new Betta fish in my planted tank

new Betta fish !!! I love it!!

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Elisa K.
Elisa K. - 2 years ago
He's gorgeous! I would put him in a 10 gallons tank!
JBJ Acuarios Chernobyl
JBJ Acuarios Chernobyl - 2 years ago
Nice beta!!! Cool tank
The aquarium hobby
The aquarium hobby - 3 years ago
make new video's youre cool man!!!
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam
Greetje Buijert-Nijdam - 4 years ago
Very nice color and a beautifull tank.
Game over
Game over - 4 years ago
Perché non fai più video ??
Morgan H
Morgan H - 5 years ago
I have to remove all my stones to day in my tank, since it have damaged my betta fish fins, is yours still as beautiful to day?
Nidal Kobiljar
Nidal Kobiljar - 5 years ago
love you re videos i can relate becouse i have 14 years and i dont have alot of money but i still hava 3 60 leater aqarijums just keep making the videos
Tony Tanks
Tony Tanks - 5 years ago
+madcypress aquariums Lorenzo. L 
thanks !!!!!

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