basic fishtank aquarium setup in Hindi

basic fish tank aquarium setup in Hindi.

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for basic fishtank aquarium setup in Hindi

Tayaib Rafsun
Tayaib Rafsun - 5 years ago
tank size?
abhisek saha
abhisek saha - 5 years ago
3ft*1.5ft ke tank me kitna power ka filter use kare???
abhisek saha
abhisek saha - 5 years ago
aur konsa filter with model name bole
Anil Pakhale
Anil Pakhale - 5 years ago
koi gurami black moor me sath part fish rakhna this rahenga?
Prajwal Deshmukh
Prajwal Deshmukh - 5 years ago
sir mere fish mar ja ri he
S Perfect
S Perfect - 5 years ago
Nice bro
Shiv bhakt
Shiv bhakt - 5 years ago
Online second hand lene ka website batao pleas reply me muje tank buy karna hain bhai pleas reply me
LoveBIRDS Channel
LoveBIRDS Channel - 5 years ago
olx etc
Deep Saini
Deep Saini - 5 years ago
Sir mere fish tank ka water milk jesa kyo ho giya ha plzz tell me
TalKtimE Gaming
TalKtimE Gaming - 5 years ago
dudh dala. hoga tune
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - 5 years ago
Sir ap k aqurium k size kya gai
Pranjal Mishra
Pranjal Mishra - 5 years ago
Small apurima ka leaya kuch bol

10. comment for basic fishtank aquarium setup in Hindi

Noime Tiballa
Noime Tiballa - 5 years ago
Pawan Singh
Pawan Singh - 5 years ago
Sir fish tank mei salt add kiya jeta haa....
Rishikesh Kumar
Rishikesh Kumar - 5 years ago
Pawan Singh
Sushant Dahivalikar
Sushant Dahivalikar - 5 years ago
Pawan Singh only big (khada namak) wo bhi jab pura water change karoge tab
Qazi Zeeshan Ahmad
Qazi Zeeshan Ahmad - 5 years ago
Nice vids
Vaibhav Janjale
Vaibhav Janjale - 5 years ago
Aquarium thermometer use Kar Chahiye ya Nahi I want also know cost of thermometer
Sushant Dahivalikar
Sushant Dahivalikar - 5 years ago
Vaibhav Janjale if you have flowerhorn or parrot or oscar then heater is must for other small fish like gold angel guppy etc heater not required
Tech Hammad
Tech Hammad - 5 years ago
Bhai please is topic pe video banaiye
Sushant Dahivalikar
Sushant Dahivalikar - 5 years ago
Tech Hammad if you change water constantly,if you put lots of food, don't change water all the time change only once week 20 % water. Clean the fish dirt every morning with small pipe. Remove the remaining food if it's still in water more than 15 minutes
Aleem Qureshi
Aleem Qureshi - 5 years ago
overstalked aquarium
Mohd Haroon
Mohd Haroon - 5 years ago
Tank k size kya hai Apka
Mohd Haroon
Mohd Haroon - 5 years ago
OverCrowded Hai bht
anand vardhan chauhan
anand vardhan chauhan - 5 years ago
Where are your cockateils
Jagdip Bhai Vyas
Jagdip Bhai Vyas - 5 years ago
plz reply

20. comment for basic fishtank aquarium setup in Hindi

shreyash Kukde
shreyash Kukde - 5 years ago
bhai ye tank kitaaa bada hai yane kite meters cm ka hai
mohan sinha
mohan sinha - 5 years ago
Sir mera tiger bird fish ka khana band hogeya keya karu plz boldegeya
Atul Kanawade
Atul Kanawade - 5 years ago
Tell me best tank mates
Birds and fihs INFO
Birds and fihs INFO - 5 years ago
Nice video bro.

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