Boating & Fishing Tips Winterizing Boat

Boating & Fishing Tips Winterizing Boat

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Boating & Fishing Tips Winterizing Boat

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Doug McLean
Doug McLean - 6 years ago
DO NOT listen to this man!! His advice about prepping a 2stoke motor for winter is crazy! 1st, 4:00 running the motor out of fuel repeatedly will strip the internal components of the lubricating oil mixed with the gas. The crank needle bearings and cylinder walls will be run dry causing damage over long term. Following this he suggests spraying WD40 or some other SILICONE based spray into the plug holes. That is nuts!!
Correct instructions: buy a can or 2stroke storage oil and run the engine while spraying it into the carbs. DO NOT use WD40 or any other spray not intended for internal combustion engines.
If you are really concerned about the small amount of fuel in the carb, access and remove the drain plug in the bottom of the bowl that 90% of outboard motors have and drain it.
Allen Allcock
Allen Allcock - 7 years ago
A very good presentation. I am a first timer in doing this on my Tracker boat, and it was very clear on the procedures. Also, great camera work to clearly capture each step. Thank you.
Breal191 - 8 years ago
Do you have any recommendations for an outboard that has oil that has been sitting in it for about 6 years? What should I do after I drain the oil?? Thank you
Michael Priest
Michael Priest - 8 years ago
This was great, thanks for putting this up. Great advice and well done.\
Murderface1964 - 8 years ago
thank you
timbr88 - 8 years ago
Remember to put the battery off of the cement floor and on some wood or at least a table top to avoid draining the charge.
manstrings - 8 years ago
Great tips and easy to understand. Very direct instructions without trying to promote products.

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