Boating Basics - 10 - Boat & Trailer Maintenance

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One Police Officer's Perspective
One Police Officer's Perspective - 5 years ago
Rick, thank you so much for the series of boating videos. I'm a soon to be new boat owner and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Your videos are super helpful! Thank you!
BOUNCY - 6 years ago
Excellent Videos, Just Watched The Collection And Found Them Really Helpful, Especially Using Reverse Thrust For Docking.
I've Owned My First Boat For A Week Now. Thanks For The Lessons!
bob woerner
bob woerner - 7 years ago
..i currently have a 6x10 haulmark transport cargo trailer.reg says 2990
gvwr. it has 205/75d14 tires on it.,,,,,my problem is my garage door opening
is 84 " high .but the trailer measure aprox 86 1/2 inches high. i was able
to get it into my garage just barley by flattening the tire. but makes it
very unpractical to use having to re-inflate and deflate with every use.
have to keep it garaged due to HOA rules i'm thinking of changing the rims
and tires from the 14 inch to a 12 inch in the homes of gaing the clearance
i need to pull it in and out without messing with the tire inflation......
but can my trailer run safely on a 12 inch tire with a d rating ? also will
the 12 inch give me the additional aprox i need to clear the garage height
?.......any thoughts or recommendations?
John Carroll
John Carroll - 7 years ago
Well presented and useful thanks.
Ashley Nicholson
Ashley Nicholson - 8 years ago
very helpful, thanks
stepfour - 9 years ago
Change the wheel bearings once a year?! That's a bit much. ...
Neil Hubert
Neil Hubert - 9 years ago
Good informational video with good presentation. For some reason the part that I really liked was the simple statement at the end to learn a whole lot more. So many people only look into something once it breaks, and never into preventative maintenance in the first place. Thanks.
spryce000 - 9 years ago
That was an awesome video mate. Great tips for a newbie like me. Thanks

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