle - 2 years ago
You should make a black background so Thomas can pop just like George!
Harry Capon
Harry Capon - 2 years ago
You need to be a good fish keeper to be able to breed bettas. Its very difficult and most of the time they will fight and kill each other if put in the same tank
ROCKING STAR - 2 years ago
Where is your shrimps in there tank
Tom Hayden
Tom Hayden - 2 years ago
get a arawana
Conor Blaise
Conor Blaise - 2 years ago
Paul, I think you should get a female betta for Thomas that would be really cool
Love your work keep it up bro
A Random person
A Random person - 2 years ago
JBN JBN No need to be rude. But yes this guy just uses money, instead of knowledge about the hobby.
Kingtony - 2 years ago
MOST WANTED u should at least know what type of fish it is and were did it lived in?
JBN JBN - 2 years ago
its because u listening n folliwing this kid who doesnt know about fish keeping..
Emma Nuckles
Emma Nuckles - 2 years ago
Probs water quality.
Irena Wolfrom
Irena Wolfrom - 2 years ago
Probably wasnt an infection. Infections dont kill that fast.
catch em all sem fishing
catch em all sem fishing - 2 years ago
I love your life hacks
Evert Vasquez
Evert Vasquez - 2 years ago
Yup I’m buying a fish and a fish tank
0oLyndrax o0
0oLyndrax o0 - 2 years ago
get that Platinum White Halfmoon Plakat and put it in the old tank of Thomas . Halfmoon Plakat have short fins unlike halfmoons :)
Jellifish - 2 years ago
I really love this beta serious. They're my favorite easier to handle home fish. Keep them coming!
Bernard Tingson
Bernard Tingson - 2 years ago
betta keeping is great, loving your works paul. admiring your work so much! keep it up! have a great one!
catch em all sem fishing
catch em all sem fishing - 2 years ago
Paul ilove your videos i am proud
jjunz tan
jjunz tan - 2 years ago
He did not wear his shoes at the start when he was at the shop
Mohammed Ifhaam
Mohammed Ifhaam - 2 years ago
Move the filter on the right side in Thomas's tank
Reet Arora
Reet Arora - 2 years ago
Where are your shrimps
Shehrir Anik
Shehrir Anik - 2 years ago
Bro you can buy the baby arowana because it's cost low
Arne mae Baquilar
Arne mae Baquilar - 2 years ago
Dude the little koi
Lucy Hall
Lucy Hall - 2 years ago
Hi Paul, firstly I am in LOVE with your channel! Keep doing what you are doing! <3 And secondly, I actually have an aquarium very, very, very similar to your new one and it turned out that the filter head was actually WAY too strong for my betta, I recommend buying a sponge that you can put on the filter head 9you can buy one on amazon), it still pumps the water but it has a very slow flow, which is really good for your Betta. You may not have this problem but if you do I just thought I'd comment to let you know. Love you, man, <3
moeluvcedgee - 2 years ago
Hi Paul! Love your vids! Do you keep your Betta fish in cold water or heated water?
gulshion yasmeen amjid
gulshion yasmeen amjid - 2 years ago
Do you play fortnite
Ruby W
Ruby W - 2 years ago
What happened to the shrimp? Also betas dont like a lot of flow and dont need the extra air. I would get a small sponge to go over the outtake and take the extra air out. I highly recommend solid gold aquatics videos on betas. She uses the same tank for her beta and I feel like it will help out a lot.
Francisco A Avalos
Francisco A Avalos - 2 years ago
They are called twist ties
Jonix Vinco Villanueva
Jonix Vinco Villanueva - 2 years ago
Paul thank you for posting videos everyday it makes me persue my fish keeping hobby continue posting videos it inspires fish keepers like me keep it up!!!
Rick - 2 years ago
Get the black Flora Max substrate for the plants.
Ruby W
Ruby W - 2 years ago
I've always called them twist ties.
JJJ OJ - 2 years ago
The filter needs to cycle
The Pet Guy
The Pet Guy - 2 years ago
Flip it around so the filter is facing the wall i tell you it will look a lot better.
Kiera Kittie
Kiera Kittie - 2 years ago
for the live plants, give them a root tab each, those bettas don't produce enough waste for fertilizer for them, it will help with the leaves and keep them healthy, growing and green. Enjoyed the video, love my bettas glad to see him get an upgrade.

Also as others have said, the betta's long amazing fins act like a boat sail, it's hard for them to move around against heavy flow, I'm sure he would love it if you lowered the flow a bit. o/
Kiwi_91 - 2 years ago
Turn it around so the filter is against the corner of the wall
Hirokjyoti deka
Hirokjyoti deka - 2 years ago
Hirokjyoti deka
Hirokjyoti deka - 2 years ago
Lovely palu
Kiwi_91 - 2 years ago
I’m finding this hard to watch cos my Betta is currently battling velvet disease, he literally the same as Luna but a male
Funz Widz Suarez Kill Meh Dopez
Funz Widz Suarez Kill Meh Dopez - 2 years ago
Hey u should have put a carp in u pond
Pondscapes Az
Pondscapes Az - 2 years ago
Good fish food! Use it at my house also.
clash hmhs 712233
clash hmhs 712233 - 2 years ago
your videos make my day . they inspired me to build my custom 200 gallon fresh water tank.keep up with this joy full videos. pc live long
breed your bettas
hey doud m from india i like your videos so much these make smile on my face as you are a inspiration for me thank you keep going
faze raz raz faze
faze raz raz faze - 2 years ago
Paul caffaro tank bass fish house tank aquarium
Quinn Haley
Quinn Haley - 2 years ago
Where's the shrimp

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