Boat detailing Tips and a tour with Darren

Boat detailing and cleaning is only one of the many diverse areas of professional detailing that Darren does on a regular basis. Take a tour and learn a few helpful tips when it comes to cleaning and detailing boats. Darren also takes a moment to add some additional professional mobile detailing tips.

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Boat detailing and cleaning is only one of the many diverse areas of professional detailing that Darren does on a regular basis. Take a tour and learn a few helpful tips when it comes to cleaning and detailing boats. Darren also takes a moment to add some additional professional mobile detailing tips.

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for Boat detailing Tips and a tour with Darren

Capt’nKarl and Sara
Capt’nKarl and Sara - 4 years ago
Dude. Stop talking !
ian reiser
ian reiser - 4 years ago
wtf how do u clean the compartments that are filled with dirt, grass, and leaves???
Jenny Parker
Jenny Parker - 4 years ago
Yes Darren that is definitely not leather and it's not a high-quality vinyl either very glad to see that you recognize the difference in good quality vinyl and bad quality vinyl most people just assume all vinyl is crap because it's not leather vinyl on 90% of boats is fleece back vinyl the fleece that is on the back of the vinyl holds the moisture in a lot longer than regular vinyl which causes it to go to crap much Soonerl !
I am a detailer Love's detailing paint correction paint touch-up Joker touch up much more than upholstery work but I am also a UPHOLSTERER my dad taught me he's been doing it for over 40 years and fleece back vinyl has no elasticity and just think about what some of the cheaper fleece like blankets look like the fleece in the back of the vinyl kind of looks like the cheap blankets and a cross between cheap ozite Carpet vinyl gets wet and the fleece back holds the moisture in it's the worst vinyl to be put on a boat .
But they do that because they spend so much money on the books they say that's the only place they can cut the cost and customers not notice have vinyl made by mellow hide other brands let even some of the most top-notch brands of vinyl they have to be Marine vinyl or I won't put it on a boat seat because I have a conscience All Sport is what I put on jet skis and if the customer will pay for it I will put it
on the boat as well but all vinyl or any kind even if it has the new leather and vinyl coating on it made by these coating companies needs to be kept out of the weather but when you tarp it please use a breathable tarp or
That protects the upholstery vinyl plastic carpet from the rain but let's the boat interior that is under the tarp breathe or you will have a fungus form and you will have a boat with the upholstery runt and probably the carpet as well and there are many party barges out there when you can buy for 5 or 6 grand and I wouldn't reupholster a party barge for under 5 grand and I still don't make very good money doing it .
Did not mean to hijack the comments on your YouTube video but I was very happy to see a professional in the detail world that noticed what crappy vinyl is put on boats you could spend $300,000 on a boat and still have the same crap vinyl .I spoke with a manufacturer and he said that that's the only way they can cut the cost without anyone catching on and I said people catch on when the stuff goes to crap in about a year
Juvy Lopez
Juvy Lopez - 5 years ago
such an amazing video full of wisdom! thanks Darren! Your the man!
Chase Canova
Chase Canova - 5 years ago
I just wanted to know how to detail a boat!
Mobiledetail1 Seattle
Mobiledetail1 Seattle - 4 years ago
you may be on the wrong channel.... what are you looking to learn?
Danil Shamalta
Danil Shamalta - 5 years ago
Great video! Can you steam the vinyl seats and carpets ?
Rippin Bass
Rippin Bass - 5 years ago
Super Degreaser says right on the bottle, "DO NOT LET DRY ON SURFACE". I feel bad for your customers. They are left feeling like you did a great job, but you cut corners and risk their prized possession's longevity.
Mobiledetail1 Seattle
Mobiledetail1 Seattle - 4 years ago
many ways to do a job. not all are the right way. This is why most boat owners will not hire a car detail company.... Also why we are a boat detail co... lol
harrismagnum04 - 5 years ago
zzzz.... get to feckin point life is too short man
Christian McDonnell
Christian McDonnell - 5 years ago
you talk to much....see ya.
Lindsay Henheffer
Lindsay Henheffer - 4 years ago
its actually *too much
Dan Shepherd
Dan Shepherd - 5 years ago
He has years of knowledge and experience. Not everything is a quick minute and you know all. Get over yourself.
Cory Brennan
Cory Brennan - 5 years ago
Christian McDonnell not enough time to listen but you have enough time to go out of your way to comment.... Lol see ya

10. comment for Boat detailing Tips and a tour with Darren

Spencer C
Spencer C - 5 years ago
What kind of polish and compound would you recommend for a boat?
Yella FellaFella
Yella FellaFella - 6 years ago
15mins. worth of bullshit!
David Allen
David Allen - 6 years ago
after cleaning the boat upholstery what is the best way to keep it looking new and protected from salt water ?
BEYOND UFOs - 6 years ago
always a great job! ty for all the knowledge!
Violent Gamer
Violent Gamer - 6 years ago
I work for my best friends older brother and he details professionally and I've detailed cars before but we are detailing two boats today, I think its gonna be a pain in the ass, not to mention it's 85°
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche - 5 years ago
who gives a shit?
Richard Hersh
Richard Hersh - 6 years ago
Love your videos! I just recently bought a 1988 invader boat 16.5 feet long with a volvo 4 banger in it. bought for a great price but man was it dirty! it had always been in a shed but NEVER deep cleaned! I used most of your tricks and WOW what a difference. I used the purple power you get at walmart and it works very well. Thank you for all the info you helped me out alot.
Daman Hester
Daman Hester - 6 years ago
All this stuff makes more sense as opposed to when I first started. Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table by doing cash only?
Trey Salsbury
Trey Salsbury - 6 years ago
On vinyl boat seats after using Maguires Super degreaser what do you recommend applying to condition them? Thanks
Foolsrule - 6 years ago
Darren, I have a 26ft sailboat scheduled, any difference with sail boats? would you use the cleaner wax after the clay bar, before the regular wax/sealant? Thanks!
Sheila simoncic
Sheila simoncic - 6 years ago
I just bought a cobalt and it looks like a koolaid stain any suggestions on how to get the pink out

20. comment for Boat detailing Tips and a tour with Darren

M Sears Garage
M Sears Garage - 6 years ago
You have great knowledge but the talking and arrogance makes it tough to watch you.
Violent Gamer
Violent Gamer - 6 years ago
122276mjs what do you mean?
richland514 - 6 years ago
We have a major problem. We just bought a party barge. We live in South Louisiana. Our boat has been left out since we bought it 6 weeks ago. We cover it at all time when not in use. We have Cypress Trees. They make these balls and the squirrels chew on them and they drop on the deck and the boat cover. Then it rains, then the resin goes through then the sun comes out and now we have baked in Cypress Tree resin all on our seats. We have tried everything, it does not budge. Any suggestions. We are heart broken that our brand new boat vinyl seats are ruined.
T, Skipwadoo
T, Skipwadoo - 6 years ago
I'm here for boat cleaning. I wish you could do a boat that has bad mildew and what you would do with that issue. I live in Louisiana and man oh man do we have mildew issues. I don't have a garage.
Mobiledetail1 Seattle
Mobiledetail1 Seattle - 4 years ago
T- im a detailer in Seattle we have bad mildew mold issues too.... We use mr clean magic erasers and carefully use w softscrub w bleach.... use at your own risk.. but it works when nothing else will. Go easy on the pressure. do a test spot. condition after grios garage has some nice leather vinyl conditioners...
De Bo
De Bo - 6 years ago
Are you short handed of workers?
Killacorn - 6 years ago
how much did you charge for that boat?
Andres Madrigal
Andres Madrigal - 6 years ago
Killacorn detailers charge an average of $17 a foot
Daman Hester
Daman Hester - 6 years ago
I appreciate the pointers to those of us just starting out in the business. What do you think about doing free estimates? It sucks when you spend time and resources to inspect a boat and don't get the job.
Mobiledetail1 Seattle
Mobiledetail1 Seattle - 4 years ago
I know your question was to darren but heres my answer as a 26 year detail vet... Get as much info over the phone as you can be specific about what your asking potential customer then give a range based on their answer... set appointment confirm they told the truth and do job or tell them its not what they stated and raise price. Thats how we have done it We do not have time to go look for tire kickers...
Brett Glass
Brett Glass - 6 years ago
Hey Darrin, I started watching your Utubes and lovin it! I bought a car the other day with a big paint scratch on the trunk so I started looking for the latest products to repair it. I also have a 1990 Maxum cuddy cabin that has newer vinyl with stains and the top of the gel-coat is faded So I'm getting some great tips from your site. I'm a piano Tech and have done a lot of detailing on grand pianos as well as chip and scratch repair on them. Love the business insights. The customers and repairs are very similar for us all, but the items we work on are very different. Have you ever worked on a Piano finish repair or detail? Thanks, bgpianoman
matthew Gerard
matthew Gerard - 7 years ago
how do you give an estamate for a yacht and sailboats do to them being different
Dreaklock - 7 years ago
Why don't they use the tougher gel coat on cars?
John Bascones
John Bascones - 7 years ago
very informative- thank you

30. comment for Boat detailing Tips and a tour with Darren

Larry Duran
Larry Duran - 7 years ago
what is your opinion on meguiars 105 on gel coat ?
Terri Burton
Terri Burton - 7 years ago
Hi Darren: great site, i have a Sidewinder I/O that needs to be shined up! alot of products i see on youtube are American based. Any thoughts of what i can get in Canada for removing oxidization? thanks
Allison Herring
Allison Herring - 7 years ago
Hey Darren! Loved the video very helpful. For sometime I've been wanting to start my own detailing company, boats specifically just like you. I would appreciate it very much to get some insight and see if it's something I'd really enjoy doing for a profession.
Mobiledetail1 Seattle
Mobiledetail1 Seattle - 4 years ago
Allison did you ever start?
John O'Connor
John O'Connor - 7 years ago
I like using the tornador no solution first. If that doesn't work I will use it with solution. Then follow it up with steam. This is for the carpet of course.
Adam Cook
Adam Cook - 7 years ago
I really enjoy your videos and your candid honesty.  I think the younger generation kids have a sense of entitlement.  With that said I will be contacting you near the end of the summer for a boat detail.  I love your quality work and attention to detail... My OCD with cleanliness drives my family crazy.
Auto Fetish Detail
Auto Fetish Detail - 7 years ago
+Adam Cook I concur with your statements; and my OCD drives all those around me crazy as well.
Matt G
Matt G - 7 years ago
Auto Fetish Detail
Auto Fetish Detail - 8 years ago
@Ranger Guy: I would see this link:
It really depends on how oxidized they are, are you going to do it by hand or machine?
Likely you will attempt by hand and therefore would try the Meguiar's cleaner wax from the link I included: Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #50 cleaner wax.
But without knowing more info, that is the best I can offer.
Bill S.
Bill S. - 8 years ago
I would like to restore the shine on my Ranger boat trailer wheel covers. They faded/oxidized-on the tops especially. Would you recommend the Meguiars products for this? (they are the metallic flake gel coat to match boat) It is 13 years old :)

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