Boating Basics - 4 - Trimming

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RidgeLine Manufacturing
RidgeLine Manufacturing - 5 years ago
I would like to see a video about how to navigate rough water, I cannot find a good one.. Here in MT micro burst form suddenly and chances are good if you fish a lot that you will get caught in one, that being said, a lot of situations I wonder about and what the physics are to keep from getting swamped, IE going into waves, down waves, across waves. I have heard some old timers say, when in doubt, trim out...ECT
techguru101a - 5 years ago
Use a bigger boat! I like Boston Whalers.
Nate S
Nate S - 6 years ago
Bit harder to do when you have to manually change the motor position ;)
Bernievids - 6 years ago
Top video mate. Thanks. I knew it already but needed to hear someone with common sense, describe and show it, for reassurance. I will continue to bring the trim in for faster turns.
73orangething - 7 years ago
trim up trim down , trim in trim out wtf
Chris Bullen
Chris Bullen - 8 years ago

Why no mention of planing angle?? True wetted surface is a factor but not at the expense of too high a planing angle which is the angle from the planing surface of the hull (I assume the flattest parts) to the horizontal. If my memory serves me, 5-6 degrees. This is what trimming is about to get the planing surfaces at this angle. Shifting ballast (passengers fuel etc) is the most efficient way to do this. Trimming the outboard or using trim tabs is not.
Duals Portvet
Duals Portvet - 8 years ago
Great video.  I'll be interviewing for a job soon and I have to show I can operate a boat (24ft).  I've operated a few but it was yrs ago and I never had to think about the trim. 
So if I get this right, to take off you have NO trim and as it plans out you ad trim to it?
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson - 9 years ago
Thanks for the instructions!
gibbson4ever - 9 years ago
I'm going have my boy watch them I recon.
gibbson4ever - 9 years ago
Thanks for posting that video. I was trying to explain it you made it simple.

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Kito - 9 years ago
good job mate. well explain. cheers
Ray Watson
Ray Watson - 10 years ago
Nice explanation, but excellent visual work.
Steve Letch
Steve Letch - 10 years ago
Gday i am a newbie to boating and would like to know the do's and donts i have launched and retrieved once had heaps of probs i own a 4.5mtr 1969 Caribbean cobra with a 80 hp blueband about 1980 any help would be appreciated Thanks Steve
MorhaMaek - 10 years ago
Beautiful boat, what make and model?
Brian Tester
Brian Tester - 10 years ago
Excellent video...very informative and professional! BT
bbobby09 - 10 years ago
very good video. Thank you!

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